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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,688

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Trump and Pence are stepping all over each other

They contradict each other's positions.

Any Buddhists here?

If so, what are the positive/negatives?

If it's Pence, does that move push Hillary to Warren?

I would think that it would. She's the perfect counter to Pence.

Trump is dumb to pick Pence as his VP

If Trump is elected and the Republicans control congress, Trump may be impeached on day one.

"Show me someone who has never failed, and I'll show you someone who has never succeeded."

1.) I thought of this quote, but someone else may have stated it previously.

2.) Do you agree/disagree with it?

Buddha and Cats

Jason Bourne vs. Batman. Who wins the fight?

Everything is allowed.

A almost perfect convergence of multiple failed policies

This past week saw an almost perfect convergence of multiple failed policies.:

1. Past failures to even indict LEOs for killing African Americans
2. Militarization of our police force
3. Open carry laws
4. Inability to control the sale of assault rifles
5. The never ending war in Afghanistan
6. Poverty and income inequality
7. Last but not least, rampant racism in our criminal justice system

If we were an introspective people, we could solve these problems.

Corgi Kibbel Dancing

What's the difference between taking paper documents home with you and keeping them in your house

and having a personal server?

Security? Paper is much easier to steal than email data. All you have to have is access. That could be a maid, a repair person, a family member, heck, even a pet can be trained to do it. Also, there's no digital trail to follow to see who would have had access.

Are you telling me that no CIA, Dept of State, or any other person with access to classified information never took anything home with them?
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