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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 20,600

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DU Lounge's Song of the Day: "Mixed Emotions" by the Rolling Stones

Broncos favored by 28 points over Jags next week

It's the largest line in NFL history. 28 points is a lot of points. Keep in mind, this is the early line. It may be even higher by the end of the week.


Are you ready for some late night football?? Raiders-Chargers game moved to 11:35 PM EDT!!!

It's official: This Sunday's Chargers-Raiders game at O.co Coliseum will, in fact, kick off at 8:35 p.m. PT. This isn't a concerted effort to keep the East Coast from being subjected to Raiders football, but a logistical consequence of the Oakland A's hosting a playoff game on Saturday.


NY State's Health Exchange has been Overwhelmed

Due to overwhelming interest in the NY State of Health - including 2 million visits in the first 2 hours of the site launch - the health exchange is currently having log in issues. We encourage users who are unable to log in to come back to the site later when these issues will be resolved.


'Skins prevent AFC West Sweep of NFC East

All four NFC East teams went on the road to play all four AFC West teams, and the 'Skins were the only one to win. Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys all got stomped.

I have the next great sports/tech idea: The Condenser

A tool that takes all of the dead time out of any game. Commercials, timeouts, batters backing out the box for baseball, huddles in football and basketball, the national anthem, etc. It condenses any sport into just the action. You would just see the plays.

This is great for someone on the go. They don't have time to watch games in their entirety, but would like a condensed version of the game.

It would be an App on a tablet or mobile phone. You can order a condensed version of any game through this app, and pay a fee to do so.

What do you all think?

Repubs: Obamacare kills people and should be stopped at all costs . But, when guns kill people....

well, what can you do?

This is happiness

Cat massages dog in a laundry basket

Maybe, just maybe, Obama is smarter than some of you

I know it's hard for you to comprehend, but maybe he's better at this than you are at whatever you do for a living, and you just cannot deal with it.

Maybe some of you cannot deal with an African American man being good at his job.


--On edit--

I'm not apologizing for what I posted. I said clearly, "Maybe some of you cannot deal with an African American man being good at his job."

If you're not in that group, then my post wasn't directed at you. I never said that all criticism of Obama is racist which is what some of you have interpreted it to mean.

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