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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,214

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Trump Mocks Rubio by throwing water

Got it! Nominate Mitch McConnell for SCOTUS

Then watch him as he avoids meeting with himself.

When does Maury Povich come out with the DNA test results?

I'm dying to know Wolf Blitzer's Baby Daddy. My money is on Rubio.

A prediction

Starting around 1:15 AM on the morning of Wednesday, March 2, 2016, you will see cries for Bernie to run as a 3rd party candidate.

You read it here first.

Come November, we get to make history. We get to elect the first woman as POTUS.

That's something that I will tell my grandkids. But I have to get me some grandkids first.

Wow, The Hillary Hate Is Becoming Intense on this Forum

Reads like Free Republic some times.

After Bernie won N.H., folks on this forum were starting to say that it was over for Hillary, and then she won NV and is way ahead in S.C. Now, the hate comes.

This is why progressivism is not further along in America. Progressives worship individual leaders, not causes. As a contrast, the GBLT community, the only truly successful progressive movement in the past 10 years, pursued a cause, not a particular leader. Marriage equality and the end of the military ban, were both successful without a major leader leading the way.

Tying up your hopes and dreams into one political campaign and then acting like petulant children when that particular leader fails sets back the progressive cause.

"Aint gonna be no crab cakes tonight muthaf----!"

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ARE NOT THE SAME

I'm seeing that bullshit starting to spread like it did in 2000, but this time, I am firing back on all cylinders.

Hillary Clinton is a better human being than Trump, let alone a better candidate for president

No matter what "scandal" you pin on Hillary, it pales in comparison to what Trump has done in his past from his mob dealings, to his BKs, to how he treated the women in his life, to how he's treating the union in his LV casino.

So, if anyone here wants to make the claim that they're both the same, you need to check your facts and you need to clear your head.

What sport have you stopped watching and why?

For me, it's college basketball which is not good. Since players can leave after one year, I have no idea of who anyone is. It's like watching a bunch of random people play.
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