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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 19,960

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Is Your State's Highest Paid Employee A Coach? Probably.

To be fair, these coaches are not paid out of tax revenue. Their programs generate the revenue. However, the student-athletes don't get paid squat.


Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation Sits Down

Does anyone here sit like this?


Summer is coming. Time to get that base tan. Want to look good for the ladies.

Christie is running for president in 2016 and he is the Republican establishment's choice

I wish him well with this procedure, and I hope that his health improves. However, let's make no mistake about it. He did it now because he is going to run for presidenti in 2016, and it also explains why he didn't run in 2012.

Christie/Rubio 2016.

One cat is smarter than 4 dogs. Video proof

ESPN Made Me Cry This Morning

The Carroll Academy Lady Jags have lost 213 straight high school basketball games, but they use sports as a way to win in life.


Why Hasn't The American Left Convinced More Americans To Vote For More Progressive Candidates?

All of our issues would be better served if more Americans voted for progressives across all elective offices, city, county, state, and federal.

For example, income equality would be better addressed if forming unions were made easier, but we need progressive federal and state legislators to make that happen.

Does anyone have an answer?

Hi, I'm Deron Williams from the Brooklyn Nets

In my NBA career, I've gotten TWO coaches fired, HOF Jerry Sloan and Avery Johnson. I just lost a Game 7 at home to the Chicago Bulls, and they didn't have their best player at all in the series, Derrick Rose. Also, the Bulls had several other key players hurt, and yet, I played soft. I couldn't push my team to a win.

But it's all good. My team can't fire me like they did my coaches.

Please do not be alarmed. We are about to engage The Nozzle.

Ya Got Trouble (Music Man)

This role should have been retired after Robert Preston did it. No one can ever do it justice like he did.

BTW, where can I find some Scarlett women and Ragtime music?

--On edit--
I said "Reed". I meant Robert Preston!
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