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Member since: 2001
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Are There Any Limitations on the "Right to Bear Arms"? Any at all?

The 2nd Amendment doesn't say anything about guns specifically. It just mentions "arms". "Arms" can mean more than just guns. They also can mean tanks, missles, portable nukes, etc.

If the NRA's position is that any limitations on assault weapons is a violation of our 2nd amendment rights, then there are no limitations on what type of arms that we can have.

So, what's the difference between owning assault guns and owning a nuke?

The Most Amazing Fact About the Patriots' Decade+ of Dominance in the NFL

Dominating the NFL as the Partiots have for 12 years is an amazing feat in itself, but what is truly amazing is that they've done this with different players all along the way. The only constants are Tom Brady and coach Belichick.

There have been different WRs, TEs, running backs, OL. On defense, it's been different safeties, corners, LBs, DLs. Heck, the coaching staff has even seen tremendous turnover as well as their GM.

Most sports dynasties rely on a core group of players, coaches, and a GM. Not the Pats. They contend every year for a title while literally rebuilding their entire franchise, from GM down to player, all along the way.

When it comes to the Pats, we're not dealing with a football team. We're dealing with a Terminator robot.

(p.s. I am not a Patriots fan. I am just giving an honest observation.)

As a child, Hillary Clinton Wrote NASA

Translations for that ESPN Ad Featuring British Football Fans

At the end of the ad, you will directed to the translations:

25% of My Dept Called In Sick Today

This flu business is no joke. Stay healthy out there folks.

John Hinckley: "Boy, do I feel dumb today."

"I never had a chance. Wow, my bad."

The Path to their 4th Superbowl Is Now Wide Open for the Patriots

Given the results of the playoffs so far this year, the Pats are pretty much a slam dunk for their 4th Superbowl title. First, their nemesis, Eli Manning, doesn't even make the playoffs. Second, they nab the second seed in the AFC on the last weekend of the regular season.

Now, with both the Broncos and Packers losing, Brady is the lone elite QB left in the playoffs, and they have home field throughout the playoffs.

Yep. The path to their 4th Superbowl title in 13 seasons is wide open and within sight.

Aaron Rodgers at the 2005 NFL Draft

Watch out 49ers:

p.s. The 49ers also didn't draft Tom Brady a few years earlier, and he was crushed as well.

Anyone recall The "Adams Ribs" M*A*S*H Episode?

Below is a link to an overview of the episode. My question is does this place actually exist? If it does, are the ribs that good? If it doesn't exist, what's the best place to get ribs in Chicago?

It's nearing lunchtime one particular day at the 4077th and Captain 'Hawkeye' Pierce is starting to get restless. The camp has served a choice of either liver or fish for eleven days and Hawkeye remarks to Captain 'Trapper' John MacIntyre that he's going to go crazy if it happens again.

As they reach the front of the line Trapper reminds Hawkeye to stay in control while awaiting, Private Igor Starvinsky's revealing of his entree choices causes Hawkeye to snap. During the exchange he remarks; "Iíve eaten a river of liver and an ocean of fish. Iíve eaten so much fish, Iím about to grow gills. Iíve eaten so much liver, the only way I can make love is if Iím smothered in bacon & onions." Hawkeye then decides to fling the contents of his tray across the mess tent (which hits Corporals 'Radar' O'Reilly and Maxwell Klinger, who isn't happy about it) and then incites everyone in the mess tent to chant "we want something else" toward the kitchen staff.

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake is not happy about Hawkeye's shenanigans and asks him what he was thinking (to which Hawkeye responds "I broke under the pressure, warden"). However, he does agree that things have gotten a little repetitive in the mess tent and has taken measures to fix the problem, including ordering several turkeys to be shipped to the camp. Unfortunately, due to a mixup at I-Corps, Radar reveals that in their place the 4077th was sent 5,000 athletic supporters.

During the course of the conversation Hawkeye is looking at the skeleton hanging in Lt. Col. Blake's office and suddenly it hits him as to what he wants...barbecued spareribs. He then remembers a place in Chicago near the Dearborn Street train station called "Adam's Ribs"


Official National Championship BCS Thread

I'd thought that I'd start one. So far, it's a very one-sided game.
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