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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,771

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Mae West - Her comedy holds up over time

Man, That Jessica Jones show. Hard to binge watch it.

It's really dark. Watch the first two episodes and had to take a break.

Nader's advice to Fed Chair Janet Yellen: talk to your husband, he probably knows better.

"Chairwoman Yellen, I think you should sit down with your Nobel Prize winning husband, economist George Akerlof, who is known to be consumer-sensitive," Nader, 81, wrote in an open letter published in the Huffington Post.

Nader also recommended that Yellen -- the Fed's first female Chair -- speak to one of her former male colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, to get a better grasp on her job.


--On edit--

This is why you shouldn't worship anyone.

Any "Leftovers" fans here?

If so, please explain last night's episode.

Hey, It's Thursday night, where's the NFL game? n/t

So, we should be afraid of Syrian refugees killing us and we need govt action to protect us

BUT...born and bred American gunmen can shoot up schools, movie theaters, and churches AND THERE'S NOTHING THAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

Do I have that right? Can someone explain the logical inconsistency?

ISIS is a problem for the nations in the Middle East to solve, not the West.

Yes, ISIS can conduct coordinated, individual acts of terror in the West, but they can de-stabilize entire nations in the Middle East. Thus, it's up to nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Yemen, Turkey, Bahrain, etc. to quell this threat. The best that the West can do is military action, but that's not an effective, long term solution. We cannot station troops there indefinitely. It's up to the nations in the Middle East solve their own problems.

Is it time for Western nations to consider banning the practice of Islam?

Yes. It's a very harsh measure, but we have to consider it. Islam's teachings at its core are in direct contrast to modern civilization in the West. The two cannot co-exist, and some of its followers believe that mass violence against un-armed civilians is a justifiable act. France did not participate in the Iraq war, and yet it's experienced two horrific acts this year alone.

And no, other religions Christianity, Catholicism, Mormons, etc. do not engage in these types of acts. Yes, there have bombings of abortion clinics, but not at the same rate and not in the style of coordinated attacks like these.

I will grant you the argument that Western intervention into the wars in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan have all exacerbated the problem, but those wars don't explain the Charlie Hebdo attack earlier this year. If members of a religion believe that killing people over a cartoon is justified, then that religion should not be allowed to be practiced in open, democratic societies. If Mormons were doing this, we would be calling for it to be banned.

Islam is devolving into a death cult, and we need to start addressing it as such.

If you allow state lotteries, then ALL gambling should be legal

Any state that has a state lottery, should make ALL gambling legal. it's hypocrisy to have games of chance with no real possibility of winning and outlaw other games of chance where at least there's a better chance of winning.

miles davis "generique" for the Lounge

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