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Nothing can break this cat's concentration

Why wasn't Ted Cruz invited to the State dinner with the Canadian PM?

Very rude of Obama not invite a prominent Canadian-American to such things.

If you really want to know Donald Trump, listen to this Cracked.com podcast

"Why Narcissism Is Our National Mental Disorder"


You can listen online or download it. BTW, all of their podcasts are great.

Americans May Be Too Religious To Embrace Socialism

If you want America to be more like Europe, you need a cultural revolution, not a political one. For example, if we went to a Single Payer healthcare system, you would have to convince large swaths of the American people to accept that the government would pay for women' reproductive healthcare. That's a big hurdle to overcome.

But will the U.S. join much of Western Europe in developing a successful socialist political tradition? Short of that, will the Sanders campaign ignite a new movement? Both are unlikely, at least for now, and a big part of the explanation why may lie in religion — religion inhibits socialism’s spread and explains its lack of political mobilization.

The conventional wisdom is that the individualist, evangelical style of American religion is a strong antidote to socialism. If faith alone can lead you to salvation, then efforts to reshape society are beside the point. But the animosity between them has been more pointed, especially regarding so called “Godless communists” who portrayed religion as the “opiate of the masses.” In these data, those who agreed that social problems would be resolved if enough people had a personal relationship with God were 20 percent less socialist than those who disagreed. A worldview that pits faith directly against collective action explains clearly why collectivist efforts have traditionally foundered in the U.S.


If Obama was a cynical S.O.B., this is who he'd pick as his SCOTUS nominee

Fed. Circuit Ct Judge Maryanne Trump Barry!! Submit the Donald Drumpf's sister and watch the GOP implode.


And she's pro-choice:


Obama should do this, and (in the voice of Jules from "Pulp Fiction") double-dog dare Mitch McConnell to deny a hearing to the sister of their party's nominee for the presidency.

And do it a month before the Republican convention, and watch the blood bath.

Trump's lead over Cruz < Hillary's lead over Bernie in pledged delegates only.

But somehow, Trump is well on his way to the nomination, but Hillary is in trouble?


Hillary won the night. It's a delegates race, and she came out ahead.

It's about delegates, not states.

The Pre-Michigan Polls were right. Those polls were of likely Dem voters.

From 538:

One result that has stayed consistent on the Democratic side is that self-identified independents are far more likely to vote for Sanders. The current exit poll estimate is that he is winning them in Michigan by a 70 percent to 28 percent margin. Clinton, on the other hand, leads among self-identified Democrats by 57 percent to 41 percent.
Although party registration doesn’t necessarily match identification, it gives you an idea that Sanders really benefits from open primaries.

Worst case scenario: Split in MI + Big Win in MS = Increased Delegate Lead with 2 less states

That's the worst case scenario. Bernie cannot defeat the math.
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