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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 19,846

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Shouldn't the NFL, College Football, MMA Fighting, and Boxing all be banned?

It's been demonstrated through study after study of the health hazards to the performers in these sports. Performers in these sports have died early deaths and suffered from major brain trauma.

Or is it because this form of entertainment does not involve sex, then people don't really care.

Ever see a TV show or movie or song that completely answers an issue in your life?

This scene from the TV show, "Louie", did just that. It directly addressed and helped me with a major personal issue in my life:

"No. I have not been in the sprinkles. What makes you say that?"

Would you accept this deal? No taxes on corporations at all in exchange for....

1. No govt subsidies nor rebates to any corp.
2. No corp. campaign contributions to any political party, candidate, nor interest group.
3. To make up for the lost tax revenue, higher individual tax rates on the very wealthy.

Would you take it?

If Corporations are people and If their Head Quarters are abroad and If they work in the U.S.

doesn't that make Corporations undocumented workers?

Is the media hyping up international conflicts to hurt Obama and promote the neo-con agenda?

With the war in Gaza, ISIS in Iraq, the conflict in the Ukraine, and Iran, the media is promoting the narrative that the world is in the worst turmoil that it's ever been, and the reason for this is that America has become isolationist since the Iraq war and is not fulfilling its role as the world's super power.

This narrative has a two-fold purpose: (1) damages Obama politically and sets up a big Republican mid-term win in November and (2) lays the ground work for the return of the neo-con agenda of American military intervention overseas into these conflict zones.

American corporate media is adroit at getting policy into action even when the American people don't support it.

Delta to offer free entertainment on U.S. flights

Delta Air Lines (DAL) says it will offer free movies,


Here's the catch. All of the free movies are Adam Sandler movies, and you have to pay a fee to turn them off.

One of the coolest music videos of all time

Still holds up:

Game of Thrones Blooper Reel

This is why you cannot take madinmaryland to a baseball game

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