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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 21,188

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miles davis "generique" for the Lounge

Andrew Luck is a Pats Fan?!?!?!

Forget Deflategate, Luck is a double agent!


Obama economy: 8.7 million jobs

Strong hiring drives unemployment rate to 5%

The U.S. economy added 271,000 jobs in October, far better than sluggish gains in September and any forecasts and the best monthly gain of 2015. The unemployment rate also fell to 5%, its lowest level since 2008 and half of the 10% rate in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Before Friday's good job news, the concern had been that the global economic slowdown was starting to affect hiring in the United States. Job growth has slowed down considerably since July.


The lesson here is...pay your landscaper

or this will happen:


Congrats to the WS Champion Royals!!!

Congrats to the team and their fans.

Small market, small payroll teams CAN win the WS.

Why would all of the adults give Charlie Brown a rock?

What kind of sick people would do that to a kid? It was ALL of them. Every friggin house!!! These people are horrible.

The official RNC video for the 2016 Presidential Campaign

If Republicans cannot handle CNBC, how can they handle Iran? Or Putin? Or ISIS?

Taking your ball and going home is not a strategy.

If we all lived like the Amish, would be facing Climate Change?

So, maybe the Amish were right all along.

Wow. The Hillary attack threads are multiplying. I wonder why.

Oh, here's why:

Her lead is going back up to 31 points, and 23.5 point in the poll of polls.

Hillary Clinton has followed a successful debate performance by rebounding in the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, regaining ground against Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden alike.

With anticipation surrounding Biden at a peak, Clinton has 54 percent support in interviews Thursday through Sunday, compared with Sandersí 23 percent and Bidenís 16 percent. Thatís 12 percentage points better for Clinton than her position a month ago, bringing her halfway back to her level of support in the spring and summer, before her September stumble.



Folks, she's winning because she's running a great campaign, and the Democratic party supports her.
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