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This is a great time to sell stocks and lock in profits. Stay in Cash.

Really. It's a great opportunity. People always sell when the markets crash, and buy in when the markets are soaring. The exact opposite of what they should do.

When you see a huge rally like this based on complete bullshit, you sell your stocks and lock in your profits.

Boxer drops (no so) subtle hint to its human

Which Game of Thrones family are the Trumps most like?

Lannisters? Boltons? Freys?

The definitive reason why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election

52% of White women voted for Trump.

In the end, Bernie Sanders was right, and what the Democrats need to learn from his campaign.

Big unabashed, progressive, policy proposals are what the people want to hear. The era of the DLC, 3rd way, going for the moderate voter is dead and over.

Unambiguous big policy proposals on health care, education, taxes, financial reform, social justice, criminal reform, etc. That's what will resonate with the people.

More importantly, this platform solves the whole "reach out to the White working class" issue. If you clearly state that we will enact policies that will directly improve your life on earth and you still vote against them, then you are an unrepentant bigot and we will move on without you.

--On Edit--

I supported Hillary throughout the primary and the general, and I thought that she ran a good campaign. However, the people want big ideas and proposals. What are you for? Not just the other candidate is a nightmare. Offering big ideas is the key to getting people excited about your campaign.

The Republicans are now fully responsible for the economic plight of the Rust Belt and White working

class Americans. Dem governors, state legislatures, senators, etc. have all been replaced by Republicans. No more blaming Democrats for their economic anxiety. No more blaming coastal elites when their jobs go overseas or are lost to automation. No more blaming Dems when their Social Security and Medicare are privatized, and fall short of offering benefits. No more crying when they lose their health insurance or their education system fails to prepare them for global competition.

We need to hold the Republicans fully accountable for their economic plight. If they still support Republicans even though they're still losing economically, then those groups are truly lost.

So, can every company expect government "incentives" whenever they want to re-locate overseas?

If so, then we've just set a very bad precedent.

When you "privatize" something, doesn't that mean that you have to show a profit?

How can you show a profit from Medicare? There's no real profit in health insurance for older people who are far more likely to use it.

Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve needs to raise interest rates soon and often

Higher borrowing costs are the only checks on Trump and the congress from exploding the national debt to pay for tax cuts for the rich and wars abroad.

My biggest worry about Trump's corruption and conflicts of interests

What happens if someone or some entity or even some government that's expecting a big payment or pay off or favor does not get it. The envelope is light. What happens then?

Screwing over contractors, NJ government officials, and banks is one thing. Screwing over foreign interests as president is something else entirely.
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