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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 21,474

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This short film epitomizes the struggle of life

We all want that tennis ball on the sofa, but we just can't seem to get it. And just when we think we have it, it's bounces away. We look for help, but it does not come. Finally, all we are left to do is bark.

Do some people here realize that Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House?

And will continue as speaker after this election in the fall, right? Also, Ryan, and the Republicans in the House, are entrenched politically. They're not losing their majority soon. So, whatever plan or agenda the next president will have it has to getthem to come up for a vote in the House in order for it to become law, right.

I haven't gotten to the Senate yet where even more obstacles abound.

Ted Cruz, a man George W. Bush hates

And W is friends with Karl Rove and Dick Cheney


No matter who wins the nomination, Dems are going to lose in the Fall

This is quickly becoming a brutal primary fight, and whichever side wins, there will be long, enduring hurt feelings that won't heal in time for the Fall election.

We're fractured as a party, and I just don't see us coming together in the numbers and strength to beat back the Republicans. A loss in November will have major repercussions for all Americans for generations to come.

Yes, I am being doom and gloom. But sometimes the truth is doom and gloom.

Prepare yourselves and be well.

Caucuses are a dumb idea

Voting should be anonymous and solitary. What sense does it make to be herded into a room full people, stand around all night, only to have the results be unclear?

We should have regional primaries, North, South, Midwest, and West, with each region alternating who goes first.

This Hillary supporter is here to praise Bernie and the best contribution that he's made to America

On the eve of the Iowa caucus, I want to post this. I support Hillary because I am pragmatic, and I'm not convinced that Bernie can the presidency nor the nomination, but if he is nominated by the party, I will wholeheartedly support him in every way possible.

And, I want to congratulate him and his supporters for a very important and significant contribution to American politics. He has introduced a new, powerful phrase to the common lexicon, "Democratic Socialist", just like Occupy Wall Street introduce the phrase, "income Inequality" to the lexicon. Language matters. They change focus. They give voice to a cause. Conservatives built an entire movement on short-handed phrases.

Win or lose, going forward, politics in America has changed forever. Right now, there's a candidate out there seeing Bernie's support and his supporters and will pick up the mantle and carry his message forward. They won't be cowed by the current status quo. They will be emboldened to build a movement around what Bernie has said.

I'm not saying this sarcastically nor ironically, and i want to post this before the results so as to not come off as insincere. I do believe that Bernie and his campaign show that politics as usual in America are over. A new political movement is here and is not going away.

And for that, I congratulate Bernie and his supporters. You have already won an important victory.

Some people

Anyone here see "The Hateful 8"? SPOILERS

Well, if you did, then... SHUT THE DOOR!!! YOU HAVE TO NAIL IT SHUT!!!

Actual video of the scene outside my window after the Pats lose to Broncos

I pledge to stand behind the person who ALL of the Democratic primary voters nominate for president

We have a clear process for nominating someone for president, and whomever the party nominates, I will stand behind.
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