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Politico: Bernie Has Been Mathematically Eliminated from Winning With Pledged Delegates

Even if he won every single delegate in remaining races in Guam, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and the District of Columbia (which he wont), hed still be 51 delegates short.

In sports, when you're mathematically eliminated, you go home. You don't hang around the stadium.


Why do I own physical gold and silver? President Donald Trump.

There's all kinds of sane reasons to not own gold, but I own it any way just in case this country loses its fucking mind and elects someone like Donald Trump president.

Hillary needs just 15% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination

Bernie needs 85%.

Time to focus on the general election.

There is not going to be a contested convention. Hillary wins the nomination on the 1st ballot.

The Super Delegates will vote for her, as they have pledged publicly to do so. This primary has been over since March 15th.

Everything else is just sound and fury signifying nothing.

After June 7th...

This fucking message board needs to stop appeasing the Bernie Bros at once. There's not going to be a contested convention. Hillary IS the nominee, and this IS DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND. Back the fucking DEMOCRATS.

Open primaries and caucuses have to go.

Let the parties choose their candidates, not outsiders.

Sorry, but I hate what the producers have done to Game of Thrones

The show is quickly becoming like all other fictional narratives. This is the good person. This is the bad person, and the good person triumphs over the bad one. And everything works out in the end. The entire reason why the series resonated so strongly with the culture is that the bad guys often won which reflects well in our personal lives. Just because you were good and has truth on your side, that alone does not mean that you win. Given this dynamic, the reader was in a constant state of tension whenever you turned the page. You never felt safe. Why do you think that reactions to the Red Wedding was so fierce and shook the culture.

The show is abandoning this narrative. It's reaching for quick resolutions instead of developing an intricate story line. It's given into the audience instead of challenging us. I can get hero stories every where I turn. I want a story that reflects my life experience of seeing bad people win and bad things happen.

At this point, shouldn't BS and his supporters be more focused on getting Dems elected to congress

Now that his run for the nomination is all but over, wouldn't a better use of his time and resources be deployed to see that other like-minded Dems get elected to federal and state offices?

Just a thought.

This outsourcing crap is getting out of control!

Not only did I have to train my replacement, I had to clean out her litter box as well!!!

Name one blue state that will vote for Trump.

I just don't see it.
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