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Name: David Allen
Gender: Male
Hometown: Washington, DC
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 62,874

Journal Archives

Look what I got in the mail today!

(Hillary Clinton Group) Want to do something positive and fun to support Hillary Clinton?

Hello, DU Hillary Clinton Group.

EarlG and I wanted to do something positive and fun to support Hillary's campaign for president, and after much consideration we decided to to this:

HillaryMojo is a little project we started a few weeks back. We've spent the last few weeks fine-tuning and posting stuff, trying to figure out the overall tone and substance of the site.

The focus, above everything else, is to be fun and positive. To provide a place where Hillary Clinton supporters feel welcome, and feel good about supporting Hillary for president. We poke fun at Republicans from time-to-time, but we have no interest in attacking our fellow Democrats. I have always been a proud Democrat, I like all of our presidential candidates, and I want the site to reflect that.

If you think this is a worthy project, we'd like you to join us. We think the time has come to let people know about the site so we can share our enthusiasm for Hillary.

For now, we are still learning how the software works (it's WordPress). We need people to start joining up and posting comments so we can figure out how the software works, and also get some feedback about what kinds of posts people respond to. For now, we have the software set up so that EVERY COMMENT NEEDS ADMIN APPROVAL before it gets posted to the site. We want all the comments on the site to be consistent with the site's goal of fun and positivity, and we're not going to pass anything through that falls short of that ideal. Negative comments about Democrats, and even overly harsh comments about Republicans are not going to be permitted.

We are putting a big focus on social media. We are trying to create content that is fun and shareable, so if you find something you like on HillaryMojo you can help us out by sharing it with your friends.

You can also help out by following HillaryMojo on social media:


We think this could be a really exciting opportunity to do something fun and positive to support Hillary Clinton. I hope you will stop by the site from time-to-time and join us:


Thank you!

You need to agree on a host for this group.

I have already received a number of messages from people asking to be hosts. But I don't want to be the one to choose. You all need to agree on a lead host, and then that person can set up other hosts. Once you have agreed on a lead host let me know and I'll set that person up.

New Bernie Sanders Logos

My Profile > Avatar Image (Edit) > Logos >

Meet Hillary Clinton’s Official Campaign Photographer (Pic Heavy)

It’s Sept. 28, 1995, and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat are getting ready to make history by signing the Oslo II Accord expanding Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank. Flanked by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, King Hussein of Jordan and U.S. President Bill Clinton, they wait in a hallway at the White House. One photographer, Barbary Kinney, is here to witness the scene. As four of the men adjust, in concert, their ties, she presses her shutter, capturing the incongruous behind-the-scenes ritual that will earn her, a few months later, a World Press Photo prize, one of the most prestigious photojournalism awards.

For the past 20 years, Kinney, an Indiana-born photographer who’s worked for USA Today, Reuters and the Seattle Times, has been following the Clintons — from Bill’s years in the White House, to Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign, to Chelsea’s wedding. Along the way, she has gained unprecedented access to the leading family in Democratic politics.

More (including more pics): http://time.com/3830081/hillary-clinton-official-photographer/

Infographic shows Hillary Clinton's life so far (including "Gets summer job sliming fish in Alaska")

Source: http://fundersandfounders.com/how-hillary-clinton-started/

"Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all."

Hillary Clinton is not ‘calculating’ or risk-averse. I watched her take a huge gamble — and it paid off.
By Lissa Muscatine April 25 at 6:00 AM
Washington Post

As our plane descended into Beijing in the middle of a late summer night in 1995, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was waiting to see the final version of the next day’s speech. She had been invited by the United Nations secretary general to deliver the keynote address to the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women. As her speechwriter at the time, I raced to make last-minute edits before we landed. When I finished, I handed her the draft. She looked at me and said, “I just want to push the envelope as far as I can on women’s rights and human rights.”

Now, 20 years later, Clinton is running for president amid critiques that she is calculating, always scripted and risk-averse. But those of us who worked with her on the Beijing speech saw a woman who, under intense scrutiny and pressure, was willing to gamble for a cause and principle she cared about. In the end, Beijing laid the groundwork not only for her advocacy of women’s rights as senator and secretary of state, but also for the global women’s movement. It never would have been happened if she hadn’t overruled the counsel of senior administration advisers, stood up to Democratic and Republican opponents in Congress and trusted her own judgment over the optics. She took big risks – and they paid off.

* * *

For months before Clinton’s trip, administration officials and politicians in both parties had warned her that going to Beijing for a global women’s conference simply put too much at stake – the administration’s domestic political agenda, public opinion, our country’s diplomatic relationship with China and internal White House politics.


The 20-minute speech instantly reverberated around the world. Clinton’s line that “human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all” is still a mantra today. And her graphic litany of abuses that women and girls in many countries were regularly subjected to was as forceful as any language ever used to talk about women’s rights. “Women comprise more than half the world’s population, 70 percent of the world’s poor, and two-thirds of those who are not taught to read and write,” she said. “We are the primary caretakers for most of the world’s children and elderly. Yet much of the work we do is not valued — not by economists, not by historians, not by popular culture, not by government leaders.” This was simply not something major state actors made a habit of talking about in 1995.

More: http://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/04/25/hillary-clinton-is-not-calculating-or-risk-averse-i-watched-her-take-a-huge-gamble-and-it-paid-off/

I'm looking for three people

I signed up for a free bumper sticker and got this email response. Apparently I need to find three people. Anyone?

Hi there --

Thanks for signing up to get a free sticker!

We'll be putting it in the mail as soon as we possibly can.

Help grow this campaign -- and make sure your friends are getting their free stickers, too.

Forward this link to three people now:


Thanks for being a part of the team.

Hillary for America

Crossroads GPS, America Rising, Citizens United: The $100 Million Anti-Hillary Smear Machine

This is what we are up against...

Inside the war rooms plotting a battle against Hillary Clinton
Updated 04/23/2015 3:39 AM

ARLINGTON, VA. -- In a nondescript high-rise in the suburbs of Washington, a group of 20-somethings is waging war on Hillary Clinton.

They’re tracking her every move, analyzing her utterances during decades in public life and updating a library of 1,000 videos dating to the early 1980s.


America Rising isn’t alone in its work on Clinton. She faces a trio of major independent organizations, each armed with different tools but all with the same mission: Defeat her.

The groups – America Rising, Citizens United and Crossroads GPS – are expected to have more money, more staff and more ways than ever to get out their message this year than in any previous presidential race.

More: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/article19252827.html

Washington Examiner says Hillary Clinton earns $624 MILLION per year. Because Math.

I'll be curious to see if any other right-wingnuts pick up this truly moronic bit of anti-Hillary spin. Apparently the Washington Examiner would have us believe that Hillary Clinton gives eight speeches every day, 40 hours each week, 52 weeks per year. I'm no expert on Hillary Clinton's work schedule, but this seems... Unlikely.

Source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/article/2563275
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