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Rose Siding

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There's some great new stuff in Hillary's speech to SEIU today

There are things I haven't heard before, anyway. She trolls Trump hard, then recounts an emotional story about a child. This is a 9 minute clip. I haven't found the whole thing.

John Oliver explains that Hillary won

If you don't have time for the full segment, the portion about Hillary already winning starts at 12:20

He's ready for an angry deluge

NYT op-ed: Do Sanders Supporters Favor His Policies?

.....More detailed evidence casts further doubt on the notion that support for Mr. Sanders reflects a shift to the left in the policy preferences of Democrats. In a survey conducted for the American National Election Studies in late January, supporters of Mr. Sanders were more pessimistic than Mrs. Clinton’s supporters about “opportunity in America today for the average person to get ahead” and more likely to say that economic inequality had increased.

However, they were less likely than Mrs. Clinton’s supporters to favor concrete policies that Mr. Sanders has offered as remedies for these ills, including a higher minimum wage, increasing government spending on health care and an expansion of government services financed by higher taxes. It is quite a stretch to view these people as the vanguard of a new, social-democratic-trending Democratic Party.

Mr. Sanders has drawn enthusiastic support from young people, a common pattern for outsider candidates. But here, too, the impression of ideological commitment is mostly illusory. While young Democrats in the January survey were more likely than those over age 35 to call themselves liberals, their ideological self-designations seem to have been much more lightly held, varying significantly when they were reinterviewed.
For many of them, liberal ideology seems to have been a short-term byproduct of enthusiasm for Mr. Sanders rather than a stable political conviction.

Perhaps for that reason, the generational difference in ideology seems not to have translated into more liberal positions on concrete policy issues — even on the specific issues championed by Mr. Sanders. For example, young Democrats were less likely than older Democrats to support increased government funding of health care, substantially less likely to favor a higher minimum wage and less likely to support expanding government services. Their distinctive liberalism is mostly a matter of adopting campaign labels, not policy preferences........


Bernie people are volunteering to help elect Hillary in OH

Donald Trump Lags Behind Hillary Clinton in Organizing Key State
The presumptive GOP nominee’s slow start in Ohio could undermine his chances of winning the White House

PLAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio—Though Donald Trump dispensed with his last primary opponent months before Hillary Clinton will, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee trails far behind the leading Democrat in organizing in key general-election states.
Meanwhile, Clinton aides are preparing to open the first campaign office in Columbus and have begun coordinating with the Ohio Democratic Party to recruit an army of volunteers made up of people who backed both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders in the state’s primary.
Mrs. Clinton’s team here is led by Chris Wyant, a veteran of Mr. Obama’s two Ohio campaigns. Last week, Mr. Wyant and another Clinton aide watched as a team of 30 local Democratic Party activists made calls to recruit general election volunteers.

The first sentence of the scripted recruiting pitch asked recipients to “show how unified Democrats are against Donald Trump.”

About half of the activists interviewed at the Stark County Democratic headquarters said they backed Mr. Sanders during Ohio’s primary, but each said they believe they must work to elect Mrs. Clinton.

“The difference between any Democrat and Trump is so spectacular that I had to come help,” said Tony Collins-Sibley, a 54-year-old cabinet maker from Alliance who wore a blue “Bernie 2016” T-shirt as he phoned potential Clinton volunteers. “Hillary is a boilerplate Democrat with all the traditional views.…I’ll work for her.”


Ever gracious...

The WA state convention chose delegates today.

This Sanders delegate concludes these incoherent comments with "F--- Hillary". The rest of the Sanders people in the room hooted and cheered. Who *are* these people?


Then they went all NYC cop v De Blasio and turned their backs on Rep Rick Larson, a superdel, for supporting Hillary. A "public shunning" they call it here. So Amish sometimes! "A thing of beauty" they call it.


Here's Rep Larson being a good sport on Colbert's old 'Better know a district' bit

Hope he kept his sense of humor!

I'm just a boy...standing in front of a girl...


Bloomberg: Sanders, Defiant on the Stump, Quietly Reassures Democrats on Unity

After all the public belligerence, it's encouraging to see this, especially the call to Sen Boxer. After NV, party leaders agreed to let Reid, who is the only Senator close to Sanders (according to reports on the meeting) handle the issue with Bernie. Maybe he's ready to admit the problem?

As tensions were escalating between Bernie Sanders and Democratic Party leaders over the chaos caused by his supporters at a Nevada convention, Dick Durbin got an unexpected call from the Vermont senator.
Durbin, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, came away from the conversation on Wednesday convinced that Sanders, who has all but lost the presidential nomination battle to Hillary Clinton, understands the need for party unity and will do his part to defeat presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.
"We talked about the demonstrations and such," Durbin said Thursday in an interview. "I am convinced, as Bernie has said repeatedly, he is going to be on the team to defeat Donald Trump. I don't have any question in my mind."
Sanders has reached out to multiple Senate colleagues in an attempt to assuage them. Among them is Senator Barbara Boxer of California, whose keynote speech at the Nevada state Democratic convention last weekend was disrupted by rowdy Sanders supporters in a situation she described as frightening and out of control.
Boxer said she conveyed her concerns to Sanders in "a really nice talk" with him Tuesday. "I told him how bad it was in Nevada. He said he was distressed about it, and he expressed chagrin about it. I told him 'Bernie, you need to get a hold of it,' and he said he would.''
"He said, 'I can't believe my people would do this,'" said Boxer, who is stepping down from the Senate in January. "He got the point."


Las Vegas police probing death threats made to NV Democrats

According to the Rolling Stone interviews, the calls did come from different states, so the FBI would have jurisdiction.

And bonus shout out on the situation from the Veep-

The Las Vegas Police Department opened an investigation into death threats directed at top officials of the Nevada State Democratic Party, a spokesman tells Newsweek.

“We are investigating that at this time,” a department spokesman, Larry Hadfield said in a brief interview. He called the probe “an open investigation into some of the death threats made to Democratic office holders that reside in our jurisdiction.”

A spokesman for the FBI, which investigates threats to federal office holders, responded with “no comment” when asked whether the bureau was involved in the Nevada investigation.

But a federal law enforcement officials tells Newsweek that “the FBI would definitely be able to find a way into that. It would depend on whether the calls were intrastate or interstate and things like that. And of course the U.S. Attorney would have to determine whether they had a viable case to prosecute. There are a lot of factors, but a death threat is something that we could begin to look into.”
In Ohio Monday, Vice President Joe Biden chided the Vermont senator for not responding more firmly to the threats, according to news reports.

Addressing the actions against Nevada Democratic officials, Biden told reporters, “that’s not Bernie. And what Bernie’s going to have to do if that happens again—he's going to have to be more aggressive in speaking out about it.”


The Democratic Establishment just secured a raise for millions of American workers

President Obama wrote this message to petition signers to announce that the Department of Labor will be finalizing a rule that expands overtime pay to millions of American workers.

I wanted you to be the first to know about some important news on an issue I know you care deeply about: making sure you're paid fairly.

Tomorrow, we're strengthening our overtime pay rules to make sure millions of Americans' hard work is rewarded. If you work more than 40 hours a week, you should get paid for it or get extra time off to spend with your family and loved ones. It's one of most important steps we're taking to help grow middle-class wages and put $12 billion more dollars in the pockets of hardworking Americans over the next 10 years.

For generations, overtime protections have meant that an honest day's work should get a fair day's pay, and that's helped American workers climb the ladder of success. That's what middle-class economics are all about. But after years of inflation and lobbyists' efforts to weaken overtime protections, that security has eroded for too many families...........


There are links to the guidelines about who qualifies in there. (You know, guidelines. Those are like rules. Rules are those things the Democratic establishment likes to use to keep stuff organized )

Josh Marshall: Toxicity, acrimony, unrealism of Sanders' campaign comes from the top

For months I'd thought and written that Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver was the key driver of toxicity in the the Democratic primary race. Weaver has been highly visible on television, far more than campaign managers tend to be. He's also been the one constantly upping the tension, pressing the acrimony and unrealism of the campaign as Sanders actual chances of winning dwindled.
Over the last several weeks I've had a series of conversations with multiple highly knowledgable, highly placed people. Perhaps it's coming from Weaver too. The two guys have been together for decades. But the 'burn it down' attitude, the upping the ante, everything we saw in that statement released today by the campaign seems to be coming from Sanders himself. Right from the top.

This should have been obvious to me. The tone and tenor of a campaign always come from the top. It wasn't obvious to me until now.

This might be because he's temperamentally like that. There's some evidence for that. It may also be that, like many other presidential contenders, once you get close it is simply impossible to let go. I don't know which it is. That would only be my speculation. But this is coming from Bernie Sanders. It's not Weaver. It's not driven by people around him. It's right from him. And what I understand from knowledgable sources is that in the last few weeks anyone who was trying to rein it in has basically stopped trying and just decided to let Bernie be Bernie.

Sanders speech tonight was right in line with his statement out this afternoon. He identified the Democratic party as an essentially corrupt, moribund institution which is now on notice that it must let 'the people' in. What about the coalitions Barack Obama built in 2008 and 2012, the biggest and most diverse presidential coalitions ever constructed?

Sanders narrative today has essentially been that he is political legitimacy


emphasis is mine
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