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GoFundMe charity post--spinal-injury patient getting kicked out of apartment

I know DU has a reputation as a generous "giving circle," and a friend of a friend needs serious help

her spine's in pretty dangerous shape, so that greatly multiplies all the costs she's already facing, and her family has abandoned her--so I suppose we'll have to do!


I've never made a charity thread before (but here goes!)

I (sorta distantly) know the person who's been forced to put herself and her problems out in the open by asking for help. She's employed (and damn talented!) but needs the money to move her mother from Utah to SoCal and for medical treatment--after a double whammy of malpractice and now cancer.

My own acquaintances have given what they can, but I know that DU has, for well over a decade, shown itself to be one massive "giving circle." Everyone's getting ready to reunite with their own families for Thanksgiving (and the whole barrage of holidays shortly after), so it's appropriate that I post this this week. There's not any deadline, but it seems a good time for something like this.

It's on GoFundMe: http://www.gofundme.com/47xmcw

Thanks and all the best,
Dan B

(Also if anyone hasn't yet seen Marrah_G's recent thread, it's here).
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