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Gender: Male
Hometown: Kentwood, MI
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,768

Journal Archives

Nun sentenced for nuke plant break-in: "Please have no leniency with me"

In her closing statement, Rice asked the judge to sentence her to life in prison, even though sentencing guidelines called for about six years.

"Please have no leniency with me," she said. "To remain in prison for the rest of my life would be the greatest gift you could give me."

She said the U.S. government was spending too much money on weapons and the military, and she told the judge about the many letters of support she had received, including one from youth in Afghanistan.

"This is the next generation and it is for these people that we're willing to give our lives," she said.


Pork pie causes wedding brawl

We have no idea what pork pie is, but it looks good enough to start a brawl over.

Police in West Yorkshire, England tweeted that a "large fight at a wedding" over the weekend started because of a pork pie.

"All started over a pork pie apparently! #clubclosed #dayruined," the agency tweeted.

The brouhaha began at about 7:20 p.m. when officers responded to an "ongoing disturbance" at the Harold Club in Bradford, The Telegraph reports. Police closed an entire section of the property to "prevent any further problems," but the incident was reportedly brought under control quickly.


U.S. Olympians adopting stray dogs from Sochi

Amanda Bird already was missing her Australian shepherd puppy Sammy when she arrived for the Sochi Olympics.

Then her first sight stepping out of the airport was of one of the many stray dogs around the Olympic Park in Adler and even here in the mountains whose safety has become a cause among animal rights supporters and some athletes such as American ski slopestyle silver medalist Gus Kenworthy.

Kenworthy is arranging for a litter of four puppies to return with him to the United States for adoption. Bird, U.S. press officer for bobsled/skeleton and former athlete in those sports, also plans to adopt a dog, sparing it from exterminators hired by the government to rid the Olympic area of pets left behind when families were forced to move for construction and a population swelled by lack of spaying and neutering.


Inmate escapes prison to spend Valentine's Day with girlfriend; gets arrested again

An Arizona jail inmate who escaped by climbing two walls and crawling through razor wire and was reportedly meeting his sweetheart on Valentine's Day is back in custody.

The Pinal County Sheriff's office says in a release that inmate Joseph Andrew Dekenipp was arrested in the town of Coolidge, a few hours after he escaped Friday from the county detention center.

The office says he would undergo treatment for serious cuts he got from the wire.

The Arizona Republic reports that the 40-year-old Dekenipp was arrested without incident after he arrived at a saloon and grill where he was to meet his girlfriend.


Dublin archbishop: Homophobic = Godophobic

Diarmuid Martin spoke out against homophobia following two high profile incidents in Ireland over the last month, including prejudice directed at a politician because of his sexuality.

According to the Irish Independent, the Archbishop said: “God never created anybody that he doesn’t love. Anybody who doesn’t show love towards gay and lesbian people is insulting God.

“They are not just homophobic if they do that – they are actually Godophobic because God loves every one of those people.

“Certainly the sort of actions that we heard of this week of people being spat at because they were gay or ridiculed . . . that is not a Christian attitude. We have to have the courage to stand up and say that,” he added.


Scientists get mice high, because science

Scientists may have discovered why marijuana makes users run for the Pringles.

In a study published on Sunday in the journal Nature Neuroscience, researchers have tied the increased hunger experienced by users to the drug's ability to produce a higher sensitivity to scents and flavors.

Smithsonian Magazine explains how researchers reached their conclusion:


Lawyer gives away free divorce for Valentine's Day promotion

A Southfield attorney is giving away a free divorce in a Valentine's Day contest.

The Law Offices of Walter H. Bentley III, PLLC says a winner will be chosen based on most compelling and convincing story as to why they should be the winner.

The divorce is limited to an uncontested divorce with no or minimum child custody issues.


Intruder takes selfie on victim's phone

A woman in Denver says there’s a picture on her phone of a stranger inside here home.

She says the man must have gotten inside, while she was upstairs with her children.

The next day, she noticed a picture on her phone.

The man used it to take a picture of himself. She says that she didn’t recognize the man, but a neighbor says he looks familiar.


Boy’s birthday surprise gets worldwide response

What started out as a silly little page to make her son feel better grew to much, much more. In two days, the page got more than 4,000 likes. But Sunday night, a week after it was created, it had more than 8,600.

Among those sharing birthday greetings, pictures and words of inspiration were people from as far away as Scotland and Switzerland. Some shared the struggles they experienced while growing up. Others wrote how Colin’s story is helping them.

She said that when Colin sees the page, he will understand that he’s not alone.

“He’s going to have a lot of friends after this. They may not live by him, but he’s going to have a lot of friends,” Jennifer said.


Police dog fired for laziness

Fred is a classic example of good talent gone to waste.

The Gulfport, Mississippi Police Department dog had the talent for sniffing out contraband, but he was lazy and too easily distracted, authorities told the Biloxi-Gulfport Sun Herald.

The department had to let Fred go -- back to his previous owners at K-9 unlimited in Louisiana.

While on duty, Fred could be found playing with a soda can instead of doing the police work he was trained to do.


Hopefully he'll qualify for unem-paw-ment.
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