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Gender: Male
Hometown: Kentwood, MI
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
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Okay children, what sounds did we hear on the farm?


Picture of Ellen DeGeneres on invites forces Catholic school principal to apologize, because lesbian

A principal at a Pennsylvania Catholic school has apologized to parents after an invitation to an Oscars-themed graduation dance featured a photo of Ellen DeGeneres.

Nancy Matteo, the principal at St. Andrew Elementary School, is demanding students return the invitations in order for them to be destroyed, Philly.com reports.

Matteo said in an email to parents that it was “completely wrong” to use DeGeneres’ image because the lesbian entertainer “lives her life outside the teachings of the Catholic Church.” She did not mention DeGeneres’ sexual orientation.

The principal for the Newtown, Penn., school added that she was “obviously NOT thinking” when she used the photo for the June 8 dance invitation.


File this under "Not helping" and "Didn't get the Pope's memo."

Syrian nun helps broker agreements between rebels, government

For Syria’s three-year armed conflict to come to an end, all foreign fighters and the external powers that support them must first leave the country, said Mother Agnes Mariam, a Carmelite nun in Syria, during a public lecture April 29 at Saint Mary’s College of California. That departure, she said, would allow the Syrian people the safety to resolve their political differences through non-violent negotiations.

She has been working vigorously with the Mussalaha Reconciliation Initiative, a Syrian community-based non-violent collective, to achieve such a resolution. Her work has included brokering agreements between members of Syrian rebel forces and the government of President Bashar al-Assad to deliver food to beleaguered citizens and to arrange for the evacuation of women and children from conflict zones.

Recently she has convinced some fighters to put down their arms in exchange for amnesty. Some of these men are now working with Mussalaha, which she helped start in Homs in January 2012.

Mother Agnes Mariam, superior of the Monastery of St. James the Mutilated in Homs, is now on an international lecture tour to call attention to what she sees as media misrepresentations about the Syrian war that has left 150,000 dead and 9 million displaced.


Florida woman arrested with weed in her vagina

A Fort Lauderdale woman with an outstanding warrant was arrested in Palm Beach over the weekend after cops found weed in her vagina. The woman had gotten into a heated dispute with a Palm Beach homeowner for "services."

And, according to one report, the home where the woman was arrested belongs to the owner of Gunster Law Firm, a Palm Beach County firm that handles business needs.

According to a PBSO report, cops were called to the home located on 156 Seagate Road during a civil disturbance around 3 a.m. Sunday.

Police say Jessica Johnston, 25, and two other women said that the owner of the home owed her $500 for "services" but that he paid her only $380.


Florida couple fake kidnapping to cover up crack binge

A couple, accused of faking a kidnapping to cover up a crack binge, has been arrested on suspicion of making a false report and fraud.

Click here to view booking arrest photos from Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte jails at sarasotamugshots.com
William Clifford, 37, and Tammy Landry, 39, of Venice were arrested Tuesday, a day after they arrived at the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office to report that they had been kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to make purchases on a stolen debit card.

According to the Sheriff's Office, detectives who interviewed Clifford and Landry separately noticed several inconsistencies in their stories. Eventually, they admitted that they had made the purchases on a debit card stolen from Landry's 61-year-old mother in order to pay a drug dealer back for four or five rocks of crack cocaine that they had smoked.

So far, investigators have counted fraudulent transactions totaling about $232, according to the Sheriff's Office.


Florida burglars break into Joey Fatone's home dressed as ninjas

A possible break in the hunt to find thieves dressed like ninjas in Florida.

According to officials, three men have been arrested for trying to break into a mansion in Orange County.

Now, investigators are looking into whether they are responsible for string of similar crimes.

Frank bower, Johnathan Contreras and Andres Perez are accused of trying to break into this Doctor Philips multi-million dollar home.


Florida man suspected of robbery shaves his face in an effort to change his looks

A Florida man, who is suspected of robbing a Bonita Beach bank, was arrested despite trying to shave in an effort to change his appearance.

Robert Souza allegedly shaved at some point after he robbed a BB&T Bank, but he was arrested after police noticed large patches of unshaven hair on his face and the scent of aftershave when they found him in his getaway taxi.

He was in the cab for about two minutes before it was pulled over.

"That was make my heart jumping," the cab driver told Fox 4. "Believe me, he was calm inside the car even when the police surround him, I ."


Florida man arrested after posting pictures of himself with drugs on Facebook

Taylor Harrison allegedly wanted to make a point about how easy it was to sell drugs in Port St. Lucie, Florida -- even when deputies were nearby.

So Harrison, 21, took to social media. He posted a selfie with stacks of drug cash, drugs, and a photo of a Martin County Sheriff's Office patrol car that pulled along side of him, WPBF-TV reports.

The Facebook photos were later seen by MCSO deputies. They sent an undercover officer to buy drugs from Harrison and then arrested him on charges of selling narcotics, CBS Tampa reports.

Harrison remained in Martin County Jail on $55,500 bond.


'Assville Next Left' Sign Points To The Jersey Shore

A lot of people get rear-ended in Assville. Drive carefully.

A hacked road sign pointing toward the Jersey Shore displayed "Assville Next Left" on Monday morning. A local NBC affiliate and the Upper Township mayor called the sign inaccurate and offensive -- everyone else thinks it's hilarious.

"Someone was trying to be funny," Upper Township Mayor Richard Palombo told the station. "But I think the operators of the sign need to be more aware of the fact that the security and the access to that information needs to be more secure."

It's unclear whether someone gained access to the sign on Route 49 or if it was left unsecured, but few people care. Twitter's having a blast with Assville.


If Martians came to Earth and wanted to be baptized, should they be? Pope says yes

He said Catholicism was a church of “open doors”, and that it was up to Christians to accept the Holy Spirit however “unthinkable” and “unimaginable” it appeared.

Describing how, according to the Bible, Peter was criticised by the Christians of Jerusalem for making contact with a community of “unclean” pagans, Francis said that at the time that too was “unthinkable”.

“If, for example, tomorrow an expedition of Martians came to us here and one said ‘I want to be baptised!’, what would happen?”

Clarifying that he really was talking about aliens, the Pope said: “Martians, right? Green, with long noses and big ears, like in children’s drawings.”

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