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Gender: Male
Hometown: Kentwood, MI
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,214

Journal Archives

Turn Signal From 1963 Car Wreck Removed From Illinois Man's Arm

An Illinois man who wrecked his new Ford Thunderbird in 1963 unwittingly carried around a memento of the crash for decades — a seven-inch turn signal embedded in his arm and not removed until this week.

Arthur Lampitt, 75, was pretty sure what the foreign object was even before a surgeon cut it out of him on Wednesday. When his arm started to swell recently, he unearthed photos of the totaled car and noticed the blinker lever was missing.

Still, his wife Betty was stunned when doctors removed the piece of metal and confirmed her husband's suspicion. "Oh my god," the Granite City, Ill., woman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


@_FloridaMan strips naked in CVS, sleeps in dog beds

A 22-year-old man is facing lewd or lascivious charges after a bizarre incident at a Lutz CVS.

According to deputies, Jeremiah Phillip Patterson took his clothes off in the bathroom of a CVS on the 2300 block of Land O’ Lakes Boulevard on Tuesday.

Deputies said he then left the bathroom naked and proceeded to rummage through six dog beds. Deputies said he grabbed three and laid on top of them in the bathroom naked.

Patterson is also charged with retail petit theft as the store could no longer sell the dog beds.


From Buzzfeed: 18 Things Catholic Twentysomethings Want You To Know Aren’t True


Belgian bishop advocates church recognition of gay relationships

Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium, has called for ecclesiastical recognition of gay relationships, according to an interview published in De Morgen, a Belgian newspaper, on Dec. 27.

The official teaching that the Catholic church can recognize only male-female committed relationships has to change, Bonny said.

"There should be recognition of a diversity of forms," he said. "We have to look inside the church for a formal recognition of the kind of interpersonal relationship that is also present in many gay couples. Just as there are a variety of legal frameworks for partners in civil society, one must arrive at a diversity of forms in the church. … The intrinsic values are more important to me than the institutional question. The Christian ethic is based on lasting relationships where exclusivity, loyalty, and care are central to each other."

Bonny made headlines in September when he issued a letter to the Vatican in preparation for the Synod on the family in October. At that time, Bonny stressed that the church urgently needs to connect with contemporary society, showing more respect for homosexuality, divorced people and modern kinds of relationships.


@_FloridaMan put police lights on car so "no one would mess with him"

Hernando County deputies have arrested a man, saying he impersonated a police officer.

Authorities say they caught up with James Michael Buck, 23, during a bizarre incident on Christmas night in which a caller reported Buck tried to perform a traffic stop.

When the individual called 911, deputies say Buck was chasing that person with his black SUV and emergency-style lights flashing.

Deputies pulled Buck over and found shield-style badges in his car and wallet, along with other police gear and a DVD titled "Let's Be Cops."


Man Celebrates 40 Christmases With the Same Tree

Neil Olson put up a Christmas tree when two of his sons went off to war in 1974, vowing not to take it down until all six children returned to his Wisconsin home for Christmas. The same tree, he says, is still standing in his living room.

Olson's oldest son was injured in the Vietnam War, and his disability has stopped him from returning to Wausau from Washington state for Christmas. So the tree has stayed up, still covered in the same ornaments, tinsel and lights as the day Olson decorated it. And the needles, though yellowing, are still there.

"The needles are kept on for a reason," Olson, 89, told the Wausau Daily Herald ( http://mnhne.ws/1JRQnKL ) for a story published Wednesday. "It's supernatural, I say."


"I bet you if my sixth boy comes home, the needles will drop right off," he said.


Florida man: ‘If I had some crack, I wouldn’t be out here stealing (stuff)"

A Boynton Beach man and a Lantana woman were arrested Sunday in connection with three burglaries in Palm Beach County, according to an arrest report.

William John Lee and Dana Ruth Valentine are facing three counts each of burglary of an occupied conveyance and criminal mischief between $200 and $1,000 and two counts of larceny.

Lee, 45, and Valentine, 49, are both being held at the Palm Beach County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bond.

Lamenting his arrest to Valentine in the back of a Delray Beach patrol car, Lee was recorded by an in-car recording system as saying: “If I had some crack, I wouldn’t be out here stealing (stuff).”


Elf arrested

Police say an elf on the sauce is facing drunken driving charges in New Jersey.

Riverdale police tell NJ.com that 23-year-old Brian Chellis was found passed out in a car early Friday morning wearing an Elf on the Shelf costume.

Lt. James Macintosh says the Cedar Grove man was asleep behind the wheel of a van with its engine running, lights on and music blaring. He says Chellis was in a red shirt, red pants and white ruffled collar.

Macintosh says Chellis seemed confused about where he was and had an open can of beer in the car. He was issued a summons and released to a family member.


Satanists display "snaketivity" at Michigan Capitol

Before dawn this morning, five Satanists erected what they call a "snaketivity" on the east lawn of the state Capitol.

A fake snake coils its body around the display, which features the phrase “The Greatest Gift is Knowledge.”

Jax Blackmore is with the Satanic Temple of Detroit. She says her group was inspired to ask for space on the Capitol lawn after hearing about plans for a Christian Nativity at the Capitol.

“We really didn’t … feel comfortable with just a Nativity scene being the only representation for the holidays on the Capitol grounds,” says Blackmore.


Vin Scully's 1988 World Series ring goes missing, found in a bag of ribs from Costco

Vin Scully can find his way into our hearts even during the gloomiest winter afternoons, as he proved again Thursday when he unwittingly starred in his own holiday movie.

The Ribs That Saved Christmas.

"I feel like such a dummy," Scully said with a laugh. "Only Scully could lose a ring while putting meat in a bag."

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