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very liberal and progressive

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No - there were never rational repugs that i can remember

nixon - did not want public health care, so championed managed care so health care could be rationed

reagan - thought aides was a gay disease and ignored it. spent on spending like crazy and created deficits we are still struggling with. invaded small countries. allowed dictatorships to flourish in south america to stop any government from doing anything to help their people.

bush senior - lied about iran contra. poverty and unemployment hit high levels under his watch. destroyed environmental programs. allowed the male equivalent of sarah palin to run many important programs that suffered as a result.

bush jr - allowed terrorist attacks on american soil. started multiple wars. destroyed institutions. created unparallels economic problems, the world over. destroyed US credibility around the world. Destroyed the word of law. Created a supreme court that is completely partisan.

Sunday News Programs - a complete waste of time and propaganda

I gave up watching sunday news programs in the bush years after being a passionate weekly viewer in the Clinton years. I tried to watch again today and was revolted by the insipid questions, useless interviewers, and general smiling all round by these highly paid media whores and lobbyists.

There is not an intelligent followup questions asked. On face the nation, the president of the nra said that his primary concern was to protect children. what would be the natural followup question to this? there are many, and so you'd have to be trying to get his wrong. For example, "there have been 100 more gun deaths in the last 2 weeks, so how are you doing this?", "How do you recommend we measure the success of your proposals", "Why was the NRA silent after the tragedy?".

Bob Schieffer smiled like a media whore and said it was good to see the guest. fing what? it would be nice for the parents in Sandy Hook to meet their children. Sunday morning 'news' programs are infomercials for repugs. f them.

I think the President has this and we will start to see progress.

i thank God for the Daily Show and the Colbert Report and David Lettermen for my news.

that would be a good second income, paid for taxes on guns and ammunition

also, since many people would not be able to do two jobs, they would first be cops then whatever they used to do. So we would be a nation of cops. Of course, given, that there is a criminal element in any large group, some of the cops would be crooked and be given guns by the government (wow-talk about expanding the government's role). Then we would need more cops. Since 100% of the population is already a cop, we would need to bring in new people and turn them into cops. And the cycle will continue.

we would need to have some way of telling good cops from bad. maybe wayne laidiot can lend some of his idiocy to trying to figure out how to do this.

Is it true? Were guns not allowed at the NRA disaster of a press conference on Friday?

If this is true, the hypocracy is beyond comprehension. Guns should be allowed at political events, especially ones that involve Dick Cheney or anyone in the NRA.

If they are able to keep guns out, does this mean they don't believe in their own intrepretation of the second amendment?

Also, the right to keep arms, in fact, should mean keep them on your property. Taking them off should immediately cause you to be put in prison and fined everything you have. Given the ridiculous levels the NRA has taken gun owership to in this country (from the Florida stand your ground rules, to guns in schools and hospitals), gun nuts should realize that they are primarily funding the gun manufacturers. This is similar to hostages turning into supporters of their captors.

Someone in the media recently stated that gun control would not be immediately successful because there are already too many guns out there. Think about this. The NRA stupidly but successfully argued for the proliferation of guns as a safety measure (in truth they were likely fighting for the profits of their corporate masters). Now that this has failed miserably their new argument is an admission that too many guns is a problem and then to say that it is too late to curtain gun proliferation. This is like the cigeratte companies saying that people have already been damaged by tobacco, so there is no point in stopping smoking.

NRA's next insipid idea: Post a Policeman with everyone

That's right. You heard me.

if everyone had a policemen beside them, the good guys will always have guns to attack the bad guys with.
sarcasm off

btw - anyone who uses this good guy/bad guy terminology is devoid of intellect.

Christmas - i'm not a Christian but i wish people 'Merry Christmas'

The tradition in North America is to celebrate Christmas. I don't like it when people say 'Happy Holidays'. I prefer 'Merry Christmas', and make it a point to use this.

and if the repugs win his senate seat, once again we are screwed

in fact, should we start a countdown on how long it will take the Democrats to give the advantage back to the repugs?

This is the time for bold progressive action in weed legalization, strengthening Senate control for the next generation, and (pardon me for yelling) ENSURING THAT ELECTIONS ARE FAIR IN ALL 50 STATES.

'shall not infringe'

if i take this literally, i think it's unfair that some people don't have enough money to buy every gun they want. 'this is an infringement'

gun manufacturers should be patriots and give guns away for free. We'll see how long they defend the liberal interpretation of the second amendment.

thats all i wanted

one comment, even in the closing. Something like:

My honorable opponent, with all due respect, keeps changing his position every week. From cancelling the ObamaCare program outright to salvaging the best parts of it. From cutting taxes to not cutting taxes. From...... Who really can say what he believes in or what he will believe in a month from now. Just look at the videos of diagramatically opposite comments he's made.

We can't afford to go back to the bush era policies that my opponent will bring us back to. We need to continue to fight hard to undo that damage as we have done in the Auto Sector .....

God bless America.

english grammar lesson CONTINUED

"Being in a car accident, you are entitled to a payout on your insurance policy, and this must be done in 60 days from the time of the accident."

If there is no accident, then the other clauses do not get implemented.
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