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Member since: 2001
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very liberal and progressive

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i think it's more than darwin

it's the bloodsucking people profiting from the gun industry that have convinced so many people that they need to be awass in guns and to show their patriotism through guns. So many seem to think that loving their guns means loving their country.

what a wet dream for any marketer.

Pictures of officer wilson do not show major injuries - so he shot a young black male multiple times

this is not what armed police officers should be doing.

Brown was not threatening anyone. No one else was in danger. So how did Wilson who purportedly called for backup get into a situation that he had to shoot an unarmed man multiple times.

the acceptance of this tragedy by so many is saddening and frightening and smacks truly of something more inhumane.

Do stupid people watch fox news or does fox news make people stupid?

Just asking

it's disengenious to argue that people are arguing all muslims are violent

the problem was summed up well in another thread. The underlying tenents support violence which is why so many of the community are extremist, support extremism, condone extremism, and don't outright condemn it and ostracize it in every form. The fact so many young muslims are willing to become jihadi's, after growing up in a western country, further suggests that something underlying is driving the situation.

remember the mendelson brothers who shot their parents to death?

their lawyer wendy Abrahamson was on politically incorrect taking offence to this statement. she said that people should be saying that the brothers only fired their guns. they did not kill their parents. the parents happened to get in the way of the bullets.

the audience booed. she's never had the same public exposure since that ridiculous comment.

the gun lover arguments are similar. parse words and ask for specifics and reject the argument because the gun control proponent didn't get the descriptions right.

we should ask for the same from traffic cops. precisely describe the car, paint, engine, type of gasoline or no ticket.

Liberal policies are good for creating wealth

that is more broadly shared.

conservative asshole policies take the wealth created by liberal policies and shit them to the few at the top.

your are right and that is the irony

I think the media is a loss leader for the ruling class. it is intended to brainwash the public - the simplistic thinking of the repug masses and many of the independents - to keep them uninformed. Whether the news programs make money is not important because ignorance allows the ruling class to make more money and continue to rule.

To CNN, NBC, ABC, CBC and MSNBC - your financials are suffering you're laying people off

Try to connect some dots. People no longer watch programs that are right-wing, present single points of view, leave out progressives, and are insults to our collective intelligence.

All your numbers are showing this. Stop trying to be faux. You will only lose more audience, more money, and hurt the country in the process.

In the meantime, the best wealthy connected progressives can do is start a non-profit news organization that will be a valid go-to source for all of us. Huffington Post is my go-to site several times a day. An organization not owned by AOL could quickly became a destination for millions of people wanting unbiased reporting.

in a gun lover's view - most people who know me would say i'm objective

facts are my concern is to reduce the number of people killed and massacred with guns. Maybe that's unobjective to you.

Gun lover's argue to keep their guns and everyone else's guns and much like the tobacco companies and climate change deniers throw confusion on the subject so that nothing constructive is done about that.

if you want to talk about objectivity - I can draft a paper arguing the benefits and weaknesses of loose gun controls.

How many gun lovers can argue about the benefits of gun control.

those are facts and I'm sure you'll have some unobjective answer.

What does the Second Amendment apply to?

Should babies be given guns as soon as they are born? Be sleeping with them as is the right of every person according to interpretations of the 2nd amendment?

Surely all people, whether they are violent criminals, should have the right to bear arms?

In fact, what about criminals in prison? Where does it say in the amendment that they should not have them?

Also, shouldn't gun companies be forced to give guns away so that the right to bear arms is not infringed?

I think the NRA and their supporters have a lot of work to do.
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