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General Discussion: 2016 (Forum)

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Am I the only one tired of the Bullying of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? [View all] 412 bravenak Sunday Tuesday 114 10094
Goodbye DU [View all] 367 HerbChestnut Tuesday Wednesday 75 11842
White Privilege at the DNC convention [View all] 308 bravenak Monday Wednesday 158 9388
I refuse to baby these grown ass idiots protesting our convention [View all] 292 bravenak Wednesday 7 hrs ago 165 6854
As a Bernie supporter, I apologize for the crazies among us [View all] 254 democrattotheend Monday 6 hrs ago 215 11079
Check in if MSNBC Has Totally Lost You As A Viewer [View all] 224 stopbush Wednesday Thursday 143 10840
Events in Philly are making a pretty damn strong case for closed primaries. [View all] 221 DanTex Monday Thursday 82 4254
Bernie Sanders speech thread [View all] 214 CajunBlazer Monday Thursday 19 6354
Congratulations, Sanders DNC delegates, you just killed his movement and his revolution. [View all] 199 geek tragedy Monday Wednesday 124 7279
So when are Wikileaks, Anonymous, and others going to expose the Republicans? [View all] 188 Onlooker Saturday Tuesday 58 5944
And DWS is back! [View all] 173 demwing Sunday Tuesday 23 4553
Are protesters REALLY trying to shout down John Lewis during his MSNBC interview? [View all] 168 EffieBlack Thursday Thursday 31 3417
Nina Turner: "Dem Party needs to acknowledge pain of Sanders supporters." NO, Nina [View all] 167 EffieBlack Monday Tuesday 82 5868
These "no more war" assholes need to explain how we end the wars without ISIS taking over [View all] 165 realmirage Wednesday 6 hrs ago 9 2694
I hate protestors. it's so....unAmerican [View all] 161 Armstead Thursday 5 hrs ago 136 4536
(RE: The whipping up of B.S. here) If we're going to let ourselves be F*CKED BY RATS... [View all] 158 LowerManhattanite Sunday Tuesday 86 7272
Rachel Maddow is calling them out as FAKE progressives! [View all] 142 fun n serious Monday Tuesday 81 5466
Seriously, DU'ers.. [View all] 142 mountain grammy Wednesday 9 hrs ago 43 2723
Just a reminder that we are not being allowed to celebrate the historic nomination [View all] 142 auntpurl Monday Tuesday 105 3947
Bernie just sent a text to his delegates... [View all] 141 tallahasseedem Monday Tuesday 213 10651
I'm going to be blunt. If one adopts a course of action that elects a fascist, they're not liberal. [View all] 134 Zynx Monday Monday 91 3103
If you're like me and didn't hear anything about HRC improving my life or my family's life...its OK. [View all] 132 aikoaiko Tuesday Yesterday 22 2855
On a scale of 0-10, how worried are you about Trump winning? [View all] 130 mvd Monday Monday 5 2021
Reid: DNC never gave Sanders a ‘fair deal’ [View all] 129 think Wednesday 6 hrs ago 41 2940
The Latest: Sarandon Waits to Be Convinced to Back Clinton [View all] 122 Eugene Tuesday Thursday 6 1823
Flipped to MSNBC to see Rachel ripping Bill's speech [View all] 121 tallahasseedem Tuesday Wednesday 15 3014
Bernie owns this. These are not random protestors, they are delegates who [View all] 120 DanTex Monday Tuesday 39 2375
A thoughtful suggestion to the Bernie holdouts... [View all] 117 brooklynite Thursday 43 min ago 25 2226
BERNIE SANDERS APPRECIATION THREAD [View all] 116 DemocratSinceBirth Tuesday Wednesday 140 2052
I am no longer sitting on the Fence. [View all] 115 yuiyoshida Sunday Tuesday 122 5015
Now no one can blame Bernie if Hillary loses the GE [View all] 113 CajunBlazer Monday Wednesday 10 2289
Bernie just got Booed by his supporters [View all] 110 Cattledog Monday Monday 13 2287
Hillary Needs to Move Center on Syrian Refugees if She is to Defeat Trump (UPDATED) [View all] 109 ericson00 Jul 16 Wednesday 9 3069
The primary-season framing of "Hillary Supporters" vs "Bernie Supporters" is a thing of the past [View all] 105 Skinner Tuesday 11 hrs ago 108 2234
Matt Taibbi: DNC Leak Shows Mechanics of a Slanted Campaign [View all] 102 babylonsister Tuesday Wednesday 74 2890
STOP YELLING OVER ELIJAH CUMMINGS AND SHOW SOME GODDAMNED RESPECT (Wonkette) [View all] 101 workinclasszero Tuesday Thursday 102 2771
Sanders has to own this mess [View all] 99 woolldog Monday Monday 17 1133
Sanders Delegate: 'Microaggressions' prevented them from disrupting speech. [View all] 98 RandySF Yesterday 7 hrs ago 16 3018
I know many of you have said this already but I am truly sad and angry (Cummings) [View all] 98 Happyhippychick Tuesday Tuesday 54 2616
According to David Shuster, no delegates are being allowed in with "No TPP" signs [View all] 97 democrattotheend Thursday 3 hrs ago 9 1839
Hug it Out! The Hillary-President Obama HUGS~ [View all] 97 Cha Thursday 2 hrs ago 88 1476
Holy shit! Anyone read Josh Marshall's article about Trump and Putin? [View all] 96 Cali_Democrat Sunday Tuesday 79 3337
Bill Clinton was speaking to middle-aged white guys like me, that's why Rachel doesn't get it [View all] 96 scheming daemons Tuesday Wednesday 76 3204
The Michelle Obama appreciation thread! [View all] 95 cynatnite Monday Tuesday 242 2933
GOP Rocked By Clinton Truth Bomb That Russia Is Helping Trump [View all] 95 EricMaundry Sunday Monday 64 4123
YAS!!! Sarah Silverman just said "To the Bernie or Bust People: You're Being Ridiculous" [View all] 95 UMTerp01 Monday Tuesday 135 3886
Get Palestinian flag wavers out of the DNC convention! [View all] 94 ericson00 Tuesday Wednesday 8 1848
Will someone please explain to me what RULE the DNC broke? [View all] 94 UMTerp01 Thursday 11 hrs ago 16 1864
I better not see nobody booing Michelle Obama!!! [View all] 93 bravenak Monday Tuesday 52 1846
OK, I'll say it. Bernie should have been a bigger person. [View all] 93 trof Tuesday Wednesday 12 2246
For transparency: Wikileaks has released many DNC and HRC emails and other communications for us. [View all] 92 bobthedrummer Saturday Tuesday 4 2048
If those moronic anarchists disrupt this historic night... [View all] 91 lunamagica Thursday 12 hrs ago 43 2239
A protest vote for Jill Stein [View all] 91 Scuba Thursday 3 hrs ago 187 5272
‘I’m ashamed to have known you’: Conservatives rip Ann Coulter for ugly smear of hero Marine’s dad [View all] 91 Native 15 hrs ago 5 hrs ago 84 5064
My confession....I was once Hillary or Bust... [View all] 88 BooScout Tuesday 7 hrs ago 136 3501
Sarah Silverman convention appreciation thread. [View all] 88 onecaliberal Monday Tuesday 181 3585
The Madman is melting down on Twitter as we speak. Again. [View all] 86 Tommy_Carcetti 16 hrs ago 6 hrs ago 34 3035
Just heard on MSNBC [View all] 85 Peigan68 Thursday Thursday 10 2576
Sanders Team Wanted DNC To Pay For Private Plane For Fall ~ (GD 16) [View all] 85 Her Sister Sunday Monday 22 1875
DSB's OFFICIAL CONVENTION THREAD DAY ONE [View all] 84 DemocratSinceBirth Monday Monday 14 909
We're off to Philadelphia and DNC 2016!!! [View all] 84 Skinner Monday Tuesday 166 2807
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. [View all] 84 DanTex Sunday Monday 28 1616
Black Lives Matter and Bernie or Bust Clash Outside the DNC Convention [View all] 84 bravenak Wednesday Thursday 32 2176
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 84 geek tragedy Monday Monday 65 1780
Nina Turner's credentials revoked? [View all] 83 SpareribSP Tuesday Thursday 9 3123
Why didn't Sanders release his delegates? [View all] 82 sufrommich Tuesday Tuesday 8 1714
WhiteHouse.gov petition to deny Donald Trump national security briefings [View all] 81 Pacifist Patriot Wednesday Wednesday 72 2216
"I got to stamp my feet and refuse to vote for Hillary." [View all] 81 L. Coyote Tuesday 1 hr ago 167 6322
This is so fucking embarrassing [View all] 81 obamanut2012 Monday Tuesday 20 2799
Now they are screaming at Leon Panetta [View all] 80 rbrnmw Wednesday Thursday 25 1657
If you really want unity, stop bashing Bernie, take yes for an answer. [View all] 79 onecaliberal Tuesday Tuesday 53 1632
Bernie Sanders Supporters Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ in Philadelphia Protest Against Clinton [View all] 78 brooklynite Monday Monday 17 2797
Seeing unabashed patriotism and love of country at the Democratic Convention... [View all] 78 Peacetrain 14 hrs ago 5 hrs ago 47 1189
In my opinion, the beginning of yesterday's convention [View all] 76 MineralMan Tuesday Tuesday 64 2282
My two cents on the Elijah Cummings thing [View all] 75 Chitown Kev Tuesday Tuesday 79 2212
***Bill Clinton Appreciation Thread*** [View all] 75 Tatiana Tuesday Wednesday 100 1842
This is not a coronation, it's a convention [View all] 75 angstlessk Monday Tuesday 3 1217
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