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General Discussion: 2016 (Forum)

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Bravenaks's Republican KKKonvention Live Blog Day 4- Please let it end [View all] 517 bravenak Thursday Friday 41 6368
Bravenak's Republican National KKKonvention live blog [View all] 341 bravenak Monday Tuesday 69 7693
Am I the only one tired of the Bullying of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? [View all] 317 bravenak 7 hrs ago 31 min ago 79 4466
Bravenak's Republican National KKKonvention Live Blog- day three- just shoot me please [View all] 302 bravenak Wednesday Thursday 63 4045
Hey, I just want to say, FUCK anybody who tries to disrupt the DEMOCRATIC Party convention [View all] 240 bravenak Thursday Saturday 130 5617
We can win & hold the Green vote down with a positive campaign...we don't need to be McCarthyite [View all] 236 Ken Burch Jul 14 10 hrs ago 7 5911
I feel like Hillary is about to drive her campaign into a massive wreck, and all I can do is watch. [View all] 231 farmboy Thursday 11 hrs ago 59 8141
Bravenak's Republican National KKKonvention live blog - Day 2 [View all] 228 bravenak Tuesday Wednesday 52 5311
5 things to know about Tim Kaine, Hillary's pick for her VP [View all] 205 Cha Friday 1 hr ago 126 5593
The candidacy of Jill Stein makes a mockery of our democratic system [View all] 195 CajunBlazer Jul 12 Jul 16 25 6247
Why the Green Party matters. [View all] 184 DanTex Jul 14 Saturday 41 4413
So when are Wikileaks, Anonymous, and others going to expose the Republicans? [View all] 180 Onlooker Saturday 26 min ago 57 4552
Is it just me? [View all] 174 cosmicone Jul 16 Saturday 87 5428
BREAKING: NBC reports Paul Manafort saying Melania Trump added plagiarized lines to speech... [View all] 170 brooklynite Tuesday Wednesday 74 8451
I'm sorry, but a Kaine pick feels too much [View all] 170 rateyes Friday 12 hrs ago 54 4717
So has JPR turned on Bernie now? [View all] 163 ButterflyBlood Jul 12 Jul 14 4 5512
Emails Released by WikiLeaks Appear to Show DNC Trying to Aid Hillary Clinton [View all] 156 Vattel Friday 6 hrs ago 21 3332
Michael Moore Tells Bill Maher: "Trump Is Going to Win" [View all] 155 B Calm Thursday Friday 40 6130
The VP pick is not there to make people have happy dances and go "Oh GOODY GOODY!!" [View all] 154 RBInMaine Tuesday Thursday 17 2925
And DWS is back! [View all] 149 demwing 5 hrs ago 38 min ago 19 2599
Based on what I'm reading on DU, it sounds like Kaine killed it. [View all] 148 Skinner Saturday 14 hrs ago 191 4618
A thread for apologies. [View all] 146 retrowire Jul 12 18 hrs ago 106 4764
The Left’s Beef With Tim Kaine: Bernie’s supporters see a rebuke in Clinton's ‘safe’ VP pick [View all] 144 John Poet Saturday 9 hrs ago 7 2360
Dan Savage Has Had Enough Of ‘Pasty White’ Jill Stein Supporters [View all] 144 Haveadream Thursday 5 hrs ago 98 5280
You guys remember Ed Schultz on MSNBC? Now he works for RT and he's pro-Putin and pro-Trump.... [View all] 142 Cali_Democrat 6 hrs ago 25 min ago 30 4353
This speech is a complete disaster for Trump [View all] 134 EffieBlack Thursday Saturday 83 6929
Lets face it, most of the hate for Hillary is because she is a strong, intelligent woman........ [View all] 123 Logical Wednesday Saturday 78 2748
Kind of disturbing seeing DUers here making fun of an immigrant's accent [View all] 123 davidn3600 Monday Saturday 24 3689
Speechwriter, Meredith McIver photoshopped picture with Trump and fake profile [View all] 119 Doodley Thursday Friday 72 5074
The progressive case for Tim Kaine as VP [View all] 117 LoverOfLiberty Friday Saturday 38 3659
I've been asked 3 times now how I could be a Bernie supporter and be such a vocal lover of Kaine [View all] 117 Joe the Revelator Friday 9 hrs ago 159 3990
(RE: The whipping up of B.S. here) If we're going to let ourselves be F*CKED BY RATS... [View all] 115 LowerManhattanite 9 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 70 3438
I'm not liking the poll numbers, and I'm not the only one according to what I see on this board. [View all] 112 ChisolmTrailDem Jul 14 Jul 15 2 3491
This poor lady can't even speak with the teleprompter's help. [View all] 111 RandySF Monday Wednesday 8 3640
NYT: Hillary has vetted Admiral James Stavridis for VP [View all] 108 Renew Deal Jul 12 Jul 14 6 3697
Tim Kaine is up to 67% at predictit [View all] 108 DemocratSinceBirth Wednesday Thursday 5 2228
Official: Hillary AND Running Mate to be at Rally in Tampa tomorrow, and I'll be there with Mcar! [View all] 107 Native Thursday Thursday 37 2909
Dear Clinton, you want to lose ground with your base, then pick Vilsack or Kaine [View all] 106 stupidicus Thursday Saturday 10 1835
PUKIN' in CLEVELAND: Possible Norovirus Outbreak at GOP Convention [View all] 103 MADem Tuesday Wednesday 19 1640
Apparently, Hillary Needs To Totally Reinvent Herself To Beat Trump [View all] 98 stopbush Jul 17 Thursday 72 4869
BREAKING: Wikileaks releases DNC member and donor SSANs, CC numbers [View all] 97 MohRokTah Friday Saturday 7 3221
How do you think the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump presidential debates will go? [View all] 94 Seeinghope Jul 17 Monday 1 2387
Holy shit! Anyone read Josh Marshall's article about Trump and Putin? [View all] 94 Cali_Democrat Yesterday 10 hrs ago 79 2833
How much authority will Bill Clinton be given if Hillary is elected POTUS? [View all] 93 bobthedrummer Jun 28 Monday 4 2856
I'm still voting for her-- but don't expect me to be enthused with this VP pick [View all] 93 Sylvarose Friday Saturday 8 1568
Imagine "Dem Base Says 'BLAH' To Clinton VP Pick" or "Polls Show Clinton Choice Boring" YIKES [View all] 93 farmboy Jul 14 Jul 15 7 2082
MSNBC just reported that Clinton has narrowed her VP search to three people. [View all] 92 StevieM Jul 13 Jul 15 7 4221
For transparency: Wikileaks has released many DNC and HRC emails and other communications for us. [View all] 91 bobthedrummer Saturday 9 hrs ago 4 1828
Green Party Nominee Jill Stein Invites Bernie Sanders To Take Over Ticket [View all] 91 caquillo Jul 8 Jul 14 3 3115
Hillary Clinton VP pick: Sen. Tim Kaine will be announced as Democratic running mate: Reports [View all] 90 DemocratSinceBirth Thursday Saturday 5 2217
Why does the "hacker left" (wikileaks, anonymous, etc.) want Trump to be president? [View all] 89 DanTex Saturday Yesterday 20 1669
I attended the Rules Committee meeting here in Philly yesterday. [View all] 88 onehandle 18 hrs ago 3 hrs ago 58 2683
Hillary Clinton, Don’t Screw This Up [View all] 87 Raster Jul 15 Jul 16 6 2054
Pick Warren and lock up the race entirely. Pick anyone else and Trump stays within the MOE. [View all] 86 Yavin4 Wednesday Friday 20 1709
Tim Kaine Calls To Deregulate Banks As He Campaigns To Be Clinton’s VP [View all] 85 Doctor Jack Wednesday Thursday 31 2934
Who here has the stomach for watching the rnc, or any part thereof? [View all] 84 ailsagirl Jul 16 Monday 6 1652
Hillary Needs to Move Center on Syrian Refugees if She is to Defeat Trump [View all] 83 ericson00 Jul 16 13 hrs ago 7 2213
RIP America-CNN poll:56% viewed Trump speech positively [View all] 82 NewsCenter28 Friday Friday 2 2671
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 82 Time for change 10 hrs ago 9 hrs ago 12 1118
Report: Clinton Going the Ultrasafe/ Boring Route with VP Pick [View all] 82 Doctor Jack Tuesday Wednesday 8 3311
What are you thinking as you watch Trump accept the nomination? [View all] 81 mia Thursday Friday 8 1478
Connect the dots: Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren will both be in central Florida this weekend [View all] 80 riversedge Thursday Thursday 28 1835
It took a while, but I am all in for Clinton [View all] 80 onecaliberal Wednesday Thursday 74 2298
GOP Rocked By Clinton Truth Bomb That Russia Is Helping Trump [View all] 79 EricMaundry 8 hrs ago 1 hr ago 55 2934
Plot thickens: Trump ditched a scheduled meeting with donors and flew to New York. [View all] 78 yellowcanine Tuesday Wednesday 58 5377
I'm scared [View all] 76 LibraLiz1973 Thursday Thursday 67 3793
Hillary Clinton Live in Tampa (HAPPENING NOW): [View all] 74 joshcryer Friday Friday 22 2259
Philadelphia is gonna be a disaster [View all] 73 BlueStateLib 10 hrs ago 1 hr ago 0 2282
LIVE - Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine rally in Miami [View all] 73 RAFisher Saturday Saturday 16 1589
DNC biased against Bernie Sanders [View all] 73 tiredtoo 16 hrs ago 8 hrs ago 9 1007
I don't have a beef with tRump's wife. [View all] 72 MoonRiver Monday Tuesday 5 1855
I don't buy into the "Americans are angry" bullshit. [View all] 72 JaneyVee Friday Friday 34 2191
My God. 1st person up on msnbc is an angry Bernie supporter. [View all] 72 nolabear Friday Saturday 3 2096
Kaine v Vilsack v Perez [View all] 72 OnDoutside Jul 15 Friday 0 2059
Ok. Tim Kaine is killing it [View all] 72 piechartking Saturday 16 hrs ago 99 4169
Clinton needs Sanders on her ticket to win [View all] 71 mia Jul 16 Saturday 4 1768
Wiki leaks? [View all] 71 Chico Man Friday Saturday 2 2180
So how many times will the WikiLeaks email story be posted this week? [View all] 71 upaloopa Saturday 3 hrs ago 17 1366
Dear Clinton, I am concerned. [View all] 70 MyNameGoesHere Friday Saturday 42 2793
The new Trump/Pence campaign logo proves [View all] 69 ehrnst Jul 15 Jul 16 12 2094
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