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General Discussion: Primaries (Forum)

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I just read why 64 Bernie NV delegates had their credentials stripped--and I shed a tear or two [View all] 332 CoffeeCat May 15 Sunday 298 135040
Fifties were a better time. We need to return to a better Democratic Party. [View all] 300 snowy owl Friday Yesterday 7 3781
The question is now: Which is WORSE for America - Hillary or Trump? [View all] 290 insta8er Sunday Thursday 51 4164
Clinton fury with Sanders grows [View all] 283 GeorgiaPeanuts May 20 Sunday 112 5042
America is a centrist, capitalist country. We are not and will never be socialist. [View all] 269 ericson00 May 20 Thursday 8 3928
What We Learned Is Going To Be EMBARRASSING To Mrs. Clinton & The Administration — Maybe More Than [View all] 258 Segami May 19 May 21 143 6387
When Will Hillary Clinton Release Her Wall Street Transcripts? [View all] 256 coffeeAM May 12 May 21 50 4560
I am completely mesmorized by Hillary [View all] 249 Tavarious Jackson Sunday Friday 32 4297
Bernie wants to throw Barney Frank and Dannel Malloy out of convention platform. [View all] 244 Tavarious Jackson Friday 21 hrs ago 13 3370
Game Over: EmailGate Just Crippled the Clinton Express [View all] 240 pinebox Friday Yesterday 84 3482
What the fuck are you people thinking? [View all] 237 hootinholler Thursday Yesterday 227 5246
Clinton CANNOT clinch the nomination before the convention. Feel "the math"! [View all] 235 Peace Patriot Wednesday Friday 72 2968
The Racist Side of Bernie Sanders Supporters [View all] 231 ericson00 Thursday Friday 36 3673
Barbara Boxer feared for her safety the same way Hillary dodged sniper fire [View all] 231 Bread and Circus May 19 Friday 156 3738
*UPDATED* Could it happen? Could Bernie go indy? [View all] 227 pinebox May 18 May 21 16 4122
To all the people who pushed Hillary on us even though she is less electable [View all] 220 Cheese Sandwich Monday Wednesday 135 3783
Hillary reneges on California debate [View all] 219 hellofromreddit May 20 Wednesday 50 3197
Guess who initiated the investigation into Clinton's emails? John Kerry [View all] 218 paulthompson Sunday Tuesday 173 4678
Whose votes have to be nullified to give Bernie the nom? [View all] 217 bravenak Tuesday Wednesday 48 3571
News Flash for Hillary Supporters... Bernie is not why Hillary is terrible. [View all] 210 retrowire Thursday Yesterday 134 2326
I believe Bernie should face a Democratic Primary challenger in his bid for the senate. [View all] 209 boston bean May 19 Monday 32 3746
Can someone explain to me why POC [View all] 209 wilt the stilt Sunday Monday 9 4195
A question for those who think Trump will defy the consensus and win in November. [View all] 200 Garrett78 Yesterday 1 hr ago 4 2139
Most people don't care about the emails [View all] 199 bravenak Thursday Friday 30 2177
SANDERS LEADS CLINTON OVER 2-TO-1 IN CALIFORNIA [View all] 198 silvershadow May 12 Monday 98 5556
Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and Cornel West walk into a bar [View all] 196 reddread Monday 4 hrs ago 37 3184
How do you 'unify' with someone who behaves like this? [View all] 194 bigtree May 21 Monday 19 4304
MSNBC admits: "We'll SUPPRESS VOTING to help CLINTON on June 7th" | Bernie Sanders [View all] 193 leftcoastmountains Tuesday Wednesday 70 2790
You are witnessing the first "Stochastic Smearjob" [View all] 187 arendt May 17 Sunday 194 4157
Maddow: "EEEK!! Bernie's going to destroy the Democratic Party." [View all] 185 99th_Monkey May 19 May 21 54 2972
I'm feeling a little angry towards Hillary right now. [View all] 179 madaboutharry Friday 23 hrs ago 97 4506
Hillary does not need your vote to win in November [View all] 178 Sky Masterson May 21 Sunday 163 3097
Anyone here who directly benefited from or was the child of a middle class person during the 50s-70s [View all] 172 AZ Progressive Thursday 7 hrs ago 114 3268
Here's why I still think Bernie Sanders should be the nominee... [View all] 171 tom-servo May 21 Sunday 29 2153
If Bernie actually debates the Drumpf he officially becomes an asshole [View all] 171 snooper2 Thursday Friday 21 2774
You will get your wish. [View all] 167 Aerows May 20 Sunday 99 3421
Would cool-headed supporters of Hillary Clinton please attempt to persuade me why... [View all] 166 RiverNoord Wednesday 6 hrs ago 6 2214
Male Hillary supporter assaulted a woman because she supports Bernie - THAT'S violence [View all] 165 cui bono May 19 May 21 63 2458
UPDATE: Snopes has changed UNPROVEN to FALSE [View all] 165 Autumn Colors May 21 Monday 210 3915
Bernie: I should know more about Latin America, but I'm running for President right now. [View all] 164 bravenak Thursday Friday 38 1853
CNN breaking news: Terry McAuliffe under FBI INVESTIGATION [View all] 163 grasswire Monday Tuesday 97 3299
From a Bernie supporter to everyone who isn't one: [View all] 162 snot May 21 Wednesday 175 2816
If the FBI has the 30,000 emails that Hillary had deleted from her server, and just ONE [View all] 161 rateyes May 21 Sunday 77 4172
KING: Hillary Clinton has been caught lying for a year in her email scandal [View all] 161 cui bono Thursday Friday 94 2586
What a sad and pathetic legacy Sanders will leave [View all] 161 StayFrosty May 18 Sunday 45 3009
I watched Hillary Clinton’s forces swipe Nevada: This is what the media’s not telling you [View all] 159 Uncle Joe May 20 Wednesday 147 3169
SO SHADY : Hillary Clinton Camp STAGED 'Vets Against Trump' Protest... [View all] 159 AzDar Tuesday Wednesday 50 3450
This message was hidden by jury decision. [View all] 157 Tavarious Jackson Yesterday Yesterday 7 2189
This is much bigger than an election... [View all] 157 nadinbrzezinski May 18 May 21 142 3364
Hillary Clinton is about to break the ultimate glass ceiling on every level. [View all] 156 asuhornets Thursday Friday 32 1626
HRC Would need 612 More Pledged Delegates to Clinch Nomination; It Will Be Contested Convention [View all] 156 amborin Tuesday Wednesday 29 1891
Diane Feinstein expects riots? [View all] 155 Old Union Guy Sunday Monday 23 2438
If the FBI recommends indictment on any charge, will Hillary people agree she needs to withdraw? [View all] 154 IdaBriggs Wednesday 4 hrs ago 65 2643
Another day of anti-semitism, misogyny, racism, homophobia and death threats from Hillary supporters [View all] 154 Luminous Animal Sunday Friday 106 3991
Just checked: the only available hotel rooms in Philadelphia for Convention week are $750 [View all] 153 brooklynite May 20 Monday 7 2764
Before Bernie called for breaking up the banks, he called for seizing family-owned wealth -- [View all] 153 pnwmom Friday 1 hr ago 12 2111
Bernie Sanders is Switching Teams [View all] 151 kstewart33 Thursday 3 hrs ago 26 2775
What this says about Sanders speaks volumes [View all] 147 CajunBlazer Monday Wednesday 35 2786
Hillary keeps pissing on California [View all] 147 pinebox May 21 Monday 41 2221
Only 10 days until Democratic Presumptive Nominee Day ... [View all] 146 SFnomad Yesterday 1 hr ago 22 1506
Berners threatening to avenge his primary loss by voting Trump or third party. [View all] 146 YouDig Tuesday Wednesday 18 1720
Sanders is officially a laughing stock. [View all] 145 RandySF Monday Wednesday 50 2640
First "Shocking" Deposition In Clinton Email Case Reveals She Did Not Use A Password [View all] 145 LiberalArkie Friday 23 hrs ago 70 2702
Maddow's shameful lies last night [View all] 144 lagomorph777 Thursday Friday 114 3037
If Sanders runs 3rd party, Clinton wins. Here's why: [View all] 142 ucrdem May 20 Sunday 2 2155
The problem with a Trump-Sanders debate is that Trump will try to co-opt Bernie's message [View all] 142 oberliner Thursday 20 hrs ago 6 1201
Here it comes, kids. DWS pushes repressive NEW RULES . [View all] 142 grasswire May 20 May 21 39 2398
Bernie Sanders just declared war on the Democratic establishment [View all] 141 portlander23 Sunday Tuesday 68 2558
New Video of Nevada Dem Convention Shows Someone May Have Been Hit By Chair [View all] 141 workinclasszero Sunday Monday 17 2291
It's a wrap folks. Clinton declares the primary over. [View all] 140 B2G May 19 May 21 6 2111
Has Bernie donated to ANY downticket Democrats? Hillary has. [View all] 140 LaydeeBug Monday Monday 3 954
Sanders Goes From 'Don't Give a Damn about Emails' to 'Take a Hard Look.' Pathetic. [View all] 140 bigtree 8 hrs ago 19 sec ago 10 1248
"Bernie Loses His Halo. Even progressives are criticizing him now after he’s shown a harder edge." [View all] 139 Surya Gayatri Monday Tuesday 34 1861
Social media campaign asks whether you are "man enough" to vote for Hillary [View all] 137 Cheese Sandwich Thursday Thursday 26 1580
Hillary Clinton Says She's Looking Beyond Politicians in VP Search [View all] 137 NCTraveler Sunday Monday 11 1781
Cornel West and James Zogby do not represent the Mainstream Democratic Party [View all] 135 ericson00 Monday Wednesday 8 1939
"There were death threats to me, death threats to my husband, death threats to my 5-year old son" [View all] 134 bigtree May 20 Monday 24 2066
Bernie agreed to appear on Fox News to coordinate attacks against Hillary with Fox and Trump [View all] 134 Renew Deal Thursday Thursday 14 1533
The Sound of Silence [View all] 133 H2O Man May 17 Thursday 150 2649
Just a reminder. Hillary was not investigated by the ... [View all] 132 LAS14 Yesterday 1 hr ago 18 2253
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