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General Discussion: Primaries (Forum)

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Journalist Steve Leser in 2008: Hillary is a liar. [View all] 832 Luminous Animal Oct 2015 10 hrs ago 255 36209
Bernie Sanders photo at University of Chicago. Could someone please share where this was debunked? [View all] 503 Skinner 17 hrs ago 1 hr ago 42 11255
Black Voters in NH Unconvinced by Sanders [View all] 335 bravenak Monday Thursday 54 6012
John Lewis on Bernie Sanders' work in the civil rights movement: "I never saw him. I never met him." [View all] 306 bigtree Thursday 7 hrs ago 55 5768
Sanders Rallies Take a Darker Turn [View all] 293 firebrand80 Feb 5 Sunday 56 6099
Black Leaders who support Hillary Slam Bernie Sanders on race issues [View all] 276 bravenak Wednesday 16 hrs ago 40 4196
Is a backlash coming for Bernie Sanders? [View all] 274 MineralMan Saturday Tuesday 65 5239
PBS NewsHour Democratic Debate -- LIVE THREAD #1 [View all] 269 brooklynite Thursday 16 hrs ago 11 4290
PBS NewsHour Democratic Debate -- LIVE THREAD #2 [View all] 263 brooklynite Thursday Thursday 10 4136
Bernie Sanders is going to have to speak on more issues affecting black people. [View all] 259 JRLeft Tuesday Thursday 21 3885
The reason why young people support Bernie is because they are not paying the bills in this country [View all] 257 hill2016 Tuesday Wednesday 19 3978
Dem precinct chair/Sanders voter appalled at slams against super delegates being launched here. [View all] 255 blm Wednesday Yesterday 69 4458
I stand with civil rights activist and lawyer, Benjamin Crump, in his endorsement of Hillary Clinton [View all] 254 DemocratSinceBirth Feb 5 16 hrs ago 56 5477
Attention all female Sanders Supporters: You are going to burn in Hellfire! [View all] 249 Armstead Saturday Sunday 160 5161
What drives the extreme age division between Sanders and Clinton voters? [View all] 248 Fumesucker Feb 2 Tuesday 51 4177
BOOM! Barbara Boxer: Hillary is a progressive EVERY day. Bernie is a Democrat "some days." [View all] 247 riversedge Feb 4 Monday 63 4651
I don't get this whole PoC discussion... [View all] 239 basselope Wednesday Yesterday 29 4274
Last night Clinton exposed the fact that Sanders CAN NOT pass his own purity test [View all] 235 uponit7771 Feb 5 Tuesday 40 3394
Clinton Jew baiting campaign has begun..... [View all] 234 restorefreedom Wednesday Thursday 98 4622
Sanders is attempting a nothing less than a hostile takeover of Democratic Party [View all] 218 kennetha Monday Monday 10 3072
There is now enough evidence to think that Bernie actually won the Iowa Caucus. [View all] 217 reformist2 Sunday Monday 164 5244
Sanders names Winston Churchill as someone he admires? [View all] 217 oberliner Thursday 1 hr ago 11 3099
Sharpton: Sanders Did Not Address How Race Affects Income Inequality [View all] 217 firebrand80 Thursday Thursday 27 3009
Women respond to Gloria Steinem's apology: [View all] 216 Flying Squirrel Sunday Wednesday 131 5625
Gloria Steinem: young women back Bernie Sanders because ‘the boys are with Bernie’ [View all] 215 Luminous Animal Saturday Sunday 85 4116
Can you fucking hear us now? [View all] 215 cali Wednesday Thursday 489 7289
Can Sanders win the black Democratic vote? He's got a long way to go. [View all] 214 bravenak Tuesday 41 min ago 32 3603
Slate:"Why Do Young People Have Such Visceral Dislike for Hillary?" [View all] 209 Attorney in Texas Tuesday Wednesday 134 4746
Reality Check for Democrats: Would Martin Luther King Be Supporting Bernie? [View all] 199 Octafish 23 hrs ago 10 hrs ago 119 3358
Have we really reached a place where if you aren't a PoC [View all] 195 cali Thursday 17 hrs ago 128 3825
I'm rescinding my pledge to vote for whom ever the Democratic nominee for POTUS is. [View all] 194 Snotcicles 19 hrs ago 48 min ago 197 5124
The DNC Just Screwed Over Bernie Sanders and Spit in Voters’ Faces [View all] 194 KamaAina Wednesday 12 hrs ago 149 5192
Hillary Clinton has been down by 30% in the NH polls. If she loses by 20%, then it is a Hillary WIN. [View all] 190 ProudToBeLiberal Tuesday Wednesday 8 2005
Hillarity says she won't release her transcripts... [View all] 186 R. Daneel Olivaw Sunday Monday 97 3826
I earn over 600k a year (Poll) [View all] 185 metroins Sunday Monday 6 5258
The depths of Hillary's Photogate ratfuckery are truly unfathomable. [View all] 181 mhatrw 13 hrs ago 20 min ago 293 7457
I'm getting sick of Bernie trying to interrupt Hillary, waving his finger around [View all] 179 pnwmom Thursday 7 hrs ago 34 2634
This a shocking statistic and a huge red light for Clinton [View all] 178 cali Tuesday Wednesday 336 9355
People in Flint are pissed at Hillary [View all] 175 pinebox Monday Tuesday 136 5061
Let THIS Headline Sink In... 'Poll: Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Are Tied Nationally - CBSNews [View all] 173 WillyT Feb 5 Sunday 258 5689
Celebrated Photographer: Yes, that is Bernie Sanders. Time Magazine is lying [View all] 173 cali Yesterday 4 hrs ago 378 13695
Charles Blow: Stop Bernie-splaining to Black Voters [View all] 172 bravenak Thursday 20 hrs ago 38 3630
Why Can't Sanders Supporters admit he's a Socialist? [View all] 170 kennetha Monday Tuesday 9 1642
Post if you're feeling the bern..... [View all] 169 senseandsensibility Tuesday Wednesday 231 2066
"Photogate" is a crock. Capehart did NOT slander or libel Sanders. [View all] 165 Empowerer 19 hrs ago 12 hrs ago 24 2670
Hillary Surging in New Hampshire [View all] 165 ericson00 Sunday Wednesday 32 4393
History Lesson For a Young Sanders Supporter [View all] 162 riversedge Tuesday Tuesday 34 2487
King: The idea of an African-American firewall for Hillary Clinton is deeply insulting [View all] 161 eridani Monday Thursday 222 5154
PRESS RELEASE Sanders Campaign Statement on Clinton Falsehoods [View all] 161 Uncle Joe Monday Tuesday 394 7066
Almost Over For Hillary: This election is a mass insurrection against a rigged system By Bill Curry [View all] 158 Nanjeanne Sunday Monday 287 7141
If you support Hillary, you support Kissinger. If Democrats nominate Hillary, they [View all] 153 KingCharlemagne 23 hrs ago 20 min ago 67 2521
Bernie Sanders Civil Rights Photographer was Danny Lyons - more Bernie pics [View all] 153 Jarqui 22 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 290 8489
It's a trap. [View all] 152 cali Thursday 17 hrs ago 299 6586
Sanders criticism grows pointed at black community forum [View all] 152 ProudToBeLiberal 11 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 23 2749
Kick if you are ready for 100% increase in tax revenues. [View all] 148 kennetha Wednesday Thursday 13 1964
What if Sanders wins the popular vote, but loses the delegate count due to super delegates? [View all] 147 Kurska Wednesday 8 hrs ago 62 3752
Demand Jonathan Capehart and the WaPo retract this lie [View all] 147 cali Yesterday 3 hrs ago 155 4015
THE WORM HAS TURNED: Barring unforeseeable events, Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic nominee [View all] 146 NorthCarolina Sunday Monday 308 8072
When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont [View all] 146 MADem Feb 5 Tuesday 71 3357
George McGovern strongly called for the redistribution of income -- and lost 49 states to 1. [View all] 146 pnwmom Wednesday Thursday 21 1594
The vetting has begun.... [View all] 144 MADem Tuesday Wednesday 44 2766
PBS NewsHour Democratic Debate -- LIVE THREAD #3 [View all] 143 brooklynite Thursday 15 hrs ago 8 3079
CNN: Clinton announcing a "single-digit loss will be a win" for her. nt [View all] 142 99th_Monkey Tuesday Tuesday 19 2095
Noam Chomsky gets paid $20K to $30K per speech. Outrage! [View all] 142 DanTex Sunday Monday 11 2154
Chicago Tribune: Bernie's top Federal tax rate: 77%. 85% including state and local. [View all] 142 pnwmom Saturday Monday 22 2710
Hey Representative Jeffries, Hillary called children, including black kids, Super Predators [View all] 142 cali Thursday Thursday 57 2152
The official end of Howard Dean: Unions are Super PAC's [View all] 141 FlatBaroque Feb 5 Monday 80 2972
The Level of Hillary Clinton HATRED in This Country Is Appalling. [View all] 141 IdaBriggs Thursday 19 hrs ago 51 2534
Can Bernie Bash Obama's Record and Still Win Black Votes? [View all] 140 bravenak Wednesday Thursday 23 1787
Taibbi tells what Hillary said to Goldman Sachs [View all] 139 grasswire Sunday Tuesday 271 8416
So when Republicans call Bernie a "Communist Jew," [View all] 139 Cyrano Sunday Monday 6 3880
Did BERNIE ever say it was himself in this photo? [View all] 139 bravenak 17 hrs ago 11 hrs ago 13 1397
"...The Clinton campaign, in a matter of days, has completely lost its soul..." [View all] 139 GreatGazoo Tuesday Wednesday 283 7553
PHOTOGRAPHER says he took the pic of Bernie leading the sit-in. I believe him. [View all] 138 madfloridian 17 hrs ago 12 min ago 174 2959
Even without the socialism, Bernie's policy positions alone would sink him in the GE. [View all] 138 DanTex Sunday Monday 24 1841
NH SHATTERS Bernie Minority Myth! Exit polls show Non-White voters SPLIT 52-48! [View all] 138 ram2008 Tuesday Wednesday 150 4029
Really getting ticked about people saying Bernie supporters [View all] 136 Mother Of Four Tuesday Wednesday 309 6023
Rec If You Truly Believe Bernie Won The Iowa Caucus [View all] 136 scottie55 Sunday Monday 436 4114
Hillary runs a mysogynist campaign. Which is . . . weird. [View all] 135 Prism Tuesday Tuesday 119 3623
Posts that call Bernie supporters BernieBros have no place here. [View all] 134 JimDandy Monday Yesterday 95 3029
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