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General Discussion: Primaries (Forum)

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Trump Has Overtaken Hillary in Polling Averages; Only Bernie Can Beat Trump 40 amborin Saturday Sunday 23 646
Loss of Manufacturing Jobs hits minorities hard. 5 Skwmom Saturday Sunday 9 239
Don't let other posters lie to you, Secretary Clinton beating tRump in polling averages 18 SFnomad Saturday Sunday 2 251
Has Warren handled the primaries pretty much perfectly? 23 TDale313 Friday Sunday 3 313
Earth to MSM Idiots: Bernie is NOT a socialist. 9 Skwmom Saturday Sunday 3 253
Hmmm, UPDATED: Did Sanders uses “shoot the gays” rap song at CA rally? [View all] 124 Live and Learn Saturday Sunday 31 1896
Pending Pact Will likely "roll back" ACA, and make all Sanders platform impossible 3 Baobab Saturday Sunday 10 301
When Hillary Is Forced To Decline The Nomination For Her Scandals... [View all] 95 berni_mccoy May 19 Sunday 36 1617
Andrea Mitchell wants answers about the IG report. Watch Hillary surrogate deflect every single [View all] 64 jillan Saturday Saturday 25 1347
Can Democrats soothe the Bern? 5 applegrove Saturday Saturday 1 167
Mercury News editorial: Hillary Clinton is the best choice for California Democrats 1 DemocratSinceBirth Saturday Saturday 4 95
The problem with a Trump-Sanders debate is that Trump will try to co-opt Bernie's message [View all] 142 oberliner Thursday Saturday 6 1214
I wish Hillary was trustworthy. I wish Hillary was a progressive. [View all] 114 Scuba Friday Saturday 98 1409
AIDS activist: Sad attack from Sanders campaign. Can they help me find the "fortune" they mentioned? 10 bigtree Saturday Saturday 11 545
Hillary ALREADY Voted Many Times for a Border Wall 13 amborin Friday Saturday 14 286
If the Super Delegates took the Nomination Away from Hillary 43 Tom Rinaldo Saturday Saturday 7 753
Hillary Clinton Struggles to Find Footing in Unusual Race 5 NJCher Saturday Saturday 2 196
This message was hidden by jury decision. 6 ronnykmarshall Saturday Saturday 4 208
This message was self-deleted by its author 39 wendylaroux Saturday Saturday 57 1015
$152.29 UPDATE!!!!!!! 7 Omaha Steve Saturday Saturday 18 449
#California's Black Leg. Caucus endorses #HillaryClinton !!! for #POTUS 7 riversedge Saturday Saturday 11 186
An unapproved, unsecured server in a private residence is used for national security - no password? 48 Seeinghope Friday Saturday 32 814
Be Like Bernie: Sanders Looks To Spread His Political Wealth 28 Uncle Joe Saturday Saturday 31 400
OK Email Obsessors, let's take a look at BERNIE's "Scandals." [View all] 103 RBInMaine Friday Saturday 13 1434
Trump to Sanders: Sorry, I don't debate people who don't win 15 UCmeNdc Saturday Saturday 0 332
No, Bernie Sanders Didn't Enter a Rally to a Homophobic DMX Song 35 think Saturday Saturday 29 566
Yes, what the hell was Bernie doing with his 'Game on"!! [View all] 62 riversedge Friday Saturday 3 852
Bernie Sanders Campaign CHALLENGES Frank and Malloy Roles at Democratic Convention 10 Segami Saturday Saturday 3 186
The Clinton Foundation: A DU Collaborative Analysis [View all] 61 bobthedrummer May 14 Saturday 70 1428
quick! Sanders rally or Trump rally? 15 Henhouse Saturday Saturday 3 278
Hillary; knew when the Investigator General's Report came out that it would be devastating, 44 Uncle Joe Friday Saturday 54 869
Hillary Clinton is now ahead of Donald Trump in revised Rasmussen poll.. 5 Henhouse Saturday Saturday 1 253
Both Hillary and Donald are afraid to debate Bernie. [View all] 63 Scuba Friday Saturday 54 722
Sanders asks for ouster of 2 Clinton “attack surrogates” from key Democratic Convention committees. 23 imagine2015 Saturday Saturday 18 395
None of the talking heads are smiling about Hillary's email. [View all] 90 IdaBriggs Friday Saturday 85 1663
Why is Bernie doing the NRA's work going after Gov. Malloy? [View all] 78 MirrorAshes Saturday Saturday 9 1011
First "Shocking" Deposition In Clinton Email Case Reveals She Did Not Use A Password [View all] 145 LiberalArkie Friday Saturday 70 2761
I'm feeling a little angry towards Hillary right now. [View all] 179 madaboutharry Friday Saturday 97 4684
Musings on Rachael Maddow's Wrestling Stock Footage of Chairs Being Thrown 40 davidlynch May 21 Saturday 24 981
Bernie made Trump look weak on the debate thing. 18 Ken Burch Friday Saturday 22 305
Social Security. NO other candidate is addressing this (OTHER than by advocating cuts) except BERNIE 11 Triana Saturday Saturday 32 308
This message was self-deleted by its author 5 wendylaroux Friday Saturday 17 312
"Corruption Is Legal" Video Helps Prove Why Bernie Sanders Is Such A Rarity 5 Triana Saturday Saturday 12 191
Robert Reich: It’s time for Clinton and Sanders supporters to swallow some tough medicine. 23 Snarkoleptic Saturday Saturday 13 637
So Hillary, Where Are Those Transcripts? One Way Or the Other, They ARE Going To Come Out! 13 CorporatistNation Saturday Saturday 14 318
MSNBC Thrashes Hillary Clinton: ‘It Feels Like She’s Lying Straight Out’ 10 imagine2015 Saturday Saturday 31 471
San Francisco Chronicle OP/ED Clinton breaks a California promise 35 imagine2015 Saturday Saturday 47 750
This is how many Superdelegates Clinton had before a single vote was cast. [View all] 99 Sky Masterson Friday Saturday 48 1262
Bernie had the most advantages in the primary, and still lost. 42 YouDig Saturday Saturday 10 554
How many false charges have been leveled against the Clinton campaign this primary? 15 reddread Saturday Saturday 1 268
Donald Trump backs out of debate with Bernie Sanders 2 UCmeNdc Saturday Saturday 0 153
Sanders: 'Terrible idea' to turn to Biden if Clinton is indicted 39 speaktruthtopower Saturday Saturday 5 782
Poll shows McCain in 5-point lead over Obama 8 Nye Bevan Saturday Saturday 3 200
Black Elders for Bernie! 4 snagglepuss Saturday Saturday 17 228
Bernie Sanders’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Strategy Seems to Be Working 45 Beacool Friday Saturday 13 941
As June 7 draws near, the rhetoric about the two 8 MineralMan Saturday Saturday 6 206
Flashback to May, 2008: McCain Leads Obama 7 RandySF Saturday Saturday 0 146
Clinton's email scandal 37 Dragonfli Friday Saturday 58 773
News Flash for Hillary Supporters... Bernie is not why Hillary is terrible. [View all] 210 retrowire Thursday Saturday 134 2417
The Less Noted and Discussed Aspect of the Clinton E-mail Scandal [View all] 56 Time for change Friday Saturday 103 1201
If Hillary Clinton values her privacy so much that she's willing to violate federal law 11 XemaSab Saturday Saturday 16 305
Bernie challenges DNC credentials of Malloy and Frank. That's my man! 15 leftcoastmountains Saturday Saturday 15 377
What the fuck are you people thinking? [View all] 237 hootinholler Thursday Saturday 227 5309
NEWSWEEK: The email "scandal" is still "NO SCANDAL." (It's HYPE. Bullshit HYPE.) Read on: 31 RBInMaine Friday Saturday 21 619
I proudly stand with Governor Malloy in his efforts to curb the pro-gun lobby 3 DemocratSinceBirth Saturday Saturday 2 109
AIDS activist says Bernie attacked him personally [View all] 90 Tavarious Jackson Saturday Saturday 5 1517
This message was hidden by jury decision. [View all] 157 Tavarious Jackson Saturday Saturday 7 2238
Is Bernie taking orders from the NRA by going after Gov. Malloy? 6 Drunken Irishman Saturday Saturday 0 132
What do people think of this article from The Curve? 15 Tumbulu Thursday Saturday 2 288
Sanders fails to oust Clinton backers from convention roles | AP 9 BootinUp Saturday Saturday 9 210
Corruption Is Legal Video Helps Prove Why Bernie Sanders Is Such A Rarity 0 Gregorian Saturday Saturday 2 90
Hillary proves that "winning at all costs" is not a value that Americans should have 49 AZ Progressive Saturday Saturday 22 719
The shoot the gays song at Bernie's rally 11 Txbluedog Saturday Saturday 0 297
Where's Jane? 6 bonemachine Saturday Saturday 2 214
The Arrogance of Entitlement: Hillary versus Republicans 11 IdaBriggs Saturday Saturday 21 294
Kos: A Sanders Superdelegate Coup Doesn't Need to Be Motivated By Racism to Be White Privilege [View all] 79 bravenak Friday Saturday 41 1357
Chicago Tribune: Joe Biden would be an excellent 'slip-in' candidate if Hillary Clinton falters 17 imagine2015 Saturday Saturday 0 326
AP FACT CHECK: Clinton misstates key facts in email episode 6 Babel_17 Saturday Saturday 9 190
The "rigged" Democratic nominating process 49 onenote Saturday Saturday 2 482
So, Hillary had a server at her house [View all] 72 TexasMommaWithAHat Friday Saturday 34 1272
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