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General Discussion: Primaries (Forum)

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NBC News: Bernie Sanders Suddenly Looking and Sounding Like a Front-Runner 9 Lorien Tuesday Tuesday 67 1203
Andrea Mitchell Is Dead Wrong (just now on MSNBC) 4 Motown_Johnny Tuesday Tuesday 6 502
Hillary supporter: Women supporting Bernie good argument for repealing 21 cali Tuesday Tuesday 14 542
The hypocrite strikes again. Hillary Clinton Alleged Barack Obama Sold Access To Big Donors; 49 Nanjeanne Monday Tuesday 85 1663
Superdelegates 17 boston bean Tuesday Tuesday 3 346
Don't listen to the spin saying Bernie Sanders's upcoming landside victory in NH doesn't matter 6 ProudToBeLiberal Tuesday Tuesday 3 305
The exit polls out of New Hampshire is indicating a landslide victory of 30%+ for Bernie Sanders. 41 ProudToBeLiberal Tuesday Tuesday 8 1062
Exit poll - "overwhelming 9 in 10 voters say the U.S. economic system generally favors the wealthy" 5 Attorney in Texas Tuesday Tuesday 16 241
Goldman Sachs:Involved in corrupt for profit college practices. Cost to the taxpayers: Billions 9 Skwmom Tuesday Tuesday 22 296
N.Hampshire Covered In Shadow As Floating Clinton Campaign Headquarters Takes Up Position Over State 2 Jefferson23 Tuesday Tuesday 16 300
CNN: Median income would soar by more than $22,000. Nearly 26 million jobs would be created. 11 BigBearJohn Tuesday Tuesday 90 1153
Example #617 of Hillary's TERRIBLE Foreign Policy Judgement: The Ruination of Haiti 24 amborin Sunday Tuesday 70 795
VIDEO: John McCain Admits Bernie Sanders Is Right About Income Inequality 2 Fantastic Anarchist Tuesday Tuesday 5 185
Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says [View all] 52 AZ Progressive Monday Tuesday 121 1447
This video compilation of HRC made my jaw drop. (warning, graphic war photos) [View all] 92 grasswire Monday Tuesday 133 3129
I prefer to vote for a candidate based on their issue positions and policies... 7 TheProgressive Tuesday Tuesday 6 188
FACT CHECK: Do NH primary voters really favor politicians from neighboring states? 14 Tom Rinaldo Tuesday Tuesday 14 325
Hillary Helps Swiss Bank Avoid IRS—and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons [View all] 105 snagglepuss Jan 29 Tuesday 211 4876
''She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.” 19 Ichingcarpenter Tuesday Tuesday 74 1723
Would Sanders Dream of calling Warren beholden to Wall Street??? 8 riversedge Tuesday Tuesday 3 203
Why Sanders is Parroting GOP Talking Points on Obama's Jobs Record? 0 riversedge Tuesday Tuesday 2 152
"...fewer are willing to believe that imperial feminism is the best we can do" 5 artislife Tuesday Tuesday 15 209
Early NH results via politico 12 lastone Tuesday Tuesday 16 583
Bobby Mook, Clinton Campaign Mgr. "Bernie has some explaining to do" re: Martha's Vineyard 39 99th_Monkey Tuesday Tuesday 12 671
Bernie admits that Single Payer never had a chance 16 Sheepshank Tuesday Tuesday 5 352
CNN: Clinton announcing a "single-digit loss will be a win" for her. nt [View all] 142 99th_Monkey Tuesday Tuesday 19 2246
Bernie Sanders slams “overt partisanship” of GOP leaders who rejected Obama’s final budget before it 10 Autumn Tuesday Tuesday 10 258
The taxes Sanders plans are in different league from any peacetime Democratic candidate in history 23 Bill USA Monday Tuesday 4 406
Let's clear this up with actual results. NH Democratic voters do vote for neighboring politicians 13 Godhumor Tuesday Tuesday 6 301
Artificial ideological confusion: A common practice by the establishment 4 no more banksters Tuesday Tuesday 6 214
'Tired, Old' Bill Clinton Out and About NH Today [View all] 54 bigtree Tuesday Tuesday 28 1012
Who Voted & Why: Live New Hampshire Primary Exit Poll Analysis 3 cali Tuesday Tuesday 9 487
Hillary's lovely behavior during the 2008 campaign.A must-see video: 7 kath Tuesday Tuesday 12 296
NH provides proof that strong voter ID laws are absolutely necessary 9 nichomachus Tuesday Tuesday 1 352
Lots of exit poll info 1 Renew Deal Tuesday Tuesday 6 409
Home-Field Advantage Is Only Part of Sanders's Appeal in New Hampshire 2 Purveyor Tuesday Tuesday 0 88
Why Young Democrats Love Bernie Sanders: Part I: They have a lot in common with Ron Paul supporters 33 kennetha Tuesday Tuesday 4 576
People in Flint are pissed at Hillary [View all] 175 pinebox Monday Tuesday 136 5212
I'm seeing more and more news about the FBI investigating and possibly indicting Hillary Clinton. 39 boomer55 Tuesday Tuesday 8 1049
‘Barbershop’ star Sean Patrick Thomas stumps for Hillary Clinton in Rock Hill 6 NCTraveler Tuesday Tuesday 11 213
Has anyone noticed that Chucky is pumping big Sanders and Trump victories? 1 Renew Deal Tuesday Tuesday 0 193
"Everyone loves the story of an underdog. I beg everyone not to regard Hillary as a comeback kid" 8 snagglepuss Tuesday Tuesday 1 199
Passing the torch or sharing the torch? 28 BooScout Tuesday Tuesday 25 425
Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine [View all] 66 Little Star Tuesday Tuesday 18 1246
When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont [View all] 146 MADem Feb 5 Tuesday 71 3392
Purple Haze 39 H2O Man Monday Tuesday 47 785
Clinton just had the nerve to refer to her visit to "deindustrialized" America [View all] 68 Armstead Tuesday Tuesday 153 2541
First Primary is finally here! Good Luck Hillary. 2 JamieLeaks Tuesday Tuesday 7 161
MA- State Treasurer: Steinem and Albright need to be "kept away" 10 SheenaR Tuesday Tuesday 12 379
Bernie Sanders: "Southern Democrats are tired of being abandoned by the party" 9 apples and oranges Tuesday Tuesday 3 396
Hillary Clinton Cast in Underdog Role as New Hampshire Votes 6 ProudToBeLiberal Tuesday Tuesday 0 208
In addition to breaking up the big banks.... can we please... 20 berniepdx420 Tuesday Tuesday 12 351
The Student Loan Debt Bubble, Predatory For Profit Schools and the Clinton Connection 15 Skwmom Feb 4 Tuesday 16 391
This message was self-deleted by its author 11 Flying Squirrel Tuesday Tuesday 0 681
You have to fight for big gains just to GET small ones. 17 Ken Burch Sunday Tuesday 12 345
Henry Fucking Kissinger 41 XemaSab Monday Tuesday 97 1838
The advantage of being from a neighboring state 3 thesquanderer Tuesday Tuesday 4 226
This message was self-deleted by its author 13 bigtree Tuesday Tuesday 1 286
Poor Flint Residents Denounce Hillary for Politicizing their Plight & Using Them to Try to Win Votes [View all] 89 amborin Feb 6 Tuesday 102 2502
No, Iowa Was Not A "Tie". Clinton Won Even After Recount [View all] 56 KittyWampus Tuesday Tuesday 16 763
Bernie Sanders, “The Big Short” & a nation that’s had it up to here 18 RiverLover Tuesday Tuesday 46 707
People who have donated to Hillary's campaign 21 MineralMan Tuesday Tuesday 13 367
Bernie Sanders to Huddle With Al Sharpton - DailyBeast 3 WillyT Tuesday Tuesday 5 257
Hillary Clinton and Frank Fiorina snap photo together in N.H. Read more: http://www.politico.com/st 1 ProudToBeLiberal Tuesday Tuesday 4 202
Hunger Games Actress Jena Malone Endorses Bernie Sanders 12 G_j Tuesday Tuesday 14 339
Why the hell is Politico showing the results in NH when voting is still going on 17 bigdarryl Tuesday Tuesday 2 619
When going to vote please bring your cellphone camera, record and document everything 34 gyroscope Tuesday Tuesday 15 505
If we'd just can the F35, we could send everyone to college and come out $500bn ahead! 8 elias49 Tuesday Tuesday 12 186
Jen Sorensen (Slowpoke Toons) has been hanging around GD P….. 7 n2doc Tuesday Tuesday 12 343
What's more rare than a landslide? 6 hootinholler Tuesday Tuesday 20 346
New Yorker Magazine Shooting Blindly at Bernie Sanders 2 Jefferson23 Tuesday Tuesday 4 272
I know this is off topic - but thank you for my hearts! 0 Avalux Tuesday Tuesday 0 78
David Axelrod's tweet about Hillary looking at her campaign staff - Hillarious!! 21 jillan Monday Tuesday 140 2052
Bill Clinton's bashing Obama with the "Fairy Tale" comment 3 INdemo Tuesday Tuesday 4 189
Hillary Resuses to Denounce Arkansas Confederate Flag 16 amborin Tuesday Tuesday 7 450
In the 90s DLC demanded Bill Clinton move Social Security and Medicare "into the marketplace." 17 madfloridian Monday Tuesday 68 688
Fox News poll - Let's burn this baby up 6 TexasBushwhacker Tuesday Tuesday 4 345
Did Mika just say her baby is a Bernie baby? 8 LiberalArkie Tuesday Tuesday 2 349
Sanders sweeps Dixville Notch! 15 demwing Tuesday Tuesday 54 1167
Sanders gaining women voters in NH 1 Red Oak Tuesday Tuesday 10 218
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