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General Discussion: Primaries (Forum)

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Republicans Eye Quick Obamacare Repeal If Party Wins White House 4 ProudToBeLiberal Friday Friday 1 159
Westchester Councilman Rice: For 2016, the choice is clear 7 cali Friday Friday 11 145
Clinton Last Night: "Name Anything [Wall Street Has] Influenced Me On" -- OK, I Will [View all] 101 99th_Monkey Thursday Friday 284 6130
I want to know ... 6 cilla4progress Friday Friday 2 163
NH Election Day Weather 0 Renew Deal Friday Friday 0 129
FDR (1936): I WELCOME THEIR HATRED. Hillary 2016: I WELCOME THEIR CASH 10 Herman4747 Friday Friday 17 254
Sanders and Clinton are EQUAL in favorability among Blacks who are familiar with them 5 thesquanderer Friday Friday 5 226
Would you be interested in reading the speeches that Hillary gave to Goldman Sachs... 31 TipTok Friday Friday 13 518
The Most Disingenuous Attack On Bernie Yet.. 6 UglyGreed Friday Friday 27 391
Not worried about Bernie's lack of foreign policy experience. All he has to do is 2 Live and Learn Friday Friday 2 177
Bernie's Vermont 2 cali Friday Friday 7 228
In a sane world Clinton would be ahead by a mile... 1 SoLeftIAmRight Friday Friday 6 264
Hillary's attack on the CFMA is a sleazy tactic. On these grounds Hillary voted to restrict abortio 0 Rilgin Friday Friday 2 146
Sanders supporters banned from Tinder after campaigning on dating app. 12 Agschmid Friday Friday 3 314
This message was self-deleted by its author 4 itsrobert Friday Friday 1 114
A Political Revolution IS the Pragmatic Course When the System is Rigged 0 Tom Rinaldo Friday Friday 3 79
Politics From Iowa to New Hampshire: Out Of The Frying-Pan Into The Fire 0 Jnew28 Friday Friday 0 113
Hillary Clinton won the MSNBC debate Feb 4: A Progressive is one who makes progress-gets things DONE 24 riversedge Friday Friday 10 480
Hillary FIGHTS! And THAT is what we need! 18 RBInMaine Friday Friday 8 365
Bernie Sanders on SNL this saturday with Larry David!!!!! 4 restorefreedom Friday Friday 10 179
Hillary Clinton Turns Stand-Up Comic: "I’m a Progressive Who Gets Things Done" 36 FreakinDJ Friday Friday 18 551
Regarding Hillary's FA expertise, Bernie needs to say this 1 WhaTHellsgoingonhere Friday Friday 5 175
The MSNBC debate, my take. [View all] 102 bklyncowgirl Friday Friday 74 2783
This message was self-deleted by its author 7 99th_Monkey Friday Friday 1 211
"Hillary Clinton Tries, FAILS to K.O. Bernie Sanders at NH Debate" [View all] 59 RiverLover Friday Friday 66 1914
Why Progressive Groups Have a Problem With Clinton On Social Security 5 LongTomH Friday Friday 9 212
Intercept/L.Fang: Hillary Won’t Say if She’ll Release Transcripts of Goldman Sachs Speeches 12 99th_Monkey Friday Friday 13 353
Bernie Sanders: A Future to Believe In. Another Endorsement from NH 1 Nanjeanne Friday Friday 13 201
Hillary Clinton: Putting the Pro in Progressive Since 2016 0 mhatrw Friday Friday 1 97
Hillary needs to dismantle Sanders' fantasies, but how, without losing the dreamers. [View all] 146 kennetha Thursday Friday 9 1798
Iowa Democratic party altered precinct's caucus results during chaotic night 10 Eugene Friday Friday 23 473
Lawyer Who Represented Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin Families Will Endorse Clinton 3 ProudToBeLiberal Friday Friday 6 169
Prediction: Bernie will earn more delegates than Clinton in Nevada 5 CoffeeCat Friday Friday 11 286
Surely Hillary Clinton Knows Why Wall Street Pays Her 5 Nanjeanne Thursday Friday 16 259
"Look, let's get this straight." (Tell it, John!!!) 16 RiverLover Friday Friday 56 505
The REAL reason Hillary agreed to four more debates 10 cui bono Thursday Friday 27 533
I believe Bernie nailed it when he was asked if he could only focus on passing one primary issue 14 Uncle Joe Friday Friday 51 978
It's a conspiracy, It's a conspiracy!!! 40 CajunBlazer Friday Friday 9 615
Breaking News: Mayor Marty Walsh will bring 1000 volunteers from Boston to GOTV for Hillary in NH 20 ProudToBeLiberal Thursday Friday 5 510
How far can things tip without being able to tip back? 12 MineralMan Friday Friday 7 215
You can't be proud of Kissinger's praise... 21 SHRED Thursday Friday 51 559
Hillary Catching Up to Bernie in His Backyard New Hampshire 12 ericson00 Friday Friday 5 391
New Hampshire: Democrats Out 5 brooklynite Friday Friday 2 374
Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine 3 Ferd Berfel Friday Friday 17 137
Examples of how Hillary Does Banks' Bidding 2 amborin Friday Friday 13 359
Bernie Echoes FDR's Policies that Worked Brilliantly For Generations...FDR: I Welcome Their Hate 2 amborin Friday Friday 13 182
Clinton losing national lead over sanders 17 restorefreedom Friday Friday 14 378
Flea: Why I Support Bernie Sanders 6 UglyGreed Friday Friday 13 219
Sanders fixation on Iraq is unbelievably tiresome. Really shows that he has no clue on foreign polic 39 riversedge Friday Friday 8 584
Let's play a game, where does polling say the race stands in NH and National 2 Godhumor Friday Friday 2 200
.@HumanRights Campaign working relentlessly in New Hampshire today for our next equality president. 11 riversedge Friday Friday 5 239
BERNIE WINS MSNBC DEBATE!! So sayeth Slate [View all] 57 AtomicKitten Friday Friday 73 2377
In 1999 Socialist Daniel Hoan was named one of the best Mayors in US history. 10 bobthedrummer Feb 2 Friday 5 181
HRC: The Good, Bad, and Ugly....A Reed in the Wind 2 amborin Friday Friday 13 183
There should be a more rational way of determining the electability question. 4 DanTex Friday Friday 0 145
I'm canvassing in NH today... A Bernie supporter just threw a snowball at me! 21 Agschmid Friday Friday 8 552
Feb 5: Lilly Ledbetter &FemaleSenators campaigning for Hillary Clinton at the YWCA in Manchester NH 21 riversedge Friday Friday 6 279
Former NAACP head Ben Jealous to endorse Bernie Sanders [View all] 110 Fawke Em Thursday Friday 190 3066
Bernie Sanders won the debate’s Google fight — in more ways than one 2 magical thyme Friday Friday 14 272
Bernie Sanders does need to improve his ability to discuss foreign policy issues 21 Bread and Circus Friday Friday 1 363
Free public college is a natural extension of America's tradition of free public schools. It's clear 16 reformist2 Friday Friday 9 233
Interesting New Hampshire Polls 5 BigBearJohn Friday Friday 21 395
Coat-Tails: Bernie’s Army Is Running for Congress 2 99th_Monkey Friday Friday 23 250
Official Debate Thread 4 [View all] 265 TexasTowelie Thursday Friday 7 3889
So Jeb's momma, who said the following, is 2 Lint Head Friday Friday 2 249
Coat-tails: Progressive Candidates Taking Bernie Sanders’ ‘Political Revolution’ Into Congress 2 99th_Monkey Friday Friday 28 261
How I Hope This Happens - Bernie Sanders heads to New York for possible SNL cameo with Larry David 6 Nanjeanne Friday Friday 6 187
Does Bernie have electability problems? Yes. And Clinton's are just as bad. 10 cali Friday Friday 11 263
Fun: Bernie Sanders Heading to ‘SNL’ To Join Larry David 0 Jefferson23 Friday Friday 4 173
Has Hillary renounced the "Grand Bargain"? 0 Karmadillo Friday Friday 0 179
Bernie Sanders supporters banned from Tinder after campaigning on dating app Reuters 17 riversedge Friday Friday 6 307
Hillary Clinton trusted Bush/Cheney... 4 SoLeftIAmRight Friday Friday 9 172
This message was self-deleted by its author 3 Corruption Inc Friday Friday 13 192
Whoever you support, it was refreshing to see two candidates ... 8 11 Bravo Friday Friday 9 155
Sanders understands that we don't live in a "post-racial" society. 1 thereismore Friday Friday 7 154
Which is the "pragmatist" and which is the "idealist"? 5 kentuck Friday Friday 3 152
Eric Holder, who now defends corporate clients, is featured in Hillary ad 1 dixiegrrrrl Friday Friday 1 99
Dateless & desperate...Sanders supporters banned from Tinder 11 Historic NY Friday Friday 1 309
So this new meme... "The Not Hillary Party" [View all] 60 cui bono Thursday Friday 6 1045
PROGRESSIVE: If the word doesn't fit, you must (Poll) 5 valerief Friday Friday 0 177
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