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General Discussion: Primaries (Forum)

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Yes - media will call Clinton"presumptive nominee" before CA - not because of Superdelegates but bec 17 riversedge Thursday Thursday 1 203
The presidential election won't be over until December 19th. 11 BzaDem Thursday Thursday 3 307
No, the system wasn’t rigged against him The system was rigged, for sure, but in his favor. The fir 27 Ohioblue22 Thursday Thursday 11 361
Bernie or bust? I'll tell you why I am pretty much sticking with that after much thought. [View all] 85 Seeinghope Tuesday Thursday 51 1445
Black Ball Trump in The Media Says he's Bigger Then Super Bowl - Chu Ching 1 mitty14u2 Thursday Thursday 0 87
Not every image containing the Clinton Logo is legitimate. 19 MineralMan Thursday Thursday 3 253
Hillary Clinton launches “six-figure” TV ad buy in California 4 brooklynite Thursday Thursday 2 121
Even if HRC is not indicted. Trump will shred her over 9 BigBearJohn Thursday Thursday 12 299
What if it's not Biden but Warren that steps in? 44 NWCorona Thursday Thursday 2 402
Kentucky recanvass fails to flip state to Sanders 6 KingFlorez Thursday Thursday 4 138
If Bernie Can't Read Trump's Joke, How Can He Read Foreign Leaders or the Country's? 22 ericson00 Thursday Thursday 0 240
So, Bernie wants to debate Trump on FAUX News ... 14 salinsky Thursday Thursday 1 227
What about Hillary Clinton and the Ukraine? Hillary Clinton’s Ukraine Problem 17 PufPuf23 Thursday Thursday 8 227
What the hell are you doing, Bernie? [View all] 67 Demsrule86 Thursday Thursday 11 963
It would have been something to see. 21 kstewart33 Thursday Thursday 1 204
Can we please stop accusing President Obama of bribery, at least without any evidence? 14 democrattotheend Thursday Thursday 2 214
5 TAKEAWAYS FROM THE STATE OIG REPORT (Clinton email scandal) [View all] 107 BootinUp Wednesday Thursday 14 1521
Rachel Maddow: early cross-party debates is a 'dramatic and creative proposal.' 10 Eric J in MN Thursday Thursday 3 234
A tale of 2 political hitmen: The similarities of David Brock and Roger Stone 34 cali Thursday Thursday 6 283
Hillary; "Anytime, anywhere" 28 pinebox Thursday Thursday 14 453
This message was hidden by jury decision. 34 newrevolution Thursday Thursday 4 433
Andrea Mitchell: Can't View IG Report About Clinton Email Server As 'ANYTHING BUT DEVASTATING' 43 Segami Thursday Thursday 43 1015
Yes, the leader of the "Birther Movement." is the Repug nominee--Go register new voters. 1 riversedge Thursday Thursday 2 70
Hillary needs Obama's campaign team, because her team 4 JRLeft Thursday Thursday 2 143
Flashback, 2014: Dems turn on Wasserman Schultz 0 antigop Thursday Thursday 3 90
Hillary Fans and Surrogates can downplay today's Report on Hillary's E-mail Abuse [View all] 56 berni_mccoy Wednesday Thursday 33 846
Hillary Clinton just gave a shoutout to the workers at Trump's Vegas hotel fighting to unionize 0 riversedge Thursday Thursday 2 73
Is anyone else surprised at how suddenly important email and national security is to Progressives? [View all] 83 MariaThinks Wednesday Thursday 7 957
Again, it is a question of her ELECTABILITY 5 FourScore Thursday Thursday 0 119
Could they want DWS out to put in an Obama/Biden puppet? 23 Skwmom Thursday Thursday 0 265
Some actions make me wonder WTH, but then I remember there are a lot of teams in play. 5 Skwmom Thursday Thursday 3 107
Hillary wins Kentucky--> Recanvass shows no change in Kentucky primary results 6 riversedge Thursday Thursday 8 180
BWHAHAHA: Trump campaign says the Bernie/Trump debate will never happen (it was a joke) 41 Cali_Democrat Thursday Thursday 4 544
Why Trump Might Win 8 guillaumeb Thursday Thursday 0 194
The Email Thing: So much ado about so little. 31 RBInMaine Thursday Thursday 15 526
Bridge to Nowhere 0 rhyden77 Thursday Thursday 0 98
Bernie Requests ReCanvass in Kentucky! [View all] 60 amborin Tuesday Thursday 23 639
You can't believe anything Hillary says. She lies all the time. 28 Cheese Sandwich Thursday Thursday 25 528
Poll of Middle-Income Rust Belt Voters: Hillary 46, Trump 39 4 firebrand80 Thursday Thursday 0 100
Sanders camp praises RNC chairman for leadership 5 brooklynite Thursday Thursday 4 166
Sanders Aide Says Backchannel Talks Starting on Trump Debate 6 brooklynite Thursday Thursday 0 204
Trump and Bernie.... 0 LexVegas Thursday Thursday 2 78
Lewis Black: "I don't agree with some of what he's pushing for, but his critics are morons." 8 imagine2015 May 18 Thursday 40 554
Donald Trump Campaign: There will be no taxes released! 11 fun n serious Thursday Thursday 0 198
Bernie Sanders Fundraising for Russ Feingold 1 liberalnarb Thursday Thursday 3 74
New PPIC poll shows a tossup in California 1 Triana Thursday Thursday 3 122
Did TYT get punked by Trump too? 3 workinclasszero Thursday Thursday 0 138
Hot off the press- UAW endorses Hillary Clinton [View all] 54 DemocratSinceBirth Wednesday Thursday 38 571
Sanders Trump could get ugly 1 Skink Thursday Thursday 0 184
What does this say to our children?!? 47 Jack Bone Thursday Thursday 11 601
The reason Hillary will not be indicted is the same reason Bush et al. were not tried for war crimes [View all] 82 Bread and Circus Wednesday Thursday 20 1142
The Benefits of a Debate with Trump Just can't be OverStated 24 2banon Thursday Thursday 9 273
"Young Turks" Invites Donald Trump To Debate Bernie Sanders 8 JudyM Thursday Thursday 1 152
Trump's campaign chairman says he'll pick a white man to be his running mate 4 cali Thursday Thursday 1 155
Will Debbie W-Schultz be gone before the election? 14 floriduck Wednesday Thursday 8 265
Attorney General on E-mail 21 fun n serious Thursday Thursday 6 415
Young Turks offer to host Trump vs Sanders debate 2 J_J_ Thursday Thursday 1 87
Have people been claiming that Clinton will reach 2383 via pledged delegates alone? 40 Garrett78 Thursday Thursday 3 450
I have a nominee for induction into the BerniBro Hall of Fame: [View all] 58 Blue_Tires Thursday Thursday 13 725
Super Delegates CAN flip. Here are two Super Delegates who switched from Clinton to Obama! 16 MohRokTah Thursday Thursday 1 173
He is named Birdie by that little bird now Trump is named THE FLY>>>>>I'm dating myself lol 2 bkkyosemite Thursday Thursday 2 81
America is a centrist, capitalist country. We are not and will never be socialist. [View all] 269 ericson00 May 20 Thursday 8 3804
Now that sanders has moved to the GE 31 SwampG8r Thursday Thursday 24 506
Breaking: Trump Was Joking About Debating Bernie [View all] 74 brooklynite Thursday Thursday 7 1008
Obama “During the course of a primary, people say what they think might help them get some votes,” 9 NWCorona Thursday Thursday 3 142
Do the unethical.actions of HRC dirty Obama's legacy? 17 SwampG8r Thursday Thursday 0 206
Bernie's debating Trump is consistent with Bernie's promise 38 hellofromreddit Thursday Thursday 15 370
Sanders BACKS California Ballot Initiative to Rein in Drug Prices at Meeting with HIV/Aids Advocates 1 Segami Thursday Thursday 4 56
Fortune: Polls Show Trump Winning in a Clinton Showdown, and They May Be Right 10 Miles Archer Thursday Thursday 2 233
CNN: Hillary Clinton's shrinking email defense 3 NWCorona Thursday Thursday 18 316
Hillary at rally: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem! 20 bigtree Wednesday Thursday 12 370
Accusing Senator Boxer of "faking it", really???? [View all] 66 youceyec Wednesday Thursday 11 905
I figured out how Bernie can STILL Debate Trump 0 MohRokTah Thursday Thursday 0 93
So Sanders is going to hold a rally in my home town on Saturday. Guess who is not going. 24 upaloopa Thursday Thursday 9 513
Former State Dept. adviser pinning counterterrorism failures on "sloppy" Clinton communications... 11 Barack_America Thursday Thursday 12 297
The most striking thing about the State Dept. IG report. 12 RDANGELO Thursday Thursday 12 304
Hillary is too much like Trump to debate him effectively. I think Hillary is also hobbled by Chelsea 11 Baobab Thursday Thursday 2 257
Everyone understands the purpose of the State Department's report on Hillary's email server, right? [View all] 72 Attorney in Texas Wednesday Thursday 52 1739
The assumptions about this hypothetical Bernie/Trump debate epitomizes the current problem 7 Armstead Thursday Thursday 3 151
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