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Baby Boomers
Provide information, discussion, and support for members of the Baby Boomer generation.
2 639
A safe and supportive place for DUers who live alone, or who prefer to be alone.
17 1,097
Rural/Farm Life
A group for people who live in the country.
7 1,003
Meet DU older DU members and discuss issues affecting older people.
41 1,661
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African American
Discuss topics and issues which affect the African-American community. DUers from all races are welcome to participate.
717 13,524
Expand knowledge and exchange techniques in the field of genealogical research, as well as facilitate communication between researchers who can provide 'look-up' services for one another.
3 1,657
A place for artists of all types to inspire each other, and to discuss and appreciate the visual arts.
5 828
Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity
Discuss Catholic and/or Orthodox Christian beliefs, share faith experiences, post prayer requests, discuss Catholic/Orthodox liturgies, traditions, saints, etc.
39 5,998
Christian Liberals & Progressive People of Faith
A group for Christians and Christian-friendly persons who would like to have an open discussion about our faith and its role in the world around us. Our group will provide a safe haven for discussion and support, and find ways to express our beliefs in positive, non-threatening ways.
3 1,548
Jewish Group
Discuss Judaism's beliefs, share faith experiences, discuss anti-Semitism, post prayer requests, discuss Jewish faith, traditions, religious heroes, holidays, etc.
116 1,739
Discuss issues relating to the Hispanic/Latino community within the U.S., in other countries, or regarding foreign relations between the U.S. and other countries where such a community may reside.
0 161
A group for LGBT DUers and allies. All topics of interest to the LGBT community are welcome.
432 43,606
Men's Group
Discuss issues of interest to men.
141 15,038
Discuss the beliefs of Islam and Muslims, share faith experiences, discuss Islamaphobia, post prayer/dua requests, discuss the Islamic faith, traditions, religious heroes, holidays, etc.
3 232
Native American
Discuss Native American affairs, issues, history and culture.
17 884
Help DU parents raise liberal, healthy, informed, and loving children; and get advice from other DU parents and associates.
1 503
Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
A group for small business owners and those interested in Living the American Dream.
1 247
Southern Democrats and Progressives
A place for Southerners to meet and discuss issues that pertain to or interest us, as current or former residents of the South.
1 144
A group for DU military veterans.
16 6,091
Women's World
From the serious to the sublime, The DU Women's World hosts discussion of topics affecting and affected by women.
0 229