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Expand knowledge and exchange techniques in the field of genealogical research, as well as facilitate communication between researchers who can provide 'look-up' services for one another.
13 1,777
Cooking & Baking
Give recipe tips, answer inquiries about ingredients, and offer advice on how to cook and bake with a 'liberal flair.' Cooks of all skill levels are welcome.
389 61,471
DIY & Home Improvement
Increase our self sufficiency by learning new and improved methods of home improvement and other DIY projects.
25 4,277
To provide DU elder-care givers with a mutual support safe-space; to help caregivers stay informed and politically active on matters that affect elder care; to request and receive advice and share methods from other DU caregivers, associates and allies.
0 206
Household Hints & Help
Offer advice, offer hints, answer questions and hopefully save you time and money and effort. We will all share out tips, large and small, to make life easier, less costly and more efficient.
21 1,241
Help DU parents raise liberal, healthy, informed, and loving children; and get advice from other DU parents and associates.
7 575
Permaculture and Transitions Movement
This is a forum devoted to sharing information on developing resilient communities that can help us meet our basic needs locally through the Transition movement practices and permaculture.
0 29
Discuss all topics pertaining to the health and well being of pets. Topics will include but are not limited to, training, nutrition, health, fashion, pet laws, and grief assistance.
237 29,306
Related Groups in other Categories (9) Posts: 30 days Posts: All time Category
A support system for members of DU who have suffered a loss. Members joining this group will find a safe place to cry, scream, hurt, adjust, heal, and learn to cope with their loss.
7 1,688
Coping with Divorce or Separation
A safe place for DUers who have survived divorce or separation, or who are going through divorce or separation.
4 377
EBay, Collectors, Flea Market & Antiques
A place for people who wish to engage in the trade of selling, offer knowledge in the art of buying, celebrate lucky finds, tell the stories about the "one that got away" and offer some hope to those looking for an alternate source of income.
4 1,472
Discuss all issues related to education and education policy.
26 11,769
Discuss gardening, with a focus on organic gardening, sustainable agriculture/permaculture and wildlife-friendly gardens.
1 6,904
Share experiences, ideas, help, support and encouragement with fellow homeschooling DUers.
0 179
Personal Finance and Investing
Discuss matters of personal finance and investing, share advice and ideas to improve your financial situation, and learn about personal finance and investing.
9 888
Meet DU older DU members and discuss issues affecting older people.
3 1,993
Share travel experiences and discuss everything related to making travel a more enjoyable endeavor.
9 2,039