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Editorials & Other Articles (Forum)

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Ohio Republican says it's time to impeach President Trump. 3 elleng Wednesday Saturday 10 787
Moyers: GOP, Where's the Backbone? Desperately seeking GOP pols to stand up to know-nothing bully. 7 Amaryllis Friday Saturday 8 495
Trump's updated travel ban to have minimal input from national security 0 Eugene Saturday Saturday 2 361
I May Be an Enemy of the People, But At Least I'm No Longer Sick 6 struggle4progress Saturday Saturday 19 864
Trump faces mounting pressure from within his party as crisis swirls around the White House 5 DonViejo Friday Saturday 0 588
Malcolm Nance Says Trump aides Need to Start Getting Lawyers and Cutting Deals (Politicus) 7 Amaryllis Saturday Saturday 25 1309
Tom Brokaw: The Offer From Nixon I Refused 1 elleng Saturday Saturday 2 695
Andrew Sullivan: The White House Mole 3 ancianita Friday Friday 3 733
'He wants us to see Adonis and we see Shrek': Terrorism analyst shreds Trump's 'narcissistic' ... 8 DonViejo Friday Friday 10 664
Trump is urging the Justice Department to investigate his perceived opponents. Thats unusual. 3 Bill USA Friday Friday 6 668
Trump's "Unified" America 5 morganallen Friday Friday 2 451
Donald Trump is showing why hes no CEO 2 Zorro Friday Friday 2 583
NYT says close Carson aide Singleton fired from HUD job because of past negative writing on Trump 0 riversedge Friday Friday 2 507
Morning Joe stunned by 'chaotic' Trump presser: 'Everybody's scared to death by what they saw' 10 DonViejo Friday Friday 10 1017
Some bombshells might drop on Scott Pruitt next week. The Senate confirmed him anyway 2 BeckyDem Friday Friday 2 555
Here's how seriously Congress is investigating Trump /Russia & understanding the politics of it all 0 Amaryllis Friday Friday 2 587
Russian Spies Targeted U.S. Sanctions 0 DonViejo Friday Friday 1 297
The White House Mole - By Andrew Sullivan 5 DonViejo Friday Friday 11 875
The fatal flaw of the 25th Amendment & legislation to fix it - Congressman Blumenauer (D-OR) 3 Amaryllis Friday Friday 1 410
"You consider yourself a journalist, right?" Susan Sarandon, Chris Hayes have tense exchange over... 8 DonViejo Thursday Friday 2 643
Trump Supporters Receive Mainstream Media Accountability Survey Moments After DT Slams Reporters 1 Bill USA Friday Friday 0 337
Inside the anti-Muslim organization that has ties to the White House 1 DonViejo Friday Friday 3 184
We're going to Dillards! Trump supporters shut down their Nordstrom accounts 14 Liberal In Red State Thursday Friday 6 1044
Fight back. Support the Trump Investigative Fund - Think Progress 0 Bill USA Friday Friday 2 239
White House staff pushed to make overly positive projections for economic growth: report 1 DonViejo Friday Friday 3 294
Donald Trump defends his press conference by citing a positive review from Rush Limbaugh 4 DonViejo Friday Friday 0 438
The 3 (separate but connected) Trump-Russia scandals, explained (Vox) 4 Amaryllis Thursday Friday 8 579
What has happned to Ed Schultz? 3 bhusar Friday Friday 0 771
Trump must banish Bannon or his presidency is doomed 1 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Friday Friday 3 509
Trump can help Americans trust him by releasing his taxes 1 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Friday Friday 0 175
Chaffetz Seeks Charges Against Clinton Aide 5 DonViejo Friday Friday 6 668
Ryan Struggles to Sell Tax Reform to His Own Party 2 DonViejo Friday Friday 1 350
On the day, 2/2017- 30 innocents were slaughtered- Republicans new Admin laughed & joked. 0 Sunlei Friday Friday 6 505
Planned Parenthood Supporters Appear in Thousands to Counter-Protest Anti-Abortion Groups 3 niyad Thursday Friday 5 228
Now We Persist, Resist --and Win 3 niyad Thursday Friday 2 226
Threats and Violence Against Abortion Providers Has Skyrocketed, According to FMF Survey 3 niyad Thursday Friday 2 172
We should not and cannot trust this man." A CIA vet on Trump's feud with US spies. - Vox.com 3 Bill USA Wednesday Friday 25 1004
Bring On the Special Prosecutor - by the NYT Editorial Board 2 DonViejo Friday Friday 15 561
What a Failed Trump Administration Looks Like 4 queentonic Friday Friday 10 883
Connecticut lawmaker begs Trump to stop tweeting and get that Russian spy ship off her state's coast 5 DonViejo Wednesday Friday 3 443
Why President Trump Isn't Anti-Gay Enough for the Religious Right 3 DonViejo Friday Friday 0 372
Steve Bannon's Gay Agenda 0 DonViejo Friday Friday 0 634
Trump's disastrous reality show: Master trash-talker turned flailing president searches for... 0 DonViejo Friday Friday 5 437
Flynn Scandal Shatters Trump's 'Alternative Fact' Cocoon 0 DonViejo Friday Friday 2 394
"...logistical nightmare at taxpayer expense" 0 handmade34 Friday Friday 0 341
Scarborough Slams 'Thinly-Sourced' WSJ Story on Intelligence Withholding: 'Bending Over Backwards' 2 DonViejo Thursday Friday 1 674
Trump presser: 15 of the most bizarre moments--Trump was in his manic phase today!! 3 riversedge Thursday Friday 10 702
Trump Completely Humiliated As His Pick To Replace Michael Flynn Turns Him Down 2 yallerdawg Thursday Thursday 2 812
DT's combative, freewheeling, "fake news" press conference, explained - VOX.com 2 Bill USA Thursday Thursday 3 461
Donald Trumps Russia Scandal Is Just Getting Started 3 Bill USA Thursday Thursday 11 879
Free Speech For People Calls on the NY Attorney General to Revoke the Trump Organizations Charter 0 Amaryllis Thursday Thursday 6 377
Influential conservative group: Trump, DeVos should dismantle Education Department and bring God... 11 DonViejo Wednesday Thursday 6 794
"Bring Back the Crowds" - Josh Marshall 2 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 2 619
James Comey's behavior looks worse and worse 9 DonViejo Wednesday Thursday 19 919
The biggest beneficiaries of the government safety net: Working-class whites 0 Bill USA Thursday Thursday 6 447
Trump claim of being 'first in his class' at Wharton was another lie: report 8 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 5 568
The House just voted to make it easier for states to defund Planned Parenthood, and clinics like it 3 Bill USA Thursday Thursday 5 582
Evelyn Farkas was the Pentagons top Russia expert. Now she wants Trump independently investigated. 0 Bill USA Thursday Thursday 8 426
Russia-linked ex-Trump adviser Carter Page compares himself to MLK in batsh*t crazy letter to DOJ 2 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 2 281
Dem congressman: "Like the main characters in Stranger Things, we are now stuck in the Upside Down" 2 Amaryllis Thursday Thursday 2 477
Do you think Donald Trump should be impeached? 9 red dog 1 Thursday Thursday 0 446
RALL: Long Before Trump, News Media Wallowed in Alternative Facts 0 yurbud Thursday Thursday 1 342
US immigrant stripped of 'dreamer' status in part over alleged gang tattoo 0 Eugene Thursday Thursday 1 288
Extremely Dangerous Ground - by Josh Marshall 1 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 2 519
'Now Spicer seems like an adult': Internet reels at Trump's rambling, incoherent press conference 2 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 10 719
Why do smart people in the White House do stupid things? Because Trump tells them to. 0 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Thursday Thursday 0 241
The nation needs answers, not deflections, on Russia and Trump - WaPo Editorial Board 1 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 4 260
What Its Like to Be Black and Pregnant When You Know How Dangerous That Can Be 4 demmiblue Thursday Thursday 1 237
Report: Reince Trying to Get WH Back on Its Feet 1 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 0 309
Limbaugh called Flynghazi a "political assassination," and blames the former administration 11 DonViejo Wednesday Thursday 5 527
Not Even a Goodbye for Puzder 0 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 0 198
An Epic Showdown with Intelligence Community 0 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 1 302
Whats Killing Americas Black Infants? 0 demmiblue Thursday Thursday 4 289
Trump Resists Efforts to Calm White House 1 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 1 385
The new 'license to discriminate' bill in Texas may be the most extreme anti-LGBT proposal yet 1 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 1 263
Morford: the angry orange man in the bathrobe 6 niyad Wednesday Thursday 20 534
As Trump Raves, His Republican Enablers Face a Moment of Truth 1 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 3 510
Editorial NYTIMES: Time for Congress to Investigate Mr. Trumps Ties to Russia 2 riversedge Thursday Thursday 2 315
G.O.P.s Grand Visions for Congress Now Look Like a Mirage 2 riversedge Thursday Thursday 0 386
None dare call it treason: As the Flynn scandal widens, let's consider evidence Trump's a traitor 1 DonViejo Thursday Thursday 5 396
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