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Latest Breaking News (Forum)

Title of discussion thread Replies Author Start time Last reply Recs Views
Exclusive: Top Obama aide to take call for South China Sea calm to Beijing 0 uawchild 22 hrs ago 22 hrs ago 0 220
Ivanka Trump Treats The GOP Like QVC By Using The RNC To Sell Her Clothing Line 1 riversedge 22 hrs ago 22 hrs ago 1 237
Trump Delegate Booted From RNC Over Racist Facebook Post About Cops Killing N-Words 13 Cali_Democrat Yesterday 23 hrs ago 13 1318
Rights groups decry abduction and torture in eastern Ukraine 28 uawchild Thursday 23 hrs ago 1 625
NBA pulls 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, focuses on New Orleans 20 brooklynite Thursday Yesterday 21 1065
Panama establishes commission to study US invasion 8 Judi Lynn Wednesday Yesterday 12 668
Adapting to change: LDS missionaries will be called 'volunteers' in Russia 2 uhnope Yesterday Yesterday 1 370
Undocumented immigrants given roles at Democratic convention 4 DonViejo Yesterday Yesterday 7 619
French truck killer had 'support and accomplices': prosecutor 13 MowCowWhoHow III Thursday Yesterday 9 996
Man attacks passengers with axe and knife on train in Germany [View all] 99 MowCowWhoHow III Monday Yesterday 7 4973
Verizon to disconnect unlimited data customers who use over 100GB/month [View all] 67 NWCorona Thursday Yesterday 10 2345
Exclusive: White House to review ban on military gear for police - police leaders 10 uawchild Thursday Yesterday 3 788
Trump reverses his opposition to super PACs and is now willing to headline events for a big-money g 3 riversedge Thursday Yesterday 7 476
Chris Christie ‘turned over his political testicles,’ Ted Cruz manager says..... 19 George II Thursday Yesterday 15 1374
Roger Ailes Resigns as Chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, and Chairman F 31 ErikJ Thursday Yesterday 22 1297
'Republican source' leaks Trump speech to Dems (UPDATE) 19 heresAthingdotcom Thursday Yesterday 12 1948
Police: 81-Year-Old Marine Corps Veteran Held Hostage In Motel For 4 Years 7 Omaha Steve Thursday Yesterday 3 964
Melania Trump Echoes Michelle Obama in Convention Speech 49 brooklynite Tuesday Yesterday 28 2090
MH370: Search for missing plane to be suspended not shut down 1 Eugene Yesterday Yesterday 1 266
Migrants to be trained as German pool lifeguards to reduce escalating sex attacks by refugees at pub 35 7962 Thursday Yesterday 1 1539
Donald Trump Delivers Dark, Fear-Mongering RNC Speech 7 TomCADem Yesterday Yesterday 9 1599
Federal Judge Blocks Michigan Ban on Straight-Party Voting 11 Purveyor Thursday Yesterday 39 1263
Democratic PAC Files FEC Complaint Over Melania Trump's RNC Speech 21 heresAthingdotcom Thursday Yesterday 62 2939
Police in Fla. shoot caretaker next to autistic man playing in street 38 NWCorona Thursday Yesterday 39 2012
Police consider terrorism motive behind RAF abduction attempt (UK) 2 MowCowWhoHow III Thursday Yesterday 5 438
Federal court strikes down Texas' voter ID law, orders fix before November 1 uhnope Yesterday Yesterday 4 179
Rulings may make voter ID laws presidential race nonfactors 2 uhnope Yesterday Yesterday 1 184
Trump taunts GOP in private donor meeting 19 riversedge Thursday Yesterday 25 2623
Head of Major Jewish Organization Slams Polish Officials for Casting Doubt on Polish, Nazi Murder 7 uawchild Thursday Yesterday 8 546
Full text: Donald Trump 2016 RNC draft speech transcript [View all] 59 brooklynite Thursday Yesterday 0 1955
Roger Ailes reportedly kicked out of Fox News headquarters [View all] 52 brooklynite Thursday Yesterday 37 3186
'Private' video of Virgin Islands Democratic delegate posted online 6 Blue_Tires Thursday Thursday 1 1423
CNN Host Calls Senior Trump Aide Out On Plagiarized Speech: ‘You’re Lying’ [View all] 58 riversedge Wednesday Thursday 89 5791
This message was self-deleted by its author 2 RussBLib Thursday Thursday 0 155
Olympic ban remains for Russia athletes [View all] 60 Surya Gayatri Thursday Thursday 16 2467
Sources: Trump considering top fracking mogul Harold Hamm as energy secretary 11 bucolic_frolic Wednesday Thursday 9 801
Donald Trump Gets Bipartisan Condemnation for NATO Comments 12 riversedge Thursday Thursday 12 872
Menopause reversal restores periods and produces fertile eggs 37 avaistheone1 Wednesday Thursday 7 1583
Ted Cruz Booed for Failing to Endorse Donald Trump, Says "Vote your conscience" [View all] 68 pnwmom Wednesday Thursday 65 3765
PLA unveils new weapons for air and sea combat following Hague tribunal ruling 1 uawchild Thursday Thursday 0 471
Why Clinton Might Pick Tom Vilsack For Veep 23 bucolic_frolic Thursday Thursday 4 820
Breaking: Baltimore Police Lt. Found Not Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter in Freddie Gray Death 31 Hissyspit Monday Thursday 13 2273
PM May says wants to reduce migration into UK to 'tens of thousands' 23 uawchild Wednesday Thursday 4 1179
2nd former Ole Miss student sentenced in statue vandalism 6 Judi Lynn Thursday Thursday 8 768
Trump’s Vegas Hotel Settles Union-Busting Allegations 0 Omaha Steve Thursday Thursday 4 397
Mexico: Another journalist killed in Veracruz state 0 Judi Lynn Thursday Thursday 0 177
Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Decline to Three-Month Low 3 Purveyor Thursday Thursday 4 335
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 jezebel Thursday Thursday 1 154
Grand jury returns indictments against nine former members of Winnebago Tribal Council 4 Omaha Steve Thursday Thursday 5 497
Oscar Pistorius: Appeal over 'shockingly lenient' sentence 6 uawchild Thursday Thursday 5 489
Indian woman gang-raped in 2013 is attacked again 'by same men' 24 OnlinePoker Monday Thursday 20 1438
Secret Service Investigating Trump Adviser Al Baldasaro for Hillary Execution Comments 36 brooklynite Wednesday Thursday 55 2817
Police: Man crashes boat of hunter who killed Cecil the lion 15 jpak Thursday Thursday 10 1489
Turkey will temporarily suspend the European Convention on Human Rights 23 MowCowWhoHow III Thursday Thursday 10 931
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 vkkv Thursday Thursday 0 51
Hanaway lays blame for University of Missouri protests at Nixon's feet 8 pstokely Thursday Thursday 2 709
UK nuclear submarine damaged in 'glancing collision' 6 NWCorona Thursday Thursday 2 473
Donald Trump Plays Down Role of U.S. in Global Crises 6 brooklynite Wednesday Thursday 1 729
Police in Brazil arrest group suspected of planning terror attack during Rio Games 2 MariaThinks Thursday Thursday 2 395
Man surrenders after tossing fake bomb into police van in Manhattan 2 uawchild Thursday Thursday 3 470
Bangladesh says 261 missing amid radicalisation fears 4 MariaThinks Wednesday Thursday 4 463
Feingold calls Trump comments on NATO alliance 'reckless' 3 riversedge Thursday Thursday 15 681
Theresa May says she would kill '100,000 men, women and children' with a nuclear bomb [View all] 63 jakeXT Tuesday Thursday 9 3513
More protests planned as Trump prepares to accept nomination 3 TomCADem Thursday Thursday 6 652
Syrian opposition calls for suspension of U.S.-led air strikes 0 uawchild Thursday Thursday 1 269
China vows to use market forces to boost defense capabilities 0 uawchild Thursday Thursday 2 258
Dem posts photo of racially diverse interns after Ryan selfie controversy 20 Cali_Democrat Wednesday Thursday 12 1238
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 muriel_volestrangler Thursday Thursday 1 75
Leader of top piracy site arrested in Poland, charged in US 3 MowCowWhoHow III Wednesday Thursday 3 738
GOP groups scale back support for Sen. Johnson 7 DonViejo Wednesday Thursday 17 1373
Turkey's Erdogan declares state of emergency after coup attempt 13 MowCowWhoHow III Wednesday Thursday 5 686
Listeria fear prompts 372K-pound hot dog, corn dog recall 15 HuckleB Wednesday Thursday 7 846
Trump aide takes responsibility for Melania speech 39 Tactical Peek Wednesday Thursday 1 1591
Melania Trump's Speechwriter Comes Forward to Apologize 14 Old Union Guy Wednesday Thursday 6 836
Prominent Journalist Killed in Car Bombing in Ukraine 5 uawchild Wednesday Thursday 1 407
Federal Court Finds Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act 5 heresAthingdotcom Wednesday Thursday 11 589
Cop shoots caretaker of autistic man playing in the street with toy truck 22 TomCADem Thursday Thursday 25 1218
Ted Cruz Booed for Failing to Endorse Donald Trump, Tells RNC to 'Vote Your Conscience' 13 RussBLib Wednesday Thursday 12 796
Named: Donald Trump aide who let Melania speak Michelle Obama's words – campaign chairman's former l 45 Wash. state Desk Jet Tuesday Thursday 26 4729
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