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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 105 42405
Supporting the values of the Sanders movement is not "refighting the primaries". [View all] 389 Ken Burch Feb 17 Friday 103 7380
Give it a break, Bernie. [View all] 281 DanTex 19 hrs ago 1 min ago 110 7548
Why the fuck do we have Democrats trying to get us to sympathize with deplorables? [View all] 248 bravenak Tuesday Wednesday 159 7728
Sanders to Perez: 'The same-old, same-old is not working' [View all] 238 Talk Is Cheap Saturday 12 hrs ago 64 6248
George Takei vs. Bill Maher [View all] 234 Trumpocalypse Feb 19 Thursday 54 7602
It seems to me that INDIVISIBLE is much more powerful than OUR REVOLUTION [View all] 217 bravenak 17 hrs ago 1 hr ago 87 4519
Ironically, once you decide a person or group is "stupid," you are relieved from thinking about them [View all] 204 RadiationTherapy Tuesday Wednesday 20 3224
Is the (D) behind the name more important than the voting record? [View all] 204 guillaumeb Saturday 3 hrs ago 39 2421
Witches around the world are planning a mass casting of spells on Trump [View all] 197 meadowlark5 Wednesday Saturday 119 7414
Do you think Hillary should run again in 2020? [View all] 188 agenasolva Wednesday Friday 0 3327
If you wanna play at coaching a team, you probably should wear the uniform [View all] 179 bravenak Saturday 8 hrs ago 108 4334
DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP DEBATE on CNN NOW. [View all] 175 elleng Wednesday Thursday 9 2839
If Bernie really cares about working families, and not just self-promotion, [View all] 160 pnwmom 10 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 25 2248
Here's the guy who punk'd CPAC with Russian flags [View all] 158 ehrnst Friday Yesterday 296 14534
I'm gonna leave the dem party if I have to listen for one more second [View all] 154 boston bean Wednesday 19 hrs ago 133 8500
WOW! President Obama leaving 160 5th ave just now [View all] 147 kpete Friday Saturday 157 11983
The challenge: Use ONE word to describe this photo of Mar-a-Lago, the "Southern Winter White House." [View all] 146 Miles Archer Tuesday Wednesday 0 2310
Why is the attitude towards Bernie, 'stay out of the way if you're not going to join the party',.. [View all] 139 StubbornThings 21 hrs ago 4 hrs ago 7 2124
Yes, We DO Think You ARE Stupid [View all] 139 NanceGreggs Tuesday Wednesday 289 12323
very bizarre - the trump rally - pic heavy [View all] 136 DrDan Feb 19 Friday 23 5641
The "NO's" have it...MPs debate refusing Donald Trump a state visit to Britain [View all] 135 Miles Archer Monday Friday 135 10986
Keith Ellison: [View all] 133 JHan Saturday 13 hrs ago 153 6939
*******BREAKING *******Drumpf asked the FBI to exonerate him of collaborating with the Russians [View all] 132 DemocratSinceBirth Thursday Friday 250 11713
Incredible moment. Perez moves for Ellison as Deputy Chair [View all] 131 bigtree Saturday 5 hrs ago 152 6810
If one more person tells me I need to try to understand Trump voters or [View all] 130 Are_grits_groceries Tuesday Thursday 189 7712
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 130 Corey_Baker08 Tuesday Wednesday 59 8478
I HAVE to tell you, I am scared. [View all] 118 yuiyoshida Thursday Friday 56 5387
Hang up your goddamn cellphone and drive. [View all] 113 The Velveteen Ocelot Friday Saturday 186 6788
How close were y'all with "Corey Baker"? [View all] 109 bathroommonkey76 Tuesday Wednesday 0 5333
Tom Perez - Our New DNC Chair [View all] 104 MineralMan 17 hrs ago 6 hrs ago 27 1700
I hope GoFundMe sends out refunds to everyone on DU who donated to Corey Baker's scam. [View all] 103 bathroommonkey76 Wednesday Thursday 27 6148
DeVos: Critics want to make my life a living hell [View all] 103 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 18 Friday 46 3708
Ed 'Big Eddie' Schultz will speak at CPAC. [View all] 96 Raine1967 Monday Thursday 51 4863
Keith Ellison Supporters Warn Of Fallout If He Loses DNC Chair Race [View all] 93 workinclasszero Wednesday Wednesday 8 2060
Great analysis by the WP on the DNC Chairman [View all] 91 Kingofalldems Saturday Saturday 8 1876
Show of hands, DUers: Who has been in person at a political event since Jan 20, 2017? [View all] 90 Stinky The Clown 19 hrs ago 4 hrs ago 40 826
A 50 state strategy requires a big tent [View all] 88 BainsBane Thursday Friday 39 2254
We Need A Class Consciousness Revival [View all] 87 eniwetok Thursday 16 hrs ago 1 3474
Is Bill Maher defending pedophilia here? [View all] 87 Henry Krinkle Thursday Yesterday 1 2152
James Comey is now in the middle of the Trump/Russia controversy [View all] 86 GliderGuider Saturday 13 hrs ago 10 2882
Trump is sinking. [View all] 85 babylonsister Wednesday Saturday 165 11643
I have close, hard-working, truly decent friends who are about to be deported. [View all] 83 Jakes Progress Tuesday Thursday 70 2784
Is Howard Dean right? "Dem leadership is 'old and creaky'" [View all] 83 CousinIT Wednesday Thursday 13 1496
Twitler just announced he won't be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner [View all] 83 highplainsdem Saturday 14 hrs ago 33 2666
NanceGreggs, In appreciation. [View all] 82 sheshe2 Saturday 7 hrs ago 193 3791
What a shocker!! Trump lied about graduating first in his class at Wharton [View all] 82 LudwigPastorius Monday Tuesday 47 4449
NYT Op-Ed: Move Left, Democrats! [View all] 78 ginnyinWI Tuesday Wednesday 45 1942
SAD NEWS: LONGTIME DU MEMBER COREY BAKER CRITICAL CONDITION [View all] 78 Corey_Baker08 Feb 19 Wednesday 48 5471
OMFG!! with new news to make this more clear. [View all] 78 Doreen Feb 17 Thursday 18 5630
Good-bye, Facebook [View all] 77 BadgerMom Thursday Friday 71 5629
Opinion on why the FBI ratted out Reince Priebus [View all] 77 GliderGuider Friday Saturday 134 8614
Has JPR become an Alt-Right site? [View all] 76 DemocratSinceBirth Saturday 18 hrs ago 4 2355
Lol, Russian Flags Handed Out/Waved During Trump CPAC Speech [View all] 76 bigtree Friday 21 hrs ago 109 6281
Holy Shit.... Anyone else watching Rachel? [View all] 74 eniwetok Monday Thursday 61 7152
Republican lawmakers want to loosen restrictions on silencers. [View all] 74 sunonmars Tuesday Wednesday 5 1407
Tom Perez Tweet @ trump.. [View all] 74 Cha Saturday 11 hrs ago 95 3376
Bill Maher, Faulted for Booking Milo Yiannopoulos, Takes Credit for His Fall.. [View all] 73 HipChick Wednesday Wednesday 13 1691
Where's the Republican outrage? [View all] 73 SHRED Feb 19 Wednesday 189 7262
NASA Is Set to Announce a Breaking Discovery From Beyond Our Solar System - Press Conf tomorrow [View all] 73 Native Tuesday Wednesday 42 4064
The Supreme Court Just Advanced A Lawsuit To Nullify The 2016 Election [View all] 73 WhiteTara Friday 15 hrs ago 148 12164
Super Scientific DU DNC chair poll!!! VOTE HERE!! (Poll) [View all] 73 bravenak Wednesday Friday 5 1149
9 things its hard to believe the president of the United States actually just said [View all] 72 babylonsister Feb 16 Wednesday 72 7485
I think progressives need to understand Trump voters. No, really. [View all] 72 guillaumeb Tuesday Wednesday 16 1643
Charles Blow: "This Is Why I have no patience for liberal talk of reaching out to Trump voters." [View all] 71 kpete Thursday Friday 167 7056
Viral Photos Show Black Women Simply Unbothered By Police Intimidation [View all] 71 sheshe2 Wednesday Thursday 164 7389
All The Addiction Commercials [View all] 70 ProfessorGAC Tuesday Thursday 28 2646
Members voting in the DNC, I beg you, please, please vote for Pete... [View all] 70 Firebrand Gary Thursday Saturday 25 1841
IF TRUMP is found guilty of collusion with the Russians what will happen? (Poll) [View all] 70 yuiyoshida Monday Tuesday 0 1470
Hillary doing her part once again! [View all] 70 boston bean Friday Saturday 107 3929
Anti-Semitism: One Jew's perspective about recent events (long read) [View all] 70 Behind the Aegis Monday 17 hrs ago 55 1554
Breaking from NBC News re Ruth Bader Ginsberg. [View all] 69 kstewart33 Friday Saturday 161 13184
Right Wing Head Are Going To Explode [View all] 69 erpowers Tuesday Wednesday 123 10812
Here we go again...its REALLY getting under his skin [View all] 69 pkdu 16 hrs ago 13 hrs ago 69 5346
Why Did We Lose And How Can We Win? [View all] 68 CitizenZero Monday Tuesday 0 1600
She voted for Trump. Now she fears losing the Obamacare plan that saved her life. [View all] 68 Cattledog Saturday 17 hrs ago 28 2359
Tom Perez wins DNC Chair on 2nd round [View all] 68 brooklynite Saturday 20 hrs ago 29 2036
Um? Trump is about to speak at the Natl. African American museum.... I'll report, you decide! [View all] 67 bravenak Tuesday Tuesday 10 1392
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