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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 84 17159
The latest "banning" (NYC_SKP) is an interesting lesson on REPUTATION. [View all] 682 IdaBriggs Jun 5 Monday 355 20325
Still don't think he's a used-car salesman? [View all] 484 WilliamPitt Jun 23 Thursday 196 15777
Poll: If you could have Hillary Or Bernie for President, who would you pick?? (Poll) [View all] 447 Logical Apr 29 Yesterday 215 15445
Hillary Clinton is going to lose: She doesn’t even see the frustrated progressive wave [View all] 340 L0oniX Jun 22 Wednesday 189 7964
A Letter to My Sublime Allies on the US Left [View all] 332 WilliamPitt Yesterday 40 min ago 266 6812
I've Had Enough... [View all] 298 MineralMan Wednesday Thursday 148 8195
And Another Thing !!! - The Next Time I Hear That We Are Not To Criticize Or Work Against Democrats. [View all] 292 WillyT Jun 23 Thursday 248 6061
Nominate Bernie and we lose 49 states. It's that simple. [View all] 282 davishenderson265 Jun 23 Sunday 16 4472
I'm now officially an Independent voter! [View all] 279 1000words Thursday Sunday 37 5976
For SHAME, Bernie would not approve! [View all] 248 Cosmic Kitten Wednesday Wednesday 73 4006
David Crosby Still Thinks Kanye West Is 'A Poser' Who 'Can't Write, Sing Or Play' [View all] 247 edhopper Saturday Yesterday 32 5844
UPDATE: If the TPP Passes Bernie Sanders Will Be the Next President of the US. And Here's Why: [View all] 243 sabrina 1 Jun 23 Friday 207 6033
A segment of DU is very invested in painting a dystopian picture of the US [View all] 219 Recursion Wednesday Thursday 36 5689
Would you say "illegal immigrants" or "undocumented" ? [View all] 218 Cheese Sandwich Monday 13 hrs ago 0 3177
Pope Francis Calls Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalism a Sickness [View all] 212 damnedifIknow Jun 11 Friday 212 9498
Wanna Know Who Made Racism ''Acceptable Again'' in the good ol' USA? [View all] 212 Octafish Jun 19 Thursday 322 11161
"A letter to my dismal allies on the US left" [View all] 204 BainsBane Monday 1 hr ago 43 5772
CNN Mistakes Dildo-Covered Flag at Pride Parade for ISIS Flag [View all] 198 arcane1 Saturday Monday 116 6152
How would you pay for Medicare For All? [View all] 197 Recursion Monday 7 hrs ago 1 2961
Bernie is blowing it on NPR right now .... [View all] 191 kwassa Thursday Sunday 15 5117
Here are my concerns about a Bernie candidacy ... [View all] 186 1StrongBlackMan Jun 23 Wednesday 21 2923
Gonna drive by a reservation on your way to tell folks how racist the Confederate flag is? [View all] 184 jtuck004 Wednesday Friday 80 4432
Is President Obama a corporatist? [View all] 177 Sancho Saturday Monday 14 2761
Priced Out [View all] 171 edhopper Jun 21 Thursday 100 4502
Texas pastor Rick Scarborough is willing to be burned to death to oppose gay marriage [View all] 171 Surya Gayatri Jun 20 Friday 23 2918
** SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS MARRIAGE RIGHTS FOR ALL ** 5-4 vote! [View all] 170 brooklynite Friday Saturday 294 4455
I am not liking Obama very much these days [View all] 170 Stinky The Clown Wednesday Thursday 66 4022
Bernie Sanders & Cornel West: The radical alliance that could change everything [View all] 164 Fearless Wednesday Thursday 49 2931
So, TPP Fast Track has passed. RIP American Middle Class [View all] 164 hifiguy Jun 23 Thursday 120 3758
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 164 WillyT Thursday Saturday 75 2849
Hillary Clinton's Gay-Marriage Problem (The Atlantic Monthly) [View all] 161 yuiyoshida Jun 22 Thursday 20 2712
If Jeb Bush is actually a college drop-out, what happens next? [View all] 158 anobserver2 Jun 19 Thursday 18 4580
Why does Team Hillary ALWAYS take the low road [View all] 149 virtualobserver Thursday Friday 61 2440
A right-of-center acquaintance just told me he was surprised to learn ... [View all] 139 Scuba Wednesday Friday 243 7936
Is It Wrong For Me To Believe That Obama Is Playing 3D Chess With This TPP?..... [View all] 139 global1 Wednesday Sunday 11 2070
I like President Obama and though he has a year and one half left I am beginning to miss him. [View all] 138 DemocratSinceBirth Wednesday Friday 41 1688
Give it up for Barack Obama, The Ever Loving Best President of the United States of AMERICA! [View all] 135 freshwest Saturday Sunday 134 2830
Other than throwing the 2000 election to Bush, what has the far left accomplished recently? [View all] 135 DanTex 4 hrs ago 38 sec ago 13 1785
Listen, y'all: [View all] 133 GaYellowDawg Monday 16 hrs ago 216 4100
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 133 kentuck Wednesday Monday 0 3389
Joseph Stiglitz to Greece’s Creditors: Abandon Austerity Or Face Global Fallout [View all] 131 IDemo Monday 22 hrs ago 106 4015
Had enough yet? [View all] 130 MannyGoldstein Jun 23 Thursday 180 4205
Why is it we forced "de-nazification" on Germany but not the equivalent on Confederates? [View all] 129 yurbud Sunday 18 hrs ago 15 2620
The South was not sufficiently punished after the war [View all] 129 bluestateguy Jun 23 Thursday 19 3628
Great post at DailyKos about Bernie's NPR interview today. [View all] 129 madfloridian Thursday Saturday 160 4280
Barack Obama is officially one of the most consequential presidents in American history [View all] 129 wyldwolf Friday 1 hr ago 123 2664
The flag of the Confederacy should be flown. On state grounds if they so choose. It's their right. [View all] 123 Glassunion Jun 23 Thursday 209 7593
I am an adjunct professor who teaches five classes. I earn less than a pet-sitter [View all] 123 KamaAina Jun 22 Wednesday 81 3368
I don't like the words "dismal" "radical" "rancid" used against the left. I am a proud liberal. [View all] 123 madfloridian Monday 7 hrs ago 103 2172
A question for all the Greece-austerity haters: What is your counter-proposal? [View all] 122 DetlefK Monday Yesterday 1 2205
Stop with the damn dirty politics against other Democrats [View all] 120 LynneSin Jun 23 Wednesday 76 2961
Do you put your hand over your heart during the National Anthem? [View all] 118 Laura PourMeADrink 16 hrs ago 17 min ago 6 1795
Congress is about to pass a bill they KNOW will cost American jobs. Obama is for this loss of jobs, [View all] 115 grahamhgreen Jun 23 Thursday 84 2453
Have girded my loins and sallied forth into the fetid swamp that is freeperland...once again. [View all] 113 Surya Gayatri Friday Saturday 43 2645
ACA subsidies upheld (King v. Burwell)! 6-3 vote including Roberts!!! [View all] 112 brooklynite Thursday Friday 113 3241
You are not going to friggin believe this! [View all] 111 William769 Jun 23 Friday 81 5495
BREAKING: TPA now has passed the Senate [View all] 111 nadinbrzezinski Wednesday Thursday 55 2122
Would the nation be better off if the south would go away? [View all] 111 FlaGatorJD Friday Sunday 3 2212
NYT: Bernie Sanders Lags Hillary Clinton in Introducing Himself to Black Voters [View all] 109 YoungDemCA Wednesday Friday 16 1903
My Case Against Assault Weapons [View all] 109 CajunBlazer Saturday Sunday 23 2155
This message was self-deleted by its author [View all] 108 panader0 Sunday Sunday 12 2951
Hilary Clinton campaign: "Equal" [View all] 105 brooklynite Thursday Friday 18 2442
Elections matter- no Clinton & Obama-no Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor-no marriage equality [View all] 104 DemocratSinceBirth Friday Saturday 76 1627
'NEVER, in almost two decades of politics, have I seen a trend line like this one..." [View all] 99 Surya Gayatri Saturday Sunday 95 3889
If Hillary wins the primary, will Sander's supporters vote for her? [View all] 99 Sean23 Wednesday Friday 1 1161
92% of Democrats are comfortable voting for Hillary. [View all] 99 Cali_Democrat Jun 23 6 min ago 32 1572
Southerners have got to realize that Margaret Mitchell was a writer of fiction. [View all] 98 kpete Sunday Monday 57 2498
Does FOX News Foster Hate and Incite Violence? ;) [View all] 97 napkinz Wednesday Saturday 43 1982
Todd Starnes: ministers who don't perform gay weddings should prepare for hate crimes charges [View all] 97 shenmue Saturday Yesterday 5 2183
Amazing Grace [View all] 95 WilliamPitt Friday Monday 109 3990
Same old crap starting again... [View all] 95 kentuck Wednesday Thursday 178 3595
Is this what outsourcing our space program means - Rockets that blow up? [View all] 92 liberal N proud Monday Monday 13 1713
What About the Army Bases Named For Confederate Generals? [View all] 90 TheOther95Percent Jun 23 Friday 34 2706
Hillary Clinton, At Black Church Near Ferguson, Says 'All Lives Matter' [View all] 90 KamaAina Wednesday Wednesday 14 1487
If the TPP being rammed through puts the lie to anything [View all] 88 Bonobo Wednesday Thursday 120 2882
Curbside "free stuff", sanctimonious environmental destruction. [View all] 87 PowerToThePeople Monday Yesterday 0 1638
That's all she wrote: Pelosi to support TAA [View all] 85 Proud Public Servant Wednesday Friday 15 1273
Anyone else heavily depressed by their facebook "friends" and family rantings about yesterday's [View all] 84 CBGLuthier Saturday Saturday 51 2691
"I Made A Huge Sacrifice To Buy My Dream Home" [View all] 84 KamaAina Yesterday 1 hr ago 8 2790
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