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General Discussion (Forum)

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Bernie's coming onto the House floor! [View all] 351 The Blue Flower Wednesday Yesterday 146 9413
Dear pedantic shits saying it's a Sig Sauer MCX, not an AR-15, and not an assault rifle: FUCK YOU [View all] 347 Bucky Jun 14 Jun 18 359 11409
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tells Bill Maher That Anti-Science Liberals Are Full of Shit Too [View all] 342 cleanhippie Jun 8 Tuesday 107 8476
OH MY GOD let's get several things straight about Brexit [View all] 282 auntpurl Friday 9 hrs ago 271 12198
No non-sworn civilian should own any device that is DESIGNED to kill a lot of humans efficiently [View all] 273 uponit7771 Sunday Monday 18 4002
I am amazed - really quite amazed - at some of the Brexit opinions I am reading here on DU [View all] 252 Stinky The Clown Yesterday 28 min ago 161 7699
Woman Who Spanked Her Children With Belt After She Caught Them Stealing Gets Arrested And Sets Off.. [View all] 251 Purveyor Friday 20 hrs ago 8 4297
How many of you have ever fired a gun? [View all] 243 Kang Colby Sunday Tuesday 5 4667
I admit it, I'm dumb about alligators. [View all] 238 pnwmom Jun 15 Jun 18 27 5127
Was at grocery store yesterday, saw something disturbing. [View all] 237 Archae Jun 16 Sunday 15 6600
Crediting white men with the work of minorities and women [View all] 231 La Lioness Priyanka Wednesday Thursday 83 6041
Love to members of DU's LGBTQ community and their supporters [View all] 229 merrily Jun 12 Monday 257 7166
When it comes to what's best for Black People, it's time for White People to mind their business [View all] 216 bravenak Thursday 19 hrs ago 99 6568
FBI Told Orlando Shooter's Wife Not to Tell US Media He Was Gay [View all] 214 ellenrr Jun 17 Thursday 96 7735
Nevada Reporter Who Falsely Claimed Sanders Supporters Threw Chairs Just Got What He Deserves [View all] 206 arcane1 Tuesday 21 hrs ago 234 10659
Please Rec if you support Sen. Murphy's Filibuster for Gun control (live video link) [View all] 201 BootinUp Jun 15 Jun 18 364 4114
Black Lives Matter -- white supremacy, patriarchy and homophobia causes of Orlando attack. NOT Islam [View all] 198 philosslayer Tuesday Thursday 17 6967
Do not think about arguing [View all] 194 uppityperson Jun 14 Jun 18 188 7303
ONE LAST TIME: Brexit, for the VAST MAJORITY of Leave voters, was about xenophobia [View all] 191 auntpurl 22 hrs ago 40 min ago 81 4109
Last year, this man specifically warned Disney about alligators after his son [View all] 186 cali Jun 17 Monday 85 7095
Remington does in fact sell, quite literally "military-issue weapons of war" to civilians. (GUN PIC) [View all] 181 sir pball Jun 16 Jun 18 4 4535
Another tragedy in Orlando: Alligator drags 2 year old into the water at Disney World [View all] 181 davidn3600 Jun 15 Jun 17 6 4358
Your guide to semi-automatic rifles [View all] 173 Matrosov Jun 15 Jun 18 35 4888
French couple stabbed to death by ISIS volunteer: no AR-15 involved. [View all] 166 Albertoo Jun 14 Monday 8 3653
First Ohio girl to win masonry competition gets replaced by a 3rd place boy at Nationals. [View all] 165 pnwmom Monday Wednesday 103 8700
What's going on in the House is HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGE! #NoBIllNoBreak [View all] 164 malaise Wednesday Thursday 197 6874
Complain to the families of the Pulse and Sandy Hook victims about your right to due process [View all] 163 lindysalsagal Wednesday 18 hrs ago 29 3953
OK. I've joined the crew that doesn't think Trump will be the nominee [View all] 163 cali Tuesday Wednesday 33 3974
Clarence Thomas may be next to leave Supreme Court [View all] 158 babylonsister Sunday Tuesday 172 8333
Here's why 52% of British voted to leave [View all] 155 TexasMommaWithAHat Friday 11 hrs ago 63 6217
Neoliberalism Will Soon Force Americans to Leave the United States [View all] 147 marmar Jun 18 Sunday 91 6422
Own a Firearm? Get a Godd*mn Gun Lock [View all] 144 onehandle Friday 2 min ago 46 2405
A lot of people are having trouble with this math problem that requires some basic algebra [View all] 142 sarisataka 18 hrs ago 18 min ago 7 3439
The Game Metaphor: How to Teach Racists That There is no Such Thing as Reverse Racism [View all] 137 bravenak Friday 4 hrs ago 23 3105
When the second amendment was penned, people owned flintlocks. [View all] 137 Avalux Jun 14 Monday 20 3517
I think the new rules will have unintended consequences... [View all] 136 kentuck Tuesday Wednesday 81 5534
It's really, really hard to talk about radical Islamic terrorism [View all] 135 cali Jun 12 Sunday 34 4983
Don't call it an assault weapon. [View all] 135 Jerry442 Monday Friday 5 3447
"As an Arab, the Middle Eastís reaction to Orlando left me speechless" [View all] 133 FLPanhandle Jun 15 Sunday 58 5644
In case you missed it, Stephen King summed up the Freddie Gray BS in one Tweet [View all] 131 Godhumor 17 hrs ago 7 min ago 130 5419
The real truth is that people across the planet are fed up of [View all] 129 malaise Friday 6 hrs ago 149 5407
"It could have happened to anyone." Mom shares photos of son in spot where gator killed [View all] 125 pnwmom Sunday Tuesday 30 3786
What is an assault weapon? [View all] 123 Stinky The Clown Jun 16 Sunday 12 3011
BREAKING: House Democrats holding "sit-in" on House floor (literally) [View all] 123 brooklynite Wednesday Thursday 214 5407
2 months before his murder spree, Mateen signed his house over to his Brother-in-law [View all] 122 cali Jun 17 Sunday 10 3597
I still see the TPP as a significant threat to our rights [View all] 122 cali 22 hrs ago 6 min ago 85 1740
White House Petition: Ban the AR-15 from Civilian Ownership [View all] 121 Scuba Jun 14 Jun 18 35 3190
Risks of Harm from Spanking Confirmed by Analysis of Five Decades of Research [View all] 120 Humanist_Activist Friday 5 hrs ago 40 1894
The names, ages of the victims of the Pulse mass murder [View all] 120 uppityperson Jun 12 Jun 16 73 5036
England should feel the consequences for voting to leave the EU. [View all] 114 Meldread Friday Friday 10 3644
****** How about an OFFICIAL BREXIT/BREMAIN THREAD? ****** [View all] 113 Lucky Luciano Thursday Friday 8 2401
Gun nuts are going to lose this one. [View all] 113 onehandle Jun 14 Monday 65 4652
From a Republican colleague of mine as he walked off the floor: "We're going to have a drink and a [View all] 113 Cha Thursday 14 hrs ago 141 7109
Probiotics Are Useless, GMOs Are Fine, and Gluten Is Necessary [View all] 112 packman Jun 18 Monday 11 3314
Greenwald: People on watch list have a right to get guns. Democrats suck for thinking otherwise. [View all] 109 arely staircase Tuesday Friday 6 2538
OK I've decided to watch Don the Con's teleprompter attack speech [View all] 108 malaise Wednesday Wednesday 0 1596
Chelsea Clinton just tweeted about the birth of her son. [View all] 108 BootinUp Jun 18 Monday 114 4469
by Robert Reich:As if you didnít already have too much to worry about, Social Securityís funds [View all] 107 elleng Sunday Tuesday 135 5670
A stupid rock is following the Earth around. [View all] 105 A HERETIC I AM Jun 18 Sunday 68 5274
A How-To Guide On Dealing With A ĎGunsplainerí [View all] 104 baldguy Jun 16 Jun 17 16 2917
A real Democrat doesn't support the TPP... [View all] 98 TheProgressive Monday Yesterday 55 2327
The 1950's were not all that great and they are not coming back [View all] 97 Peacetrain Yesterday 1 hr ago 66 2586
Disney resort custodian says he warned managers they should have fences [View all] 97 pnwmom Jun 15 Jun 16 20 2777
Mateen Profile More Like "A Typical Mass Shooter" Rather Than "Individual Radicalized By ISIS" [View all] 97 kpete Jun 18 Monday 29 3175
I don't think it's a good idea to restrict Constitutional rights based on a government watch list [View all] 97 davidn3600 Jun 16 Monday 15 3082
It's gonna be crazy if the UK leaves. [View all] 96 DanTex Thursday Friday 12 3234
I got blocked by Scott Baio! [View all] 95 WillParkinson Tuesday Wednesday 87 5224
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL): "If you use an AK-47 to hunt a deer....." [View all] 95 kpete Jun 16 Jun 18 34 2966
Of the names floating for VP, who do you prefer? (updated x 2 dbl ck on Castro) (Poll) [View all] 94 Omaha Steve Jun 10 Jun 16 7 2393
NRA Top guy, Chris Cox, refused to answer Re: assault weapons [View all] 94 Equinox Moon Sunday Monday 8 2138
So if you are wrongly put on a watch list, how do you get off it? [View all] 94 davidn3600 Thursday Thursday 12 2026
We need more surveillance when it comes to guns [View all] 93 RobertEarl Tuesday Wednesday 1 1884
How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment [View all] 90 Major Nikon Thursday 6 hrs ago 18 1761
sensible gun control [View all] 89 lancer78 Thursday Yesterday 1 1644
This comment perfectly explains why Brexit has left the UK's young feeling so devastated [View all] 89 babylonsister Friday 45 min ago 125 6626
How cool would this be for DU? [View all] 88 RobertEarl Monday Monday 0 1406
My Shrimpy died today. June 19 (posting in GD because this is my usual forum.) [View all] 88 BlancheSplanchnik Monday Wednesday 69 2131
Consider this as a clue to how fucked we are as a country. [View all] 88 Stinky The Clown Tuesday Wednesday 107 8240
Blood bank in Florida still turning away gay donors after terrorist attack [View all] 86 KamaAina Jun 12 Jun 16 9 2227
John Lewis leading gun control sit-in on House floor [View all] 86 La Lioness Priyanka Wednesday Yesterday 118 2734
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