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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 102 36159
I've noticed some "progressives" seem to think Hillary owes them something [View all] 309 BainsBane Tuesday Thursday 121 35305
I was called stupid and a liar on DU in the past two days. [View all] 238 sheshe2 Nov 25 Monday 193 12402
The White House Says Women Should Be Required to Register for the Military Draft [View all] 203 guillaumeb Thursday Friday 6 3947
Saying What Must Be Said: The President-Elect is MENTALLY ILL [View all] 198 KingCharlemagne Monday Tuesday 134 9931
So: What do we do about the fact that small-town and rural Americans are so out of touch [View all] 174 Recursion Wednesday Thursday 10 6694
In Private Fundraiser, Keith Ellison Said Israel Controls US Policy [View all] 164 ericson00 Wednesday Thursday 5 3872
Guys, I've got to say, I'm sort of terrified right now. [View all] 154 Tommy_Carcetti Tuesday Wednesday 185 11348
So, this is how it ends. Lets face it, barring a massive revolt, this country is finished. [View all] 145 kydo Wednesday Friday 49 6658
I saw something rather disturbing today. [View all] 141 yuiyoshida Nov 24 Nov 26 91 10582
How is it that Pelosi's age is a stumbling block for her, but Bernie who is also old [View all] 137 La Lioness Priyanka Wednesday Thursday 41 2321
I loved Fidel [View all] 131 malaise Nov 26 Sunday 37 5219
Santa Claus Banned from Oregon Classrooms [View all] 129 philosslayer Wednesday Thursday 2 2932
Are We Ready to Stand up for Those Trump Will Attack? [View all] 126 MineralMan Thursday 22 hrs ago 121 3833
HRC/Democrats Lost Due to WRONG Message [View all] 122 NanceGreggs Nov 26 Monday 116 6430
Do you have a passport? [View all] 119 Cyrano Wednesday Friday 20 3160
Do We Disrespect Rural America? [View all] 119 McCamy Taylor Nov 26 Monday 10 4600
Hillary needs to run in 2020. She will WIN! [View all] 118 Table Thursday Friday 7 3664
Pelosi wins 134-63! [View all] 116 hrmjustin Wednesday Thursday 33 3326
Silent thread for Fidel Castro. R.I.P [View all] 113 DonCoquixote Nov 26 Tuesday 24 4664
#RECOUNT# 6,530,188.10 RAISED New Goal 9.5 Million [View all] 108 itsrobert Nov 23 Wednesday 36 4699
what are you going to do on Inauguration day? [View all] 108 CTyankee Friday Yesterday 2 1693
BREAKING: Feds will deny easement for Dakota Access Pipeline [View all] 95 pinboy3niner 5 hrs ago 1 hr ago 130 3875
Don't look now, but Trump just lost his shit on Twitter [View all] 92 RandySF Monday Tuesday 17 4404
Excuse me, but just WTH are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer doing? [View all] 89 Maven Monday Tuesday 59 5266
I'm a shrink. Here's what I think. [View all] 88 Chalco Tuesday Wednesday 182 8885
"Monkey face and poor ebonic English!!! " says Dr. Michelle Herren about Michelle Obama [View all] 88 Liberal_in_LA Thursday Friday 49 4010
Do DUers understand the meaning of 2million more votes? [View all] 84 malaise Nov 24 Wednesday 59 4430
The CEO of Ford just perfectly summarized the biggest problem for electric cars [View all] 84 FarCenter 12 hrs ago 1 hr ago 3 2578
Tim Ryan beating Nancy Pelosi on 11/30 is exactly what we need! [View all] 83 RiverStone Nov 25 Monday 12 3149
CNN reporter Donald Trump does not have to reach out to people who did not vote for him [View all] 79 Cha Yesterday 22 hrs ago 22 2399
Hillary's gap in PA just dropped by 23K [View all] 79 bigtree Thursday 27 min ago 90 8272
How long before the white working class realizes Trump was just scamming them? [View all] 78 DonViejo Nov 23 Wednesday 32 2946
Trump has jumped the shark [View all] 78 Binders Keepers Monday Tuesday 79 7355
I looked away for what I thought was a brief moment...then this happened. [View all] 77 sheshe2 Friday Yesterday 195 8568
I Ask Myself Will I Ever Feel Good About Anything Again After This Election. [View all] 77 TheMastersNemesis Sunday Sunday 43 2746
The "fly-overs" crying for repeal of the ACA [View all] 76 SHRED Nov 26 Sunday 7 3072
Morons who voted for Republicans now worry they will take away their health care as promised [View all] 73 RKP5637 Wednesday Thursday 73 4285
Donald J. Trump just undermined himself. [View all] 73 babylonsister Sunday Monday 109 8175
Who is your pick for President in 2020? [View all] 72 Red Oak 10 hrs ago 26 min ago 1 1158
(DEBUNKED!) Ivanka Trump in 2006: "If he wasn't my father, I would spray him with Mace." [View all] 72 Skinner Nov 24 Nov 26 85 6696
this world is so screwed up. I have Crohn's and a raging case of C-Diff. Insurance denied [View all] 72 demtenjeep Wednesday Friday 29 2799
A Woman Just Stood Up To Trumps Latest Outburst On Twitter And America Is Cheering Her On [View all] 72 no_hypocrisy 12 hrs ago 50 min ago 132 6274
Some electoral college math: Small states way overweighted [View all] 71 rurallib Nov 24 Nov 26 30 3486
Trump voter lost her home to new Treasury secretary [View all] 71 workinclasszero Friday Yesterday 34 2233
Looking for improbable ways to keep Trump out of office is a waste of time. [View all] 71 MineralMan Monday Tuesday 31 2443
Share your 2016 Thanksgiving horror stories here. [View all] 70 AngryAmish Nov 24 Monday 1 2963
"I just wish that I had not voted" [View all] 70 kpete Friday Yesterday 24 2482
U.S. Veterans stage a protest outside college where the American flag was removed [View all] 70 davidn3600 Monday 22 hrs ago 3 2069
Why do any otherwise intelligent people think that Nancy Pelosi [View all] 69 pnwmom Wednesday Thursday 27 2274
The disruptive Trump supporter on the Delta flight has just been banned from Delta. [View all] 69 mainer Monday Wednesday 91 5056
I don't know about you all....but I am starting to get a little bit frightened [View all] 69 Horse with no Name Yesterday 11 hrs ago 43 3665
Inauguration Will Be Like A God Damned Funeral For The USA [View all] 69 TheMastersNemesis Nov 25 Nov 26 46 3337
Instead of winning over the 27% who voted for Trump, how about winning over the 40% who didn't vote? [View all] 68 DetlefK Thursday Thursday 36 1524
Wow, never thought I'd say this... [View all] 68 thejoker123 Friday 7 hrs ago 33 3725
We are not your property. [View all] 67 sheshe2 Thursday Friday 118 4900
Who gives us the best chance of taking down Trump in 2020? [View all] 67 redstateblues Thursday Friday 0 1631
DNC Chair Candidate Keith Ellison Once Called For Separate Country for Black Americans [View all] 67 DonViejo Monday Wednesday 2 2572
President Obama Says Marijuana Should Be Treated Like Alcohol [View all] 67 dixiegrrrrl Thursday 4 hrs ago 41 2697
"We hate Donald Trump like you hated President Obama." [View all] 67 CousinIT Nov 26 Sunday 137 6360
We won the pop vote by 2,500,000 and lost E C vote by less than 100,000. [View all] 66 DemocratSinceBirth Nov 24 Nov 25 19 2453
I believe that posters who criticize someone over weight or [View all] 66 MineralMan Nov 25 Nov 26 12 2043
Lieberman: Dems won't win with slide to left [View all] 66 demmiblue 10 hrs ago 31 sec ago 1 1359
All the warmth of a hostage photo... [View all] 65 brooklynite Tuesday Thursday 31 3666
This ad!!! Whoa! [View all] 65 Are_grits_groceries Friday Yesterday 190 8021
Kellyanne Conway DEMANDS to know why President-Elect Obama wasn't grilled over HIS Taiwan call... [View all] 65 Miles Archer Yesterday Yesterday 34 4885
Pelosi needs to go [View all] 65 Txbluedog Monday Tuesday 4 2009
Trump supporter banned for life from Delta flights after rant [View all] 65 dixiegrrrrl Monday Tuesday 50 2860
We need to run a goody goody two shoes,i.e. super clean guy like Jimmy Carter in 2020. [View all] 65 DemocratSinceBirth Friday Friday 6 1236
Massive Election Fraud Gave The Election To Trump. No Other Conclusion From big Picture. [View all] 64 TheMastersNemesis Thursday Friday 53 2830
Bernie Sanders: Trump Infrastructure plan a "scam that gives massive tax breaks to large companies" [View all] 64 Skinner Nov 21 Monday 58 3808
Here is another pic which we must not circulate......way too many chins [View all] 63 dixiegrrrrl Tuesday Wednesday 51 3391
WI Recount is a go and I am happy for the first time all month [View all] 63 jodymarie aimee Nov 24 Nov 25 99 7590
Oklahoma Pastor rips apart the fake religiosity of Trump supporters. [View all] 63 pnwmom Tuesday Wednesday 136 5959
Cenk Uygur Praises Donald Trump For Carrier Deal: Obama Would Never Have Done It [View all] 63 SidDithers Thursday Friday 5 2145
Gen Petraeus was directing events in Benghazi before, during and after the attack. [View all] 63 blm Monday Wednesday 106 4439
Trump is speaking at the carrier plant. I CAN'T STOP CRYING [View all] 63 trueblue2007 Thursday Friday 48 5199
Mining Would Be Exciting For Kids: Trumps Secretary Of Education Wants Legal Child Labor [View all] 63 Snarkoleptic Nov 24 Yesterday 45 3981
the honeymoon ends....Breitbart slams Trump for 'broken promise' on jailing Clinton [View all] 62 Grey Lemercier Nov 22 Sunday 40 5703
Why are people getting all bent out of shape over Castro dying? [View all] 61 bravenak Nov 26 Monday 15 2541
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