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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 105 44347
Keith Ellison getting thrown under the bus in T-minus 7...6...5... [View all] 316 Blue_Tires Mar 17 Thursday 77 10380
AL FRANKEN totally ROCKS!! He's a TRUE DEMOCRAT!! [View all] 265 NurseJackie Tuesday 30 min ago 148 10143
My high school senior nephew cannot read or write cursive [View all] 262 jpak Mar 15 Wednesday 16 6049
Stunning polls show Sanders soaring while 'TrumpCare' crashes [View all] 261 Talk Is Cheap 23 hrs ago 48 min ago 116 6346
I'm going to be in the minority here re NK but... [View all] 252 Rustyeye77 Sunday Wednesday 3 5284
Republicans Close To Trump Say President Is Showing Signs Of Mental Illness [View all] 217 KewlKat Monday Wednesday 131 15046
"I believed everything he said": Ex-supporter whose son ODd says Trumpcare made him turn on the pre [View all] 202 Miles Archer Tuesday 10 hrs ago 54 7202
The 2016 election must be nullified [View all] 200 Zoonart Tuesday Wednesday 43 4866
If you are over 60, or studied Watergate at length...Does this feel like Watergate ? [View all] 197 Stuart G Monday Wednesday 52 3942
Trump officially became an illegitimate President today [View all] 169 stevenleser Wednesday 22 hrs ago 306 12569
Bernie Sanders... The head of the Democratic Party who was never head of the Democratic Party [View all] 167 WiffenPoof Thursday Thursday 15 2483
I supported the status quo [View all] 158 BainsBane Sunday Thursday 181 5841
A very serious question: Is this treason? [View all] 148 kentuck Wednesday Thursday 21 2913
Was DU also inundated with Fake Russian bots and Fake news during elections? [View all] 138 Madam45for2923 Thursday 21 hrs ago 26 2690
Can a president be arrested? [View all] 121 BainsBane 22 hrs ago 1 hr ago 4 2268
let's just take a moment to appreciate just how impressively epic this fail is [View all] 117 unblock 21 hrs ago 41 min ago 266 9594
Bernie will be on Rachel tonight; my man Bernie, [View all] 112 babylonsister Thursday 4 hrs ago 39 1979
RussiaGate blows WIDE OPEN in Abrahamson report: High Crimes and Misdemeanors [View all] 111 LaydeeBug Thursday 11 hrs ago 163 11884
Help me with this: What famous actor does Paul Manafort remind me of? [View all] 110 MineralMan Thursday 19 hrs ago 7 2150
Nunes [View all] 104 H2O Man Wednesday Thursday 167 8450
THIS is what the world is reading. Time Magazine interview. He is barking mad. [View all] 102 nolabear Thursday 8 hrs ago 153 10913
Trump sends lawyers after teen for site where kittens can punch POTUS [View all] 101 Miles Archer Tuesday Wednesday 165 7753
Russia is not our Adversary [View all] 99 grantcart Tuesday Wednesday 28 3078
What? Whoa! CNN tweet: This is the direct evidence. [View all] 99 Kingofalldems Wednesday 23 hrs ago 195 15471
Teacher Cant Stop Smiling After Being Accused Of Having Sexual Relations With Teen [View all] 97 IronLionZion Wednesday Thursday 3 4002
Kirsten Gillibrand is running for president [View all] 94 Renew Deal Tuesday Wednesday 42 3498
Andrea. Mitchell just said on MSNBC [View all] 94 Zoonart Yesterday 4 hrs ago 95 10032
Appreciation thread for Rep. Adam Schiff [View all] 93 gopiscrap Monday Tuesday 240 4473
WOW!!!Rep. Eric Swalwell and Sen Richard Blumenthal said today... [View all] 93 SummerSnow Monday Wednesday 186 11355
What did you think of Gorsuch? [View all] 90 babylonsister Tuesday Thursday 23 1762
Some of my friends work for alphabet agencies, and every tidbit matters, so... [View all] 88 LaydeeBug Tuesday Wednesday 117 7778
Tulsi Gabbard in cross hairs for RT interview [View all] 88 Chevy Wednesday 17 hrs ago 19 2270
Nunes: surveillance was "political" and "inappropriate." At White House. SHAMING FBI. [View all] 87 anneboleyn Wednesday Thursday 41 4846
Please. Just Stop With The Gorsuch is Okay Threads. [View all] 85 Solomon Tuesday Wednesday 126 4120
They never spend the night together ever [View all] 84 kpete Wednesday Wednesday 10 2303
Rachel Maddow is covering russian interference in primary, use of [View all] 82 Ilsa Tuesday Wednesday 63 3906
Kim Jong-Un vows to reduce the US to ashes with nuke strikes if DT fires even a single bulllet [View all] 80 Rustyeye77 Monday Tuesday 5 1807
How would Ron Reagan Jr do as the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee against Trump? [View all] 79 nkpolitics1212 Saturday Wednesday 1 1679
Nunes just revealed IC collected info about Trump & Americans associated w/ the Trump transition [View all] 76 MelissaB Wednesday Wednesday 30 4725
It's going to pass......JMHO. [View all] 76 a kennedy Thursday 15 hrs ago 0 3201
Democratic Congressman Calls for 'Total and Complete Shutdown' of Trump Agenda in Congress [View all] 74 babylonsister Thursday Yesterday 225 6998
The retail apocalypse has officially descended on America [View all] 73 Recursion Wednesday Yesterday 15 3007
as a CO native I have to say, Gorsuch seems to be a straight shooter. [View all] 72 librechik Tuesday Wednesday 2 1684
It's going down - bill pulled [View all] 71 malaise Yesterday 19 hrs ago 74 6016
Someone in the know told me it's looking more like [View all] 70 malaise 2 hrs ago 2 min ago 49 4059
Slate - "Donald Trump is Not Having Fun" [View all] 70 NRaleighLiberal Tuesday Wednesday 125 7649
BREAKING - Trump/Ryan Care now has the votes [View all] 70 NewJeffCT Yesterday 16 hrs ago 83 8474
what could Trump actually be charged with? [View all] 69 sarah FAILIN Thursday 21 hrs ago 2 1680
Rachel is talking about BOTS drowning pro Hillary stuff [View all] 68 fun n serious Tuesday Wednesday 59 2949
BREAKING: NBC vote tally has TrumpCare bill LOSING in House... [View all] 68 brooklynite Tuesday Wednesday 69 4568
I think we all agree that Bernie Sanders is a fine Senator, [View all] 68 MineralMan 3 hrs ago 2 min ago 58 1681
National Security Expert Predicts A Whole Bunch of Republicans Will Be Indicted for Major Crimes [View all] 67 babylonsister Wednesday Yesterday 156 10096
nunes is before the cameras at the white house...he briefed trump!!! where's the fucking committee? [View all] 67 spanone Wednesday Wednesday 29 3490
The Trump/Russia Hearing Puts An End To The Allegation That Clinton Ran A Terrible Campaign [View all] 65 NastyRiffraff Tuesday 23 hrs ago 55 1381
"And that...is why this is the most insane day in American politics that I have ever witnessed" [View all] 65 babylonsister Thursday 13 min ago 235 11139
SCHIFF URGING PUBLIC TO DEMAND OPEN HEARING [View all] 64 Sculpin Beauregard Yesterday 3 hrs ago 106 2945
Peter Daou: I have diligently avoided saying the 2016 election was stolen [View all] 63 L. Coyote Monday Wednesday 167 6470
I'm seeing a bunch of posts and articles about "Hillbillies" & other rural whites... [View all] 63 The Polack MSgt Monday Tuesday 28 2034
poor little snowflakes. they ruined their own business by jumping on the [View all] 62 mopinko Saturday Tuesday 19 3615
Automakers are slowing their self-driving car plans and that could be a good thing [View all] 62 FrodosNewPet Wednesday Thursday 6 961
Quite the NYT headline [View all] 62 kpete Monday Wednesday 195 11622
Gowdy is a piece of shit [View all] 62 gopiscrap Monday Tuesday 61 3206
Do you favor or oppose a pre-emptive military strike on North Korea (Poll) [View all] 61 DemocratSinceBirth Tuesday Tuesday 9 1021
Ok, lets fix the ACA. [View all] 59 Eko Thursday 14 hrs ago 7 1151
I have to know: Why did Comey send that letter about Hillary's emails when he was actually [View all] 58 PinkTiger Monday Wednesday 16 2361
Why Hillary hate is at the core of the current crisis in US politics. You can't understand Trump if [View all] 58 ehrnst Tuesday Wednesday 39 1748
I can't make head nor tail out of what Nunes has done exactly. [View all] 58 MineralMan Wednesday Wednesday 2 1908
Is Ivanka in the White House to Calm Trump Down? [View all] 57 MineralMan Tuesday Tuesday 8 1275
Denny Heck Wow [View all] 57 Thrill Monday Thursday 63 4233
How does a person respond to this? [View all] 56 Heartstrings 17 hrs ago 36 min ago 7 1712
CNN: Trump Team Gave Russians "Thumbs Up" to Release Hillary Smears [View all] 56 workinclasszero Thursday Yesterday 95 5859
From Kos: The Best Single Statement Ever On GOP "Healthcare" - Devastating [View all] 55 hatrack Yesterday 5 hrs ago 255 12565
Freepers and Cavers! It's over. I can now repost this: [View all] 54 Kingofalldems 21 hrs ago 43 min ago 145 6416
Trump popular support plunges [View all] 54 brooklynite Sunday Wednesday 73 6286
Senate Democrats: No SCOTUS Pick for a President Under Investigation [View all] 53 babylonsister Tuesday Wednesday 198 6480
Adam Schiff goes there--direct evidence: [View all] 52 Kingofalldems Wednesday Wednesday 91 5488
Tillerson: "I didn't want this job." [View all] 50 RedWedge Tuesday Wednesday 22 2532
Are you depressed ? Or is it only me? 49 hertopos Monday Wednesday 13 1245
HA HA HA: Trump's "Come to Jesus" meeting lost 10 votes! 49 Recursion Wednesday Thursday 115 4919
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