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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum 0 Skinner Jul 29 Jul 29 75 2832
The Dumpster Fire of Obama's Moral Authority [View all] 365 WilliamPitt Aug 7 Friday 206 14250
Bernie Sanders: 'Don't Just Anoint Hillary-I have a damn good platform to run for president in 2016' [View all] 237 kpete Aug 11 Friday 288 8666
Q: Why Did an American Journalist Get His Head Cut Off? [View all] 236 grahamhgreen 21 hrs ago 2 min ago 23 4512
The 10 Kinds of Trolls You Will Encounter When Talking About Mike Brown [View all] 233 n2doc Yesterday 1 hr ago 160 9255
Had An Interesting Conversation Late Last Night ... About The Democratic Party... [View all] 231 WillyT Aug 10 Tuesday 49 5946
In your anger at the party, don't forget the real victims. (Please vote.) [View all] 230 riqster Aug 12 Monday 32 3132
My theory as to why Michael Brown's body lay in the street for at least 5 hours [View all] 223 CatWoman Yesterday 23 min ago 105 6849
I’m tired of White people and the Media pretending that there isn’t a war on Black people [View all] 217 sheshe2 Aug 11 Saturday 146 8092
All other concerns aside, would you prefer Sanders or Clinton? [View all] 199 ClarkJonathanKent Sunday Tuesday 9 1782
Michael Brown, Ferguson Victim Paid For His Rellos [View all] 198 octoberlib Sunday Monday 23 6913
Why does Belle Knox consider herself a feminist? [View all] 192 Harmony Blue Aug 10 Yesterday 0 5246
Mother of policeman who shot dead Michael Brown was 'a serial con artist [View all] 191 CatWoman Saturday Monday 21 5769
"The black community needs to deal with the crime...It allows its youth to dress and act like thugs" [View all] 184 uponit7771 Saturday Sunday 47 5969
"Why Great Husbands Are Being Abandoned" [View all] 183 Harmony Blue Friday Saturday 9 6176
The entire Democratic leadership opposed Grayson amendment to stop arming cops with DOD weapons [View all] 182 Report1212 Friday 4 hrs ago 212 8143
If Hillary signaled that Wes Clark would be her Vice President...Would YOU Vote for "Clinton/Clark"? [View all] 178 KoKo Saturday Sunday 2 2526
HOLY CRAP...Obama halts hellfire missiles to Israel [View all] 175 kpete Thursday Saturday 354 11021
This whole Michael Brown incident comes down to this:WE DON'T KNOW MUCH! [View all] 171 Logical Monday Yesterday 12 3330
Is it me, or has anyon else noticed ... [View all] 170 1StrongBlackMan Monday Yesterday 162 8705
The Blue Devil in Miss Belle Knox: Meet Duke Porn Star Miriam Weeks [View all] 168 redqueen Aug 13 Monday 19 4334
One of the scariest pictures I've seen in a long time. [View all] 168 trumad Monday 15 hrs ago 162 11303
This is what a police state looks like folks [View all] 167 Kelvin Mace Aug 13 23 min ago 173 9224
CNN (I know!) is reporting a SOURCE told them Brown punched Wilson and grabbed his gun. [View all] 159 Avalux Monday Tuesday 0 3837
Beautiful! Backup Arrives in Ferguson . . . From India! [View all] 158 bigtree Sunday Tuesday 217 8605
I wish we could kill every breathing fucking member of ISIS..... [View all] 152 trumad Tuesday 2 hrs ago 37 6027
BREAKING: Texas Grand Jury Indicts Governor Rick Perry [View all] 148 blogslut Friday Sunday 176 7038
The "crime" committed by Mike Brown was shoplifting - NOT "stong arm robbery" [View all] 143 CatWoman Friday Monday 24 3704
Let's have a silent thread in memory of James Foley. [View all] 143 Agschmid 22 hrs ago 5 min ago 124 1444
Cpt. Johnson WALKED in the Ferguson march tonight. "We're all in this together" [View all] 139 bigtree Thursday Saturday 259 9846
Food Is For White Liberals What Sex Is For The Religious Right [View all] 139 HuckleB Friday Sunday 21 3251
If Darren Wilson isn't charged with murder, we will have normalized legal police murder. [View all] 136 rhett o rick Friday Monday 37 2442
The woman who thinks reducing the male population by 90% will solve everything. [View all] 136 Kurska Friday Sunday 2 3806
On torture: I Trust President Obama [View all] 135 Michigander_Life Aug 5 Friday 3 3152
Can we have a civilized talk about the U.S. water fluoridation industry? [View all] 132 JackRiddler Aug 10 Thursday 12 2489
Lots of tear gassing happening now in Ferguson. nt [View all] 132 Live and Learn Sunday Monday 36 3994
Sarah Palin: I ‘Hated’ That SNL ‘Portrayed Me as an Idiot’ - Mediaite [View all] 127 LloydS of New London 22 hrs ago 36 min ago 67 3800
Princeton study: U.S. no longer an actual democracy [View all] 127 xchrom Monday Tuesday 240 5972
Report: Ferguson Cop ID'd As Unarmed Teen's Killer Left The Area Days Ago [View all] 124 KamaAina Friday Sunday 31 4743
Richard Dawkins: bigoted against those with Down's syndrome? [View all] 122 alp227 15 hrs ago 1 hr ago 7 1851
Remember not to holler over Ferguson like our parental president says. . . 'don't shout' [View all] 121 bigtree Monday Tuesday 43 2619
Can we please discuss the shooter Darren Wilson? There is only the allegation [View all] 115 VanGoghRocks Friday Tuesday 45 5225
Obama Speaks Carefully So That He Doesn’t Prejudice The Federal Ferguson Investigation [View all] 114 sheshe2 Monday 12 hrs ago 48 1935
Strong Arm Robbery, My A**... [View all] 114 kpete Saturday Saturday 27 2901
This is what FBI agents are handing out to Ferguson residents near where Mike Brown was killed... [View all] 114 Cha Saturday Monday 169 9959
For the "wait for evidence" crowd. [View all] 114 JaneyVee 18 hrs ago 2 hrs ago 49 2461
Ferguson. In 2013 the town issued over 24,000 arrest warrants.. [View all] 113 SomethingFishy Monday 4 hrs ago 164 5817
WTF - DOJ told Ferguson police not to release that robbery video [View all] 113 malaise Saturday Sunday 53 4331
~~Silent Thread.~I stand and march with Ferguson. [View all] 112 littlemissmartypants Thursday Monday 82 1904
BREAKING: Video Footage Of St. Louis Cops GUNNING DOWN Kajiemi Powell [View all] 112 Segami 14 hrs ago 17 min ago 54 3191
Just Found Out My Niece Committed Suicide [View all] 111 ProfessorGAC Tuesday 23 hrs ago 76 2449
These are the things men say to women on the street [View all] 111 Liberal_in_LA Aug 9 Sunday 42 3360
Hey, White People with White Kids [View all] 110 OneGrassRoot Monday Tuesday 91 4555
I Believe I've Figured Out the Corrupt Chief of Ferguson Police's Strategy. [View all] 109 MohRokTah Saturday Tuesday 38 3577
Nixon's Vietnam Treason (George Will Confirms) [View all] 107 Octafish Aug 13 Friday 165 8824
When they were shot at-they had their hands raised in the air & were shouting “Press! Press! Press!" [View all] 107 kpete Tuesday Yesterday 114 5818
For the "let's wait for the facts" crowd. We already have several facts. [View all] 106 MohRokTah Sunday Monday 74 4569
The Rude Pundit: Let's Be Clear About Michael Brown [View all] 106 meegbear Friday Saturday 194 7873
13 Photos From The Protests In Ferguson, You Won't Believe Happened In The U.S.A [View all] 105 xchrom Thursday Sunday 163 10341
Is Hillary currently your first choice for US President in 2016? (Poll) [View all] 99 Kurska Saturday Saturday 24 2335
State Sen Tweets 'F--K You' At Missouri Gov Over Ferguson Response [View all] 99 MohRokTah Thursday Saturday 50 4307
Ferguson Protesters Did Not "Loot" McDonalds Sunday Night [View all] 99 bigtree Monday Tuesday 71 4070
Cpt. Johnson is on the scene right now in Ferguson talking it out with some very stubborn youth [View all] 99 bigtree Sunday Sunday 15 3724
Did Michael Brown commit robbery or petty theft? [View all] 99 Little Star Friday Monday 0 2097
"Brown is the primary suspect in this incident." - police report [View all] 99 conservaphobe Friday Sunday 8 3689
It's war. [View all] 98 kentuck Aug 13 Thursday 112 5086
Shit's starting again. [View all] 97 pintobean Monday Tuesday 8 2537
Who do you blame for the rise in overt racism in America? [View all] 97 malaise 18 hrs ago 12 hrs ago 12 1228
Eric Holder and the FBI are investigating Michael Brown Shooting [View all] 95 NM_Birder Tuesday Tuesday 0 1628
Even if Brown did commit robbery... [View all] 92 JJChambers Friday Friday 1 2134
I am racist, and so are you. [View all] 92 KamaAina 23 hrs ago 16 hrs ago 7 1892
GMO's are they safe? There is no way to be sure yet...there are no absolutes in young science... [View all] 92 Drew Richards Saturday Monday 43 1444
Missouri lt. gov.: We need ‘Anglo-American’ justice in Ferguson [View all] 92 phantom power Tuesday Yesterday 25 2771
This is the perfect example of the halloween costume party that policing in America has become. [View all] 92 LTX Saturday Tuesday 229 7223
A few questions for the anti GMO crowd [View all] 91 Quixote1818 Aug 2 Sunday 2 1572
If a button gave you 1 million dollars for pressing it, but killed 1 random human being in the world [View all] 91 cpwm17 Aug 13 Thursday 14 2244
One reason the police are so heavily armed [View all] 88 BainsBane Sunday Tuesday 49 3476
ACLU: Ferguson "I will fucking kill you" cop has been removed from duty [View all] 87 WilliamPitt 19 hrs ago 40 min ago 129 4519
I am so angry right now I want to cry. [View all] 85 Drunken Irishman Saturday Sunday 112 5139
Bill Maher Ignites Twitter Firestorm With Just 21 Words on Islam [View all] 84 flamingdem 10 hrs ago 4 min ago 16 2328
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