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General Discussion (Forum)

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Could this be the birth of Free Republic 2.0? [View all] 1222 cosmicone Jul 8 Jul 22 91 44835
Dear Bernie supporters. Please. Stop! [View all] 325 Cyrano Jul 21 Monday 160 14664
Why are the gun defenders here? [View all] 286 SCantiGOP Jul 17 Jul 22 39 11419
Please rec if you want the DNC to comply with their own impartiality rule. [View all] 257 Scuba Sunday Monday 361 6791
How Bernie Sanders’ supporters are planning to shake up the Democratic convention [View all] 222 DonViejo Jul 20 Jul 22 12 6745
but ah my friends and oh my foes, it shed a lovely light. [View all] 197 cali Jun 28 Yesterday 64 10786
Leaked email from DNC confirms paid trolls [View all] 187 Scuba Saturday Tuesday 38 6332
Please rec if you are ready to move on from the wikileaks story [View all] 186 KMOD Sunday Tuesday 215 5312
Monsanto's Roundup Weedkiller Linked to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS [View all] 182 nationalize the fed Jul 20 Jul 22 66 4194
Monsanto Fingerprints Found all Over Attack on Organic Food [View all] 157 PatSeg Jul 20 Jul 22 49 4730
Being confronted by armed strangers in what should be a secure place... [View all] 150 mia Jul 18 Saturday 97 8847
Prescription Pain Killer Rant: Just had major abdominal surgery... [View all] 148 Coventina Monday Wednesday 64 4300
Tulsi Gabbard for DNC Chair NOW (edit) [View all] 147 Omaha Steve Sunday Tuesday 37 2552
Virginia Governor Bypasses Court Ruling To Help 200,000 Ex-Felons Vote [View all] 145 babylonsister Saturday Tuesday 64 4184
Police officer executes Hispanic man during struggle over gun [Graphic] [View all] 144 WhisCo Jul 19 Jul 22 3 4600
"The increase was especially sharp among kindergartners, where autism cases grew by 17% last year." [View all] 144 proverbialwisdom Jul 20 Saturday 5 4811
I don't think Julian Assange meant to leak this [View all] 144 NuclearDem Saturday 5 hrs ago 85 11445
Please rec if you're OK with the DNC violating their own impartiality rule. [View all] 141 Scuba Sunday Sunday 9 3618
To Dems pushing Fear at Progressives...I mean this constructively. PLEASE, STOP! [View all] 141 HereSince1628 Jul 21 Jul 22 35 3066
What is a "no more war asshole"? [View all] 129 stone space Wednesday Thursday 17 2878
write the saddest story you know in only 4 words. [View all] 123 dixiegrrrrl Jul 21 Jul 22 8 2729
Unnecessary, Bernie supporters, with the disruption! Damn! Flame me and I don't care! [View all] 121 mfcorey1 Monday Monday 24 4561
Trump news conference coming up [View all] 118 malaise Wednesday Wednesday 10 4112
If we lose this election because of the DNC's bad behavior I'll never forgive them. [View all] 115 Scuba Sunday Monday 30 3085
For the first time, I now believe Trump has a chance of winning. [View all] 113 FLPanhandle Jul 22 Saturday 12 4033
This is not how I remember the micheal brown shooting. From wiki [View all] 112 Ohioblue22 Monday 4 hrs ago 7 3640
Freddie Gray officers suing prosecutor Marilyn Mosby [View all] 112 NaturalHigh Thursday 3 hrs ago 8 3293
Bring back the fairness doctrine (Poll) [View all] 107 SheriffBob Yesterday 7 hrs ago 11 1686
Trump and J. Epstein sued for raping 13 year old girl, with witness corroboration. [View all] 104 Gabi Hayes Jul 5 Tuesday 39 6298
Just got the text: It's Kaine. It's official. [View all] 101 Meldread Jul 22 Sunday 8 2609
I can still remember the daily repeated chants of "USA! USA! USA! USA!" outside my office window. [View all] 98 stone space Yesterday 9 hrs ago 16 2443
Please rec... [View all] 96 malaise Monday Tuesday 61 2318
Can you be friends with someone who holds political views opposed to yours? [View all] 94 True Dough Wednesday Yesterday 0 1934
FOX NEWS IN FREEFALL: Hannity, O’Reilly, And Greta May Leave If Roger Ailes Is Fired [View all] 93 babylonsister Jul 20 Jul 21 101 5567
Jaybuss Fukking Kerist, how much more such shit will keep pouring out? [View all] 91 Stinky The Clown Sunday Monday 55 4429
I've realized there is a shocking number of people that don't know what ISIS wants [View all] 86 realmirage Thursday Yesterday 9 2985
Why I don't really give a fuck about "assault rifles"... [View all] 83 Humanist_Activist Jul 20 Jul 22 3 1824
Trump’s nomination is the first time American politics has left me truly afraid -by Ezra Klein [View all] 80 kpete Jul 21 Sunday 112 6037
I'll be removing my FeelTheBern bumper sticker today. [View all] 79 Lochloosa Yesterday 14 hrs ago 63 2627
Wow, just wow. He had that whole enormous and raucous crowd in the palm of his hand. [View all] 75 Surya Gayatri Saturday Sunday 128 7674
Crazy idea: why don't we stop the madman who's running for President? [View all] 74 NightWatcher Sunday Wednesday 64 3580
Trump has a meltdown in Hotel Roanoke, VA,literally [View all] 72 HipChick Tuesday Wednesday 101 6440
Was Banned on "The Discussionist" board for Defending Hillary and Minorities [View all] 71 REALforever Sunday Monday 7 2041
Something will happen during the speech [View all] 70 malaise Jul 21 Jul 22 6 2077
I am glad that the DNC pulled Nina Turner from the speaker's list. She has said that she will [View all] 70 mfcorey1 Thursday Yesterday 56 4457
Stop drinking alcohol [View all] 69 apcalc Saturday Sunday 10 3202
I feel bad for people not caught up in the excitement of this historical nomination [View all] 69 La Lioness Priyanka Thursday Yesterday 80 1731
If you think choosing Kaine was a rebuke to the far left, you need to consider this: [View all] 69 Squinch Saturday Sunday 17 2039
So it's not a terrorist attack if it's an RW white guy or guys [View all] 66 malaise Jul 22 Saturday 13 2240
Sharp split emerges among delegates in Philadelphia (Poll) [View all] 66 rug Sunday Sunday 13 1299
Clinton 97% - Johnson 55% - Trump 15% [View all] 66 Bucky Yesterday 3 hrs ago 4 2658
Bernie Sanders not taking bait on shows: [View all] 64 kpete Sunday Monday 144 4585
So, what should Hillary call Trump for being tied to the Russian mob? [View all] 63 imanamerican63 Sunday Wednesday 0 1142
This Election is Not About Clinton or Trump [View all] 63 louis c Saturday Sunday 59 2530
Hey Shouters...Your Disrespect of John Lewis Has Ended Any Respect I Had For You. [View all] 62 DonRedwood Thursday Thursday 71 2203
Wasserman-Schultz: Is Anything Really Changing? (Poll) [View all] 62 Land Shark Sunday Monday 5 1060
Well, hi there DU! How’re y’all doin’? Whatcha been up to? [View all] 61 DFW Sunday Monday 54 1904
Benedict Donald is in violation of the Logan Act [View all] 61 backscatter712 Thursday Yesterday 79 3170
Why all the alerts? [View all] 59 BigDemVoter Monday Tuesday 25 1483
Cops sorry for shooting black guy. They actually wanted to shoot autistic guy playing with toy car. [View all] 59 DetlefK Jul 22 Saturday 27 1680
Jebus Kerist "I think Trump is less dangerous ... [View all] 59 Rosco T. Monday Wednesday 20 1813
Creepy Perv Donald Trump Just Felt Up His Daughter In Front Of Millions Of People [View all] 59 KamaAina Jul 22 Sunday 18 2787
Hours After First Intelligence Briefing, Trump Likely Leaked CLASSIFIED Secrets [View all] 57 KamaAina 19 hrs ago 10 min ago 53 3640
Dianne Feinstein for DNC Chair NOW [View all] 57 MohRokTah Sunday Monday 6 915
It's pretty sad about Bill Clinton [View all] 57 drthais Tuesday Wednesday 0 2889
Bye, bye, Debbie. [View all] 57 Photographer Sunday Monday 34 1887
Trump Faces Federal Investigation After Melania Speech, New Details Emerge [View all] 57 KamaAina Saturday Sunday 115 7125
More recent posts about the "wave" of Muslim crime in Germany. Why? [View all] 57 guillaumeb Wednesday 3 hrs ago 8 1379
"I'm not crazy about Clinton..." [View all] 56 kpete Tuesday Wednesday 98 3612
Is it just me or is Sarah Silverman completely [View all] 56 Lance Bass esquire Monday Wednesday 32 3374
20k or so emails and all they could find was people in the DNC did math? [View all] 56 joshcryer Monday Monday 35 1579
A Clinton Win Will Leave A More Embittered Nation. [View all] 56 TheMastersNemesis 6 hrs ago 19 min ago 1 1530
Donald Trump's and Vladimir Putin's Shared Agenda Should Alarm Anyone Concerned About Democracy [View all] 55 BumRushDaShow Sunday Sunday 54 2326
FBI Suspects Russia Hacked DNC; U.S. Officials Say It Was to Elect Donald Trump [View all] 55 RockaFowler Monday Tuesday 58 2112
Think the leaks are a "nothingburger"? Former DNC Chair Ed Rendell: "Serious" "Truly violates" [View all] 54 Scuba Monday Tuesday 19 1830
Donald Trump doesn't want to be President. [View all] 54 Archae Thursday Thursday 0 1475
Please make room under the bus for Robert Reich [View all] 53 Scuba Sunday Monday 32 2143
Can we calm down a little here at DU? [View all] 53 lillypaddle Monday Tuesday 18 1253
WTF is a Neo-Liberal? [View all] 53 SCVDem 17 hrs ago 25 min ago 2 1118
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