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General Discussion (Forum)

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What can and cannot be posted in the General Discussion forum (updated 6/22/16) 0 Skinner Jul 2014 Jul 2014 103 38030
Sheila Butt (R-TN) filed a bill that would fine food stamp recipients $1,000 for buying cake. [View all] 209 Miles Archer Saturday Monday 30 6487
The Booker bashing is why we lose. [View all] 197 joshcryer Sunday Monday 59 5547
So, Why Is Russia Today Featuring an Attack on Cory Booker? [View all] 191 TomCADem Sunday Tuesday 17 4063
***AND*** our voting machines were HACKED [View all] 188 LaydeeBug Jan 11 Monday 60 7022
Is anyone else melting down? [View all] 150 Laura PourMeADrink Monday Yesterday 59 6302
Barack Obama Appreciation Thread [View all] 146 DemocratSinceBirth 23 hrs ago 25 min ago 263 2529
So Hillary Will Attend the Inauguration [View all] 145 NanceGreggs Tuesday 9 hrs ago 88 4210
In the Shopping Cart of a Food Stamp Household: Lots of Soda [View all] 142 philosslayer Saturday 5 hrs ago 10 6149
Prepare for your head to explore -- it's the Hate Mailbag! (Poll) [View all] 136 EarlG Thursday Saturday 92 7155
US press corps fights back with open letter to Trump: You won't set the rules for us [View all] 134 babylonsister Tuesday 19 hrs ago 218 7818
More than 40 Democratic lawmakers now skipping Trumps inauguration-- look whose name is missing [View all] 132 BainsBane Tuesday 21 hrs ago 33 4346
How Putin Played the Far Left [View all] 124 Cattledog Friday Monday 62 4388
Pledge Here To Not Watch Any Trump Inaugural Events.... [View all] 112 global1 Saturday Monday 43 1981
For those incensed by Trumps tweet re John Lewis [View all] 110 NanceGreggs Saturday Monday 50 3732
My trump voting sister said to me, as I was educating her about her vote [View all] 106 boston bean Tuesday 18 hrs ago 141 10007
Is everybody here in as shitty a mood this week [View all] 105 cilla4progress Yesterday 3 hrs ago 28 2190
Report: Paul Anka to Sing 'My Way' for Trump Inauguration [View all] 103 DonViejo Thursday Friday 8 3590
CIA received a recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into Trump's campaign! [View all] 103 .99center Sunday Tuesday 235 10998
BUSTED! Behind the scenes photo of Trump's inaug speech photo: [View all] 101 Ruby the Liberal 22 hrs ago 4 hrs ago 53 5730
Anonymous Finally Breaks Their Silence, Just Made Brutal Threat To Trump [View all] 99 Alekzander Monday Tuesday 135 15639
Did Sen. Cory Booker blow his chance to win the 2020 Prez nomination? [View all] 99 Larkspur Thursday Friday 24 3239
Why I don't watch professional football [View all] 97 liberal N proud Saturday Tuesday 17 3863
UC Davis shut down Yannopoulos, Shkreli event. Free Speech questions abound [View all] 88 ghostsinthemachine Sunday Tuesday 0 3092
I'm afraid of Trump, but some of the hyperbole here is really not helpful [View all] 87 onenote Friday Saturday 13 3058
Could the pearl-clutching nervous Nellies here just please find someplace to quietly wet [View all] 85 Atticus Friday Sunday 137 5865
Al Franken Would Make a Great President [View all] 85 MrPurple Yesterday 2 hrs ago 64 2692
Boycotting LL Bean is a huge MISFIRE! It is a GREAT company!! [View all] 83 RBInMaine Friday Sunday 48 4546
Just in: Senate to investigate Trump and Russia ties [View all] 83 Generator Friday Saturday 50 4606
Tony Orlando joins performing lineup for Trump inauguration [View all] 82 TexasTowelie Sunday Monday 11 2487
All the celebrities who'll be performing at the inauguration vs. protesting it in one beautiful grap [View all] 79 demmiblue Friday Sunday 90 5434
Bush Sisters Write Letter to Obama Girls [View all] 75 bigtree Thursday Friday 127 6747
Cory Booker on working with Betsy DeVos' school privatization organization: [View all] 73 PatsFan87 Tuesday 18 hrs ago 5 2647
'Bikers for Trump' to Form 'Wall of Meat' If Inauguration Protests Get Out of Hand [View all] 73 Ruby the Liberal Sunday Monday 5 3065
My brother voted for TRUMP because he hates feminists [View all] 72 CousinIT Saturday Sunday 72 4869
Guess who's melting down on Twitter again [View all] 71 spinbaby Friday Saturday 28 5022
Do you have a pension? (Poll) [View all] 71 underpants Saturday Sunday 1 1862
For the Record, I think they hacked Brexit too. [View all] 71 LaydeeBug Sunday Sunday 33 1604
His plumber may have voted for Trump.... and now he feels real fear [View all] 70 philosslayer Sunday Monday 20 3986
Are Canadian drugs unsafe? [View all] 70 jg10003 Friday 3 hrs ago 17 2037
This is INSANE! You have to read this Mother Jones article on the Kompromat/hack etc: [View all] 70 Squinch Monday Tuesday 160 10068
I live in a bubble: is the term "golden showers" a common one? [View all] 68 question everything Sunday Monday 5 1801
My Former Fraternity Brother Posted on FB how fun it is to watch Lib heads explode [View all] 68 bitterross Sunday Monday 270 10664
A woman in Trump country TN pleading with GOP Congress to not take away Ocare covering her chemo [View all] 68 Miles Archer Saturday Tuesday 25 3028
Is Something Up For The Inauguration? [View all] 66 MineralMan Friday Friday 70 5348
Donald Trump's inauguration poem describes Barack Obama as a 'tyrant' [View all] 66 tenderfoot Tuesday 4 hrs ago 1 2655
I'm Back. And I Was Right. [View all] 65 msanthrope Tuesday 19 hrs ago 41 3925
American Conservative Union Lifetime Ratings: 2.67 Booker, 6.31 Sanders (Lower is better) [View all] 65 Renew Deal Monday Tuesday 16 1418
Health Savings Accounts [View all] 65 mexit Friday Saturday 18 2553
Cory Booker Joins Senate Republicans to Kill Measure to Import Cheaper Medicine From Canada [View all] 65 Alekzander Thursday Saturday 16 3227
I unsubscribed from LLBean today [View all] 64 milestogo Thursday Friday 12 2975
Booker & ALL Democrats Voted For WYDEN Amendment. Sanders Bill Didn't Do Enough [View all] 64 KittyWampus Sunday Tuesday 61 4636
Limbaugh says Trump Inauguration protesters get $1500-$2000 each... [View all] 64 Bengus81 Tuesday Tuesday 25 2627
VP Joe Biden was going to sell his home to afford his son's cancer care until Obama stopped him [View all] 64 babylonsister Friday Saturday 153 6427
Penthouse receives three claims for its $1 million offer RE: Trump golden shower tapes [View all] 64 Miles Archer Friday Friday 58 5386
Cory Booker! [View all] 64 kpete Saturday Sunday 63 3936
I'll Say It...I Believe DT Is A Traitor To His, Our, Country [View all] 63 Me. Tuesday Yesterday 158 4817
Trump lands Toby Keith, Jon Voight, Jennifer Holliday, Lee Greenwood, 3 Doors Down for inauguration [View all] 62 herding cats Friday Saturday 0 2382
It's a morbid subject but if Poppy Bush were to die [View all] 62 book_worm 22 hrs ago 19 hrs ago 11 2197
"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." [View all] 61 CTyankee Sunday Yesterday 22 3076
*****BREAKING***** POTUS COMMUTES CHELSEA MANNING'S SENTENCE- TO BE REALEASED IN MAY ! [View all] 60 DemocratSinceBirth Tuesday Yesterday 102 4180
Freudian slip? Trump's denial of pee-pee-gate surely has an odd wording: [View all] 58 DetlefK Yesterday 1 hr ago 74 5767
'Nobody wants to buy them': Frustrated scalpers losing big money trying to sell inauguration tickets [View all] 58 DonViejo Monday Tuesday 66 4916
Cory Booker Made the Right Call [View all] 58 JHan Tuesday 18 hrs ago 22 1973
Donald Trump may have just destroyed the Republican effort to repeal Obamacare [View all] 57 mia Monday Monday 46 4885
Rep. Ted Lieu: 'I read classified report on Russian hacking, Donald Trump isn't telling the truth' [View all] 57 bigtree Friday Saturday 189 8042
I am strongly asking people who did NOT vote for trump to STOP fighting each other, [View all] 57 onecaliberal Sunday Sunday 71 2193
Donald Trumps spectacular collapse: Full political meltdown, a week before taking office [View all] 56 babylonsister Thursday Friday 136 9798
Wow! Joy Reid nails RWNJ sleaze Dinesh D'Souza for attacking John Lewis [View all] 56 highplainsdem Saturday Sunday 214 7884
GOP Setting Up Permanent One Party Rule Over Your Dead Body. It Is Worse Than You Think. [View all] 56 TheMastersNemesis Friday Yesterday 57 4222
It's on !!!! Comrade Drumpf took the bait and attacks civil rights icon John Lewis !!! [View all] 56 DemocratSinceBirth Saturday Sunday 53 4636
Pres. Obama asked for the resignation of ALL political appointees effective no later then 1/20/17 [View all] 56 Lurks Often Friday Saturday 1 3202
Bruce Springsteen cover band cancels plans to play at Trump inauguration gala [View all] 55 fleur-de-lisa Monday Tuesday 83 3732
There seems to be a sustained attempt to try and frighten DUers into not marching on Saturday [View all] 54 malaise Tuesday Yesterday 37 2175
Chuck Todd just mocked and ridiculed Democrats for supporting LLBean boycott. [View all] 54 procon Thursday Friday 5 2838
Trump Orders DC National Guard Chief To Leave In Middle Of Inaugural Ceremony [View all] 54 DonViejo Friday Friday 15 3222
Trouble in "paradise"? [View all] 53 Different Drummer 3 hrs ago 4 min ago 19 3105
Michigan mayor caught on tape calling black people chimps and women dried up c*nts [View all] 53 fleur-de-lisa Monday Monday 23 2496
I guarantee the _Washington Post_ chose this photo because it foreshortens [View all] 52 tblue37 Friday Saturday 80 5896
Dear Democrats: Nobody Cares About Your Feelings [View all] 52 Fla Dem Monday 1 hr ago 20 2621
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