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General Discussion (Forum)

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Wow. I'm being hammered by my Southern friends about Vermont's health care decision. [View all] 86 Atman Thursday Yesterday 8 2284
Ukraine crisis: Obama orders ban on Crimea trade 1 okaawhatever Yesterday Yesterday 1 262
Texas GOP congressman who owns ‘blow-me.org’ website accused of sexual harassment 44 Katashi_itto Thursday Yesterday 20 2148
Anyone asked Obama why whistleblowers are in prison but not torturers they exposed? 18 yurbud Wednesday Yesterday 8 283
By normalizing relations with Cuba... 2 MrScorpio Yesterday Yesterday 0 292
Public officials call for investigations into Chevron flaring (Richmond, CA) 3 Jesus Malverde Yesterday Yesterday 4 199
Watch an Annotated Version of Colbert’s Farewell Song and See Who All Those People Were 11 ashling Friday Yesterday 14 717
Concentrated cannabis qualifies as medical marijuana, California court rules 1 Jesus Malverde Yesterday Yesterday 9 302
Bernie Sanders: Mr. President. Please get out your veto pen.... 8 Playinghardball Friday Yesterday 10 302
Robert Reich: Insider Traders Are Hosing Us All - Robert Reich/Salon 11 WillyT Friday Yesterday 39 816
The US spent more to 'reconstruct' Afghanistan than it did to rebuild Europe under the Marshall Plan 1 n2doc Friday Yesterday 5 132
Dick Cheney's 'QUEEN OF TORTURE' 10 Segami Friday Yesterday 12 395
Obama listing all the great things Cubans have contributed to the world MSNBC now [View all] 119 flamingdem Wednesday Yesterday 105 3353
After 35 years when a HS ALL AMERICAN remembers you, you smile inside 1 Omaha Steve Yesterday Yesterday 6 310
Jan/2014: Kerry to Vatican: Help free Jewish-American jailed in Cuba [View all] 64 blm Thursday Yesterday 11 762
There is only one test of torture: would we want it done to our troops or our citizens? 6 yurbud Friday Yesterday 6 179
Has anyone seen "the Ghosts in our Machine? 2 a kennedy Friday Yesterday 0 226
Panel to Advise Against Penalty for C.I.A.’s Computer Search 2 choie Friday Yesterday 6 162
Share this photo if you want Cheney in prison... 10 Playinghardball Friday Yesterday 53 1504
Sony has precedent for cowering... 4 busterbrown Friday Yesterday 3 217
Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Encore Friday! & a new Kitteh gif 11 ralps Friday Friday 7 243
Too Bad Obama Did Not Act On Immigration & Cuba Before The Elections. 8 TheMastersNemesis Friday Friday 3 356
IF torture is only a partisan issue? 7 kentuck Friday Friday 3 189
Supreme Court Won't Stop Gay Marriages in Florida 7 steve2470 Friday Friday 13 302
Oklahoma to again employ injection mix used in flawed execution 10 Eugene Friday Friday 0 144
Though I agree with Obama's Cuba position, it is all about big business 38 superpatriotman Thursday Friday 8 571
With the new normalization, how long until Havana gets a Major League Baseball team? 16 Electric Monk Friday Friday 0 310
N.C. teen's hanging death ruled a suicide; mother says it was a lynching 15 MrMickeysMom Wednesday Friday 10 558
Personally I think maybe we should deny people the right to marry..... 9 LynneSin Friday Friday 8 436
Hershey Unveils World’s First Public 3-D Chocolate Candy Printing Exhibit 6 eridani Friday Friday 3 221
Standing on one leg for 20 seconds can predict chance of dementia 39 okaawhatever Friday Friday 21 2193
CUBA: What are your vacation plans..... (Poll) 34 LynneSin Friday Friday 2 571
Government Labor Board Brings Hammer Down On McDonald’s 3 babylonsister Friday Friday 27 608
Video of the reunion of the three released prisoners. 4 roody Friday Friday 4 143
Warning: beware of a call purporting to be from Legal Affairs at the IRS 35 pnwmom Friday Friday 12 815
Eight children dead, one adult wounded in stabbing in Australia 9 shenmue Thursday Friday 5 613
Greenwald & Maas for The Intercept: Alfreda Bikowsky, CIA Offices at the center of torture scandals. 4 Luminous Animal Friday Friday 8 224
The Unidentified Queen of Torture [View all] 60 deminks Friday Friday 67 3056
Sean Penn will be on tonight on Hardball... 12 babylonsister Friday Friday 0 352
School disciplines blind child by taking away cane and replacing it with pool noodle 2 Liberal_in_LA Friday Friday 1 234
8 Australian Children Are Killed in Reported Stabbing 3 Eugene Friday Friday 2 242
I just received my notice from Sony Pictures 14 Kablooie Friday Friday 1 766
I hate agreeing with Rand Paul about anything. 15 Warren Stupidity Friday Friday 0 360
The Rethugs are losing *all* their demographics to old age: Now, the Gen1 Cuban Exiles!1 3 UTUSN Friday Friday 0 237
How much would you contribute to 1 Laura PourMeADrink Friday Friday 4 186
Ah, life in the leafy suburbs..... 14 LiberalElite Friday Friday 0 512
PBO press conference:"everyone has a bias" [View all] 91 darkangel218 Friday Friday 0 2795
Hey Ed Henry and all you other fake journalists, if it isn't clear what the Pres was communicating, 1 rufus dog Friday Friday 2 354
Note How This Reporter Reacted to the Cop Knocking on His Door 0 daredtowork Friday Friday 7 653
Luckovich toon: Fifty years later … 7 Playinghardball Friday Friday 43 1100
Jamaica Gleaner's Cartoon on Obama's announcement re Cuba 3 malaise Friday Friday 9 349
Remember the shock-jock who wound up inadvertently handing hannity his ass regarding water boarding? 10 calimary Tuesday Friday 21 813
Today, I'm happy to be wrong 27 Scootaloo Thursday Friday 49 1201
"Post Dixie Chicks Hypocrisy: Country Singers Are No Longer Traitors For Bashing President" 20 Dawson Leery Thursday Friday 29 1405
NORAD's Santa Tracker Began With A Typo And A Good Sport 9 MerryBlooms Friday Friday 12 450
Yeah, Marco. Shut the fuck up already... 3 MrScorpio Friday Friday 16 361
Obama: "The Bush family, I love personally, they are good people." [View all] 115 wyldwolf Thursday Friday 13 2624
I Don't Know If You Are Watching 'All In' Now, But... 3 WillyT Friday Friday 1 328
Coal Ash Is Not Hazardous Waste under U.S. Agency Rules 2 n2doc Friday Friday 4 154
Congress passes major change to law on union pensions 44 Omaha Steve Thursday Friday 20 1256
So... We Are Definitely Terrified... "These Colors Don't Run"... My Ass [View all] 77 WillyT Wednesday Friday 74 2697
'Nobody stood up': George Clooney attacks press and Hollywood over Sony hack fallout 23 LiberalElite Friday Friday 23 807
What ‘The Colbert Report’ Taught Us About the Psychology of Conservatives 4 eridani Friday Friday 28 688
I absolutely hate all these ads. My membership has expired and I can't pay anything until Jan. 1. 16 jwirr Friday Friday 2 504
Obama Presser: "Keystone pipeline wouldn’t benefit American consumers" (Dare We Hope He Vetoes?) 3 KoKo Friday Friday 5 188
THANK YOU, President Obama... I've Been Trying To Tell That To My Buddies At DU... 40 WillyT Friday Friday 54 2058
George Stinney, 14, Executed In Vile Act Of Injustice, Exonerated 70s Years Late - Young Turks 2 WillyT Friday Friday 6 171
Let It Go, Let It Go 8 kpete Friday Friday 101 2608
Here's A Chart Regarding Our System's Rules... 22 WillyT Friday Friday 29 705
Leaked Sony IT Evaluations: "There Is No Overall Strategy" 0 LiberalArkie Friday Friday 4 177
Some witnesses told obvious lies to Michael Brown grand jury, McCulloch says in KTRS interview 18 pintobean Friday Friday 3 609
I'm starting to believe if Elizabeth Warren runs she is going to win the tea party vote [View all] 72 helpmetohelpyou Sunday Friday 12 1909
This message was self-deleted by its author 11 A-Schwarzenegger Friday Friday 2 348
Wow, this will be a Christmas to remember for a lonnnng time [View all] 64 rustydog Thursday Friday 267 5202
14-year-old black boy executed in South Carolina.....exonerated 70 years later..... 34 Cali_Democrat Wednesday Friday 24 894
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Sings With Every Celebrity You Can Think Of On Final Colbert Report 30 Hissyspit Friday Friday 46 1397
This message was hidden by jury decision. 4 Malraiders Friday Friday 6 481
President signs legislation ending Nazi benefit checks 17 sheshe2 Friday Friday 10 516
The Right-Wing Billionaire Who Bowed to North Korea over ‘The Interview’ - DailyBeast 20 WillyT Friday Friday 39 1308
Protestors claim Milwaukee police tackled them as they protest on I-43 again tonite 1 HereSince1628 Friday Friday 0 175
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