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General Discussion (Forum)

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Toon- Best Press Conference Ever! 2 n2doc Sunday Sunday 6 484
House Republicans Would Reverse ACA Coverage Gains and Radically Overhaul Medicaid 3 workinclasszero Sunday Sunday 5 314
Mark Sanford has nothing left to lose. And hes here to haunt Donald Trump. 3 riversedge Sunday Sunday 12 791
Sunday's Doonesbury- Across the Country 6 n2doc Sunday Sunday 48 2445
In Sweden: Shrieks of terror. An armed madman, speaking in tongues 4 Tommy_Carcetti Sunday Sunday 2 520
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 MoonRiver Sunday Sunday 0 45
Trump is promising big changes at the FDA here's how drugs are approved today 3 n2doc Sunday Sunday 0 239
Greg Neumann-a journalist just does not get it! 3 riversedge Sunday Sunday 0 293
Did that overzealous Drumpf supporter give off a Travis Bickle vibe? 5 DemocratSinceBirth Sunday Sunday 0 382
Woman does cartwheels during field sobriety test 1 Botany Sunday Sunday 0 600
Angela Merkel and European leaders resist Donald Trump's ultimatum to increase defence spending.... 1 JHan Sunday Sunday 12 323
Trump, not ISIS, is Americas greatest existential threat 1 workinclasszero Sunday Sunday 3 193
Donald Trump and the Enemies of the American People 3 workinclasszero Sunday Sunday 1 184
Trump said there were "just a handful of protesters outside" Well, Donald, Take A Look: 6 kpete Sunday Sunday 12 1275
Fake News 3 bigtree Sunday Sunday 5 351
House Science, Space and Technology Committee Chair Lamar Smith wants to "Rebalance" NASA mission 0 Jimbo101 Sunday Sunday 4 182
Chris Wallace is trending Again 1 Thrill Sunday Sunday 0 647
Trump rally drew little more than half as many people as similar event, same hangar, in Sept. 19 highplainsdem Saturday Sunday 20 1569
Memos Detail New Guidelines for Deportations 2 Jimbo101 Sunday Sunday 2 205
White House petition asks for Trump to apologize for being a Birther 0 Hokie Sunday Sunday 2 173
Immigration Experts: A lesson on Marrage and Adoption Please? 2 rgbecker Sunday Sunday 2 203
North Carolina needed 6,500 farm workers. Only 7 Americans stuck it out. 15 underpants Saturday Sunday 17 1488
Cowardly Republicans Are Running Away, Cancelling Town Meetings Trying to Avoid a "YouTube Moment" 1 Jimbo101 Sunday Sunday 1 290
Leaked Emails Show Justice Clarence Thomas's Wife Pushing Travel Ban 43 kpete Feb 16 Sunday 40 3985
Trump gravitates to his Florida home every weekend. 3 dubyadiprecession Sunday Sunday 2 405
WAIT..."The SOUTHERN" White House? Doesn't he mean "The WINTER" White House? So confused! SAD! 29 Miles Archer Saturday Sunday 2 733
Republicans are encouraging ethnic cleansing and religious war 0 Marthe48 Sunday Sunday 2 293
Lawmakers Feel the Heat as Resistance Shows Up in Droves to Town Halls 4 Equinox Moon Saturday Sunday 8 492
WH tells CNN they're upset with 2 contributors. They're both people of color. 22 Equinox Moon Saturday Sunday 65 3189
Thousands in the Streets Nationwide as Weekend of Action Kicks Off 5 Equinox Moon Saturday Sunday 8 470
No terrorist attack in Sweden yesterday-but there was 1-16 days ago-On a refugee center-By Neo-Nazis 1 kpete Sunday Sunday 7 532
The Sweden thing: Was it more than just a bizarre non-sequitur? 7 Tommy_Carcetti Sunday Sunday 0 507
When terrorists shout "Ikea" in the night 0 Bucky Sunday Sunday 1 332
John McCain: Attacking The Free Press Is How Dictators Get Started 3 Impedimentus Sunday Sunday 9 264
Don't Dismiss President Trump's Attacks on the Media as Mere Stupidity 3 kpete Sunday Sunday 7 424
Trumps supporters equal Scientology followers 7 Chevy Sunday Sunday 7 457
Laugh at them in their face. Call their bullshit. [View all] 94 Drahthaardogs Saturday Sunday 213 8484
"I said, who makes the pipe? They said, sir, it can be made anywhere. I said not anymore." 0 Miles Archer Sunday Sunday 2 553
Trump may well be appealing to his supporters 1 bigtree Saturday Sunday 5 472
Stop saying Donald Trump is mentally ill when what you mean is that he's a bad person [View all] 84 loyalsister Saturday Sunday 11 1531
C-SPAN Russian Cyber Operations: 2017 and Beyond online 0 Jimbo101 Sunday Sunday 0 124
Did 45 see a possible video of Swedish terrorist on teevee? 1 deminks Sunday Sunday 4 351
See, Hear, & Speak No Evil (Of Trump) 0 kpete Sunday Sunday 3 204
There Were MORE than Trump's alleged "handful" of protesters at his Nazi Rally Saturday... 9 CousinIT Sunday Sunday 35 1936
Why is MSM burying drumpfs pay for play scandal? 3 Norbert9 Sunday Sunday 2 326
Could a non white Democratic Ticket ie Kamala Harris-CA/Joaquin or Julian Castro-TX win in 2020? 14 nkpolitics1212 Saturday Sunday 0 481
Buddy dog rescue by Jensen Black Orangeville, ON, Canada 1 Omaha Steve Sunday Sunday 2 226
We The People - Thank Our Courageous Civil Servants 1 kpete Sunday Sunday 8 227
So here's a thing - 40% drop in attendance at latest Nuremberg rally. 9 GoneOffShore Sunday Sunday 27 2702
Trump voters: TOO STUPID to Know They've Been CONNED 11 CousinIT Sunday Sunday 12 1027
Trump "got the price of the F-35 down by hundreds of billions dollars" (actually, "millions") 1 Miles Archer Sunday Sunday 4 401
Trump didn't receive favorable results, so now he's calling his own poll rigged. 17 kpete Saturday Sunday 25 1752
Nicknames for Trump 18 Lotusflower70 Sunday Sunday 1 440
I don't know about you... 0 MrScorpio Sunday Sunday 4 335
ACT for America and Tea Party on genocide of Muslims: We're not there *yet*. 0 ck4829 Sunday Sunday 4 445
Unadoptable' Cat Wouldn't Let Anyone Near Him But His Rescuer Never Gave Up, Now a Year Later... 3 Little Tich Sunday Sunday 22 1143
ICE Agents in Dress Uniform 15 MineralMan Saturday Sunday 3 1017
It is Republicans, who are afraid to challenge Trump, destroying America 2 UCmeNdc Sunday Sunday 2 438
No one in our movement, meaning all anti-45ers, should buy anything this week-end or 1 nikibatts Sunday Sunday 2 385
"Beavis and Butthead" made America great again today, and the "rally" almost worth watching 8 Miles Archer Saturday Sunday 6 936
GOP Leaders Urge Return To 'High-Risk Insurance Pools' That Critics Call Costly 7 CousinIT Sunday Sunday 3 473
At the NSC, "plenty of people are sitting at their desks staring at blank screens-It is apocalyptic" 42 kpete Saturday Sunday 107 8222
Trey Gowdy Concedes the military could not have gotten to Benghazi in time 10 Maraya1969 Friday Sunday 12 2233
About this "Americans want Dems to work with DT" poll... 15 pat_k Saturday Sunday 22 1384
Trump disrespects Melania at Saturday rally 23 iluvtennis Saturday Sunday 25 2915
Too many Trump supporters know exactly what they are doing 4 ElkeH Saturday Sunday 4 876
Russia may have tested nuke, trying to confirm 21 yodermon Saturday Sunday 9 1406
Woman Accused in N Koreans Poisoning Is Internet Celebrity With YouTube Channel 1 yuiyoshida Sunday Sunday 2 401
Fuck Trump. 6 Raine1967 Sunday Sunday 23 992
Genius Browser Extension Turns Donald Trumps Tweets Into Childish Scribbles - HUFFPO 1 Lucinda Sunday Sunday 7 386
Good to see the GOP is concentrating on the really important stuff! (Maddow) 6 Stonepounder Sunday Sunday 11 695
Of course I don't know if our country will make it out of this horrible Trump era... 5 C Moon Sunday Sunday 4 437
Migrants Choose Arrest In Canada Over Staying In The U.S. 9 CousinIT Sunday Sunday 6 448
Uh oh...the ICE man cometh....for Melania! 10 Tanuki Saturday Sunday 44 2822
Don Lemon Ends Show Early After Guest Calls Story 'Fake News' 37 demmiblue Saturday Sunday 62 3574
Jason Chaffetz is a junkie 8 Bucky Saturday Sunday 33 2447
Trump supporters say they love that he "doesn't care what people say about him" 3 CousinIT Saturday Sunday 9 587
Why would CBS News allow a fascist minion come on their network and tell them they are fake? 5 liberal N proud Saturday Sunday 11 1023
Trump called the news media "an enemy of the American People" Heres a history of the term: 0 CousinIT Sunday Sunday 3 287
How the Opposition Can Wound Trump 5 mcar Friday Sunday 2 353
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