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Celebs React To Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech

I hope the President gives a speech with vision.

Tammy, Stacey, Lilly, Kal, Deval, Julian, Ted, Michelle. All WOWers!

Somewhere out there - Karl Rove is crying like a little girl.

The top of DU is getting cut off whenever I post

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on! Kiss THIS, Huckabee!

DNC tribute to Senator Kennedy

Haley Barbour apologizes for Obama remark

Can you spot global climate change close to your home?

Progress tonight...

If you have ever made it thru a chapter of the Vulgate or the vetus latina, try this:

Can we have a First Lady Debate?

I Have In My Keyboard... The Ultimate "Concern" Post/Thread...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is hot with the new 'do

Is anyplace replaying today's DNC speeches?

Lost in the Ohio early voting "debate"

Michelle Obama rocked it!

Absolutely the best line of the night

Michelle's speech - think about it for a sec

Honestly if freepers and Teabaggers were around before the Revolutionary War....

I knew Michelle's speech would be great. I just didn't realize how inadequate the word "great"

I see Steele on MSNBC, and just the way he is tonight I sense he is really fed up with what the

Strickland: 'If Mitt Romney was Santa Claus... he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves.'

So did we lose Skinner and EarlG? Are they sleeping it off?

What a contrast in conventions

What Was The Dig Michelle Got In When She Mentioned "marathon"......

‘Obamacare Is A Badge Of Honor’: Dems Embrace Health Care Law At Convention

Say it with me Loud & Proud - I'm a Democrat!!

In the next 20 years, the Latino population will be a majority in this country

What a difference a week makes. One night of progressive speeches....

TV Alert: Ron Paul Coming Up on Leno 12:23 a.m. 9/5

So who wants to do a DU Gathering at Myrtle Beach?

if you miss their speech for DNC: ONE DAY

A little electoral college calculus.

Japan government 'reaches deal to buy' disputed islands

I imagine watching the DNC after the RNC must be like how it was when people first bought color TV

Were you all in tears at the end of Michelle's speech, like I was?

Chuck Todd: ‘Democrats wish they had the diversity’ of Republicans

Analysis: Chastised Israel seeks way forward with U.S. over Iran

If you could only pick one, who gave the best speech tonight and why?

Baltimore, Wall Street tied for first place in the AL East

Watch the Michelle Obama Speech That Destroyed Twitter [VIDEO]

"... most men, even good caring men, have no clue what we go through on a daily basis..."

Tweety just shut down another GOP shill

I Heard It Tonight... An Actual Democrat... At The Actual DNC In Charlotte Said These Words...

Ha! "The Man From Bloomfield Hills — The Mitt Romney Story"

Bill Clinton to deliver unvetted speech at DNC, but some worry

Boy I'd love a pair of Forward, Not Back signs for my lawn.

Good signs on Facebook

Get your ammo: When eBt is cancelled, mass riots, mass rapes, end times a'coming!

Tweety just said his son is an actor on "newsroom"...I get it now!!

So we've been debushlitering for 4 years. We didn't skip straight from Clinton to Obama.

One last quick DNC update

Place the blame where it deserves to be…

The Truth About Obama and Israel

breaking news: re: ron paul on leno

"The two parties are the same! They're both guilty of poisoning our discourse!"

You think you know pain? HA!! try watching this

Watching Ann Romney and Michelle Obama's speech videos back to back shows a staggering contrast

Know what I like most about the convention?

Nate Silver's Sept 4 Update: *76% Chance of Obama Win*

One dead at Marois Montreal victory rally shooting

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Sept 5th

‘Are You Better Off?’ Hashtag Backfires On GOP

Here's the video of the Benediction at the DNC Tuesday night.

Was it just me or was there more policy substance in Michelle Obama's speech than Mitt Romney's?

I've never understood why so many working class white men and women vote republican.

Hawaii's Mormons: 'Chosen People, Promised Land'

Atheists plan protest at Democratic National Convention today

Tammy Duckworth DNC 2012

Feel Blue Smile

Five things we learned from Day One of the DNC

Battle of the wives: Ann Romney vs. First Lady Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech peaked at 28,003 Tweets per minute ...Romney's was 14,289 per min

I just told my family on my dad's side on FB that we are related to

Stop flipping off Rove

So, ... when is Sen. Paul Kirk (R-IL) up for re-election?

Thought I'd share this link because of the seeming importance of the ObamaCons.

Hey, this is weird. Norton just blocked me from coming to this page.

OK ... I have one small problem with Michelle's speech tonight ....

"CarMax co-founder: “I didn’t do it alone”" posted by Elizabeth Chan at Democrats Blog

Heavy Load - Obama for America TV Ad

When Strickland said, "If Mitt Romney were Santa Claus he would fire the reindeer...

Observations from a memorable evening

Death To The Muslim! He's Wearing PLAID!

IMO... we saw tonight why no one really ran against Mitt in the primary...

Interesting aside posted at Mashable (re convention tweets)

funniest line of night...thanks Frank Bruni

I Hear That After He Listened To Michelle's Speech Tonight - Rmoney Said.....

Can tourists access the national health care system in the United Kingdom?

Ed Koch Hospitalized: Former New York City Mayor Treated For Anemia

Let's all give best wishes to Pauline Marois and her Parti Quebecois

So much for the old "Tell Senator Jones to stop hating America" bit...

Damn, another night when I can't sleep.

Bill Clinton to Arkansas Democratic convention: GOP 'Built' National Debt

And you think you have problems...

The latest psychotic 'Freeper Babe' to promote the coming civil war when blacks storm flyover count

One of my most favorite quotes from Michelle Obama from tonight's speech...

I Sense That A Long-Simmering Rope-A-Dope Strategy By Team Obama Has Checkmated the Rs

Bradley Manning's lawyer demands sentence cut

Tweety!!! "That genius you guys have running for President"

The GOP from now on should be called the etch a sketch party

I Saw Tea Bagger Joe Walsh (R-IL) Again This Weekend At The Schaumberg Septemberfest......

Weathergirl goes rogue

Odd screencap from Yahoo (Michelle Obama's speech)

Willard Romney reminds me of Richard Nixon

On balance, what will Obama's reelection mean for the international political situation?

Craig Crawford: Michelle mashed Romney into tiny pieces.

Honduras signs deal to create private cities

Honduras signs deal to create private cities

The California-New Mexico Sandwich

Wanna really piss a FOX News viewer off? You know you do...

THE BILLIONAIRES TEA PARTY now available for broadband streaming

U.S. lays out examples of "gross negligence" by BP

China, U.S. divided over Syria, sea row, but vow goodwill

GOP: We Built This

Shooting at Quebec rally leaves one dead

Rupert Murdoch emerges as preferred bidder for lucrative NHS contracts

Patiño says dialogue with London will resume immediately

The Civil Rights Plank of the Democratic Party ('Cause some people missed it!!)

Way too Early with Geist is at a restaurant broadcasting with a large

Good piece on New York Times on what part of the country uses most of the safety net.

Since July 4th I have dropped 15 lb and my resting heart rate has gone from 72 bpm to 56 bpm

Ten unveils first look at Assange telemovie

Well this is unexpected: One of the Koch brothers is for marriage equality. I'm officially creeped.

Credit where credit is due. Morning Joe is treating Michelle's speech as they should!

Come on, Make My Day (cartoon)

Truck nuts

Two shot at Quebec separatist victory speech

9/5/2012: I haven't yet heard any speakers at the DNC mention "global warming"

I just went out to get the morning paper and guess what

Could Toronto's jackass mayor be extracted from office?

The DNC IS changing people's minds.....

18 Vets Kill Themselves a Day: We Hail Them As Heroes Then Treat Them Like Garbage

I Know No One Wants To Think About This: rMoney's HUGE Funding Advantage

I hope when it comes time for the debates...

Drug-war booty

I'm afraid the same people who voted for Bush....

Anti-tax and anti-grammar

Exposed: Undercover Agents at Occupy Austin Entrapped Protesters, Endangered Activists

Mourning Joe/No/Scum/Douchebag/take-your-pick is good for SOMETHING...

Why do certain people hate atheists?

i actually fell asleep last night

This is what Ann Romney and Mitt Romney never did.

The Paul Ryan Race Time Calculator!

Brace yourselves, now it begins: US News / Rasmussen pave the way for another election STEAL

CNN pissed me off today at the end of their coverage of the convention

Anyone want to join me in supporting Tammy Duckworth's campaign?

What the hell's all this "Didn't reach across the aisle" crap?

US-Funded Armies Slaughtering Record Number of Elephants

Forgive me if nothing else matters to me but this election

We're One Crucial Step Closer to Seeing Tony Blair at The Hague

FedEx Slashes Earnings Forecasts

Politics and Plutocrats: A Parade of Inequality by Gar Smith

Are these cats "Job Creators"?

For Former Exec Tony Hayward, BP Stands for “Back in Play”

Five Ways the Stanford Study Sells Organics Short

Aussies must compete with $2 a day workers: Rinehart

Reich: Romney/Ryan 'LIES' and how the GOP has figured out how to bypass all neutral fact-checkers

I wonder if this would be Constitutional:

Temkin Group Research Shows Obama Promoters Outnumber Romney’s Across Genders, Ethnic Groups...

Students, Beware: Private Student-Loan Companies Are Not Your Friends

Former Rep. Gabby Giffords and husband Mark Kelly launch PAC

Anyone else see the Rahm Emmanuel smackdown on Today?

Why must I endure Harold Ford Jr (D-Milquetoast)?

Ted Strickland Sets Crowd On Fire With Anti-Romney Jeremiad

I went to bed smiling last night...after watching Michelle.

EU prepares for clampdown on Libor-style indexes

Civil War my ass...

Cameron rules out new Heathrow runway before 2015

Civil War records, WW-II German uniforms, and the 1st Ladies' speech

I am so proud to be supporting the democratic party.


Proof that Obama is a Socialist (found on FB)

North Dakota Seat Isn't a Cinch for the GOP

Yesterday I saw the funniest teabagger bumper sticker.

Morning Joe: he is actually gushing over the DNC "3 DNC speeches better than entire GOP convention!"

Holy crap! DNC's biggest supporters this morning are Mika and Joe!

Has anyone dared wade into the Fox swamp this morning?

If what Mitt Romney is proposing worked

Tammy Duckworth is awesome!

Banker Plan Would Fund Super-PACs to Sway Senate Races

A Clarion Call for a New Democratic Era's reliability?

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 5, 1981

Union Jobs Plummet in the Private Sector {NY}

Mauritania sends Gaddafi spy chief to Libya

School Bullies Prey on Children with Autism

morning Joe talking about deficits. Cut deficits is code for cutting Medicare and social security.

Strikers march at S Africa's platinum mine

A Redoubt of Learning Holds Firm

"We ALL Built It, Together."

FINALLY, Mika said it! What everyone was thinking...

Clinton, China haven't narrowed gaps on Syria, sea


‘Anonymous’ Pesters FBI On Twitter

Those were some pretty powerful statements from Deval Patrick last night (re: bullying)

Occupy il Teatro

No cease-fire, drugs nag at Colombia peace talks

The New GOP Meme and The Tools To Fight It

Need a quick rebuttal...

The Photography Group is Taking Admissions for the September Contest

In the Shadow of the DNC, Organizers Call for a Unionized South

Find out if you have been taken off your local voter rolls

2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 Democratic Platforms on Civil Liberties

chuck todd 'a surprising number of attacks on mitt romney' really chuck?

CNN: Will Michelle Obama's speech change history?

Toon: Are You Better Off Now?

Despite absence, McCaskill is the talk of the town

Embracing 'Obamacare' with pride

Drumbeat: September 5, 2012

Paul Ryan: All wrapped up in the flag and carrying a cross.

Drumbeat: September 5, 2012

All the gop rnc accomplished last week was telling the president to go fuck himself

Drug-war booty


When Do These Speeches Happen?


Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- DNC

Old Chuckie Todd has worked overtime to find something wrong with last night's opening

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Not even a dead cat bounce

Bill Clinton Speech At Democratic Convention: GOP 'Built' National Debt

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

Best my wife's GOP cousin could come up with to paste on facebook is the following CNN article.

Chicago: Riders Blast CTA 'De-Crowding' Plan at Hearing

Dear wingnuts, About Michelle Obama's Speech...

Where did the "Charlotte is unacceptable" thing go?

No reports of extraordinary rendition to torture or other cruelty under [Obama's] administration.

Top Bank Lawyer’s E-Mails Show Washington’s Inside Game

Toaster oven catfish for the lazy and ill equipped bachelor.

Koch's Americans for Prosperity Recycles Debunked Anti-Public Health Care Political Attack Ad

Media Matters re charge that Dems "purged God" from platform: Dems mentioned God more in 2000, 2004

Deepwater Horizon: BP accused of gross negligence

La. officials close 12 miles of coastline after Isaac washes up tar balls, oil from BP spill hotspot

Have you been loyal to a particular make of car?

Survivor Philippines - The castaways are identified here, but no spoilers please

Koch's Americans for Prosperity Recycles Debunked Anti-Public Health Care Attack Ad

Chuckie just played a series of clips of President Clinton talking at every convention...

Big Dawg BITES Repukes HARD - REAL HARD!

Burning Man 2012 in photos, in captions, in deep and dusty moans, Mark Morford

First Read: If you're a Democrat, you couldn't have scripted Day 1 of the convention any better

'Alien mammal' invasion of Europe

David Shuster: Obama internal polling indicates 9 + point lead in Ohio

Suspected US drone strike kills 5 alleged militants in southern Yemen

How Many Years Of Darkness Will A Second Obama Term Bring?

Louie Gohmert breaks his brain

Ten True Facts Guaranteed to Short-Circuit Republican Brains

Facebook post obliterates today's GOP meme...

Chinese drywall maker must face U.S. lawsuits: judge

Metro Detroit: LaHood reports progress on regional transit

Paul Ryan: Obama ‘Purged’ Mentions Of God In Dem Platform

There's a potential system heading for FLorida in the Gulf of Mexico

Why not move Election-Day to second Saturday of November?

Opening Ourselves to the Realities of Class

MTV Changes VMA Start Time to Avoid Clashing With Obama's Speech

Canadian Auto Workers union threatens massive strike

Ohio Secretary of State refuses to comply with early voting court order

don't forget this guy

Welcome newcomers! Check out the Non-Fiction book group.

If anyone wants some good news on the heels of that great opening convention night...

The sixth extinction menaces the very foundations of culture

Coming up msnbc- venue change?

I'm proud of my fellow Dems for giving Karl Rove the finger and telling him to go to hell

Where is Swede?

Canada: Walk Your Dog in Front of the Mosque Day (warning, really offensive bigotry)

Romney campaign announces new 'Black Leadership Council' to be co-chaired by Allen West

Bwah-hah BecKKK crybabies about being mocked and disdained by NYC wait staff & American Airlines

Forum hosting: is it OK to sign up again as soon one's 90-day term is over?

Pew Poll: More say Eastwood speech highlight of GOP Convention than Mitt's

Bummer. Tomorrow night's speeches have been moved inside.

Religion In 2012 Election: Labels Matter Less

Hey GOP...2008 remember? You and GW Bush did this to America, NOT Obama

Lightning threat forces Obama to change convention plans

A tale of two party platforms—a choice of the future or the past

Religion And Poverty: Religious Teachings On Social Justice, Helping The Poor (QUOTES)

Well Jansing Co on MSNBC needs to have her brain twisted

I was seriously impressed by our Governor last night

Plants need a 'new deal' to stem their decline, warns Kew director {video at link}

Never forget that is a right-wing 'news' aggregator.

Romney & Son Investigated for 8 Billion Ponzi Scheme -Stanford????

A bad omen from a google search suggestion

Wil Wheaton reposted something on his tumblr which is well worth reading...

FINALLY - After years in the wilderness, the social liberals are at the forefront.

Romney repudiates FDR's fear of syrup shelves!

American, United Airlines Must Face Trial Over 9-11 Hijackings

World's first vegetarian McDonald's to open at Indian holy sites

Chuck Todd: "...Mitt Romney seemed a "guest at his own convention"

An Obama Drink

You all know what happens if you only make the minimum payment on your credit card...

Organic Food Isn't More Nutritious, but That Isn't the Point

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, September 4)

Do cats eat pears? cantalope?

The Mainstream Media Begins Assault on Organic Foods

Case for Obama - check. Romney discredited - check. Ryan - Ha! Now, about these guys ...

Right now #FailingAgenda is the payed hashtag on twitter

Judge Orders Extradition And Arrest Of Former U.S. Treasury Undersecretary

Mittens Is NOT Going To Like This Tweet

High as F@%k????

What happens next?

WIN!!! Skinner meets Mayor Julián Castro on the street Wednesday morning!

Cecile Richards (Planned Parenthood) and Sandra Fluke

last night... sorry no photos

Reigniting the American Dream: Building Ladders of Opportunity

I can give you 5 very good reasons to vote for Obama. Prove me wrong.

The woo-woos are already attacking the Organic food study.

Anti-tax and anti-spelling

Alan Grayson on Stephanie Miller now at DNC Convention 10:45 am est.

Dawn Spacecraft To Leave Asteroid Vesta For Dwarf Planet Ceres

If you can lend a hand, I'll appreciate it. Re: gift of a car/IRS and re: give vs sell

3 former Bain execs? speaking tonite /nt

‘Mounting Evidence’ of Bug-Resistant Corn Seen by EPA

PEW: Romney Loses To The Chair

No lack of enthusiasm in Charlotte

I just donated to the Obama Campaign Because Of This Quote From Michelle Obama

2 wars on a cc & richie riches tax cuts. PigliCON 16 trillion dollar deficit. Dem jobs pkg blkd

WaPo's Glenn Kessler: After defending Ryan's dishonest speech, takes issue with DNC speakers.

Samsung slammed for alleged worker mistreatment in China

I have always loved being a democrat but today my level of exuberance is

I think Obama's chances of winning have improved...a lot...

If it stinks, let it sink.... or something like that!! A guide for dealing with GOPers.

The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrative Subpoena

Magnitude 7.6 - OFF THE COAST OF COSTA RICA (initially set at 7.9)

Detroit News: LaHood reports progress on regional transit

Thom Hartmann: Is America better off than 30 yrs ago when the Reaganomics experiment started?

Michelle Obama's performance last night in a nutshell...

Americans think “the cloud” is a real cloud

CNN Quick vote. Who gave a better speech in support of her husband?

359 posts about Hoyt after...

Religion Leaders At Democratic National Convention 2012 Range From High-Profile To Obscure

Is there a rule against using DU as your own personal facebook page, or...

Samsung Dominates Western European Phone Market In Q2, Apple Impacted By iPhone 5 Rumors: IDC

First night of the DNC: what enthusiasm gap?

Obama Convention Speech Being Moved Indoors (updated)

The Reviews are coming in: Christie vs Castro Keynote speeches


Just wondering about Ryan

Surf's Up! 7.9 earthquake off Costa Rica!

What the Constitution and the Dems' platform have in common

My favorite Michelle quote.

Eastwooding - Mitt's Tax Returns

French Set for Power Gap in Three Years on Nuclear Shutdowns

In case you haven't seen this one yet.... awesome photo going viral on FB

CNN on Organic Produce

I've got a crush on Obama

Should the activist Catholic bishops deny communion to Ryan?

WOW! Ann Romney holding a "Women For Mitt" rally in Findlay Ohio today! WOW! USA! USA! USA! WOW!

Arianna On 'Morning Joe'

Reigniting the American Dream: Building Ladders of Opportunity

You know, it's nice to have a CIC and FLOTUS who actually care about the troops

A kitten named Ronald Reagan

GOP questions if Obama speech moved because of problems filling seats

The Generational Step-Up, and How About the Path Along the Way?

Walter Rhett: Opportunity! Health Care, Jobs, and Race

CDC: Third of U.S. adults have high blood pressure, only half have it under control

I just realized what that shot of the lone black guy in the front rows at the rnc reminded me of:

Stop the defeatist threads, non-members view this site, and it can could lower voter's enthusiasm.

Rmoney camp desperate to talk to more than 3 black people...

Just returned from a great trip (will discuss in gardening posts) - but I read 1984. Holy Shit.

Fox...Broadcasts Romney Talking Points, Attacks Michelle Obama’s Speech For Focusing On ‘Government’

Rinse Penis was mumbling this morning.

Are people worried about Paralympics spoilers?

$500 challenge eta-we are joined by eve, tammy duckworth's online coordinator.

What was your overall impression from last night?

So, TPM Polltracker has PO already at 274 EVs - with 5 possible wins still undecided!

Hurricane Isaac left the Gulf Coast ankle-deep in dead swamp rats

Anonymous group allegedly hacked Romney tax records via Franklin firm

Here is what is not being said. The repubs ran up the deficit on purpose after Bill Clinton left a

Watch the Pilot For J.J. Abrams' Revolution Now (VIDEO)

It's still about the meritocracy

If it is possible, will someone post the link to the article stating that the plutocrats pay

The Apple I-scale. Good or gimmick?

Steam accident hurts two at France's Fessenheim nuclear plant

President of Tokyo Electric Urges Nuclear Future

I sit in my cubicle and I want to draw...

Ummm... Reince and Co. - we had 19k on a wait list to sit in that stadium

CNN is going to drive itself into the ground...

The Rude Pundit - DNC Day 1: Now That's the America We Know

Prolonged CPR Holds Benefits, a Study Shows

The Big Difference Between the DNC and the RNC

Time for a visit to the way back machine:

Hey Paul Ryan, you stupid liar - GOD was mentioned several times last nite! I heard this phrase....

This is what's wrong with America...

My Wingnut/Teabag Friends Are Awfully Quiet On Facebook Today

Minnesotan David Foster to speak of his experience with Romney's Bain Capital at Democratic conventi

California Prop. 32: Fraud of all Frauds!

G.O.P. Shift Moves Center Far to Right

Mitt Romney Fills Stadium To The Capacity Of His Support

Harry Reid vs Mitt Romney...

Note to GOP - Faith without works is dead...

'I Have Not Shot Her Yet' (Dorothy Parker writes a friend while in the hospital - LOL)

Intentional Misunderstandings from "Tom the Dancing Bug"

Keiser Report: War, Whores & Welfare

Folks, was the Clinton surplus a myth or was it real? I hear we were on track

What Obama's inbox looks like [yesterday]. (Hilarious)

Fact-Wreck: CNN ‘Reality Check’ Based On A Lie

So my mother called to talk to me for 30 minutes about Michelle Obama's speech.

Sad pics of loggers in 1915 cutting down the giant California Redwoods.

Judy Blume Has Been Privately Battling Breast Cancer

Mitt Romney's Dad was on Welfare

So How Will This Voter Suppression Thing Work ?

I'm a volunteer for Obama. If you are too, check in and K&R.

Fugelsang -Pro-life quote

Getting Rich? Unlikely, Democrats Need to Fight for the Journey

The best of the American spirit?

Pat Robertson:" Dems the party of Gays and Godlessness."

Booming illegal ivory trade taking severe toll on Africa's elephants (will be gone in 1 decade)

Charlotte, September 4th

"Being President doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are."

Venue changed at DNC tomorrow in stadium Charlotte Rs say Obama didn't have enough people

Breitbart story makes me think Julian Castro will be president one day

Anyone ridden Amtrak in Texas lately?

SHE'S A HIT! Front page of the Daily News

Word clouds: Michelle vs. Ann

Naomi Klein: Unacceptable risks in pipeline expansion to Vancouver

In America, you can't love your country & hate your gov't -- we ARE the gov't!

I am a straight black male, and I am Gawd Damn proud to stand by my LGBT brother and sisters!

It feels like a sea change to me, this election. What do you all think?

Vandana Shiva: Act for Seed Freedom

"Barefoot" shoes - barefoot running is a minor trend, and I think all the major shoe makers

More pictures of Michelle

"Paul Ryan Time Calculator" Website allows you to convert any race time into "Ryan Equivalent"

Hollywood star unveiled for Ellen DeGeneres

Day 1 of DNC gathers way more attention than day one of RNC

Tsunami Watch in the Caribbean - majr quake in Costa Rica

So--where are all the outraged factcheckers discovering the lies of our convention speakers?

Umm, every speech everybody gives now ends with "may God Bless America."

Top that, Mr. President.

Poll: Independent voters say Clint Eastwood was RNC’s best speaker

Just shut down a brown shirt whining about Michelle Obama's speech...

Michelle Obama’s speech: Both apolitical and politically masterful

ANOTHER WIN!!! EarlG meets State Rep. Joaquín Castro on the street Wednesday afternoon!

Rich Kids Of Instagram Ironically More Popular Than Major Web Sites According To Alexa Estimates

Just Two Anti-Obama Groups Spent $23.4 Million In The Second Half Of August

I liked the Ted Kennedy's tribute!!!!!

Where is the thread on Financial Statistics?

Urban Mass Transportation: Infrastructure, Affordability, Passenger Service, Environmental Quality

Ten True Facts Guaranteed to Short-Circuit Republican Brains

Driving into work this morning ...

Thom Hartmann: DNC...will Anyone Mention War?

John Travolta had six-year affair with me, says male pilot

Romney: ‘Human Activity Contributes’ To Global Warming

Question about the signs at convention for Skinner, or anyone else who knows....

So. Let's say (as I think will happen) Obama wins. What will it tell us about Citizens United?

Clint Eastwood To Publish New Autobiography...

Gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they are more likely to smoke

Amazon CA Sales Tax begins September 15th: Good for California and Brick & Mortar Stores

Ryan praises Bill Clinton on day of his DNC speech

Does Romney want everyone to have the same opportunity?

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Sept 5th

Teen with Down syndrome stopped from boarding plane

(Canadian Auto Workers) CAW threatens to strike at Detroit 3 automakers

In Stadium Building Spree, U.S. Taxpayers Lose $4 Billion

Claims he can fix the economy....

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: VFX The Republican National Convention

ALEC Goes After the Center for Media and Democracy

Man 'swallows $13,000 diamond' at Sri Lanka gem exhibition

Yesterday, I got my pony.

Did y'all see this?

The Republican National Convention vs The Democratic National Convention Can you see the difference?

CNN's ‘Reality Check’ Based On A Lie

Fact-Checker Claims Romney Won’t Raise Taxes On The Middle Class Because ‘He Has Promised He Won’t’

Breaking.... Hacker Group Claims To Have Romney's Tax Returns

China charges former police chief with defection and power abuse

Gaddafi's ex-spy chief handed back to Libya

What the heck happened to Chris Cilizza?


National Review appears to portray Romney, Ryan as Communists

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2012 - DNC Convention SCHEDULE

A Picture Diary of our Trip to Decorah - Seed Savers Exchange Tomato Tasting Aug/Sept 2012

I need help...I have searched the RNC...How many times were troops and vets mentioned?

Papantonio: The Deadly Truth About Accutane distorts Obama's job record.

Amnesty accuses Maldives government of beatings and torture

Wes Clark discusses what PrezO has done about debt, +

In 2000 and 2004, Nader caused Problems for Dems. In 2012, the GOP has Ron Paul

Romney doing debate prep at $3.9 million mansion

Cynthia Tucker: Michelle's personal story a political triumph

Got nailed by a 7.9 earthquake here in Costa Rica this morning......

Breaking.... Hacker Group Claims To Have Romney's Tax Returns

Euro rises on report of ECB plan to buy unlimited debt

Rahm Emanuel to seek big-dollar donations funds for Democrats

Consumer Reports: Don't give up on clean, organic food

Breaking: Romney’s Tax Returns Reported Stolen

How do I Lie To Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.

DU at the DNC Photo Update: Celebritypalooza!

The Rethugs "concerns" are duly noted:

Is Romney ashamed of his wealth, a traitor to his class...

Mitt Romney's great hypocrisy: Matt Taibbi explains how Romney got rich off debt at Bain

World's Richest Woman's New Idea: Wages of $2 a Day (she earns $611 per second)

New transport minister was fined for running over cyclist claims that calling an FDIC bailout “a government bailout” is "disinformation."

The Joe Biden factor

Andrea Greeenspan, cutting of Rahm every time he makes great points about stark differences between

Dear Anne Romney,

Actual headline: "God out of Democratic platform"

Does anyone have a link to Michelle Obama's speech.......

Medical marijuana caregiver dies in police custody

Watching 'Tremors' on HBO.

Ann Romney Tells Women, Young People To ‘Wake Up!’

Tonight...dial up warning

Power, Politics and Powerful Information

Michelle Obama's full DNC speech

Arkansas lawsuit aims to throw out medical marijuana proposal

My college friend--Kim Gillan--running for Congress!

Is there a feature on DU that allows certain DUers from

My college friend--Kim Gillan--running for Congress!

Sorry for the stir my thread caused.

Spelunkers Return From Record-breaking Cave Expedition

Mark Craddock, Christian Sect Doctor, Banned For Prescribing 'Gay Cure' Drug Used For Castration

World’s Richest Woman (Australian) Suggests Workers Should Make $2 Per Day

Michelle's speech at 12th grade level, Ann's at 5th grade level

Mitt Romney vs. dead potted plant

4 Cuban and Norwegian guarantors accompany Colombia peace process: Report .

The weather forecast tonight in Charlotte is for a 40% chance of thunderstorms.

4 Cuban and Norwegian guarantors accompany Colombia peace process: Report .

Students will show academic integrity — if colleges support it

Wisconsin Lawmakers Exploit Loophole to Hide ALEC Ties

Gravis poll: Romney ahead in Ohio & Florida

Anyone heard the latest "conservative" meme about bussing people into the DNC and giving away

Is the obsession over the obsession about Hoyt obsessive?

Michelle Obama gives the best convention speech ever. Seriously.

Gabby Douglas to lead DNC Pledge of Allegiance

Mormons rally for Obama

Thom Hartmann: Are Cons Reinventing Labor Day into Billionaire's Day?

We Love Michelle - pics

Religious liberals are increasingly concerned about the slaughter of Americans by firearms.

This is such an awesome quote I had to re-post it...

One of the few ferral kitties that live in my barn that I could actually pet

Mitt Romney Accidentally Confronts A Gay Veteran; Awesomeness Ensues

How do the ratings look compared to RNC?

"Show Your Soft Side" anti-animal abuse campaign in Baltimore.

"The work begins anew. The hope rises again. And the DREAM lives on." We sure miss you, Teddy

Exclusive: Paul Ryan Quietly Requested Obamacare Cash

Rep JE Clyburn on MSNBC: "We Have 19,000 People On The Wait List For Obama's Stadium Speech."

BO: I Might Be Biased . . .

Social Security combats bullet rumors

Obama knew about peace talks with FARC: Santos .

Obama knew about peace talks with FARC: Santos .

Latest stupid conservative argument for voter ID: the DNC events require ID at the door!

TOON: Bill Clinton v Mitt Romney

Paralympics handcycling - spoiler

"I will not stand behind President Obama"

Man eats $50 counterfeit bills

Dear Ronmey/Ryan Supporter,

"I will not stand behind President Obama"

I get it now

Where is little Luke Russert? Did he not get an assignment for the convention?

From Mitt Romney's Facebook page

C-Span- The President has just arrived in Charlotte...

Do all those old white Republicans treat their pets better than their fellow man?

Lily Ledbetter: Without Equal Pay, 'We Lose What Cannot be Measured by Dollars'

Mrs. Greenspan is going on and on about stadium to arena switch... "disappointed people, OMG"

From Mitt Romney's Facebook page

From Nate Silver - "Being only tied in the polls immediately after his own convention is ...

U.S. Nears $1 Billion Debt Relief Deal with Egypt's Islamist President

C Span showing Air Force One landing now --gives me chills!

How to counter;

No ballons...

Political Conventions should be held in mid-August

An accidentally true Headline

Just saw the great David Gregory interviewing Sandra Fluke on MSNBC's NewsNation

From my daughter the fact-checker

All-in-one listing of NFL team colors?

President Obama just arrived in Charlotte

Have I missed the ratings from the convention last night? This is what I could find

Romney tax return claim made in package left at Williamson GOP office (hacking claim)

Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Exclusive: Paul Ryan Quietly Requested Obamacare Cash

Vladimir Putin Reportedly To Fly On Hang-Glider, Wear Fake Beak With Siberian Cranes

Now here's a real surprise: Companies boosted profits without hiring this spring

Republicans Baffled by Standing Ovations at DNC

Venezuelan Opposition Prepares for Non-Recognition of Chavez Victory

David Shuster: Obama internal polling indicates 9 + point lead in Ohio

Paul Ryan explained that a back injury contributed to his inflated marathon-running claims

Do I dare hope this could happen?

“Paul Ryan hasn’t told any lies today. I hope he’s okay.”

Michelle Obama speaks at the Human Rights Campaign luncheon

After many past embarassments, the RNC is standardizing on a single Presidential Campaign Song for

Mitt sucks ass, Mitt sucks ass

What the hell is Mitt thinking....

Castro's speech at You Tube and Huffington Post..not complete... WP has full speech..

Michelle Obama's Speech Written at Higher Grade Level

A wrathful God sends Nice Weather

Orange photos I didn't choose.

Breaking Bad may take a dark turn next season

Democrats drew more viewers than GOP on first convention night

Renaming, since we seem to have a good 'ol colonoscopy story thread going!

Thom Hartmann caller: My Ohio License was blocked by New Jersey! (trying to get Voter ID)

Dean Baker just now on MSNBC. No immediate Social Security problem.

Krystal Ball?? (Seen on MSNBC just now.)

Cowboys most valuable NFL team at $2.1 billion

Democratic poll says Allen West-Patrick Murphy race a virtual tie

Skittles the Dragon!

Pres. Clinton's on c-span NOW. Why isn't he on MSNBC? n/t

Just got a call from 702 614-5900 asking me...

Need a link to the Obamacare..what's been implemented and what will be implemented.

Man in 'Joker' makeup arrested at Brevard County movie theater

Love the new Clinton TV ad for PO, too bad the GOP can't make one with Bush in it...

Democrats drew more viewers than GOP on first convention night

What's on your toilet in terms of reading material?

So the language they used last night was new (to me) and interesting.

The stark, glaring difference between the RNC & DNC audiences

And Don't Forget...Rush Said the Unemployed Need to Suffer

Our mystery speaker(s) announced:

Rumor: Anonymous group has hacked Romney's tax records?

“I’ve got two words for you,” a senior Obama campaign official told ABC News, “Ford Field.”

Juian Castro's full Keynote speech.

Pyrenean desman: On the trail of Europe's weirdest beast (BBC)

Exceptional upward mobility in the US is a myth, international studies show

Weather Forecast for Thursday night in Charlotte. Not bad for the South.

Appeals court blocks Minnesota law on corporate political spending

Is the speaker list and times for tonight listed somewhere?

A view of technology which is beyond belief

DNC protesters continue march after standoff

Congratulations MSNBC

Paul Ryan quietly requested Obamacare money for his district

On Xfinity News, Comcast points out that "God" isn't part of the Democratic platform

"Something that I didn't see in Tampa -- wait staff cheering for convention speaker... Michelle"

Police release illegal immigrants after protest at DNC

Lawmaker’s suit alleges absentee-ballot fraud at North Miami assisted living facilities, nursing hom

Cheap dustpan.

‘Thin Lizzy’ Singer’s Mother BLASTS REPUBLICANS For ‘ABUSING' Band’s Music

What's in the toilet in terms of reading material?

An Amateur Rancher Brings the Wastelands of the Southwest Back to Life

Glacial thinning has sharply accelerated at major South American icefields

Scalia, at UNLV, criticizes notion of Constitution as a living document

5 Minimalist Blogs Worth Checking Out

Kellie Pickler shaves her head

Ann Romney's body language is so awful!

Keys To The Matchup - Cowboys/Giants

Masterdebater Mitt "practicing" in a 6500 Sq. Ft. $4 million Connecticut mansion.

Queen Romney's Target Logo Dress?

Krupicka Wins Delegate Seat in Special Election

Petri paid no income taxes for four years!!!!

What is the biggest crowd ever drawn by either Mitch Rmoney or Sarah Ryan, or the two together?

I hope this is true!! CP: Hackers Say They Nabbed Romney's Tax Records Through Franklin Office, Plan

Sununu is complaining about Michelle Obama's dress

Allen West leads Romney’s “black leadership council”

Karen Handel's book comes out next week regarding the "Komen Flap"

Rove & Gibbs at IU and Rove's race-baiting comment

DNC Celebritypalooza Part Deux!

In Isaac's wake, Gulf Coast beaches littered with oil tar

This should endear Rush to N.Carolinans ("Black Panther Stadium")

Is NBC going to do anything to make up for not presenting convention tonight?

The letters from and to Sarah Ryan asking for ACA funds for his district. (Lyin' Ryan at it again)

Zach Wahls to speak at Democratic National Convention on Thursday

Sandra Fluke was interviewed by Gregory?


Kentucky GOP Outraged Colleges Want Students to Know Things (Creationists, Please do Not Enter)

Israel: Jews help scrub away anti-Christian graffiti made by Jewish settlers

Radio host Beck renews attack on American Airlines

Going to a Great Event This Month

100 Days Out: From Serious Vulnerability to a Wave Election

Reid slams Romney over tax returns secrecy

Well, if I was running things at the DNC....

"the media made Obama own Wright, they should make Romney own the LDS' terrible record on race"


US preparing case against WikiLeak's Assange: lawyer

Good citizens check for duplicates

Been on the on-line comment section of my local daily rag ...


Sasha And Malia Head To Charlotte Thursday

Joe Klein: About Last Night: Wow

When DIY means a week of toe-curling fear

After Michelle Obama's speech, the President should steal a line from JFK:

Should only those following God embark on a pilgrimage?

Religion And Poverty: Religious Teachings On Social Justice, Helping The Poor (QUOTES)

On the decision to change the DNC venue...

A LINK to the UPDATED 'new' DNC Speakers Podium Schedule for Wednesday

Anyone know why this post was hidden?

Elephants Dying in Epic Frenzy as Ivory Fuels Wars and Profits - NYT

I love little morsels of good news. Don't you?

DNC changes Platform to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

ann romney: 'I know what its like to have no hope'...bullshit annie

Michalle Obama Raises the Bar!

Did you know Romney-Ryan will cost seniors more, but pointing that out is misleading?

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak DNC 2012

POLL: Viewers say Clint Eastwood talking to a chair was the best speech of the GOP convention

Bishop: Catholic Church's credibility on abuse 'shredded'

Petition CNN to fire Erickson!

Romney relieved he's not debating Senator Portman in the real debates

Is my memory faulty? What is this Clinton and republican bipartisanship....

Update on the hacked taxes

C-Span - live coverage online

Just a reminder: When talking about the deficit, call it by its conrect name--"The Bush Deficit"

DNC 2012

Democrats Add God, Jerusalem To Party Platform

***DNC LIVE THREAD NIGHT 2*** We love You Michelle.

Mitt Romney on guns and gun control

Robert Reich on Romney, the New Gilded Age and More

U.S. drone attack kills 6 suspected militants in Yemen

Genius or idiocy?

Secret Service Investigating Purported Ransom of Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

Michelle VS Ann: Battle of the Convention Dresses...

MSNBC Wins Night One from the DNC

Convention on and speakers up now on CSPAN.

Michigan labor has a victory

Calling all Math Geeks (or non-geeky Math Knowers) ...

Sen. Sanders:Romney's wrong economic answers

Paul Ryan, Mountaineer

Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Tax Holiday

Paul Ryan, Mountaineer (or, the Further Adventures of a Lying Liar)

Paul Ryan Requests ObamaCare Monies on the Sly

A touching story about Deval Patrick...

Is (R)asmussen Going To Prop Up Willard Romney All The Way Up To Election Day?

Rep. Gutierrez: Romney Will Turn Immigrants’ ‘Dreams Into Nightmares’

cnn quick vote....Who gave a better speech in support of her husband?

Democrats change platform to add God, Jerusalem

Puente's "Undocubus" Riders Arrested Outside Democratic National Convention

Republicans relationship with government

There ya go - Ebay Executive speaking on the floor of the DEMOCRATIC Convention in support of

Okay boys and girls, who can answer this: what is the single most important factor in winning an

Are the Dems going to have a mystery speaker on Thursday?

Top immigration aide steps down amid sexual harassment allegations

Darrell Hammond on Hardball...hmmmmmm

Going back to school for progressive cause

Seth Rogen has an Ah Ha moment about Romney.

Judge Orders Jon Husted To Attend Ohio Early Voting Hearing

the term "entitlements" should be retired!

Asylum seekers trapped on Egypt-Israel border go 6 days without food

New changes to Keystone XL pipeline said to protect drinking water

From Lauren Corgo

You know what the difference is between the DNC convention and...

Democrats Efforts To Reinsert 'God' And 'Jerusalem' Into Platform Met With Loud Opposition

2012 is Already the Best Democratic Convention in Many Years

Business accountant peddles false healthcare facts to my friend, a small business owner.

Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary (UK), thinks homeopathy works

Ok was anyone else balling at Andy's final speech of his tennis career??

I just used "ignore"...

chuck norris claims there will be 1000 years of darkness.....

Scientists have published the most detailed analysis to date of the human genome.

iPhone app The Crate Escape: Seamus Unleashed

"Pro-Palestinians" don't seem to be "pro-anyone"

Pakistan orders Save the Children foreign workers to leave

Tonight's Convention Speaker Schedule (from and

Deputy Sheriff Decries Romney’s Plan To Cut First Responder Money

Breakthrough study overturns theory of 'junk DNA' in genome

I'm ready for some football ...

Cross-linked from Gardening - photo/diary of our trip to Decorah Iowa to speak at the Seed Savers

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s false accusation of a misquote (towards Israeli ambsdr to US)

Clinton: No one could have restored economy to full health in 4 years

Democratic Underground: more interesting than the 2012 Democratic National Convention?

When will Lying' Ryan's lies catch up with him?

Pew Poll: Obama in a Word: From ‘Inexperienced’ and ‘Change’ to ‘Good’ and ‘Trying’

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales attacks government's 'snooper's charter'

Lyin' Ryan: Clinton gave us welfare reform and Obama is trying to roll it back

PCCC Raises $1 Million For Elizabeth Warren

Dem Senator: Romney Will ‘Put Middle Class On The Roof’ (Patty Murray)

Is Chris Matthews rude to his staff?

One for the ladies. Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt

Kitten goes for 100-mile ride on NY woman's bumper

Christopher Dilts for Obama for America

$250,000 worth of Bitcoins stolen in net heist

White House Mobile App

Fact-Checking Ann & Mitt Romney's Early Hardknock Years

Martin Bashir - Rep. Welch: ‘Ryan is becoming the fibber-in-chief in this election’

Yet another symptom of getting "on in years."

After Bucking Federal Judge On Early Voting, Ohio Secretary Of State Ordered To Appear In Court

The Romney Pokey

After last night, Michelle has gone from star to Super Nova...

No Friggin’ Big Hats!” at this convention!

Clinton: Give Obama time to clean up GOP ‘mess’ (speech excerpts)

DNC changes Platform to recognize Rome the capital of Italy.

"I'm pro-choice. My opponent is multiple choice." - Ted Kennedy

Is Paul Ryan Lying About Climbing 40 Mountains, Too? What Is His Deal?

I was skeptical about Astrology until I saw this thread on Ann Romney's chart:

LTTE: "Many women" support RepubliCON policies on marriage, abortion, etc.

Man in Joker makeup arrested at Florida theater

"We are Democrats! And don't you ever forget it!" Another man on fire - don't know who he is, bu

'Something Really Wrong': Tens of Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up on Lake Erie Shore

Coastal plant thought extinct for 65 years discovered, put on endangered list

And now for some fun: Romney in Bad Lip Reading

Democratic National Convention tweets surpass RNC on first night. (Chris Rock tweets also)

Has anyone asked Romney where his tax returns are today?

Senator Dianne Feinstein says she'll reintroduce assault weapon legislation

Human torso found in suitcase pulled from Lake Ontario

The Troubling Myths of Opportunity and Mobility in the Democratic Convention

Paul Ryan's Claim to be First Man on the Moon Debunked!!!

Michelle Obama's convention speech lights up Twitter

Jose Hernandez: "Believe"

Need Ideas for a simple decorative pie topping

US Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Kansas City, Missouri

Feds probe alleged hacking theft of Romney's tax returns

Another $100 Campaign Donation for President Obama from me if any DNC speaker....

Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) speech hit it out of the park !!!

Supervalu to Close 60 Underperforming Stores

Thousands call for CNN to fire Erick Erickson for saying the DNC is like the 'Vagina Monologues'

"Top Clinton Aide Debunks ‘BS’ Claim That He Supports Romney" by Joe Conason at the National Memo

Rep. Cleaver To Obama: ‘Continue To Speak Of Hope’

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Er...NO BALLOON DROP tomorrow night? What do you mean by "NO BALLOON DROP?"

Consumer Fees Unrelated to Swipe Fees: Survey

Students, Beware: Private Student-Loan Companies Are Not Your Friends

Anyone catch Trumka mention the 'Republic" majority?

Could the ESPN College GameDay promos SUCK any more?

Remember the old WW2 poster that read, "YES WE CAN!"? Now there's a new one out!!

You want to talk about a lack of enthusiasm?

Deval Patrick quote

Small rant: It is Andrea MITCHELL, DUers.

Does this story set off anyone else's BS detector?

Matt Taibbi Explains Why You Should Hate Mitt Romney Even More Than You May Have Hated Him Yesterday

A comment regarding Rep. Kevin Yoder's (R-KS) skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee

The amazing quote from Julian Castro

Headline at hussypost is "democrats cave". This concerns the platform, and adding god

CBS has hired Frank Luntz ---- "a number of appearances ....between now and Election Day."

NEW Michelle buttons :-)

Who else loves Reverend Al Capone's suit?

Graph: Michelle Obama Vs. Ann Rmoney

A Groupon?

Mitt: Obama’s Auto Bailout Was My Idea (LOL!)

President Obama Hands Republicans A Gift; Jewish, Palestinian Leaders Fume

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 6 September 2012

From Daily Kos: Paul Ryan requested Obamacare funding for his district.

I am LOVIN Mikulski!

I hope you saw Congressman Cleaver's speech at the convention

Where's Skinner.......

Is there a corrected transcript of the Ryan speech somewhere?

Oh oh -- Arne Duncan is speaking

Early evening DNC update -- Mike Dukakis, Abe Lincoln, Dennis Kucinich, and Mosquito Lady

"You're a cancer on the body politic..."

I finally watched the Eastwood "speech" - been traveling - my wife, daughter and I

Watching convention via Xbox Live ...

“Swiss bank accounts never created American jobs!”

Where are you watching the convention? edited

"I pay all the taxes that are legally required......."

Gabrielle Giffords to Deliver Pledge Thursday at Convention

Five Charts on the State of the Middle Class - Center for AMerican Progress

Excerpts of President Bill Clinton's Remarks to the Democratic National Convention

What time is Bill Clinton speaking?

Why is the media trying to stir up trouble between Obama and Clinton

Who's that beautiful young woman singing right now? On c-span?

BP -- the gift that keeps on giving

Paul Ryan Facts (ala Chuck Norris)

3 more suspects plead guilty to plotting to bomb Ohio bridge in move to avoid life in prison

**Gabrielle Giffords To Lead Pledge Of Allegiance At Democratic National Convention**

What about Elizabeth Warren?

Does Ann Romney think playing the 'pity me' card will win Willard female votes?

Now THIS is one hell of a fashion statement

Michigan high court clears way for vote on tax restrictions

The women today were real worked up. REAL worked up. Mrs Obama, I think, just woke a sleeping giant.

Why the Battle Between Hotel Workers and Hyatt is Important

GOP's war on voting rights isn't new. It harks back to past efforts to alter the political process.

Joe Who?

"Take in ironing??"

"Any more 'help' from Mitt Romney, and I'm going to have to take in ironing" - zing!!!!

UNREAL: Democratic delegates loudly booing DNC chairman after he lies about the results of a vote.

Cecile Richards . . . . who knew?

Netflix Login Problem in Mac

Inflating the Next Bubble (in food)

How do you feel about baptisms at college football practice?

Well - I tried and I have to say, I'm happy to fail!

I will never forget this picture: Congressional Hearing on Women's Birth Control

Mark Up One for the Alberta Wild Rose

I'm really loving this convention!

Romney campaign tells Obama to 'rein in his supporters' on Nazi comments

Transcript of Cecile Richards remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

Lord I'm a dumbass.

Baron Ryan von Münchhausen

Almost 4 MILLION more viewers of DNC first night compared to RNC first night!

Most women have no idea what it's like to be a man on a daily basis either.

Paul Ryan's lie of the hour: said 1.4 million business bankrupt in 2011, real number is 48K

Bits of Mystery DNA, Far From ‘Junk,’ Play Crucial Role

Australian rich ***** does it again!

Putin Pulls Off Latest Feat: Flying With the Birds

I was just thinking about FLOTUS's speech...

I wouldn't have predicted I was capable of this myself, but ...

Cooking with a left over recipe in mind.

The music is awesome too! Who picks it?

How do you know when you've pissed off a judge?

VA Chief: Obama Best President For Vets Since FDR

DNC affirms using your God-given potential; Jerusalem forever the undivided capital of Israel.

A client wants to UPS his laptop from Texas to Indiana

Nuns on the Bus up now! DNC convention.

I missed Mumbles Menino.

Sister Simone Campbell - one of the Nuns on the bus

Speaking on C-span now: Sr. Simone Campbell, leader of Nuns on the Bus.

You can watch live streaming of the convention here:

Pride at Work to pass along concerns about Cardinal Dolan!!!

Australian Doctor Prescribed Chemical-Castration Drug To Gay Teenager

Nun on a bus on deck

Nance Greggs: There IS a Difference

The more things change...Four Marines Arrested, Beating A Man Unconscious In Possible Gay Hate Crime

Wow! Nuns on the bus!!!!

Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords To Deliver Pledge Of Allegiance At DNC Thursday

10-year-old brothers taking care of their bedridden mother?

Michele Obama, Top 10, Letterman, tonight, new...

Go Sister Simone

Paul Ryan asking for Affordable Care Funds. He must have left that out of his speeches.

Ryan and Romney lies

Nuns kick ass.

Where's Barney?

PWC on Romney tax returns: No evidence anything had been stolen

Transcript of Simone Campbell remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

Bain Employees Say Romney Has No 'Moral Compass.'

I am installing Guild Wars II as I write this

Sister Simone Campbell: Ryan Budget Would ‘Harm’ Poor Families

Thousands Of Chinese Students 'Forced To Work On New iPhone 5,' Chinese Media Reports

Atheism Plus? No, Crucifixion Plus!

Future leader? 9-year-old Boy Scout quits, says he doesn’t like unfairness of anti-gay rule

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Good cartoon Romney-Ryan 2012

Singer’s mum: Thin Lizzy would have opposed “anti-gay” GOP using their song

These terrific DNC speakers are making me nervous!

Clinton: No one could have restored the economy in 4 years

Thank You Rachel! She is EXPOSING the Republican OBSTRUCTIONISM

Dan Rather is sitting in the cheap seats tonight...

Romney: No 'Bailouts' for Threatened Homeowners

Matthews did it again...

The brewer from VA: Good guy. Obama supports and helps small businesses!

Clinton speech excerpt: Do you want a you're-on-your-own, winner-take-all society?

Guess Who Stuck a Knife in the Budget Deal?

What's all this talk of Hillary Clinton in 2016?

My Attorney General Kamala Harris. I am glad to live in CA where common sense has a chance.

That's not leadership . . .

George Snuffleupagus says O will be in the hall tonight to see Big Dog. n/t

You Are Quite Welcome Michelle... Last Night, You Rocked...

Did anyone else see Rahm on the PBS coverage?

An undocumented immigrant coming up to speak to the DNC

Breaking MSNBC: Barack will be at DNC tonight

Benita Veliz, I am proud that you're a member of our society.

President Obama will be in the Hall tonight.

Difference between the DNC and RNC

I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag...

MSNBC: President will attend convention tonight

OK, I admit, I'm not sure where to post this...

Christina is VERY popular.

RIP Joe South

I'll say it...bringing undocumented aliens to the convention is a ballsy move...

Just watched a clip of the MSNBC panel talking about Hillary in 2016 as though a run is

President has arrived at DNC!!

Ok, another FB "thing" <<----not a *fight* (yet)

Steve Schmitt, the lone republican on m$nbc's panel currently...

Michelle Obama's dad went to work every day with MS?

Sandra Fluke coming up. n/t

Obama on his way to Charlotte Arena

"Romney calls them Illegal Aliens, Obama calls them Dreamers"

it was President Obama that ordered GOD and Jerusalem be put back into the platform...

Hook 'em from Austin

Holy shit. Steve Schmidt may well have his balls cut off when he goes back to repicon central

Surprise - Obama is at the venue

Former CarMax CEO. I'm lovin' these business people as speakers!

I just liked CARMAX on Facebook, and plan to use their service.

"Breaking" - President Obama is *at* the convention. ~~A "chair" moment on stage?~~

Cristina Saralegui: Romney Would Put American Dream ‘Further Out Of Reach’

You know, I was never a supporter of Hillary in '08, but...

Dear Mitty and Queen Ann -- Here are a few words for you:

Sister Simone Campbell at the DNC

They're moving on to union speakers, now. Wow, what a lineup.

can we find an MS sufferer that Bain caused to lose their job and health insurance

Mike Luckovich cartoon:Mitt's Convention Bump

The ‘no compromise’ Senate

Anywhere With a DNC Live Feed?

Here's Mitt's new bumper sticker

Toon: Clinton Cycle

Republicans love America (wait for it...)

I wish NC allowed unions


Fox News censors Democratic Convention

Ok, Randy Johnson, current DNC speaker, is giving me chills

VP Biden in the house. nt

Joe Biden is in the house

Victims of Bain Capital speaking now!

UAW President: GOP Doesn’t Want Workers To Have A Voice

Damn, I'm getting even MORE ticked off at Romney/Bain with these fired workers speaking.

DNC puts a face on women’s rights

I am an atheist, and I don't give two shits about the platform change

#16TrillionFail trending topic, purchased by Americans for Prosperity biting them in the behind

I see my mayor Michael Nutter

Rahm Emmanuel will run for US Senator of Illinois.

"I fault him for making money without a moral compass"

So let me get this straight...

Al Franken! I've missed him.

Turns Out Julian Castro Isn't Related To Fidel Castro

So I'm watching the convention on PBS...

Where are the real facts?

Paul Ryan's twisted logic

Sister Simone Campbell puts the CONVENT in CONVENTION!

Message to Moderates: When it comes to new taxes/spending cuts, Repugs won't even meet us 50/50.

Historian sees complex debt schemes key in many US downturns

"Paul Ryan, America is literally in your debt"

Following GOP's promoted hashtag #16TrillionFail...

Lets keep this thread archived for the next time

Sandra Fluke!

Go Sandra - tear Rush and Rmoney a new one


Convention schedule juggled to open Betwork coverage wth SANDRA FLUKE!

Gay Veteran talks to Mitt Romney

Go Chris Van Hollen

Laid-Off Workers At Bain-Owned Companies Slam Romney

Sandra Fluke's first elected office will be . . . . . ????

STANDING O for Sandra on a President "thinking of his daughters, not his donors"

Right now a large breasted drug addict with a golden micrphone is

My Heart! Sandra Fluke

Enough! DUer using the winking smiley in very offensive ways!!!

Transcript of Sandra Fluke remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

US judge backs key provision of Arizona migrant law

Sounds like the world could use more COSTCOs....

Hey RUSH payback is a bitch, her name is Sandra Fluke (Coulter: Clinton just impregnated Fluke)

Sister Simone rocks the DNC!

Arctic ice melt 'like adding 20 years of CO2 emissions' (BBC)

Up next at DNC: Bill Clinton here is CSPAN link, watch live.

So the Republicans are saying it is horrid they used a Ted Kennedy video during the DNC

The Capital of the United States is Washington, not Wall Street.

Elizabeth! nt

Sandra Fluke is gorgeous!

Tell me about VERMONT!

Elizabeth Warren!

Shhhhhh warren speech

NY Post wingnut: "The perma-smirk on Sandra Fluke's face is one of the reasons I'm a conservative"

Candy Crowly: Clinton takes the energy from the crowd, and Obama gives the crowd its energy.

My Youtube videos are stopping and starting and adobe is crashing alot

So I did something today I've never done before...

Why is Nate Silver mocking the Dems' change of venue for Obama's speech?

The future Mrs. Cloyd is speaking!

Hickenlooper touts Obama to distracted Democratic convention audience

There is really one truth

The arena in Charlotte was locked down for Obama's & Clinton's arrival...Ed Henry was locked out...

I love her speech

The most intelligent speech yet.

Something about Romney's tax returns....

This is one hell of a warmup for ol' Bill,

Tea Party Chair: Obama doesn't "love America the way we do"

***** DNC Convention LIVE blog *****

Dear Sandra Fluke:

I don't know about you but;

Up next: The Big Dawg!

I love the CSPAN coverage-


I'm sorry Elizabeth Warren's speech left me bored. n/t

When the news is too bad to read...


Somewhere Scott Brown's knees are shaking.


Great Speech By Elizabeth Warren

Transcript of Elizabeth Warren remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

This reminds me of the adulation and tribute at the RNC for their last Pres....


The Big Dog is coming to eat.

Elizabeth Warren: ‘The Game Is Rigged’ Against Working People

Having a drink after every time Bill bites his bottom lip.

Oh he's so good. So very good.

President Bill Clinton Personally Nominates Barack Obama for President.

24 to 42

I'm glad he said it.....they HATE us

Democrats Kick Ass...Clinton is tearing it up...

HuffPo: CONFIRMED: President Obama will join President Clinton on stage after the speech

He is taking away Republican votes....

What are the moderates thinking? How can they NOT go with the Dems this time??


Joe looks like he's gonna bust.

Thank You President Clinton

Coming Out Pagan

Boy, the GOP MSM sure has the "long knives" drawn this week for President Obama and Dems in general

Martini time! Sköl everybody!

They love them some DAWG

How To Make a Mabon Cleansing Wash

I do believe the term for the Big Dawg's speech is...

Step right up...

My conservative friend from Los Angeles just called me

Hoist them on Reagan's petard! Masterful!

The "God/Jerusalem" platform insertion...worth it or not?

The Truth is a powerful thing, ain't it?

Oh snap! Clinton using Raygun's "There you go again" line against the Repubs.

'There they go again...'

OH my GOD Clinton is good.

No matter what he did, or what you think of me, President Bill Clinton will ALWAYS be my hero

Nice! "There they go again!" Clinton feeds GOP snake its own tail.

He did it! He took the "are you better off" bit away from the GOP!

I hope everyone is listening to Bill Clinton tonight

Chris Cillizza again grouses about a Democrat

I'm not usually that impressed by political speeches. But I think Mittens and

"No President -- NO ONE -- could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just 4 years."

Billy C ... still has the mojo!

The Activist Witch: Finding Your Way to Change the World

a biography of the day--phillis wheatley

I think President Bill Clinton is better than ever!! Aged well, smoky oaks..

ever wonder what is going through Mitt's mind?

Seeing tweets from journalists saying Clinton is riffing on prepared text, adding to it.

Seriously, DU? 3-3 to leave yet another gender slur

The Fix -- Chris Cillizza now tweets asking best convention speeches...

Obama annecdote from Texas

quotes of the day--crystal eastman

are you listening ohio and michigan?

'Obama 250,000. Romney Ze-ro.' nt

Obama 250,000 and Romney 0

What did Bill mean when he said

Rude Pundit Tweet: Bill Clinton is ear-fucking the shit out of this crowd.

That ackward moment for Mitt Romney

the Big Dawg on health care...

My nephew has a deep conversation with the President...

today in women's herstory

Sandra Fluke at DNC

Bill Clinton knows how to break things down and explain them to the public.

The Question is "Are WE better off today than WE were 4 Years ago?"

Tweet: Dubya officially gets more applause at #DNC2012 than RNC

The Rude Pundit: "Bill Clinton is ear-fucking the shit out of this crowd."

oh and... Obama KILLED BIN LADEN

"It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did."

"It takes some brass"

"It takes some brass..."

"It takes some brass for attacking a guy for doing what you do"

Big Dog is closing the deal!


I think Clinton is even better now than he was

He is shaming them. Just plain shaming them.

Wiccan prisoners in B.C. cursed by the federal government

Ryan just got castrated

No way can lightweight Romney recover from the Big Dog's speech.

This is a 'Big Dog' that Romney wishes he could strap to the top of his car and drive him to Canada

Elizabeth Warren Explains: ‘No, Governor Romney, Corporations Are Not People’

After this speech, Mitt Romney has decided to vote for Barack Obama.

Big dog is doing a wonderful job

Seriously I love old people at DNC

Wow, I hope some repubs and independents are watching this.

Tell Us How You REALLY Feel, Bill!

Without saying it he just..

He is SNATCHING wigs tonight


Did FOXNEWS cut him off yet?

Now this is a nominating Speech...

Paul Ryan's new theme song

Phoenix pagan perspectives on eBay banning magic and metaphysical supplies

Would you go to this show?

Big Dawg School House

I love that Clinton keeps 'shushing' the crowd...

Elizabeth Warren speech - Democratic National Convention

Speeches tonight could be source for infinite great ads bet. now and the big day.

Underground: The Julian Assange Story

"What did we bring to Washington? Arithmetic!"


Cinton: How did I deliver a surplus? ARITHMETIC.

We need a "Standing Ovation" smiley . . . . and a way to do it electronically!


If this speech were a boxing match

Is he just speaking without notes or teleprompter? Wow...

Double down on Trickle down.

Mitt Romney must be vomiting right now.

He has facts......and uses emotion superbly to demonstrate them!

Bain-hurt worker: Romney put profits before people

It's the Arithmetic, Stupid!

Libertarian interviews (D) delegates: whether pro-choice extends to food, schools, or light bulbs

Clinton is going after the right-wing vote suppression!

Bob Woodward Book: Debt Deal Collapse Led to 'Pure Fury' From President Obama

Tomorrow's Headlines: Bill Clinton Schools Republicans

Bill is dominating the airwaves! he's owning all the 11 oclock news veiwers with no rebuttal

when does Biden speak?

The maestro delivers a virtuoso performance

Dems should replay the Clinton nominating speech of Obama on Election Eve

Costco former CEO and co-founder Jim Sinegal at DNC

Michelle Obama last night, Bill Clinton tonight

BO Onstage With The Big Dog! nt

The Big Dog was off the leash and off the prompter (toward the end)

Help President Obama, and get him a new Congress! LET'S DO IT!!!

That was a great hug.


The Convention is not on any network TV stations???? Only Cable



I need a cigarette.

Holy shit! I need a cigarette after that speech!

My world is perfect seeing those two men, together on

Transcripts of Bill Clinton remarks as prepared for delivery, Democratic National Convention

Did Bill just say this? I haven't seen his speech yet.

M*A*S*T*E*R*F*U*L !!

Great music choice: "I won't back down!"

Chris Matthews: "It put them on retreat" n/t

I had a politicgasm...CLINTON killed it.

Well two for two ... let's make it three for three tomorrow night!

There is nobody in all of American politics like William Jefferson Clinton.

BUZZZZ KILLLL - Andrea Mitchell Greenspan...oh please go AWAY!

Dawg surprises BO

We got the enthusiasm, they don't.

My dog thinks I have lost my mind.

Simply the best!!!

Brit Hume;

Idiot Brit Hume: Clinton was "wonky" & "self-indulgent" & his speech was 30% too long.

moms discriminated against at dnc?

Pres. Clinton made a speech about medicare, budget, etc. more interesting than football

WOW just WOW

SKINNER make the DVD of the DNC available for purchase, please.


The Revenge of Seamus: Big Dog unleashed!

Paul Ryan Just Said That He Actually Wrote Bill's Speech.

Can Obama top that Clinton speech tomorrow night?

Clinton took it back 50 FUCKING YEARS and brought it to Paul Ryn and Mitch Rmoney last week.

Bubba hit a home run

Bill Clinton just showed why is one of the most gifted politicians in history!

Steve Schmidt is now wishing the GOP had a speaker like Clinton

Would love to put in LBN, but...judge for yourself. Hackers holding Romney's tax returns for ransom

Castellano: "Lock the Doors. Don't come back tomorrow night. This was the moment ...

im not usually a fan of political speechs but wow

Just raised a glass of Bushmill's Irish Whiskey in tribute to Bill Clinton and Barak Obama!

I think the right must be so pissed that they can never bring the Big Dog down.

I don't want to hear one more fucking Republican hack say Clinton doesn't want Obama to win...

So I hope that those that were "concerned" about Clinton being unleashed are shitting their pants

We've got a way to go before the roll call reaches Washington State.

Bill Clinton's Kick-Ass DNC Speech - Part 1: 'I never learned to hate them the way the far right...'

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver rocks the house at the convention

Romney could never hug like that


"Half the country is conservative"..What the hell does that mean?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 6 -- TCM Spotlight: Mack Sennett

Dems 42, GOP 24

Think about the contrast . . . we have Clinton and Obama. Each one better than the other.


shout out to Hillary Clinton

#arithmetic is trending on Twitter

Bill is still a Master at Work

bottom line: our party has the Big Dawg.. their party has the shrub

"He didn't come from heaven to make this speech, he came from hell to make this speech"

Football game on NBC

"He didn't come down from Heaven to deliver that speech. He rose up from Hell."

I didn't watch it, but the Cowboys beat the Giants

I have finally come to terms with the fact that The GOP will never run an Arnold Vinick.

Loved the speaches but am LOVING the votes

Alex Castellanos on CNN is saying Clinton won the election for Obama tonight if

We get Bill Clinton and the Republicans have Shrub and Sarah Palin!

EWWW!!! EWWW!!! There are pictures of dead RATS in my anatomy book!!

Meme o' the evening.

Big Dog has still got it.

Dems blew a major "teaching moment" re "god" in the platform

Gloat free NFL Scores

So, Bill Clinton took the repuke platform and spanked Rmoney/Ryan with it.

Paul Ryan, "I'm actually Bill Clinton."

Are we witnessing the end of the GOP?

Did you hear it? I asked my spouse

Bill Clinton refuses to address LGBT inequality in his DNC speech.

I give you Michelle Obama

A brief and tentative analysis of the state of the group.

Sandra Fluke = Elizabeth Bennett

Coulda done without Clinton's endorsement of Bowles-Simpson

Romney after hearing the big dawgs speech

the Big Dawg taught us all how to argue with our RW acquaintences

I remember where I was on election night when Bill Clinton was elected president.

just got an email from ol bill clinton. boy he works fast. send money. so I did nt

I think we've seen the end of GOP commercials trying to use Clinton against Obama.

Seems like Clinton didn't know Obama was coming on the stage with him.

I don't need a chair...

Well, I thought Clinton's convention speech was way better than George W. Bush's

The convention today made me feel like a Democrat..

email just received

Day Lilies

Did anyone else giggle a little ...

Matthews on Priebus tweet

the hug

Can you imagine Dubya doing that for Romney?

Day Lilies, B&W

"The Real Importance of Bill Clinton's Wonderfully Long Speech" by Robert Reich

Robert Reich: The Real Importance of Bill Clinton’s Wonderfully Long Speech

Meanwhile, over on Fox,

ok, i'm going to hell for this

Pre-fire cloud mostly steam, Chevron says


Rep. Emanuel Cleaver gave the most inspired speech I have heard in a long while...

Bill Clinton Takes On Paul Ryan’s Medicare Lies: ‘It Takes Some Brass’

"This was Bill Clintons greatest speech and it wasn't about him - he did it to help somebody else".

WARNING: GRAPHIC!!!!!!!BREAKING (from The Onion): Bill Clinton Finally Just Shows America His Clenis

Nice, Kansas delegation called out the neocons including the Koch brothers.

What a convention bounce looks like: