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Archives: September 28, 2012

Stewart Blasts FoxNews Over School Lunch Hypocrisy:If Obama Was Against Diabetes Fox Would Be For It

Why male Japanese wage-earners have only 'pocket money'

Why won’t Paul Ryan debate Rob Zerban?

Man kills himself and entire family over the prospect of Obama being re-elected..

bad news about the Polls (faux news)

Weren't the Repugs floating the rumor that Obama was going to stage a fake assassination attempt

Can we take a moment, Please

It’s an article of faith on the right that Mitt Romney may be destroying Paul Ryan’s national career

Karl Rove’s political group making robocalls targeting Elizabeth Warren in Senate race

Can you name this strange old tool?

Thanks Dave. Night after night after night after night . . . . . .

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 28 September 2012

The Republicans'/Mitt Romney's problem with Mitt Romney/the Republicans is

I almost can't stand it anymore - the lies, the backtracking and doubling down and turning around,

Obama Is Almost A 4-1 Favorite At Intrade

Pansies, colored people, and Auschwitz showers...oh my!

Castellanos: Romney should give up on rallies

Paste Command

Rachel Maddow - Romney's silence on security leaves duty unfulfilled

Michael Savage leaves radio show after legal win

Unhinged, Poll Guy Says FOX Poll Showing Obama Leading Is "Skewed"

I had to post this...

SNL Reviewed: Thursday Night Weekend Update Special I could post this

Nohomophobes: How often do we use homophobic language

Reversing Course, Soros to Give $1 Million to a Pro-Obama ‘Super PAC’

Walker's job numbers are pedestrian.

The Rep. David Rivera and Conservative "Dirty Harry" Bad Girl Ana Alliegro story grows

Marcia, Judy, Bettlejuice and location.......

Targeted Killing The New Normal: Mori

Democracy for America Raises over $340,000 for Dean Dozen; Grassroots Support Pours In

It Could Be The Ancient City of Ezra: Mes Aynak

Amazing mind reader reveals the secret of his 'gift'.

Re-elect Obama Rap

The Bobblespeak Translations

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Sept 28th

TYT: Hilarious Breakdown Of 'The Five' On Fox News (epic DUMB about Pakistan)

Look at this flash movie of a tour of the interior of the Lascaux cave paintings

Oakland City Council may reduce seats to cut meeting access

A New Climate State: Arctic Sea Ice 2012 (video)

Ecuador invokes treaty in Assange row with Britain

The ratings bump MSNBC is enjoying right now means only one thing:

Bullied West Branch student is ready to shine

Minnesota poll: Kurt Bills, when all else fails blame the poll

Jerry Brown signs bill protecting employees' Facebook passwords

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, September 27)

Is it possible to be a genuine socialist and a capitalist entrepreneur?

progressive economics

Romney Pisses Off College Students!

Lawful Florida Gun Owner Shoots Wrong Man in Road Rage Incident

Odious odor emitted by Michelle Bachmann, could it be...The Stench?

Ok, I did a search...don't hate on me...But, has Mitt released any taxes?

WOW. Indiana Senate race moves to ‘tossup’

Japan's ultranationalism fever

Obama Bobblehead With "Feces": Catholic League's Answer To "Piss Christ"

When the Senate races in AZ and Indiana are competitive, you know something big is going on.

A lot of people have their entire credibility invested in polls...

19 die as plane heading for Everest region crashes in Nepal

EB-5s: Invest $500,000 to 1 million, get a visa: Is this weird?

tick tock

Fenland Black Oak: 5,000-year-old tree found in Norfolk

"Pro-life" demonstrations in Issaquah

The Army's secret Cold War experiments on St. Louisans

Libor riggers should be jailed, says FSA regulator

SNL: Obama in Ohio.Funny

This week's Tucson Weekly is their "Best of Tucson" issue.

Marge Simpson's letter to Barbara Bush in 1990 and The First Lady's Reply

Tell Congress: Don’t Bargain Away Social Security

Dumb Ass of the Day

I am tired of Alerting on RW Trolls

Tax cutting does not lead to economic growth--report from the Congressional Research Service

Four freeloader fabrications poisoning our perceptions of public policy

New Organic Spies Video: Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting - Bait Organic, Switch to GMO

Obama vs GW Bush vacation days

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Aides Go On NYC Shopping Spree To Payless, Costco, Walgreens

Gunman kills four, then self: Minneapolis police

Alert Nannies in the sports forum...

Bill Moyers Exposes the Stranglehold the Corporate & Right-Wing Alliance Has on Our Democracy

Did You Hear The One About the Nuns Who Weren't Alowed to Vote?

D'oh! What We Don't Know About the White Working-Class

China's Bo Xilai 'expelled from party to face charges'

Economist/YouGov Poll (48% Obama, 43% Romney)

Nebraskans like ‘Buffett Rule' for the wealthy

Bibi's ACME bomb at UNGA inspires Israeli meme artists

Insurance Company Fined Over $1 Million for Covering Missourians’ Abortions and Contraceptives


Shrub at Cayman Islands days before the election: He's the nastyass honey badger who don't care

The Spanish Revolution - good read

Countdown to election 2012


Dear Republicans: Racism, xenophobia, sexism and the southern strategy can no longer win

I think I know why Romney is not worried about the polls . . .

France targets deficit cut with tax-hiking budget

France budget: Top 10% of earners to see taxes rise

Bully Pranksters nominate girl for homecoming queen and get their comeuppance (+vdeo)

Great ape habitat in Africa has dramatically declined

How will Americans react if the gop steals the election for mittsie?

Peshawar blast kills top Pakistan bomb disposal officer

Turkey: 69 trade union leaders to be tried for 'terrorism'

Bill Clinton to campaign for Obama in New Hampshire

'Melt in the body' electronics devised

Romney Camp Downplays Debate Expectations

Obama using voter registration to stay close in NC

Whooping cough outbreak: Pregnant women to be vaccinated

As debate looms, Romney looks to Pennsylvania

United Airlines gets 1st 787

Canadian GM workers accept contract

Tennis before Obama? No 10 puzzled by Cameron snub claim

Red squirrel populations wiped out in northern Italy

I'm sick of these war drums: How Many Civilians Would Be Killed in an Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Sites

Honey Boo Boo

Finally some good weather news

Favorite movie with a high school named after the Replacements lead singer?

I am surprised that the right wing hasn't been claiming that OBL is alive

WTF???? I thought they hated one another - Comments please

Joe Biden is going to be in Tamarac, Florida today.

What your beer says about your politics (utter bollocks from UK RW rag)

Suggestions for improving the republican party

Joe Scarborough asks: 'How much does Jesus LOVE Barack Obama'?

Why did Romney support Romneycare in MA?

Has anyone ever asked one of the advocates of the "Skewed Polling" argument....

Joe Madison: Forget about the polls

Known War Criminal has higher favorably than Mitt - Bloomberg

There is going to be a world wide bacon shortage

Ted, and the Fallacy of ‘Harmless Jokes’

Intrade: Ohio Florida Virginia President Obama

"I can't stand to look at him. I don't like his wife."

Great ape habitat in Africa has dramatically declined

Video: Romney Supporters Say He Was Right About the 47 Percent

David Sirota: The Choice Between Automatons and Leaders

Heads Up !

Claire McCaskill on MSNBC now

'todd akin makes michelle bachmann look like a hippie'

Francois Hollande Raises Tax on Rich, Companies to Cut French Deficit

Mitt can't win for one reason, Republicans are not deaf, dumb, and blind, not totally

Don't look now but they are pouring the cement for Jeb 2016 already

Peggy Lee - ♫ Is That All There Is ♫

Mike Luckovich: Republicans' Replacement Pollsters

Ben Sargent Toon: Romney's Math in His Youth

Choosing security program

Roger Simon, Politico - Mitt Romney: King of comedy

Heh. Photo kind of says it all.......Romney bumper sticker on a Rolls.

Remember back in the 20th century when Freedom was a singular word?

Akin campaign relies on homeschoolers

Men of Silicon Valley: We’re sexist, we just don’t know it.

Roar of disgust at EU plan for classic cars

PA8 Incumbent tries to link his opponent to Mumia Abu Jamal. Absolutely VILE!!!

Romney Silent on Bain Off-Shoring


Obama camp urges young voters to warn their grandparents about Romney-Ryan

Poll: You know you're in trouble when W has a better favorable rating than you do...

For Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, blurred lines on fundraising

What did I say? Follow the phone messages, or texts.

Mittwit is going to get his patrician ass kicked in all 4 of his homestates. How humiliating.

Dem primary also-ran John Haywood sues student journalists for libel, seeks $51.1m

screaming for an earlG photoshop and caption

Looking for a free DVD ripping program

Friday Toon Roundup 1- Rmoney

Friday Toon Roundup 2- The Replacements

Forbes spins a bogus Horatio Alger story about its 400 richest list

Friday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Maine Mayor Loses It, Tells Immigrants ‘You Have To Accept Our Culture’

The Romney Supporting White Males Are Too Stupid To Be Allowed To Reproduce.

Obama campaign registers 250,000 voters in North Carolina as it tries to keep the state close

Bayer, Onyx Win U.S. Approval for Colorectal Cancer Drug

TPM: Things Are So Bad For Romney, Republicans Are Letting Him Tout RomneyCare

Nowhere was there a single Romney sign or bumper sticker.

Did You Know?... Bathroom Scales Have A Liberal Bias.

What MiddleFingerMom was doing when he wasn't on DU.

Here are some early vote stats (good news in Iowa, Maine--not so good in NC)

Our Friend, Ahem, Gravis Marketing Is At It Again

With ‘Dreams From My Real Father,’ Have Obama Haters Hit Rock Bottom?

I was watching commercials

Gingrich giving debate advice to Romney campaign today on Morning pushback from

Why “Green” Consumer Choices Can’t Win Climate Justice

Romney Is A Voting Fraud Felon And Illegitimate Governor Of Massachusetts

I wish it would rain.

Oy Vey Madona You Are Not Helping:

88% of Mitt Romney's 'charitable donations' go to the Mormon Church.


Top Romney official on Mitt: A 'lousy candidate'

Kodak to Stop Selling Consumer Inkjet Printers, Cut More Jobs

Tammy Baldwin vs. Tommy Thompson - First Debate Tonight! (8:00pm CT)

Sophia Vergara says, "hi"

How One Dutch Neighborhood Helped People Everywhere Reclaim the Commons

Is (R)asmussen Ever So Slowly Preparing The Conservanitwits For The Impending Romney Loss?

Is this woman fiendishly clever, or just straight-up evil??

The Unraveling of Government

Online travel sites know who’s a Mac and who’s a PC—and who's going to spend more

Coleen Rowley: The Fuzzy Line of Terrorism

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Iran and the Bomb, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fac

Is Conservanitwit An Apt Description For Conservatives?

Pretty clear now it is all about Ohio. Obama has a solid lead and that nearly seals it.

Male Asexuality and Its Challenge to Masculinity

Just two words of advice

Honey Bees Fight Back Against Varroa

Anyone else own a Kindle Fire?

The Great Disconnect

Goodnight Kolob (apologies to Billy Joel)

Cyborg Surgeon: Hand and Technology Combine in New Surgical Tool That Enables Superhuman Precision

Redistribution of Wealth in America

Drumbeat: September 28, 2012

Drumbeat: September 28, 2012

U.S. gun culture diagnosed as a social disease

NC Dems are working their butts off registering more voters than any other state this year.

OBAMA re-takes the Lead in RASMUSSEN

Bad Lessons From 'Won't Back Down'

Crazy freeper!!!?? Posted on Free Republic

Kirsten Gillibrand Leverages Her Donor List Against Todd Akin

The seven myths of mass murder

DU needs a group for Republicans.

The Republican party is demented.

Dem Chair: Republicans can't be trusted with voter registration

Have you hugged a vegetarian today?

Business Activity in U.S. Shrinks for First Time Since 2009

Think hard. Have you heard a single Republican say they're looking forward to a Romney presidency?

RW desperately embracing RomneyCare? Time to pull the rug out from under Mitt

My blackberry isn't working

Oh Boy: Browser Plugin Helps People Balance Their Political News Reading Habits

High Arctic Warming Surpasses That During Viking Era

Help with militaristic nutjob...

U.S. Plans Support for Syria Opposition as Regime Seen Faltering

Not Enough Cowbells on Earth

Why was Jimmy Carter on (ex ?) Mormon LaBaron's hit list?

Could Bioengineered Organisms Spread "Genetic Pollution" After Being Released into Nature?

Some will say nothing good ever came out of the South ...

Meet One of America's Worst Election 2012 Hack Reporters: Chris Cillizza taken apart

Lawd! DU gonna have to give some props to Honey Boo Boo:

David Cameron hints at EU referendum after election

What is SlutWalk London doing lining up behind Julian Assange?

Apple CEO: We are 'extremely sorry' for Maps flap

Pop Culture Has Turned Against the Liberal Arts

Romney says he expects the President to "say a lot of things that aren't accurate"

The MSM wants a Romney comeback

So did anybody watch "Last Resort" last night?

I paid the fifth lowest tax burden in the world but all I got was this lousy infrastructure.

My main issue with "term limits"

And here's the original ... Mickey Newberry!

Henri on politics:

I have been told that the Romney Campaign isn't focusing on Yard Signs this year. Confirmable???

OK, I really am getting old.

(Patiño says) UK recognizes Assange cannot be extradited to Sweden

GOP Insiders no longer see Senate takeover


Assange 'guarantees' spark Amnesty spat

What can we do to make the Lounge a more friendly and welcoming place for everyone?

Wow! has received over $300,000,000 campaign donations in the last 8 years

Romney campaigns in Pennsylvania today for first time since June

BLITZER: "...You don't hear them complaining about the Fox News polls."

Bob Boudelang thinks the polls are skewed in a Muslim communist conspiracy, so stop saying that!

In Desperation, Romney Is Now Trying To Pander To Youth (Video)

'I don’t think we can get very far with leaders who write off half the nation as a bunch of victims'

George W. Bush now viewed more favorably than Mitt Romney.

A war is raging against free speech

I'm glad Debbie Wasserman Schultz CORRECTED Big Ed about Romney having more debate time than the Pre

NORTH CAROLINA: NRA backed law takes effect Monday.

Has anyone voted yet? When do you get to vote?

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX): Missouri Senate 'not a winnable race'

a little birdy told me we are going to get good news today....

Does anyone else think Bibi's "bomb cartoon" was a little, well, embarrassing?

Ben Cohen Launches Magazine

Making an Impact

President Obama: What Kind Of 'Inside Job' Is Romney Talking About?

McClatchy reporter: 'Alarming power grab' of GOP by 'misguided group of extremists'

The Last Word - Presidential race becoming all about the ‘47 percent’

I was watching a show on MSNBC

The lounge is going down hill fast. Sex threads, bodily functions ..

The Last Word - Fox News' bad news for Romney

Go California! Election day voter registration OKd for future

‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ Fragment Is a Fake, Vatican Says

Cornyn: Missouri 'not a winnable race'

The Last Word - Alleged voter fraud by a Republican firm

Assange mocks Obama via video at U.N. event (Reuters via Chicago Trib)

Ex-Professor Gets Life in Prison for Meeting Rampage

Netanyahu sparks bomb meme...

OK, I rarely do this, but if you have an e-reader I'd like to have you check this book out...

Mittwitt is a terrible horrible no good exective.

If you are sick of politics and want to watch a lotta fun, click the link below.

Good grief. Sean Bielat called Joseph Kennedy not qualified for the House of Representatives

Ahmadinejad's Days Are Numbered As President Of Iran.........

Obama campaign: Mitt Romney's Crocodile Tears

Claire McCaskill: Todd Akin 'Makes Michele Bachmann Look Like A Hippie'

The Last Word - Sen. Webb rewrites Mitt Romney

Huckabee Suggests Obama Should Be Impeached Over Libya Incident

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 28, 1917

One-third of adults under 30 get news on social networks now

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 28, 1917

Anyone want to help me code

Mike Thompson toon on voter suppresion

OMG! Look! It’s a Positive Ad!

Republicans Hiring Voter Registration People To Register ONLY REPUBLICANS In Colorado. Weren't --

Name some non political films that republicans tend to hate and democrats love, or you just love.

The Mormon "White Horse" Prophesy is Coming True!

The American Airlines pilot dispute is getting ugly

Quick Beef Enchiladas with Salsa Verde

I don't care how you market it, promote it, or display it,

Pollsters think Obama is ahead because that’s what voters are telling them

Now that our obsession with NFL silliness is over, here's a more pressing labor dispute:

Amnesty Sweden: Not appropriate to guarantee Assange no US extradition...

Chinese icebreaker sails to Atlantic Ocean and back via Arctic route, marking first for China

The Geography of Nope

Romney is playing dirty pool with voter registration in Colorado.

Deal reached for massive Calif. desalination plant

Papantonio: Romney Wants to “Harvest” Americans

Uranium Plant Using Laser Technology Wins U.S. Approval

Conspicuous by its absence ...

USA TODAY analysis: Nation's water costs rushing higher

California: Desalination Clears Hurdle

Guess who the other "businessmen" presidents were.

Is this A defining characteristic of conservatives? (That they have not suffered).

Bain: It's Harvest time

Some other things that Mitt is going to "harvest" if

Just for the record, I want to get this off my chest.

Ironically 47% DO pay for operation of federal government just with a different tax...

Third of Public Fears Police Use of Drones...

Science confirms Pending Doom

'When I want a wife, I'm gonna BUY one!'

Iranian News Agency Plagiarizes The Onion on Obama/Ahmadinejad Poll

Top Catholic Bishop Affirms Need For Government Programs To Help The Poor

Raising Frogs for Freedom, Prison Project Opens Doors

Democratic Germany leads free-market England in football's recovery

Have you ever experienced "love at first sight"?

“Should” Sounds a lot Like “S***”. For Good Reason

GOP So Brazen They Would Stop The Vote Of Vets Voting For Obama

Fact check meter running during the first debate?

New poll (skewed?)...

First, Listen: Religion's Call in a Busy World

Convicted TSA Officer Reveals Secrets of Thefts at Airports

(MI) Judge strikes down law affecting long-term state employees' pensions

‘He’s Our Idiot’: Why Republicans Still Might Back Akin If He Can Just Keep His Mouth Shut

Can Mormonism save Mitt Romney’s campaign?

Grimm watchers...

Please post your suggest for things President Obama should say to Rmoney in the debates

Union workers return to the job, 50,000 stand and cheer

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Huff Nitrous Oxide

Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin is a jailbird

TPM - "State Of The Race: How Previous Presidential Campaigns Looked Going Into October (CHART)

Romney: ‘I’m going to win Pennsylvania’

United States: liberal reform of Catholic Church spawning new religious movements

Tweet from Chuck Todd says Senator Kerry will be...

The Recurring -- and Misleading -- Focus on Party Identification

Spain's banks may need 59.3 billion euro in extra capital

Political Party Plans Affecting LGBT's

That 47% tape? Nah, nothing to see there.

Please help me see what I am missing.....

War On Women Started When Reagan Was Elected In That ----

Family slain hours after church by 'mentally ill father, tormented by the prospect of Obama winning

Karl Rove is losing it – for now

OMIGOD. Now there are bottomless pictures

Nate Silver: The Impact of the 47% Comment

Mitt Romney Favorability Lower Than George W. Bush, Poll Finds

Barber Boxer: I sent a letter to the Assistant Attorney General to look into this true the vote

WATCH: Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy in Identity Thief Trailer

Just heard a radio ad slamming Romney for 47% comment. It sounded like Clint Eastwood?

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Working Hard On Debate Prep

No kids

Will Teabaggers Initiate 'Cooping Gangs' For This Election

Toon: Biased Fox Poll!

The Unraveling of Government

Lame Duck Daydreams ...

Romney Health Care Plan Nearly Doubles Family Insurance Costs: Study

What kind of BULLSHIT compromise is this bullshit idea in regards to the PA Voter ID Laws

The presidential debate myth: not the 'game-changer' you might think

Nick Lehmann "Transaction Man" profile of Romney in the New Yorker

You know, the real heroes in this voter supression

"Rita Crundwell and the Dixon Embezzlement"

Chris Economacki passes

Russia Says Iranian Nuclear Deadlock Risks Military Strike

"If Wile E. Coyote ever gets hold of this, the Roadrunner is toast”

The true utter brilliance of the Obama campaign

The Lead Holds And The Pubbies Have One Less Talking Point-Gallup-Obama (D) 50% -Romney ($) 44%

Tim Cook apologizes for Apple Maps, recommends Google Maps instead.

Happy anniversary.


If Netanyahu thought this was a good idea:

U.S. Soldier Survives Taliban Machine Gun Fire During Firefight

As an experiment, I alerted on a post in The Lounge I thought was offensive

A possible proposal

Air Force Insiders Foresaw F-22 Woes

Romney & Reagan

Bad angle? Or does Kristen need to be encouraged to take in more calories?

I'm curious as to what makes a good debater?

Enthusiastic, diverse crowd turns out for Romney in PA

Pics of Romney with babies! Not pretty...

NFL offsets increased officiating costs by moving game ball production offshore.

Todd Akin puts foot in mouth again...

The Romney "facts" that he will use in the debate?

Since when did 'white genocide' crazy talk go mainstream?

I think the way the pukes plan to steal the election is to "find" votes.

Enjoy Watching Mitt Get His A** Handed To Him? Watch Jennifer Granholm Do It

Now I think I understand what Obama is doing (Benghazi)

I showed this photo to my college students this morning as part of a discussion of iconic images...

If we made Michelle Obama wear a Burqa would these racist assholes be happy?

Anyone else having problems getting their Obama yard sign?

Where The Candidates Stand On Energy Policy’

The Joys of Simple Living: Water

99 Problems But Mitt Ain't One (Remix Video) !!*NSFW*!!

Can someone remind me why I have this freaking avatar?

Netanyahu Stops Flirting With Romney, Tilts Toward Obama in UN Speech

"Reagan inherited a worse economy from Carter than Obama did from Bush..."

Cripes, did Steppenwolf ever suck!

New comet will fly by in 2013! And it could be brighter than the Full Moon

Downtown Thursday night

Medicare working to boost Obama

Ok, people...the cat thread...REALLY?

Any word on Romney's phone call to Netanyahu this morning???? (Update)

The return of torture as a campaign issue

Iraqi-American is imprisoned by US for saving his family from US sanctions

Gallup just annhilated the "Poll Trutherism" argument

Life Keeps Making Lemonade

Romney says Obama camp thinks PA is in their pocket

My Reaction To Hissyspit Post Of Firefight - F - The GOP - The GOP Leadership Should Be ----

Just what will Mitt fake next?

Pictures: New-Species "Heaven" Discovered in Peru

Sometimes the info blurb is so much better than the movie.

Chris Rock quote

Is There a Gene for Motherhood?

The 90-s are calling "Behold the Welfare Queen!"

I support the Anti-Defamation League's Position on Pamela Geller:

I don't think that this gal will ever vote for Romney

Amazon charging customers 15.00 to turn off ads in Kindle.

Colorado GOP severs ties with political consultant consultant

Anti-union VS Pro-union

Ok, the third person in as many days, has just announced that they are leaving Facebook...

In Cult talk....

Pa. GOP Pollster: Bain Ads Worked

Don't believe all the polls! I just got push polled. (in Colorado)

This Week in Poverty: The Invisibles in Mississippi and the US

Now Even The "Unskewed" Polling Has Obama Out In Front

Girl registering 'only Romney' voters, tied to firm dumped by RNC over fraud

Romney's failing campaign hurting Republicans in congressional races

Bush legacy is a drag on Romney

The Fight to Vote

Regulatory Non-Enforcement by Design: Earthworks Shows how the Game is Played

Roger Goodell as Vince McMahon

Schwarzenegger felt snubbed by Rove

'Blackout' trading binge: Drunken broker pushed oil price to 8 month high overnight

Max Martin for Congress, 2012

Friday's Good!!

FBI agents to stay away from Benghazi

“47%” Was Bad for Romney; Ryan Has Been Deadly

Yes, Texas Is Different

'No discernible remains' in Hoffa search, police chief says

Oh good, two small fires held back

Dem Lawmakers Make Example Of Romney’s Enormous IRA

Baghdad Bob Sighting Number One. Rick Klein ABC

'American Voters Prefer Ahmadinejad To Obama': Iran's Fars Agency Reports Spoof Story By The Onion

Somebody sabotaged my home email. They went into my account at Cox Communications

Thom Hartmann: Why isn't CNN's Anderson Cooper an enemy of the state?

Iraqi-American is imprisoned by US for saving his family from US sanctions

Babies for Mitt! (Kidding)

In the third debate, Mitt will likely go very hard against Obama on Embassy security.

GOP Voter Fraud caught on Video

Royal Marine Aaron Moon Who Lost Leg In Afghanistan Has Benefits Cut After Atos Test

Allen West (R-Crazytown) attacks his opponent for 2003 college bar scuffle. Funny thing about 2003..

Cayetano's Transit Plan: Back to the Future

Whoopi Schools Coulter: "Well tell me what you know about being black"

Honolulu Mayoral Race

Suspicious Voter Registration Forms Found in 10 Florida Counties

I'm a woman who happens to love porn

Danger for GOP? More Want One-Party Control It's been widely overlooked, but there's a new Gallup...

raspberry ketones and green coffee bean capsules

Should you be allowed to alert on yourself?

Todd Akin Suggests Employers Should Be Able To Pay Women Less

Ecuador will care for Julian Assange in embassy if WikiLeaks founder falls ill

What a swell guy Mitt Romney is...

Yellow thread. Post something yellow.

BIG Crowd Welcomes First Lady Michelle Obama Back To Cedar Falls, Iowa!

In 15 seconds or less, tell me why you are voting for President Obama (video)

Iranian cyber-attack against US banks?

ILVA Toxins Make Life in Taranto Unliveable

Mrs. Rat's cool new tea infuser - it's just ducky!

Safeway voter registration 1 (Woman registering only Romney supporters)

'Stash guns' give Staten Island hoodlums quick access to firearms

Mayors oppose dangerous gun bill

Todd Akin Suggests Employers Should Be Able To Pay Women Less

The Suffolk Poll Showing Obama With A Two Point Lead In VA

In the end, it’s Mitt

CARTOON: Romney's Guide To Non-Taxpayers

Re The Suffolk VA Poll Showing Obama With A Two Point Lead In VA

Democratic Party moves to boot Crawford

WOW! Top Convention Related Videos

GOP Pollster advised Akin to Withstand Controversy like David Koresh Faced the ATF in Waco

Andrew Kaczynski tweet

What should the income tax rates be?

Times of London: Shipload of Looted Libyan Missiles Arrives in Turkey

Will "Romney" become a noun or verb and what will be the definition?

Romney's failing campaign hurting Republicans in congressional races

Joe Biden Launches New Attack On Romney: He’ll Tax Your Social Security Benefits

Just for fun:...."Big Jar of Money"

Iranian news agency duped by Onion story on Obama poll

Mitt's Taxes


Dr. Jane Goodall Interview

AFL Grand Final will be seen Friday Sept. 28th.(UPDATE)Congrats Sydney Swans..


Cops release enough info for locals to identify a rich guy who dumps diapers on the road

Legos and Oreos are ripoffs?

Rahm Emanuel Gets the Spanking He Deserves - By Charles P. Pierce

More people will vote Democratic the higher gas prices go.

Dear Mr. Romney

Two Places with voter/election fraud, Colorado and Florida..both Republican operatives.

not a poll, just following the $$$....

Fox News just aired a live suicide following a car chase.

Bibi's bomb

a phot as an oil painting

There's A New Polling Site That Conservatives Are Excited About

Sign of trouble for GOP in Arizona Senate race?

suppose pharma behaved more like this...

Egypt’s Christians face uphill battle, but there is hope

We Need to Give The Nathan Sproul (Strategic Allied Consulting) VOTER FRAUD Story More Traction!

Magic mushroom extract psilocybin gets clinical trial

Dean, Santorum to debate role of government Oct. 18

N.M. - A drug-sniffing Dog is town's only certified cop

Medicare Scare Tactic I was sent

I am Obamacare...

My guess, conservatives are setting it up so they can claim Obama 'stole it' this go around...

Romney Health Care Plan Nearly Doubles Family Insurance Costs: Study

Andy Borowitz tweet

2012 Early Voting Statistics

Isn't this the truth?

Post Ads from Your Local/State Races - What are you seeing in your area?

A rant against "Stop Socialism" bovine feces - screen shot from facebook

God Dammit, Phil, Ya fucked up. Ya fucked up real good.

I just an email from the First Lady of Syria...

RNC Chair Reverses Course, Says Republican Party Will ‘Absolutely’ Support Todd Akin

I think Netanyahu targeted Dittoheads and Freepers with his Bomb speech...

We are all vulnerable: Medicaid, health reform, and the 2012 election

Judges to Review Constitutionality of NDAA Military Detention Legislation

Until Republicans Fix This Problem, They Can't Fix Any Problems

What If Everyone Who Could Vote Saw This Facebook Status Right Now?

Fox News Airs Suicide Following Car Chase. Shep Smith: ‘We really messed up and I am sorry’

Josh Marshall: I Mean, WTF?

Are Troops Talking to Assange ‘Communicating With the Enemy’?

Gas prices up 20 cents today in the stock market. Just in time for the debates.

US immigration chief: Same-sex ties are family ties

Breaking News

Romney Used Car Salesman of The Year

Thom Hartmann: The GOP is turning in fraudulent voter registration forms...

We Will (Rock the Vote Video)

Obama blocks Chinese purchase of US wind farms

Biden tells Fla. seniors Romney-Ryan will raise their Social Security taxes

Does Willard remind anyone else of Herb Tarlek, the sleazy

High Expectations for Romney in Debate

The GOP’s problem isn’t just the salesman. It’s what he’s selling.

DHS to issue written guidance protecting LGBT couples from deportation

Tired of war's bloodshed, tribe resorts to its old traditions

Good NC news for Obama - "Triangle unemployment rate dips to 7.9 percent"

Veterans Wait for Benefits as Claims Pile Up

Cross post from Politics - Triangle Unemployment Rate Drops to 7 POINT 9% (whoops!

Homeland Security Directive Will Help Binational Gay Couples Stay Together

SO...Mr. "Fuck the 47 Percent" is LESS popular than our LEAST popular living former President.

Allen West Event Crashed By Protesters, Beer-Throwing Ensues

"The economy didn't just crash under a Republican president, it crashed under Republican policies"

The fruit tasting knife, Italian made Mercury arrived and it's beautiful!

Adorable Lesbian Proposal On Central Park Rowboat

Todd Akin's female army: 'We want to stand with him'

Biden fires up Democrats near site of Romney’s ’47 percent’ remarks

Michelle Obama live stream now, 3:45 CT in Wisconsin

Mitt always sounds like a balloon about to burst...

If anyone here needs a smile...

Michel Obama live in Appleton, Wisconsin

Someone posted in GD about not having tattoos... Are y'all all tatted up?

GOP volunteer calls Obama a Muslim, tells person to watch FOX news and go see "2016".

Op-Ed: Iranian Infidels — An Iranian Atheist speaks

Reich: Four reasons why Mitt Romney isn't toast

Wayne Powell's latest interview

Voter registration problems widening in Florida


How to Separate Jewishness from Zionism

(Liberal) Pastors protest Hobby Lobby on morning-after pill

Dumb Idea: Put the Guys Who Caused the Problem in Charge

Tom Toles Rant- They all fall down

Hello, DUers! The Friday Afternoon Challenge awaits with: Notorious, Second Edition!

Tweety on MSNBC - referring to Romney and Ryan being divorced and sleeping in separate rooms

Obama registers more new voters in NC than in any other state!

Facebook graphic: Goodnight Kolob

Republican Party Paid $3.1 Million To Firm Under Investigation For Voter Registration Fraud

Tweety said he watched the whole Jim Webb video on Youtube last night. I can NOT find it.

OK, let's get this right...

Can you tell the difference?

Not the usual religious debate, but I thought others might find this interesting...

A fake video shuts down ACORN and yet Nathan Sproul is still committing fraud

I started drinking herbal tea at night 10 days ago. I used to drink diet coke.

Florida Reporter Doused With Water By Rep. David Rivera's Rival's wife.

Signs spotted in eastern Ohio

Netanyahu’s Bomb Diagram Stirs Confusion in Israel

Are you seeing that panic-stricken GOP ad begging for donations alot?

Anti-gay activists target PepsiCo's Russian unit

Greg Palast: Did You Hear The One About the Nuns Who Weren't Allowed to Vote?

Why the Mormons are bracing for war with Satan in Nevada..........

Intrade Obama @ 78.9

Obama Works... It

Vast Left-wing Conspiracy (cartoon)

rare image: Ben Bernake as a child

Castlewood Lockout to End. (two years, seven months, and 21 days later) Struggle Continues.

Yes, a Blow Out is Possible

New bike, having trouble with Presta (European style) inflation valve. Help?

Check in here if you have me on "ignore".

Review: Reform school (is to school reform what "Reefer Madness" is to drug policy)

Student-Loan Default Rates Rise as Federal Scrutiny Grows

Ann Coulter visits The View and gets her enhanced ass handed back to her - video

When even the babies are on to your shit, your shit is seriously fucked…

Need a ruling, please...

Hitting rock bottom -- then crawling beneath the rock

After much complaining we have finally expanded the DU Cafeteria - More seating available!!!!

Bombs in Gulf of Mexico Pose Big Problems (threat to shipping lanes, oil & gas rigs)

Really want your opinion...who's is better to help the candidates on debates

You probably heard the good news: The refs are back!

Venice Lagoon research indicates rapid climate change in coastal regions (due to urban heat island)

Obama Campaign Kills it with this new Video: 'Mitt Romney's Crocodile Tears'

An open letter to Paul Ryan from a Catholic blogger

On FOX's goof

LET'S GET SMART ABOUT THIS!!!! We will all be embarrassed if Karl & Co Steal the Senate!!!!

Salon: Rise of the lockout: another sign of labor’s slide

OK - I've signed the contract....and have until June to write the manuscript...

Dear Grandma,

A Heartwarming Tale Of A Bake Sale And A Fundraising Concert

Oh Baby.....President Obama (he has that certain gift)

NLRB Rules Against News-Press Again

A big story about to get a lot bigger: Republican voter registration fraud

How fast is the Lounge going downhill?

Rep. Peter King (R) calls on Susan Rice to resign as UN Amb. for 'misleading' info about Libya

McCain is all over the place in the last few days. He is the only GOPer

Wondering about this smilie

NLRB Slams Costco On Social Media Use Policy: What It Means For Your Business

A touching moment recounted when Mitt Romney rescued Bill Marriott's Yacht....

I am 70 years old and I'm sooo tired of buying things that don't work right..


Comparison of Political Video views on YouTube (courtesy of POLITICS NATION)

Can someone explain?-

Going to be representing the President for my school at a debate

Board finds Massey Energy and Mammoth Coal jointly liable for unlawfully refusing to hire union coal

99 Problems - Barack Obama Spoof (PRO-Obama)

Catalysis: Optimizing water splitting

Does Mitt's Secret 1040 Show He Made Money Off the Great Bailout of 2008?

Politico should be renamed Stenographers for Mitt

Samuel L. Jackson: "Wake the F*** Up!"

Rachel Maddow asks what is Mitt Romney's position on veterans issue

Arizona Senate Candidate Richard Carmona: No wonder the Republicans are scared.

Nickelblock: an element's love-hate relationship with battery electrodes

Obama blocks Chinese company from buying Oregon wind farms

Heard a great comment about the 47% on MSNBC... LOVE IT:

After the Republicans get their asses handed to them in the election, they'll need a soul search

What Mitt Really Said

I was wondering if someone on D.U. has an idea about how much 10.00 an hour is worth in

Uh-oh! Americans view Mitt less favorably than even Bush!

Martin Bashir - Romney's remedial math on fixing the economy

New record for photovoltaic solar cells

Barney Frank: ‘Mitt Gets Worse’

Republican Party Paid $3.1 Million To Firm Under Investigation For Voter Registration Fraud

my husband's mom passed away this morning

RNC Chair on whether GOP would support Akin: (8/28) "No. No. No."; (9/28) "Absolutely"


"Mitt Romney Blurts Out the Truth About Neo-Conservatism"

Mitt Romney is a hero to his yachting friends

Lugar Backing Obama on Iran Says ‘Hell to Pay’ With Arms Attack

Have you seen this Mitt Romney's Book!

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Mitt's Latest Makeover

NanceGreggs: Planning to Vote for Romney?

Florida Voter Registration Issues Involving GOP Vendor Spread Statewide

Homecoming queen with Downs Syndrome inspires classmates

Homemade sodas?

Martin Bashir - Romney camp playing lame debate expectation game

Saudi Arabia: Mecca to become first solar city


People splitting their tickets in Massachusetts and Connecticut, why?

WOWZA! - October 25, 1994

How to Get Arrested Without Really Trying (or) Fuck the War on Drugs

Really, CNN? Really?

UN Chief Gets Pranked by Quebec Radio Station

Martin Bashir - GOP uncovers voter fraud in their own party

1,100 Wind Jobs Lost in One Month

Higher gas costs push US consumer spending up

Building with mushrooms.

Thom Hartmann: Richard Wolff - Spain & Greece - Is This What Collapse Looks Like?

The Pittsburgh trip

Burnt money, campus ban: Tidbits on Colo. shooter

Enough with the bikini sports leagues, okay?

Would anyone be interested in taking over as the host of this group?

NREL Produces Ethylene via Photosynthesis

I'm soo mad! I was fixing chili downstairs..we have a raised ranch and my kitchen

White House Move to Give Egypt $450 Million in Aid Meets Resistance

Renewables now cover more than 40% of (Denmark’s 2011) electricity consumption

Cenk just ripped the right a new one about the use of the operative to suppress the vote by

If Republicans are so dead set against the Post Office

Just because it's Friday- McCain's 2008 cheat sheet on RMoney.

Support Our Troops - DON'T VOTE GOP


Tell about the time you were totally desperately lost.

VP Joe Biden to Florida seniors: Mitt Romney would threaten Medicare

Where has Kaleva been lately?

They say babies can sense genuine affection...

"In receiving veterans benefits they're not takers. They're givers in the ultimate sense of the word

MEK supporters push for recognition by US as official Iranian opposition

GOP...Liars and theives.

Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner

Ann Romney: If elected Mitt's "mental well-being" will be her biggest concern

Cute Tweet from Elizabeth Warren: 'Mitt Romney is in Boston for fundraisers tonight.'

Not much point in omitting the People Dying part of Infotainment

I want a do-over.

Rep. Boswell sues Ed Fallon over bribe claim

The highs and hazards of hacktivism

Politics 2012: The Romney campaign trolls for voters among Zynga gamers on FB

Isn't this kind of a BFD? --> Lakota Nation secedes from the USA

This might be the coolest .gif you'll ever see

Former RPOF executive director: I saw a golf cart full of hookers at party Bahamas fund-raiser

"If you think we're bad, the replacement pundits are even worse" - David Brooks makes a funny!

What does the phrase "self-performing" mean to you??

An Ode To The Sassy Black Lady

"The Problem with Romney Is the Problem with Empathy"

Those Samuel Jackson ads are fucking brilliant

Medicare comes through - again - a personal account.

It's not just seniors (and soon to be seniors) who should be worried about Medicare ending

Depressing story from the hospital today

Meet Dean Chambers, The Virginia Republican Who Is ‘Unskewing’ The Polls

Vice President Biden To Host Online Discussion After First Presidential Debate

Three Women.

Finally! Found an online source for Turkish wines

Romney's Last Hope:

"Election" Movie Sequel?

Barbara Boxer is tearing the ReTHUGs a new one for

10 Reasons Not to See "Won’t Back Down"

The OJ song

Fuck Me. The Dallas Morning News just recommended Mitt Romney.

Ann Romney: If Elected, Mitt's Biggest Challenge Will Be Maintaining His 'Mental Well-Being'

Comment of the day...

spam claiming Obama's mother once posed for porno sent to a MILLION swing voters

RNC "Voter Fraud" firm is actually a swing state VOTER SUPPRESSION operation & part of the meme

Stan Lee says the rumors of his imminent death are highly exaggerated

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 29 -- The Essentials: Ralph Richardson

A Bishop Describes How The Church Invented Hell To Control People

Fox News airs suicide on live TV

TCM Schedule for Sunday, September 30 -- Tonight on TCM: Egyptian Antiquities hits Romney hard in new video!

Every TBS Tyler Perry show is awful...

What's the best way to sum up the Republican ideology in a single sentence?

Barbara Boxer Calls For Enforcement Of Voting Rights Laws - LATimes

Tommy Thompson: “Who better than me… to do away with Medicaid and Medicare?”

Clinton to campaign with President Obama

Money for VA

Michigan senators draft new EM law if voters approve repeal

Romney's Secret Plan to Make 'Lemonade' Out of His 47% Remark

Teen Girls in Videotaped Beating of Woman are Remorseless, Cop Says

You heard what Ann Romeny said about her husband's mental well being, now imagine...

Shades Of 1996 - Charlie Cook/NationalJournal

What's going on with the 47% in the southern states?

Like a speeding train . . . .

we took a drive through the mountains to check out some of the fire damage (pic heavy, added more)

US Calls Julian Assange 'Enemy Of State'

Nothing really, but I received the best birthday present

Drone Strikes Kill Numerous Civilians - Report

Can't disagree with this...

"THE POLLS ARE WRONG!!" and the "Voter Fraud" company - no accident

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Fridaze & a new Kitties gif

Masked teen killed by father had knife

Iran's Fars news agency runs story from US wire service (wink: The Onion)

How did I get a jury verdict

About that suicide on Fox News

Conservative Parents' Greatest Fear...

Exposed: U.S. May Have Designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks An "Enemy of the State"

In U.N. Address, WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Urges Obama Admin to End "Regime of Secrecy"

Most challenging question ever

I often wonder how Republicans can meet when

Study Finds U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan Miss Militant Targets and "Terrorize" Civilians

I'm still waiting for one of his rich friends to thank Mitt for replenishing his Grey Poupon supply

I could not help myself

Magistrate, Sir, Romney goes for the anti-tick vote.

Oh, yeah… He's definitely thinking that things are going his way

Ran across this... Figured some of the pilots here might get a kick out of this...

Pat Boone endorses Todd Akin

Why do goggies feets smell like popcorn?

Nance Greggs: Wha, wha, WHAT?

Wow... David Cay Johnston: "The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use 'Plain English' to Rob You Blind"

Heh, even Chris Wallace calls out "poll oversampling" nuttery:

McCaskill: Akin so extreme, other conservative looks like a 'hippie'

Weekend Economists Take a Shot in the Dark, September 28-30, 2012

Jaw Dropping Stupidity...Did you just see the natural gas commercial on Rachel Maddow?

The Mitt Romney Latino Outreach Program

Friday Talking Points (228) -- Debate Questions I'd Ask

Homer Bailey (Reds) throws no-hitter

Reaction to "Won't Back Down" Shows Critics Have Learned Something

George Orwell foresaw the current Republicans when he wrote "1984"

Anyone listening to Rachel about the Abortion clinics? 25% less clinics in this country than

Calif. creates state-run private retirement plan

Affecting the Voters

Politico calls Bill Clinton "Obama's crutch".

Lugar Backs Obama on Iran; Says ‘Hell to Pay’ With Attack

I know it's early, but...

Another real 'winner' in the t-bagger image sweepstakes

(ACTUAL newspaper commentary) Why same-sex marriage affects my marriage

Are Troops Talking to Assange ‘Communicating With the Enemy’?

Rachel about to do the bucket of water on the journalist in Miami (Rep. David Rivera)

Well, I just watched the Moyers show on ALEC. Stunning, upsetting - no, not strong enough.

Senator Webb's FULL speech in Viriginia (14 mins) and Pres Obama's full speech too (32 mins)

KS Board of Healing Arts revokes abortion doctor's license and demands $93K bond when she files suit

U.S. Employers Really Suck Because -----

Ohio Supreme Court case dismissal leaves Gov. John Kasich's JobsOhio agency in legal limbo

The ED Show - Obama hits Romney on China talk

How can churches claim tax exempt status when parishioners will be seeing this?

Vince is now playing with his Schticky

Is Mitt Romney's goose cooked or does it need more time?

If There Is Any Justice In This World... A Presidential Debate Moderator Will Say/Ask This...

They Do Have A Point About The Skewed Polls

How do I donate to Obama (again) and get a free car magnet?

The ED Show - Republican Akin divides party, insults women

Putin gives Chavez 'El Ruso' the puppy

Virginia man kills family and himself over fear Obama would be re-elected

RIP Michael O'Hare

Donor Claims Ann Romney Says Democrats Have Less Class Than Her Horse’s Hoof

Obama Plays Netanyahu LIKE A FIDDLE, Romney Follows Behind

Worst marriage proposal ever

The ED Show - Voter fraud by Republicans uncovered in Florida

Romney talks about longtime friend Netanyahu, jokes about bomb graphic

Republicans Haven't won Since Eisenhower

Went to dinner at a nice Italian joint tonight and there were 4 people seated at a table in this

Check in if you've got a buzz and post some buzz-a-licious music

Oppa Klingon Style!

The lady asks...

Convention-related videos and Mitt's 47 percent comment total number of views (Mitt, LOL!)

FWIW TRMC on Fridays

Republicans do conspiracy

A suggestion: A "Reply to OP" button so that anywhere within a thread

Muse: US rightwing conspiracy theorists tried to hijack our music

Ballet tragedy of the first position.

Malaysia’s ‘Baby-Dumping’ Epidemic

Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Boob versus man killing himself on fox news

Search for a political picture/cartoon

Full Show - the United States of ALEC with Bill Moyers

Shep Smith saying sorry

Union ratifies U.S. Steel's 4.5 percent wage rise over 3 years (16,000 workers in US plants)

SS "benefit/entitlement"?

FLORIDA GOP ELECTION FRAUD SCANDAL! Same company as the one in Colorado!

Rollingstone Magazine - Mitt Romney's Real Agenda (Good Read)

Mitt Romney Is Losing Because of the GOP’s Delusions

KKK Imperial Wizard exposed for targeting N.C. Democrats

Local artist Ivey Hayes dies at 64

Dear Nance Greggs... come back

Netanyahu Feeling Like Trip To US To Start World War III Went Pretty Well

Big Ed covers Republican voter fraud. Registering ONLY Republicans. Nine counties, now.

Poll: Do you think the only way for Republicans to win is to cheat?

Voter registration problems widening in Florida (Associated Press)

Grant Desme leaves the Oakland A's, becomes a monk and tries to find his peace

Romney, Appealing to Wider Audience, Recalibrates Message (LOL!)

Schwarzenegger: Shriver changed tune on recall run

"We met the President of the United States, Barack Obama."

The ED Show - Voter fraud by Republicans uncovered in Florida

"Harper Flubs Foreign Affairs File -- Again" by Rachel Decoste at Huffington Post Canada

Just so you Americans know you are not alone in electing neocons, here is a list of all Harper has

I saw my first Rmoney/Ryan sign today

Pittsburgh Buccos

Senator Kerry tells Andrea Mitchell off in a roundabout way

White Mob in Opelousas, Louisiana killed nearly 300 Blacks Over The Right To Vote.

Here is an election idea for those of you on the ground.

Hair Jokes Thread... and I am starting with with a Blonde Joke

Romney Can “Win” The Debates On Points, But Lose the Election, by Embracing His D**kishness