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Archives: September 27, 2012

Without Ryan Medicare ax, GOP budget still in red

Romney talks polls, 'character assassination,' and Mass. health law

"The Last Plutocrat the Republicans Will Nominate for a While"

Well THIS is very BIZARRE

I challenge Barack & Michelle, Joe & Jill Mitt & Ann and Paul & Jana before election day to live

Free ID Cards for ALL

A forgotten battleground: Women’s bodies and the civil rights movement

Linda McMahon (R) Proposed Social Security "Sunset" At Tea Party Forum

My wife is asking: Has the Cherokee nation said anything in support of Elizabeth Warren's


And whose fault is that?

Rachel Maddow - Romney's poor performance a boon to downballot Democrats

Photos Of The Giant Protests Rocking Greece And Spain

Jon Stewart quote that's right on target!!

After Complaint, Miss. Man Allowed to Change Name

Is it me or do the Foxnews anchors seem more desperate?

has everyone seen the new google doodle? google's 14th birthday

why the rich try to kill captial gains tax

why the right super pacs try to lower the capital gains tax

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 27 -- TCM Spotlight: Mack Sennett

Early Voting: Does the Obama Campaign ever bring people directly from a rally to vote?

Romney's Campaign Team

why the rich try to lower capital gains tax

Listen to it again....

Uribe to sue former allies for AUC accusations .

Replacing Obamacare with Real Health Care Reform

Modern family Season Four

New group ALICE to counter ALEC’s influence

Cuba Airs Tape Questioning Dissident Hunger Strike

Ex-security chief willing to testify against Uribe: W Radio .

Ex-security chief willing to testify against Uribe: W Radio .

House Races to watch/support

Romney remarks contradict PA GOP efforts to ban teacher strikes

Greetings from Petco Park!

CNN BREAKING: NFL and locked-out referees have reached agreement UPDATED with story

Sheldon Adelson: Investigation By Justice Department Is Top Reason For Backing Romney

With more control over campaign cash, Obama gets more discounts on advertising

Romney brags about offshoring expertise (don't know if you've heard this or not)

In case you ever need to know how to do CPR on your dog -

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, September 26)

Phoenix Mayor Attempts To Live On A Food Stamp Budget: ‘I’m Tired, And It’s Hard To Focus’

Wisconsin Early Voting


A good Gravis poll for Obama: COLORADO (Obama +4)

Pirates Eliminated!

Who most ur Facebook friends like Romney or Obama

How a Teacher Made $1 Million Selling Lesson Plans

New Neil Young and Crazy Horse single - "Walk Like a Giant"

From THE NATION: GOP hires firm tied to voter fraud scandal.....

Deep Thoughts

A.C.O.R.N. replaced by A.P.O.R.N.

Animated gif of mitt romney standing by a pool with watching blocks falling over

Romney parachutes onto 'Ryan's Island' in search of a running mate.

Students at University Of Minnesota Crookston screw up team logo

Good gift for the diehard Star Trek fan.

Possible post from the near future if we don't GOTV for Obama

Web expo for veterans with disabilities to offer roadmap for VA navigation

HA! Chris Rock re: the polls in the Presidential race

Ex-mormon forum has caught wind of the hanky panky at the Safeway in

I am so frustrated and angry...

If Obama Wins North Carolina and Virginia, He Should Call Up and Thank Newt

2012 State by State Early Voting Schedule - CHART

'Decade of Dominance' ends with whimper

A 2nd grade teacher in one of our local schools was assaulted yesterday

Question for (current) wrestling fans

DARPA Drops The Bass To Extinguish Fire

UPDATE: Chinese schedule destruction of ancient Buddhist city... TIME SENSITIVE PLEASE READ...

There Will Be No Bacon Shortage

Judge hints he may block Pennsylvania voter ID

Is the President really in the lead?

Florida Concealed Carry Permit Holder Brings a Gun to the Airport - He Forgot It

Another has-been hits the right-wing writing circuit.

NFL Scabs: In Memoriam

Tea party groups work to remove names from Ohio voter rolls

Ann coulter's latest racist remarks have crossed the line. She needs someone

Nathan Sproul, accused of destroying Democratic registration forms Why no Jail time?

Sep 27, 1864: Confederate guerillas sack Centralia, Missouri

Special Report - Greece's other debt problem

"I felt like I was building my own coffin"

Goal oriented vs feelgood protest events

AP Impact: Air Force insiders foresaw F-22 woes

Foreclosure woes aren't going away

John Stewart promotes labor pain's on his show: kind of

With settlers' help, Palestinians to get new homes

Santa Fe Springs Vietnam veteran struggles to prove citizenship

Odd facts

Former U.S. Sen. Jack Danforth (R-MO) says he won't support Akin

9 Frightening Things About America's Biggest Police Force

50 Years After 'Silent Spring' We Have Ignored Rachel Carson’s Findings to Our Peril

Spain budget imposes further austerity measures

Forbes 400 List Reveals Why the Greedy Rich Fully Deserve Your Contempt -- And Jesus’s

Pro-Obama 'super PAC' uses '47%' comment to strafe Romney

I have to admit I feel bad for the replacement refs...

NEW ROMNEY VIDEO: In 1985, He Said Bain Would "Harvest" Companies for Profits

Christine Todd Whitman: “We have done a good job at cleaning up the air”

Mitt!!! You lost 5 million jobs!!!!!

US and France call for military intervention in Mali

'Like a puppy mill': Dozens of emaciated horses rescued from Washington farm

Weather update

Speak up, Democrats, on gun control

Scarborough's sweet Jesus moment was the Moment of Zen last night

Romney has already established committee for move into White House

What's the best app to install on my iPad to watch flash videos?

A letter I received from a former student:

Proposals for debate questions for Romney:

Syria refugees to reach 700,000 by year's end - UNHCR

Has anyone been watching Cybergeddon?

Money can't buy love.

Nat. Geo: 2052: The New 2012 (Total collapse of civilization predicted in 40 years)

Wisconsin: Walker steps in doo doo, Feds suspend block grant program

Romney ‘I Dig It’ Trust Gives Heirs Triple Benefit

Does anyone have a link to the Obama Llama Dingdong picture?

The "Overhead Light Brigade" weighs in on the NFL referee lock-out

Laws Revive ‘World Before Roe’ as Abortions Require Arduous Trek

Wisconsin: Lori Compas to launch Wisconsin Business Alliance on 9/27

New Obama TV ad hits Romney again on 47%

Romney has 1/50th the empathy

Unfortunately for Germany, it's 'a wonderland for raccoons'

Labor group brings back Allen's 'macaca' gaffe

I have been watching the "Morning Mitt Romney" show on MSNBC....

Todd Akin and Scott Brown have the same problem. The words, "I'm sorry" are very hard to say.

Lesson here is: If you're going to bomb stuff, you can say you love Timothy McVeigh, but not Osama

AUDIO: Demoralized By Polls, Conservatives Seek Psychological Help On Talk Radio

Americans should change the way we vote

A couple of up-and-coming political reporters get the interview of a lifetime

If Voters Don't Give Demos The House - Four More Years Of Gridlock.

Obama's new two minute TV ad - "Table"

Rep. Pelosi to Maddow: GOP is afraid of the people.

EDF, Dong Energy Boost Europe’s Wind Power to 100 Gigawatts

Romney ‘I Dig It’ Trust Gives Heirs Triple Benefit

35,000 year old Ivory Workshop discovered

Explainer: Breaking Down The Voter ID Battle

What Vote?

Ayanna Presley on Scott Brown staffers' racist taunt

Pew Poll: Democrats have a more favorable view of Russia and China than republicans have

Guy Pays $137 Ticket In $1 Origami Pigs

GOP War On Women Will Intensify With Them In Control Of Any Legislative Body

Awesome Samuel L. Jackson poem: Wake the F*ck Up!

Reich: Repackaging Mitt as a Compassionate Conservative? It’s Too Late

New Obama Ad: Mitt's Own Words -- 'My Job'

Contempt for Congress Rampant as Public Rejects Sacrifice

Anti-abortion motion fails in Canadian Parliament

Sorry, Erick: Mitt Romney Is The *PERFECT* Conservative

Congrats to the REFS, too bad Chicago teachers didn't get all this love, support and $$

Does anybody know anything about Paul Simon's state of health?

St. Louis County voters may be asked to decide on banning speed cameras

Student debt stretches to record 1 in 5 households

Jobless claims show sharp improvement

How will Justin Trudeau contend with his father's legacy?

Juan Cole: Is Paul Ryan right that Obama’s Foreign Policy is Blowing up in Our Faces?

Proposed Toronto Gay-Centric School Focus Of Public Forum

EU wants $12 billion annual trade sanctions on U.S. in Boeing row

Resort’s Snow Won’t Be Pure This Year; It’ll Be Sewage

Bill Clinton Has Figured Out How He Could Be President Again

Hong Kong tycoon recruits husband for lesbian daughter

Social Security: Solidarity, Not Investment

Are the Republicans in the first stages of the grieving process?

Michael Tomasky on the GOP’s Self-Delusion Syndrome

Buddhist Statue Discovered By Nazis Is Made Of Meteorite

Fighting Birthers and Churchers with their own tactics

Peak oil notes - Sept 27

Mitt Romney admits 'harvesting' companies

NEW ROMNEY VIDEO: In 1985, He Said Bain Would "Harvest" Companies for Profits

Today's Non Sequitur Toon Nails it- "Because all media outlets are owned by those same corporations"

Tony Auth: 'Triage'

Should Big Sports privatize officating?

REPORT: The World's Largest Oil Trader Is Ignoring Sanctions And Trading With Iran

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 27, 1990

The Better Bargain: Transaction Tax, Not Austerity

FDR: American Badass! (2012)

Romney is just full of it....

Mr. Fish Toon- American Tune (Warning, Graphic Image)

Obama: "First thing is, I want to see us export more jobs... uh.

Republicans Lost the War With Women the Moment They Declared It

Facebook's misogyny problem

Scott Brown has held 30 D.C. fundraisers but not a single town hall meeting for his constituents

Rape is just another method of conception according to Ryan

Netanyahu to set "clear red line" for Iran in U.N. speech

George W. Bush To Keynote Cayman Islands Investment Conference

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - The Great White Dope

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Voters

Mia Love, Republican Mayor In Utah, Receives Photos Of KKK Member, Aborted Fetuses

Polls are so bad for Romney, I saw a guy scraping a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker off his car

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Refs

This Should Finish Mitt Off: Mother Jones: Romney on Bain's plan to "BUY & HARVEST" companies

Pictures of green bowl rally for Obama.

Woodland Trust predicts deadly fungus could kill a third of Britain's trees

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

NEW ROMNEY VIDEO: In 1985, He Said Bain Would "Harvest" Companies for Profits

100 million will die by 2030 if world fails to act on climate - report

The GOP's 10-year campaign to gin up voter fraud hysteria—and bring back Jim Crow at the ballot box

The Fight for Service Dogs for Veterans With PTSD

Bush To Keynote Cayman Islands Investment Conference 5 Days Before Election

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Sept 27th

Doomsday! Accident at Large Hadron Collider causes American economy to reverse it's polarity

At 507-Years-Old, 'Mona Lisa' Never Looked Younger

With more control over campaign cash, Obama gets more discounts on advertising

Bainport Tent City Pig Roast (Freeport, IL)

My new Razr is a Democrat.

Even though the polls are skewed, Republicans beg Mitt to change course

Keiser Report: Kiss My QE

Port St. Lucie dentist sued by former employee for brandishing gun

The Daily Rundown: Obama Superpac is catching up with Romney's.

It's really simple. How did our last, and only, MBA President do?

Democratic Party moving from chaos to unity ala 32 Metronomes

ABC News Tracks Missing iPad To Florida Home of TSA Officer

Bain Destroyed K&B toys

Obama's two-minute, direct-to-camera ad

NetworkWorld: FCC Chief Says Broadband Key to Economic Success, Defends Net Neutrality

A Tale of Two LTTE's


Obama Is Going To Win!

Tea party groups work to remove names from Ohio voter rolls

I think my Republican husband sees the writing on the wall

Romney’s Budget Plan Could Kill Millions Of Jobs Over The Next Two Years

So, The Romney Campaign Is Just Performance Art?

So, if everything keeps trending for Obama (including the exit polls Nov 6th).....

Netanyahu to set "clear red line" for Iran in U.N. speech

Fired Up For President Obama At Kent State Rally

Maybe my political assumption may be wrong but

Intraplate quakes signal tectonic breakup

Rebels Make Gains in Blunting Syrian Air Attacks

A Utah man and his ghost town: a love story

“They’re out of feed, they’re out of pasture, they’re out of water"

Stressful at the top? Not really, study finds

Who knew that Russell Brand was the stable one in that relationship.

When the State Discriminates

passing through Hope, Arkansas...

UGH, Legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus is a Wing-Nut.

Indian tribes, with more clout and money, find an ally in Obama

NOT 'Over Confident'...FINALLY Confident!

Horsey Nails GOP: Republicans have a medieval mindset about climate change

Dinah Jane on X-Factor.

Samuel Jackson to voters: Wake the FUCK!!! up

Gummi Cows

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill putting freeze on state park closures

Romney's Profit from Bain's Buyouts: Up to $20,000 Per Laid-off Worker

Great ad for Arizona Veteran Richard Carmona.

High-frequency trading insanity

Report: TSA officer took iPad from OIA, blames wife

In Pleasanton, CA, I saw an Obama bumper sticker with Obama's face and the words Undocumented Worker

NFL REf: up to $120,000 a season (for 32 hours TOTAL of game time) Teachers?

Bizarre hide?

Wall Street braces for an Obama win

New secret service name for Mittens?

"On Strike" from Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


538 blog: "Sept. 26: Could 2012 Be Like 2008?"

American Family Association: It is too early to say whether Obama is the antichrist

Iranian president says 'uncivilized Zionists' threaten his country

Matt Zarley - Change Begins With Me

New video from Mother Jones: According to Mitt Romney, Bain aims to "harvest" companies at a profit

In U.N. speech, Egypt's Morsi rejects broad free speech rights

Right-Winged Financed Education "Reform" Movie - Won't Back Down - Getting Slammed By Critics

"Slow response"? No, Mitt's "Too Many Americans" ad is desperation.

In U.N. speech, Egypt's Morsi rejects broad free speech rights

DNC Ad: Those People

A tale of two campaigns

Obama Approval Rating Rises In Post-Convention Polls

From the other day - if there's another orange contest I might use this

Rich French people look to EU capital Brussels to avoid new French tax on rich

By The Way: Real Refs should be in place for Thursday night

Thousands Surround Spanish Parliament in Bid to "Occupy Congress" and Stop Austerity

First-Time Jobless Applications Plunge

+++ NFL Picks / Week Four +++

How the Rasmussen Poll Guarantees Victory -- for Obama

Viral photo helps 19-year-old arthritic dog recover

The 12-Year-Old S*** Meme and Facebook's Misogyny Problem

Iranian Leader Softens Anti-Israel Rhetoric in UN Speech

Poll finds Prop. 37 is likely to pass

OK, maybe it's the beach-goers who are out of place, not the sharks?

Mary Siegel, Catherine and Bryan Engelbrecht - Ohio Tea Party leading the purge.

U.S. Mortgage Rates for 30-Year Loans Fall to Record Low of 3.4%

Report: Sears To Offer Cash Rather Than Health Insurance Plans

Banks fail to repel cyber threat

Mitt's going all-in with an "I care" message...and the DNC has an absolutely LETHAL response.

Initial jobless claims fell sharply last week to 359,000

Orders for U.S. Goods Excluding Transportation Unexpectedly Drop

Vampire squid are sea's garbage disposals

Jared Bernstein on Ohio's uemployment trend: Electoral Calculus

"I was gonna be a republican for Halloween this year..."

Phoenix Man tests police terrorism response

I'm torn. What would you do in this situation?

I have this message to Aaron Rodgers, QB of the Packers...

State prosecutor arrested for 'biting man's leg in drunken brawl at adult store'

Catholic voting guide indicates that it is a sin to vote for President Obama

Are we approaching a scifi-singularity?

Obama the cage fighter and Romney the delicate puncher

Slightly wild and crazy idea for a pro-Obama/Democrat commercial.

Another mass propaganda email from the repukes

I heard this ad is running BIG TIME in Ohio

This is misogynistic bullshit that should be banhammered.

Atheist Group Asks You To Worship JesusMuhammadShivaClaus

Kinsley: The unsuccessful ethic of success

How a Romney Loss Would Impact the GOP

In a haze on pot policy

Oklahoma Republican lawmaker says it's time to get rid of state blasphemy law

Pig Boy debunks Italian scientists

Evolution: Scientists Grow 56,000 Generations in Lab to Watch

*Fail* expectation setting 101....."Obama Will Turn Debates Into...

The Lone Gunmen, Pilot march 2001

The Rude Pundit: How Republicans Think in One Easy Lesson

"Government of the many, not Government of the money"

Letter by Charles Lamb REALLY lamenting about his bad cold:

Does Romney realize

Bad Habits: Nuns Nixed over No Voter-ID

Report decries suicides, isolation cells in California prisons

Nation Reels as Rush Limbaugh Revealed to Be 30 Year Long Andy Kaufman Prank

Election Talk from Great Uncle Harry

No Tossed Salad Either

Pro-choice group buys clinic of slain abortion doctor

The Last Word - Romney's 'heavy words' crushing campaign

Artificially Intelligent Game Bots Pass the Turing Test On Turing's Centenary

Chickens are smart

Okay, can someone please tell me what exactly about the I-phone is so exciting?

For Mittsake, take responsibility for your life!

The Atlantic Nails Romney's Elitism Problem With Reveal in "Too Many Americans" Ad

PBO in Virginia Beach (12:15 ET)

Newspaper Headlines for President Obama

Politico: Mitt Romney to 'fact check' Obama in debate

Spittin' Image Of Romney

Adios, Bobby V.

WSB picks up Rush Limbaugh - let's tell WSB what we think of Rush

The Last Word - Romney calls Romneycare proof of empathy

Samuel L. Jackson's pro-Obama ad: "Wake The Fu*k Up!"

The Last Word - Rewriting Romney-Ryan on ‘traditional marriage’

Why would North Korea build a massive 105 story hotel?

Why the polls may be shifting

Religious Groups Fight Sex Trafficking

Muslim countries' blasphemy laws empower extremists

Julian Assange, Wikileaks have been declared enemies of the State by the Pentagon. FREE BRADLEY

Pic Of The Moment: New Romney Video: Purpose Of Bain Was To "Harvest" Companies For Profit

Look what happens when you get a hug from President Obama...

Hurried up our move, got our license and registered to vote just in time

Herbert Lom, Frustrated Boss of Inspector Clouseau, Dies at 95

Let churches hold gay weddings, says Miliband

9/27 Obama ad. Romney's 47% more brutal, more telling more nails in the coffin.

New Howey-DePauw poll shows Donnelly 40, Mourdock 38.

Operation Rainbow Umbrella

First Thoughts: Obama's closing ad (with 40 days to go)

Samuel L. Jackson video tells voters to ‘wake the f*ck up’ in rhyme

Texas AG Challenged by Cheerleaders on Right to Display Scripture on Signs at Football Games

Rick Lowry (National Review): "Mitt Romney has to win a Choice Election"

Down ticket donations

Dewhurst Challenged From Right, Again

Obama releases devastating ad against romney

Mitt: Corporations are People - Teachers, Not So Much

Frank Luntz said something Wise

Why Has The Unhinged, Poll Guy Stopped Updating His Site?

Papantonio: Todd Akin Exemplifies GOP Attitude Towards Women

Scott Brown petition on Facebook: Tell Professor Warren to Release Her Corporate Legal Clients

A Love Story in 22 Pictures



Brutal new Obama Campaign Video "My Job"

Sad Little Freeper

In Orange County, Not That Many Obama Car Stickers, But Even Fewer Rmoney Stickers

MIttens is making GW look like a friggen GENUIS

Employment: Preliminary annual benchmark revision shows 386,000 additional jobs

Michael Tomasky on the GOP’s Self-Delusion Syndrome

This Gravis Marketing Clown Is A Real Piece Of Work

WTF is a "Honey Boo Boo" and why should I care?

From a shooting to shoplifting, David Rivera’s pal in FBI probe has checkered past

Romney to the 47%: well done!

Mitt Romney Tells Voters: If I'm Elected, Don't Expect Huge Tax Cuts

Report: 30% of health care spending ($750B) wasted

Robert Reich: "Mitt Romney’s real compassion is for people like himself"

New Data Show Obama Net Positive For Job Creation Since He Took Office

What the U.S. can learn from other countries

Fox News: The Polls Are Rigged!


Rethinking "what is a 'swing state'"? We must question the narrow conventional view that limits us

Herbert Lom, Frustrated Boss of Inspector Clouseau, Dies at 95

Britain's Hague Meets Ecuador's Top Diplomat in U.S. on Assange

"Trouble With The Curve"

Germany’s Merkel denies misleading public over nuclear dump

The Lead Holds And Pukes Have One Less Talking Point-Gallup-Obama (D) 50% -Romney ($) 44%

Josh Marshall: Poll Trutherism & the Conspiracy Trifecta---I can see it coming now.

Probably been asked before Pepsi or Coke?

Paul Krugman- Not The Election They Were Expecting

Romney and Mormons Who Use Medicaid

Badass Samuel L. Jackson's Back With "Wake The Fuck Up"!

OBAMA ADMIN: Tax Loophole Benefiting Romney’s Estate Costs U.S. $1 Trillion Over Ten Years

Gallup- Obama Approval, Vote Support Both Reach 50% or Better

Mike Love fires Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys

Bush deleted no threat of attack from Iraq line from NIE; why believe IRAN is a threat?

Real story on Mike Rowe at Romney event

Hell on Reels: Post a Pic From a Movie About Satan.

What is this I don't even....

Poll Trutherism: Fox and Friends Montage

Lessons from the NFL lockout ... Nationalization ...

Man shoots ski-mask-wearing intruder at his sister's house...ends up being his son.

PLEASE SHARE THIS: "Mystery Republican Blocks Cost of Living Adjustment for Veterans"

Free concert in NH for Obama campaign (but must request a ticket)

Need your good vibes or prayers, please.

Andrew Sullivan on the Mother Jones video showing Romney saying Bain "harvests" companies


Left-Wing Bumper Sticker of the Week

New Polls Show Trouble For Steve King In Iowa

Stars & Stripes LTE: GIs not on Romney's radar

About Those Rasmussen Polls

Here is some Bullshit being passed around!

Amnesty International Calls on Sweden to Assure Julian Assange Won't be Extradited to the U.S.

Democrats fold Mitt Romney into attack ads in key congressional races

Rightwing excuse for bad Romney polls = "Bradley effect"

fancy dress up dinner last night was a success

Mitt Romney to 'fact check' Obama in debate

The Mitt Romney Latino Outreach Program

Revised Labor Department figures find an extra 386,000 jobs

Pres. Debate: Urge Jim Lehrer to make Obama and Romney debate Money in Politics!

(LOL) Protesters hold up a banner during a campaign rally of Mitt Romney...

Sept. 26: Could 2012 Be Like 2008? 538

Who is the smallest gov't spender since Ike? Would you believe it, it's Obama?!

The Mitt Romney Latino Outreach Program

Fla. voter registration fraud charge has ties to Romney

KRUGMAN: Not the election anyone was expecting—a happy surprise for some & a nasty shock for others

AP Editor: Michele Bachmann Tells So Many Lies the AP Has To Impose an Upper “Quota” On Fact-Checkin

"I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message..."

Common-sense approach to curbing gun crimes

GOP Voter Registration Irregularities Generally Overlooked by Mainstream Media

Stunning Unedited Version of Romney "To Camera" Ad Leaked

Roundup of Britian's Got Talent.

Fox & Friends: The Polls Are Rigged!

Something is happening here

We Know, Too!

New Poll

The Internet Is Strangely Obsessed With “Greasy Face Mitt Romney” GIFS

Jim Webb Slams Mitt Romney in Virginia Beach

Repugs will use their "inner" polls showing Mitt ahead to cover voter suppression.

Thom Hartmann: The Presidential Debate - Should 3rd Parties be Allowed?

Mitt Says His Heart "Aches" For You -- Convinced?

The Savoy King: Chick Webb and the Music That Changed America

If you want a good laugh...

Surprised by Music DJ earlier today

Republicans Should Not Attempt Comedy

Legal Analysis Outlines Potential Crime In Mitt Romney's Financial Disclosures!!!

A 45-second summary of the Rmoney campaign

The United States of ALEC: Bill Moyers on the Secretive Corporate-Legislative Body Writing Our Laws

So, I am watching Bibi Netanyahu and I feel like I am being lectured to - as an American

No One Would Hire Mitt Romney

If American was “founded on Christian religion”...

Why isn’t American #1 in clean, transparent, efficient and honest elections?

Goodell: “We’re sorry to have to put our fans through that”

Calling US Drone Strikes 'Surgical' Is Orwellian Propaganda

Governments are not “broke” because they spend too much $ on people IN need;

There is no more wasteful, expensive or destructive “foreign policy” than WAR.

Hey, you rich guys that hate Government;

I'm Mitt Romney and I Approve This Pandering

Abbas To UN: Israeli Policies Leading To 'New Nakba;' Recognize Palestine Before It's Too Late


Hague meets Ecuador's top diplomat in U.S. on Assange

I thought Natanyahu's speech was very good

No one should have to prove their citizenship in order to vote.

What Questions would you like the Candidates to Answer at the Debates?

Gun goes off; bullet ends up in neighbor's refrigerator

Bearing Sons Leaves Male DNA Traces in Mom’s Brain

Does anybody have a common sense solution

This has to be from The Onion

Just saw this note from Adam Shefter

Paradox of Hoaxes: How Errors Persist, Even When Corrected

Sons of Anarchy Actor Johnny Lewis Dies, Is Suspect in Killing

Red states' income growing faster than blue states'

GOP hires Sproul voter fraud firm in key states

High-resolution image of supermassive black hole shows engine of destruction


If elected president, Romney's first order of business will be...

Fox News Climate Coverage 93% Wrong, Report Finds

Benjamin, Mahmoud--I'm pretty sure there's an alleyway behind the UN Building.

Rush Limbaugh - "Just another Bump In the Road"

The thing I'm worried about

Thom Hartmann: How Can You Plan a Revolution when Big Brother is Watching?

Colas' Act 10 ruling draws outraged responses

Netanyahu's diagrams wet dream


In 2008, the media warned us not to believe the polls due to the Bradley Effect


Meningitis Alert Issued For New York City Gay Guys and "Men Who Have Sex With Men"

The Shit Romney says and the ones i missed

Wouldn't an Israeli military attack on Iran be a violation of international law?

Jobs where sex in the workplace is difficult

Love me some Anne Hathaway...

Tax Cuts for the Wealthy DO NOT Stimulate the Economy

For those that were wondering where the NFL found the replacement reps...

Don't talk politics in the newsroom, Wisconsin editor warns staff

Lounge daily inspirational message

"Republican Party Cross-Dressers" {video at link}

Ohio Tea Baggers Are Trying To Prevent Minorities From Voting

Living Under Drones

With a flipflop here, and flipflop there, here a flip, there a flop

What Goes Around, Comes Around

CHART OF THE DAY: Benjamin Netanyahu Pulls Out A Cartoon Bomb To Explain The Iranian Nuclear Threat

In front of global audience, Netanyahu draws red line on his ridiculous bomb cartoon that is here

Stupid Human Tricks: Gingrich and van Susternen hammer the wedge and blow the dog whistle together

Of ALL People: Todd Akin wishes Claire McCaskill would be more 'ladylike'

Post here: Oddest thing you own

Belly-Akin: McCaskill Wasn’t ‘Ladylike’ In Debate

Boring, banal people doing boring, banal things

Gesture seen at one of President Obama's Ohio rallies...

Todd Akin: Claire McCaskill was more ‘ladylike’ in 2006

Rachel’s Gift. One Year Later.


Akin: McCaskill was “more ladylike” in ’06

Poll: Indiana Senate Donnelly (D) leads by 2; Romney leads by 12

Mimic octopus - extremely cool creatures:

Today is an Anniversary for me!

Robert Reich Asks: Mitt Says His Heart

Catholic bishop telling people who to vote for...

Plutocrats like Mitt R(money) don't get it...

Do YOU agree with Jon Stewart?

SEMPRA Energy Wants Ratepayers to Pay for Their Negligence

When Obama WINS - Going to the left, right, or center?

SPIN THIS GOP: Red States Outpace Blue States in Income Growth — Thanks to Food Stamps

Catholic bishop: Voting for Obama jeopardizes the ‘eternal salvation of your own soul’ (VIDEO)

What is with Ed Rendell lately?

Check out the hundreds of women following this 'Women for Mitt' banner!!

Genetically Modified Corn Causes Cancer in Lab Rats: Higher Levels Of Cancers, Larger Tumors, ...

No preaching here, but if you're thinking of trying vegetarianism or even veganism,

One way to counteract the vote tampering in the 2012 election is to have a "people's vote"

A Guide to Eating a Plant-Based Diet

A Guide to Eating a Plant-Based Diet

Ladies of the lounge who have been through or are going through "the change"

The biggest fucking banner ad you'll ever see on the Internet pimping Mitt Romney!

Would you go swimming in this pool???

Pediatricians: State won't meet about Obamacare issues

Very amusing website...

Am I wrong in my thinking about the middle east?

Is every story posted that is related to Apple Late Breaking News?

It’s the truth. Americans like Barack Obama. They don’t like Romney. And they really don’t like Ryan

Architect of Honduran privatised cities drops out over lack of transparency


Every Time Tommy Thomspon Opens His Mouth -- It Costs Karl Rove a Million

Former President Bill Clinton is just awesome!!

Gummi Cows

GOP Senator Anonymously Blocks COLA Increase for Veterans (UPDATED: Hold removed)

New Jobs Numbers Put Obama In Net Job Growth Territory

NFL scab ref who made botched call is ... wait for it ... a Bank of America VP


I did not know Skinner played soccer

Arcata panhandling law mostly struck down by judge

We need everyone to take a cell phone with photo capability to the polls. Anyone being intimidated

This is sad!

Soros Gives $1 Million to Democratic “Super PAC”

Beauty and the Beak

Noam Chomsky Discusses How Activists & Progressives Should Approach The 2012 Election

Romney gets still more low-down with remarks tying Obama defense reductions to military suicides

Akin says McCaskill isn't "ladylike"

Why does the US have the most prisoners in the world?


Report: George Soros Donates $1 Million To Democratic Super PAC

Akin: Claire McCaskill isn't ladylike enough and she's aggressive

It's not just Rmoney - nothing can wash off the stench of GOP extremism -

You know the Stench thing that is hanging on Gov Romney via Paul Ryan....

Bicycle vs. Pedestrian

Boom!! It's Official, President Obama is Now a Net Job Creator :)

Classical kitchen dancing. Enjoy all!

Soooo...I think I am depressed.

Obama leads Romney 49-42 percent in latest Reuters/Ipsos survey

California Community Colleges names new chancellor to head nation’s largest higher ed system

Another 13,157 Democrats and 6,274 Republicans Registered to vote in Florida on 9/25

A great quote from Bill Maher...

Arkansas first Southern state to vote on medical marijuana

Ok, Now I've had it!! Now Romney is crushing babies at Rallies!!!

Rasmussen: King (I) (+12) in MAINE

Mirror Image

Obama campaign siezes on Romney harvest video

Mitt is pretty happy with the modifications to his campaign plane....

Insurance Company Celebrates

The bigger Obama's margin of victory, the more Citizens United will fade as an issue.

'Drunken' Broker Sent Oil to 8-Month High in 2009: Report

Worse Than Watergate or It Isn’t Too Late for the GOP to Steal Another Election

Yet ANOTHER New LOW for The Republican Party

President Obama path VS Mitt Romney's path

Joe SCAB makes IMUS look educated, entertaining, astute. My pendulum swingeth (part way) back

Prejudiced Anti-Elizabeth Warren election sign photographed in MA

Hey Juror #2 ... you need a lesson on what it means to be a DU member.

DSCC Chair: Akin’s ‘Ladylike’ Jab ‘Demeaning To Women’ (Patty Murray)

I For One Welcome Our New Robotic Overlords

I don't know about you, but working on an offshore oil rig would just creep me out.

Planned Parenthood hits Romney in Virginia mailboxes

Paul Ryan's Secret Tape - AUDIO link

In 2004 they told us exit polls in Ohio don't count

President Obama's Rally today in Virginia Beach

Any suggestions for tablet apps related to the election?

NRA attacks Bill Nelson's vote on a gun ban

The 386,000 jobs we didn't know about

Kim Dotcom Gets Apology From New Zealand PM, Megaload Ready To Relaunch

Well, I just made American Future Fund unhappy.

Jim Webb Drops the Hammer on Romney

Would someone please pump the volume up?

Perspectives on the outcome of the Presidential election, and how they differ?

MitTwit must win ALL of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina and Virginia.

Are you ready to feel full-body warm fuzzies?

I'm not saying it's over, but....

You might be an IIllegal Voter IF

MoveOn Files Complaint with DOJ Over Romney Retroactive Retirement Claims

Jonathan Chait | The Poetic Justice of Romney’s Self-Immolation

President Obama Rally today in Virginia Beach Pictures (dial-up warning)

Oh crap! "Voting for Obama Jeopardizes the 'Eternal Salvation of Your Own Soul'"

Driver wounded in accidental Jacksonville shooting during road incident

Red States Outpace Blue States in Income Growth — Thanks to Food Stamps

Counting on Obama to screw up in the debates? Portman says don't get your hopes up

RNC cuts ties with firm over voter registration allegations

The Word Is Out - GOP Candidate Says "Sunset" Social Security That Means ----

Wanna see the real difference between President Obama and Mitt?

Oldest garment you own?

No lie

Romney campaign calls President Obama "one of the most talented political communicators" in history

WI Supreme Court refuses AG's request to take up voter ID

How Barack Obama Gets Things Done

Coming Soon To Theater Near You

Put a Fork in him, Mitt Romney's Done

Old (and old-fashioned) things that make great use of dots

Composition with baby. Please come CAPTION Mitt (if the 47% fits) Romney!!

A terrific new writer: new fiction from Friend of the Blog Amy Willoughby Burle

WOW! President Obama in Virginia Beach Sept. 27 (the last picture is great!)

Wake the Fuck Up! (NSFW - Uncensored Version)

another devastating anti romney ad

PHOTO: Non-taxpaying member of the 47% reacts with disgust as Romney tries to grab her

This election cannot come soon enough so this tool can be gone ...

Republicans for Obama

Mystery Republican Blocks Cost of Living Adjustment for Disabled Veterans

Funniest freaking video ever! Jimmy Kimmel spoofs Romney ad, MUST WATCH

The Implosion of Mitt Romney Expressed as a Limerick Poem

Papantonio: Voter Suppression Tactics Show GOP’s Desperation

A Crushing Blow

"Obama, having promised a government of transparency, has brought six prosecutions for leaks so far"

Last night I heard Romney refer to himself as a 'pastor'

Webb to Romney: A ‘thanks’ would have been nice

Let's be clear: Food stamps, welfare, SS & all those programs saved us from ruin...

Mitt Romney Gets Tax Break Off Firm Sending Jobs To China

How You Can Help

Mitt Romney: Still talking about 'THEM'

There was a horrific rape of five siblings in Jamaica

Do you ever watch The Regular Show on Cartoon Network?

If corporations are persons ...

More Diplomacy, Fewer Drones

Somebody hug me - I just drove through Bachmann country

Looking for a good french baguette recipe. nm

WI Supreme Court refuses to take up voter ID

President Obama,I'm not just "In", I'm locked in. Voted today

Paul Ryan / Ayn Rand / Rand Paul / Ron Paul

Disgusting. Just saw a clip on Hardball of asshole Joe Walsh

One Coalition Stays True to Todd Akin: Home-Schoolers

I just made this up.

Tycoon offers HK$500 million to wed 'married' daughter

OMG! I have been so bored today,I watched Ann Colter on the View just for something to do.

1950s rock-n-roll music. Anyone else a fan?

Republicans On Akin’s Latest Flap: We’re Not Touching That One

Welcome to Maine, even our abortion protesters are polite...

Curiosity Finds Evidence of An Ancient Streambed on Mars

Efforts to provide mental health care for war veterans falling short

Martin Bashir - Romney’s ‘Summer of Love’: missing Ann in France, combat in Vietnam

The Quest

"The United States of ALEC!" (Special Bill Moyers Documentary)....Preview here on Democracy Now)

2 Minutes with David Corn: Breaking Down the Bain Video

Mitt Romney: Fact-Checker. The Pinocchio candidate plans to correct Obama during debates

So my rightwing coworker who's struggling with this election...

Seeking the “true” Romney is like seeking Bigfoot

Judge Wouldn’t Decide On Pa. Voter ID Injunction Today

Daily Kos uses DU's nickname for Matthews: Tweety LOL

I was going to post this thread in Morse Code

So Dumbya is heading for the Caymans to promote

U.S. temporarily reduces more staff from Libya embassy

The Republican National Committee is involved in a voter fraud investigation

Petition for Obama/Romney 10/03/12 debate question on campaign money corrupting our political system

Blocking COLA For Disabled Vets UnAmerican And Unpatriotic And SICK. WHERE----

Pollutants linked to ‘fracking’ found in Wyoming groundwater

Martin Bashir - Team Romney tries an old strategy anew: Blame the media

Obama up 5 over Romney in latest Fox News poll

The third debate is going to be held in Boca Raton, FL....

What would happen?

So Green Day was supposed to perform on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

Electile Dysfunction

I think we need some more humorous examples of "harvesting" to use in light of Mitt's new video.

Martin Bashir - Romney, Ryan dismissive of every poll, everywhere

Joan Walsh: How Ryan hurts Romney

Bain Workers Bus Tour Slams 'Romney Economy' In Swing State Excursion - HuffPo

Hey, Romney: Show us your numbers

(Kaiser) POLL: Obama Has Double Digit Lead On Health Policy Issues

Complaint Filed with GAB Against Robin Vos’s Estranged Wife Heading to Racine District Attorney

Clinton presses China on resolving maritime disputes with Japan, Southeast Asian nations...

Polls: Obama leads in N.H., tighter in Nev., N.C.

Alicia Menendez on Al Sharpton's show?

Unfuckenbelievable! UPDATE!

Israeli Foreign Ministry Calls for More Sanctions on Iran

John R. Silber, Who Led Boston University’s Renaissance, Dies at 86 (D candidate for MA gov 1990)

California Man Linked to Anti-Islam Film in Custody for Hearing

Another Holy Crap moment in my educational journey...

New NBC/Marist polls (Thurs.) show Obama +7 (NH), Obama +2 (NC), Obama +2 (NV)

mitt thinks he is

Suffolk/WWBT poll: VIRGINIA (Obama +2), (Kaine Tied)

Court declares 92 Occupy Chicago arrests unconstitutional

Fox & Friends: The Polls Are Rigged!

Massachusetts appeals ruling on prisoner sex change

Obama - Romney exchange at first debate:

Econbrowser: The Employment Situation in Governor Walker’s Wisconsin in 2012: “Grim”

I just finished filling out my ballot and am heading to the post office to mail it.

Martin Bashir - Bush, Cayman Islands’ Investor-in-Chief

(WI) State Supreme Court won't hear Voter ID cases

Anyone else watching channel 2 news right now?

PHOTO: Netanyahu passes Baby Bush, descends to Rocky & Bullwinkle level of evidence

Romney sends memo to CNN seeking to lower expectations heading into the debates


CD3 debate ends with yelling

ABC News Tracks Missing iPad To Florida Home of TSA Officer

How Appropriate: Ref who blew Seahawks call is a Bank of America VP

Mars Water: NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds Signs Of Ancient Stream

Former Vancouver Olympics CEO denies abuse allegations

I wonder who he's voting for

Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand, and Anton LaVey

(NBC/WSJ/Marist) Polls: Obama leads in N.H. (up 7 points), tighter in Nev., N.C.

NASA: Mars Curiosity rover finds rocky signs of once-gushing stream

Partisan Parking

Great new ad from Tammy Duckworth

Republican Lynches Empty Chair Representing President Obama

Canada cheese-smuggling ring busted - policeman charged

Hey DU.... I'm BACK.... Whats Happening...

Arkansas court upholds medical marijuana ballot initiative

Somebody just suggested a new theme song for Romney's dying campaign...

Judge dismisses charges against 92 Occupy Chicago demonstrators

I wanted to take a minute to thank the members of this board.

Democrats Destroy Romney's New Ad

Atheists sue another Pa. school over commandments

Early voting in Polk county Iowa: "The line .... never seemed to end"

Police confirm 2 dead, at least 4 wounded in Minneapolis office shooting

This post is not so much about sports as it is about the fullfilment of a dream...

Bad Jazz-Lip Reading

New OFA TV Ad: My Job

Do your cats get excited when you bring out the red dot??

From the Barack Obama FB Page - VOTING STARTS NOW

I was just watching CNN and...

The Truth About The Obama Phone

Pew poll: Obama opens up lead over Romney among Catholics

Found on FB

Joe Scarborough reacts to Romney clip Sweet Jesus

OFA Ad - Alicia Keys: ''We are a Powerful Force.''

The Mitt Romney Latino Outreach Program

Medicare plan tanks Romney's campaign in critical swing states

Number of Americans Getting News From Social Networks Doubles


1-877 Fuck you Rush fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck you Rush 1-877 fuck you Rush, the polls they do not lie

There is no joy in the kingdom of man so great as the joy of seeing bullies and hucksters laid low.

Wouldn't you love to hear the last of Michele Bachmann?

Survival Seeds

Little-known fecal transplant cures woman

Be careful on the sliding board......

Republicans fire voter registration firm owned by Romney consultant

Mittens seems too relaxed.

Will they name a aircraft carrier after him?

Romney Falsely Claims Defense Cuts Will Impact Veterans

"Rabbits," by David Lynch

You have to check out this toon!! ROTFLMAOPIMP!!

Congressman Grimm my congressman said the vandals that hit his campaign office were politically...

"The American People Seem to Be Realizing that Republicans Aren’t on Their Side"

Romney henchwoman, Jennifer Rubin, says: Bush had a great national security record after 9/11

Britain's Hague meets Ecuador's top diplomat in U.S. on Assange

Keiser Report: Boom & Bust Vicious Cycle

Look What Has Showed Up on Yahoo's Frontpage

Now I get it, Romney's plan is to help Small Business, cut the deficit and, this is he killer

If we give him a MANDATE, he'd better USE IT.

Elizabeth Warren accepts the endorsement of the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts

"Study: Obama’s plan would create more 1.1 million jobs in 2013. Romney’s plan would create 87,000."

AWESOME! 88 year old Granny just got registered to vote and she's voting for Obama!!!

Site to review proposed Const. Amendments

Republican cooked poll for IA

Time for the President to Switch to South Paw...

I have always loved the ritual of voting on Election Day, but this year

you can control robotic telescopes...

Insurance Company Fined Over $1 Million for Covering Missourians’ Abortions and Contraceptives

Mitt Romney Gets Tax Break Off Firm Sending Jobs To China

"Romney Gets Still More Low-Down With Remarks Tying Obama Defence Cuts to Military Suicides"

Woman with facial hair responds super graciously to online attention

Intrade. 79% - around 6 PM Fri

Fast Eddie poll cat.

Andy Williams converted to the Mormon faith today.

Poll: Obama Holds Huge Lead Among Jewish Voters

"Americans' Preference Shifts Toward One-Party Government" by Andrew Dugan at Gallup

Keep the polls open 6 AM to 9 PM in every state on election day.

If you know someone in Broward or Palm Beach, send them this Youtube for Maria Sachs.

Romney is wonderful with kids!

Goodell apologizes to fans for ref lockout

I support President Obama but have SERIOUS CONCERNS

The elephant in the room

Samuel L. Jackson video tells voters to ‘wake the f*ck up’ in rhyme

Iraq oil production surpasses Iran

Motion on when life begins splits Conservative caucus

(Iowa) GOP Leaders Favor End to Publicly Funded Abortions

Okay, now we know. Adele and Annie are not big hits with Simon on X-Factor.

Sorry, but they're so cute!

M.T.A. Amends Rules After Pro-Israel Ads Draw Controversy

Ann Coulter on The View, Whoopi bleeped..


The Law of Diminishing Romneys (image)

‘The Fonz’ Headlines Corporate Retreat on How to Lock Out Unions

A Wing-Nut Friend of Mine Posted this on Facebook

Yeah, this is real. *sigh*

Autumn is creeping up on us - I only now started to pay attention

Best one liner I have heard today ....

Looks like Okinawa is going to get smacked again...

Four states that RCP says only 'lean' Romney that we should be trying to get

Kudankulam Nuclear Plant can be stopped if safety concerns are not met, says Supreme Court

Note to KOEB: personnel change.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Hot Hot Hot & a new Kitty gif

Looks like Okinawa is going to get smacked again...

My Name Is Joe Biden and I'll Be Your Server

Which U.S. President Does Romney Most Resemble? (Hint: It’s Not a Republican)

Why is Rachel Maddow bringing up the war

When will the big money-dump into Romney's campaign by Adelson, Kochs and the other billionaires

How a Bill(ionaire) Becomes a Law(maker) (video)

Seinfeld actor stumps for his 'man-crush' as early voting begins in Iowa

When Medical Checkups Go Wrong…

An actor died after killing someone

Federal Investigation of Romney

The best Gif ever of the call that will live in infamy

Refugee Health Changes

There seem to be a lot of anti-Obama articles on RCP

Can someone please help me connect the dots?

AARP sending out two emails today please...please Medicare and SS

We must start a new message for Obama voters.

Had a conversation at the gas pump the other day

feck NV test site

Water on Mars ...

I just added my name (puter) to DU'S Folding @ Home

Republican AZ Senate seat in play for Dems

The Modern “Republican” Party: Contract? We don’t Care about Contracts.

College Students Being Targeted For Voter Suppression - Back In My Day If That Happened To Us.....

"You Hate Me, Now With a Colorful Chart!" by Kevin Drum at Mother Jones

Rerun from earlier, thanks to Surya

France's far-right Marine Le Pen: ‘Arab Spring had turned into an Islamist winter’.

Barack Obama's Coolest Presidential Moments

I've been hiding under a rock ashamed because NC was a last holdout

Apple iPad dominates tablet-based web browsing with 98% share, report says

Rafal Ciesielski, Polish Man Who Masturbated In Car, Now Has Severe Vision Problems

The ED Show - Romney explains his 'winning' debate strategy

today in women's herstory

Fight over canola pits biofuels vs. organics

The ED Show - Another video of Mitt Romney showing the real Romney

Reupholstering a sofa

Fecal Transplant Reveals The Healing Power Of Poop

The ED Show - New Details on Romney investment in China

Mircrosoft rip-off

Fox News -Obama (D) 48% Romney ($) 43%

a biography of the day--emmeline pankhurst

quotes of the day-emmeline pankhurst

Oops... 'Catholics Flee Romney-Ryan-Dolan' - Andrew Sullivan/DailyBeast

Is my kid the only non-genius?

More Americans suing employers for overtime pay

The ED Show - W is back, and he's giving Mitt a tropical headache

Webb drops the hammer on Romney

The ED Show - Akin does it again

Mitt Romney Gets Tax Break Off Firm Sending Jobs To China

I found this in my garage...Forgot I had it, I am NOT a Crook!

Florida Reporter Doused With Water By Rep. David Rivera's Rival

Dem. Wayne Powell talks about race against Eric Cantor, CBS News. video

"Your Dream Home - How to Build It For Less Than $3,500" (1950)

"Your Dream Home - How to Build It For Less Than $3,500" (1950)

WillyT's Pony: What I Want In November 2012... For All Of Us... (Reposted From Feb 16, 2012)

Lavish CEO pay doesn't work as intended: study

Little-known failure:

Nate updated 538 - Nov 6 forecast 83.9%. Now cast 97.8% Senate 78.1%. posted a pic

Two similar crimes, unarmed victim dies, armed victim lives.

Is Romney as bad a Mormon as his associations suggest?

Voters Going Off the Grid

Where do they sell strawberry-flavored ice cream sandwiches?

Bad news there is a worse candidate running for President than Mitt

Get ready DUers. The GOP is in a panic and reaching for the kitchen sink.

The Killer Post

Contextual Accountability by John Kuhn

PHOTOS: Romney Supports The Vietnam War And The Draft, And Then Avoids It In... France...

I find it a bit ironic ... those that express outrage over the (out of context) quote "You didn't

Scott Brown's in-your-face racism

Mark Thompson keeps talking about Larry Flynt and saying that he is going to drop a bomb on Romney

What would Air Force One look like if mittens was president? LOL

if Obama makes a small push at it, he will win Arizona

Just wanted to say I love DU nt

Pro military, family-values Republican Blocks Disabled American Veteran benefit increase

Dana, Joe, and Ann all together on the same clip

Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Romney barely competitive in places he needs to win

Witnesses recall hurdles to get Pennsylvania voter ID

Last Resort.

CNN Is To Fox What Anime Porn Is To Porn

Rachel Maddow - Sloppy spending follows Romney's meandering messaging

NFL officials receive ovation from crowd ahead of Ravens-Browns

iPad Owners, Do You Like Your Tablet?

Faux News Is Already Setting Up Their Spin For Rmoney's Loss

Any Virginians see Wayne Powell CBS News interview?

Mitt Romney and his War Problem

monthly outcome more than monthly income for years is draining my account

Best photobomb ever!

"Moyers & Company" ALEC Documentary Launches This Weekend

This how I felt when I found today out I wasn't getting fired..

American Jewish Committee Poll: Obama Holds Huge Lead Among Jewish Voters (65-24)

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 28 -- What's On Tonight: Western Spoofs

Speaking of skewing, How to beat a polygraph test

The Last Word w/Lawrence O'Donnell: Senator Webb Rewrites Romney