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Archives: September 24, 2012

A statement from the Obama campaign hitting back at Romney's whining ...

Romney tells Iowa voters he’ll ‘just have to come down hard’ on Obama in debates

"Income Inequality and Educational Opportunity" By LAURA D'ANDREA TYSON at the NY Times

What Romney's Hiding: 'It's the Amnesty, Stupid' - Swiss Bank/UBS Amnesty Deal of 09', Remember?

New OFA TV Ad: No Taxes

Yea! I made 10 posts! :)

"Sociopaths, Neuroscience and Mortality" by MathGuyiNTulsa at the Daily Kos

So was Harry Reid "Dan Rathered" when someone gave him 'info' that Romney

Who has donated to whom?

The REAL Reason Paul Ryan Got Booed:

Mitt Romney, On 60 Minutes, Cites Emergency Room As Health Care Option For Uninsured

OBAMA Nominates Openly Gay Judge Michael McShane For Federal Court

Mitt Romney Admits He Pays A 'Low Rate' On His Income Taxes, But Says It's Still Fair

Coconut Oil

"Poll Shows Romney Losing Ground, Now Down By 8 Points; Wrong Track Voters At 52%"

"You will know them by their friuts"

DetNews story: Town turns tables on school prank (bullying) - You're gonna love this!

How many House districts are there? I'm curious to figure out how many

Romney's lean, mean Medicaid plans for nursing home residents

90 year old war veteran stands to greet Obama

Houston cop shoots amputee in a wheelchair.

If it is misogyny to mention a female celeb has gained weight, it is misandry when...?

I just thought of something regarding that "Dreams From My Real Father" movie.

Reuters - Analysis: For Romney, some troubling signs among older voters

Houston cop shoots a guy in a wheelchair..

Sun Monkey

Peasants for Romney!

George and Mitt Romney--some common ideas seen in George Romney's 1968 Presidential Announcement

Obama Draws 18,000 in Wisconsin While 650 Show Up for Romney in California

Walker a possible witness in John Doe investigation

Cops& the mentally ill

Romney and Ryan Get Tough on Venezuela and Cuba

I got to thinkin about the Cops and Rmoney's disdain of others

A recent flower...

Shockey Fire plume

Living with PBB: Years of dumping poisons a town - w/video

Here, the Shokey Fire plume

Diseased Trees New Source of Climate Gas

Bono Mack’s Favorability Plummets; Democratic Challenger Raul Ruiz Inches Closer to Upset

A question about posting pictures on DU

I don't know why The Republicans complain so much about the crappy economy

Romney, GOP are stuck in old America

Lawful New York Gun Owners Acting Recklessly

Sunday talk show guest suggest the 47% don't

It's over guys ... we've lost.

NEBRASKA: Obama TIED with Romney in 2nd District

Britain and Canada to share embassies abroad

Report warns of global food insecurity as climate change destroys fisheries

South Korea presidential runner Park apologises for father


South African Children's Hospital Closed Under Apartheid To Reopen


The American Thinker: The Awful Truth is begins to break through the liberal bubble

Voting laws may disenfranchise 10 million Hispanic U.S. citizens: study

Public records show local purchases for SpaceX (Cameron County--South Texas)

Doctors Dispel Myths About Obamacare on Politics Done Right

Univision anchor: Mitt Romney made demands during UM appearance

Publishing of Japan-related books banned in Beijing

Chinese company schedules destruction of ancient Buddhist city in Afghanistan (PLEASE read)

Afghans stage peaceful protest against anti-Islam film

More motherly McMahon aims for GOP upset in Conn.

She said yes!

Help me out- Researching GOP Talking Points for a website I'm making debunking them.

Mes Anyak: Chinese schedule destruction of ancient Buddhist city in Afghanistan

Ted Koppel assesses Fox News

'Is that fair to the guy who makes $50,000 and paid a higher rate than you did?' Romney: "Yeah"

Operation Backpack

Funny or Die: Self-deportation station

Obama launches new tax offensive against Romney

Bwaaaaaaah one in ten persons is willing to change her/his vote

AP IMPACT: Tragedy meant big money for NY minister (he helped himself)


Pakistan disowns bounty on anti-Islam filmmaker

Disgruntled Youth Slam Obama In New Romney Web Video

New Quebec Government Cancels Tuition Hike

Why Are the Right-Wing Media Obsessed with an Imaginary Woman's Success Story?

2 Fall TV Shows Cashing In on Social and Economic Instability

New 'Sars-like' coronavirus identified by UK officials

Happy 288th (or 289th) Birthday Arthur Guinness!

Wisconsin: Pat Kreitlow ad (running for Congress against Sean Duffey)

MSPs warn of 'fatalistic' attitude to heart disease

Poll: Romney's advantage among older Americans is crumbling

People talk a lot about the inevitability of globalism...

POLITICO/GWU Battleground Poll: Obama pulls ahead of Romney (50-47)

Debate schedule: 1st Presidential Debate is NEXT WEEK, Wed Oct 3 at 9 Eastern

Reality check: The election isn't over!

STOP IT!You want to wear an apron and waitress for 37 years like my Grandma, get behind the counter.

Scientists Explain Why People Vote For Republicans

iPhone Foxconn China plant closes after clash involving 2,000

E.J. Dionne: Obama needs to Decisively beat the Right

German Catholics lose church rights for unpaid tax

Son's of Anarchy--5th season------off with a bang.

"DNA Is Alive And There’s Amazing Science To Prove It"

Fake airline pilot arrested in Italy

Shit People Say to Feminists

Chris Hedges: How Do You Take Your Poison?

Foxconn halts production at plant after mass brawl

NYT: Conservatives want to 'unleash' Paul Ryan!

Report: New Laws Could Disenfranchise 10 Million Latino Voters

So, Mitt says.."Uninsured can go to the emergancy room." Same as George Bush..

Now We Know Our ABCs. And Charter Schools Get an F.

Elizabeth Warren on Jim & Margery Show live on newstalk969

Clinton: Republican voter suppression targeting African-American churches

Obama Ad Today HITS Romney HARD On His 47% Crack - Tells Him To 'Come Clean On His Taxes'

Foxconn worker riots and ABC's lead was "will this make iPhone even harder to get?"

Voter Registration Deadlines Close In Some States In Less Than Two Weeks!

Mitt Romney: Richer Than You Think

European lawmakers to question regulators over Libor

Exclusive - Output to slide further at BP's Azeri oil giant

PA Supreme Court rules to help protect voters from being disenfranchised

" you can hate the industry, but not the women. That's crucial. "

The ‘Self-Made’ Myth: Our Hallucinating Rich

BEST SNL Skit from this past weekend - GOB Tampons!!!

Drone Pilots Say Their Job Is Not Like A Video Game

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Sept 24th

Here's Why New Jersey Banned Smiling In Driver's Licenses

GWU Battlefield Poll -Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 47%

There does not seem to be any logical way for Romney to win in November save one:

Texas is a scary place when it comes to politics

Mika on Morning Joe just said 7,000 attended Romney's event in Colorado

A "die-hard conservative Republican" embraces Universal Health Care

Obama And Romney Make Their Cases In Dueling ‘60 Minutes’ Interviews

Israeli defense chief proposes West Bank pullout

It's 3AM . . . There's A Crisis . . . The Phone Rings . . .

Perception is difficult to change. Especially in a short period of time.

Romney video shows young voters saying they can't change DC from the outside.

Romney, on '60 Minutes,' Proposes to Cut Down Show by '47 Minutes'

Obama Campaign Lowers Expectations For Debates

Republican poll analysis: Romney winning with middle-class families

Charities Deceive Donors Unaware Money Goes to a Telemarketer

Did Willard Romney Really Say If You're Having A Heart Attack You Can Go To A Clinic?

Today's Non Sequitur Toon is good....

I have a new blog posting up! Enjoy!

If Google is so damn smart

I have a new blog posting up! Enjoy!

I have a new blog posting up! Enjoy!

If Romney were president, the youth had best be prepared to see the draft return.

I have a new blog posting up! Enjoy!

Toon: Predictions and Results

New Video from greenman3610: Arctic Sea Ice Record

President Obama: The Democrats' Ronald Reagan

Think About It - Captialism As It Is Now Being Practiced A Failure.

State Representative Debbie Riddle gets a Cease and Desist letter

Africans Relocate to Alabama to Fill Jobs After Immigration Law

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 24, 1969

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 24, 1969

Republicans Are So Extreme, Hateful And Nuts Sandusky Would Be A Viable Candidate For Them.

George Patacki: "I carried Rudy's briefcase on September the Eleventh."

Wishful Thinking in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election

Reuters/Ipsos poll: Romney's Lead with Older Voters Evaporates

Another sermon video some of you may enjoy...

Flashback To Bush in '07 -- Romney: Uninsured have emergency rooms


We Ask America: WISCONSIN poll: (Obama +12), (Baldwin +12)

Hey Betty White - I'm still waiting for your ad

Chris Hedges: How Do You Take Your Poison?

47% Should NOT Have Access To Health Care They Are Leeches - Romney/GOP

Bluefin tuna bounces back

So the 'urine' art from 1989 now pops up again a month before election?

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Rmoney

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

A huge reduction of spam in my mail

Flight attendant's gun goes off

Cross-Realm Zones poll for WoW

chuck todd is full of republican bullshit talking points this morning....

Romney 'blind' trust dumps politically inconvenient investment as Romney attacks Obama on China

Romney is going to try to go all Newt in the first debate..

Mitt Romney Gaffe Compilation

Wisconsin -Obama (D) 53% Romney ($) 41%/ Baldwin (D) 52% Thompson ($) 40%

Tom Tomorrow: Further Gaffes From the Romney Video ('The Thrill of Hunting Human Beings for Sport')

"Obama campaign is out with a brutal new ad in Ohio"

I'll vote for Romney if he puts in a full, honest day's work in a coal mine.

Eighteen people dropped into my "self-deleted" decoy thread.

Obama brushes off Israeli pressure over Iran

Update: Republican caught as client to racketeering suspect:

Chris Hayes: Romney tapes reveal ‘plutocracy’ just ‘whining’ about everything

Is (R)asmussen Slowly Preparing His Acolytes For The Coming Romney Loss Obama (D)47% Romney ($)46%

Why do stains show up more on a solid-color fabric than on a print?

Humans hunted for meat 2 million years ago

More than 1,000 pastors plan to challenge IRS by endorsing presidential candidate

On-line sex. A new term for our times.

Rasmussen: OBAMA re-takes the lead (+1)

Peak oil review - Sept 24

Is Bay Buchanan about to spin out of orbit? nt

Richard III: 'When I saw the skull, the hair on the back of my neck stood up'

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak oil review - Sept 24

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

How does Mitt get a reputation for business acumen?

Bay Buchanan on MSNBC: One LIE after another, after another. She's been around Romney too long.

It's start your own decoy thread week.

President Obama Suggests Romney Wants to Take U.S. to War Over Iran


Is China Burning?

NFL Replacement Referees Have Compromised The Game's Integrity

Crucial Colonizers Western Lifestyle Disturbing Key Bacterial Balance

Mitt Romney Won’t Lower Americans’ Taxes

This morning, NPR made sure to mention Romney's surge among rural voters 6 times in 8 minutes

Interesting tax theory...

Favorite music video

** Gets out her staple gun and posts today's DU Lunch Cafeteria Special **

What’s Wrong With Pennsylvania?

Why are so many people on foodstamps??

Obama dismisses Israel's calls for red lines on Iran's nuclear program as 'noise'

Ryan blistering 2010 attack on those who use Cayman Islands to "hide their money".

Sophia Vergara suffers a second wardrobe malfunction that reveals her butt.

Mitt Romney in 60-Minutes Interview: Need healthcare? Go to the ER.

Mitt Romney and the Infinite Sadness

Bill Clinton, Reince Priebus, Ann Coulter, and More Sunday Talk

Cul de sac cartoon is no more

Adventures with a Liberal Sexist Dude

It's Not Easy Being a Super PAC

Debates. My thoughts re Romney.

Divisions Will Deepen And Even Be More Hostile After The Election Because -----

Growth in Latino enthusiasm and Democratic vote numbers disheartening for the GOP

October Photo Contest - themes?

The other day I got into a little discussion with a GW denier.

I have a relative who loves Rob Gonsalves calendars, has one for 2012.

The One thing that no one has pointed out about the 47% quote is:

He sees brown people. They’re included!

Just like his view of the 47%, Romney doesn't have enough skin in the game

Sometimes the light's all shining on me....

It Looks Like All The Backgrounds Of Closed Business Happened Under The GOP Yet----

Said Mrs. Obama....

The Optimism Cure (The Man, Krugman)

Andrew Sullivan: President Obama: The Democrats' Ronald Reagan

Paul Ryan called Cayman Islands 'the place where you hide your money'

Gallup: Half of political independents are in poverty

If you had married your first (significant or memorable) childhood crush -- Would you be better off?

What Next For The Fundy Nutzies? - Single Women Having Family Chaperones In Public.

Anyone catch Paul Ryan telling GOP voters they were all scammed and idiots this weekend

Now that Romney has solved our Health Care crisis by directing the poor to Emergency Rooms...

French far-right leader Le Pen calls for ban on Islamic headscarf and Jewish skullcap

"Scott Walker and Wis. School Superintendent Put Public Education Up for Sale"

I confess

Ryan reverses on reinstatement of DODT

Amy Bishop, Ex-Univ. of Alabama professor who pleaded guilty to shooting six people, heads to court

Mr. Romney's Health Care Plan Revealed:

Krugman: Sympathy For The Doofus

Mr. Romney - On Behalf of ER Doctors and Nurses Everywhere...

My email to an Amazon seller.... How did I do?

a good read this AM - "The Statistical State of the Presidential Race"

Far-right ideas: Britains's generation gap (anti-immigrant policies don't appeal to young)

Shouldn't tax reform be a major issue in this election?

Clinton: Wealthy worldwide should pay more taxes

As a new member of this forum I have missed so much of the discussion. So glad a friend sent me!

Please Get the Word out if Voter ID Is Not Needed in Your State!

Mitt Romney Says U.S. Failing Like California ... While Asking For Cash Here

Papantonio: FDA Hacks Fail Miserably On Medical Device Approval

TOM TOMORROW TOON: further gaffes from the Romney video

requiring Minnesota voters to have a Photo ID

Lynyrd Skynyrd won’t abandon the Confederate flag (Way to step in it, douchebags)

Warming Up To Obama: President’s Lead Ticks Up In Florida, Colorado

Two Pipes For Two Peoples: The Politics Of Water

Obama Campaign Hits Romney With 47 Percent Ad In Ohio

Anyone who has taken a loved one to the Emergency Room

If Romney had released all his taxes 10 months ago, would anyone

Elizabeth Warren practiced law without a license?

FiveThirtyEight: The Number of Things Nate Silver Gets Wrong About Climate Change

If this election was a poker game I'd be "all in"

How religious pilgrimages support a multi-billion dollar industry

What the hell is this?

'Science Guy' Bill Nye: Religion dismissing evolution hurts US science

Have we forgotten about Dan Choi?

The drugs don't work: a modern medical scandal

Romney's problem connecting with white working class Americans in key states

The Real Values Voters Summit

Paul Ryan Rebuffs Critics: Conservatives Complain By Nature

Watching a documentary about the Brian Deneke incident in Amarillo.

Have A Greater Day, Hater (& Know YOU are being Watched-"The Police Have Been Here & Filed A Report)

For the last undecided 1%...

State Rep. Mike Horner ends campaign after being named in racketeering, prostitution case

What's great about local DU meetups and why herding the cats is worth the effort!

MItt Romney channels Ebenezer Scrooge...

Superpacs Future ?

2010 Romney: It doesn't make sense to have millions of uninsured people use the ER for healthcare

Ed Schultz pushes sales tax increase (the most regressive tax) and makes sound like a tax on rich

What’s Wrong With Pennsylvania?

Finished raking. Am now ready for the leaves to fall.

Buh-bye, shitbags. Waytago demonstrating wasted payouts to the indolent, though.

Dessert, American Style (toon)

The Statistical State of the Presidential Race 538

Another Example Of Our President's-Incredible Ability To Stay Cool/Focused On What Counts-AMERICANS!

Just got a robopoll.


anyone notice Bay Buchanan call Kasim Reed

Need help with blocking Paul Ryan VP Facebook site!

Decoy thread!

freeper predictions for the day AFTER election day 2012

Some simple facts. One simple question.

Hillary calls for higher taxes on the wealthy...

Joe Walsh is great!

My Pet Peeve - those people who make the dip/chips snacks

Starting today, I am going to alert on every "off topic" GD thread I see. Every fucking one.

Gun Control is Racist? Nonsense!

Mitt's Flips On Emergency Rooms

Problem solved

Andrea Mitchell reports or Andrea Mitchell distorts? What say you. nt

Lounge daily inspirational message

Is it me or does the ITT guy in the ads here on DU look like holmes, the movie shooting whackjob

Gallup -Obama -48% -Romney 46%/Approval/Disapproval 51-42%

Pls stop saying those who exhaust their unemployment insurance benefits r not counted as unemployed

Good News from Gallup

Detective charged over links with News of the World

I need help finding a quote. Who said....

California High-Speed Rail Environmental Impact Review Passes Muster

New Polls Reveal Romney is Badly Hurt by '47 Percent' Video

Ryan Says Conservatives Are Just Natural Whiners

Romney and the Calamitous Republicans

Republicans Are Giving Up On Beating Grijalva In AZ-03

Borowitz: Romney in Final Push to Alienate Remaining Voters

It's that time of year again - when the dogs have to learn that the door to the covered

Pic Of The Moment: New Polls: When It Rains, It Pours

Kindasleezy is upset because students aren't educated well enough to die overseas.

Virgil Goode Stays On Virginia Ballot

My review - Hulu Plus!

Kerry campaigning with Warren in Somerville and around Boston

GOP Family Values Alert: Florida GOP Mike Horner RESIGNS Amidst Prostitution Case SCANDAL

The Dam Is Breaking...The Dam Is Breaking...Civitas (R) NC Poll-Obama D (49%) Romney (R) 45&

Ryan Says The Caymans Are A Place To Hide Your Money

70,000 Ravens fans chanting "Bullshit!"

*Wayne Powell on Thom Hartmann show today.

"This is hard. . . . . . . . . . . . . Peace . . . . . . . . . is hard"

Mitt Romney: Richer Than You Think

HBO has hired you to write & direct the movie biopic of the Romney campaign 2012....

Six months ago, I promised I was -NOT- going to post or comment on any polling threads...

What's with Rmoney's fake tan (latest pix)

NYC schools give out morning-after pills to students — without telling parents

Just For Fun .... TV commercial from the 1970s

Mittoon: Fox News predicting a Romney bounce..

Making $100,000 a Year? Romney Wants to Raise Your Taxes

Shout it. Put the blame where it belongs. On the Do Nothing REPUBICAN Congress.

Dinner with Barack and Michelle

Jonathan Cohn, TNR: Romney’s New Health Plan: Go to the ER

Job positions...

Kindle Fire HD question

Chelsea Clinton live on MSNBC

Something to consider...

Wow - Good poll numbers today (NV, CO, FL, PA, NC, IO)

How Some Voters In The South REALLY Think

Romney to Americans with no health insurance: "Go to ER!"

It's not a gaffe when you say what you mean.

Does the Emergency Room also work for food and shelter?

Juan Cole: Muslims are no Different, or why Bill Maher’s blood libel is Bigotry

Christie on Romney: If Election Were Tomorrow `That Would Be a Problem’

State moves to suspend Shellie Zimmerman's concealed weapons permit

Romney Campaign Gets Cozy with DC Lobbyists fundraiser

Big Change in NC Civitas Poll

A simple solution for men who want to take away a woman's right to choose...

Texas should not honor Virginia’s online gun permits

My Republican neighbor told me this morning she wasn't voting for Romney.

Mitt Romney Readies His Presidential Transition Team

Giant Panda Update from National Zoo

Even ARG Is Taking A Dump On Romney ($) FL Obama 50%-Romney 45%/NV-Obama-51%-Romney 44%/IA Obama 51%

How the Pledge of Allegiance use to be...

Neal Gabler, Politico: Mitt Romney and the myth of GOP populism

Does this strike anyone else as wrong?

We are in the home stretch. I suggest zero tolerance for rightwing bullshit on this board.

MittWitt assembles his presidential transition team

What is this car.


"I Work Hard . . . Doesn't He Know That, Doesn't He Get It?'

Breaking Now!!!! Paul Ryan has stepped down!!!!

The Romneys pull a Duchess Kate....are snapped nude sunbathing! Pic inside....

I am in shed ramp HELL.

Monday Mourning Football! Loss that made you sad? Loss that made you happy?


Could Michelle Obama get away with Ann Romney’s ‘fire’?

The perfect Barney Frank quote!!

Romney holding a "victory rally" in Colorado today.

Will blasphemy be criminalized?

Latest Swing State Polls

SNL - The reason Romney's tax rate was so low:

Don't Believe it When You Hear That The Race is Virtually Tied

From Rob Zerban's campaign:

Krugman: (Romney) hasn’t offered specifics on his economic policies — but that’s because he can’t.

Romney throws Ryan unders a bus

Housing homeless cheaper, more effective than status quo: study

FEMA Pulls Swap On Rick Scott, Denies Florida Federal Funds

When Women Used Lysol as Birth Control

If NC goes blue, I'll....

Thom Hartmann: Is America moving back to the left?

What Ever Happened To Jefferson Dem?

WWE is trying to shove degrading videos down the memory hole

Worst week in Washington for American veterans

U.S. Marines Charged for Urinating On Taliban Corpses

petition to save bees

Mitt Romney believes it's a problem that windows don't open on planes!

If you're sucked out of an open airplane window, just go to the emergency room

Best of #RomneyPlaneFeatures

Republicans look for voter fraud, find little

Not The Onion: Willard wants to know why airplane windows don't open!

Latest Swing State Polls: Not a bad one in the group

There are two ways to handle party ID in a poll

Wanna chuckle a little . . . . . ?

Yes on 1: Mainers United for Marriage - Brotherhood

Republicans to Mitt Romney: You're no Ronald Reagan

Was there a magic jump into DU-4 this morning?

Is Mitt Romney pretending to be stupid?

Mitt: Screen doors on submarines, who's with me?

Florida School District Becomes Nation's First to Recognize LGBT History Month

Found the original Ryan speech about the Cayman Islands

Scott Brown: Republican, Why Not?

CBC: 'Science Guy' Bill Nye condemns teaching creationism

She said,.....NO!

ROFL - Why the Religious Right Thinks Romney Is Losing

I wonder if Willard is making plans for a retreat from the US if things start going really bad

Mitt Romney is not running for president. He is running for another office entirely.

OFA: Romney Making Reckless Statements About Death of Four Americans in Libya for Political Gain

Running as Outsiders, With a Catch: They’re In.

Feast of Fools: How American Democracy Became the Property of a Commercial Oligarchy

New polls show Obama winning Florida, Colorado, Minnesota - losing Montana

Does Mitt Romney Even Want to Be President?

Romney comes to California for fundraiser -- slams California

Ha! Today, I received a letter from Romney's campaign seeking a contribution......

Will Willard be allowed to bus in his activists at the upcoming debates like he did at Univision

In New York, defiant Ahmadinejad says Israel will be "eliminated"

US drone strikes target rescuers in Pakistan – and the west stays silent

You're not going to believe this comment from Mitt Romney!!!

Over 1000 PASTORS Set To DEFY IRS, Redefine ‘Separation Of Church And State’

We’ve Come a Long Way from the Death Penalty, but We’re Not There Yet

Texas School Wants to Make it Easier To Spank

I can see the future Mitt Romney Installs Windows that roll down on his Airplanes

5 Theories Why Romney Won’t Release His Tax Records (Invictus, the Big Picture)

Toon: News item- Meteorologists discover a new type of cloud...

"I am not a freeloader, I am a hardworking American"

Support 'Craters' in Minnesota for Constitutional Amendment Requiring Photo ID at Polling Place

Let's say you were the Prime Minister

Citizens United accounts for 78% of 2012 outside election spending

The throwing motion is not 'natural' and differs in baseball vs soccer countries.

He has really nice hair.

Fox News Distorts Climate Science; In Other News, the Pope Is Catholic

Check out Kate McKinnon (formerly of Big Gay Sketch Show) on SNL as Queen Ann Romney!

Need Advice - Mom's Teeth!

The Ohio State University in the news and how public dollars are spent there.

Euro Treaty Would Give Harper More Power at Home

For those new to Polling Terminology...

Obama current lead status could hurt him?

Is it "double" taxation when the deli guy making my lunch pays income tax?

The True Gentleman (Willard needs to read this)

Q: Is it legal for Paul Ryan to concurrently run for 2 elected offices - VP and Congress?

TV Stations Accept Political Ad Cash -- and Leave Viewers in the Dark

Walker's 80,000 job deficit

Accused Fort Hood shooter hospitalized

Mitt Romney is cracking under pressure.......

Half-way to goal weight

If Obama is elected...

Obama has Desecrated the flag!

Do you think the US should be more socialist or less socialist?

The Snake Oil salesman is back on the scene..

Indiana: why did we win in 2008 but this year it seems impossible?

Obviously a man who overcame his shortcomings

Flip the Flopper Romney

This election is not about "Mitt Romney" trying to be President....

Interesting bug...

Which of the GOP old pundits will surface next?

Martin Bashir just called Mitt Romney Stewart Smalley

Are we on the cusp of global collapse?

Cool cenote swimming!

Job-Killing LACK of Regulation

Romney tells fibs!(lies to the working class)

Romney Has Less Grassroots Support Than John McCain. Obama remains the champion of small donors.

the republicans block passage of a " VETERANS BILL "

Thom Hartmann: Brunch with Bernie from Friday (and a bonus Bernie interview on Thursday)

So let's say that the map ends up looking like this one, from the Princeton site

Chris Christie: 'We've had a bad week'

One of the many ways we're screwed.

Any post office people on DU?

Seriously who dresses Christina Hendricks


So Who are We to Believe: Romney or Ryan?

Should businesses that don't prohibit carrying guns have any responsibility to protect patrons?

I have to tell you a Confederate Flag/Redneck idiot funny story


Hey,. Ann Romney, remember this song?

Attorney: Jim Greer out of money; trial delayed until February

Seriously, who dresses HopeHoops?


Republicans look for voter fraud, find little

madison wisconsin

Martin Bashir doing good works today

YOU BUILT THAT? LOL!: How Mitt Romney SHOOK DOWN American Taxpayers For His Welfare Olympics

I like the new tampon for women

Secretary Clinton Subtly Weighs in on Tax Debate

Some time-laps videos of the night sky mostly showing the milky-way

Why Are Women Only 17% of Congress?

27-Year Old In Greece Arrested For Blaspheming A Monk On Facebook

Romney is proof of my suspicion that if you give someone everything, they won't appreciate anything


Political sign sightings in NC. Not who's there, it's who is missing!


Obama is Strong with White Working Class

In the 1980s CocaCola spent millions recalling this ad - can you tell why?

What does a corporate raider do

Okay guys and gals, I have a second interview coming up!

Sensing an opening, Mitt Romney focuses attacks on Obama’s foreign policy

New addition to the family from the shelter I work at.

Bain Capital

Romney Invests In “Number One Geopolitical Foe” Russia


I'm recording Steve Martin "Let's Get Small" while writing this...

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Romney in 2007: Some Fun Quotes from an Interview on ABC's This Week

Hillary spreadin' that communism

Crashing the tax avoidance party: "depart...before we set the dogs on you...trespassing scum"

Breaking!! Mitt Romney to temporarily suspend his campaign citing...

Field day on FB...

Christie: "Mitt Romney had a bad week"

Just mailed my ballot...

This seems really not good to me.

47 Percenter Single Mom: 'Who Wants To Be Poor?'

Romney Campaign spends same as Obama Campaign for HALF the staff.

Wikipedia state presidential polling.

Undecided Voters Care About Global Warming, Report Finds

Crazies reside in California...

Here's the real problem!

Rachel continues to kick FOX butt!

Is this cat a "job creator"?

Mitt Romney Elaborates On His Aircraft Remark....

Battleground snapshot: Obama expands lead, Romney craters

Romney’s nightmare scenario

Swing State Voters Trust Obama on Medicare

Justices will soon decide whether to take up same-sex marriage appeals

Houston police chief asks for FBI's help in shooting case

PA hypocrisy: Don't defame religion (unless it's Judaism)

Whatever, Juror #2.

GOP Armed Services Committee Senators Endorse ‘Balanced’ Deficit Reduction Approach

Andrew Sullivan: President Obama: The Democrats' Ronald Reagan

Rasmussen: OBAMA (+12) in MICHIGAN

Isn't it fun that politicians especially Republicans have to deal with details

Chris Matthews Rocks!

Why German industry is thanking the Green party

ARG: Obama +7 (NEVADA), Obama +7 (IOWA), Obama +5 (FLORIDA)

My pet peeve......

Rick Scott's email in-box not for the timid

Look at what's happening in front of the Apple Stores

Men Sentenced In Sex Assault Of 11-Year-Old Texas Girl

New Jersey football team forfeits league game against top foe because of safety concerns

Paul Ryan seems a little "off" to me.

Of course Mitt doesn't want the windows down:

When you're surrounded by a bunch of .... err...Republicans...

Anti-GMO researchers used science publication to manipulate the press

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bias Persists Against Women of Science, a Study Says

Where Are All the Women of Wikipedia?

I'm reminded of a quote from the American President when I think of this election...

Obama On Libya Attack: Not ‘Just A Mob Action’

I wonder if Ann Coulter ever gets sad that all the other raptors are extinct

If you like Charter Schools, you're gonna love Charter Cities.

Paul Ryan Disowns Remarks To Ayn Rand Group Decrying ‘Collectivist’ Social Security

Remember when the right wing called President Obama an elitist?

Obama's on The View, Sept. 24

Akin Campaign: No, Todd Is Not Selling His Soul To Jim DeMint For Campaign Cash

Where's this shit coming from

Obama at JFK Sept. 24

Martin Bashir - Romney dodges basic questions on tax policy, returns

Amy Bishop, ex-Univ. of Ala. professor who pleaded guilty to shooting six people, sentenced to life

Mitt Romney: No Health Insurance? Go to the Emergency Room

Hey, lurking freepers.

Romney mocked for airplane remark

Martin Bashir - Ryan no numbers guy on his own tax returns

Tweety again: George W. won his presidential debates; Gore lost.

Bay Buchanan

Dear Mitt: I thought you would know this, but here's why airplane windows don't open.

Question about polling....since I've never been polled in my life.

They just can't handle the truth!

After the airplane window rant, forget Mitt's Tax Returns - I want to see

Is Congress' policy of obstruction at any cost undermining federalism?

The part they left out of Ann's "Stop it, this is hard" quote . . .

Gospel Trombone Choir for Atheist Jews

kinda mean live poll on Romney in SF gate.

Lies, gaffes, taxes: Mitt can never take responsibility

Warren Ad: Scott Brown ‘Attacking My Family’ On Native American Claims

Poll: Worst state governor?

Religious groups, non-profits, to see Barclays events for free

Will McAvoy: 'Let's all just be grateful Bain Capital never acquired an airline'

A Letter From Sally

Robison: Staying Quiet on Gay Marriage Like Allowing 'Pedophiles to Play in the Public Parks'

Stone Age man had 'feminine side'

Paid Leave Supporters Charge Subversion of Democracy in Florida Ruling

Today's message from the 'Romney/Pre-existing conditions' campaign...

How is it that Rmoney cares for the poor and middle class

Conservatives claim Obama has pulled out of NC?

If election were to be held today, this is what electorial votes would look like -REALCLEARPOLITICS

Lyan Ryan voted against the 2008 and 2010 NASA budget.

Mercyhurst University - Obama +8 in PENNSYLVANIA

Workers beg Romney to stop latest Bain outsourcing

One of the most under appreciated guitarists.

Heads Up: The episode of The View with President Obama and Michelle will air tomorrow (Tuesday)

Real time With Bill Maher 9/21/2012 Full Episode 260 (Chris Matthews)

Romney’s Latest Myth: Obama Wants To Force Workers Into Unions!

U Didn't Build That by MC 'Bama

My predictions for elections

Situation with replacement NFL officials has become beyond ridiculous (replacments drive kids too!)

Rmoney doesn't have much time to turn the ship around.

Abby Huntsman says Rmoney needs to look in the mirror and find his soul.

Teachers’ Unions Court G.O.P.

NFLPA Executive Committee Absolutely Kills NFL Owners And Roger Goodell For Locking Out Officials

Who would have made an interesting president, but never got the shot?

LGBT is an American issue

I am guessing that Republicans hate teachers because

Romney: ‘There is no question in my mind. We’re going to win.’

So the emergency room takes care of your heart attack for free?

Another great American who doesn't pay any income taxes...

Demand Justice for Harris! Callous owner dumps his dying cancer-stricken dog in freezing temperature

New GOP Narrative for Sad-Clowns Planning to Stay Home on Election Day: "ALL THE POLLS ARE FAKE!"

Romney Campaign Offers A Ride With Mitt On The Campaign Jet...

How Koch whores out-organized unions in Wisconsin

'Scott Brown can continue attacking my family, but I'm going to keep fighting for yours'

Gay go go dancers raise money for President Obama!

A NoRomneyism??????

“It'd be like the mile-high club for Seamus..."

South Yorkshire Police deny hiding girls' sex abuse

George Bush in 2004

Forget the tax returns, I want to see this guys H.S. transcript and SAT scores...

Thousands protest anti-Muslim film in Toronto

First Debate Question to Willard Mitty

Piggly Wiggly supermarkets in Wisconsin agree to settle numerous NLRB cases and keep store open

It’s another day, another catering cornucopia,

Best way to marginalize the kind of speech in anti-Islam movie is to ignore it

The Debates won't change a damned thing

I was shocked when the Tea party said Obama had degaced the American flag.

Rmoney in the debates. Chris Matthews nailed it.

Foreign ministers downplay shared Canada-U.K. embassies

I was shocked when the Republicans said Obama had degaced the American flag.

Obama campaign hits Mitt Romney: No Health Insurance? Go to the Emergency Room

The Answers for 2016 are: Koch. Warren. Koch. Clinton. Murdoch. Palin. Obama. Romney. Fox.

New Yorker: Why Is Romney Such a Loser? Seven Theories

What do you make of this story? I am a big fan of Bernie Sanders.

About those German solar power plants...

Move On: Americans Telling Mitt Romney, 'We're Voters, Not Victims,'


Papantonio: Romney Mentally Falling Apart

Lyan Ryan has Romney stench on him.

Hyatt Hurts: Crossing the Picket Line Hurts Everyone

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Pull Up, Mitt, Pull Up!

So, MittTwit, this is what happens when you use the ER in the manner you suggest.

Debates a mixed bag for Romney

Romney’s nightmare scenario

Joe's Union Review: When Romney Was Anti-Anti-China, Not So Long Ago

Milky Way Surrounded By Humongous Halo Of Hot Gas

New York Attorney General Rebuffs Congressional Republicans

Automatic 3-D Moon

$45 for a bumper sticker? Out of touch much, Mitt?

Just saw a snippet of "Game Changer" on Hardball

HOW long does it take to get my annuity money?

Why was Mitt so concerned...with Ann's Airplane mishap?

Two-thirds feel Iraq/Afghan Wars Not Worth Fighting

Mitt Romney Losing Support Among Older Voters

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Tops FNC’s Sean Hannity In Weekly Demo Ratings

Hey, I thought the Frisco Farty-Whiners were the best team in the league?

Vic Toews shrugs off call for probe into Omar Khadr leak

DU ACTION ALERT: woman with stage-IV breast cancer + foreclosure (need recs, pls!!!!)

Asking for you kind, compassionate ASAHers to please k&r this thread:

"If only there were a vaccine against the crazies, we’d rush it right over to the NJ chapter of NOW"

Another 423 Democrats and 148 Republicans Registered to vote in Florida on 9/23

Anyone else here looking forward to new releases of any videogames?

More Mitt Romney science: He believes University of Utah 'solved' cold fusion

nytimes: Conservative ‘Super PACs’ Synchronize Their Message

"Economic Patriotism" - GREAT new meme from Ed Shultz!

Does any one know?

Obama ! Please do what Rick Perry did during debate

Rights groups condemn detention of atheist on blasphemy charges

On Ed Show: Todd Akin is enlisting Newt Gingrich to revive his campaign.

Thom Hartmann highlights 9/25: ER health care, capital gains tax, voter suppression, freedom

President Obama riding a lion with a crossbow and a light sabre

So pretty..... TPM's Electoral Map. Only 2 swing state left (NC+NH). The rest have swung blue.

Spain Recoils as Its Hungry Forage Trash Bins for a Next Meal - NYT

Alright, it is Honey Boo Boo night tonight, all night on TLC.

Wisconsin DUers - tell me more about this Tommy Thompson tape

This national ad just ran in Packer-Seahawk game!

If Romney calls you for money....

Obama v Romney on Leadership (60 minutes spot)

Muslims Are No Different, or Why Bill Maher’s Blood Libel Is Bigotry

Computer question (really random shit)

Romney's "I Meant to Do That" Campaign

So, Romney packed the recent Univision campaign stop with tea baggers from South Florida.

TSW #36

Political Warfare:is it wrong to go to Romney website and donate 1 cent?(he pays a bigger visa fee)

Just saw a cat walking along a fence. The fence was right beside a busy

Spain Recoils as Its Hungry Forage Trash Bins for a Next Meal (installing locks on trash bins)

mittens doesn't understand why

Mitt Romney Show: forty seven

Planning to Vote for Romney?

Another useless - Facebook exchange - post .....but it feels so good

A DUer is reporting good health news!

John Hagee, equal opportunity bigot

American Autumn

July, August, and September - Only 12 days in session.

Not enough, rather than too much fat, causes metabolic problems of obesity

Civitas poll released on Monday September 24 -gives +4 edge to Obama over Romney in N.C.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Tax Man & a new Bunny gif

Mitt Romney: I am unqualified (Comix)

romney says going to the emergency room is free.

New Documentary on the Occupy Movement Makes Debut in NYC

WAYNE POWELL DEBATE w eric cantor on C-SPAN!

Romney in Final Push to Alienate Remaining Voters

Because Mexicans will never forget their sacrifice

a little blurry.... but purty?

How do we change passwords?


Ohio State president Gordon Gee’s lavish spending includes $64K in bow ties...

Mister Sparkle...

Tommy Thompson Says He Has A Plan To "Do Away With Medicaid And Medicare"

Rmoney's Cnooci problem - turn on Rachel right fuggin now

This is how much I spoil my cats:

Mitt Romney Gaffe Compilation

About time I weighed in...

How would you go about taxing wealth?

Can someone smarter than me answer this?

Elizabeth Warren answers back about Scott Brown's attacks on her family

Are Biologists Watching an Evolutionary Leap: One Life Form Absorbing Another?

Anne and Mitt discuss Airplane Windows (photo desperately needs caption)....

Any ideas on how to clean

Wax Filling Was the Cutting Edge of Stone-Age Dentistry

Nikita season 2 is streaming

How republicans view the polls

U.S. Rep. Bill Young says he's the victim of burglaries; police disagree

Mitt Romney tripped his daughter-in-law in order to win a foot race

Apple supplier halts China factory after violence

Romney’s China holdings criticised

At Falwells’ Liberty University, Trump calls Obama ‘Teflon,’ counsels students to ‘get even’

Fiona Apple Gets Nasty Letter From Texas Sheriff Department Telling Her to "Shut Up and Sing"

"The Corporate Tax Rate Is Lowest in Decades; Is Business Paying Its Fair Share?"

Happy Birthday!

Romney assails Obama after US ambassador's death

New Zealand man gets eel stuck up his butt

Romney is proving to be an ignoramus. Air plane windows, cold fusion discovered in Utah,

Romney's new tax incentive for outsourcing US jobs

UN envoy: Syria war is threatening the region

LOL Rachel did about a ten second take on that Romney plane windows story.

"With 8.8 Million Hits Romney Secret Video Annihilates Right Wing Super PACs"

Someone on Twitter trolling the HELL out of new rightwing darling "".

Mitt Romney Has the Lowest Favorability Rating Of Any Presidential Nominee In Modern History —

Conservative ‘Super PACs’ Synchronize Their Messages

A List of Great Soul Searching Vibes

Presenting "Romneyfinger"!

Despite the drilling moratorium, some NYers water may already be contaminated with frack fluid

Odds of holding Senate have been improving recently. Anyone know about the House?

Children of Syria badly traumatised

"Economists' surprising election-year request: Raise taxes, please!"

The ED Show - Calamity Romney and his tax troubles

As A Supporter Of The State Of Israel The Republicants Aren't Doing Them Any Favors

"Madison School Board to negotiate contract with union" !!!

Have you heard about the newest pro Obama Demographic group?

Romney invests with China knowing they are "Stealing our Intellectual Property, Patents, Designs..."

Hardly a shock. Corp of Engineers ruled not liable.

The Obama campaign is placing ads on the SyFy channel...

Incredible Dolphin Birth at Dolphin Quest Hawaii

Prediction for aftermath of election (joke)

so is Florida medical examiner Michael Berkland in custody?

A Pictorial History of Mitt Romney Getting Mind-Fucked by Airplane Windows (warning mitt-pic heavy):

Yikes.....the Seahags are killing my Packers....

Romney to spend less time on the campaign trail and more time courting his base.

The ED Show - Romney's jaw-dropping answer on health care

Madison School Board to negotiate contract with union

The ED Show - Romney bused in activists for TV forum

So Romney's 2011 Tax Return was 400 pages....

The ED Show - Surely Mitt can't be serious!

Wisconsin Workers say: "We're not just Paul Ryan and Scott Walker!"

Intrade on Romney hue....

This American Life - The Psychopath Test

Meanwhile, in Britain…

Romney Campaign Reboots For 72nd Consecutive Week


Ignorance alive and well in Indiana: Catholics outraged that they had to share a public space with n

Congressman’s Campaign Office Vandalized

Paul Ryan In 2010: The Cayman Islands Is "The Place You Hide Your Money"

The ED Show - Romney dragged into ugly Senate mess

Cayman Islands "The Place You Hide Your Money"

A letter to my Repub family and friends from this disabled vet. I posted this on FB.

I think it's time to post this again..

I just did some research. THIS man is running for president? Some of Mitt's Shits.....


Abu Hamza and Babar Ahmad extradition approved

Obama Yard Sign Replaced With

At U.N., free speech divides West and Muslim nations

Taiwanese boats off disputed East China Sea islands

Starring William Shatner as Mitt Romney

Suggestion for additional smilies

It's 1936 All Over Again

Discover to refund $200m to customers

Eric Schneiderman (New York AG) Defends Authority To Investigate Dark Money Groups

All of Vermont's city mayors but one just endorsed the dem governor

A Romney Nightmare:

"Mitt Romney Blames The ‘Victims’" By LOLGOP at eclectablog

anyone watch Partners?

Bernie is a "technofacist war monger" & Vermonters smoke too much pot- Counterpunch

Respect's Salma Yaqoob: 'Why I quit'

Foxconn worker riot closes factory

GOP backer Adelson accused of commandeering Israel's media market

Let's start early! Watching election night together in the RTP area..???

New Wisconsin Poll: Obama 53%/Romney 41%

I can't believe they actually went there.

The Deep Sea Mystery Circle – a love story

"The Truth-O-Meter Says:" (re GOP ad on real unemployment at 19%)

Sheldon Adelson Sets New US Political Donation Record: Report

Liberty Lockdown: Raid on Zuccotti [LEAKED TARU FOOTAGE]

Why Bill Maher’s Blood Libel is Bigotry

PBS NewsHour: Political Ad Spending Doubled in 2012

plastic face ...plastic smile

Chris Hayes just tweeted a link to this article about the film "Won't Back Down"

Please Remember. Republicans Steal Elections.

if you want to save social security without lifting the cap-

Super PACs stimulating the economy to Obama's advantage in states that went blue in 2008

Where did it go?

Help, looking for a good honest breakdown of Obama and Romney's Medicare plans

Yes! Even a woman can!

Supermarket Chain Gets Blasted For Selling Pre-Peeled Bananas Wrapped In Plastic

How long until Mitt says something is about as funny as a screen door on a battleship?

As a shareholder in the GB Packers, I will be complaining to end the lock out of the refs

The NFL Has Jumped The Fucking Shark !

Stop The GOP War On Americans

"Republicans Are Preparing For Four More Years Of Obama" by Eric Pianin at Business Insider

Ugh. Leno is definitely slanting his jokes as anti-Obama.

Wow. NC has gone blue on Princeton. Check out this -"Bustin' Out?"

Not sure how to ask this, but

Concerned that my laptop is screwed.

Heard that Obama is going down in polls amongst rural voters.

Obama: Benghazi Attack More Than A ‘Mob’ Action

For laughs: A bad lip reading of Mitt Romney

Wow, the refs gave another game away

That was fucked up. The Seahawks?

gods damn piece of shit scab scumfucks!!!

Chillin' at the E-Ward

Most bizarre ending to an NFL game EVER! This happens when scabs replace professionals.

If the entire state of Wisconsin slides into Lake Michigan, I wouldn't be surprised right now

The NFL Is Cannibalizing Its Product Because of Greed

Rachel Maddow - Scott Brown takes the racial low road