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Archives: September 19, 2012

...Romney Says Remarks on Voters Help Clarify Position

Romney: "I want to help you people...but you're all too stupid to understand it."

I'm a liberal that is a registered voter in Mississippi

Jon Stewart Tears Apart Romney’s Assertions About The ‘Dependent’ 47 Percent - video link

Romney Sad.


Romney: "Let's get a little fissile material to Hezbollah, have them carry it to Chicago"

The Viral Video Proves That the RW And Fundies Will Do Anything -----

The Romney Campaign Unravels

ROMNEY & ROVE Taking over FOX News!

Watched 'The American President' tonight; it is still relevant 20 years later

Hey Mitt, I have something to say to you...

Is Romney Threatening Us?

Am I the only one....

From NY Times: "The campaign was turning into a vulgar, unprintable phrase"

Van Hollen should refuse to be Walker's errand boy

Looks like Letterman is giving President Obama the whole hour except the monologue.

Brenda Cooper: My Father's Singularity

THIS is what all the news shows need to be talking about tomorrow ...

I want to know what Joe the plumber thinks!

The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

Mitt Romney just right now had his "I'm Not a Witch" moment, see below

You cannot instill compassion in someone who has no conscience.

Snort... Can we forget about the tax returns now? LMAO

Same shit different guy

Can't wait for Mitt's take on this one: Small business owners favor Obama (47%) over Romney (39%)

Medical study links BPA, kids’ obesity

I don't gamble..

pretty fricking arrogant to call almost everyone's grandparents moochers

My take on the 47% fallout.

I am increasingly annoyed by

Jay-Z, Beyonce raise money for Obama

BWHAHAHAHA: Jon Stewart Shows Sean Hannity Arguing With His Slightly Younger Self

Ann Romney: Mitt doesn’t disdain the poor (VIDEO)

More on the Kansas City Stadium Shooting

Romney uploaded a video called "Mitt Doesn't Disdain the Poor" & then pulled it

The President was great on Letterman

A commercial that played during Letterman

Mitt's Magical Mormon Undies: Penn Jillette's Rant Redux

CSPAN is running the full video

Share this if you believe the next president should stand up for all Americans—not just half of them

This is how bad the Mitt Romney disaster is

This will make you smile.

TV campaigning for the presidency has changed beyond recognition.

Dear God,

Supporter complains to Paul Ryan: ‘Educated people’ are ‘telling me what to do’

Vancouver Researcher Finds Flu Shot Is Linked To H1N1 Illness

Photographed this on my Run in Roxborough State Park, CO

(Top 10) Things Romney/Ryan can do to turn things around---

Obama leading California 58% to 32%.

Towards a Mathematical Theory of Super-Resolution

Ad Calling Jihad ‘Savage’ Is Set to Appear in Subway

Who Mittsy cares about illustrated

Chick-fil-A agrees to end anti-gay donations, mandates equal treatment of gays

Senate and House

Get yer signs for Rob Zerban, 1st District DUers!

Why is it ignored that Dubya had a MBA from Harvard

Where does 53% of your tax dollar go?

Romney video shows collapse of private spaces

U.S. official says cyberattacks can trigger self-defense rule

The debates are going to define the future of our country

I'm afraid

Have any of the Boca Raton donors been identified?

The first debate is not until October 3rd. I predict that if things keep go like they are now...

S.F. teachers union out to beat 3 Board of Education trustees

Mitt Romney believes in magic

Washington State duers, who is this republican candidate for governor?

too bad so sad

(City College of San Francisco) CCSF close to bankruptcy, state report says fragrance at Macys....Mitt-styfied...hahahaha..Love Dave! n/t

Funniest tweet Re: 47%

Tungsten-Filled 10 Oz Gold Bar Found In The Middle Of Manhattan's Jewelry District

OK can some one catch me up on what happened over the last 3 days?

Somewhere in America tonight

FULL VIDEO: Barack Obama on David Letterman (14 min)

Will Mitt Romney's 47% remark sink his campaign? - Detroit Free Press front page piece

Best Memes Mocking Romney's '47 Percent' Gaffe

Clint Eastwood: Romney campaign ‘dumb enough’ to ask me to speak

10,000 turn out to see first lady

Jon Stewart: By his own logic, Romney’s dad wouldn’t vote for him

"And with this photo, my friends....

James Carter IV on redeeming his grandfather’s record by helping to expose Romney’s #47percent comme

I'm Trying to Envision what the organizers will say

No Job? No Date for You!

Mitt Romney: He won't take a crap in your lunch

F i f t y T h o u s a n d D o l l a r s

Long time DU visitor, "Mr. Lesser of Two Evils" died early this morning.

SF public power plan given tentative OK

Hmm...this sure sounds familiar...

Brilliant insight buried deep within the comments on the Sydney Morning Herald

some weird formatting is happening

Southcentral Alaska under high wind and flood warning for third time in two weeks.

Pay The Bills - Obama for America TV Ad

I wonder what was up with the kitty that Harry wanted to give the President..

"GOP Senate Candidates Break With Mitt"

Appeals Court Judge Raymond Lohier Intervenes And Places A Hold On The NDAA Injunction

Introducing a wonderful young tenor

Best Romney nickname:

Republicans finally convinced Romney is a real conservative

'El Loco Barrera,' Colombia's biggest drug lord, arrested in Venezuela .

'El Loco Barrera,' Colombia's biggest drug lord, arrested in Venezuela .

Rep. Schilling (R-IL) : Lots of Latinos don’t even know proper Spanish

Mitt should speak to the American people like he speaks to the country club set

Proof claimed for deep connection between primes

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, September 18)

"He done lost my vote"

Pussy Riot redux? Russia moves to block anti-Islam film

Sex worker in Canada here

PPP on Twitter: Obama looking better on 1st night of our WI poll than our last two surveys

Investors fight early dismissal of suit versus News Corp board

"videovigilanteokc" aka brian bates, johntv

I want a reset on those 12 million jobs

Go to hell Mitt Romney

Nationalism may rise under Japan's next gov't

George P. Bush draws small crowd while First Lady speaks in Florida

The irony of Mitt's 47% comment is the fact Mitt Romney for 15 years has not paid Income Tax

Mixed signals from Obama/Biden on Social Security

Diabetes patients of normal weight are twice as likely to die as those who are overweight

Avast there, ye scurvy dogs!!

Woman says how she wasn't given anything but got her Harvard education herself. What about profs?


10 amazing truths you already suspected, Mark Morford

On atheist smugness and geopolitics

Talk like a pirate day arrrgh

Maybe the republicans would do better if they tried to make everyone more wealthy!

Celebrating AB1964, California’s new religious freedom law

From the real news: Anti-Austerity Protests and Strikes Rock Spain

Everyone gets everything they deserve

Catholics Then, Muslims Now

An Image From Firedog Lake: We at LP give it one paw up

What science is, and what it isn't, a primer on the scientific method...

Afghanistan: Of Blasphemy and Suicide Bombers

Federal Budget Challenge 'game'

Image did Scott Brown buy the truck with a government loan: moocher class?

Morning Joe has gotten on the Peggy Noonan, David Gergen, Billy Kristol, et al train and are

Paul Flynn stands by his remarks

Agent Orange chemical in GM war on resistant weeds

Two new books are out (Conan line from the TeeVee)

Songwriter Randy Newman making waves with new song "I'm Dreaming" ... of a white president.

Why Sneering at Public Servants Comes So Naturally to Many of America's Richest Citizens

5 Crazy Schemes We May Turn to For More Water

USA Today/Gallup Poll: More than one-fifth of swing-state voters could change their mind

France in embassy alert over Prophet Muhammad cartoons

Raj Patel: Big Ag Can't Feed the World -- Here's Who Can

Our Disgraceful Minimum Wage

The Robin Hood Campaign – A Movement, and Now Legislation Too by Rose Ann DeMoro

A pioneer speaks out (medical marijuana)


Running backwards--that's FoxNews avoiding

Bain Capital Must Justify Sealed Shareholder Suit

I have one question about Mittens

Toon: Campaign Buttons

President Barack Obama will be in Milwaukee Saturday

Do most Staples employees pay income tax?

"Yes, We Did Build It" rally to feature US Senator who did NOT build anything

Former Florida Power & Light nuclear plant employee files whistleblower lawsuit

What famous asshole said: 'If they would rather die, 'they had better do it;

Excellent Priorities USA ad uses Romney 47% footage

4th poll gives Warren the lead: WBUR poll (Warren +5)

Since it is Talk Like a Pirate Day, I thought we should bring up the biggest pirate of them all

Bolivia enacts law to protect Amazon pink dolphins

Gay marriage bill is rejected by Australian parliament

Hey Republicans, its not that bad. All it takes is a little bit more money

NYT: new WISCONSIN poll shows Baldwin 47-Thompson 47; (Kaine +7 in VIRGINIA)

Thank you Service person who taped Mitt

How your income tax dollars are spent


India successfully launches Agni-IV long-range missile

Russsia expels USAID development agency

Who is this Mark Halprin guy? He can go Fuck himself!!

Just out of curiosity, what happens if the Romney/Ryan team loses...

Reich: Why Romney and Ryan are going down

How dumb do you have to be to text while driving?

Snake venom may be 'drug source'

101 Reasons to vote for Mitt

Georgia prison abuse film sparks protests

The Victims

How many hungry people could be fed with $50,000?

Why do conservatives act so shocked at Romney's secret comments?

It's time for Mitt Romney to prove he pays taxes

Chicago's fight for an elected school board begins.

Cochise County Sheriff Dever dies in car crash

The Patriarchal System: The Exclusion of Women in Medical Case Studies

Mittens has written an Editorial! "I'll deliver recovery, not dependency"

PRESENTING: The Most Corrupt Members Of Congress

Romney getting ready to pull the plug in Ohio?

Serious question re voting macihines - why aren't the folks at GEM$NBComcast

Wisconsin Offers Window Into Challenges Facing Romney

Many Advertisements Are Sexist

Child Credit Deduction

Chinese Boycott May Be More Costly For Japan Than The Tsunami

Motor City Revival Means 14-Fold Return for Home Bet

Massachusetts Teen Sentenced to Prison for (killing others because of) Texting While Driving

Poor Kentuckians still support Romney.

Vote in WaPost Poll: Do you agree with Mitt Romney on the 47% think they're victims?

Maybe a little disgust - Rush Limbaugh

Hey mitt, there are cameras and microphones EVERYWHERE

Mr. Fish Toon: The Asshole Monologues

John Nichols: We’re not broke, we just a need Robin Hood tax

Farmer’s Daughter Haugerud Reaps Riches on Drought-Struck Corn

So how long ago do you think the Obama campaign knew about the video

Quinnipiac/NYT/CBS VA poll: Kaine leads by 7 points

University of Virginia: Student Council condemns 'not gay' chant in resolution

Unbelievable. Lindsay Lohan, after trashing Amanda Bynes because she didn't face the

Polls seem to be stabilizing a bit....a few tidbits from this morning

Mann, U.Va. triumph again in legal battle

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Willard Romney, now 47% less electable!

The Repressed & Oppressive Sexuality of Modern Society

15 train engines...

Does anyone know when the anti-documentary

The Repressed & Oppressive Sexuality of Modern Society

Kate topless photos: Danish magazine plans to publish

The Repressed & Oppressive Sexuality of Modern Society

Downtickets starting to distance themselves from rMoney!

Drumbeat: September 19, 2012

So Faux is trying to sell some false equivalency

Drumbeat: September 19, 2012

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Middle East and the rest

Weight-Loss Surgery’s Health Benefits Found to Have Costs

Wasn't Joe supposed to be the "gaffe machine",

ESPN's NFL Power Rankings after Week 2 ...

8 South Africans Killed in Afghanistan

Poll: Kaine Up 7 Points In Virginia Senate Race

My monthly health insurance premium just went up 10.7%

Looks like way more than 3 people were waterboarded by Bush/Cheney

Romney campaign knows it has screwed the pooch

"As I heard him say my name, I froze. I just thought 'This is the President of the United States..."

Watch this video of Americans listening and reacting to Romney's shocking comments

New Rules for Republican Fundraisers

Facebook Censoring NY Times on the Papyrus Fragment referring to Jesus's Wife

If it's talk like a pirate day then take the quiz and post yer Pirate name ARGGHHH

West Virginia County to Receive Water Project Federal Funding

"State of the Race, Part 1: Why Obama Wins" - first of a 3 part-er, in RCP

Neal Boortz: Black cops shoot dogs because they were raised around pit bulls

Pro-concealed carry club seeks recognition from ASUA

The Rude Pundit speaks again

Lindsay Lohan Arrested After Hitting a Man With Her Porsche

Chicago students return to class as strike ends

Fox Won't Disclose News Corp. Testing Contracts At Heart Of The Chicago Teachers' Strike

Romney: I'll deliver recovery, not dependency (this idiot writes an op-ed)

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Sept 19th

JON STEWART: 'OMG...according to Mitt Romney's own logic, Mitt could not win the vote of his dad!'

Beyonce, Jay-Z Raise $4 Million for Obama in New York

Salman Rushdie Was On The Lawrence O'Donnell Show Last Night

CT Senate: Murphy leads by four but lots of undecideds per new poll

Donors To Mitt: Why Aren’t You More Likable?

Damnit! I AM a victim!

The biggest XKCD ever

First Ever Etruscan Pyramids Found in Italy

Chick-Fil-A to stop donating to anti-LGBT groups...

Sharks Are Color-Blind

RUSSIA: 88 yr old Great Patriotic War Vet uses 96 yr old pistol to shoot burglar.

ROFLMAO!!! You gotta see this Colbert video about the Romney tape!

Debunking Romney's attack on Americans who don't pay income taxes

Colbert Attempts To Repeat Romney’s 47 Percent Message With More Elegance

The audacity of democracy

Scott Tenorman tears...Yumm Yummmm Yummmmmmy....

We, the parasites

*HELP w quick number, please,

Romney Better Off for Not Asking as Economy Improves Since 2009

How will climate change affect food production?

Neither Romney nor Obama can fix the frenzy in the Arab streets

Jon Stewart RE: Mitt Romney's 47%.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Mittens loses with 47% of the vote?

Bless Your Little Cold Desperate Lying Heart Romney Re: Redistribution

Mass slaughter of farm animals set to push food prices up 14%

Islamophobia and right-wing terrorism

Reid on Senate floor: "This week we learned Mitt Romney only wants to be president of half the U.S."


Online classes: The baby formula of higher education

Extinct Carolina parakeet gives glimpse into evolution of American parrots

Chris Murphy needs our help (Connecticut Senate race)

changing the world 1 meal at a time

Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Climb to a Two-Year High

Fundraiser Leder Apologizes to Romney

Mika Brzezinski’s erotic dance (from

Mika Brzezinski’s erotic dance (from

Court to feds: Stop deporting defense witnesses

Presidential Polls Show Obama Leads Romney In Wisconsin, Virginia, Closer Race In Colorado

Rmoney buys a factory in China that uses child slave labor -Only RM covered it...

People in glass houses

Roger Simon, Politico: Mitt is down; out looms next

Any speculation of hypothetical Romney "game changers"?

Who are the shiftless moochers Romney isn’t going to worry about?

Housing Starts in U.S. Climbed 2.3% in August

President for Everybody.

Romney Tries to Change the Subject

What is “internalized sexism”?

Afghanistan: “It’s Just Damage Limitation Now”

In his collection, "Wampeters, Foma, and Granfalloons", Kurt Vonnegut writes that

This is 'redistribution,' Mitt.

"I'm poor as a church mouse," said Romney

What I Learned from Occupy Wall Street

Oooooh, "South Park" is gonna get it now...LOL.

Monsanto's herbicide damages soil - all over your formerly pristine planet. - Mother Jones

Oppressed people are secretly Super Powerful

Iran Cleric Pummeled by ‘Badly Covered’ Woman After Warning

The Obama administration has released a video of people watching and reacting to Mitt's speech

Is Pennsylvania's Voter ID Law Headed for Defeat?

Reindeer at risk from new extreme snow sport (BBC)

Rachel Maddow - Romney renews tax return questions with '47%' judgment

Thanks To Mitt, I'll Remember I Am A Lazy, Irresponsible 47%er When I'm Cleaning Toilets Tonight

Superweeds pose GM-resistant challenge for farmers (BBC)

Here's the thing Mr. Scarborough

Florida Official: No Complaints Over Secret Romney Taping

Mitt Antoinette

New Screening Method Identifies 1,200 Candidate Refrigerants to Combat Global Warming

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 19, 1966

Seems legit

Sometimes losing a "friend" is a-okay.

Love Thy Neighbor

So let me get this straight, Governor Romney

UCS backgrounder on China's manned space program

Ann Romney: Mitt Was Taken Out Of Context

Rachel Maddow - Wheels coming off Romney campaign

Many people who pay payroll taxes don't understand they are in Rmoney's disdained 47%.

Are Catholic Bishops Moving Toward The GOP?

Class warfare is when the rich can buy their way out of consequences for their crimes.

Ohio Secretary Of State Hopes For Strict Voter ID Law He Once Opposed

Shocking New Secret Video of Romney Speaking to Supporters-

Teach to Testing - Look down the road.

My tweet on Romney and 47%

"Ann Romney to FOX31: Mitt Doesn't Disdain the Poor"

Hello fellow MOOCHERS

Discovery of Reprogramming Signature May Help Overcome Barriers to Stem Cell-Based Regenerative Medi

Facebook censors NY Times story about Jesus having a wife!

Joe's Taking Off The Kid Gloves, Ready To Put The Beat Down!

RANT! Romney is UNAMERICAN to suggest a Foreign Country Bomb One Of Our Cities

This is a pretty cool app. I installed it last night and called everyone I know in Canada.

What does the 'new' in 'new atheism' really mean?

Coincidence? Hmmmm.........I wonder...

Don't listen to what I just said, listen to what I'm saying right now!

David Corn on "conservative trolls screaming about 1-2 minutes not recorded on Romney tapes"

The Brilliant Prudence of Dwight Eisenhower

John Kerry needs to sue Karl Rove for Plagiarism

US Scientists to Use Chinese Moon Lander for Space

Room, meet the elephant: Romney will steal your assets!

D.C. schools set new achievement targets for students by race and income

This is hilarious....

Another Pennsylvania school board drops prayer

Why do we still let them define us?

I Don't Always Insult Half The Country At Once...

American Income Inequality Was Better in 1774 Than It Is Today

Joe Conason: Looking For That ’47 Percent,’ Mitt? Check Red States And Elderly Republicans

To be worthy enough to see a trailer for the hobbit, you will have to get through

How To Change The World

WOW! Check out this photo on the front page of today's Detroit Free Press

'The Thing About God Is You Just Have To Believe. It's About Faith.'

Greeks searching for cheaper heating solutions: wood

Pic Of The Moment: If Mitt Had Run For President In 1932

Arrrr, it be Dump Like a Pirate Day... I be sorry for the loss o' yer booty.

Governor O’Malley Makes Video for

Mitt Mitt Mitt, Courtesy of Sam Greenfield

Maine Poll: Obama leads by 17-points and King maintains lead in Senate race

Mitt Romney, the unlicensed barber of Easy Street.

Oh no! Romney's father was on welfare!?

You can have redistribution, and/or government regulation or poverty and misery

Trayvon Martin's DNA not found on George Zimmerman's gun, forensic tests say

Why does this guy mostly rely on Rasmussen and Gallup polling

Breaking>>>No DNA on the gun grip used by Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case

BREAKING: No DNA from Trayvon found on Zimmerman's Gun

The difference between North Korea and South Korea

Today's Washington Post (9/19) has the perfect front-page headline about rMoney:

Chick-fil-A to cease giving money to anti-gay organizations

Fostering Government Dependency

About that New AP Poll

The Iranian government is Evil

We've started a "Mute the Mitt" campaign in our household.

What the fuck is wrong with the link code on DU3?

Facebook "friend" FAIL.

Corporate Subsidies disguised as Social Welfare

EX-BUSH AIDE: How can anyone support a candidate with this kind of a vision of the country?

Usually, I can take or leave commercials, but those Jingos ads actually piss me off.

Richest 400 Americans' net worth jumps 13 percent to $1.7 trillion: Forbes

Mitt Romney '47 Percent' Speech Was Him At His 'Most Comfortable': Public Speaking Expert

AI: Syria: New evidence – High civilian death toll from campaign of indiscriminate attacks

5 signs that Mitt Romney can still win


Obama leads among small business owners

I tried to watch Ann Romney's "out of context" video 3 times

Australian 'mega mine' plan threatens global emissions target

Saudi crude burn hits new records in June, July

Dan Snyder to Host Mitt Romney at Fundraiser at his Mansion

A sparrow flew down my chimney yesterday. Is that an omen?

Explosion, Fire at Mexico Pemex Gas Facility Kills 26

One evening in late September, Romney supporters gathered at the $3m Boca Raton home of Marc Leder

I certainly heard people feeling entitled this campaign....

Van Hollen, Walker, and DOJ plan to collect DNA for misdemeanor arrests

Corruption in Wikiland? Paid PR scandal erupts at Wikipedia

Big Ed: For the very first time MSNBC between 8:00PM thru 10:00PM BEATS FOX NEWS

Rachel Maddow - Romney's '47%' remarks more blunt statement than misstatement

Um . . . by November 6?

Does anyone here use the city-data forum or has it become a troll hangout?

My Brain Spinning. Did I pay taxes on top of my own taxes?

"According to Mitt Romney...his tax plan won't help 47 percent of the population"

When does the tape about the Chinese factory hit the big time?

Rush Limbaugh quote...

If 47% of Americans are lazy victims, that means the unemployment rate isn't Obama's fault

Which DUer had too much beer at this Obama event?

Rick Scott Outlawed Sunday Voting As Part Of Early Voting

Harry Reid: "Romney could be one of those who paid no federal income tax"

The Last Word - Did Romney give advice to terrorists in secret tape?

Romney Refuses to Do SNL, Here's The Skit He Turned Down

BO: "If somebody here has a $10 million check . . ."

The Rude Pundit: Erick Erickson and the Right Are Tap Dancing as Fast as They Can

Abbas proposes canceling Oslo Accords

Romney is reframing alright: redistribution of wealth

So when will the President tell his supporters they have to show up at the polls?


A couple of Mittoons

There's no there there

Dan Snyder to host a fund-raiser for Mitt Romney at his mansion.

(As I said) - Mitt Mondale: The agony of a Political Party bent on electoral suicide.

Maddow's story about the GOP-Fox family relations...

Brad DeLong: "Then Romney's Voice Pivots to What He Actually Believes..." (The Con Artist Conned)

George Romney Brainwash interview on WKBD-TV 50

The truth: 81.9% of Americans pay income tax....

Police Unions' Statement Regarding Recent Enforcement Action at the (Wi) Capitol

The funniest thing I've heard all election season was WilLIARd Rmoney bawling for the

Isn't Mitt Romney a Member of the 47 Percent?

The Last Word - Romney's 100 percent tax video leak claim

The Last Word - Mitt Romney's secret economic plan

Scolarly Presidential rankings

Watch out for exploding dead swamp rats

The Most Brutal Genocide Money Can Buy

Romney's debate problems start with himself

Democrat pushes feds to block CNOOC from nabbing Gulf leases

I finally can use this phrase and feel justified.

Netanyahu’s Wink at History

I'm a little creeped out! I'm in my hotel room blowing bubbles in my bubble pipe...

the heart of sleep

Walter Rhett: The American Promise

MoJo now has entire transcript up

Ad from Bigelow Aerospace: "Are you the intelligent life we're looking for?"

More Chinese petro...Cheniere to sell Corpus Christi LNG under long-term contracts

Mitt Antoinette- "let them eat Shit'

For Mitt, from a billionaire in the movie Being There

N.C. Republican Candidate Backs Away From Romney Comments

"If you study comparative religion, it's harder to be religious because..."

Rmoney's new campaign motto "No Representation Without Taxation"

AWESOME PRESS RELEASE - WI Police Unions Regarding Recent Enforcement Action at the Capitol (X-Post)

Rising Tower Emerges as a Billionaires’ Haven

Dean Heller: I Don’t ‘View The World’ Like Romney

Senate GOP Blocks Veterans Jobs Bill

Assange's bizarre interview with Agencia Pública de Noticias del Ecuador y Suramérica (ANDES)

Has Mitt Romney introduced you to those sad Obama voters? He soon will.

What orders did the Mormon Potentates give to Bishop Romney the other day?

Ugh! Senate GOP just KILLED $1b Veterans Job's bill, Dem's feel 2 votes shy of 60

Republicans: We Don’t Care What the Truth Is

#missing2min on Twitter (funny)

Agent Orange chemical in GM war on resistant weeds (BBC)

Thom Hartmann: Romney sees 1/2 of Americans as victims - in a way, he's right...

Republican Senators do NOT support the troops,again.

Good news on the Tea Party...

A Big Day for KegCreekDems

Andrea Mitchell keep talking about the "unverified" video that MSNBC will not show

Going through divorce

"Job Creators," huh? OK. Let's have a top tax rate of 35% + Unemployment Rate!

Mitt Romney's America

Yes, that is his REAL license plate!

Officials call for review of ‘Gangnam Style’ lifeguard parody video

New FIELD POLL: Obama leads Romney big in California - 58% to 34%

Does preventing sectarian prayer at public meetings deny anyone the right to pray?


Devastating criticism of Romney.... from the Wall Street Journal!

Race Is On as Ice Melt Reveals Arctic Treasures

Family Research Council: Our enemies are terrorists and pawns of Satan, now let's discuss it CIVILLY

The GOP freak-out starts to take shape

The Elegant President: A Poem

colbert 2009 ... tip/wag limpballs .. even truer today

Gas-export study delay puts U.S. projects in limbo for this year

Do You Ever Wonder How Much These Faux Pas' Move Polls

Romney's ads show miners not paid during campaign stop

My Republican friends are turning cartwheels

Help me figure this out. Am I one of the 47%. I pay FICA & get a refund.

I know we can't get complacent, but

Is Ryan in Romney’s 47 Percent?

ROMNEYSTEIN - Stop this Nightmare on November 6th

Just another example of Big Oily Lobby to control rules and laws

MU Law Poll: Baldwin leads Thompson 50-41, Obama up 54-40 (WIS)

“The line to see @michelleobama is so crazy!!”

The impact of Romney's video? By 2-1, 29%-15%, independents say it makes them less likely to back hi

Whoa. Newest AP/GfK Poll has Obama approval at 56%-40%

Best Picture on Facebook EVER!

Oh My! Senate Republicans Running From Romney

PTSD Veteran Reunited with Lost Service Dog- I love Happy Endings

Heavy fighting rages in Damascus suburb

What should DUers send Jimmy Carter for his 88th birthday

Is there no way for DU3 links to properly process punctuation ?

Snollygoster, jobbery and hustings - The Readers Digest Word Power Quiz

Is anyone else hearing Ayn Rand in this GOP Makers/Takers line of argument?

In honor of the birth of the emoticon thirty years ago today please post you favorite smiley.

I do not get how people can support the idea of the rich getting more money when they are not rich

Michael Lynch: Not All Immigrants Are "Coming To Cut Your Lawn" -- Some Coming To "Cut Your Throat"

Romney's lies won't work in the debates

Poll Obama up in Wisconsin 54-40 - Just released Marquette law school poll

Beer-Powered Wisconsin Hospital! - Today's' Green Minute

Reagan's fallacy about Families and the Federal government.

It's Wednesday!

BBC: Why British police don’t have guns

Another Assange news story hidden

dog tricks and puddle fun

Papantonio: One Trick Republican Ponies Gin Up The Hate

some more dog tricks

Truckers don't pay income tax

Why do cats find screwy places to sleep?

A real fMRI high: My ecstasy brain scan

Tests only identify Zimmerman's DNA on handgun

Oh, the irony!

A dollar in every mailbox: the latest RNC fundraising pitch

Russel and Brandi Bellew Avoid Jail, Let Son to Die from Burst Appendix

Worst High School Football Uniform Ever!

High-resolution Brain Atlas finished Romney was wrong that 47% of Americans are dependent on government

Really Yahoo "News?" Is it necessary to ask: "...why is Romney struggling?"

Are there two separate organizations called the "Family Research Council"?

You're entitled....

Deep sea mandalas

Exceptional Upward Mobility in the US Is a Myth, International Studies Show

Mitt Romney got a rare piece of good news today

Efeminizing? De-feminizing?

have we heard yet who released the 47% tape of romneys? and any of the story behind it.

How well do you remember Charlie McCarthy?

Mitt and the rich white audience laugh when he say's he'd be better off as

Northerners - how cold does it have to get before you break down and close the windows?

Hey Mitt Romney,

Washington State - its Supreme Court states that foreclosures are to be banned

2nd annual Playing For Change Day

It will make a mockery of traditional marriage...

What to do with Reince's buck

Romney ad features miners forced to lose pay during mandatory attendance at Romney event

Borowitz Tweet - "Question: Is There...?"

Let Them Eat Crab Cake

Caveman Couture: Neandertals Rocked Dark Feathers

Team Obama: It’s Romney And Ryan Who Want To Redistribute Wealth

Ann Romney defending her husband

Meet Brad of the 47%....

Moral Depravity Rests At The Core Of The Religious Right

Mitt Romney and Military Service

Investigation finds no evidence AG Eric Holder knew of 'Fast and Furious' gun-running sting

Europe flees from “Arab Winter”

"The True test of a Man's character is what he does when no one is watching"- John Wooden

Israel Army Holds Largest Snap Drill In Years As Tensions Mount Over Iran, Syrian Civil War

Willard Romney's Dad Was A Taker And Not A Maker

Gallup: 36% of registered voters LESS likely to vote for Romney due to 47% comments.

Newest Pew Research Poll as Obama ahead 53% to 43%

Ads Calling Jihadists Uncivilized "Savages" To Appear in NYC Subways. What Could Go Wrong?

Pew National Poll: Obama leads 51-43 among likely voters

A couple Obama supporters in a New York state of mind last night

Romney Regrets Unions Prevent Deep Cuts in Federal Workforce

"None of Them Will Ever Know Hunger, or Financial Fear... Yet They Are Full of Resentment."

Pew National Poll: Obama leads 51-43 among likely voters

Romney And Ryan Need To Be So Destroyed Politically That ----

Anybody catch Mealnie Lawson's collar today?

Submarine Commander Faked Death to End Affair, Navy Says

So in the bizzaro world where the adaptation of "Atlas Shrugged" wins a Bizzaro Oscar...

Fracking: Boom or Doom

Obama up 14 points in Wisconsin (Marquette Poll)

Empathy Training for Politicians

DU this poll that Freepers are freeping!

I got this pic from Facebook. Rob Walton vs 2 Wal-Mart employees.

If Jesus was married what does that do to the Catholic's celibacy requirement?

YO media whores, saying this latest Mitt gaffe will blow over won't fix his campaign

Italy Court Upholds "Rendition" Convictions on Ex-CIA Agents

Fort Wayne schools exceed Indianapolis schools enrollment

An off-beat global warming chart


Apple has a patent for EVERYTHING!

Pew Poll: Dems close 'enthusiasm gap' with GOP

The fanciest baby stroller ever invented.

Did Jefferson really say that "Religion is the most perverted system that ever shone on man"?

Vote for THE Most Corrupt Member of Congress

New Obama tape leak re "redistribution"...

For the record

Mitt Romney: Outside the Circle (Devastating DemRapidResponse Video)

CNN Poll: How will Mitt Romney's secretly taped fundraiser remarks affect his campaign?

Anger among Latinos re: Romney video is palpable. Here are some quotes

New Canadian census reveals gay couples are embracing marriage

Reg. this new corporate media videotape false equivalency. Was Barack Obama

Spread this one around: New DNC video compilation on the 47%

Tissue-Engineered Leather Could be Mass-Produced by 2017

Post here and WIN!!! What will Mitt Romney's next boneheaded move be??!!

Colombia peace talks a ‘dangerous gambit’: former Bush adviser .

Colombia peace talks a ‘dangerous gambit’: former Bush adviser .

French Study Finds Tumors and Organ Damage in Rats Fed Monsanto Corn

Study: Spread Of Fox News Made Members Of Congress More Conservative

Americans for Prosperity (Koch Bros) "cheap gas" stunt in Reno.

I wonder how many of those 47% receive government assistance because...

This political image that came to mind, might be too shocking for the kiddies

Roll Call in Mitten's Defense

Trying to recover, Romney says he is poor Americans' best bet

Trolled Free Republic For the First Time And Learned Some Shocking details

As a family that suffers from MS, Romneys get benefit of tens of millions of tax payer research $

Conversations I Don't Want to Have With My Son

Mitt's campaign is in meltdown, and the RNC is reacting to a poll showing Obama ahead in WI

Tea Party Leaders Beg Grassroots GOP To Keep The Faith

Anybody know how to start a website?? There needs to be one for this:

Desperation setting in: Brown (R-MA) refuses to say if he still supports Mitt

Thom Hartmann: What does labor need to do to make a comeback?

I just want to give a SHOUT OUT to OneGrassRoot and her great website Wishadoo!

Romney: I care about the poor and middle class

Scott Brown won't say if he still supports Romney for president

Lady Gaga smokes marijuana on stage (You Go Girl)

Mitt Romney is telling another lie with his 47% of US adults get government money.

Atheist shares ‘great news’ at Westminster symposium

Corbett Uses State Email List to Distribute Teabagger's Letter to Editor Praising Corbett

My mom, the drain on society.

Ann Romney " Mitt dosen't disdain the poor"

Russia accuses USAID of trying to sway elections

Genocides, unlike hurricanes, are predictable, says world expert. And Iran is following the pattern

Massachusetts high court bars religious school teacher from bringing workplace discrimination claim

I Might Get Crucified For This But I Think Romney Is A Worse Person Than Bush*

BREAKING NEWS: My Opponent Was “Very Abusive” to His Ex-Wife

OMFricking Gawd Holy Shi-ite WOWZA this is gonna make you JUMP WITH GLEE!!!!!

Any news on the House races?

Progress and history.

Bush...Romney...Romney...Bush. After 4 years with President Obama, I'm back in tirade mode.

It's like I yelled "Fire" or something

I want to live my life knowing I've saved at least one person...


people living in glass houses

Romney Hood, stealing from the poor to give to the rich

The Marketing of Yoani Sánchez: Translation as invention

State Department: No secret plan to invade Canada

Three in four Americans feel little or no personal connection to Romney, Esquire/Yahoo poll finds

Obama Ahead with Stronger Support, Better Image and Lead on Most Issues

Google's maps will start degrading this year, as Apple's will improve.

Big Banks Increasing Spread on Mortgage Profits, Not Funneling Cheaper Rates to Customers

So how is that FUN going, Mitt?

Dean Heller (NV) joins Brown (MA) and McMahon (CT) in the "Mitt Who?" club--Who will be next?

Do not let the GOP blame Romney if they lose.

Thom Hartmann: Proof Romney & Ryan are Consumed by the Libertarian Utopian ''Me Society''

CNN: CNN/ORC poll has Obama + 8 in Michigan

To continue the metaphor, if Romney's campaign needs an intervention, then Fox News

BREAKING ON FOX: Sometime during the last century Barack Obama demonstrated an understanding of:

RCP: Dems winning White House, LOSING the other House...BADLY.

Arrr you in?

Harry Reid ties Romney comment to tax attack ('He could be 1 of those who paid no fed income taxes')

Romney Tape Leaves Senate GOP Leaders Speechless

Obama Interview Drives 'Late Show With David Letterman' to 2-Year High

For those calling for Eric Holder's firing over Fast & Furious

Rick Santorum was right.

Crossroads launches $10M offensive, branches into House races

Fast And Furious Report: No Evidence DOJ Leadership Knew Of Gunwalking Tactics

If your congress critter is a Republican, tell us what makes that person very special:

Republican U.S. House Staffer Pleads 'No Contest' to 5 Election Fraud Counts

Brands with very distinctive sounds that could never be replicated:

How likely are we to get one EV from Nebraska?

Romney wants more Americans with good paying jobs paying income taxes.

Romney Apologizes To Nation's 150 Million 'Starving, Filthy Beggars'

Why does Mitt Romney want to be President?

H.R. 6411 or Inclusive Prosperity Act would require banksters/ Wall Street to pay restitution.

"I took a bullet for this country and now I am a lazy leech getting Entitlements"?

Take big brass ones to do something you accuse others of doing.

Former Thaddeus McCotter staffer pleads no contest in phony signatures case

Astronomers find galaxy born at dawn of the universe

Got a live one in GD.

Georgia Bar Mulligan's Faces Backlash From Civil Rights Group After Posting Racist Obama Sign

Ryan needs to fix something else first before trying to fix the US

Do you think voting against the GI Jobs Bill might be the last straw for voters?

Breaking News: CNN/ORC poll finds President Obama holds a 52%-44% lead over Mitt Romney in Michigan,

Coattails or Cooties?

President Obana leaves a note and wedding gift for an Iowa couple

Is Jesse Jackson Jr., going to retire from the House?

Ann Romney Said "He (Willard) Doesn't Need The Job"

Rant: What the heck happened to Sears and Kmart ?

Room with a view

Netanyahu Ad To Debut In Florida

Preist blames sex abuse on children

National Review: "A Fresh Start" for Romney...

Parasites, check in here.

Pew: Obama Leads By 8 Points, DNC Bolsters Dem Enthusiasm

Obama Leads Romney in Latest Poll

It is hard to believe that people are still relying on word of mouth to select their president.

You decide.

Ok let's talk about the house - our lucky number is 27! Where are we getting the wins!!

The Geography of the 47%

The GOP freak-out starts to take shape

Scientific Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs (for an afternoon grin)

NFL tells Alex to get rid of the Giants cap...

Bwahahahaha! Martin Bashir on Romney's penchant for taking all positions on everything:

Come on,M$M, start picking Mitt to pieces, much more in the speech

Another unbelievable story. Husband cooks wife's body for four days.

Daily Kos: Romney ad features miners forced to lose pay during mandatory attendance at Romney event

Obama's Indefinite Detentions OK'd by Judge

Romney's campaign manager is a dumb-ass


Poll: Obama Holds Lead (8% pts) Among Small Business Owners

*Mudcat on Rev Al's show Politics Nation @ 6 tonight,

CBO: Health care penalty to hit 6 million people

The Earned Income Tax Credit

I don't usually call the poorest 47% of America lazy bastards. But when I do....

"The Willard of Oz"!!!

Senate Republicans kill veterans' jobs bill

Evolution of a Caricature: The Uncaring Rich man

Can Netanyahu explain why Japan surrendered in WWII?

Worker and Parasite

Inspector General debunks Fast and Furious conspiracy theories

Ye Think I Be Too Harsh -- You Haven't Seen Nothing Yet - Nemesis

Over Eight in Ten Americans Support Limiting Donations To Groups Seeking To Influence Elections

This is a job for the Lounge!

Black pastor uses lynching photo to help get out the vote

Remember this? Somebody really needs to do

#47Percent: What Twitter And Instagram Users Thought Of Mitt Romney's '47 Percent' Remark (PHOTOS)

Ahhh, shit, Mitt! I apologize for once being part of that loser 47%. You see, rich boy ...

The GOP's Debate With Itself

Must See New Ad!!! ... Priorities USA Action: "Doors"

California child death threat case shows heightened fears by authorities in digital age

"Senate Republican leaders fled their weekly press conference" to avoid questions about Mitt

Best tombstone...

Jeff Sessions - No Exception For War Vets - Call His Office And Verbally Scorch The Racist Bastard.

"government dependency" (Rmoney) and the G.I. BILL

The Real Mitt Revealed - Robert Reich

Remembering Dubya's Record


The status of the Connecticut Senate race astounds me.

"Mitt is Down; Out Now Looms" - Roger Simon, Politico (!!)

On Converted Republicans

"Mitt Needs a Poll Vault to Win" - more Politico!

Small fish makes undersea "crop circles"


Texas school bans football bible banners

It's so cute how the GOP set the vote for the Veterans Job Bill...

538: Obama’s Lead Looks Stronger in Polls That Include Cellphones

WE are not items on a laundry list!

Prosecutor: Dad killed girl over toilet training

We Need And Ad Over The Veterans' Jobs Corp Act Murder In Every District. Like ---

Parody of Buffett Rule pases House. (Not the ONION)

Congressional candidate Powell addresses LOW Dems.

In Romney's America...

G.O.P. Blocks Veteran Jobs Bill

Holder slams Republicans after being cleared in ‘Fast and Furious’ investigation

Romney's "47 Percent" Remarks Damage His Image with Voters: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

Powell Party in New Kent Sept. 26

The "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" I got for my parents. Will they

Circumcision is on the decline.

An old Cherokee proverb comes to mind,...

Full Transcript of the Romney Video

11 more American billionaires join Gates, Buffett charity pledge By Agence France-Presse

Okay, seeing as I am the caretaker of both cats and dog, I'm not taking sides here...

CWA Reaches Tentative Agreement With Verizon (34,000 members from Virginia to Massachusetts)

Testing my Photobucket account!! Preview of Finals

Can we just have a 'Mercy Vote' next week?

DADT repeal opponents owe gay troops, veterans an apology

Arctic ice shrinks 18% in a year, sounding climate change alarm bells

Still not sure whether B of A is evil? They fired a disabled employee for walking too slow!

Surprise! Britney Learns 'Gangnam Style' from Psy on Ellen

RNC Chair Priebus: “This is going to be a choice election whether you’re Hispanic or Greek like me".

I'd have nightmares if I ate that!

Juror #3 is confused

Enjoy a break from the usual.

Dems ready to gain another house seat? NC Dem already polling even in heavy GOP district.

In my 50 years of watching elections, I

WOW !!! - '(Rick) Perry Tells ‘Christian Soldiers’ To ‘Stand Our Ground’ Against Obama' - Raw Story

Shiver me timberrrs, I've figgerred out the main problem wit Willard Romney…

Romney's 47% comment drives independent voters away by a margin of 2 to 1.

Going Viral: Benghazi attack ringleader released from Gitmo in 2007.

Climate change could remake Australia

The people you will NEVER convince.

Selig: MLB likely won't discard Melky Cabrera's batting title

Texas Governor Rick Perry(R) Tells ‘Christian Soldiers’ To ‘Stand Our Ground’ Against Obama

I have a facebook stalker...

Fox News: Obama has edge over Romney in three battleground states.

Just got polled by the Washington Post

Atma-Shatakam/Nirvana Shatakam, The Song of the Self. Advaita Vedanata(Non-Dual) school of Hinduism

Fox Won't Disclose News Corp. Testing Contracts At Heart Of The Chicago Teachers' Strike

France Orders Probe After Study Links Genetically-Modified Corn To Cancer

WISCONSIN - Marquette poll - (Baldwin +9) !

U.N. chief says anti-Islam filmmaker abused freedom of expression

Didn't Ronald Reagan want the poor to not have to pay taxes (or only very little taxes)?

This Fire Tornado Proves Global Warming Is Real

FOX: Obama has edge over Romney in 3 battleground states

Gravis Marketing is fucking up all the polling averages

Breaking: On Fox, Obama was a "child of privilege," not the hard working kid we know (not a joke)

Mitt and Twit, the Earned Income Tax Credit is a clear redistribution of wealth from

Roundtable: After 1 Year, OWS Gives Voice to Resistance of Crippling Debt and Widening Inequality

Mike Pence unveils his three-step plan to combat child poverty in Indiana...

Know what's funny?

in honor of 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' - the BEST SNL Digital Short

I'm genuinely excited about this election!

"Act of Valor" DVD I Loved It.

Israeli air strike kills 3 Hamas officers in Gaza

Business Insider - "There Is Absolutely Nothing For Mitt Romney To Like In This Poll"

What Romney doesn't get is that if he actually has a position on anything might be electable

Is the Catholic hierarchy moving toward the GOP?

Republicans Block Vote On Veterans Jobs Bill (UPDATE) - GuardianUK/RawStory

Wisconsin: Police Unions, Deputy Sheriff's Assn release joint statement on free-speech crackdown

America doesn't need a new President!!

Tea Party Leaders Beg Grassroots GOP To Keep The Faith

Fox Polls: Obama Leads In Ohio, Virginia, And Florida

I am loving watching how DUers are showing their enthusiasm differently - the poll wonks (like me!),

Need Food ?

"I want to buy as many different kinds of Obama stuff as you can give me"

Republicans actually saying truthful things about Romney/Ryan

Newt Gingrich is coming to St. Louis Monday for a Todd Akin fundraiser

Who are the 47%?

Mitt Romney, The Musical

Post-convention coattails reach Senate races

Are we seeing the makings of another landslide?

I have Delaney bumper stickers

In today's shilling for Romney robocall from Mittens, they said that the Prez would win today

The Willard of Oz! LOL!

Once Upon a Time

Is there a tipping point in the polls for Romney's corporate donors?

Team Romney: We Do Support Two-State Solution

Republicans block vote on veterans jobs bill (UPDATE)

Colbert defending Romney. Very Funny.

An airplane pulls a banner in protest at remarks made by Mitt Romney...

Clint Eastwood called Romney stupid....


Do I volunteer yes or no?

New DNC Web Ad is awesome!

11 more American billionaires join Gates, Buffett charity pledge

Tax penalty to hit nearly 6M uninsured people

Daily Kos: Warren: Romney 'wrote off half the American people as deadbeats'

Girl gives Obama the 'look'...

Mitt Romney's 47% gaffe makes him 100% unsuitable to be president

47 percent...

Chick-fil-A says it will stop funding anti-gay groups

Photoblog: Smirking Mitt walking away from stuff

WOW! Leaked Romney Videos Make The Front Pages Of 41 Swing State Newspapers

Is poverty destiny? Ideology vs. evidence in school reform

Wow... If You Missed Roger Simon's Piece... You Really Shouldn't... It's SCATHING...

*Watch NEWSHOUR now,

Help. Got a message from electricity company tonight telling me I can check

Mike Malloy caller on Romney foreign policy and war with Iran

Study: Super-Rich Hiding $21 Trillion In Offshore Tax Havens

Niall Ferguson Advocates Fascism and Newsweek Legitmates His Views « naked capitalism

Heartbreak Hill...

What Mitt's 47% Really Said - It Gets Worse The More You Examine It.

6 Things That Should Keep Obama Nervous & Keep Romney Hopeful

Why isn't there an Alternative Minimum Tax for corporations?

My dressage horse........

Insanely Rich Tax Cheats Hid Over $21 Trillion In Offshore Accounts

I don't regret ANY of my tax money going to social welfare programs. You?

"The Way We Live Now" - BBC, on Netflix instant -- 3 thumbs up

How many people know of Right Wingers/Republican friends relatives co-workers who aren't voting

Do not become complacent

Boeing is a deadbeat moocher

Comment from Steve Benen over Jobs Bill for veterans

How long

My MIL says she's not going to vote

I wonder if Rove is ready to jump from the Romney ship, and just focus on congress.

Painkillers 'are the cause' of millions of headaches

Holy Crap, Obama tape talking about Redistribution! WTF was he thinking.....

CNN's John King: We were on food stamps

Dear Mitt (Short Letter from a member of the 53%)

CNN: MICHIGAN (Obama +8) (Obama 52, Romney 44)

Reminder --- Season premiere of Survivor tonight.

Indiana Mayor threw out Sikh pamphlets from owner's store

President Obama meets with Aung San Suu Kyi, Oval Office, Sept 19

Romney was misunderstood, he really wanted to say this

Hopefully this is the place to ask about the best home protection hand guns. If not,

Drug giants fined $11bn for criminal wrongdoing

Palestinians' deepening financial crisis 'threatening Oslo Accords'

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day

Make sure you watch Tweety's redistribution rant

Nate Silver: Obama’s Lead Looks Stronger in Polls That Include Cellphones

Treasury must find £14bn more cuts to hit deficit target, says thinktank

Does the Pug make David Hester more human? Or is it dog day afternoons for Yip and Yap?

Obama +7 FL, +7 VA, +5 OH. Fox tries to find way to make own poll seem better.

Tony Blair's 'disastrous' wars to blame for secret courts, says Ken Clarke

Romney campaign considering hastily called press conference to explain

Marco Rubio Calls Romney's I-Wish-I-Were-Latino Comment: 'A Joke'

You know, we can thank Mitt Romney.....Who's with me?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fantasy Armor and Lady Bits.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Here's A Useful .gif For Ya

Just looked at Michelle Pfeiffer's bio.

Guess Audrey Hepburn's Shoe Size

Whoopi Goldberg Takes on Rmoney

Mike Huckabee just called me at 8:15 at night via robocall to make the statement about same

Obama Crashes Iowa Wedding, Leaves Note and Gift

Flooding emergency declared in Seward, Alaska

Three in four Americans feel little or no personal connection to Romney, Esquire/Yahoo poll finds

Thank you, Barack Obama. For the first time in 5 years, we will be able to afford health insurance.

Hottest Ever Water Temperatures Off East Coast All the Way Down to the Bottom of the Ocean

How many of you....

In honor of Talk Like a Plato Day.

'Innocence of Muslims' Actress Sues YouTube, Filmmaker

Mitt Romney: Barack Obama Sometimes Calls Me the GrandFather Of ObamaCare

From Wayne Powell

Anew DU Lounge feature: Dogs on Trampolines

Rep. Jackson puts D.C. home on the market

You know what I love DUers - the number of times

Business Insider: 'Mitt Romney's October Surprise Is Going To Be Legendary'

"With Ryan pick, Romney doubles down on economic radicalism" by Greg Sargent at WP

Martin Bashir - Romney doubles down on ‘47%’ amid conservative jitters

Nebraskan gets jail time for 1,000 dead pigs

Fox's Gutfeld On New Lincoln Movie: "First, We Have A Kenyan In The White House. . ."

Obama to create Colo. national monument

Ayn Rand was the 47%.

On the So-Called Voter “Enthusiasm Gap”

Capriles says team will have witnesses at all polling stations

"Why Are the Rich So Damn Angry?" by Kevin Drum at Mother Jones

More Dogs on Trampolines

Had a really bad crash today

My novel, THE UNWANTEDS, just hit the New York Times bestseller list

Monday was the feast day of St. Januarius. He is famed for one of the most reliable miracles

Maybe it's talk like Pilate day

Just In Case This Toon Never Got Its Own Thread... The REAL Welfare Queen !!!

Scott Brown's unique friend Mr. 47% of America's don't matter. Two peas in a pod.

Since corporations are people, too, guess how many of the largest corps. paid NO INCOME TAXES!

Troubling PPP Tweet regarding Wisconsin...

Has anyone identified the factory in China that Romney visited?

Whoopi Goldberg fires back at Mitt Romney: ‘I used to respect you’

U.S. of A. A Worker's Paradise

BORN ON 3rd.BASE:What the Forbes 400 Really Says About Economic Equality and Opportunity in America

Clausewitz and Terror

Looks like the pros have called a bottom to sea ice extent, ...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!Wednesday night tent revival! Hallelujah!

Tucson Progressive Film Festival . . . . . . . . . . and two more events!

"Obama Official: Benghazi was a terrorist attack' posted By Josh Rogin at the cable

A conversation with Mitt's babysitter

FLASHBACK: 2002 Mitt Romney bragging on all the RE-DISTRIBUTION he wrangled.

Buyer for Anschutz's AEG may be difficult to fiind

O4A Responds to ESAF's "Fiscal Cliff" Book

Anyone watching Rachel? OUCH! That +43. Romney just might as well as throw in the towel.

Paul Krugman-Nation of Takers

Polls: "Party ID" is to 2012 GOPers as "Land Lines/Cellphone" was to 2004 Democrats.

Obama boosted by upbeat housing reports, new polls

Romney's comments ripple across battleground map

So has Mitt Romney just given up? He's really mailing it in

Mitt Romney: Barack Obama Sometimes Calls Me The Grandfather Of ObamaCare, It's a Compliment

CT-SEN: The video that Republican Linda McMahon doesn't want you to see.

I just had a really bad thought on Mittens 'foot in mouth disease'


Mitt Romney has performed a great service to America

Are you outraged yet?

Rachel's live feed of Romney Event: Looking at Romney and hearing the little of him speaking you

Next School Crisis for Chicago: Pension Fund Is Running Dry

Why Do People Here Worry So Much?

"Who’s Sabotaging Iran’s Nukes?" by Eli Lake at the Daily Beast


Ex-paramilitary leader admits to slaughter of 26 people .

Latest Poll: Which Candidate..........

breaking: "Fast Furious" is over. Darryl ISSA can go back to VEHICULAR THEFT. eom n/t

The September Photo Contest Final Thread is Posted!

Check your voter status!

sigh. (dumbed down TV news)

Philip Anschutz, Right-Wing Billionaire, supports Walker's union busting...

I know I shouldn't have gone there, but I did

Kelsey Grammer was supposed to be on Piers Morgan's show tonight but he left the building

SC Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says DOMA will likely go to the US Supreme Court within the next year

Is there a place where one can find how much money Issa has spent on his witch hunts

NSW apologises for forced adoptions

Tammy Baldwin leads Tommy in recent poll 48-45%

The ED Show - The angry 1%

One thing that really ticks me off

Susana Martinez Rejects Mitt Romney's "47 Percent" Comment

Tom Latham blames Eric Cantor on farm bill

Nate Silver's Now-cast: POTUS at 94.4%

LOL !!! - Caption This !!! (And Exactly WHOSE Flag Is That ???)

How could the Senate Republicans KILL the veteran's job bill?

Did someone say it was talk like Pluto day

Founding Fathers on Spreading the Wealth

‘Knuckleball!’ documentary is pitch-perfect

This is as perfect as it gets

Ichiro Suzuki me loves him SEVEN hits against left handers in two games today AND FOUR stolen bases

The ED Show - Undercover video sheds new light on Romney's crisis reaction

Romney campaign cautious with ad budget, even in key states

whats all this I hear about Play Doh?

Sponsor Of Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Defends Romney, Says ‘Lazy’ People Also Shouldn’t Vote

I'm so glad my right wing nut neighbor is moving.

Meet Wayne Powell.

Is it true that Ann Romney said

Sponsor Of Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Defends Romney, Says ‘Lazy’ People Also Shouldn’t Vote

Is Romney wearing BRONZER at the Univision appearance?

The ED Show - Ryan jumps on Romney’s ‘makers vs. takers’ philosophy

"Most independents believe the government should guarantee food and shelter" Posted by Suzy Khimm

Mother Jones doubles previous traffic peak with video of Romney on 47% (spike in donations and subsc

Mitt Romney: ‘This Is A Campaign About The 100%’ (damage control)

In Washington State, they vote by mail. Should this become the national standard?

Things will be very different come the New Year.

I have happy news coming from *Arizona* re: Jon Kyl's seat (he's retiring TG)........

Use One Word To Describe Willard Romney

BREAKING - Romney Was Part of 47% Who Didn't Pay Any Federal Income Taxes In 2008 and 2009

Wow, only TWO WEEKS until the first debate!!!

Guardian (UK):Eric Holder's exoneration by Fast and Furious report strains credibility


Mitt Romney dyed his face brown for his Univision interview - 'Real Photo'

Romney's "47 percent" remarks damage his image with voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll

NOW more than EVER

President Obama leaves newlyweds a gift...

Is George Soros Not A fan of the Obama Administration ??

Free speech or incitement to violence?

Romney: 'My campaign is about the 100 percent'

There is a team of papparazzi whose ONLY job is to get topless photos of graywarrior!!!

The bestest drinking helmet ever. EVER!!!

California Online Voter Registration Now Available - Pass it on!!

Nowadays, Ozzy only uses his powers for the greater good of Humankind.

Cats - always confused when they run into a bird (a BIRD!!!) with more attitude than they EVER had..

Take it from MFM... he has been, is and WILL be more of a badass than you EVER wanna mess with!

when is the debate?

Anywhere where I can watch the univision 'meet the candidates'

Have any of you heard about the Derwin Brown case?

Remember 2004.

Friend and relatives quickly learned that MFM was the LAST person to ask to give their kids THE TALK


For my 8,000th post, the most biased internet poll ever! Your vote for President is...?

One Charbroiled Burger Pollutes As Much As An 18-Wheeler Driving 143 Miles Says Study

I forget. When did GREED and HATE become “Family Values”?

Romney's comments about desperate, grateful sweat-shop workers in China

Juror #3 Made my day. Not that it was a bad day, as far as ratings go.

Mayor Rybak: We built it together: a hand up for Mitt Romney’s family, Paul Ryan’s family, and mine

Ex-Mormon: "Romney's Mormonism will dominate Presidency"

Reuters/Ipsos polls: Can anyone explain how their online polling works?

LOL !!! - If The Election Were Held Today...

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up? Ooops, think he did!

Standard & Poor's lowers New Jersey state credit outlook

What did Mark McKinnon answer

If you guys get a chance check out these 2 diametrically oppose political threads on a cancer board.

"American Autumn", documentary on Occupy, by Dennis Trainor Jr. (link porovided)

The kind of "redistribution" Rmoney gets excited about..

Ten new charges sought against accused Colorado (James Holmes) gunman: report

Of all the quotes, statements, disclaimers, etc. this's the BEST quote I've heard

Lawrence O'Donnell going to play a segment of tape he says we haven't seen and

Piano for rap

A Latina Responds to Mitt Romney!!

"The Intellectual Roots of Romney’s 47 Percent Rage"

So now Mitt wants to take credit for the MA health care law? OK

Lounge daily inspirational message

Faint galaxy sheds light on universe's early years


Daily News Headlines

Voters React Negatively to Romney's 47% Remarks

San Jose mayor again refuses to support marriage equality

A family of 3 would have to remain on welfare for 328 years . . .

Fox News On Mitts Hidden Tapes, "But, But Look what Obama Said 14 years Ago"

No press allowed at Mitt Romney’s $50,000 a head SF Bay Area fundraiser

Good Quote (Elizabeth Warren)

Heads up: Tony Danza is the lone guest tonight on Tavis' PBS show

Is anyone having formatting glitches on DU?

Jon Stewart is on fire tonight

Jon Stewart (Daily Show) on fire tonight.

Chavez vs. Capriles: Corruption takes center stage in Venezuela's election

So is the mittwitt clown car just saying fucking it now?

LOL!!! Mitt Romney: 'I Have Inherited NOTHING.'

Two curious things around here...

xkcd today

Karl Rove and Corporate USA Could Make Jerry Sardusky Competitive As A Presidential Candidate

Seriously. This is the headline. It isn't the Onion.

Rachel Maddow - Romney's down-ballot toxicity

Chavez Rival Maintains Lead in Poll Ahead of Oct. 7 Election

Whoopi Goldberg, why would he say that about her???????

Bugs found in soup at metro-area schools

Advocate of Democracy in Myanmar Meets Obama

WTF??? Ann Romney and this tool "reporter" in Denver saying women are doing WORSE under Obama?

Ayn Romney looks a lot like the sneering woman in this old Danziger toon

The next time some Republican troll says Obama is the most divisive Prez in History...

Republican Lynches Empty Chair in Racist Presidential Effigy in Northwest Austin, Texas PICTURE

The Imaginary GOP

Actress Cindy Lee Garcia sues over Innocence of Muslims

'Call Me, Maybe' Gets A Catchy Pro-Choice Rewrite

I broke decorum today and flat-out told a coworker that he's full of shit

Freeper hysteria over Paul Ryan criticizing Romney's gov dependency comments

Western Report - Iran Ships Arms, Personnel To Syria Via Iraq

Rachel Maddow - Is Romney too far gone to come back for Latinos?

Ask not what your country can do for you

Peter Buck on upcoming vinyl-only solo debut: ‘It’s not gonna be in Walmart’

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