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Take the Google Basketball Challenge!

Bill Clinton Criticizes Romney Ad on Welfare Reform Law

Armed men assassinate indigenous in southwest Colombia .

What's All This I Hear About Mitt Romney Picking Natalie Portman As His VP

Hi, I'm babylonsister and approve this thread IF

Hidden Truth - Obama Is Outraising Romney, But Not Romney, RNC, Adelson AND Koch

movie enthusiasts, it the movie Roger and Me

may not be suitable for those who suffer from severe arachnophobia (short animated video)


Trash from bank-owned home 'deposited' at BofA

There are at least 12 reasons why Mitt Romney would not make a good president. By John F. Ince

There are at least 12 reasons why Mitt Romney would not make a good president. By John F. Ince

Remember when Gingrich called Obama the "food stamp president"? Or Santorum's "blah people" cop out?

Awwww, was the poor, widdle....

There are at least 12 reasons why Mitt Romney would not make a good president. By John F. Ince

Prepare to be melted...

There are at least 12 reasons why Mitt Romney would not make a good president. By John F. Ince

Revenge: It’s What Female Voters Have in Store for the GOP

Billy Joel's homage to historical headlines

The Great Impostors: In the Name of Saving Natural World, Governments Are Privatizing It

Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland Counties Beat Teabaggers Pass Millage To Support Detroit Institute of Art

Networks give less coverage to Sikh shooting

Adam Lambert and Queen set for world tour in 2013?

Ex-girlfriend of Wisconsin Sikh temple gunman arrested on weapon charge

Bill Clinton calls out ‘disappointing’ Romney ad

Hey, kind people of DU and the Lounge. I have a favor to ask. ***UPDATE (post 30)***

So for the last couple of summers theres been no media frenzy about a missing white girl

Planetary Collapse

Hey! You wanna borrow $164 million and pay back $1.2 BILLION? Get in line behind San Diego...

Reasons to vote for Romney

Nance Greggs: Ah, the Smell of Desperation!

Obama campaign app concerns some privacy advocates

DU Gold medal winners

Indigestion for ‘les Riches’ in a Plan for Higher Taxes

Romney's gurudwara slip: Calls it 'sheik temple'

Face of Christ found on tortilla

Face of Christ found on tortilla

Marvin Hamlisch

Mitt Romney’s poll numbers at standstill, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds

Full Statement by President Bill Clinton on Governor Mitt Romney’s New Television Advertisement

George Michael confirms appearance in Olympics closing ceremony

A Coming Wave of Gay Marriage Electoral Victories?

just felt a good earthquake here in los angeles.....

SoCal Earthquake

Just felt a pretty good earthquake here in Anaheim.

Anyone feel shaking

Heads up: New Colorado poll to be released at 7AM by Quinnipiac today (Wednesday)

signatures turned in for colorado anti-abortion measure

The ASAH Sonora Wheat crop save update

Poem that won Olympic gold medal in 1912 --->

Does Sarah Palin want to be paid for a speech to the GOP Convention?

DIA millage gets big support in Wayne and Oakland, but victory slim in Macomb

There was a post asking what do people who are of the religious right do when their kids come out

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, August 7)

Republicans Blasted Obama Administration For Warning About Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism

I've posted 10 times!!

Have fun with DU ads!

SpiralScouts International offering honorary equivalent rank to Eagle Scouts who turned in badges

Mike Malloy April 25, 2012 open: Pelosi-smearing email, Allen West communist comments, student loans

Mitt Romney’s poll numbers at standstill

People who cry at movies are not "real men"?

Just wondering, who OK's the inclusion of a Freeper/Birther website in the Library of Congress

Obama Administration Announces Seven Major Renewable Energy Infrastructure Projects to be Expediated

Egypt launches Sinai 'air raids'

This was on Facebook in response to the Wisconsin gurdwara killings...

Guatemalan's celebrate winner of country's first ever Olympic medal

OK another Freeper gem, sorry can't help it. The latest. Sergio Berlusconi eats his boogers

Water line cut; Somerset parched

Sorry, double post.

as feared - Conservatives win most primary races

Romney: The “sheik temple” and the “sheik people.”

Hi all....

Obama ahead in VA and Wisconsin; Romney leads in Colorado (Quinnipiac University/CBS/NYT poll)

Fussbudget: How Paul Ryan captured the G.O.P.

Possible Egyptian pyramids found using Google Earth

Rob Portman - Junior's architect for budgetary disaster

Financial crisis: 25 people at the heart of the meltdown – where are they now?

Adoption Affects on Birthmothers

Nasa scientist's study quantifies climate change link to extreme weather

Researchers make progress toward predicting epilepsy seizures

"Just be honest, put a scarlet 'H' on your shirt and say, I am a ..."

Here it comes: Koch brothers group set to bash Obama

SarcasticRover ‏@SarcasticRover

Firm formerly called Blackwater to pay $7.5m fine over arms sales violations

Mars rover Opportunity panoramas of Martian landscape at Greeley-Haven

Well-armed gay chickens for Jesus, Mark Morford

Black Mesa: Source video appears, then disappears. But there are news.

What Mitt needs to go to the grocery store.....

Missouri Voters Approve 'Right to Pray' Amendment 2

After blistering Vatican report, nuns gather to weigh response

Petition: Tell Congress to Expedite Renewable Energy

How Romney Lost the Summer- Great article by Robert Shrum

Exclusive - U.S. regulators irate at New York action against Standard Chartered

Insight - Syria rebels see future fight with foreign radicals

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA The hunger wars in our future

RepublicanT Party Desperation

Media Hypocrisy. Let birthers get away with anything but pillory Harry Reid

A Coming Wave of Gay Marriage Electoral Victories?

Dem convention- Clinton ~check Carter ~check.....Repub convention - W....Cheney...Palin --???

Archaeologists claim objects are earliest 'matches'

Schmallenberg virus 'may spread across UK'

Favorite Townes Van Zandt song about a Maryland basketball coach?

Euronews: Greece: Police vehicle carrying Pakistani man attacked (by Golden Dawn supporters)

The Truth-O-Meter: Romney says Obama's plan for Welfare Reform: 'They just send you a check.'

My predictions for the upcoming NFL season.

Undocumented Immigrants Ride Through the South, Headed for a DNC Coming Out

India Has More Olympic Medals In Its History Than Michael Phelps, And About To Get Another In Boxing

Are regulators doing enough to rein in bank money laundering?

"Up North" to become a single constituency, vows Cameron.

I propose the 'Romney Nose Mars Clock'

Mexican experts find hundreds of bones piled around skeleton in unprecedented Aztec burial

NFL mourns Garrett Reid

It’s time to elect politicians who are unafraid of the NRA

OBAMALONEY? Is that truly the best zinger Mitt can come up with?

Grapefruit Juice Improves Cancer Medication

It's about time!!!

Lieberman rips Romney and Obama for high negativity in the campaign

30 year old Virgin---of course linked to the 24 year old Virgin.

The NRA's Dark Gun Culture

Fire Breaks Out on 88th Floor of 1 WTC

Police arrest ex-girlfriend of gunman in Sikh killings

Costco refuses to sell Joan Rivers new book (Back cover contains racy jokes)

Think good thoughts for Katie Bell today because she is diving in the Olympics.

Joe Scar was yelling about Mitt Romney on Morning Joe today: that's a good sign!

Slow flushing toilets. WsDJ one gave me the name of a cleaner

The Frankengun of Wardak Province

** Turns on the Neon Lights for the Brand New DU Coffee House **

Did Mitt Romney Pay A Lot Of 'TAXES' Or A Lot Of 'INCOME TAXES'?

Russian Booster Rocket Fails to Deliver Satellites

NRA Should Embrace Gun Control or Accept Complicity in Aurora

Being able to hear music for the first time ever

U.S. Guns, The Awful, Shocking Truth

Dana Milbank goes after Romney and Bain

For God's sake Missouri, you are really going to make this man a Senator?

Canada moves to close human trafficking loophole. Strip clubs threaten to recruit at high schools.

new email address !

Romney Camp Rebuffs Clinton’s Criticism On Welfare (Mitt lies)

I have a friend coming to North Carolina to campaign for Obama...

If your contract is soon to run out with cell phone provider, Won't they be

Found on Google News...

Buster Posey First MLB Player to Launch Mobile Game..

Derf on the Oylmpics

Pat Oliphant Toon: "Any Time Now He's Going to Call"

Post surgery kitteh is groggeh - Weird Harold had five teeth extracted yesterday.

U.S. women's Olympians enjoy unprecedented success Read more here

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 8, 1974

Romney: World War III in the Making!

What are your favourite sites for Olympics photos?

"WH unprepared for Romney's 'Obamaloney' catchphrase. Clock is ticking as WH tries to think of

Call centre brings in prison labour at £3/day, fires regular workers

Dana Milbank: My daughter has not yet reached her ninth birthday, but I already have her pegged for

Please Don't Tell Me The Good Folks Of Virginia Are Going To Send Macaca Allen Back To The Senate

My Brother has a cyst in his brain

Please Don't Tell Me The Good Folks Of Virginia Are Going To Send Macaca Allen Back To The Senate

American Family Association: Kidnap children to save them from gay parents

I swear to ALLAH, this guy is just the gift that keeps giving

Lego Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

Three NATO troops killed in double suicide attack in Afghanistan

Apure, the new port of the drug (translated article)

Internet Archive adds 1,000,000 legal files to the world's store of BitTorrents

Iran: "Retired" elite soldiers among 48 hostages held by Syria rebels

Martian Mt. Sharp vs. Mt. McKinley

Samsung investigating Chinese child labor abuse allegations

Cocaine’s Flow Is Unchecked in Venezuela

Productivity In U.S. Rebounds As Employers Try To Curb Costs

Evolutionary battle of sexes drives human height

Who else here is in a Steely Dan kinda mood?

Chemist Martin Fleischmann, center of cold fusion controversy, dies at 85

Don't Call it Terrorism

ABC/WaPo: Romney Favorability Levels Off At Lowest Mark For A Presumptive Nominee


"Tea Party Democrat" running against Rep. Ellison. Running graphic anti-choice ads. Discuss.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Mitten Hood

The profound underlying sense of entitlement that goes with never having been challenged,

Argentine 'Dirty War' baby back with biological family

Hate groups have uneasy history with military base

I've had it with all this whining about freedom

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Curiosity, a prism for our times

How a Gay Rights Maverick Helped Topple Iceland's Government

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

ABC-WaPo poll: Obama's favorability 53 percent among independents (16 points higher than Romney's)

Regulator urges change in California cap-and-trade program

But what about Teh Menz!?!1!

Sikh tenets of forgiveness and peace on display at vigil for Oak Creek victims

From the Supreme Court bench to the Yankee Stadium bleachers

Calls to scrap ethanol mandate intensify with drought

The new maps in iOS 6 look sweet!

Romney's inappropriate and nervous laughter indicator of lying?

No war for the sons of privilege

Romney Mispronounces Sikhs ‘Sheiks’

Drumbeat: August 8, 2012

Drumbeat: August 8, 2012

CNN is doing a lot of fact checking of pro-Obama ads

Exclusive: Brigham Young’s Great-Great-Granddaughter on Mormonism and Mitt Romney

Veep Beat: Paul Ryan’s Rising Momentum

Obama campaign ad: Dubious (Romney "flexible on truth")


Republican Party on verge of implosion.

Captive Virgins, Polygamy, Sex Slaves: What Marriage Would Look Like if We Followed the Bible

Isn’t it ironic that John McCain isn’t calling Harry Reid a liar?

Mitt Romney's mysterious tax returns

Oh, Bobby, I'm sorry you got a head like a potato...Jindal fails to make Romney's "final three"

U.S. Gun Laws: Public's Will Thwarted by Minority's Power

Is Scorsese winking at us in the Dylan doc: No Direction Home ?

I'm a Romney Girl....Look out Obama girl..LOL

Where god fails, science succeeds

HE'S BACK!!! Eastwood with another great movie

Reuters/Ipsos national poll: Obama leads by 7-points

Romney is 5 steps ahead of the rest of us

Anyone make your own yogurt?

Catching the Light on Bluebird Lane

One of the youtubers I follow just posted this-

Why is Mitt Romney's religion off limits

Wanna know how to win public opinion for the ACA? Change the wording

The US has had a medal winner in every Olympics going back to the first in 1908, until now.

educating the well-regulated militia...

To the GOP & Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County GOP Chair RE Physical & Mental Disabilities

Number of atheists around the world is rising

Romney Team Preps for Grocery Store Visit

The voters in Kansas have lost their minds

So the war criminal of a Dick eats crow re Lady BlahBlah

REUTERS: Barack Obama is maintaining a small but---significant---ead over Mitt Romney

Reuters-Ipsos poll shows Mitt is going to get crushed on tax issues

FBI: Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page died of self-inflicted wound after shot by police

Former President Clinton Blasts Romney’s ‘Disappointing’ New Welfare Claim: ‘That Is Not True’

Yes, but did anyone actually SEE him eat the rat?

Begging again for your roommate stories for my website!

Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads

Spokesman: Romney confused 'similar sounding words' because 'it was the end of the day'

Money and Banking and British Humour

Calls to scrap ethanol mandate intensify with drought

How an EPA project backfired, endangering drinking water with lead

The 2:45 am call.. let's listen..

Mr. Romney; as of August 4, what is the difference between Ted Nugent and WadeMichael Page?

REID: “The whole controversy would end very quickly"

Romney's plan for the middle class: Get used to being poor

The Tea Party’s Plan to Cripple Congress

Has Romney released the result of a recent medical

Edit this photo challenge

Setting the world on fire for Jesus

This is today's GOP base...

Mathematics of Sudoku Leads To "Richter Scale" of Puzzle Hardness

interesting observation

Anyone see this story


Ugandans Both Proud and Brave

This Is What Earth Will Look Like in 100,000,000 AD

Missouri GOP Picks Guy Who Thinks Medicare Is Unconstitutional For U.S. Senate

breaking: Sikh temple gunman killed self, FBI says 

Egypt hails 'complete success' in air strikes against Sinai 'terrorists'

Pussy Riot: will Vladimir Putin regret taking on Russia's cool women punks?

Flying Over America

UPDATE: Man’s fiery protest against General Mills pro-gay marriage stance goes awry

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Bobby Jindal Gives School Money to Self-Proclaimed Prophet is dedicated to ending eric cantor's auction of America

When Are The Stupid Bastards Gonna' Learn?

AARP Poll: Voters over 50 deadlocked 45-45 between Obama & Romney Hood

Sarcasm vs. Sincerity

I'll bet you Mitt never did have to take hold of the shitty end of the stick...

Potato patties: everyone I know doesn't know what the hell these are.

Obama's lead over Romney grows despite voters' pessimism

Obama-Rombot switcharoo (toon)

'Cold fusion' chemist Martin Fleischmann dies

*I have WAYNE POWELL bumperstickers,

On Romney Taxes - Speculate This

The Devil Still Has Us Death Dancing at Fukushima

This is What Hate Looks Like: Father Cruelly Disowns Son for Coming Out

Thank God for Stephen Colbert (mocks Steve King's nonsensical defense of dogfighting)

Loving Obama Team's Rapid Response to Welfare Lie

House Hunters International Profiles Binational Couple Exiled Over DOMA

MrScorpio's Semi-Official Nicknames For Republicans Thread

Remember the media profits....

Cross posting from the LGBT Group: Ugandans Both Proud and Brave

Surviving Monkees to Launch First Tour in 15 Years - Band set to play 12 dates across the U.S.

My website is finally live.

The top 3 Romney VP options are Portman and Pawlenty.

Private Prisons: Big Beneficiaries of Immigrant Detentions, Big GOP Political Contributors

Romney: My Dad had a golden ticket for a free lunch at McDonald's

Pam Bondi added as speaker at RNC

Gay Olympian Comes Out as HIV-Positive

Hie thee over to HuffPo, a virtual treasury of mishaps and bad news for Mittens

What do you call a person who stubbornly refuses to cooperate with a rescuer?

Just Because Cheerleading Is Hard Doesn’t Mean It’s a Sport

There's a real lack of enthusiasm for Romney, even in GOP strongholds

CNN: Did Romney enable Marriott International's abusive tax shelter?

Hey Romney Hood this is how you connect with people!

The Silver Lining in the Drought

Papa John's REAL ObamaCare Problem

for ice-watchers keeping score at home:

New Obama Ad and Website is Going to Crush Mittens

Hillary Clinton dances in Pretoria, South Africa

The Mormon Candidate -- A documentary that would never air in the US. It's from the BBC

The third-party candidate who could derail Mitt Romney

My mom passed away on this day,six years ago now.

problem with google search

Who loves Stanley Tucci? He's married!

Romney Spokesperson Touts The Health Care Benefits He Seeks To Repeal

August 8, 1974 was a very good day.

Honor before revenge

BREAKING: July Hottest Month on Record

A Sikh Temple’s Century

Tippi Hedren Reveals “Evil, Deviant” Hitchcock’s On-Set Sexual Harassment

Rachel Maddow - Beneath a Romney lie, a racist dog whistle

OK that shaker was bigger than

Alabama secretary of state warns of voter 're-registration' hoax making the rounds online

U.S. Rower Raises Questions And Eyebrows During Medal Ceremony (Graphic Photo)

Zombie Chicken Soup

Mercury is direct, time to catch up on all things and get moving! The finger is out of the dike.

The "over-the-line" Obama ad.

Dear GOP: You're Doing it Wrong

Motorists who crossed bridge during refinery fire being mailed toll bill

Texas Executes Man With IQ of 61; State Cites Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” To Justify Killing (DN!)

NYT: Indigestion for ‘les Riches’ in France’s tax plan

Boyz N The RomneyHood

Sovereign movement (One of our growing concerns in the far right)

Philippine floods: Nineteen dead as rain continues

This Might Be The Moment Mitt Romney Lost The Election

Why doen't the democrats just call Romney a lying piece of shit

"State's Rights" may hold the solution to one election foible

Bryan Fischer: Children Of Same-Sex Couples Must Be Saved Through ‘Underground Railroad’ Kidnapping

mr mitt (?) where are your tax returns?

Dear Religion, While you were debating which chicken sandwiches were okay to eat...

Russell Brand ... he refused to start filming until a wardrobe girl flashed her boobs at him.

A funny cartoon from today's LA Times:

Pic Of The Moment: The Veep Search Continues

For those of the big-picture persuasion

Popcorn ingredient linked to Alzheimer's

UH-OH: Shep Smith ' ON THIN ICE ' For Outspokenness, Former Fox News Employee Says

Back by popular demand

Rachel Maddow - Fracking waste messes with Texas

Wow. Bain Capital/Romney Hood = "These friends didn't just help me; they taught me."

Robert Shrum: Mitt Romney Lost the Summer: Tax Returns, Overseas Gaffes, & More

Can we talk about this now?

Democrats Run the Table in Last Night's Primaries

Wade Michael Page tried to join the KKK

Show us the Rmoney Hood!

The Case of the Senator Who Did Not Bark

Do you want to know why so many pizza chains are owned/run by right-wingers?

Bryan Fischer: "An Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households."

51 Years After the Chemical War Began in Vietnam, Be Silent, Then Take Action

FiveThirtyEight: How Romney’s Pick of a Running Mate Could Sway the Outcome

Alex Pareene, Salon: "Republican CEO: Repeal Obamacare or pay an extra quarter for bad pizza"

New Poll Puts Mitt Romney In The Deep End (ABC/WaPo)

Afghanistan civilian casualties fall, says UN

side effect of Romney's pathological lying - How could foreign leaders

Romney tours a corn field in Iowa - pics

What the HELL I just tried to sign up for Randy Rhodes Podcast and they want MONEY to signup

Batman movie-goer brings guns, knives for 'protection'

(PM) Raja Pervez Ashraf Faces Contempt Charges in Pakistan

Walter Rhett: Mocking God

New Obama Ad with Tax Calculator

... Venezuela’s Worker Control Movement and the Plan Socialist Guayana

County GOP Chair Called Obama Supporter Retarded

Put up or shut up - if republicans are so concerned about people on welfare not working,

Tearful Lolo Jones: Media 'ripped me to shreds' before race

Another Bad Day For Romney

Some answers about the history of the Sikh religion in India

The VP Pick That Fixes Romney's Tea Party Problem...

Bobby Jindal School Voucher System Blasted As 'Destruction Of Education' By Religious Group

Country singer Randy Travis threatened to shoot & kill troopers who arrested him for drunk driving

Kennedy Discussing Failure of Bay of Pigs

More retirees see SS checks reduced for student loans

Five things everyone should know about Todd Akin (Now running against Mc Caskill in M0.)

Romney's choice: Make extremist base happy or lose key voters

Old Time Religion Fuels America's Climate of Hate

Reports Offer Latest Sign of a Healing Housing Market

Why the Reaction Is Different When the Terrorist Is White

Randy Travis: Drunk and Naked Christian Music Star THREATENS COP'S LIFE

Now we know where Sun Media gets their journalists from

Conspiracy Theories and the FAR RIGHT

Reuters: Why you may retire in poverty

Which Olympic sports can you do without?

Romney's Principle Problem

Hey y'all! Some good news for a change: "Democrats Run the Table in Last Night's Primaries"

Some observations

How dumb is, Mitt rMoney?

Rachel Maddow - Bogus GOP outrage strikes racist, sexist chord

Poll: Despite mass shooting, most Colo. voters don't favor stricter gun laws

For my 25,000th. post on DU, I was going to post something

Mitt Romney More Reaganesque Than Previously Realized

What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress?

Our official national lie – Outdated formula underreports poverty in US families

how did the cat get in there?

Nuns Challenge Romney To Spend A Day With Them To Learn About Plight Of America’s Poor

Progressive Powerhouse Unveils 6 Key Districts to Take Back Congress in November

Hillary shaking her groove thing.

New Fossils Indicate Early Branching of Human Family Tree

For the US, July was the warmest month we've ever seen

What Lounge character would you love to see get their own TV series?

The Last Word - Romney wades into Welfare politics

Randy Travis arrested naked, charged with DWI

It's Election Season Again - Time To Re-Visit...

Dont cross the streams!!! Caption time

LOL! Josh Marshall posts on the Romney campaign (udpated)

Brazil Deploys 9,000 Men from Armed Forces to Dissuade Foreign Threat

Penn State football uniforms "will now feature a blue ribbon to support child abuse victims"

Media and Race - Ads

Johnny Cash - Dont Take Your Guns To Town

Romney campaign's response to "Understands" ad: Romneycare!

Republican Official: People With Obama Bumper Stickers Are ‘Mentally Retarded’

New Poll-Barack Obama- 49% Willard Rmoney 42%

Unintentional erotica in the news

Activist Mexican priest says church wants him to leave migrant shelter, assume parish duties

Activist Mexican priest says church wants him to leave migrant shelter, assume parish duties

Contributions to the political discourse today by

An extreme conservative GOP candidate for Senate in Missouri

Who here knows the difference between the United Kingdom, England, Great Britain,

Nuns Challenge Romney To Spend A Day With Them To Learn About Plight Of America’s Poor

Salt water moves up Miss. River, Army Corps reacts

Come on, Mitt--RELEASE THE TAXEN!!!

Nuns want Romney on the bus

Right-wing extremist terrorism as deadly a threat as al Qaeda?

More bad parenting examples

Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads

So the Romney Campaign is running on RomneyCare Now????

When do you think mittens will "shake up" his campaign team?

FL House Dem Leader and candidate for FL Senate is under influence of ALEC

Demand the GOP be Held Accountable for their Un-American Attacks on Obama

Joan Rivers on Costco: "This is the beginning of Nazi Germany."

FLDem Party Leaves Candidates High and Dry

Do Republicans in Massachusetts (or elsewhere) want to get rid of "Romneycare"?

I'm starting to think Romney's campaign managers are sinking the ship intentionally

FL Dem Party and Candidate Recruitment

Refinery Fire Could Boost Gas Prices Nationwide

Sony's film about the Osama bin Laden raid has been delayed due to Republican pressure

No thanks, I can find my own way out

Romney compares California's economy to Greece

Romney Spokesperson Andrea Saul cites Romneycare in response to Priorities USA ad!

Foster family

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

Public School Privatizers Bare Their Greedy Faces Without Shame

Obama on Cspan now n/t

"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy"-Really?

Jesus' teachings are not a liberal panacea

Looking for a career? Consider windsurfing instructor

Colbert on King and dogfighting

Solar device brings natural light to workers

Romney moves to embrace ‘Romneycare’

Obama hitting it out of the park in Colorado.

Why should we ever vote to put someone who openly hates government in charge of government???

Kansas Primary Results: The Evangelical War On Politics in Kansas Has Turned Into a Crisis

Something I've never understood about "Small Business" owners

Separation of Church and State? In Louisiana They Can’t Even Separate Fact From Fiction

Yesterday, there was a thread posted that I can't seem to find ...

Randi taking the media to task for going after Obama for a Priorities USA SuperPac ad

Monsanto's Ge Sweet corn to hit the shelves.

Yahoo! does it again!

Standard Chartered chief says bank does not need to change culture

"Chile" by Toad the Wet Sprocket

The Fear and Loathing of the One Percent

Here's a weird thread. Something about nothing, apparently.

BBC: Libya's NTC to hand power to newly-elected assembly

Live(?) Blog of Romney's Iowa oratoricatory presentation to "you people."

Where's Dorothy?

Out of nasty curiosity, I went to see what tax returns Romney has released.

The Congressional Push for Secrecy

Anybody love to wake up on Mondays to not go to work?

IBM: "The Cost Difference Is Too Great for the Business Not to Look for" H-1B Workers--Good Read

Chevron response to refinery fire under criticism

SHARK WEEK 2012: TV Shows lineup

Rush Limbaugh On Romneycare Defense: A ‘Goldmine’ For Obama

I Love Henri the Cat!!!!

Marquette University Poll: Obama 50-45 over Rmoney in Wisconsin

Herbicide Used in Argentina Could Cause Birth Defects (Monsanto Roundup)

Many human 'prototypes' coexisted in Africa

Ryder Cup is in 50 days, 21 hours, 43 minutes, and some odd seconds....

So has anybody watched this? >>

Herbicide Used in Argentina Could Cause Birth Defects (Monsanto Roundup)

BBC: July 2012 hottest US month since records began in 1895

Hotline: Rmoney should avoid Portman & Pawlenty & go with Rubio or

Obama increases lead over Romney

Chris Hayes taking over for Joe Scarborough on MSNBC

HP to take record quarterly loss

Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads

Now Romney is on Cspan

Op-Ed: Andrea Saul single handedly kills Mitt Romney's hopes of victory

"Drunk and naked" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "drunk and naked".

SPOILER and I mean spoiler

Mars Curiosity rover live Q&A (Video recorded)

Californians - is this an unusual pattern?

Reuters/Ipsos: Obama's lead over Romney grows despite voters' pessimism

Spoiler: Women's 200m

NJDC responds to Adelson suit over prostitution story: “We...will not be bullied...not be silenced.”

Romney Sinks To New Low With the level of dishonesty with this ad - Steve Benen, MSNBC

From near and far, foreign jihadists enter Syrian fray

Scott Brown Decries Legally Mandated Voter Registration...A Conspiracy To Elect His Opponent

At this point

Far-right groups from the US and Europe host anti-Muslim rally in Sweden that flops again

Romney Spokeswoman Saul Promoted Climate Denial on Behalf of Exxon

Update on the call

Are federal regulators retaliating against their own nuclear inspectors?

Medal-winning Tunisian fuels women’s rights debate

One woman's poll of one Republican man in Florida

Walmart turns 50 (check this out)

I think that Reid's source may be Robert Kraft,

Sterling Heights official wants councilman to quit over inflammatory '09 video

So, Papa Johns blames the Affordable Care Act?..for raising prices? Not smart, very very stupid.

What to do with Eggplant

Even itty-bitty mousies have more gall than CaliforniaPeggy now!!!

Louisiana school ordered to stop pregnancy tests on 'suspect' students

New York police launch high-tech surveillance

Paris dismantles major Gypsy camp; families abandon homes ahead of police

Come on over Shep. The water's just fine

"I built this business without government help..."

Breaking: Romney Stuck In Endless Loop Of Uncomfortable Chuckling

Asia, US plains facing water extraction crisis

'I Didn't F_ _ k It Up'

Sheldon Adelson says Jewish group defamed him, seeks $60 million

Missile Defenseless: Poland slams US power play, plans own shield

and, the crowd goe's wild!!!

Hotmail/Outlook help

Today is my father's 93rd birthday!

I got a bad feeling we're about to have a bait and switch....

Today is my father's 93rd birthday!

Fox News Anchors Who Questioned Gabby Douglas’ Patriotism Get The Colbert Lampooning They Were Beggi

Why are Sikhs targeted by anti-Muslim extremists?

Romney is a lot like Peter Keating...

TPM: Rush Limbaugh on Romneycare Defense: A 'Goldmine' for Obama

Picture of the day.

Is college the new Company Store?

The Republicants.....

Mars briefing on CSpan1 now n/t

President Obama: Boy Scouts Should Stop Discriminating Against LGBT People

Is it common practice for Vet Oncologists

Romney compares California's economy to Greece

Republican Official (in Pennsylvania) : People with Obama Stickers are 'Mentally Retarded'

New freeper talk - Govt too critical of smoking since it ends up saving Soc Sec funds

Federal Appeals Court Strongly Suggests Vermont Prison Violated Anti-Slavery Amendment

News Corp registers $1.6bn fourth-quarter loss

California Fish and Game commissioner who killed cougar loses presidency

Social Network Size Linked to Brain Size

Romney's Ohio ad uses footage from the wrong state

NASA’s ‘Mohawk Guy’ Gets Galaxy of Marriage Proposals

How dare the science deniers, the anti-evolutionists, the benevolent

Bachmann supporter Randy Travis Leaves Jail in Paper Suit After Naked DWI Arrest

I know Ohiosmith tried really hard during his competition at the Olympics

Video: Curiosity Bids Goodbye to Heat Shield

Dear Hypothetically Gay Son

Legalize it in Oregon

Really? This is a fricking TV SHOW??? If these celebs so want to play soldier...

You know, DU is such a great community!

"Tigres" Are Honduras' New Battalion 3-16

This has been a very strange summer. Most of my flowers didn't bloom

Romney won't be able to control himself in debates.

Republican entertainer Randy Travis threatened to kill Texas state troopers.


A question about Olympic spoilage (no spoilers included)

Money STILL Can’t Buy Mitt Love

It is disingenous to come over here from a group that is blocking 16 members

Houston Restaurant Responds to Chick-fil-A with "Chick-on-Chick" Sandwich

Doesn't the welfare to work discussion puncture the welfare queen myth?

Caption needed:

Shooter of Sihks Wade Page died of self-inflicted wound

Teen hospitalized after four-day Call of Duty marathon

Why Afghanistan Can't Wait

Al Gore Taking Lead on Current TV's Convention Coverage

Piers Morgan gets pwned by olympic cyclist Bradley Wiggins

Why can't Romney release 2009 & 2010 instead of 2010 and WAITING FOR 2011?

Wait just a minute, here! i just saw the pic of Mitt and his grocery cart...

Romney: US is not a kibbutz

If you want a smile or maybe even a little laugh, take a look at "A Devil's Dictionary"

The Romney campaign admission on health care also leaves the media to twist in the wind

I would appreciate anything you can related to me about your own Chemo

The GOP's Kamikaze Candidate-"Republicans have selected the worst candidate in recent memory"

Romney aide's health care remarks spark flap

Do these food moguls just not get it?

Op-Ed: The Israeli left’s growing pragmatism

River of tension divides China and India

Video shows moment teacher is runover

New Zealand Police Try to Justify Paramilitary Raid on Kim Dotcom

I Think I Just Got Scanned on Ebay!

Actress Elizabeth Banks: Romney won’t help women with ‘a heavy flow’

I Told You So

CSPAN1 8:00pm Tonight (Wed., 8/8) Legal and Public Policy Implications of Martin Shooting

Wisconsin gunmans army base had white supremacists

Romney's fail in Elk Grove Village, IL

Oops! Fox commentator slips up on outrageous new Romney ad and pension-loss 'controversy'

What do you think Clutch Cargo is calling you in this picture?

3 Bear Cubs Rescued From Dumpster

Communication Transmission from Mars Probe!

Our FRiends offer a concise solution for the Romney Campaign's messaging flubs...

19 Food Tips That You Need To Know

Hey hypocritical media bashing Obama for the anti-Romney/Bain PAC ad

Caption Mitt:

"The Unlikeables: GOP Convention to Feature America’s Most Disliked Politicians"

Guy here charged with sexual assault, has that self-satisfied smirk you just want to hit him.

That was a fun visit to the doctor.

I stand by what I wrote by the way, the Indian IT industry is taking jobs, period

Mars crater where rover landed looks 'Earth-like'

If someone could hear for the first time today, what cd's would you rec

Ever notice how the Romney ads have the Clintons in them to contrast with Obama?

Obama opposes Scout ban on gays

Yes, it was a Joke. But it points up a real question.

Coloradoans likely to vote on ‘fetal personhood’ for a third time in November

'I am an ass'

Mitt Romney's Motorcade Chased By Pack Of Orthodox Jews

Economists don't agree with Romney camps attacks on Obama's stimulus policies - Ezra Klein, WaPo

Romney Ad Bashing Obama in Ohio Used Oklahoma Footage

A Few More From the South of France

Maine Ron Paul supporters turn down GOP convention compromise

One man, one dog, one Facebook photo that has touched thousands of hearts

Romney Holds Meeting With Supporters Of Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt

Spoiler: Women's Beach Volleyball

I am rooting against the Dream Team

Post the best -- or your favorite -- picture you've ever taken.

Egypt fires intelligence chief over Sinai attack

There's a Rumor Going Round.....

Posted on Face book

Obama will be in Council Bluffs on Monday, August 13th

Resident Evil coming in September

"GOP Insider: How Religion Destroyed My Party" The Party Is Over,By Mike Lofgren

Archbishop Cordileone on San Francisco's Forum radio show today........

Good video - Crosstabs on Mittens (non) favorability (can't embed the vid - link below)

Unions urge more female representation in corporate boardrooms

CEO: Obamacare to cause a 12-cent Increase for his Pizza | Crooks and Liars

With all the talk of tolerance.....

Coon Rapids nursing home workers organize with AFSCME

Rmoney versus Rmoney

VIDEO: You don't have to speak German

Letter Carriers president calls for crusade to save Postal Service

New exhibit tells story of first responders to bridge collapse (I-35)

CNN Anchor Interrogates Creators Of Gotye Parody Video Critical Of Obama

Meet the Unseen Bullwhip of the New Slavemasters

Ford seeks to preserve two-tier pay system

What frikkin' PLANET is Bryan Fischer on??!!??

Huff Post: Harry Reid Joined In Romney Tax Return Fight By Workers Voice, AFL-CIO Super PAC

Romney moves to embrace ‘Romneycare’

Romney is a Genius!

Romney ad bashing Obama in Ohio uses Oklahoma footage

The Joke's On You: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert considered harmful

John Fugelsang wrote this on his Facebook Page

Hey DUers with good memory...

How Iron Clad are Republican Rules for their Convention's First Ballot?

Stop Verizon Deal

Which 2012 election or ballot measure are you most concerned about?

Introducing my new scout/thrift/whatever blog...

"Nine Things You Didn’t Know About The Obamas" by Jodi Kantor at BuzzFeed

The Joke's On You: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert considered harmful

Mitt Romney’s New Health Care Plan: Adios, Mother F***ers, You’re On Your Own

ALF Sabotage Vice President of HLS-Supplier Beckman Coulter

Gingrich Glorifies McCarthyism To Defend His Support Of Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt

Americans ARE exceptional.

Criminal charges coming Thursday in allegedly fraudulent McCotter petitions

Did Romney ever respond to ABC News about possibly paying less than 13.9% in taxes?

Class Warfare defined:

American Family Assoc proposes new "underground railroad" to kidnap children of same-sex couples

Progressive metal bands

Not sure if this is a good thing or not....Wisconsin teen is fastest texter in America

President Obama's Full Remarks in Denver, Colorado - with Sandra Fluke Introduction

Men's Basketball Results

GOP Leaders: Sociopaths, Compulsive Liars, Nazi Propagandists or Political Cult Leaders?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- 9 August 2012

*Mudcat on Young Turks discussing Wayne Powell,

Posted in Video Section...3 Bear Cubs, Saved from New Mexico

Anyone have any pictures....

Shep Smith in Trouble at Fox News

To All The People Who Believe President Barack Obama Wasn't Born In The United States Of America

Most Australians back Assange, poll finds

List the dumbest lapse-in-logic in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Romney is a Genius!

What do you think is in Romney's taxes?

Could Robert Kraft of the Patriots be Harry Reid's source?

The Presidency should be decided by popular vote (or not?)

Is Tommy Thompson drunk in his latest campaign commercial?


Does Mitt really want to serve his country?

Video: American Mitt-iot (Green Day song parody)

us 127 sale

"Promising Perseid meteor shower peaks on Sunday"

Meteor Shower reminder (X-posted from GD)

Strikers ‘still holding strong’ since May 1

Olympic update Katie Bell Clintonville, OH moves on to the semis in the 3 meter dive

This is so bad, it's funny. Romney VP

He can be taught!

It's good for what ails ya

Obama has hit 59% on Intrade...

BREAKING: Romney Tax Returns Show

Romney VP pool - full of anti-choice nuts including Pawlenty

I'm going to the movies this weekend....drunk and naked.

Romney campaign takes press pool on a wild ride (90 MPH and crashes Jewish wedding)

Juan Cole: top 10 differences between white terrorists and others

Hypothetical question my husband posed: Could a President-Any President sign a Executive Order

"Cynicism is the greatest enemy of reform."

Goldman Sachs Leads Split With Obama, as GE Jilts Him Too


A tweeter on "The Ed Show" came up with the perfect nickname for Romney:

President Obama and Sandra Fluke in Denver, CO - pics

Union Strike Could Shut Down SF Museums

Always choose wealthy parents (Romney's message)

From Huff Post: Andrea Saul, Romney Spox, Gets Pilloried

What's for Dinner - Wednesday Aug 8th

Scott Brown Hits China Comparison By Elizabeth Warren, Despite Having Made His Own

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Handshake deal reached between AT&T and union (22,000 in 8 states)

Cool Idea: Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil

President Obama calls Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India to express condolences... - pic

We Want More Votes

"Stop Helping!"

Bob Hoskins reveals Parkinson's disease, bows out

Romney v Romney

Fannie Mae posts $2.2B net gain for Q2

What ever became of pistol carrying William Kostric at the Obama event in New Hampshire?

India's Latin American Friends

Interesting photo album on MSN: Half Drag

See the “Martian Triangle” in the Sky Tonight!

Does anyone remember about 3 years ago when Health care debate is going like crazy and

Women VB'ers - hot?

A Vision For A Democratic Future

A Brand New “Blue Marble” View of Earth

I recently posted a challenge about gay marriage/rights to an atheist discussion site

Typiical media trash implying Obama behind "misleading" ad

Susan G. Komen, breast cancer foundation, shakes up leadership

PHOTO: "Here, kitty kitty kitty...NICE kitty..."

Carbon Credits Gone Awry Raise Output of Harmful Gas

Anonymous Hacks IRS Database — Publishes Romney Tax Returns

I will never ignore anyone. Ever.

Let's talk about Randy TRAVIS. Whoever wrote "Forever ever amen" is a genius.

To educate more or NOT to educate more...?

The last place that meant more than any medal.

Man Orders TV Through Amazon, Gets Assault Rifle

Michael Moore to be up next on TRMS!


The microchip did its job.

My jalapenos recipe--

Just saw a rainbow, here in KCMO!

George Zimmerman trial for death of Trayvon Martin unlikely until 2013

Last Saturday night, some creepy dude walked into the movie plex in my town...

Mitt Romney's abortion business made him 50 million

eBay - Handmade 14kt Gold Cameo Pendant by Ronaldo (One of a kind! Signed!)

Can Kansas moderates recover?

I have not seen this posted and even though it's a little late, it's great news!

Romney Ad Accusing Obama Of Failing Ohio Car Dealerships Shows Images From Oklahoma

Where the Hell Is Matt 2012.

There are currently 22 Sikhs serving in the U.S. Army

I accidentally found this video today...dedicated to my son.

Well something interesting happened on the way to the... mass shooting

Rush Limbaugh: I Want A 'Finder's Fee' For Sandra Fluke Attacks

Court tosses Righthaven fair use appeal

My teabaggy ex- coworker

So my sister has the shingles.

2012 Election To Be Outcome Determined By Working Middle Class Acceptance of Truth or Myth

Pine Ridge Indian homicide cases get new scrutiny

Curiosity Self-Portrait (The images from Mars are coming quickly now)

Vanity Post: My latest video

Food on a Stick

The Bigger Picture about the LA Voucher School teachings.

`Avatar' director launches China 3-D venture

No One Is Voting FOR Mitt Romney In November

A Cheerleader thread for El Trumado...

Cartoon: Republicans sure haven't made it convenient for minority voters

The truth is no one wants to be Romney's VP running mate

Game Over: Wikipedia Locks Down Potential VP Pages In Response to Colbert Mischief-Making

The ED Show - Republicans and Democrats love Paul Ryan

President Obama, Mitt Romney Agree: Gay Boy Scouts OK

My very conservative, life long republican brother

Natural booty

Inside Chernobyl (Arkitekture Films 2012)

Uncle Ruckus, aka Allen West, disses the Congressional Black Caucus by serving them Chick-Fil-A.

Dems Announce More Targeted House Races for its “Red to Blue” program

The ED Show - New low for Gingrich?

FAA proposes $1 million penalty against Horizon Air for cockpit door rivets

Federal report: Bag with bomb was at Detroit building guard desk for weeks

Heat Exhaustion in a Texas Prison

Does anyone else think that we may have riots after this election

Romney’s Surrogate Disaster Continues as Gingrich Debunks Welfare Ad

Parking solutions

Australian mercy mission Airbus lands in Antarctic

AZ Sheriff Arpaio Admits To Ignoring Child Sex Crimes

NY Times Editorial Slams Romney for Welfare Lie

Security questions

Christie Seeks to Weaken Oversight of Halfway Houses

Presidential Election History Question

I can't get to sleep - it's mathematically impossible

Damn. I was ready to sign off on that Honey Boo Boo show until something happened to the pig.

Why is it

The ED Show - Conservatives fume at Romney Camp over health care defense

Man orders TV online, gets assault rifle instead

How to Pay for Single Payer Health Insurance

"Obama has fucked up the economy!"

Did Andrea Saul Redeem Herself After RomneyCare Gaffe?


Alonzo Mourning To Hold Obama Fundraiser


Gundersen on lethal radiation levels: Even higher measurements to come - Nuclear core has leaked out

Who is your Favorite Doctor? (Doctor Who Fans)

Egypt's president fires intelligence chief

Michigan: AG Will File Charges in Thaddeus McCotter Petition Scandal Thursday

Rachel Maddow - Michael Moore on Michigan's troubled democracy

If you have any Republican relatives or acquaintances ask them this question

Mon Aug 13th Ellison to speak at Town hall on Torture Memos (he is for or against ?)

Leader of southern Michigan militia, son avoid longer detention for gun crime

Rachel Maddow - Ohio headed toward extra voting time for Republicans only

Jon Stewart Rips ‘Conservatives And Their Media Division’ (Fox News) For Exaggerating Voter Fraud

Here's one argument that might put to rest the who is this Olympian more Patriotic than another.

I think President Obama and VP Biden could take the next 3 months off!

Wealthy GOP donor Adelson files libel suit in NY

Texas's execution of a mentally retarded individual was a monstrous act.

interesting results on PBS flea marketing show this week

Carlyle Group reports loss as fund values fall

Out of beer? Just call 911!

Curiosity snaps self-portrait

(Oxford American magazine) Editor Fired Following Harassment Accusation

Defense Department having money-managing problems