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Bain, Romney have mixed record of profits, jobs and layoffs in North Carolina

New Orleans Emergency preparation plans

Had a request for some photos (dial-up warning)

Republicans should split into two parties.

Who here as the oldest working Microwave?

Denny Rehberg, GOP Senate Candidate, Said Lobbyists Are 'Solution,' Government Is 'Enemy'

new voter ID info

Chalkboard of Awesomeness

So...what was David Brooks up to in this article? Seems scathing anti-RMoney....

will the ron paul delegates just go away quietly???

Romney Dog on Roof Online Game -Mitt's and Seamus' Road Trip -Ryan and Palin Join Too

The Romney Bunch

Rachel Maddow - Unpopular with minorities, Romney targets 'white vote'

I'm here for Isaac

The Real Romney

Rachel Maddow - Voting rights battle rages in Ohio

Where do you fit in terms of party identification? Take the quick quiz!

Campaign Internships with Wayne Powell for Congress (Richmond, Henrico, VA-7)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, August 27)

Fire Eric Cantor - Campaign Internships with Wayne Powell for Congress

#ThingsAnnRomneyBoughtAtCostco now trending on Twitter

Moderates, Romney Wreak Havoc at National Convention - Will They Destroy the Republican Party?

GM suspending production of Volt

Mitt in the Mud

La. Gov. Bobby Jindal asks President Obama for more Tropical Storm Isaac aid

Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal to speak at Democratic National Convention

'Pop-up lobbying' a new trend in convention influence peddling

Sarah Palin Cheers Convention Floor Fight

Ryan switched at birth....

Photo of Curiosity's ultimate destination

I am pissed at healthcare and billing practices...........

Sinfest Calligraphy #39

What was your most satisfactory presidential election win?

Ex-Gov. Ted Strickland: Where's Romney's 'Economic Patriotism?'

New Pa. voter IDs issued!

"The Real Romney"

Member profiles.

Every time history repeats itself--

Colombia leader discloses talks with FARC rebels

Colombia leader discloses talks with FARC rebels

APNewsBreak: Republicans less likely to be checked

Public Schools Denounced at Tea Party Rally in Tampa, Blamed for Election of Barack Obama

Boston Globe: Obama and Romney "virtually tied" in FL

Romney is the lowest thing in the World

Test piece, based on a photo of Marcel Duchamp...

These are just great...

Romney's Racist Heart


Hurricanes are cause by high barometric pressure, not by gay marriage

Holy shit- David Brooks SHREDS Mittens- and it's funny as hell: The Real Romney

I LOVE Women.

Destroying Precious Land for Gas

GOP Convention To Feature Strong Lineup Of Conservative Women Listeners

Advice: If your house is threatened by a hurricane

David Brooks Writes Hysterical Satire -- The Real Romney

Jindal accuses Obama of not doing enough for Louisiana!!!

Former paramilitary claims he was bribed to testify against court officials .

Been offline for a bit. What's up with Isaac?

Colombian army sergeant found guilty of killing children .

Sneaking into North Korea

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday August 28th

Leader of Army Plot Attended the 2008 Republican Convention as a Page

I normally ignore ads, here on DU, but this disgusts me - underage girls

Court clears Israeli army over death of U.S. activist

Google Street View now has tours of ancient Mexican monuments

Someone is trying to talk me into getting an Ipad, says it will organize my life, make it easier.

Made a Teabagger's Head Explode Today.

Here's The Romney-Bain Tax-Avoidance Scheme That A Law Professor Says Is Illegal

Republicans have ALWAYS hated Medicare

Yo Jindal!

6 Right-Wing Zealots and the Crazy Ideas Behind the Most Outrageous Republican Platform Ever

Why the Democratic Party Platform Should Call for End to Mountaintop Removal Mining

This is an open letter (read angry rant) to Tom Smith and all others


KUOW wants your comments on the 2012 election


Two Tibetan teenagers die in self-immolations

The Root of Physician Burnout

English journalist raped and killed by Libyan rebels last year

The straw purchasers: ‘Don’t let this happen to you’

Ask Mitch McConnell if his wife came here legally....

Former Senator Arlen Specter is hospitalized with a 'serious illness'....

Republicans Re-Defined Torture, Re-Defined Rape, now they want to Re-Define America

Caravan for Peace calls for effort to stop gun smuggling to Mexico

Canadians are richer than we are

The lies about Medicare are working...

Infrared light offers promise of laser-sharp cancer therapy

Morning Intern Killer Joe: Chris Christie will give Obama "good-natured pokes."

Nobody asked for my birth certificate...

Why Conservatives Like The Gold Standard — The Worst Economic Idea In The World

BLOOMBERG: Ronald Reagan Is A 'Socialist!'

What the *#@% Is Wrong With Republican Men?!...great read

Coalition slashes health and safety guidance for schools

'Hit squads' to take over seven NHS trusts

Latest annoying Republican whine here in Iowa.

Tea Party patriot loves government health care

Bobby Jindal---the lying sack of shit. Remember this one during Katrina?

How come this story no longer states that they were planning to

"She also got me a 3-pack of shirts at Costco, and...and, they're very nice shirts."

Best Photo Crop Of RNC Circus:

The one horror story that’s missing when Canadians talk about health care

My MacPro won't shut all the way off. It won't wake my monitors when I start it up.

Mica looks like an ant next to Christie

Who will be blamed for Mitt Romney's election-loss?

Post taken down by poster

Boys, we are in trouble now. Joey Scar just said "Mitt is comfortable in his own skin..."

Bill Nye the Science Guy says creationism not good for kids

Quick! Shut off the hologram! Rush is onto us!

Keane, 'Disconnected' Music Video: Band Releases '70s Horror Movie-Inspired Video

Bigfoot killed in Montana

Australian voters would deliver Obama landslide victory

San Francisco's archbishop-elect strongly opposed to same-sex marriage but not to driving drunk.

Quinnipiac: Obama +7 in CONNECTICUT, McMahon +3

I want a Poodle Moth.

On what aisle are car elevators, Mitt?

Hey Romney you and the little wifey are bold faced truth-stretchers.....

Americans: Serfs Ruled by Oligarchs

My Daughter posted this on my FB, so true, so true.

Coal miners lost pay when Mitt Romney visited their mine to promote coal jobs

Ohio SOS Husted given OK to fire Democratic BOE members

The Pacific free trade deal that's anything but free

"If you two don't stop giggling"

Platform Could Be Messaging Minefield For GOP

The David Brooks column is about making it ok to "joke" about birtherism

Pee-wee Herman turns 60

DNC Video Hits Romney: ‘You Didn’t Build That, You Destroyed That’

Mitt Romney's unpaid family bill catches up with him

anyone know what the Mormon beliefs are in regard

Mitt's book caper

Steven Brill, Reuters: How would a woman "prove" rape to qualify for Romney's abortion exception?

What would happen if romney was elected president?

Bullying and school shootings...

Wisconsin: Protesters hassling you Senator? New Capitol Police Chief says "hit them".

Tom Toles: Convention Walkout

2nd Yosemite visitor dies of rodent-borne illness

Are you Voting? Repukes forced 43% reduction in FEMA grants to cities

Paul Ryan protest pics from his hometown rally.

GOP "Sob-Sob"...The harsher their policies, the more they try to look like emptional softies

Christie: GOP shouldn't have to condescend to women

Poetry lesson for today. (Please read, this could be very important in your life.)

Paul Ryan: 2014 is ‘good, reasonable timeline’ for drawdown in Afghanistan

Military Spending on Biofuels Draws Fire

A Revealing Look At Romney's Own 'Welfare Work Waiver' As Mass. Gov.

Chris Christie: People who focus on me saying Romney can't win are "so shallow and so narrow"

Chris Matthews Eviscerates Reince Preibus - Must See Video

Oil spill fouls Curacao shore, threatens flamingos

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- RNC, day 2

F.D.A. Approves Once-a-Day Pill for H.I.V.

MSU student's mouth stapled, jaw broken in hate crime attack

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- More Neil Armstrong Tributes

7 Birthers Will Speak at RNC

Q-Poll: Obama leads by 7 in CT & McMahon by 3 in senate race

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Following Akin Controversy, Romney Shifts Position on Abortion

Oil spill fouls Curacao shore, threatens flamingos

I got a real expensive shirt from bloomimgdales one time

Team Romney White-Vote Push: ‘This Is the Last Time Anyone Will Try to Do This’

Republicans Make FOOLS Out Of TEA PARTIERS At The GOP Convention In Front Of A National Audience

AP Fact Check: Anti-Obama Film Short On Evidence

CBS Poll -Obama -46% Rmoney 45%

The Wrong Side Absolutely Must Not Win

Colombia detains alleged FARC arms provider from Venezuela (auto translated)

Fundie nut Bryan Fischer: Gays Have ‘No Business’ Being Republican

Who is on Welfare? What are the demographics?

WHOOPS! Report: Chris Christie Turned Down Veep Slot Because He Thinks Romney's Going to Lose

*** Gets staple gun out and posts new signs for the DU Motel ***

Obama denies Catholic Cardinal prayer at DNC but there is going to be 20,000 Islamists prayer

National Medical Marijuana Group To Endorse Obama For Second Term As President


Are you watching any of the RNC Convention?

Donald Trump Makes An Ass Of Himself In Florida, Surprises No One

An early election guide-- which states will or won't matter...

Smoking marijuana regularly as a teen may lower IQ scores as an adult

Consider This-Concealed Handgun To Crowded Theatre=Fine//Credentialed Jounalist At RNC=Security Risk

Democratic political ad. If this man rapes you, Republicans say you must have his baby.

Racist nightline

Pot Smoking Lowers IQ

New York "stop and frisk" trial set for March 2013

Chicago: CTA Responds Aisle-Facing Seats are Here to Stay

I have a sinking feeling between now and Election day this election is gonna get really dirty

was this guy 'disappeared' ??

"The more people get to know the Romneys, the more they're gonna go 'gosh' and fall in love..."

DNC Tampa Tribune Runs Full Page Ad---Ties Akin to Romney-Ryan ticket

Rove Counting On Breaking 'White Moderates' Support for Nation's First Black President

Chuck Todd is making me mad

For Starbucks customers: Starbuck's "Grounds for your Garden" program.

Ciara Matthews back in the news

Security at the RNC: George Orwell Meets a 'Call of Duty' Cityscape

Home Prices In 20 U.S. Cities Mark First Gain Since 2010

Add It Up: Taxes Avoided by the Rich Could Pay Off the Deficit

Black Caucus Slams Artur Davis Ahead of Speech

Mitt's night

GOP set to OK most pro-gun platform ever

72% of Newspaper Articles About The General Election Written by Men

49 years ago today: MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln memorial.

"We Built It!" Um...

The Republican Consumer: What republicans Look Like

Is this election really going to be close in November?

Nate Silver criticizes two Michigan pollsters

Meteorologist Adjust Official Stance: Human Activity Causing Climate Change

One Californian to Chris Christie: Fuck You

White dudes talkin' rape

Obama Super PAC Plots Massive Ad Campaign Against Romney

Nate Silver: Michigan is NOT a toss-up

Watching bits and pieces of the Chuck Todd show

President speaking on hurricane prep now and


Romney Camp Shrugs Off Need To Win Florida

Pic Of The Moment: Jindal Skips RNC To Prepare For Isaac

Art lover

The root of the problem

also too, it is good to know that Republicans are at the forefront of science

My video suggesting ACA is reason enough to vote Obama

Romney Foundation Grantmaking Appears Politically Moderate

This is what my face looked like the last time I dropped acid

On Thursday Night, there's a slot for a "mystery" speaker.

"Our youngest wanted a little brother or sister", Ann Romney

Why we should ban life jackets...

Hackers target Cambridge University

49 years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech in Washington, D.C

The Republican War on Women in North Carolina

The Romney-Ryan-Akin Platform for Women

Brewer: Obama Pandering, Race-Baiting For Latino Vote

New book-The Myth of the Muslim Tide: Do Immigrants Threaten the West-rebuts right-wing fear mongers

You never lose the spirit of adventure

How would a woman "prove" rape to qualify for Romney's abortion exception?

Frustrations of Air Travel Push Passengers to Amtrak

Behind the Scenes: Team Romney Pays Back Its Billionaires

2012 Republican Convention Speakers: What They Really Think

Exclusive: Secret Menu Details Perks, Access for Elite Romney Donors

When I vote in Pennsylvania in November, I'm going to ask for some identification

Coal Miners Lost Pay When Romney Came To Their Workplace To ‘Promote Jobs’

Born in chains: the American way of birth in prison

Meanwhile, in Sweden...

Romney's Ryan Is One Of Those Republicans Who Prefers Debating Disaster Aid To Delivering It

Newt Gingrich is a smarmy, smelly, smug smattering of smegma

She Loves You, yeah...

Religious Leaders At Republican National Convention 2012 Take Center Stage

Even though Ann Romney was sick with MS, Mitt was

GOP Poster Boy Is Grounded And Can’t Come Out And Play

Gun control: 'Suicide epidemic' pits US military commanders against NRA

Reince Priebus: War on Caterpillars? Women are Watching...

I can't keep this a secret anymore.

Republicans, You Didn't Build That - We All Did

Factory workers prepare to confront Romney in Tampa over Bain layoffs

Nice LAT Headline: "For GOP, storm's timing makes it harder to be anti-government"

Like FIFTEEN September 11 Attacks Every Year

After insulting all women, we now we have the sympathy card...............

Bill Nye slams creationism

I'm getting a wee bit tired of the insistence by even our team that this is a close race. It isn't.

"Rabbis for Obama" Blur Church and State Unreasonably

Spider brought in a newborn squirrel this a.m. Cats do this to try to teach us how to hunt

Ipsos-Reuters tracking Poll: Obama leads Romney 46-42

Man killed while trying to create Bigfoot sighting

Koch brothers' and Dick Armey's FreedomWorks forces 12 issues on RNC.

one movie you should not see alone...


Important chart to share. Bush's policies are STILL effecting spending and growing the deficit more

Giant Vaginas Greet Republican National Convention Attendees

Atheists don't have no songs.

Doctors Storm Tampa To Support Health Care Reform

One night at Cheers, Cliff Clavin explained the" Buffalo Theory"to his buddy Norm:

My friend was hospitalized due to an airline flight

Romney Operatives Concede That 'Romney Will Never Be More Likable Than President Obama'

EXCLUSIVE: Undercover At NOM's Anti-Gay Student Conference

Perhaps this will help-Feminism101

It's so cute when they fight among themselves.

American RTL Launches

Perry picks ex-railroad commissioner Williams to be Texas education chief

Thom Hartmann: GOP to Blow Up the Voting Rights Act?

Mitt has to win the most concentrated white vote in history.

Time-lapse map of every nuclear explosion between 1945 and 1998:

Mitt Romney Campaign: We Will Not 'Be Dictated By Fact-Checkers'

The Mainstream Media is SHOCKED But Romney’s RACIST LIES Are Nothing New

So... what are Alan Grayson's chances, really?

This week's True Blood recap is gonna be a bit different

So Mika asks Chris Christie:

2012 Republican Convention speakers: What they really think

Ya knew it was coming.. "God moved the hurricane for the Republicans"

Asking again for your roommate stories!

GOP To Feature "dead-silent female Republicans" with "if possible, slightly more cleavage"

Obama warns Gulf coast residents not to 'tempt fate' with Isaac

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Declines by Most Since October

posts from MotherJones and FreeSpeechTV dissapeared

When we have a grown up in the White House we get the following:

Check out the Les AuCoin Blog

I really, really want this umbrella ….

Meghan McCain: Ann Romney is Mitt's "best weapon in his back pocket to humanize him."

Appealing to racism won't work for the GOP. They need to Manufacture it.

DNC Video Hits Romney: ‘You Didn’t Build That — You Destroyed That’

Something is wrong with my cat!

"The GOP platform. One MORE thing Mitt isn't eager to release!" David Axelrod tweeted.

Romney Adviser Claims Mitt Romney Is The ‘Perfect’ Tea Party Candidate, Tea Party Disagrees

Rachel Maddow - Debunktion Junction: Tampa edition

US Army Corps of Engineers: your information please

SNEAK PEEK: The Inspirational True Story Of What Makes Mitt Romney Better Than All Of Us

zero tolerance gone insane

Man killed while trying to create Bigfoot sighting

"Things That Shouldn't Be Said In Modern Society To Be Said At Least 1,400 Times At RNC"


Harrisburg Newspaper Cutting Back to 3 Days a Week for Print Version

Pat Robertson's CBN Suggests God Moved Hurricane to Protect Republicans

Rubio Gets An Earful Over Breakfast

Favorite brand of ginger ale?

Excellent cartoon for Republican convention

Romney Economics: The Infomercial -

Tried communicating with someone that considers themselves a liberal Christian yesterday..

BWAHAHA! MSNBC plays the Ike & Tina "Proud Mary" card with Ann Romney & Chris Christie speeches

Obama opens 6 point lead

Thom Hartmann: Inside the GOP Voter Suppression Machine

Someone just asked me why I hate David Brooks so much

Question: How much of my taxes.....

American And European Activists To Try Again With Palestinian Visit

Capitalism Works Best When Left Alone!

Nostalgia kick. Post a song you liked in college.

I am being stalked by low post count abusive trolls.

Romney has probably 100% of what vote?

From NYmag 2012 or Never for GOP’s White Base -- Daily Intel

Iran Will Never Stop Uranium Enrichment: Envoy

The Last Word - 'Some people in your party don't like you'

FR gaga for new Berfer Rumor: Trump/Breitbart has "Indonesian document" proving Obama's Un-Murkin.

Pew has a new short test to find out your ideology

Romney Adviser Lowers Expectations For Post-Convention Bump

The Last Word - Romney talks secret tax returns

Hi everybody! This is my first post.

Romney accidentally says he favors ‘health’ exception for abortion

It's now Hurricane Isaac as New Orleans hunkers down

LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!! in your dreams mother fucker

Ron Paul Delegates Will Make the Republican Convention INTERESTING

The Last Word - Rewriting Republican policy on rape

Per MSNBC and Weather Channel

Facts are Stupid

Coal miners say they were forced to attend Romney event and donate

Fact Checkers: Romney Campaign, Then and Now

April Helps Lynnesinn with the DU beauty shop:

CBS News Poll Finds Presidential Candidates Essentially Tied

Bachmann: GOP is ‘a party of women’ because I won straw poll

What the hell is that? A teleprompter?

Israeli Army Destroys Water Cisterns And Dwellings In Southern West Bank

Rush blamed Obama for the tampa hurricane...

Christie doesn't think Romney will win

Rather strange T-shirt I just saw.

Barack Obama's 'Got A Friend' In James Taylor

The split screen effect

Donald Trump: Arianna Huffington unattractive, no wonder husband left her

CNN Breaking: Lawless Anarchists about to break through RNC Convention Security

Albert Einstein quote: Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters...

Tampa Bay Buzz Blog: RNC forgets to send buses to pick up Florida delegation

You can help: NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION DAY is September 25

What Would Granny Do With a Voucher?

A Mystery Speaker for Thursday? . . . Could It Be . . . Her?

Jennifer M. Granholm: Republicans: What About Children Outside the Womb?

The Puzzle Of The 13 Solar Towers of Chankillo

Just finished watching The American Experience about The Kennedys

The Puzzle Of The 13 Solar Towers of Chankillo

i am dead from cute

Obama Administration Finalizes Historic 54.5 mpg Fuel Efficiency Standards

Romney super pacs pulling their money out of Pennsylvania per Robert Gibbs

Enlisting the AIDS Virus to Fight Cancer

The Romney "welfare" ads are aimed at WHITE WOMEN

Might the White Horse prophecy affect the U.S. presidential election?

The brain power of people who post at FR

Democratic Convention Islamic fear propaganda has started

Fox News fakes a "the Romneys are just regular folks" spot.

My favorite Bruce Willis movie is Nobody's Fool...

Seriously, having play music on Mars gives good reason for the Martians to invade us

Arlen "Magic Bullet" Specter is in seriously ill condition

Rescued dog gets special prosthetic legs to walk again{gruesome, cruel story - happy ending}

Limbaugh suggested that the government manipulated hurricane forecasts


Note what Mitt's riding here--it's a, uh,

The more people dislike him...

Thom Hartmann: Medea Benjamin - Romneyville/Occupy the RNC!

Another pic from Reddit.

The Money Flows Up (A Song)

It is a short plane ride from Dallas to Tampa. Hell, one could even drive it.

Sometimes, Obama is a decent guy and people just fail to recognize it.

Mitt Romney, chickenhawk

How big a sample do these polls have? Big enough.

Archbishop Tutu refuses platform with Tony Blair over Iraq

T-shirt that I am definately going to get!

U.S. banks made $34.5-billion profit in second quarter

Workers forced to attend Romney rally -- without being paid.

RNC chair Rinse Prius on Akin: "Time for Mr. Akin to step aside. He could be tied; we're not gonna

DNC fires back with 'You didn't built that, you destroyed it'

TOONS: Queen Ann Romney

The Rude Pundit: Our Fading Planet

Anti-gay Cardinal Dolan To Close Democratic National Convention

sore throat tea to keep in your fridge

CT working for anyone else?

Villaraigosa: Republicans 'can't just trot out a brown face'

The Mormans Are Exploiting The Election With Fear ...OSMOND FAMILY

I just missed a call from Gallup!!

BIC "For Her" Pen...Hilarious Amazon Reviews

Leader of Alleged Obama Assassination Plot Was a Page at 2008 Republican Convention

Live coverage of Hurricane Isaac from local Gulf Coast television.

I Wish We Would Go Back To The Old Way Of Selecting A Party's Candidate.....

Vietnam war reporter Malcolm Browne dies (BBC)

I am having trouble figuring out who is worse, Akin, Ryan or Smith

Michigan State Student Brutally Beaten in Anti-Semitic Attack

Twice today, a pic of a badly beaten female child

The internet makes it hard to fool all of the people all of the time.

Code Pink Protests as Giant Vaginas at RNC: 'Can't Say It, Don't Legislate It!'

BAT ROMANCE [Batman Original MUSIC VIDEO] Dark Knight Rises Parody

Well, here we go

Rinse Peenus LIVE @ RNC: "Let's give them a round warm welcome." Er...sphincter says WHAT?

*** RNC Thread #1 (opening offal) ***

Katrina vanden Heuvel, WaPo: Extremism in defense of Gilded Age privilege

Bedraggled and wet, Tamron Hall is still

The Debt clock is a GREAT way to remind America:

24 hour poll! What do you think we win/take control over in November?

DNC Billboard facing RNC Convention

Papantonio: The NRA is Politically Impotent

PPP/Daily Kos National Poll: Obama 50% Romney 44%

REPORT: Rick Scott’s Anti-Voter Effort Grinds Democratic Registration To A Halt

Ron Paul, Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald and the Libertarians’ Electoral Strategy

Where can if find recommendations for what to look for in wet cat food?

Murray Energy Miners Allege They Had To Give Up Pay To Attend 'Mandatory' Romney Rally (AUDIO)

5 faithy players to watch at the Republican National Convention

So Adobe Creative Suite is now a "cloud" product.

Code Pink protests gun violence in Land O' Lakes

24/7 Romney coverage

RNC Schedule: Tokenism Extraordinaire

How you can tell when the party is over...

This is where Mitt Romney wants to lead the United States toward.......

HAHAHA! Romney Campaign TRIES Lowering Expectations for Post-Convention Bump!

Saw Batman on Sunday. What a piece of reactionary tripe! (spoilers inside)

Thom Hartmann: Your Boss Can Tell You To Campaign for Todd Akin - or You're Fired!

what they saw at the republican convention filled them with morbid fascination

Mitt Romney Marijuana Views Echo Long Progressive History Of U.S. Drug War

For those disturbed by the nature of the police presence @ the RNC protests

C-span 4 has cameras at all the Tampa strip clubs

Warning: if using a drinking game while watching the RNC,

GOP, big tent or big mess?

90s rock

Meet The Welfare Flip-Floppers GOP Guvs: We Didn’t Want Welfare Waivers We Asked For

Photoshop time! Give the RNC stage a new backdrop

Just making a point.

How low will it go?

Will they introduce Ann as "Mrs Mitt Romney"?

Not to quibble with Rachel...

In the spirit of the GOP Convention/Circus, I'd Like To Do The Honors:

Romney talks about using Chinese slave labor to profit Bain Capital

The Republican Party - a serious synopsis of what they stand for.

Beach Bums Don’t Care Isaac Is Coming, They’re Too Busy Air-Humping An NBC Reporter

Oh, no he din't! Guess what Trump said, that he shouldn't have said.

Republican asshat in my workplace was just now crowing about a meme. Help me out?

Paul Ryan: The term “forcible rape” was “stock language” "End of story"

GE Smith, the old SNL guitar player is the band leader for the GOP convention.

Cameron Diaz pre 40.

Haley Barbour on Obama: ‘He’s a one percenter’

Republicans get 12.45% of Colorado letters questioning citizenship

Great picture in Esquire magazine of Rmoney and Ryan

Today is the 49th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech

LOL! sad, sad republicans

{whine}: But... but... you've never been kicked in the balls! {women - dangerously}: S...T...F...U.

A Capella Science - Rolling in the Higgs

Reporter struggles with the crowd at Republican National Convention

Romney Campaign: "We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers."

This is for Arianna Huffington -

Piracy Around Horn of Africa Has Plunged, U.S. Says

What Time Is It on Your Circadian Clock?

Headsup! Jon Stewart

Anti Romney/Ryan Campaign Slogans

Question about the national debt during Obama years?

We should be more vocal with the "Romney is a Flip-Flopper" meme

Lindsay Lohan suspect in $100K Hollywood Hills jewelry theft, lying about car accident

At RNC, Michael Steele is man who doesn’t exist

What happens when a kid yells at Novak Djokovic to marry him at US Open practice session?

Three judge panel of DC Court throws out Texas redistricting plan (Updated)

Sarah Palin-Impersonating Porn Star Strips for RNC Delegates at GOP-Themed Club in Tampa

Yes, it finally happened. Someone made a bid on a storage unit and found body parts.

In 2009 we lost Michael Jackson. Now we lost Neil Armstrong

Pic of the moment: How The Republican Convention Contradicts The Entire Republican Convention

Meet the members of the Congressional Science Committee who don't get science.

Abramoff: Lobbyist Money 'Well Spent' at Republican National Convention

Hear the First Lady tell the story of her family’s move to the White House

Cleaning hummingbird feeders - help please

Oh shit, I just found this cartoon looking for another image:

Food Fight! Gonna be a whole lotta shakin' going on at the GOPeas Circus:

I laughed.

Food Waste: Americans Throw Away Nearly Half Their Food, $165 Billion Annually, Study Says

Germany pursues charges against suspected Auschwitz death camp guard

What a bunch of "dicks"

The X-Ray Reveals

"Mitt Romney made millions of dollars bankrupting companies, shuttering factories, offshoring jobs

California public worker pension changes unveiled

Keeping the faith at home

MSNBC's "The Cycle" asks: "Can Ann make America love Mitt?"

RNC to honor deceased Republicans

A graph you need to see when watching the GOPeas Circus or you hear about the debt:

PPP: Obama leads in Iowa by 2-points among likely voters

Thom Hartmann just asked a GOP GoPAC douche a simple question.



Penn State Cuts 'Sweet Caroline' From Stadium Singalongs (no more 'Touching me/Touching You')

Nutritional Facts about Mitt Romney

Convention Floor Fight Over Rules Still Looming

Fair weather politicians in Tampa.

What would a Romney win mean

Are you a republican or are you just happy to see me?

Did you ever quit going to a club meeting, group meeting, etc. because somebody you couldn't stand

New 'Newsroom' Clip: "Tea Party is the American Taliban" - Amazing.

Stealing the Election

The tragicomic descent of Julian Assange into international shame

To Our Childrens Childrens Children!

Chris Matthews ADMITS To Believing Romney's an EMPTY SUIT

Federal court rejects voting districts drawn by Texas Legislature, finds maps discriminatory

Pat Robertson - People Love To Work - Raising The Retirement Age Is Awesome

Inside U.S.-Soviet Relations during the Carter-Brezhnev Period (8-15-12 The National Security

Teaparty say they did algorithm predictions and say Romney wins.

I think even A C Cupp is having trouble with the Republican "Vision."

A big step forward on fuel efficiency

Really? The right wing talking point is 50% of American don't pay taxes...what a bunch of assholes.

Charles Colson rips Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan a new one.

DU has the funniest dang ads.

Rush Limbaugh jokes about drowning poor people in New Orleans to help Romney

Mecum Muscle Car Auction

I Don't Get It - Under Ryan Budget Louisiana And Jindal Would Get No Money ---

Tuned in for a few minutes of the RNC afternoon session...

ETCH-A-SKETCH: Top Adviser Says Romney Will BACK AWAY From ‘SELF DEPORTATION’ Policy

Potential Darwin Award recipients.

Thom Hartmann: Conservative Claims Obama Runs Eugenics Program to Kill Black Babies

Solved the dust ruffle problem.

2016: Obama's America...

Update: Arlen Specter Confirms He Is Fighting Cancer

Leaked document shows how Michelle Rhee is working with astroturf group to promote ALEC law

I was telling a friend that 'Luckily Isaac is only a Cat1 Hurricane'

A Fleeting Observation about current Election Coverage.....

Convention protesters try to arrest Condi Rice

RNC forgets to send buses to pick up Florida delegation

Boehner hugely booed on convention floor over rules adoption (locking Paulites out)

The Greatest Story Ever Told

6 Right-Wing Zealots and the Crazy Ideas Behind the Most Outrageous Republican Platform Ever

First Romney Robo call here in Colorado

Could we be seeing the effective end of the GOP?

HOw sparse are the crowds at the Convention? anyone know?

Timothy Egan ...if intelligence were contagious,

Jay Spearing is sad to be leaving liverpool

Mitt "White Horse"

Song For G.E. Smith

Priorities USA Action: "Olive"

Wells Fargo Fires Iowa Worker for Minor 1963 Crime

Penn State Cuts 'Sweet Caroline' From Stadium Singalongs

Oh the irony! The pattern on voting restrictions that are challenged in court:

Democrats Infiltrate Tampa for Republican Convention

Backers plan creation hall of fame

Mitt Romney's Secret Weapon!

Freaker's "atwitter" at "Mystery Speaker" at Convention

Todd Akin Goes After Reince Priebus: He Has A 'Personal Vendetta'

What We Already Knew About The Tea Party And 'The Newsroom' Finally Said Out Loud

August 28, 1963

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Pulls Out of Event with Tony Blair Because of Iraq War

Court: GOP’s Texas Redistricting Plan Intentionally Discriminated Against Hispanics

US Finalizes 2025 Fuel Efficiency Standard of 54.5 MPG

President Obama to Iowa State Students: "I'm counting on you"

No more war

Mean federal government won't let career criminal James O'Keefe jet down to Florida

Akin campaign rips RNC Chair Priebus

Ohio's Husted fires Democratic election board members

Ron Paul supporters come up short in rules fight

A heartfelt "Thank you President Obama"

Christie "Republicans shouldn't have to cater to women."

More voter suppression in Ohio) Group Plans To Sue To Purge Voter Rolls

Brian Mulligan gruesome Los Angeles police beating photo goes public

Lord Vagimort.

I'm excited about Queen Ann's speech.

RNC rollcall starting now. If there's going to be a melee, this will be the time.

'Sununu officially nominates Romney. The applause is...middling.'

Romney to coal miners, "You've got a great boss". Attendance at Romney event was mandatory .

Okay I'm PTSDing a little here. Can we throw a vibe toward the Gulf Coast?

Your Third Way Talking Point Memo 4 2day: "Delaying action on entitlements guts public investments."

Michigan’s Republican Gov On Obama’s Welfare Policy: ‘More Flexibility To Governors Is A Good Thing'

So you know how horrified Republicans are about voter fraud?

paul ryan redefining rape as "forcible rape" was just "stock language"

Ron Paul supporters are pissed. gif link inside

"He's a mastermind in the ways of espionage"

Americans Say Rich Are Greedy, Dishonest, Don't Pay Enough In Taxes: Pew Report

Federal court rejects voting districts drawn by Texas Legislature, finds maps discriminatory

(OH Secretary of State) Husted fires Mont. Co. (Democratic) election board members

Matthews is still on line yet...

El Salvador’s Criminal De-Mobilization Evokes De-Militarization of Civil War

Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip

School made deaf student change his name

Fellow DUers I need your input

New York Times Reporter Gave CIA Flack A Sneak Peak At Maureen Dowd's Column

Why vote for Obama?

I am so going to hell for laughing at this.

Coal miners lost pay when Mitt Romney visited their mine to promote coal jobs

Romney Economics: The Infomercial

GOP Platform: Abortion Ban Approved By Republicans In Tampa

Mormon media seems to be heavily promoting the Romneys today


The RNC roll call vote is the funniest thing I have ever seen!

Yasser Arafat: France opens murder inquiry

This is the one lackluster convention. The roll call lacks a lot of the

"See I told you (with a deep and piercing glare to her husband)".

Do you think Bill Clinton will forcefully smack down Romney's welfare claims?

The Onion: "RNC Builds Levee Out Of Poor People To Protect Convention Site"

Mitt was a total IDIOT to go all Bain Capital on the baggers, Paulites & So-Cons w/ the rule change

Robert Reich: George W. Bush as Hurricane Isaac

Mitt Romney clinches the Republican nomination

Mitt Romney's Secret Weapon

Ann Romney Opens Up About Miscarriage In CBS Interview = Campaign Ad

GOP Senate candidate Josh Mandel calls auto industry bailout un-American

REPORT: Rick Scott’s Anti-Voter Effort Grinds Democratic Registration To A Halt

Differences between Kerry and Romney

Legitimate Rape by the Renegade Grannies

Question: I live in Chicago (which we all know is some foreign shit hole) and don't really watch TV.

Tampa Bay Gay Prostitutes Gearing Up for Flood of Closeted Republicans

Whoa, republicans I know are trashing the GOP (updated)

Ok kids, this is a serious question, not meant to disparage, but it's the Boy Scout in me...

President Obama Previews GOP Convention: ‘It Should Be A Pretty Entertaining Show’

The bullet I didn't dodge....but I returned it.

Corbett Screws Up His One Minute of Fame at Republican Convention

"The 14 year old shooter has been charged as an adult with Attempted Murder"

Tipping Point: Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip

One-person grand jury named in Michigan fake candidate scandal

If I were the Obama campaign I would consider interviewing an African American woman on welfare

John Boehner Backs Mitt Romney's False Welfare do you beat lies? flat out lies.

someone please cut off my hands

UnTIED Airlines

Whooo, R Youoooo? (trippy)

What it currently says on the top of the Huffington Post front page ...

And, yes, Reince Preibus is a 40-year-old...

If Christie stays one more day in Florida....

Ryan-Paul in 2016

Dolan has killed gay kids and continues to do so

A brilliant commentary on Global Warming (stolen from an undisclosed location)

Michele Bachmann's Latest Obama Attack Is A Head-Scratcher

The New Rampage Mentality

Born in chains: the American way of birth in prison

Homegrown Right-wing Terrorists

The Clearest Images Of Another Planet You've Ever Seen

Remote Alaska to stockpile food, just in case

Breaking: Federal court: Discrimination in Texas voting maps

"RNC 2012: Cheating, Corruption, and Chaos Brewing"

NY Times: Over Loud Boos, Romney Supporters Pass New Rules

A question about donating

Federal court blocks Texas voter ID law

Change your password to something like "I Rock!!"?

Why Romney is desperately race baiting and Obama seems confident although polls show a tie

help, I need cornbread but don't have any milk!

Smart phone users, are you happy with your phone? And what are you using?

David Letterman Presents: ‘Ann And Mitt Romney Lies’

Convention seeks to repair GOP erosion with women and Latinos

Hahaha! SUCKERS! Did you really think the party of plutocrats, corporate welfare, and global

Do We Need Conventions?

Keiser Report: Stolen Sovereignty: IMF's grand Greek heist

The RNConventioneers will probably get to hear

Ayn Rand's independent, free man

Jason Mraz, Obama supporter

Republican SOS, Husted fires Mont. Co. Democratic BOE members

EXCLUSIVE: Voting Machine 'Sleepovers' in Alaska Pose Serious Risk to Today's Primary Election

Another day, another teabagger politician in AZ

Maine GOP delegates walk out of convention, plan to boycott

"Motherfuckers Have a TelePrompTer"

Disaster preparedness tips for Republicans, by Republicans

I'm going to watch the RNC convention with the sound off

Apparently Target is Up to An Old Trick

Sister Joan Chittister, Benedictine Nun...

Another great toon from M.Wuerker/Politico:

Ah, I need to go outside and water my plants.


In your everyday, have you heard any Repukes praising Romney, or just bashing Obama

Just turned to CurrentTV's convention coverage

Britt Hume and Megyn Kelly hate America. Talk over the national anthem in Tampa.

Boehner is shitfaced

boehner talking about bars, seriesle???

The 2012 Republican Platform (scorched earth version)

Stock Market indicators predict Obama victory this November

Priebus seems like he also had a few.

Shorter Boehnner: My family's bar didn't serve blacks

Just Got Home From Work... How's The Freak Show Going ???

What if Jesus had been a Republican?

Got a suggestion for the next prez applause line: "We ALL Built It!"

Necessity is the mother of invention

So Boehner told a bar joke. The first thing it reminded me of is that Romney does NOT drink beer :)

Schrödinger’s Tax

Hurricane Isaac report from Wolf Bay Alabama

Lol Yuma local news had more on the President in Iowa than the convention.

Injured bear cub found at Mustang Fire has second-degree burns on all four paws

Any delegates "of color" at the PugCon this year?

Meanwhile... I Hope Everybody Stays Safe Under Isaac...

forget CNN. Listen to this radio station for continuing Hurricane Isaac coverage.


Iran opposition leaders in human rights plea to UN secretary general

New Excuse for moving American Samoa to the front row:

Is corruption among women on the rise?

Deposit flight from Spanish banks hits 15-year high as bailout rumours grow

Work out buddies, yay or nay?

I'd bet that they (Romney's) have never seen the inside of a Costco...

Classic! RNC put all not-voting island nations in front row.

Martin Bashir - ‘Mandatory’ support for Romney at one event in Ohio coal country

How telling. Romney pollster: You fact-checkers won't run our campaign!!!

perused the "live feed" of the RNC & did not see a single person of color--lots of empty bleachers.

They look like they're using teleprompters to me.

"...Maybe we should call his plan Romney doesn't care-..."

Chris Matthews and Rinse Pubis- I can't find a transcript of yesterday's

Romney has calculated that being exposed as a racist liar is well worth it

Get this! John Boehner wants to throw ROMNEY out (according to what he said tonight)

From Progressives United: Spread the word about Sheldon Adelson's corrupting money.

"Northern Exposure's" Maggie

They should call it the 2012 Republican National PROJECTION Convention

Did they clone the women at the Republican National Convention?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Martin Bashir - Romney path to victory is all bells and dog whistles

*** RNC Thread #2 (prime time piffle) ***

Race baiting or not?

Anybody care to help me explain to my Teabagger 'friend' why this cartoon by Glenn McCoy is racist?

The Sher Valenzuela "We Built That" Scorecard

UAW applauds publication of final rules regulating CAFE and greenhouse gas emissions (OBAMA!)

More Repug Hypocrisy - I Thought They Were For States Rights.....

A B C It's easy as, 1 2 3 As simple as, do re mi A B C, 1 2 3 why did Romney cross the road?

Breaking - Isaac made landfall extreme left of Plaquemines Parish

Tweety's toughest punch so far was unintentional.

My Chris Matthews aka 'Tweety' appreciation thread.

Piss on Chick-fil-a (a peaceful protest)

Sheriff: Drunken man turns off power on poultry farm, causes death of 70,000 chickens

Nope. No Romney bumperstickers in HOUSTON.

the GOP are putting all these women on stage

Had a thought about Ann Romney. Help me out please.

RNC forgets to send buses to pick up Florida delegation

Nikki Haley: 21 Things You Should Know Before Tonight's GOP Convention Speech (+drinking game!)

Here's my newest Crook video!

Anger over Australian supermarket 'no Indians' job ad

Ark. cop to be reprimanded after in-car death

He's never even run a lemonade stand?

Awww.... "President Obama has never even run a lemonade stand"

"Les Miserables".."One More Day"...NO! "One Term More".....

CNN cut coverage of the ReTHUG Con to cover

PEW research report - The Lost Decade of the Middle Class

Has there ever been a presidential convention not attended by a former president?

Website Listing Farms That Allow You to Pick-Your Own Produce

NEXT SEALs ad will attack Obama for 'bowing' to foreign leaders. Google Bush+Saudis+KISSING

Charlie Crist will speak at Democratic National Convention

'i got a feeling'..... feel THIS kasich

GOP convention not turning out entirely as planned

Raw Convention Feed

he is lying through his teeth Ohio has gotten horrible under him

From Hurricane Katrina, to Hurricane Isaac, The GOP hasn't changed one bit...

OH-gov Kasich dispicible "black-eyed peas" remark.

Robert Reich: How Romney Keeps Lying Through His Big White Teeth

Tonight's Convention Speaker Schedule (from bottom of C-SPAN screen)

I guess the RNC had hoped for a unified house against the President

Not Going To Look. Don’t Want To Know.

Thank the Liberals*

A Guide to the Ladies of the Republican National Convention

Syria's worst massacre: Daraya death toll reaches 400

Toon: Here they are Folks- The Empty Suit Duo!

FYI - Al Gore is sitting in on the panel on Current.

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Wooden

Letterman's "Mitch and Ann Romney LIES" lol

Danziger Toon: Mittens and Trump with 'junior'


Remember back in the day?

''Success Tax'' meme launched at NaziFest.

Governor Kasich just bragged about how well Ohio has done

Two General Categories For Denialists: Free-Market Ideologues Or Conspiracy Theorists

In Point Barrow Alaska, No Sea Ice Anywhere In Sight - LA Times

Cool King Crimson Mural

Obama is terrible, therefore you gotta vote for Robme" Chris Matthews analysis of Republican message

Am. Meteorological Society - No Doubt Remains That Climate Breakdown Human-Caused

Clooney aids Obama campaign with Geneva fundraiser (more than a half-million dollars)

Law Requires Disclosure Of Congo-Sourced Minerals; Giant Loophole For Wal-Mart, Target

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Gotta Keep The Loonies On the Path & a new

Oregon man sues dentist after teeth allegedly rot from 11 years of braces

Ron Paul delegates slammed to the floor.

Boehner booed at Convention

Second Fatal Hantavirus Case Likely Contracted At Yosemite

Just think...Democrats in Wisc. openly admitted voting for this

Akin was right (sarcastic response)

Japanese River Otter - Subspecies Of Eurasian River Otter - Declared Extinct

We Don’t Need No Stinking Warrant: The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrative Subpoena

And If Ya Need A Break... 'That's Not A Photo? Amazing Artworks Done With Ballpoint Pen'

So DUers if they're THUGging it out on the Paulites

WOW!! The RNC really went out of its way to welcome Christie

Shout out to Any/All of you watching the RNC debacle. I can't..just can't - reports are appreciated!

UK Transport Minister Will Likely Resign If Heathrow Airport Expansion Plan Goes Through - Guardian

Daily Arctic Sea Ice Loss Rate Now At Just Under 2X Area Of Ireland - Irish Times

The DainBramaged RNC Convention analysis (short and sweet)

Six minutes. I made it through six minutes of the GOP convention.

Heh. *snort*

Peter Wadhams @ Cambridge: Seasonal Arctic Ice May Disappear By 2015

Is the Daily Show with Jon Stewart running original episodes this week? I ask

Deb Fischer (R-NE) takes aim at Obama in convention speech

Question for Libertarians: What About The FAA Inspecting Planes?

Loss Of Flooded Savannah Biomes In S. America (Pantanal, Esteros del Ibera) 3X Rainforest Loss

What You Missed in Tampa on Monday

I don't have cable. Major networks aren't covering the GOP convention

Romney-Ryan Will Cost Middle Class. Young And Old Will Transfer Wealth And Income To The Rich

Well they tried to get the White guy vote using welfare & women's health care. Soon will come

A Troubling Chant on the Convention Floor

Bizarre dreams infiltrating Andy Murray's sleep

I'm not a violent person, but...

Info from new Bin Laden book starting to come out.

Is this Santorum's acceptance speech?

The Cycle that grinds us down…

"This is how we feed the animals".

Remember those coal miners posing behind Romney a couple of weeks ago?

The new RNC drinking game:

need help abt Obama honored Armstrong pic...

The Mormon Drinking Game:

Animated GIF: RNC - They Live


Obama re-election headquarters vandalized in Doylestown, PA

Who else is watching the Weather Channel coverage of the hurricane.

My Tea Party father has changed from the RNC Convention to watching the Yankees!

GOP attendee ejected-threw nuts at African American CNN camera woman-"This is how we feed animals"


derby's Quick and Dirty Guide To Good Music for Youngsters with Open Minds

Want Proof That the Republican Party is AGAINST the People? Part One

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 30 -- Summer Under The Stars: Warren William

Newsroom... where can I see it?

Question for admins about election night and DU

Just a passing thought about the major TV Networks, advertising and the Conventions

can't really think of a good subject line - something about irony?

I'm all for friendly rivalries

Whoever picked "hands" as their drinking game word tonight ... Man. My condolences.

They clearly think this Welfare waiver Lie is their key to Winning

Couple to debate right to distribute atheist book

'We're Not Going to Let Our Campaign Be Dictated by Fact-Checkers'

According to Chris Matthews, none of the speakers so far have talked about Mitt Romney

Cleveland Brown gives a speech

Where's Heckuva-job-Brownie?

The Santorum Speech I SO wanted to hear tonight... (Jason Lee in Dogma)

Hey, loungers-- I made & posted this in GD with you in mind:

Isaac makes landfall in La.; Gulf Coast braces

"Mitt Romney: you didn't build that. You destroyed it" (new Obama ad)

Religious terms lead to Barrington Schools calendar debate

This, my friends, is true courage!

What if males were held liable for impregnating a woman against her will

So far - none of the GOP Convention has been anything positive about their ticket.

Obama: Americans ready to help out during Isaac


I can't stand listening to more of the lies

Anyone hearing about fallout from the GOP's inexplicable decision to insult the

If Forrest Gump and Bubba Blue had a kid it would be Artur Davis

Wonder if any news folks are keepin a tally of total number of LIES told on the RNC stage tonight :)

Poverty Stressors Lead to Impaired Learning Ability in Children

I'm watching the RNC and

Current TV's coverage is like MST3K - Cenk, Jennifer Granholm et al are commenting on the speeches..

Coordinates for Curiosity

Cardinal Dolan - and Sister Simone Campbell - to bless the Democratic convention

Forget Dolan, the DNC has also invited a Nun on the Bus

With Gov Nikki Haley they just declared war on union members.

"Rove counting on ‘white Democrats’ to vote for Romney" by David Edwards at the Raw Story

How do you reclassify an alert?

Queen Ann takes the stage to talk to us from her heart . . . .

Queen Ann is trying to turn Mitt into a human being

It's wealthy white power night in Tampa

Where Do the World’s Poor Live?

"For GOP, storm's timing makes it harder to be anti-government" at the LA Times

Democrats in Tampa: What did Romney build?

"I know a lot of 'you people' ... you guys" ~nt

Ann Romney seems nervous and tipsy:

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 31 -- Summer Under The Stars: James Caan

A demonstrator shouting "Stop the War on Women" removed from convention - pics

She sounds like shes a fucking...

I just saw Rachel's graph displaying how Democratic voter registration in Florida has cratered

Oh boy...this Tweet from The Donald should REALLY help Mitt with that "women don't like him" thing

And then we started raiding pension funds.

(VIDEO) Boehner booed at the 2012 RNC!

Does anyone have a good source for news photos?

Conspiracy theories from Assange supporters do his case no favours (Irish Examiner)

Mass is only 13% Republican?

OK...I'll bet $10,000 DOLLARS that Mitt is about to come on stage after Ann's speech.

Ann Romney.....

So now they are a Rags to Riches story?

Has suicide affected your family?

Has anyone heard about an Immigrant's Rights group doing anything in Charlotte?

Should we really be using the term "dog-whistles" with Rmoney?

Ecuador judge rejects extradition request for Belarusian, orders him freed immediately

Ann Romney: Mitt doesn't like me talking about how much he loves helping people

I had to turn it off ... bletch

"Fact checking for thee, but not for me" by Greg Sargent at WP

well, there you go. 'you can trust mitt' 'he loves america'

What an ENTRANCE! Ann Romney rode REFALCA on the stage, followed by Paul Ryan with a pooperscooper!

"Mitt considers it a PRIVILEGE to help others...."

"Fuck You, TYRANTS!": Ron Paul Supporters REBEL On Convention Floor

I spent the early part of the evening at a phone bank event for the Obama Campaign.

Ann says Mitt will save America just like he got her home safe from that 1st date.

Watching the Convention via DVR buffer

*** RNC Thread #3 (more macaronics) ***

Ann is supposed to be 'humanizing' him?

Apparently, Ron Paul is MUCH older than we thought he was...

well that was a fail

Fucking "conehead!" LMAO!

A little more confirmation of Shuster's "Feed the animals" report

A question for y'all, especially the anarchist contingent.......

Chris Christie is about to "weigh in" on the future of America...

WOW! Lawrence O'Donnel was in the hall & said the applause for Ann's sppeech was "mandatory".

Let me see if I have this right.

Is it just me or....

Geezus . . . . Christie sounds short of breath.

The Obama people treated Hillary's delegates with so much more respect

Lady Rmoney's speech was simplistic and fake...

Re: Christie's Speech

You know, if the Zombie Apocalypse occurred tonight in Tampa.....

Is Christie suggesting GOP should respect Rmoney even if they can't 'love' him? is a site with a picture I want to post here

Deputies killed two persons in Louisiana

A number of positive mentions about federal benefits / support from RNC speakers. Yet,

"Mitt Romney was born a poor black child..." - Ann Romney

And Christie is going to mention Romney at what point during his speech again?

Damn Skippy!

Who here has the oldest working tallywacker?

"Fundamentally reduce the size of government"?



Ah... Christie is on, and my hemlock is almost ready

Hayes: ‘We Built This’ theme appeals to resentment

Is he scolding the GOP members of Congress????

Two of my windows went black. Totally black. One was my email inbox and the other

This is a remarkably divisive speech

“CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee...

OMFG!!! - XENOPHOBIC GOP BOOS Puerto Rico At Convention! Chants "USA! USA!"

Chris Christie: Dead man walking. This guy is 50. Due for a coronary.

Who here has the oldest working Dishwasher?

Wow. There is one black man at the RNC!

Kids can be hilarious!

And the planet dies

Gay Marine Beaten To Bloody Pulp To Fire Up RNC Crowd (Onion)

Thank God! The Daily Show!

How to drive Cons crazy.

funny things my hubby says....

NYT convention story compares shockingly different GOP platforms of 1980 and 2012

BWAHAHAHAHA! The freepers REJECT Ann's assertion that Mitt will "lift America up"...

so the theme of the Republican convention is we built that

Rachel Maddow ripping Christie apart...

Let's See . . . Chris Christie & All His Big Issues: 1. Economy 2. Deficits 3. Education

Reviewing GOP's false welfare talking point

heavy gusts just experienced in tampa

PigliCONs are harrassing Chris Mathews! They should be escorted to the door.

The 'gentle lady from Puerto Rico" goes on stage and the wing nuts start chanting USA USA USA

Sensory Dreams.... Are they precognitive, even if not lucid...?

Mitt texting Christie

Queston? What's Condi Rice really thinking as she sits there next to Romney?

Who here has the oldest working computer?

Yet another GOP candidate wants to lose to Bernie Sanders

Will the media have the courage to REPORT the ugly ugly back stories

RNC Attendee Tossed for Harassing Black CNN Camerawoman ('This is How We Feed Animals')

Just two more days of this crap...

The line in Ann Romney's speech that made my blood pressure rise

Maddow: Democratic voter registration ‘devastated’ in Florida

There is a VERY odd vibe to all of this tonight

Who here has the oldest working man in show business?

Right wing hysteria over Ellen Barkin's retweet hoping the hurricane drowns homophobes and racists

I think that a lot of the convention attendees will be crying themselves

Randy Newman "Louisiana 1927"

Democrats vs Republicans By the Numbers

Can anyone explain what that "SECOND American Century" talk was all about?

Not many Republicans actually like Romney as a candidate

"he had everything but the kilt" Matthews continues to burn.

"Let's forget how we got here" ... blah blah blah ... (paraphrased) look it up ...

So how many jobs have pigliCONs created in the last 12 months? And if any, list them or name it.

Ann Romney said "I'm not here to talk about politics/policy, I'm here to talk about love"* -THEN ...

the minders are coming up on MSNBC: Brokaw and Gregory

A candid of the speechifiers with Mittens after the convention session . . . . .

FOX's Juan Williams: Ann looked like a corporate wife whose husband takes care of her.

Mitt Romney REACTS To Chris Christie's KEYNOTE:

Tweety thinks Christie's speech was a barn burner.

The Big Lie version 2012

a biography of the day-bella abzug

Ohio, Wisconsin, New Jersey etc all doing Great under Obama

Mitt Romney and his wordsmithing

Rove counting on ‘white Democrats’ to vote for Romney

quotes of the day-bella abzug

Piers Morgan about Christie: "Great, uncompromising character & great, uncompromising speech"

Okay, the "Colbert Report" intro was very awesome!!!

Maddow interviewing Gibbs ~

Where's the fucking tax returns?

Hey everybody! My first post.

This is what voter suppression looks like

Anyone else think Christie's speech was meh?

Christie came closest to spilling the beans, ie "There are no Jobs" and

NOLA and south thread,

A reminder of tonight's RNC rules changes, etc. Divisive enough?

"What up with that?"

RNC's national debt clocks recall Bush-era economy

The GOP knows that they are going to have pull out all the stops to steal this election for Mitt

LOL! Bill Maher on Twitter: Loved #AnnRomney's speech especially the part about

Booted By Police: Heckler Tells Rubio: Stop Whoring Out To Big Money Interests

Italian Mafia boss Salvatore Bonomolo arrested in Venezuela

RNC Convention in 100 Seconds

HEY KABLOOIE? I'm Calling You OUT!

Is this convention shaping up to be the biggest political clusterfuck since 1968?

A Troubling Chant on the Convention Floor (Video of puerto rico incident at gop convention)

I love what MSNBC is doing tonight!!!

Democracy for America Endorses Leslie Coolidge (IL-06)