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White House analyst warned saving Solyndra could cost more than letting it fail

Did anyone else watch Olympic gymnastics this week? Did they ever show

What's for Dinner - Thursday Aug 2nd

Thompson locked in a three-way fight for Wisconsin’s GOP Senate nomination

I've never heard of Chick-fil-a,

Tropical Depression 5 is heading our way, and could be a hurricane in a few days.

Conan O'Brien: Chaz The Intolerant Chick-fil-A Chicken Returns Again

Misconduct of airport screeners probed as other issues lurk

Bring It On - pic

Fragmentation and Cybercascades - Polarization in group discussion on the internet

Does anyone here buy from Amway?

Study: Puerto Rico's children mired in poverty that dwarfs rest of U.S.

Racy online video sparks firing of Costa Rican official

Monsanto Awarded $1 Billion Against DuPont by Jury

I can't be the only one who hates the music teacher guy in the Target...

Mountain Laurel

Lori Wheal Is Not Only a Master Teacher, But Master of Her Domain

Van Morrison and Bob Dylan in Athens

Double down and RAISE ... Harry Reid

How many guys who reached puberty in the late 60's

"Gift cards"were handed out for Chik-Fil-A in at least one location

Dear Mr. Cathey: here is every single thing Jesus said about gay people and homosexuality

'I'm sure there would have been a Woolworth's Lunch-counter Appreciation Day' on Fox News in 1960

McCaskill ad is worst I've ever seen

For 8 Years, the Southern Baptists supported a boycott of Disney

It should come as no surprise that CFA had HUGE lines today

Lets Stop Pretending...

Dance to the music

TYT on Current: Cenk interviews Jimmie Walker (JJ from Good Times) on Walker opposing gay marriage

Jerry would have been 70

My response to a post on FG regarding Chick fil a

So, when did you know you were a heterosexual/homosexual?

Tastes like freedom.......Cinnabon comes to Libya

I see this election as 1996 2.0

Somalia: Progress on a Constitution

Would you date a conservative?

Could someone please enlighten me?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, August 1)

Chik Fil A protest signs for planned location in Mountain View

Military men stump for Obama in Vinton.

Mike Malloy interviews sex therapist Roger Libby (4/13/12)

The thing about the Mortgage Interest Deduction...

Love at first sight?

Thousands Await Testing for Hepatitis by ‘Infector’


Interesting day at work today.... (chik-fil-a)

UColorado began a "threat assessment" against James Holmes 6 wks. before shooting

Hotmail got taken over. Does anyone know by who? I need to find out if my sympatico account,

Is leftism more apt to thrive in non-traditional religions as opposed to traditional ones?

Presentation Videos for Alan Turing Centenary Institute on Evolution and Consciousness

A question about bombs

Scootaloo is going to kick my ass...

New Twitter Political Index has Obama besting Romney

Hitler playing a video game in the Führerbunker

Uh ... ouch!

Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety

Jon Stewart regarding Harry Reid, and FoxNews' Fox and Friends

Entangled histories: Climate science and nuclear weapons research

Wayne Powell Media Schedule for August 2, 2012

Wayne Powell Spotsylvania Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, August 7th

Ministers eye nationalising Royal Bank of Scotland - FT

Palm trees 'grew on Antarctica'

San Bernardino files for bankruptcy

US election: How can it cost $6bn?

Afghan forces kill insurgents planning Kabul attack

Researchers find caffeine in waters off Oregon

What areas is Chick-Fil-A expanding in?

A comparatively small number of sick people account for most health care spending

Harkin report on for-profit colleges

Twins were born, and the lil girl wasn't going to make it.

World war 3

Some Madison County (IL) Court records now available at a click of a mouse

Gun ruling may become a model for the nation

Obama signs order supporting Syria's rebels, reports say

Table tennis god shot

Apparently,This isn't Cruz's first rodeo.

Ted Cruz considered running for Texas AG before he decided on running for the Senate

Love in the Time of Layoffs: Can We Get Together Without Falling Apart?

5 Reasons Why NYU's Expansion Plan Reeks of 1% Greed

Explosion rocks HollyFrontier Refinery in west Tulsa

Democracy Now: Cover-Up of "Auschwitz-like" Conditions at U.S.- Funded Afghan Hospital

25 Portraits Of Homeless People In Philadelphia

Maps Of Extreme Income Segregation In US Cities

The Chick Fellatio: stuck in the craw

Cancer stem cell discovery could signal 'paradigm shift'

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA Mission failure: Afghanistan

Good Riddance to the Air Force's Religious Intolerance Enabler in Chief

It's Time To Break Up Massive Banks!

The Street Where You Live


Your favorite satirical TV chicken?

Do Olympic Swimmers Pee In The Pool? 'Nearly 100 Percent' Do, Says Former U.S. National Team Member

EU Commission welcomes Greek reform pledge, wants implementation


Tom Coburn just stood up there on Mourning Joe and lied from stem to stern

What to do with Butternut Squash

3 US Airways Commuter Jets Avoid Last-Second Collision Near Washington, D.C.

A message to lurking anti-gay folks, religiously motivated or otherwise:

"These programs are intended for when life kicks us in the nuts..."

How a Four-Person Hosting Company Helped Stop SOPA and PIPA

Freedom From Religion group ramps up national fight against religion in government

Kochs Take Tip From Soros Investing In Voter Registration

It's August, time to keep an eye out for these

Dog breeds that will get you a date (or not)

Could Virgil Goode Cost Romney the White House?


Do Prime Ministers/Presidents/Chancellors,etc. in other countries have to be native to that country?

Atheism Might Not Be As Popular As You Think: The Religious Revolution in the US


China bans religious activities in Xinjiang

American Women Began Receiving 8 Preventative Health Services August 1st

Completely, completely,..... completely OT

America Future Fund is trolling the Philadelphia suburbs

Mr. Romney, are you culturally superior to me?

Missile Defense Staff Told To Stop Watching Porn At Work

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (08/02/2012)

Ruidoso Bear Rescue Mission


Countries opposed to EU carbon charge for airlines fail to find an alternative

CBS News: Mitt Romney could face huge hurdle with women voters in swing states

Louisiana Tech employee kills mascot by leaving him outside in 100 degree weather

This is what superior culture looks like

The Chicken Wars: 'The Colonel' Counterattacks.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue: A Bargain for the Identity Theft Collective

7/31 Monitor; Conditions "Set Drought Apart From Anything We Have Seen At This Scale For Decades"

Fla. Sen. Rubio introduces bill to make Olympic prizes tax-exempt.

First Lady Rallies Raleigh Volunteers

Report: EPA Can't Regulate Pollution From Livestock Ops Since It Doesn't Know How Many Farms Exist

"Back in the day, only the John Birchers and the KKK were this nuts"

Great pic found on facebook

Finally, A Clear Romney Stand On An Environmental Issue: Opposed To Production Tax Credit For Wind

Right-Wing Groups Theorize The Aurora Massacre Was An Inside Job

{uk} Homeopaths offer to rebrand products as 'confectionery'

Boxing judges under fire amid "fix" claims

Solar Power Helped Keep the Lights On in India

Many thanks to DU for help with RW site plagiarizing me

As Midwest Burns, Scientists Testify On Hill: Inhofe "The Global Warming Movement Has Collapsed"

Drug Combo Better for Common Type of Metastatic Breast Cancer, Study Suggests

Jason Kenney faces legal uprising over Conrad Black visa

Joe Conason:...Fear and Loathing in the Romney Campaign

Freedom Pop moves closer to free internet

On The Ed Show, Another Mitt Romney Surrogate Whiffs On Foreign Policy

Renewable Energy Potential in Every U.S. State, Study Shows

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Rmoney

1,584 Counties Now Declared Disaster Areas By USDA, 1,452 Because Of Drought - About Half Of U.S.

Many expect Dewhurst, Senate to veer further right

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Repubs and CONgress

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Olympics

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

HIV-Infected T Cells Help Transport the Virus Throughout the Body

Olympic coverage Ven state TV

Japan could become second biggest solar power nation

"I was like, 'wow'."

Daily caffeine improves Parkinson's mobility problems

Reid doubles down on Romney tax chrage

Capitalism, not culture, drives economies

Thoughts on the "Chik-fil-A Hate a Gay Day"

Rafalca - she’s America’s Horse! Cheer her on!

Marines buildup & transfer from Okinawa to Guam. They have little say.


OLYMPICS---Annie's prancing horse is on LIVE on MSNBC.

Obama is up by 8 in Connecticut (PPP)

Billionaire Jeff Greene thinks the super-rich should buy a little democracy insurance

Romney confirms he would end US wind power subsidies -- Clearly favors keeping big oil's subsidies

Folks: We will have a challenge. Romney and Pawlenty will need a slogan

Experts say Romney tax plan will greatly cut his taxes. I say "Bull"

Talkingpointsmemo: Obama Ad: Romney’s Tax Plan A ‘Middle Class Tax Increase’

Liberal Chicken Hawks...

Colombian kidnappers chose victims on Facebook: Police .

I though Palin and her husband were separated and not living together

"One argument is that women are just more sensible than men,"

I has a sad....

It's a little disappointing...

Jared Diamond: Romney Mischaracterized My Work

Colombian General Motors employees on hunger strike over 'labor rights violations' .

Colombian General Motors employees on hunger strike over 'labor rights violations' .

Teddy bears drop in, bring down 2 Belarus generals

Julian Assange is right to fear US prosecution

Coming to a GOP ad near you...

Egypt’s PM-designate pledges ‘people’s government’ ahead of swearing-in of new Cabinet

Reid Stands By Romney Tax Charge

Syrian Rebels Wield Heavy Weapons in Attack on Airport

Let them eat chicken filets...

What time is Mittwit's horse dancing today?

What with the epic drought, I thought it would be fun to review:

I have a stupid question..

TPMMuckraker Controversy Ahead Of House Hearing On GOP’s ‘English Only’ Bill

Calif. professor's e-mail reveals shooting plot

National Jewish Democratic Council: Who did what on Israel? Reagan, Obama, Bush, Romney

“On August 15, Mr. Speaker, they will take a step out of the shadows and into the light.”

OLYMPICS: The NBC network is broadcasting a number of live events today.

Could use a bit of help over on Huffington Post

Another Darwin Award finalist

Why is it that pundits think that Condi would be such a great choice for VP?

It's news that the Chick-Fil-A CEO believes that his religion requires him to be homophobic.

Second US Air Force trainer guilty in sex scandal, senator seeks probe

Free Won’t

Mitt Romney's Lobbyist Donations Boom In First Half Of 2012

Behind the Scenes at Morning Joe...

Chimp asking for cracker. Stupid tourist thinks it's asking for help to escape

OMG!! "Socialism"

'That's so different from what my book actually says that I have to doubt whether Mr Romney read it'

Witness at House's "English Only" hearing has ties to hate group

Photos: Behind the scenes on Instagram with Team USA mens' hoops

A desert island recession...

New Obama ad: 'Romney's tax plan? He pays less. You pay more.'

...God is in the nuggets...

The claim about Romney not paying taxes starts to make sense

Talkingpointsmemo: Obama Camp Releases Digital Tool To Compare Personal Impact Of Obama And Romney

Wisconsin State Fair has started, here's some of the food there!

Sight and Sound has had its say what are your choices for Greatest film??

Ahmadinejad: World forces must strive to annihilate Israel

Proposed Tax to Support Detroit Institute of Arts is Secret Muslim Plot, Crazy Person Writes

"Man attempts to abduct toddler at library"--I am skeptical about this story.

Jennifer Rubin, Mitt Romney’s top media shill

Stephen Colbert does dressage

Venezuela Violent Crime - Travel Alert

Jury duty: I'm know what I'm doing, take me directly to the post

So who IS going to speak at the RNC convention?

The right-wing is trying to re-create the Tea Party movement with the Chik-Fil-A controversy.

I'm very thankful for my job.

Obama Camp Releases Digital Tool To Compare Personal Impact Of Obama And Romney Tax Plans

Darned good message

re: "Therapy Horse"

Will Rafalca's next gig be on "Dancing With The Stars?"

FoxNews psychobabbler weighs in on the Kristen Stewart scandal.

Think Mitt Romney Would Treat You Better Than His Olympic Horse? Think Again.

From Ed Schultz's FB page: "Ed returns to radio and TV on Monday. Thanks for hanging with us."

Someone Made This Random Meme About Immigration And It's Awesome

The last day to register to vote before November is October 9.

Save The Life Of A Woman You Love By Sharing This Today

Will Venezuela's violence undo Chávez, or save him?

Romney Camp Calls Tax Study ‘A Joke,’ But Won’t Release Their Own Analysis (updated)

The Chick Fil-A "Debate" is Largely Missing the Point

Report: Romney Aide Also Cursed Reporters at Stop in Switzerland

Wind power gives Romney Iowa problems

Demonoid site re-directing to malware now.

Mitt the Bully

‘Red Bone Girls,’ ‘Chocolate Legs,’ and Eric Benet’s Color-Complex Payday

You think Christians are persecuted for their beliefs?

du rocks

So - as I was pulling weeds this AM, I was trying to ponder something - "good" conservative ideas...

Kofi Annan Quits ... on Syria

Hey Mitt, here's another FACT, you Twit

Mitt Romney confirms he would end US wind power subsidies

Yo, Mitt! Where's da troops on that overseas junket?

Cybersecurity being voted on now ...

Fox News framing: Obama Escalates Personal Attacks on Romney

"How could a juror EVER think that was OK??!"

Ted Cruz's Very First Adventure With Socialized Medicine?

What the line of supporters outside the Chick-Fil-A reminded me of.

The Senate Doesn't Work Anymore

OMG! Another spill

When I was a kid, I thought that the ocean currents at Edisto Beach were much stronger than those at

Jon Stewart at his comedic best - on Romney Gaffes

121° in Freedom, Oklahoma

Dear Heavenly Father... Cruz interview with glenn Beck.

U.S. Drought already creating global unrest

unless all those people buying chik fil a yesterday....

Zoe Smith takes on everyone


Mitt Romney is living every social scientist's nightmare

An idea for a telemarketer gag

Pic Of The Moment: Romney To End US Wind Power Subsidies

CNN: Romney Violating Federal Laws 'Coordinating' With Karl Rove

Snarky pro-Rmoney email: where you sign your checks.

Looks like we have a big storm brewing up in the Caribean

If Romney has not paid taxes for 10 years

African Americans for Dalton

'Liposuction to save career'

Bat sheit crazy doubles down ....

I'm very thankful for my job, and would like to hear from others.

Frustrated Annan quits as Syria peace envoy

ROMNEY CAMPAIGN: Obama's Campaign Manager 'Appears' To Be A Crook

Annan Resigns as Syria Peace Envoy

NASA Hosts Social Media Events Across Seven Agency Field Centers

How many posts do you have at DU?

Turkish minister's Kirkuk visit infuriates Iraq

Toots & Maytals Louie Louie

Immigrants prove big business for prison companies

Immigrants prove big business for prison companies

One of my new favorite bloggers: Jane Devin: A Story of Class and Morality

Mexican Farmers Up Against Canadian Mining Goliaths

TYT: DHS Emails Talk About The Young Turks

George Lakoff's book, "The Little Blue Book"

Children are in the Front Line of Israel’s Blockade of Gaza

Romney May Choose Female Chihuahua for VP

Gay-rights supporters plan kissing protest at Chick-fil-A

Hate to tell you Romneybots - but this is what a therapy horse really does....

Oklahoma City projected to hit record high of 114 degrees this afternoon.

A Case Study in Orwellian Lies and Imperial Delusions: Colombia’s Disappeared

Eagle Scouts return badges to protest policy banning gays

Imagine how stupid you're going to look.....

Schwarzenegger starts a new think tank.

Burned out at Chick-Fil-A

Skin Cancer Identified for the First Time in Wild Fish Populations, Beneath Ozone Layer Hole

Is it my computer?? or

Rachel Maddow - GOP launches 'fight-to-death rebellion' against birth control

Some Australian wine reviews.

Report: Obama OKs support for Syrian rebels

So now having a star means your OPs have more merit than those

Homophobia explained in a simple graphic

A Case Study in Orwellian Lies and Imperial Delusions: Colombia’s Disappeared

Michael Musto on Free Speech (You'll enjoy this, I promise)

Ezra Klein: Nine Takeaways on Romney’s Tax Plan

If Chick-fil-A was liberal

Romney Hasn’t Done His Homework (Author of Guns, Germs and Steel calls him out)

BTW that fancy horse that the Romneys have in the Olympics - wasn't even an American horse

Senate Vote Kills Cybersecurity Bill, For Now

Rachel Maddow - Frank: People are tired of excessive military spending

Only english speaking may apply ....

IRS May Lose $21 Billion in Identity Fraud, Study Says

Chris Larson: WI State Senator on "Freedom"

Jobs Numbers Due Out Tomorrow......

Mr. Cruz is quoted saying he hopes the Tea party and texas republicans are now synonymous

I would like some opinions please.....

If the right-wing hates Harry Reid so much, why don't they use this opportunity to get rid of him?

So roughly .00586667% agree ...

In The End, Chik-Fil-A WILL Be Hurt By Their Anti-Gay Posture

Goldman to Invest in City Jail Program, Profiting if Recidivism Falls Sharply

@SpeakerBoehner: End the delay and pass the Senate's #RealVAWA!

Scott Brown’s bill of goods about the economy

From Mittdiculous to Mittastrophe


A pretty good estimate of Romney's tax liabilities for past years could be made if you had the


The Romney Slogan: 'Kiss My A**!'

Roethlisberger isn’t worried about his “little torn rotator cuff”


Monster's Ball- Electric River

"Rafalca" - What is the genesis of this name? Does it mean anything?

#NotBuyingIt: Go Daddy Disappoints, Again

Does a person giving their time, money, and support to an institution* qualify that person

Based On The Trends Predicted For The Climate It Might Mean Finding A New Term

Haahaa! Jon Stewart calls HuffPo the "Sideboob Gazette"

The Mean World Syndrome - telling video on why they're all so scared (and why we're scared of them)

Romney Advisor Responds To Harry Reid's Claim About Romney's Taxes: 'Have You No Decency, Sir?

What is everybody's problem with the Huffington Post?

Lifeguard gets $2,600 bill after rescuing boy from surf

KS Currently 88% In Extreme or Exceptional Drought; On May 1, 0.3% Of State Was In Ext/Exc Drought

Global Warming Deniers Put Everyone In Jeopardy.

Rachel Maddow - Romney on taxes: 'You're going to have to take my word for it'

The Facts Behind The Dancing Horse [Rafalca]

Medicare for all

Conyers Speaks Spanish At ‘English-Only’ Hearing (video)

If you and your corporate friends would pass meaningful trade laws ....

Team-Obama must launch a FIVE-PRONGED attack on the MittTwitt. (Read On)

Part 2 What a Single Payer Health Insurance Plan Looks Like

The Human Epitome of Hyperbole!!! Please come CAPTION Steve ("there's only one right") Doocy!!!!

"Me, racist? YOU'RE the intolerant one for not allowing my racist remarks!

Any photos of business at Chik-fil-a today?

Women's Individual Gymnastics (HUGE SPOILER)

The Rude Pundit: Did You Know That Contraception Coverage Is Like Terrorism and War?

Who was it that said Karl Rove was a "genius"?

What if every Olympic sport was photographed like (WOMEN'S) beach volleyball?

A timely reminder for your kids...

Cybersecurity Bill Blocked by G.O.P. Filibuster

The Last Word - Obama attacks Romney tax increases

The Mitt Method

Women's Gymnastics Olympics Spoiler Alert

State Fights for Power Over Land Developers

I finally made it back on line. Good to be back with my internet family. I am living in the corner

Basic questions

Choose One: Eric Clapton, Green Day, Sinatra, The B-52s . . .

Life ...WOW!

A memorial beam signed by President Obama & others, hoisted to the 104th floor of One World Trade...

Tomorrow is GLBT "public display" day at Chick-fil-a

Raise your hand if you would pay $1 BILLION for the Cleveland Browns. How about more than a billion?

Congress Passes Restrictions On Military Funeral Protests, Delivers Blow To Westboro Baptist Church

Congress Passes Restrictions On Military Funeral Protests, Delivers Blow To Westboro Baptist Church

Ramadan and religious freedom

A Message from NBC About Its Olympics Coverage

New Assassin's Creed 3 trailer: Anvil engine = impressive!

Chick-fil-A Introduces New Hate Sauce

Your guide to the very latest in anti-Obama conspiracy theories

Charlie Crist backing Bill Nelson over Connie Mack

Faux news this morning - discussed swing state polls without mentioned Obama ahead in 3

Good news.........sort of...on Shell's Arctic oil exploration plans in today's LA Times:

Australian Road Signs: Offensive or Practical?

The Know-Nothing’s Guide to Pussy Riot, the Realest Punks Alive

Madison group ramps up national fight against religion in government

Just so you know what those hate sandwiches at the Chick-fil-A funded

The Word ‘Fart' And Its Puzzling Heritage

About that Presidential phone call to Michael Phelps...

Catch the live stream from Rollins College -- Okay. Show is over.

Science and Religion: The Views of Two Religious Scientists

San Francisco teachers reach tentative agreement with district.

Russia: Pussy Riot members 'deprived of sleep and food' during trial

Westboro Baptist Chicken or Chick Filed with Hate?

Willard's VP finalists announced...

Electoral College Totals, A Reason to Lie

Guardian Headline--Ann Romney's horse fails to win dressage but avoids offending British

California Pot Party is over

the stupids

Jennifer Rubin, Mitt Romney’s top media shill

Remember when Romney joked about erasing hard drives

MAJOR Olympic Spoiler

Remember the fuck who peppered sprayed the Occupy protesters at UC Davis?

Impossible new obnoxiousness low for LIMBOsevic (abt REID). & enough terribleness for Jon STEWART

ABC news.. Romney Puts Horse-Sized Distance Between Himself and Dressage

Pic Of The Moment: Tampa Officials Ban Puppets In RNC Event Zone (Guns Still Permitted)

Lifeguard gets rescue bill for saving 12 year old's life

Dressage minor Spoiler (and more lies from Mitt)

THIS Is What Reid Did!

Here is video of Rafalca in today's dressage

Toon: "Aren't you part of the Government?"

You Haven't Seen The Worst Of Extreme Flooding [PRESENTATION]

Vampire Bat Bites Help Shield Peruvians from Rabies

the longer that Chik Fil A stays in the headlines, the worse for our side

Kate Beckinsale looking snakelike in a gown.

Romney wants to "sneak into the White House all but unexamined by voters"

Help! my spell checker's gone hyperactive

If you insist on speculating about what's in Mitt Romney's tax returns, please do so responsibly

Umpire ejects DJ in minor league baseball game

If marriage equality was popular it would be legal everywhere

This Photo Of A Scientologist Allegedly Being Punished In The Desert Is Chilling

"The level of hatred, unfounded fear and misinformed people was astoundingly sad."

The Collapse of the Laurentian Consensus - Video

Mitt fabricates a record for himself to give President Obama a fabricated report card

FogHorn LegHorn Rants

Secretary of Defense: Create a Central National Registry for Military Sex Offenders

And now, a message from God.


APPARENTLY, Romney stooge Gorka is the wind beneath Fox Spokesmodel Chris Wallace's wings.

'Trickle-down tax cut fairy dust...' Barack Obama on fire in Orlando!

Must have open source software?

Using a nettop for gaming? (mini-pc)

I just read "Calico Joe", by John Grisham

Senate mining committee to move fast on new bill


Low-paying jobs are here to stay

PLEASE - help CA dump Issa

Boy sentenced for killing father's girlfriend with his Christmas present --

Prosecutor wants to question Assange in Sweden


I cannot believe that Olympic athletes have to pay taxes

It was British diplomat enjoying amusement park ride with Kim Jong-un

Papantonio: Republican Hate Peddlers Divide America

Armed children for Chavez in Venezuela?

Swimming Spoiler!

Nike: Find Your Greatness. — Jogger

'Right to Repair' compromise reached in Mass.

Former PA Gov Ed Rendell fans the flames, says Gov. Corbett should talk Sandusky

Here's an Appreciation Day all DUers can celebrate - IPA DAY!!!

Voter ID

Help with digital camera lens - cloudy film INSIDE -- what to do??? Updated 08/13/2012

President Obama stops at Lechonera El Barrio, a local business in Orlando, FL - pics

if Rahm has the right to block a restaurant from being built...

Amusing photo of an attempt to sway Democrats from their desired Presidential nominee.

Chess (August): Wang Hao sqeeks by Magnus to win Biel

"Mitt Romney is as unqualified to command as Sarah Palin."

Pew Research Poll: Obama 51 - Romney 41

LOL: Conservapedia on the 2012 Summer Olympics

When Boehner loses his cool (he attacks the President for standing up for the middle class)

Court Demands TSA Explain Why It Is Defying Nude Body Scanner Order

SELL, SELL, SELL for the love of God, SELL ...

Lebanonize & Conquer: 'CIA, Mossad on Syria front line'

A fascinating discussion with a very liberal priest on the end of times

Assange mother: I'm terrified of what US will do to Julian

Amtrak 'Ride With Pride' Campaign Releases Two Gay-Friendly New Ads

I just bought "All the President's Men" of dvd. I can't wait to see it. It is one of those

The Real Entitlement Crisis

Government wasting tax money abroad?

Rush Limbaugh's downward spiral promises to accelerate

Stretch..Obama Ad (He Pays Less, You Pay More)

Now I know who Romney really is: He's Gul Dukat!

Pew: Romney's image slips

Outrage Files: Private Water Company Squeezes Elderly N.J. Woman for Every Last Drop

Got a new printer

Major olympic victory! (spoiler alert edited at mod request)

TYT: DHS Emails Talk About The Young Turks

Can you relate?

Obama mocks Romney's "trickle-down, tax cut fairy dust" plan

Obama Holds Big Lead Over Romney

Sen. Harry Reid Has No Intention Of Backing Down On Romney Tax Accusations

Pew National Poll: Obama opens a ten-point lead on Romney 51-41

'Boston Herald' vs. Elizabeth Warren: Will Sexism Win?

Fat Cat- Caterpillar: In a class by ourselves

So does Ann Romney actually ride Rafalca for therapy


Syrian Rebels Risk Losing Moral High Ground To Assad As Video Shows Summary Executions

Facebook estimates 83 million profiles are fake

where do the best-eating WATERMELONS come from?

It's now Tropical storm Ernesto

Drone strikes help recruit jihadists?

Jon Stewart’s Harry Reid Call Out On Mitt Romney Taxes Purely Right But Politically Wrong

Rebekah Brooks charged over phone hacking allegations

Kos: "Does Romney Have Alzheimer's? Seriously, Does He?" -- lots of examples

First it was robo Calista Gingrich, and now I'm getting robo-called by Focus on the Family!?!?

Megabus from Chicago crashes into I-55 overpass

Here's where Jon Stewart's criticism of Harry Reid fails

Can someone please answer this question for me...

Rebekah Brooks Formally Charged with Phone Hacking.

Farmer uses tractor to smash 7 police cars

Ohio GOP Gang Up On Grover Norquist

Congressional Probe Reveals Cover-Up of "Auschwitz-Like" Conditions at U.S.-Funded Afghan Hospital

The High Cost of a kabuki democracy

Dude, Wrong Car: GOP Tracker Tails Judge Instead Of Senate Candidate

More on that Chicken Franchise

"Wives of male employees = No Free Contraceptives"

GOP Gov Schools Romney On Wind: ‘Get Out Here In The Real World To Find Out What’s Really Going On

Ping! Pong! Search...

Romney's Evasion Strategy

The Upside of Ugly

DeMint claims Romney personally pledged support for pushing tea party agenda in first 100 days

When Romney loses the election

Somali comic received death threats before murder

5 Things They Don't Want You to Know About the Olympics

French mayor retreats after suspending fasting Muslims

Feedback and Critique Requested

The porcelain on my toilet bowl has worn away.

Wrong stillborn baby given to Brooklyn family to bury

GOP Rep. Steve King Defends Dog Fighting

Reid's speculation on Romney's taxes is McCarthyism? Can a Godwin episode be far behind?

U.S Nuclear Bomb Facility Shut After Security Breach

US-bound Cubans pour into Panama through Colombia

Mitt Romney's Plan/Vague Goals for a Stronger Middle Class

60 Faith Leaders Sign Letter Telling GOP Not To Raise Taxes On 24 Million Americans

Warning: Cruel Amusement. Daily prayer by Leftie...

Immigration a bonanza for private prison companies.

Does anyone know why gas has gone up 55-65 cents in two days?

KFC Loves Gays with John Goodman

Our bodies use white blood cells to remove germs. Terrace Hill uses black mold.

This Girl Has A Question That'll Stump Your Conservative Friends

What if Romney not only paid zero taxes for 10 years, but what if he also got a refund?

Mississippi Libertarian Suggests Using Gun Violence Against Mayors Who Oppose Anti-Gay Chick-fil-A

Mitt Romney is gripped with fear about releasing his tax returns

Let's boycott LynnSinn's TrueBlood recap when she prints it.

One has to ask, why is it wrong for Romney to be rich while democrats built their modern...

Speculation: Maybe Mitt declared more than one wife as dependent??

Maybe there's not 3 or 10 wanting the job you applied for. Maybe it's 626 people.

Is That What I Think It Is Hitting The Fan?

Go ahead, tax me.

Aaron Sorkin denies firing entire writing staff for HBO’s controversial ‘Newsroom’ series

Fantastic short essay about Chick-fil-a

Some incredible videos at this URL...

Conclusive evidence Romney left Bain in 2002:

60 Faith Leaders Sign Letter Telling GOP Not To Raise Taxes On 24 Million Americans

Obama Extends Electoral College Advantage. FiveThirtyEight

I remember when the Olympic games were strictly for amateur athletes.

"Is Julian Castro the Latino Obama?" at The Week

Romney Just Drove By Me - Thanks DU for Helping Me Make This Sign

CNN uncovers loop hole in insider trading legislation Really?

Obama calls on voters to ignore Romney's 'trickle-down fairy dust'

The Biblical definition of marriage is...

Let's boycott BaitBall Blogger's boycott of LynnSinn's TrueBlood recap when she prints it.

Poll Watch: More bad polling news for Romney

No spoilers just--

Just breaking and waiting for asignment

Miss me yet?

Chick-fi-a support day was nothing but a last gasp

oops. rMoney's jaunt: Pew: Obama has big lead; Romney favorability drops

Can I borrow a newspaper? (humor)

Federal Judge orders Los Angeles recycling firm to stop threatening union supporters...

Romney to Reid: 'Put up or shut up' (hahaha)

Bwaahaa! Romney Demands Harry Reid To Prove It.

Heh Mittens, the house painted white does not need to tell Harry anything ....

Auburn Regional Medical Center to lay off 827 employees

One person killed as KC-bound Megabus crashes into Illinois bridge

John Fugelsang Gets a Current TV Show

2012 Olympics: Gabby Douglas Wins Individual Women's Gymnastic Title

File this under, "Defendants With Ironic Last Names"

El Rushbo: Reason for NAACP's existence is to keep Blacks from voting Republican

Speaker Boehner: Obama has 'never even had a real job, for God's sake'

Huff Post: Three Puppies Rescued From Storm Drain After Mother Dog, Gaia, Is Killed In Hit-And-Run

The legal dilemma over drone strikes: justified killings or war crimes?

Kill or capture: Obama's troubling targeted-killing policy

"Tea Party Consultants, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain Fleecing Right's Small Donors"

Barack Obama Smashes The Mittster In Newly Released Poll

Mission Failure: Afghanistan (A Message Written in Blood That No One Wants to Hear)

Pakistan transgender activists protest against US drone strikes

National Starbucks Appreciation Day | 8.7.12

A quote from Gore Vidal

New Law in North Carolina Bans Latest Scientific Predictions of Sea-Level Rise

A Question From Bubbaland (Texas) Re Early Canadian Childcare

NYT on Romney's "increasingly desperate attempts" to dismiss a study of his tax plan

Exec Bullies Chick-Fil-A Worker, Then Promptly Gets Fired For It

DCCC apologizes to Sheldon Adelson

You Have To Be Pretty Messed Up And Bigoted To Purposely Eat At Chick Fil A

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 4 -- The Essentials: Marilyn Monroe

"What, Exactly, Does Romney Think Should Be Discussed Publicly?" at the Atlantic

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 3 August 2012

Vermont Farmer crushes over half the cop cars in fleet with tractor

No Willard Rmoney you have to prove that

The US just obliterated Nigeria. 156-73!

No spoilers, just -- Part 2

Where's Trump? I haven't seen him or heard him defend Mitt lately.

Scenario: Tampa Convention. Thousands of gun-totin' crazies. Mitt's up to speak

"For-Profit Colleges Only a Con Man Could Love"By Chris Parker at the Village Voice

Former 'Exxon Valdez' to be beached, broken up in India

Just moved to Orlando

They kinda look normal, don't they?

Yeah right, casinos do not have hookers in every color, shape, and size ...

(Indiana) GOP Tracker Tails Judge Instead Of Senate Candidate

Three knockdowns in a round, and the boxing match is over, right?

Caribou Barbie coming to the middle of nowhere to campaign for MO GOP Senate candidate

Poll shows Catholics side with bishops on religious liberty, but warm to Obama

Romney’s ‘Kiss My…’ Spokesman Takes Time Off Campaign Trail

Hats off to Shep Smith

Jared Diamond: Mitt Romney 'Misrepresented My Views'

It's sad to watch a healthy 90' slash pine cut down for no good reason.

Spoiler Alert!

Tweety just showed recent polls

PEW Research Poll shows Obama ahead nationally by 10 pts

Court enjoins enforcement of new Texas voter registration laws

Obama gets personal over Romney’s ‘fairy dust’ tax cut

Judging the role of religion in law

Dear RJ Reynolds: Yep, *still* not smoking....

Mitt Romney Replaces Sarah Palin as America’s Most Hated Politician

Whatever happened to honesty?

Michigan GOP candidate allegedly siphoned off 95 percent of charity’s money

Mitt Romney To Harry Reid On Tax Dodge: 'Put Up Or Shut Up'

Racially motivated road rage attack?

Amway faces boycott over donation to anti-gay group

Is today the day California Peggy faces surgery for her gall bladder?

All due respect to Fred Gwynne, who was a very cool guy. That said:

Man shoots himself in thigh while riding down Highway 273, deputies say

Wes Clark wants Veterans to support President Obama.

Chick-Fil-A Debuts New Homophobic Sandwich

Congress closes loophole in stock trading law after CNN report

To counter all the bigot photos of the Chick-Fil-A crowds, here's one

Welcome to Tampa, GOP !

'Balanced' - Obama for America TV Ad

Play it again, Sam…

America's Sweetheart Wins Olympic Gold!

If people think that "taking the moral high ground" is about consuming fatty, deep-fried,

The perfect response

hello, my name is Hedgehog, and I suffer from snatch defeat from the jaws of victory syndrome.

Have dems just accepted that UE#s will just get worse?

Should we start a thread about how sh**ty NBC's Coverage of the Olympics is?

"Brookings Institution study bent over backward to be fair to tax plan. None of it helped Romney"

Caption this pic

"Sheep sex" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sheep sex".

You Don't Think The PTB Try To Influence The Flow Of Information ??? - You Would Be Wrong...

"Rise Up" - Stop The Frack Attack! - DC activist musician sings at anti-fracking rally

Caption Mitt

President Obama at Rollins College in Orlando,FL - pics

"Gore Vidal is Dead! Yes...we know but "NC" has a lovely Tribute:

Only in America...

Geting a 6-0 verdict to hide feels good.

Caption Romney and Rick Perry

Allowing the 2012 Shift to Come to You by Rick DiClemente;

The Angry Lightweight. What's worse than not having a coherent foreign policy? Mouthing off about it

New TV channel run exclusively by fully veiled women

Willard Rmoney has the exact same chance of winning

Rant - all the political ads during the olympics have caused me to finally turn it off

I delight in happy regional culinary surprises -- how about you?

Chick-Fil-A bigots inadvertently

TD5 is now Tropical Storm Ernesto

facebook album Re: "let's all eat at Chik-fil-a"

We, the members of the International Council of Chicken Affairs... - pic

Watching over on TCM the movie "The Best Years of our Lives"...

The Trauma of Affordable Health Care, with TV's Frank!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Eat Mor Bigots & a new Kitty gif

Atheist group sends 2nd complaint about war memorial

Reid: 'Extremely credible source' said Romney didn't pay taxes for decade (updated)

Arijit Guha, Cancer Patient, Wins Twitter War Against Aetna Insurance

Nadia Comaneci (1976 Olympics - perfect 10 on uneven bars).

Anyone up for a VP pool?

Dana Bash (CNN) says her source can confirm Reid's tax allegation

Pic Of The Moment: Olympic Dressage: Rafalca Comes In...


U.S. Justice Department opposes undocumented immigrant's right to get Calif. law license

Genghis Kahn really got around. Seriously.

Oh God, Mitt's dumber than Sarah Palin -- my new meme.

Head's up. The Individual Gymnastic competition just started at 9:17 EST. No spoilers.

Romney Buys What He Desires. Could That End Up Being His Waterloo?

USA Today

Anyone wanna go to Spotsylvania to see Wayne Powell Tuesday?

South Korea producing more engineering graduates than the US

Central Banks Can’t Save the World This Time

There Has GOT To Be An Anti-Romney Ad Here...

Pussy Riot trial: Putin urges leniency for Russia punks

Rmoney hires the crisis management disaster guru

Dont believe the hype college is not a scam despite what people are saying

Dhaka Bans NGOs From Helping Rohingya (Myanmar refugees)

Someone said " There are many paths to God" How many paths to DU? How did you get here?

2,500-year-old chocolate may have been used by Maya as condiment

US resists control of internet passing to UN agency

Nance Greggs: WWJB – Who Would Jesus Boycott?

"Georgian Bay dining" today's CBC winner of the day's photo contest.

The Council of Concern Trolls... ;-)

LOL, Obama: Trickle Down, Tax Cut Fairy Dust


Wesley Clark says Obama best choice to lead country.

LOL !!!

awesome ad by Graves calling out Bachmann for McCarthyism

The ED Show - Bachmann doubles down on 'Islamophobic' attacks

The ED Show - Romney's tax math doesn't add up

Lawrence starts with the F word

Scrivener.... and Elements

Chasing Rainbows

Who will the Republicans nominate...?

Quote from Chick-fil-A website: "Why were the Jim Henson puppets removed from the Chick-fil-A Kid’s

Ten million hits on Youtube and my new crush.

Can someone help me with adding an image from my computer to a message?

Does this guy look familiar?


CHICK-FIL-A VS. THE GAYS! (John Fugelsang/Caffeinated#2)

Whoop, There It Is... Will Post Links When They Occur, But Neil Barofsky Says On TYT/Current...

The ED Show - Obama puts Romney on the ropes over tax plan

BOOM! Harry Reid Just Responded To Mittfalca

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion agrees to hand over its encryption keys to India

The point is that Romney's returns will be revealing.

hey Mitt

The New Poll Tax – Restrictive Voting Laws Could Disenfranchise Millions

Oklahoma is so hot that street lamps are melting!

Mitt Romney Wants The Middle Class To Pay $500 More In Taxes So The Rich Can Get Richer

We had to put my mother's dog down today... :-(

President Obama at Loudoun County High School in Leesburg, VA - pics

The emerging ‘drone’ culture

we need more submissions

Combine fundy religion, Texas GOP politics, and blithering stupidity...

Anyone else feeling like giving a hand to "Give 'em hell, Harry Reid"?

Oakland Athletics

Great exchange between Matt Damon and a few reporters sent to bash educators

The current state of Mittwit's campaign

Fall 2012 Dr Who Trailer

Drip Drip Drip $$$

John Stewart nails the "Chick-Fil-A" controversy...

House passes bill to help livestock producers hit by drought

'Boston Herald' vs. Elizabeth Warren: Will Sexism Win? | The Nation

Paris in stop motion ...

Found on facebook: Excellent pic regarding the eat at Chik-Fil-A day

What did Dana Bash actually say about Reid's claim? (updated)

My friend posted this on FB. It's from Breitbart and seems a little vague to me.

I Don't Trust CNN, But Dana Bash Has Staked Her Entire Reputation On The Line, Possibly Even Career

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson predicts pot will be legal by 2016

A DEA officer stopped at a ranch in Texas,

"So you think Jesus is impressed...."

Birthers harassed President Obama about his birth certificate for 3 freakin' years

Hah! Post this as your facebook status...

Video: 2004 Mitt Romney Says It’s ‘Poppycock’ To Blame President For Job Market

Lawrence O’Donnell Asks Tax Attorney If Romney May Be Hiding A Felony In His Tax Returns