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I missed it!

Colorado PBS stn to air documentary on WTC collapses

OK. We hate Ryan's medicare plan.

In Florida, Mitt Romney defends Medicare message

Is something wrong with this video that supposedly

Noam Chomsky -- "Global Hegemony: The Facts, The Images"

because we need a laugh (at least, I do): molly ivins on georgy boy

Midwest colleges look out of state for students, more tuition money

20 Million Gallons of Agent Orange

Stand up Comic Clowned At Carnival In Iowa

Who Is Behind The Privatization Of Education--Labor Fest Panel Video

Well, this is awkward...

Want to see a panorama of our city park? It was full of people listening to some guy named Obama!

SurveyUSA: Romney by 1 in Missouri, Akin by 11

The Teabaggers really are a bunch of worthless hypocrites

In Iowa, President Obama surprises fairgoers with a visit

"They are oligarchs and racists clad in the skins of dead elephants."

Boehner’s Office Says Obama Avoiding Personal Responsibility For Drought

Accreditation warning issued to Penn State

Spraying for West Nile Begins in Dallas

Four Teenagers Are Shot in Brooklyn

Senators sound defense budget alarm in North Vegas

Cynical evangelisation of children

Somewhere out there....

Missouri’s deceptive Amendment 2 passes: Will lawsuits follow?

Sweet Dreams. Wolf

NBC News: Mormon church earns $7 billion a year from tithing, analysis indicates

Just out of curiosity, who had you thought Rmoney would pick?

Bush, Clinton visit Utah, issue call for civility in politics

This cat is so fat

Special message from Jack Rabbit to all Washington Nats fans, Monday, August 13, 9:52 pm PDT

Chris Christie to deliver GOP convention keynote

The Life & Morals of Jesus of Nazareth

Why hasn't Obama cut Social Security yet? What's he waiting for?

Aug. 13: Polls Have Middling Reviews for Ryan.

I hope it backfires on them: Anti-choice will drive around with aborted fetus painted on trucks.

Court Grants Feds Warrantless Access to Utility Records

We need to expose Paul Ryan's admiration of atheist Ayn Rand.

I really think that Ryan believes in Global Warming...

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, August 13)

Ttim Yenmor: Romney flip-flops, goes negative.

R & R And The GOP More Dangerous Than The Terrorists

Where do you stand on homeschooling?

Is it just me, or does the Texas shooter look like Ryan?

Blame It On The Rain — And Also Obama

Low-information voters: your estimate of the 2012 Presidential voters ?

3 people killed by guns is not big news?

On Laura Ingraham's show Friday, she said this:

A bit of humor from a Freeper regarding Christie being the keynote speaker at the GOP convention.

I started watching Hell on Wheels last summer.....

Why Would Romney Or Ryan Ever Drop Out?

Chevron considered replacing pipe

Romney speaks out on Latest Gun Massacre

Obama/Biden vs Romney/Ryan on Medicare and the Right Wing lies on Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)

Comedian Calls Out Progressive Insurance for Defending His Sister’s Killer ...

Romney undermined his support from the only two groups he is winning

Media sponsored terrorism

Giant Burmese python caught in Florida (BBC)

Alan Simpson and David Stockman

"The Heart of Grief"

I don't have anything to complain about

Host for Romney event is a convicted drug dealer

Nobel laureates call for end to TV's "Stars Earn Stripes"

Labor unions dismiss 'significant improvement' in Colombia's labor rights .

New Jersey man accused of locking girlfriend in bedroom for long periods of time, possibly for years

How to affect gun crime -- and the AWB isn't it

conan o'brien somehow made 100 news anchors say the exact same thing...

'Two New Pyramids' Found On Google Earth

'Two New Pyramids' Found On Google Earth

If we don't quickly play up the Paul Ryan - Ayn Rand connection, we have only ourselves to blame...

7 Scandals That Reveal the Real Mitt Romney

From Occupying Wall Street To "Dying For Work"?

Julian Assange asylum decision likely this week, Ecuador president says

Tour Gale Crater, Right Now, With This Interactive Panorama

US: $20 Million for the Venezuelan Opposition in 2012

Study casts doubt on human-Neanderthal interbreeding theory

Blind Mice Given Sight After Device Cracks Retinal Code

GOP pros opinions on Ryan pick: "from gnawing apprehension to hair-on-fire anger"

The Bain Legacy “I wouldn’t trust him to run a company, let alone a country.”

Happy Birthday Scarlet! Sweet Seventeen Today!

Happy Birthday Scarlet! Sweet Seventeen Today!

This Poll Is Another Terrible Sign For Paul Ryan And Mitt Romney

Separated at birth?

Jen is pregnant.

Gun lobby is expert at preventing dialogue

Tea Party Owes More to the Church of Satan Than to Jesus


Paul Ryan Is In Love With St. Thomas Aquinas; What Does This Mean? (UPDATE)

R & R at the Death Panel Motel.. (low low rates.. vacancy)

Afghanistan-Pakistan border fighting erupts in Kunar

Paul Ryan and Mitt. A duo straight from a Dan Brown novel.

Afghanistan-Pakistan border fighting erupts in Kunar

'The Closer' comes to an end ... (SPOILER WARNING)

U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Fails On U.S. Opposition After False NRA Gun Rights Threat

Exercising in midlife protects heart, says research

Romney is a know nothing, isn't he?

French youths fire on police in overnight clashes

GOP pros fret over Paul Ryan

As The Crow Flies, So Fly Your 15th Amendment Rights

The Grey Ghost Of Gunboat Diplomacy Sets Course

Cops: Unhappy patron kills three at Alabama strip club

Any Grimm fans?

Saving Private Ryan


New record set for largest python ever found in FL

How is Joe Scum allowed to spew this Democrats love big government more than


Amazing site for tracking Sea-Ice(extent and thickness) and Global Methane...

Atheist PM to woo Christian lobby

'Joe the Plumber': 'Put a fence on the damn border and start shooting'

Deeply Religious Parents Often Reluctant to Cease Medical Care

Tea Party Delegate's heads are exploding over RR ticket. Richard Gilbert Attorney at Law

There's Only One Solution That Might Fix Our Corrupt Financial System

Labor group to target Ryan, Romney over Medicare

Thomas Caffall's Facebook page

Did You Enjoy High School?

Hallelujah! I made a breakthrough with my Republican husband!!

Romney LOST the American JEWISH VOTE by Picking Paul Ryan

So why would Ryan hook up with Romney?

"M.I.C.A. dual-diagnosis" treatment does not exist. Holding out hope for it is cruel.

everyone has an opinion

Mormons vs. Catholics

Chris Matthews issues a royal smack down to Joe Scab

"Romney just didn't want to deal with legislators."

Ryan Opposed Debt Reduction Plan Romney Used as a Model

Have Obama and Romney Forgotten Afghanistan?

TSA Freaks Out After Man Swims Ashore At JFK And Strolls Across Runways

Transman Wins Big Brother UK

Kentish gay teen couple speak out about homophobic abuse

Gay social workers being ‘hounded out’ of the profession by homophobia according to survey

Arizona judge questions validity of trans marriage in divorce case

Charles Pierce: The Ryan Family's History of Fakery

KCRG will have live feed of the President's appearances

Ryan sought stimulus funds while decrying program

Charles Pierce: Paul Ryan, Mentoree to the Zombie-Eyed Bishop-Killing

Paul Ryan Reveals He Goes Even Beyond Ayn Rand!

N.J. Governor Christie Will Keynote Republican Convention

My son has agreed to sign himself in.

77 Years Ago Today - 8/14/1935

Pot, Hookers, and LaRouchies: Another Night in Texas

Obama Issues Executive Order on Global Violence Against Women

Obama’s Lead Against Romney More Than Doubles with Ryan Budget In Play

Crap, there's a pubic hair in my coffee.

Candidates from another century: Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan vision harks back to the days of Taft

Texas A&M shooter, Thomas Caffall was a tea party wing nut

Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and the GOP's push for theocracy

The Repugs Want To Do To Medicare What They Did To The Post Office..nt

MittPaul on legalization (and Earth's atomosphere [graphic])

49% of Seniors “living on a food budget of about $5 a day"

Since I can't post in that thread...

Romney-Ryan plan would repeal Reagan's spousal safety net

FBI: Inmates who started Miss. prison riot angry over what they called poor food, medical care

Christie to Be G.O.P. Convention Keynote Speaker

Inside Paul Ryan’s Plan To Privatize Social Security

Conservatives can't wait to get Ryan in a debate against Biden

Drought taps out some water wells around St. Louis

Peak oil review - August 13

Oops: Romney holds campaign stop at restaurant owned by convicted cocaine trafficker

Peak oil review - August 13

"I don't believe in revolution."

Eric Fehrnstrom's Moment

"Saving" Social Security: The Vietnamization of the Welfare State

Somali pirate negotiator jailed for life by US court

Penn St. put on notice regarding accreditation

Dear DU. I'm really, really sorry and promise to never, ever, ever again post about pubic hair.

More teeming hordes!

President Obama - I'm not Usain Bolt

That new reality show 'Stars earn Stripes' receiving wretched reviews

Ryan Derailed Simpson-Bowles Budget Plan Romney Sees as Model

Janna Ryan, Paul Ryan's Wife, Lobbied For Cigar, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical Industries

Attention: Mark Halperin has asserted just today that the Obama team wants to

Rags to riches (Romney version)

Romney isn't dumb. He is something much worse.

Jerry Sandusky and major Penn State donor 'abused two boys aboard a private plane', claims new witnz

Tuesdays Mega Toon Roundup 1- RR ticket (HT to EarlG)

Excuse Me, Professor...

Israeli speculation over Iran strike reaches fever pitch

PA. Tells Envi Protection workers their job evaluations to be based on speed of gas well permits

Paul Ryan's one of the hypocrites who bashed Obama's stimulus plan while repeatedly asking for funds

No sound is more satisfying than the snap of a mousetrap.

Tuesdays Mega Toon Roundup 2- More Robme

Post your favorite 1980's rock video...

Devo to release ‘Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro!’ — song about Mitt Romney’s dog Seamus

VP Biden's response to MSM calling Ryan a 'bold' or 'gutsy' selection is perfection

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 14, 1935

Ryan's controversial Social Security plan he doesn't discuss

Stockman's Awesome Takedown Of "Supposedly Courageous Ryan Plan"

45,000 workers march in support of Second Bill of Rights

McCain, slamming Reid, again vouches for Romney's tax returns

Why do these words scare the hell out of me?

Ryan sought stimulus funds while decrying program

Tuesdays Mega Toon Roundup 3- Still MORE Rmoney toons- can DU handle it?

Leaked!! Romney's official Veep Shortlist:

I would never presume that I'm presidential material…

Tuesdays Mega Toon Roundup 4-The rest

Expect Temporary Convention bounce

1 - Crash the economy. 2 - Steal the election. 3 - Concede the election.

the Case of the Mysterious Marauder: Part 1

Comically, Rmoney's Medicare stance hasn't changed any

First Thoughts: The economy takes a back seat,Romney trying to have it both ways on Ryan budget

MINNESOTA: Obama Opponent Murders Cat, Secret Service Investigating

Romney Holds Campaign Stop At Shop Owned By Convicted Cocaine Smuggler

With the pick of Paul Ryan, Romney proves he is clueless (and a shitty manager to boot)

Wall St. "Cheetahs" and the Financial Transaction Tax

Ryan EXTREME on abortion, contraception, forced ultrasound, in-vitro fertilization (Maddow)

So Mitt, now that the hoopla over Mr Ryan is getting boring, how'bout sharing those tax-returns?

Paul Ryan Really Doesn't Like Dodd-Frank

Judge: Facebook "Likes" Are Free Speech For Government Employees

Great Facebook Post

Joe the Plumber calls to ‘start shooting’ immigrants at the border

David Gregory and Paul Ryan - basketball partners?

DWTS Dancer Derek Hough Freaks When Fan Tries To Take Pic In Gay Bar

Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd Finally Correct Joe Scab This Morning

Republican/t-bagger philosophy captured in one toon

N. Calif. home of late Steve Jobs burglarized

Utah Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Chooses Mormon Values Over His Party's, Shuns 'Gay Marriage'

Has anyone reminded Romney that the British did an excellent job on the Olympics?

Senior Romney Adviser: Romney, Ryan "100% On The Same Page" In Turning Medicare Into Voucher

Cat Drops in on University Lecture: VIDEO (Ceiling Cat Exists!)

DU Demographics: Where are you?

From Huff Post: Janna Ryan, Paul Ryan's Wife, Lobbied For Cigar, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical Industries

Krugman: Romney/Ryan: The Real Target

His secret out...he is a.... WIZARD!!!!

Mormon church earns $7 billion a year from tithing

August contest neck and neck

What type of nation are we?

Republicans bankrupted the country.

Anyone else have dreams with their alarm clock in them?

That's Crazy

The Romney Trainwreck

Through Ryan, President Obama Seeks to Link Romney to Congress

**** Gets out her staple gun and posts today's DU Cafeteria Lunch Specials ****

Anybody going to the Minneapolis CD 5 DFL Election Night party tonight?

newt on m$nbc.....he loves right wing social engineering now

Mitt Romney would pay 0.82% taxes under Paul Ryan plan

Joe Walsh is looking for “Godly” Senators to deal with Muslims who are “trying to kill Americans

My Font is suddenly smaller for 5 days so far.

Romney Surrogate Sununu Complicates Campaign’s Medicare Messaging

Game About Romney's Dog Released:

Syria's ex-PM Riad Hijab says regime is collapsing

Sounds like 2008 all over again, doesn’t it?

Romney and Ryan’s disdain for the working class--Eugene Robinson

Paul Ryan a Zeppelin fan

Sununu went off on Ryan yesterday. Today the Romney campaign responds (LOL!)

Completely Disingenuous Headline on Yahoo re: Ryan and Electoral Maps

Organizing To Win A Better World

5th person accuses[Tea Party] activist Greg Peterson of sex assault

McCain Gives Bizarre Romney Tax Comments- "I am absolutely confident that he did not pay taxes."

Teddy The Asshole Cat

Rachel Maddow - Paul Ryan, Vice President Ultrasound?

Rachel Maddow - Ryan selection exacerbates Romney's tax return problem

Guns don't kill people. Gun nuts kill people.

Who is playing World of Warcraft these days?

Rachel Maddow - Americans not eager to gamble on Social Security, Medicare privatization


One of Congress' most bitter partisans

Overpopulation is everyone's problem

When I heard this come out of his mouth

Ryan Backed Abortion Bill That Would Make Romney's Kids Criminals

50 Bravest Movie Heroines

It just saddens me the way politics has devolved so much over the years.

Wild Animals Help Kangaroos Break Out of Zoo

AWKWARD. "Ryan Backed Abortion Bill That Would Make Romney's Kids Criminals"

Why yes, Fox News did give a cake to Ryan on his birthday

Republicans attempt to sell Paul Ryan as a moderate

Planned Parenthood's Letter of Non-support to Paul Ryan.

Neurofibromatosis and the DoD

Reel Crime! Best Cop Movies? Thinking about this as I read about the death of Greg Powell this

It's the little things, really

Post your theme song here!!

Just got back from my Dr. for my 6 month diabetes checkup

Jon Stewart Mocks Fluffy Paul Ryan Media Analysis

Green waste

George Zimmerman's lawyer: George is nearly broke, wants public to pay his legal costs

Frank Conniff on Paul Ryan and "Atlas Shrugged"

Why America doesn't like Mitt Romney By LZ Granderson

Re-reading The Limits to Growth

Why drilling next to a drinking water supply may not be wise.

Need help with info on a fun place to stay in SW Washington State

The Last Word - Paul Ryan, Catholics and Ayn Rand

Ryan is an outright liar on Canadian health care.

AIAA Panel Urges California to Undertake Major Reforms or Lose Aerospace Industry

The astonishing 2,500 year old tattoos of a Siberian princess, and how they reveal little has change

Iran Confident Israel Won’t Launch ‘Stupid’ Attack

Muslim Group: Republican ‘Islamophobia Machine’ Encouraging Violent Attacks

OLB Message in Milwaukee: MITTS OFF MEDICARE!

Another Trojan Horse Being Built By The GOP?

Looking at pics in the news....what is it in a smile that betrays a person's true spirit?

Any DU'ers meeting, greeting or joining the Caravan for Peace?

I've been seeing this term "stochastic" used quite often here lately

Handy chart comparing Obama's and Rmoney's positions on issues.

Reagan Budget Director Attacks Paul Ryan’s Economic Policies

I voted republican today

iPads in the classroom raise math scores 49%

Tea Party Founder Nailed With a $748K Vegas Penalty

The Last Word - Rewriting Romney-Ryan on tax returns

Help Wayne Powell in Chesterfield.

DCCC Launches Campaign Tying GOP Incumbents To Ryan Budget

The Last Word - Why Did Romney pick Ryan?

How do you pronounce "aunt"?

Any DU'ers meeting, greeting or joining the Caravan for Peace?

This race has become about Ryan

At the beach...

WOW!!! Soledad Squashes Mitt's Spokesman (Sununu) Re: Medicare Claims

Romney goes on offensive on coal in Ohio - he retroactively opposes strong regulations

Chinese Firms Leave US Stock Markets Amid Complaints About Price, Accounting Scrutiny

Mutant butterflies a result of Fukushima nuclear disaster, researchers say

Sit back and forget things for a few minutes. SUPERDOG!

Is Paul Ryan Romney's New Religion Problem? (Part I of III)

Egypt Military Signals It Won’t Contest Move on Generals

It was 30 years ago yesterday that 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' was released

Former ACORN Worker Can Sue Right-Winger on Privacy Claim

U.S. will release Omar Khadr tapes for Toews' review

Retail Sales Bounce Back In July With Largest Gain In 5 Months

DU Demographics: What was your upbringing like?

Pic Of The Moment: Let The Pants Pooping Begin

I.B.M. Adds an African Lab to Its Growing Global Research Network

Denver Post: "In selecting Rep Paul Ryan as running mate, [Romney] boosts his GOP base..."

The stories white guys tell themselves

Graywarrior's latest entrepreneurial venture:

It's very sad when LynneSin falls off the wagon.

Ben & Jerry's newest "hangover flavor":

Even if everyone else forgets your birthday or special occasion, your dog will never let you down

MFM is so badass that he was awarded a Hell's Angel's one-man chapter while riding a scooter.

Thanks to NYC SKP, MFM never EVER wants the words "MFM's bum" and "tapir" used in the same sentence.

ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd is saying da Bears are going to win

Major tuition break OKd by Assembly

Primary Voting - A Great Opportunity to Influence Politics



A Handy Factoid to have when Repukes say President Obama "cut" Medicare

Should Reid checkmate Romney on the taxes before the convention or after?

Has anyone checked to see how much

The one simple thing we can all do to help get President Obama reelected.

Vigilante groups have spread across Venezuela

If we are fortunate and win, one the best perks will be that these billionaires will have pissed a

New Koch strategy on climate change: Abandon denial, stall like crazy

Correct me if I'm wrong....

How Paul Ryan Will SCREW YOU

Guest Column: Why Republicans Should Support a Democrat

this is kinda a big deal...

Did I wait too long to book a flight to London for October 19th?

Hi all

In Paul Ryan’s home state, he supported US energy funds while decrying stimulus program

A future without tomboys and lesbians?

Monster python caught in the Florida Everglades breaks egg record

Best concert you ever saw ???????

Epic Mansplainer Wonders Why Women Can’t Just Shut Up About the Gender Wage Gap Already

Owner of ‘breastaurant’ chain buys Texas town, changes its name to ‘Bikinis’

Chad Chad Chad!!!! You done screwed up big time. listen to the 911 call

Suppose you saw a row of flags...

THIS is the GOP ticket????

Not mincing any words: Biden to crowd: Romney will 'put you all back in chains'

Whoopie as I type Mitt The Twit is speaking near here at an event

Ryan nod leads to Obama gains on Iowa Electronic Markets

Eddie Munster Shrugged

Porsche Misspells The Name Of Their Own Car On Billboards

Why reasonable people believe in free trade *conceptually*

half and half

Mitt's Medicare Muddle (updated)

Attacking Shariah, Attacking Religious Freedom

NFL ref lockout may last into season

Hey Mitt!

As Social Security Turns 77, the Most Successful Program in American History is Under Fierce Attack

Secularism: Where Are the Women?

Romney upbeat about his VP pick


Discrimination? Australian men can’t sit next to unaccompanied minors

Talking point: Paul Ryan came from a "working class" background

Bristol Palin mocks the President and his daughters WTF!!!!!

This is what we do when MFM gets drunk at our parties....

Daily Jury Lets Obvious Troll Be Obvious Outrage Post.

Would our nation be substantially different if Jimmy Carter had been re-elected?

Biden Jokes To Audience: No Swiss Bank Account? ‘You Guys Are Out Of Touch’

Gay Actor Ron "Horshack" Palillo Dies

There are certain DUers that can kiss my ass!!!

Fox News Was Right! Heterophobic Bully Hates Chick-Fil-A!

What's for Dinner - Tuesday Aug 14th

Ron Palillo, TV's 'Horshack,' dead at 63

Ryan to refuse to release more than 2 years of tax returns (although he gave mitt several years)

PPP: Obama leads by 3 in Ohio

Obama's Electoral College vote margin continues to grow.

Immigrant-Owned U.S. Companies Said to Generate $775 Billion

Comic artist Joe Kubert has passed at 85

The Ayn Rand attack on Ryan is pointless

If I bang my head against the wall

OMG Horshack has died

Who's gonna be the first to call who a LIAR in the debates?

President Obama on the Romney-Ryan Economic Plan - Boone, Iowa

Why guns shouldn't be treated as tools

The nuts and bolts of the sequester

More Female Cops Finally Allowed Outdoors in Mumbai

Speculators, how do you justify driving up the price of food and fuel ?

'It was God's call'

Erskine Bowles on the "Sensible, Honest, Serious Paul Ryan"

Satan, put on your Ice Skates. Fox News (correctly) Fact-Checks The Ryan Plan

Wow. Please read this. It's brilliantly said: The Veil of Opulence

President Obama went there today: "I know he's had other things on his car."

Colbert on Ayn Rand: pioneer of the female combover

Obama makes 'dog-on-top-of-car' joke about Romney

Competing With Prisoners

NYT's Bruce Bartlett: Blaming Obama for George W. Bush’s Policies

Ryan has the worst favorable/unfavorable numbers for veep in past 12 years--worse than cheney, palin

Blue collar or white collar, white men in general are a GOP constituency

Romney's devil is in his details... his fashion details, that is!

Do Ask, Do Tell - Congratulations General Smith

Discrimination? Australian men can’t sit next to unaccompanied minors

Did You Enjoy Reform School?

Minneapolis: Burned cat, anti-Obama message near polls draw Secret Service

Ron Palillo, who played Horshack on `Welcome Back, Kotter,' dies at 63

Magnitude 7.7 quake off Russia's Pacific island of Sakhalin causes no damage, injuries Read more: h

Here's a case of everyone simply repeating Romney lies.

Ron Palillo, Arnold Horshack on 'Welcome Back, Kotter,' dies at age 63

Romney Campaign Bars Press From Ryan, Adelson Event

Does Paul Ryan have lips?

In Iowa Obama zings Romney...

Vacation Movie-A-Thon...


Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.) to join Manatt lobbying firm

Lead story @ Google News? "Fact Check: Ryan budget plan doesn't actually slash the budget" from Fox

Romney Camp: Biden’s Wall Street Comments A ‘New Low’ (Stephanie Cutter responds)

So What Happens to Taxy Now??

What electoral map do you follow?

Obama unveils his "Catholics for Obama" 2012 team.


Who is the pro-life candidate? Great article from National Catholic Reporter

I am steeling myself...

Toronto mayor photographed reading while driving on Gardiner Expwy.

Woohoo I'm getting REO Speedwagon tickets this Friday

Who else can the right piss off?

Op-Ed: The Israeli left’s growing pragmatism

Scenes from the Great Transition

Standard Chartered agrees settlement with New York regulator

Pathological liar Mitt strikes again

Assange seeks London-Quito ticket but Sweden looms

This way for pork chop on a stick


Capital gains should be taxed HIGHER than labor.

Fuck yeah


Bill Moyers on Ryan

Do The Fundies Realize That The Republican Ticket Does Not Have Any Protestants on it?

Obama and Medicare (stealing money from it) question. What are they talking about?

Gallup and Rasmussen tracking polls?


Ecuador ponders Assange's exit if asylum granted

Medical marijuana IS headed for Arkansas ballot (updated)

What the hell is clean coal ???

NYT: Giant Hospital Chain Creates a Windfall for Private Equity (4,091 words)

i am rather puter illiterate + can't post pics.

Hey North Dakota, how y'all doing?

Nickname for Ryan: Zegs.

How does Obama go from a 7-9 point lead down to

SC man freaks out under influence of drugs, paramedics find mouse in his rectum

Do Most Americans Know That The President Has No Control Over The Rising Gas Prices.....

Who were those "coal miners" standing behind romney on MSNBC?

The fucking gift that keeps on giving....

Guys, question for you. Were you ever the object of a "Mrs. Robinson"?

Due to "problems" in the DU parking lot...

Al Sharpton:If voter ID is such a concern why didn't the Republicans have voter ID laws in primaries

New dangerous diet marketed to women

Child sex traffickers

Rude Pundit: And Then There Was That Time Paul Ryan Said Romneycare Could Be a Model for the U.S.

Steve Wozniak: Web crackdown coming, freedom failing

I wonder if NASA should send a probe to that planet where right wingers make their home

*I* did NOT say this: "Definitive proof that Cats Are Assholes" (Whups it's a dupe. Ignore at will)

New Romney Ad: Obama Cut Medicare To Pay For ‘Obamacare’ (Romney-Ryan "protects Medicare benefits")

Happy Birthday, Social Security!

Woohoo my REO Speedwagon got a ticket last Friday

no KO, this election <sad face here>

Young Immigrants, in America Illegally, Line Up for Reprieve

A Crunch Cometh

High Cost of Willfully Misinterpreting the 2nd Amendment

Horshak, Ron Palillo, died.

Obama ad: 'Get real Mitt'

Is this the Romney/Ryan campaign, or an elaborate SNL skit

Where are the Defense Cuts in Ryan's Budget?

Poll: Obama Up 3 In Ohio, Leads By 10 Points Among Independents

Julian Assange Will Be Granted Asylum, Says Ecuadorean Official

Expect in the next two weeks for Romney to take the lead from Obama...

Did Romney Break Campaign Laws During His Overseas Trip? Signs point to yes.

NASCAR fans! Want to see a real wreck? >>

"the warfare state & the Wall Street-coddling bailout state have crippled the engines of capitalism"

Why would I be getting Access Forbidden readings from a public site?

Baby names that have become incredibly uncommon in England and Wales

Everything Wall St. Should Know About Ryan

Burglar shot and killed while escaping ruled justifiable.

Mitt Romney: Past, Present, and Future (Spanish language ad)

Petition to Reinstate the Assault Rifle Ban

Why SS & Medicare/Medicaid MUST be "reformed".

Too Old to Work (The Social Security Song)

GOP Ticket

Flash for Android dies tomorrow. Steve Jobs won.

NO FLIRTING In Politics!

Ban overt religious signs in public service, PQ says

Hitler reacts to the Miami Marlins Trades

President Obama (and family) at the Iowa State Fair (pics)

Who has LynneSin NOT had a crush on?

Aside from the women who married into the Romney Clan does Romney have any Granddaughters?

Toles does Romney In "Double Negative"

And another bank gets off the hook with a slap on the wrist

South African platinum mine shut down after deadly union clashes

Romney campaign melting down over Joe Biden comment: A 'new low,' they say

Top Farm Lender Worried by Drought, Politics.

SELFISHNESS - The Underlying Narrative That Will Cause Romney To Lose

There is voter fraud--but it's the republicans doing it...

How about this comparison for Rmoney and Ryan?

There are certain advertising characters who I have long thought to be gay -

'Welcome Back, Kotter's' Horshack, Ron Palillo, dies

Keiser Report: Jamieville, Crookland

Democrats tie Republican candidates to Ryan plan in competitive races

Is Paul Ryan the new Dr. Death?

Paul Ryan's Secret Shame Revealed!

Will someone please explain something to me - re tea party

WaveRider hypersonic jet targets Mach 6 (BBC)

Jamie Dimon: Leave the Banksters Alone !!!!!

A short film set in the Sci-Fi world where we look for our humanity

Did You Enjoy getting High in School?

So,.....this is kinda cool!

Robert Reich: ROMNEY/RYAN---$6,500 A Year MORE For Medicare - to Finance BIGGER Tax Cuts For Wealthy

So angry at what they are doing to the post office!

Atlas Shrugged: A Summary

I just got a phone call from PC wizards saying my computer has problems

Paul Ryan's Secret Shame Revealed!

Texas woman's court battle defeats Keystone XL Pipeline

Joseph Stiglitz: From voice in the wilderness to people’s prophet

Vacant Lots and High Profits: Corruption in Argentina’s Presidential Dynasty?

Poll: Most favor Voter ID laws, but public awareness of their effect is low

What do I do? I got a PM from someone who said they Alerted on a thread I started.

Conversation you won't be hearing

Voices United for Separation of Church and State

Current Senate Polling: All tied up 50-50 !

my county is now in a different cd-no more sensenbrenner--now a petri

SF stolen car victim pays the price (threat to sell at auction for storage fees)

Mountain Dew ‘Lost to the Internet’ in ‘Dub the Dew’ Project

How privilege-blindness stops us understanding the roots of terrorism

Salon: Ayn Rand vs. the pope - The two contradictory philosophies warring for Paul Ryan's soul

Catholic Publication Deems President Obama More Pro-Life Than Mitt Romney

Ohio senator: ‘Jim Crow has been resurrected’

Meet Paul Ryan: By AL GORE

Everyone complains about rising prices, inflation, low incomes, rich getting richer, etc.

"I knew Ted Kennedy, you're no Ted Kennedy"

Outsource Seniors Care

Fan Post on Panera's Facebook Page Got Half a 1/2 mil Likes Small act of service reaps huge

its tuesday, where the frack are mitt romney's tax returns?

NanceGreggs: Ah, the Smell of Desperation!

Demonoid domain for sale, and Pirate Bay is down....*Up Date*

Breaking: Appeals Court OKs Warrantless, Real-Time Mobile Phone Tracking

"He fell through the cracks" . . ."He fell through the safety net"

Canada's Opinion of the Ryan Pick

PPP: Obama leads in New Hampshire by six-points

Sign of "our" ultra-short attention span and love of shiny objects....Mitt's Taxes?!?!?

"... If you're 55 or older, you're okay...".. and other fairy tales

Cash is still king for debt-averse Germans

Florida Newspapers are asking the real question all papers should be asking

Paul Ryan's Hometown of Janesville Recovers With Federal Aid VP Candidate Claims to Oppose

OctoMom wants to give you an OctoLoan!

Spicy Watermelon Margarita

Insurer, spooked by concussion lawsuits, looks to part ways with the NFL.

Does Romney have six fingers on each hand?

Heavy debts set China solar makers up for consolidation

Is Paul Ryan for or against Ayn Rand?

Papantonio: Tea Bag Republicans In The Abyss With Paul Ryan

Tweety says Ryan is their Morning Glory

NDAA on trial: Obama Administration fights ban on indefinite detention of Americans

Why I didn't like Obama's Joke today and why I won't be giving my opinion on what Obama says!

Rep. Ryan Voted for the Auto Bailout Before He Was Against It

New uses for twitter - beer truck spill near campus

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Ron Palillo (Arnold Horshack) Dead: 'Welcome Back, Kotter' Star Dies From Heart Attack At 63

Barack Obama, You Friggin' Cheapskate

'Pentagon calls shots in Bahrain, can't afford democracy'

My How Things Have Changed

ABC News' careful excerpts from the President's speeches

Bombs kill 46 across Afghanistan

Paul Ryan To Meet With Sheldon Adelson In Las Vegas

Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower?

Why Romney/Ryan suck

67 years ago today, a spontaneous kiss became a cultural icon

The Deepest Cut Of All For Veterans

The War Room with Jennifer Granholm shared UltraViolet's photo on facebook

Lawmakers suspect money laundering issues at Wal-Mart

New Reference For Ryan And Romney. "R $ R"


Most dangerous people?

Juxtaposition That Speaks Volumes

Hidden History: America’s Secret Drone War in Africa

There are some seriously sick fucks out there...

Romney's Neocon Advisers Want To Bomb Iran And Syria --

9 month old Cole Nelson and President Obama - pic

Update on this thread that I posted back in April.

From a 1000 points of light, to 1000 points of blight

Greece seeks two-year austerity extension

House GOPers now taking aim on AG Holder

moderators! Create a fuckin delete button so that people can delete there account and not use the

The West is caught again in another Syria lie (Saudi, etc papers said Assad was stepping down)

Debating a proposal to privatize the post office,

Obama, Romney campaigns trade blows over energy (and Obama hits Romney's windmill on car comment)

Eugene Robinson - pic

So you want to look at obscene pictures online.

Afghanistan’s Taliban Wish Al Qaeda Would Go Away

So, how disappointed do you think Rick Santorum is that he wasn't picked to be Mitt's veep?

R $ R Are A National Security Threat

Screw them and their "New Low" Horseshit...

Horrible - Father killed by off-duty cop who ran over his daughter

The best Rmoney/Ryan nicknames?

Daily Kos diary has a old video of Ayn Rand on the Johnny Carson Show

How's this for a costume?

Mohawk Guy Bobak Ferdowsi Gets Shout-Out From President Obama

Why the Ecuadorians are stalling on Assange's asylum request

"A New Low" The Romney Campaign Says??!

Look At All The GOP Has Done

I noticed something sort of odd on the Ed Show last night

Janna Ryan, Paul Ryan's Wife, Lobbied For Cigar, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical Industries

"President Obama was asked to say something nice about Mitt Romney"

Question on Affordable Care Acte re. mammograms

Pastor Convicted in Parental Kidnapping Case (involving ex-lesbian and daughter)

We Need To Really Expose R $ R For The Nuts They Are

Romney's Cayman Daydream (remember that look Romney gave Ryan)

Happy Birthday, Social Security! (a few facts for R's)

Daily Caller Reporter Admits No Evidence For Anti-Holder Claims Highlighted By Article He Wrote BLOG

Wikileaks/TrapWire/The Death Of The Fourth Amendment

Mark Serreze NSIDC - "If The Melt Stopped Today, We'd Have The Fourth Lowest Ice Coverage On Record"

I'm furious! Just received a taped call from Calista Gingrich and Citizens United selling Newt's

Santorum, Dean Will Debate at Cornell in October

Helmholtz Center Expedition Departs Svalbard To Probe Methane Releases In Oceans W. Of Island Chain

SEC-bashers, you've found your prophet!

Is there a way to see Tweety's part of Morning Joe on line?

This Video MIGHT Stop Romney From Becoming President

Methane Seep Off San Diego Supports Ecosystem Of Worms In Symbiosis With Methane-Eating Bacteria

Holy Mother Of God... You KNOW It's Bad When The NSA Tech Director Resigns Over Wire Tapping !!!

Who, if anyone, is keeping our bench stocked with talent?

77 Years After It Became Law, Social Security Keeps 20 Million Americans Out Of Poverty

Got Mail? Go get it — the Postal Service has other plans

Budget Panel Eyes End to VA Care for 1.3 Million Vets

Paul Ryan ISN'T Gilligan; He's Mulligan!

Leader of anti-Semitic party in Hungary discovers he is Jewish

Romney-Ryan demagoguery continues

Is there a limit to the number of times a post can be alerted?

More Daily High Temperature Records & Ties Through 8/5/12 Than In All Of 2011

Arnold Horshack appreciation thread

Whistling through my nose or valid questions?

Possibly the all time greatest show biz fake out!

The Obama Campaign Calls Romney a Hypocrite For Outrage Over Biden Remark

I have about 20# sweet potatoes that I purchased in a big box

Today i had a meeting, it was supposed to be about adding resources to our test department...

Cecelia Cichan, sole survivor of 1987 Michigan plane crash that killed 156, speaks out

2010: Obama explains Medicare Advantage changes (the $700 billion medicare cut that Romney ...

"entitlement-slashing zealot" wow..... >

Ex-Argentine president Fernando de la Rua on trial for $5M bribe

Ex-Argentine president Fernando de la Rua on trial for $5M bribe

It's all so petty & stupid. How we "fix" SS/Medicare in 2 easy steps

It's a lot bigger than just Penn State

Just WOW!!! Billboards being displayed in Las Vegas

There are No DUers that can kiss my ass!!!

Paul Ryan's Favorite Band: Rage Against The Machine

Judd Hirsch (Numbers) 2 time Tony Award winner - he has a Degree in Physics(!)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Well that didn't take long --- Fox News *spins* AGAINST Ryan's supposed greatest strength

Multi-millionare Crocs founder epic rant on his DUI bust - claims Taylor Swift was driving

Ryan distances himself from Romney Budget AND Ryan Budget

Is the Ryan pick part of the Kochcaine racket?

Who do you trust Romney/Ryan or Walter Cronkite?

Chains is the right word! Private Industrial Prison Complex or slave labor and they don't give

The next time you hear a wingnut say that President Obama wants to take away your guns....

UPDATE: Gubernatorial Recall Ballots Saved from Destruction in Waukesha County, WI - For Now...

Something doesn't make sense.

I just finished serving on a meth trial. Being a lefty, I was rooting

Just not adding up

Veep nominee Paul Ryan renounces former fascination with Ayn Rand

At Least They’re Honest

Anti-Semitic Hungarian Politician Discovers He is Jewish

John Nichols of The Nation gives great smack on Ryan

Ryan is sunk. Period.

Calif. GOP caucus chair steps down after siding with Democrats on tax measure

Great, Robocorp picked a VP...

Ryan's brother former Bain employee

Are we just showing off or getting ready for some big fight?

Thousands gather outside El Salvador, Mexico consulates seeking residency

Thousands gather outside El Salvador, Mexico consulates seeking residency

Ryan says GOP ticket to wait to disclose tax specifics until after election

How is the Occupy contingent feeling about the election at this point?

Romney said he would vote to cut $700 billion from Medicare

Devo to Release Song About Mitt Romney's Dog

LOL!! Rmoney: Obama is "intellectually exhausted, out of ideas, and out of energy."

OPPD moving towards Fort Calhoun nuclear plant restart (idled since April 2011 because of concerns)

Dean Baker: President Obama Did Not "Raid" the Medicare Trust Fund

Got a question about dried beans.

Got myself an early birthday gift: a dose of testosterone

Florida donors lead 72-hour cash blitz for Romney

Why is Joe Biden trending on twitter?

Biden: “There will be no changes in Social Security”

Biden: “There will be no changes in Social Security”

NPR - National PaulRyan Radio..

My shark show with a conservation twist - Shark Fight

Scott Brown runs away from Paul Ryan question

They can't even cheat smart...LOL

The GOP asswipes have 100% no problem with flat out lying. And know most people are....

'Stars Earn Stripes,' NBC Reality Show, Criticized by Veterans, Military Reporter

Biden Hits Back on "Chain" Poutrage!!

WTF a fundy nutter lady with big pink hair is on the TV

Lawmakers suspect money laundering issues at Wal-Mart

In addition to banking services, the Post Office should expand into providing internet service.

"The dog lover vote" and Romney....

Gee... Who Would Have The Computing Power To Do THIS ???

TSA to investigate racial profiling claims

Two Dark Money Groups Outspending All Super PACs Combined - ProPublica

Is Motorola Finally Dying?

Ecuador says no decision yet on Assange's asylum

College Democrats of Wisconsin Statement on Romney Vice Presidential Pick

Residents in a Washington Town Want to Stop Canadians From Shopping at Their Neighborhood Costco

Prosecutor Defeated by Glaring Stupidity of Pot Laws

Romney on Ryan's Medicare plan: 3 different answers in less than 24 hours

Is Romney Take A Dive and Throwing the Election?

Plain cigarette packaging passes in Australia.


CHEDDARBOMB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U.S. must stop countries reflagging Iran ships: lawmakers

Ryan Family Fortune Built on Public Works Projects That Romney Campaign Mocks

Never have I seen such confusion in a Presidential campaign

Obamas tap White House home beer

Joe Biden clarifies "in chains" remark

And Thus Spoke Susan

Jaguars among species 'virtually extinct' in Brazil's Atlantic forest

Paul Ryan’s Family Business Built On Government Contracts

Chalk a sidwalk, go to jail

Obama/Biden need to rule out a chained CPI.

Spokesman for Wash. pot group fired at his own news conference

Paul Ryan to Colorado supporters: I drive a truck. I'm not a witch. I’m you.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! March of the Mysogynists & a new Kitty gif

Shitty Politico headline

Obama campaign doesn't know a ring from an ass.

I think I've figured out the real difference between the two campaigns.

Just watching some jitter-buggin on TMC...

Extremists target Tunisian medallists

Mitt Romney's Drug Dealer Host

Rachel is discussing Ryan's vaginal probe bill-

So I came upon a website where authors publish horror stories to advance their nascent careers.

75 gather at FDR site to celebrate Social Security

Mental health coverage to benefit under health care act, advocates say

Go WikiLeaks !!! - And Thanks CloudFlare !!! - WooHoo !!!

An Olympic Feat Of Ignorance

It's official...I am working on a campaign... Kenneth Sanders,District 6(Barton's)

United Airlines ‘Lost’ an Unaccompanied Little Girl, Refused to Help Parents Find Her

Prediction: Tommy wins primary but loses to Tammy in November.

Today's headlines from Yahoo! when I checked my email

PAUL RYAN: Pretty Much Evil

Meryl was too old to be the daughter in Postcards n/t

How Paul Ryan will Screw you

Demand specifics on whether Deb Fischer (R-NE) will end Medicare as we know it & Soc Security

The llama photo that got the Colorado shooter accepted to grad school

Red Sox stars blast manager Bobby Valentine in heated July meeting with ownership

"The Ryan Plan: The More America Hears About It, The More They Hate It" at Daily Kos

What's Ryan's Stand on Vaginal Yeast Infection?---What's the GOP Stand on the Issue?

OK, for the guys who shave their faces ...

ROTFLMAO Bill Maher comparing Paul Ryan to Sarah Palin at Huffington Post

UPDATE..:) Remember Schoep the arthritic dog and his owner, John?

Steve Wozniak: Web crackdown coming, freedom failing (video)

I am officially working on an election campaign...Kenneth Sanders for Congress.

Rachel: Ryan Pick Already Impacting Downticket Races in FL

It's Official... I am working on an election campaign. Kenneth Sanders for Congress


Okay, I'm gonna whine a bit.

I don't know why this story keeps making me giggle.

romney has effectively shut down the "show us your taxes" talk...laugh at your own peril

Romney’s Estate Tax Cut Would Save The Koch Brothers Up To $8.7 Billion Each

The ugly step-child

Factual talking points on the economy (UPDATED)

So... umm... where's the "Ryan bounce"?

Romney and Ryan = One big Tax increase

Factual talking points on the economy (UPDATED)

Former Visteon CEO to leave with $12.7M

Romney Calls Obama 'Angry and Desperate' at Close of Battleground Bus Tour (WOW!)

There actually are sane, rational Republicans out there - Decent folks, fine, upstanding Americans

Energy staffers were warned not to use personal e-mail

Men, do you shave? How much, and why?

New Film Attacks Obama For Boasting About Bin Laden Operation (brilliant strategery!)

Obama campaign: Romney seemed 'unhinged'

I have a feeling FOX news isn't charging the Romney campaign for commercials.

UPDATE: "Suicide while handcuffed"->Chavis Carter 'Suicide' Reenactment By Jonesboro Police

Zimmerman: The Power of Circumstantial Evidence

Cantor, Powell to debate Sept. 28!!!

Free Webinar on citizen journalism, rights and safety

Powell, Cantor to debate September 28!!!

"Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks" at Reuters

Nate: Early look shows Ryan bounce between 0 and 2%

Romney and Ohio coal miners:

BBC's Mark Thompson named new president of the New York Times

TERRIBLY sad day for education in Clay County, FL

Carlyle Group Said to Be Leading Bidder for Getty Images

New Jersey Fines Halfway Houses $45,000 Over Escapes By

Romney Hid Behind Ann's Skirt and Now Hides Behind Ry-Ann's Skirt .....ummm, maybe not

Who is your favorite Politician of all time ?

Bill Maher on Ryan pick

Normalizing Torture: Impunity at Home, Rendition Abroad

I'd like to see the Dems use more charts to show Republican lies!

'Fertilized Egg' admitted to Ryan event

Oh... This Is Rich... Literally... Goldman Sachs Wins Again...

Survey time for those DUers of the female persuasion: For what do you save your money?


I'm not complaining. But I don't get it.

Biden is right to talk about people being chained to volatile markets. In the late

Nazi suspect Charles Zentai wins Australia extradition case

OK, for the guys who save their feces...

Lawrence just busted Ryan

Fearing Ryan Plan, GOP Doubles Down On Suppressing The Senior Vote

BLR " More Mitt "

DC Insiders Worry About Holder's Inaction on Wall Street Crime - Richard Eskow/HuffPo

Romney to Obama: ‘Take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago’

House Republicans Failing At Their Job. From Nancy Pelosi's channel.

GOP Strategy Revealed

Odd but disturbing thought on the Romney Campaign

Florida: Big Win for Alan Grayson in Tonight’s GOP Primary

Ryan Greeted In Las Vegas By Protests Outside Adelson Event

Pentagon: Iran building, training militia in Syria

What the fuck has NASA done to make your life awesome?

"Hello Lonesome" Incredible indie film.

a biography of the day--roxanne quimby

a quote of the day

The ED Show - Ryan budget a tough sell for Republicans

Lamar Sternad, Florida House Candidate, On Questions Of Being GOP Plant: 'Kiss My Lily-White Ass'

Wow. Dorworth won soundly in the primary. He's next Speaker of the Fl House,

Paul Ryan Will Talk About Tax Policy 'In The Light Of Day' -- After The Election

Please explain how to sell Ayn Rand to low-information voters in 30 seconds...

The ED Show - Republicans push major lie about Medicare cuts

Unprosecuted Hate Crimes

8/14 NSIDC Update - With 5 Weeks To Go, Avg. Daily Ice Loss 38,000 Square Miles Since Late June

A story about an old time Perv that meets a bad end

Paul Ryan to Colorado supporters: I drive a truck. I used to work at McDonald’s,I like to camp...

Obama campaign: Romney seemed 'unhinged'

Florida Democrats Will Send First Gay Legislator To Tallahassee

Retail sales in July rise by the highest rate in five months

Interesting NOAA Graphic On Temperatures - 2012 Plotted Against Existing Record

Rep. John Mica Defeats Tea Party Rep. Sandy Adams in Florida Primary.

Washington State Whooping Cough Cases Up 1,300% In 2012 From 2011 To 2,500+

"VOUCHERCARE VOUCHERCARE VOUCHERCARE" !! Say it 1000 times. Framing a message is everything.

Linda McMahon Defeats Chris Shays In Connecticut GOP Senate Primary

Barges Move Upriver To Transport Drinking Water From Above Salt Intrusion To Plaquemines Parish

Catholic Publication Deems President Obama More Pro-Life Than Mitt Romney

Tea party billboard compares Obama to Osama bin Laden

Daily Kos: Florida newspapers: Romney is in big, big trouble

Why is Hell so unfair?

Shelli Yoder for Congress!

Anybody catch John McShithead on Greta Van Susteren?

Cottonwood, Maple Seedlings Already Thick On Ground Behind Remnants Of Elwha Dams

Please say VOUCHERCARE all the time to describe the Ryan plan to kill Medicare.

Mutant butterflies a result of Fukushima nuclear disaster, researchers say

I'm sorry, I have to say this: Paul Ryan is a Fraud.

Say VOUCHERCARE every time you talk about the Romney/Ryan plan to kill Medicare.

Don't overestimate "Joe Six Pack".

Looking increasingly it will be Tommy Thompson (R) vs. Tammy Baldwin (D) here in WI for Senate

Anybody have a good experience with a term life insurance company?

Republicans are correct in comparing the 1980 election to 2012

"Paul Ryan’s Fairy-Tale Budget Plan" by David Stockman at the NY Times

The $5 trillion hole in Paul Ryan's budget

Libertarians . . . .. . . siiiiiggggghhhh . . . . .

Romney surrogate Sununu acts boorish to Soledad O'Brien: always a wind bag

The President must hammer home the truth about the 716 billion medicare lie. The rethugs

Has anyone here bought a grow box?

Paul Ryan Endorsed Candidate Loses Primary in Florida's 19th CD

Do old seeds work?

Tea Party rich boy Eric Hovde loses to Tommy Thompson in WI Senate Primary

Bill Maher Talks Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin & Medical Marijuana On HuffPost Live - (VIDEO)

I really hate the "It's MY PERSPECTIVE" shit.

Colbert is really eviscerating the new NBC reality show, Stars and Stripes...

I've never enjoyed a repuke vp bounce this much before!

I really hate the "It's MY PERSPECTIVE" shit.

They're going to try to swiftboat Obama

Jon Stewart Takes On Hypocrisy Of Paul Ryan’s ‘Fiscal Conservative’ Image By Invoking Vampires

Ryan gave Atlas Shrugged for Christmas!

Is Madison no longer in WI?

Thompson, former Wisconsin governor and Cabinet secretary, wins Republican US Senate primary

Chile student protesters occupy high schools

Cliff Stearns loses, won't be able to witch-hunt Planned Parenthood anymore