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HEH- Possible GOP TURNCOATS At The Democratic Convention

This is the Man Who Romney Thinks Will Help Energize His Party?

The Odds for Mitt Romney's VP Pick!

Got Bad News, Good News and Funny News....

Blue collar GOPT

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday August 11th

NBC News: 3 Sources indicate Rep Paul Ryan is Romney’s Vice Presidential pick.

Enjoy the Apocalypse

Naming Paul Ryan as veep is a collosal mistake by Romney

Markos Moulitsas on Twitter re Ryan pick: the senior vote up for grabs!

So, it's going to be Herman and Eddie Munster.

Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan VP debate?

Yet ANOTHER awkward Mitt moment from this week

How Paul Ryan captured the G.O.P.

Mitt's big Friday night news dump. UPDATE: HuffPost says its Ryan

So the VP pick won't make the rounds on the Sunday shows this week?

Sources: Cedric Benson to Packers

I think Obama just won Florida...

Mitt Romney Set To Pick Paul Ryan As Running Mate

NBC NEWS Is Saying It's Paul Ryan !!!

NBC: sources say it's Ryan

CNN TV: Pawlently will not be in Norfolk, Virginia tomorrow.

Romney picking Ryan does have one potential advantage for his campaign...

I propose Mitt Romney nominate a Pine Tree for his VP...

Found on facebook

Andrea Mitchell just reported that Tag rmoney, one of the sons,

Romney is far ahead... in the tally of false statements

@AlexNBCNews: Should note, per WI law, Ryan is able to stay on ballot for his congressional re-elect

USS Wisconsin? Has anyone from Ryan or Romney's family served in the Military?

Why would somebody roll out their VP pick on a Friday night/Sat. morning?


Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero - Full Album

More Profiles in Mitt's (non) courage...

Sensata workers protest Boehner visit

Summary of Closing Arguments in PA Photo ID Trial

Seeking asylum, Assange makes odd choice

The primary reason Romney would choose Ryan for VP?

NRA Sought Donations in Days After Colorado Shootings

Damn those b******s,

Ryan is one Koch-fueled candidate

So, How are the Freepers Taking Romney's VP News?

Here's a few reasons why it probably will be Ryan

So it is going to be a Rmoney/Lyan ticket?

Ryan = Lose with dignity

NBC News reports that Tagg Romney told Pawlenty & Portman that they weren't the pick. Romney deleg

The NRA Industrial Complex

The R&R Ticket? Romney&Ryan, Rest&Relaxation, Richer&Rich....

Well, I guess Ryan makes sense...

Hubby just asked me: "Is it Paul Ryan or Rand Paul who wanted to destroy the constitution

Romney chose Ryan because (updated)

NBC reports that Romney had his son Tagg tell Portman and Pawlenty that they weren't the pick

Rachel's tweet on Paul Ryan as VP candidate selection.

Paul Ryan getting booed by seniors in his own district

Louisiana sinkhole expected to keep residents away at least a month

While Victory Dancing, do not underestimate

Paul Ryan Booed by Seniors at Townhall meeting 4/11

My Sense Is The GOP Thinks That They Have Already Bought The Election

Ryan Medicare Slow Bleed Plan....

MSN. com headline - BREAKING NEWS: Campaign sources tell NBC News Wisconsin rep. Paul Ryan

Ryan's new Medicare sloagan

Do you think that Mitt already knows he will probably lose the election?

If your life was worth saving you'd have enough money to buy health care in your old age.

Did Paul Ryan BUTTER RMoney Up....LOL

Casinos and gambling – a tax on the lower class

Um... Do You Think Mitt Romney And His Campaign Have Ever Heard Of The Friday Night News Dump ???

Has anyone heard about the mini-hurricane

I Would Not Put It Past Them

MSNBC: Paul Ryan received SS benefits as teenager.

VP is 'one heart beat' away from being president. Would ANYONE really ever vote Ryan for PRESIDENT?


Timothy Noah, TNR: Hallelujah, It May Be Ryan!

Why it's suiting and ironic that Romney chose a mothballed museum to announce his VP pick

Paul Ryan's Wikipedia Site is Being Edited Like Crazy.

Policies aside, does anyone seriously believe that Paul Ryan would be ready to be POTUS??

Best Tweet of the night...

Did our chances of retaking the house just get better?

An Obama blowout is now a real possibility

The Republican Convention Staring: (dialup warning)

On a much lighter note - Jon Anderson's masterpiece 'Olias of Sunhillow'

How do they sell Paul Ryan to the Low-information Voters?

Pic Of The Moment: The Outsourcerer's Apprentice

CONFIRMED - Republican official confirms to @AP: Romney will choose Paul Ryan for running mate

Oh God, Ryan's wife is Dan Boren's cousin.

OK. Tell me about Paul Ryan please.

Love this obituary!

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, August 10)

One person who is likely not happy tonight is Tammy Baldwin

Does anyone have a pretty good list of what Paul Ryan's budget would do to the

Anger grows in Illinois at Bain's latest outsourcing plan

California exports in big jump over last year. good economic news....

Ya Know... The Ryan Choice (If True) Is Another Sign Of Desparation...

Dog Carries Puppies Out Of Burning House, Brings Them To Fire Truck

Romney To CEMENT HIS DOOMED STATUS By Picking Paul Ryan for VP

Romney to Cement His Doomed Status by Picking Paul Ryan for VP

And I would like to ask a personal question

Picking Paul Ryan as vp is what Romney is hoping is a 'game changer'.

Florida thoughts about Ryan

Four years late but NBC finally, sort of, redeems itself for the Matt Mitcham mess in Beijing

BREAKING: Rising GOP Star Commits Political Suicide

Thoughts on Powell, Douglas

Introducing the Committee to End Medicare: Romney-Ryan 2012

Map - Why Romney picking Ryan makes it all but certain Obama will win

Twitter reacts: Obama's reaction when he heard Romney is picking Paul Ryan for VP

Once Again RMoney Proves the Willing Dupe of the Koch's

Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan (aka Snake Oil) For VP

Desperate, Mitt Romney Accedes To The Right-Wing...

If I was advising Romney, I would have picked Portman from Ohio....

Mitt probably thinks that picking a Catholic running mate will help him with Catholics.

Romney picks a Guy the GOP is salivating for. Could we see a ticket switching?

Will Paul Ryan resign from Congress?

Ryan to announce Romney as running mate on Saturday.

This is gonna be fun, flip flopper...

Meet Your New Vice Presidential Candidate, The One and Only History’s Greatest Monster, Paul Ryan

No champagne please

Video: Paul Ryan Pranks Mitt Romney :P

I Wonder What Countrys Ryan Can See From.....

As Paul Ryan is nominated VP pick, Fall In Love With Joe Biden All Over Again.

Oh, this is rich

Touched by the Hand of Bush?

I know I sound nuts not just accepting Obama's easy win but it just boggles my mind to see

In 2008 Obama won Paul Ryan's district.

The classic 'Granny Off the Cliff' ad starring you-know-whom...

This has to be one of the lamest VP choices I have ever seen.

Namig Ryan as the running mate gets people talking about "deficits, spending, size of government" ..

And... Atlas Shrugged. I totally called this ticket a year ago.

Hi guys, just wanted to let any of the lounge lizards who don't venture out, know

Did Florida just turn solidly blue?

Here It Is, The OFFICIAL Romney/Ryan Budget Plan

PIC: Republicans want less government for same reason criminals want less cops

Romney..The Unity Ticket

OMG the MSNBC coverage is DISMAL!

Bloomberg (2011) - "Ryan's Deficit-Cutting Proposals Too Ambitious Even for Fellow Republicans"

Is it true turning 31 is worse than turning 30?

Polls: Paul Who?

Hellooo Florida!

Get ready for a real fight with an energized GOP base. They love Ryan

Batney and Ryban


Video: Romney sings of his love for Ryan (animated)

So if I alerted on a likely troll but he had already been alerted on

Forget "Death Panels' Paul Ryan wants to give you a "Death Coupon"....

The important question now is...

Big night/morning...MSNBC woke everyone up

Didn't the Nuns on the Bus criticize Ryan's lack of 'social conscience'

Ryan will be a Millstone around Romney's neck ....

Last two GOP folks with highest position as 'HOUSE member' on pres ticket as VP candiate lost

1983: The Brink of Apocalypse

Ha! Ha! Paul Ryan--Great now we have a good shot at winning his district

We will know within a week what the polls say, but I am even more concerned about voters being

The Forgotten Story of Peter Norman -'I'll stand with you.' (You should know his story!)

*Viguerie on ED show again, now, about Ryan.

So I thought the big deal was that Romney was gonna announce his VP choice by Smartphone

They are calling it a 'bold choice' they said the same thing about Sarah Palin

Ryan's name added to Romney web address

Herman And Eddie Munster (Mittens' Opposition Research Overlooks The Obvious)

Romney's 'Panic Pick'

Watching the best western movie ever made...

Ohio Limits Early Voting Hours In Democratic Counties, Expands In Republican Counties

News of Romney's VP pick coming out at almost midnight on a Friday night is just DUMB

As far as I can tell, this guy is for real.

Pure supply side economics a cruel bad idea - what are some others throughout history?

What could be even more interesting than Ryan as VP? Romney choooses someone else--MSNBC CNN have

I'm not so sure

Wow!! Ryan really is Eddie Munster all grown up

Florissant, MO mother wakes up to hate crime in front yard

A twist of irony about Ryan

speaking of R & R Romney / Ryan

Ryan voted for TARP and the Auto bailout

I am tired of hearing Republicans on the TV saying what the American people want to talk about ...

A Few Things About Paul Ryan...

Second deadly attack on Nato-led troops in Afghanistan

Craig Crawford: Romney is screwed.

Is there anything - other than gittin' rich - Mitt Romney is good at?

Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure Favored By Colorado Voters, Support Growing: PPP Poll Shows

Anyone out watching the Persied meteor shower?

Chuck Todd is talking about "getting a bump"

If you thought the Sandusky story was sordid, you ain't seen nothin' yet

Rachel Maddow does a great job of describing Mitt Romney's Tax avoidance schemes

NASA Live Chat and Webcam: Stay 'Up All Night' to Watch the Perseids!

How many congresscritters could win a statewide office in their home state or have held one?

Reproductive Rights PSA

Please don't get over-confident. We still have lots of hard work to do, my friends.


Andrea Mitchell suggest Ryan widens the gender gap....

Steel mill polluted town as Romney firm profited

14 Advanced Military Projects That Could Change The World Forever

Latest UK Coors Light tv advert

Make Room For Daddy

Long-believed stereotype is shaken.

WP Blog: "It is worth noting that this is a shockingly inexperienced ticket."

Had enough gun violence? Time for 28th Amendment

Ryan Shmyan. I don't want to change the subject: Steel mill polluted town as Romney firm profited

It's Now an Ideological Election

8 Crazy Fox Freakouts About the Olympics

He's Baaaaaaaaaack....

What an eleventh-hour, hail-mary, fly-by-night operation...

Romney built a golden IRA while he was at Bain


Obama in Marshalltown 8/14

In the last 92 years, only ONE losing vice presidential nominee ever went on to anything better.

World’s Richest Gain $7.2 Billion As Buffett Ousts Ortega

Ranchers Send Cows To Slaughter As Drought Sears Pasture

AIDS Sufferers Seen Hurt In Pacific Trade Pact Limits

Drudge's VP rumors confirmed as HORSESHIT

Counting the Cost - Is the US unfairly targeting UK banks?

Truly over

Out Sourcer in Chief

Romney set to choose 'ideas man'

Use a popcorn emoticon if you can't WAIT to see Joe Biden take on Paul Ryan.

Ryan as VP will lose the Catholic Vote

Romney's new official GOP portrait

Ezra Klein's take on the Ryan pick

From Saints to Aints: Baseball meets atheism (Updated with results)

Thousands file claims after Chevron refinery fire

Romney's VP Pick of Ryan Will Bring Religion to the Fore

"...we really have an opportunity to turn this election into a total rout."

Republicans must understand that Romney doesn't deserve to win. He isn't good enough.

AmericaBlog's terrific instant "oppo research" analysis of Paul Ryan...

ABC lady just told me that Americans' paychecks are getting bigger.

Romney’s Catholic conversion

Vetting Form That Romney Used To Choose His Vice-President (partial list)

Mother Jones: Romney Picked Ryan?!??!!

Romney picks Paul Ryan as vice presidential running mate

Attack ads against Paul Ryan should start RIGHT NOW!

R & R in front of a battleship!

VALUES question for Paul Ryan: Do you believe selfishness is a virtue

Altrusim vs indifference is the story being played out in the US.

GOP to run Marmalard/Neidermeyer ticket!

Spain to restore ban on abortion

Well no fucking duh!

That's Amore

Why Ryan? I don't understand.

Woo-hoo, he's a fisherman...

My wife's comment, on hearing of the Ryan choice was...

Meanwhile, there's still a war. Three more U.S. soldiers shot dead last night

Ok. Somebody has to have a video of Ryan making love to an inflatable Ayn Rand doll.

The raw power exuding from his manliness was intoxicating. Past lovers were faint memories of

So now we know what the big target is

Ryan is not a game changer. He's game over.

Paul Ryan's selection is 'appalling and sad'

Romney admits to typo gaffe - it was supposed to be RON PAUL not Paul Ryan

Ok, now is Ryan going to relese all his tax returns; or is he

Here's a link to the "Ryan Budget". Such garbage is rarely seen in public

Mission Accomplished II

Funny headline from

Wikipedia has the VP Pick as official. Paul Ryan Romney VP

I think the Ryan pick might have been, partially, about

The first "Mitt Romney wants to destroy Medicare" ad will appear...

Rmoney chooses the Roadmap to Hell

Romney/Ryan has a nice beat, but can you dance to it America?

An interesting hypothesis on the Ryan plan by Conservative David Frum...

Bruni: Risky Ryan

The Twilite Team

Romney advisor: "These are two guys who love data."

More Ways to Fight Voter Suppression


I remember when "R&R" meant...

Remember the 5 O'Clock Shadow problem Nixon had

Flashback: Bill Clinton, Paul Ryan caught on tape talking Medicare

Surveying religious conviction is meaningless

And the big, big, big, big winner today is:

Will Erskine Bowles be our next Treasury Secretary?

Time for all Americans to learn about the hypocritical Ayn Rand.

How is Paul Ryan viewed on the world stage? Do other countries know about his views and if he has

Weekly Address: All-Hands-On-Deck Response to the Drought

Romney / Ryan ticket = the ultimate Geek Squad

Heads up, Rachel Maddow coming up on "UP" with Chris Hayes (MSNBC)!

Quote from Mitt's web site

How soon will we find Ryan dirt?

the last couple of days... the rumors say to expect repubs at our convention..

Kenyan Fossils Rekindle Debate over Early Human Diversity

I think Rubio would have been a better "hail mary" pass.

'There's nothing serious about a plan that claims to reduce the deficit by spending $1T on tax cuts

An Empty vessel making announcement on another empty vessel...

Interesting Point by Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC this morning

OK folks can Dems pick up that Ryan seat in the House? n/t

Global Drug Companies Go for Gold with Aggressive Insulin Analogue Marketing

The numbers - take Fla out for Mitt and add in Wisc

Live announcement thread: rMoney introduces Paul Rand, er, Ryan

Wisconsin: Important Wisconsin Recall Citizen-Audit Update! (Recounting the recall election)

Ezra Klein nails it on the Ryan pick

Grover's ticket! A Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to sign the Ryan budget!

Listen Democrats - get this ad back on TV NOW

hey mitt, where are your tax returns?

Pre-Announcement "Ed Show" segment about picking Ryan

Turkey, U.S. weigh no-fly zones for Syria

Daily aspirin reduces cancer risk and slows its spread, study confirms

Don't the Republicans remember Kathy Hochul winning by running against the Ryan budget?

so- is THIS the man who chose Paul Ryan?

No Southern candidate?....on either ticket ? ---but especially in "The Party of the South"

"Democrats are practically giddy, unable to believe their good fortune."

Confirmed: Mars rover Curiosity took photo of craft crash-landing

GOP knows they can't win. They rewarded Ryan for his attack dog work...

Bill Kristol: Mitt Picked Ryan Days Before I Started Telling Him To Do So

I don't want to check on Freere

So when are we going to see the first Campaign ads against Ryan's Congressional Record?

Lurch/Eddie Munster 2012!

Youtube: Ryan tells CBS's Nora O'Donnell Romney would adopt Republican Budget to End Medicare

Will there be a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED sign on that ship behind Romney?

USPS have decided to economise

IF the Theory is true That GOP know they aren't going to win this election WHAT IF THEY ARE

THE question to ask Ryan and republicans

Wrong-Track Romney

Why Ryan was a smart pick.

The black couple is well-positioned

Ryan got his but he wants to take yours.


Steel mill polluted town as Romney firm profited!

Is There EVER any diversity at a GOP event? I only ever see white people.

The Bright Side of the VP Choice

Romney is not quitting, trying to lose, etc.....'s Mittens!

Like Romney, Ryan is Upside Down in Favorability

Rmoney developed Obamacare and picks a VP who wants to gut healthcare?

And....Ryan it is.

Lerch/Munster 2012!

Character - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah

It's a made for TV movie.

Battleship, eh?

"Paul Ryan appeals to the better angels of our nature..."--Mitt Romney

the wealthy must be swooning....

In honor of Paul Ryan, the classic Ayn Rand character chart...

"We will return work to welfare"

Rmoney running on the Pro-Healthcare ticket and Obama was bad for healthcare?

Some Freepers are not happy about the VP choice

OMG. Romney just said "Join me in welcoming the next president of the U.S., Paul Ryan

WTFF? Join me in welcoming the next President of the United States

Bwahaha, did Romney just introduce Ryan as "The Next President of the United States!"

Next President of the U.S. Paul Ryan

He said next president!!

Anyone notice Romney's fuck up in that introduction?

So, is it official that His Doucheness will pick the Zombie-Eyed Granny-Starver?

Did Rmoney just introduce Ryan as "the next president of the US"??

Romney introducing Ryan, "Let's give a big round of applause for the next President....

omg..Romney said welcome the next president of the U.S.

Chris Hayes back on this morning (if only for an hour)!

And out comes the Zombie Eyed Granny Starver

Ryan is wearing Mitt's coat.

All in.

Romney foists two losers in one week.

The Koch Bros. have spoken. "no more money unless you pick Ryan".

O M G just saw Ryan and Romney side by side? Is Ryan Romney's secret love child? Seriously

Dear White Working Class Voters Who Don't Support Obama....

Miami Herald: How Paul Ryan could be a drag on Mitt Romney in Florida

Is that a "chia" pet growing on the back of his head?

Letting Companies Settle While Denying Guilt Reconsidered by F.T.C.

Obama's campaign manager Jim Messina on Ryan this morning:


Congressman’s remarks upset religious leaders

Austerity plans always LOSE presidential elections - remember Carter, Poppy Bush, etc.

Could someone post a video of Rmoney "walking" from 10-20 years ago?

Obama Camp: (Romney) Ryan Will ‘End Medicare As We Know It’

The black lady in the background is gone.

Everything you need to know about Paul Ryan

If mosquitoes were any bigger we'd call them monsters

Are Americans this stupid? I listen to all the pretty words about supporting the middle class

There's something missing from team Romney's official Ryan bio

it was always Ryan or Rubio, his campaign logo is multiple "R's"

Can't wait for vice presidential debate..

Rmoney just introduced Ryan as "the next President" of the United States?

Rubio, I hate to admit it

Our rights come from nature and gawd not from governments

R/R only wants to talk about "Dreams".

So, who won the DU Veep pick contest?

Nuns group professes hope for talks, stands firm for their religious life

Did RMoney really pick Ryan to win the election?

Ryan and Romney Look Like Funeral Directors Standing Up There

What a singularly unappealing, off-putting,

Let's make our vice-presidential announcement when the west coast is still sleeping.

Romney: "every now and then I make a mistake"

US NAVY: "USS Wisconsin is a public museum and we are in no way connected to the Romney campaign"

LOL!!!- GAFFE MACHINE Mitt Romney Introduces Paul Ryan as the NEXT PRESIDENT of the United States

Tune into C-Span for live calls following the speechifying of Romney and Ryan

Am I the only one that cannot bear to listen to any of this shit?

I Can't Believe Ryan Went There...

One thing's for sure, Romney (and, Cheney) didn't pick Ryan for his speaking abilities.

Twitter followers of Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes et al

If you spread one thing on Facebook today, make it this, regarding Paul Ryan

Here it is, the new Romney/Ryan logo...

What song is being played in the background--Andrea Mitchell is talking...Wonder if an Artist is


Paul Ryan: Obama ‘Passed Nearly Every Item On His Agenda’ In First Term

Who has two thumbs and wants to destroy Medicare?

The only way I can make sense of this strategery. Is that the plan is

"Bye Bye Bain?" Not on your Repub-loving LIVES, Yahoo.

Describe paul ryan with one word!

Just as a reminder - Romney will probably get a 'bump' in the polls

Olympic soccer final just started - SPOILER

Obama campaign: Romney, Ryan share commitment to ‘budget-busting tax cuts’ for wealthy.

I think Joe Scarborough got "advance" notice of the Ryan pick before Friday's show

Mitt Dumps Paul Ryan, Goes With Sigmund Freud as VP!

Has anyone ventured over to the conservative sites to see what they saying re: Paul?

Announcing this VP pick on a Saturday morning in August ensures minimal coverage

Tax Cuts, Spending Cuts, Increase Military spending

Scared and Angry

Is Ryan going to release his tax returns?

I"m gonna go out on the crazy limb here.....

Rmoney and Paul.. the evil Batman and Robin??

Whether or not Romney paid taxes in the last ten years is irrelevant...

Evidently, Paul Ryan was on Mars yesterday

My paranoia - If the US elects Romney and the asset-stripping continues, Europe will be next.

Surprising post on Facebook just now.

Hmmmmm, I wonder how many years of tax returns Ryan had to submit

How will Bill Clinton be an effective surrogate now that Paul Ryan is the VP?

The Real Winner Here Today Is....

"Biggest Brown-Noser"

Did Willard Romney Screw The Proverbial Pooch By Picking Paul Ryan

More News on the VP Selection Process

Vice president nominee Paul Ryan’s love-hate with Ayn Rand

Senior citizens on Paul Ryan

Cantor on CNN defending one more person who was at the

New Ad: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Back to the Failed Top-Down Policies

Obama Team responds to Ryan rollout

Paul Ryan, who received Social Security, picks up "build that" lie standing on a Navy battleship

According to Nate Silver (, Ryan has an Extremely Low Impact on Romney's Electability

Will Paul Ryan make an effective attack dog?

Romney/Ryan Official Pic Released

ReTHUG talking points about what they should say re Ryan's selection

We're All Just Peters

Romney just introduced Ryan as "the next President"

Hey Lounge! Saturday Morning Essay, Smilies edition.

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 11, 1984

Its almost like romney is trying to tank his own campaign


ASI 2012 update 9: stormy weather

I just saw a use for dried mushrooms that I would have never thought of.

The Race Card And Dog Whistle Are Now In Open Play

Bishop to sisters: Let's clear up 'misunderstandings'

Hey Mitt where are your tax returns, what are you hiding?

The brand new Paul Ryan Gosling meme:

Ryan's dog whistle about the "consent of the governed"...

Paul Ryan voted in 2003 for the Medicare-busting Medicare-D program

SiriusXM Launches "The Agenda Powered by Media Matters" (starting Monday, August 13)

YES! It's RYAN!!!

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Back to the Failed Top-Down Policies

'Romney Murdered JonBenét Ramsey,' New Obama Campaign Ad Alleges

Did anyone notice when Ryan was on the podium with his family

The last time the GOP selected a congressman who was "bold and had new ideas" ...

Somebody should do a bumper sticker: Vulture/Voucher 2012.

Romney forced to select extremist as VP.

I wonder if the "Romney and his taxes" story will dribble away now.

Paul Ryan and the Republican's Love affair with Ayn Rand.

Paul Ryan is no Sarah Palin

Flashback, April 2011: Paul Ryan is a whiner too (with photos)

Ryan's plan and nursing home care

Do running mates also release tax returns?

Catholic Nuns Send Letter To Romney Challenging His ‘Woeful Lack Of Knowledge’ About The Poor

If nothing else the ryan action should unite the Democrats. I might even go out on a limb and say

Funniest FB pro-Romney crap yet...

Paul Ryan on Ayn Rand

Will the Ryan Pick Bring more attention to Romney's Taxes or focus the talk away?

RYAN: "He's more like a circus barker with a tie."

Romney's decision to choose Ryan for VP was very similar to McCain's decision to choose Palin.

If Ryan releases HIS taxes... it makes Romney look worse...

Was this really a last minute pick? Where is their new logo?

It's hard to see how Mitten's pick helps him win anything.

Top 5 Worst Things About Paul Ryan's Record

Just an observation (Climate Change)

Hand Count Votes Now! (Wisconsin Wave)

We are pulled to the right. We are manipulated like fools.

DCCC Chairman Looks Forward To ‘National Debate’ On Ryan Budget

If Romney wins and the repukes get the House and Senate it will be David Koch pulling the strings

It "Will Draw Blood" - GOP thinker David Frum describes perfect attack ad against Ryan

My one concern about the Ryan pick.....

Paul Ryan gets sour reception from his hometown in 2011 Labor Day parade

A word of caution by Ezra Klein about a Biden-Ryan debate

FauxNews edits today's Romney gaffe!

"This campaign just keeps getting better, doesn't it?"

10 shot Friday and Saturday across city (Guess where)

Bottom Line, Norquist Got What He Wanted.

Gingrich on the Ryan social engineering Medicare plan - too big a jump

The Gaffe-A-Palooza Tour Continues: Romney Intros Ryan as "The Next President"

He can defend the Ryan pick. He can't defend his refusal to release his taxes!

"Selection Accomplished"

Paul Ryan's Tax Returns

Compassionate Conservatism vs. Severe Conservatism

Ryan budget actually INCREASES the debt

So... when do we get to see Paul Ryan's Tax returns?

Where the hell is the Romney/Ryan logo????

South Koreans escape military service...

Does anyone have a new 27" iMac?

Romney's pick of Ryan indicates the only strategy he has left is to energize his zombie base.

Mitt Romney: I’m Running With Paul Ryan, But Not On The Ryan Budget

The Zombie-Eyed Granny-Starver From Wisconsin

Got any seamstresses here that can answer a question about hand-made patterns?

One small point about Ryan being on the GOP ticket . . . .

TCM Schedule for Monday August 13- Summer Under the Stars: Deborah Kerr

The Tea Party Ticket

Romney's biggest Foe

Harry Reid: Romney Has ‘Doubled Down’ On Plan To ‘End Medicare As We Know It’

Janna Little Ryan (Paul Ryan's wife). Former DC tax atty, now SAHM

The Ryan selection tells you everything you need to know about the Romney campaign.

Mormon - Catholic there goes the evangelical vote!!!

Can anyone photoshop granny and gramps on the car roof with Seamus?

Picking a VP who outshines you? Interesting.

Does Romney Think Paul Ryan Is Qualified To Be President?

Coping with the heat

A blatant "fuck you" campaign

Now Mitt can quit and no one will notice. Maybe a Ryan/Cheney

Syria's Pipelineistan war

Does Romney Think Paul Ryan Is Qualified To Be President?

Image: It's official Romney chooses Ryan for VP 2012

Paul Ryan is a flip-flopper, too!

Ryan was a fitness trainer for a while, and still does P90X in the mornings.

Obama Defends Freedom of Religion: Be Not Afraid of Mitt Romney

Show Obama our support against R/R, donate if you can. It would be nice to show a huge day for

Democrats quick to criticize Romney's choice of Ryan for running mate

contact your local county/area Democratic party....

Paul Ryan's Randian ideology validates Romney's behaviors, hence the pick.

Official Romney talking point: ‘The ticket is no different that Obama and Biden’

Nancy Pelosi: Romney Now ‘Owns’ The Ryan Budget

If the Ryan budget is implemented, children will be responsible for their parents bills?

Resolved: That RYAN is officially dubbed "The Sad Clown" & his official picture.UPDATE Eddie MUNSTER

The media seems shocked and surprised

Help!: Sudden New Mexico Voter Purge

My idea for a political cartoon!!

CAPTION THIS: re Paul Ryan's Wienermobile

You can't make this shit up. Romney and Ryan bonding over...

Vetting The Veep: Your Complete Guide (In Limerick Form)

Just One Reason to Pick Ryan: Blame the Loss on Conservatives

I found a picture of Paul Ryan as he was working on his plan to reform Medicare...

Paul Ryan: A Good Choice, but Please, Not a 'Serious' One (James Fallows)

Nice pick, Mittens. Now...about those tax returns....

Fired up!

Help!: Sudden New Mexico Voter Purge

Charles P. Pierce: “Paul Ryan is an authentically dangerous zealot”

My biggest problem with Ryan? THE DICK worships the ground he walks on

Does Mitt get a pass on Bain and input.

Three good Paul Ryan reads

Was Arnold Schwarzenegger more of a Moderate Republican Governor?

America... Meet "THE MITTSTERS"!

Religious progressives prepare to mount case against Ryan

Vice presidential candidate would shred the safety net for the poor and middle class alike

Paul Ryan, deficit-cutter? Here are his votes on the Wall Street bailout, Bush tax cuts and Iraq War

Paul Ryan without his budget plan ... ?

A flip flopper picks a flip flopper

Caption Tim Pawlenty as He Learns He's not "It."

Brazil-Mexico Mens Soccer Final (Spoiler)

Has anyone here gotten pet health insurance? If so which would you recommend?

Paul Ryan

It's Christmas morning and RMoney really did get buy us the most perfect gift.

Someone with more skills than me needs to update the Toast picture.

Paul Ryan wants to have Ayn Rand's baby

George W. Bush and Rupert Murdoch endorse Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's running mate

Please tell me I'm wrong about this...

Democrats Can’t Wait To Run Against Paul Ryan’s Budget

Romneys pick of Ryan as VP and the INSANITY of the Ryan budget plan

About a DUer from New York making a plea for civility

Romney just gave up all control of his campaign.

Mom sues when breastfeeding video ends up on porn sites

So their slogan is "The Comeback Team"

Just yesterday,romney was begging Pres.Obama to stop hitting him so hard over his taxes and business

Is this an even worse pick than Sarah Palin?

Romney VP Paul Ryan Had People Arrested and Kicked out of Town Hall for Asking Questions

British soldier killed in Afghanistan

Someone is not impressed with the Romney/Ryan ticket.


5 Things Mitt Doesn't Want You to Know About Paul Ryan

Three more US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan last night

I think if they phrase it right, the Rmoney/Ruin team

Coulter: Blacks Die Too Young To Make It Worth Paying Into Social Security

The world doesn't seem so worried by Netanyahu's threats to strike Iran

ROMNEY-My VP Candidate Is NOT Qualified.

WTF? The Mormanchurian Candidate chose Snidely Whiplash for VP?


Should the president & Dems come out indisputably against benefit cuts?

Did Ryan have to show the Romney people multiple years of his tax returns?

Thurston Howell III and Eddie Munster?

Romney/Ryan: Helping you find your bootstraps

Modern Pentathlon: what should replace the horse riding section?

"It's Paul Ryan's Party: With Romney VP Pick, Movement Conservatives Openly Control GOP At Last

I thought I'd figured out what Mitt was doing prior to this Ryan pick. Basketball analogy within!

Political Nuclear War

“All They Care About is Money”

The Survey is IN!

EJ Dionne - Picking Paul Ryan: weakness in Romney’s boldness

Mitt’s VP App Unsurprisingly Fails At Its One Simple Job

Good question

Ryan to Labor Day Protest - "Want some Candy?"

Ayn Rand was an Atheist

What do you do when...

That sounds about right…

Lemme get this straight (Re:Romney/Ryan)

After Ryan, Romney cancels TV interviews (including Gwen Ifill)

Romney went with the Strategy that this will be a BASE election

Does All Terrorism Come From the Right Wing?

When Rmoney loses in November...

RT @tbogg The hardest part of the Ryan Medicare plan is explaining to old people what Groupon is.

Re: Ryan, What We Must Promise as Democrats

Paul Ryan is a CROOK.

This pick proves how weak and pliable Romney is

Mitt Romney's Insult to Our U.S. Olympians

It's not hard to understand the truth…

Dont destroy the safety net, it could happen to you (long letter)

Paul Ryan already benefited from the Social Security fund he now wants to gut

8/11/12-New Poll: Obama's lead over Romney widens.

5 things you need to know about Mitt Romney's VP pick

Romney Picks Ryan, Issues New Official Campaign Photo

Ryan Ranks as Top House Fundraiser With Backing by Banks

Wed and Tortured at 13, Afghan Girl Finds Rare Justice


Because of Ryan it's more important now than ever to get involved to help Obama get re-elected.

I'm not easily offended,

Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand, and the Miami University Theodicy

Please join me in welcoming Broderick to the hosting team.

"SCAPEGOAT" Politics: "Ryan is the way Romney & his aides escape blame for their now-likely defeat"

The Downside: Ryan Choice Is A Greenlight For GOP SuperPACs to Go All In

Ryan announces Romney as his running mate.

The 40 Year Old Randian

Come on, face it. Ryan is too Palin, just without the illiteracy

Coffee Party Radio: Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan As VP Sat 12–2PM Central NOW

The suspense over his VP pick is KILLING me

I Made A Poster For the New VP Candidate

Y'all remember when george w. hired cheney to lead his VP search team?

Does this seem odd to you, too? After Ryan, Romney cancels TV interviews

...the end

Ryan: Even Worse That You Think

Damn! Danziger Called the Ryan Pick Wednesday!

5 Things Mitt Doesn't Want You to Know ABout Ryan - from ABC news of all places...

In hindsight, was it a mistake to let Repubs off the hook for the bad economy?

Maybe it's just me....

“Two novels can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life:..."

Ryan Has a Plan to Unravel Civil Liberties, Too

Was Ryan in danger of losing his house seat?

Talk to me in laymen's terms as to this <bs> military vote suppression in Ohio...

Rachel Maddow - New ID laws, purges, reduced access advance GOP war on voting

Romney and Ryan: "we got ours, screw the rest of you"

Rachel Maddow - Romney tax avoidance emblematic of new ruling class norms


Cross post from the Lounge reg. pet insurance

BREAKING NEWS: 80 dead 400 injured Earthquake in Iran

Democrats in Raleigh, North Carolina, stand up against Rmoney

The Paul Ryan budget does NOT leave current seniors unscathed

The New Republic: Just One Reason to Pick Ryan: Blame the Loss on Conservatives

Two weeks until the GOP convention and I'm not sure Mitt will finish the trip.

Scathing U.S. report missing from Northern Gateway hearings (on Mich. oil spill by Canadian company)

R & R campaign slogans.

OMG, just learned ryan attended my university.

What to tell people, motivate them to vote

First big media interview question for paul ryan; "How many years of taxes did you

Going Along With The RmoneyHood Analogy That The President Put Out There......

Ryan as VP? "Now I guess I gotta vote for the moulignon"

Democratic Committee Approves Gay Marriage Plank In Platform

Something I posted on my FB page about Romneys VP pick

Pic: New Romney Campaign Slogan

Yep. Paul Ryan...Blah, Blah, Blah. MITT ROMNEY: Where The Hell Are Your Tax Returns?

Chief Software Engineer of the NASA/JPL Curiosity' Mars rover interviewed by Robert Knight on WBAI

I cannot WAIT for the VP debate.

Romney probably knows he's going to lose so his prayer

Oklahoma Loves Ryan

Verizon DSL constantly (>daily) dropping connection?

Drinking game for the Sunday talk shows

The Sheriff of RomneyHood, bow hunting Ryan, vows to leave no wealth behind

Nate Silver: Can see rationale for Ryan pick, but risk weighted to downsides.

Mitt Romney Is SCARED, And His CHOICE Of Paul Ryan To Be His VP PROVES It.

Nothing wrong with being a SAHM, but it'd be nice to recognize that

The Personhood bill Ryan co-sponsored was so extreme, Mississippi voted it down.

Romney Immediately Distances Himself From Ryan Budget - CNN Has GOP Talking Points For Ryan Pick

Paul Ryan is the Sarah Palin Pick of 2012


My 2c- The Ryan pick was an appeal to the punditocracy

A Risky Rationale Behind Romney’s Choice of Ryan (FiveThirtyEight via NY Times)

NYT Editorial - Mr. Ryan’s Cramped Vision Published: August 11, 2012 Comment

I predict a Gary Hart downfall for Ryan

Why There is No Substance to the Election - the Ryan Plan


Ok ryan a R from WI

One chart that says it all

Romney Dangerfield/Forest Gump 2012!!! (aka Main Street vs Wall Street)

Romney and Ryan have something in common: Lying

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Single Payer Now

From the Daily Kos: The Romney-Ryan War on Religious Values

George W. Bush thinks its a good idea -- RUN! RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN... ARGH.....

NBC just spotlighted the story of Caster Semenya

Undecided voters found literal descriptions of Romney’s plan SO radical they didn’t believe them.

Why not go to Ryan's Medicare Lite plan right after the election?

Reminder: The Ryan plan for Seniors

Rachel Maddow - Romney's record illustrates tax avoidance hobby

Copy & Forward: In WI, you can register to vote up until, and even on Election Day, but why wait.


Heads up

Ryan budget makes Romney's Swiss & Cayman Island accts. central issue

Teabaggers and Jenna Jameson like the Comeback Team

NYT Sunday Editorial Smacks Romney/Ryan "A Blueprint Of A Government That Will Be Absent"


Copy & Forward: In MN you can register at the polling place on election day, but why wait!

Anagram: Romney + Ayn Rand = Romney and Ryan

LIBOR Rate-Fixing Scandal Sets Off Investigations, Lawsuits Against Big Banks

Richard Dawkins and the giraffe laryngeal nerve. WARNING! VIDEO CONTAINS FOOTAGE OF A DISSECTION!

Obama's team needs to tie Mitt to the Ryan budget like Seamus was tied to Mitt's car roof.

Apparently DU jury duty has a time limit.

Copy & Forward: October 10, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Missouri

Romney cancels interview with Gwen Ifil and others on Moday. He is afraid of another gaffe!! Ha, he

Paul Ryan's 1500 word essay on abortion never mentions the word "woman" once.

By picking Ryan, Mittens has boxed himself in.

You laugh, but Ryan could easily become President in 2016.

Well, one thing's clear...

Reich: Erasing W - GOP attempts to erase 8 years in office

Paul Ryan has NEVER worked in the private sector, only for the Government

NYT editorial slams Romney and his embrace of Ryan

The path to Republican victory in November...

The Saturday Canvassing thread - 43 doors and I think I created an Obama vote in Virginia

Five Times Mitt Romney Has Embraced The Ryan Budget

Anyone notice a resemblance?

Arctic Emergency and the Three Climate Change Camps...

Romney’s Strategy: Let’s Talk About Ryan, Not Me

Obama must hang the heinous faults of the House (led by the 2010 repubs)

Never again.

Mars Needs Women

One tried to kill Medicare. The other killed bin Laden.

The amazing and ironic choices for P and VP by the GOP

Garlic Tostones (Twice fried Plantains)

Luckovich cartoon - The Romney Plan

Cooking with alcohol

Garlic Tostones (Twice fried Plantains)

that's MY ticket

Stretching the truth

stubby squid SQUEE (pix)

Remeber the photobomb of Obama in front of

This Election Is Now About The Future of Medicare. Dem Congressional Hopes Boosted.

Does DU have an online store?

An Email from Chris Redfern Chairman Ohio Democratic Party

KRUGMAN: Ryan Budget Is A FRAUD - "Pure Fabrication"

Irish bookies had to pay 5 to 1 on Ryan as VP pick

By choosing Paul Ryan as his VP, Romney has solidified his Base and doomed the GOP for a Generation

This is a really, deeply ugly ticket

Ryan: 'helping the poor by eliminating their dependence on the government' what about YOU Leech?

Protests mount against southern Colombian hydroelectric dam .

Help choosing a budget laptop asap

Romney, Ryan = R for Right-wing RADICAL.

12 Things You Should Know About Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Romney-Ryan ‘A Disaster’ For Seniors

Here is the stupid in the tea-idiots. They pay taxes to State and Federal governments but have been

We need to stop the spin about Paul Ryan's supposed "blue collar background"

"I can see Kenosha from my house!"

paul Ryan likes to kill animals with bow and pose with their bodies


Juan Cole: Two Ways Mitt Romney Really Will Kill lots of People

'Kinky for Governor' may not be just a flashback

Hey Romney Just because you picked a VP doesn't mean I'm going to forget COUGH UP THE RETURNS!

How Congressman Paul Ryan is Shaping the GOP (NPR Fresh Air interview)

The Romney-Ryan Ticket IN A NUTSHELL

My suggestion for the new bumper sticker: "If John McCain asked to see 23 years of your tax returns

Fox can't keep up with their edits

For Those Who Enjoy Guessing Games... 'Ryan VP Choice Draws Criticism From Some Conservatives'

Pros And Cons: Ryan As Romney's VP (NPR article) calls Ryan "unknown"; his budget plan "vulnerable"

My daughter - Hate Crime vs. Road Rage

Romney retroactively endorses the effectiveness of Obama's strategy tying him to Ryan's budget.

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse? Here's the perfect vehicle:

Toonmeister Mike Thompson on the Rmoney/Ryan ticket

Gore Vidal and the Upside of American Military Prisons

I guess we are now CD36- Mary Bono-Mack

Copy & Forward: October 9, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Pennsylvania

Two of the most pasty white millionaires I have ever seen

Consensus is Ryan will beat Biden in a debate...

did they rent the battleship? is it available for parties, bar mitzvahs & political spectacles?

Ryan is actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Koch's Americans for the Prosperity of a Very Few

First ad from Obama on Ryan budget


Dick Cheney Worships The Ground Paul Ryan Walks On! (Toon)

holy delusional pile of crap: Romney mans up

Paul Ryan is "a business agent for the robber barons of the 21st century."

From the Obama campaign: The Go Back Team: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Images: The Republicans continue to build their bridge to the 19th century

PPP: Rick(block the vote) Scott approval rating jumps

It's 106 degrees in midtown Tucson.

Krugman: "Galt / Gekko 2012"

Why it is dangerous to nominate an Aquarian for anything

Does the choice of Ryan doom Romney in Florida?


Does anyone still think there's no difference between the two parties? n/t

Krugman: Galt / Gekko 2012

The word is LIQUIDATE!

Caterpillar CEO Oberhelman To Campaign On U.S. Government Debt

Krugman: Galt / Gekko 2012

Has Ryan already released his taxes for his house race?

DCCC Chief Steve Israel: Ryan's Selection May Have Become Democrats' 'Majority Maker' In House

What is your hard liquor of choice?

LOL!! Facebook posters having a field day!! Some offerings

UCLA scientist discovers plate tectonics on Mars

Romney forced to backpedal after thorny Virginia Endorsement

Fox News Pundits Wonder If Republicans Can Defend ‘Tax Cuts For The Wealthy’ With Ryan On The Ticket

VP Biden called Paul Ryan this morning to wish him well

he mitt, is ryan gonna release his tax returns?

Damn that hurts :( [spoiler warning for 4x100 relay results in Olympics]

Michele Bachmann is not smart enough to be a politician

A useful skill picked up while doing EMS


CONSERVATIVES: What people think I am

Ryan as conservative as Michele Bachmann

Wayne Powell at We Are Women rally in DC, Aug 18!!!

Growth In Rail Traffic Continues To Expand

Some tweaks I made to my Android phone made me wonder about the prevalence of planned obsolescence..

When GOP says Ryan bill should not concern those over 55 what that means is

The Ryan Budget Plan

meanwhile, in the lower 48: anomalies...

Did Dem Gamesmanship force the weekend announcement and ruin Mitten's big moment?

A Risky Rationale Behind Romney’s Choice of Ryan by Nate Silver

If they think Ryan will give them the Catholic vote,

Can we get a forum for "stuff I saw on Facebook?"

The Ayn Rand ticket: Reward the rich - Enslave the working class - Blame the poor.

Caption this PHOTO :) predicts 301 vs 236 Electoral for Obama. So why MSM polls keep telling us so close?

Fair food that is really bad, and some not-so-bad...

Mass. Dems, How Will The Ryan Selection Affect the Senate Race Between Warren and Brown?

TRUMP calls RYAN PLAN "a DEATH WISH" (on FOX!) (2011).

Morning Joe's lineup for Monday should be interesting

What was that music during the Romney announcement?

Ryan: does any one at sr. Centers, nursing homes,and residential communities

Anyone know when the closing ceremonies are on?

I think more than a few Republicans are not going to vote for Romney/Ryan

lol...just turned on the Five

Dear Eric Fehrnstrom, Thanks! (you, too, Andrea Saul)


Bush vs Romney

I think Ryan wasn't a crazy pick for Romney

We Won't Go Back - image

It is this simple, Axelrod and Messina will TEAR RYAN UP!

After Sinai Attack, U.S. and Egypt Step Up Talks on Security

What makes our NDAA lawsuit a struggle to save the US constitution

Tea Party Cat

Blink! U.S. Debt Just Grew by $11 Trillion

PSA: Persied meteor shower Sunday; Monday morning...


Trying to find a picture posted earlier today.

Can they steal a slogan like that? Hope and Change.

Why Ryan Makes Romney's Tax Problem Even Worse

Your liberal "fix" for tomorrow morning: Melissa Harris-Perry will be back!


even though i'm an atheist i can't

Romney calling out school bus drivers and DMV workers

Listening to the fuckwad live right now

Release the hounds...Mitt is a creepy, no-good

RMoney and Ryan using a battle-scarred Battleship as a "prop"

I figgered out how to make my fortune if fMoney & Ryan are elected.

Paul Ryan is No Deficit Hawk

Funny Pictures Skewering Paul Ryan

Maddow: Republican voter suppression efforts are deadly serious


71-year-old taken to the ground and handcuffed for asking Paul Ryan a question

Paul Ryan has shown his running mate his confidence and dropped out of his race for re-election?

meet the press....'full coverage of ryan as romney's VP pick...

Decision by Netanyahu, Barak to strike Iran is almost final — Israel TV

Ryan is Romney's Sara Palin. Seriously they're repeating '08, celebrating the VP candidate as

To All Wannabe Right-Wing Debaters Here:

Now is the time to define RYAN

Video: Get to know Paul Ryan, from OFA

Romney Slams Obama For Medicare Cuts In Ryan’s Budget

With Paul Ryan, Romney bets on the wrong vision for America

Group: Occupy Protester Accused Of Bank Robbery For Holding ‘You’re Being Robbed’ Sign

IOC official: Jamaican sprinters should expect more drugs tests

The soldiers in America’s war on drugs

Paul Ryan would end Medicare... Period. End of Sentence.

Why Team Obama Loves the Ryan Pick

Luann Comics had a good one the other day. You might smile.

Tax Cuts for the Rich on the Backs of the Middle Class; or, Paul Ryan Has Balls (reprise)

Is this the third part and who is

Non Sequitur nails it

Keystone Moves North, Where Big Oil Is Losing

UPDATE to the 2012 Political Compass check-in. Take the candidate quiz and add those results too!


If Ryan had never said the words "my Catholic upbringing"

someone really had to go back to june 14th to get a post of mine hidden?

Norquist on Tweety right now

Hetch Hetchy reservoir debate swells with pending vote

A friend on Facebook has noticed that a slight re-scramble of Ayn Rand...

Image: Don't Make Grandpa Live In The Basement

Joan Rivers to Anti-Defamation League: "Don't Talk to Me About the Holocaust"

"Best name for the ticket I've heard yet: Bain/Pain 2012"

Maddow HITS Romney, Ryan For Using BATTLESHIP BACKDROP

Romney's VP pick Paul Ryan: help, hurt, no difference on Romney's chances?

Will the Ryan pick increase or decrease the probability of going to war with Iran?

Which one is the puppet

I am interested in hearing from other Orthodox Church members about the Pussy Riot trial in Russia.

Hell no.

Paul Ryan has a gay problem...

Has there ever been a Presidential ticket, where BOTH candidates lose their home states?

Bill Moyers - recommended reading on Paul Ryan

U.S. Denies Consensus with Israel on Iran Nuclear Threat

RT @burn_amb An anagram for you: "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan" = "Immoral Ayn Rand-type nut"

Salon: Biggest Story You Missed - Civil Right Activists are Battling a Section of the NDAA

I regret that Romney didn't pick Chris Christie.

Romney Hood and his Merry Band (Cartoon by Juan Cole)

He's such a smug, self-satisfied, little SNOT.

To those hoping to attack Iran,

Flying pancake

Th reason Romney named Ryan as his VP pick early on a Saturday morning is obvious....

Farmer's market veggies

R$R: The Go Back Team

Toon: The Weapon Exemption

Rate of arctic summer sea ice loss is 50% higher than predicted

Meet the Press tomorrow: "Who is Paul Ryan?" Answer..

The Romney/Ryan Plan

Teachers unions blast Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan, calling it 'the most out-of-touch ticket

Southern mayors to discuss regional train service

Beating the Heat

Do you think one or more people turned Mitt down before he settled on Ryan?

Time for the 2012 Political Compass check-in! (Join us in GD for the quiz & results!)

If your Republican friend is having their happiest day of the campaign year today...

It seems the "next president" gaffe has been scrubbed

Polyamory Reality Show on ShowTime

Vice presidential pick

TEA PARTY Adoring CNN Calls Romney/Ryan a Ticket DEATH WISH

Democrats and Republicans are NOT the same on Social Security and Medicare

The Takeover of our Democracy and our Economy by Wall Street

It's too damn hot to go to Best Buy

Paul Krugman: Paul Ryan Budget That Romney Supports Is a ‘Fraud’

Paul Ryan Social Security Plan Calls For Private Accounts

LOL!!! MSNBC Live vote: Is Paul Ryan a good pick for the GOP ticket?

Family Guy: Peter joins the Tea Party

Does anyone else think there's a chance of Ryan pulling a Palin by running his own campaign

Just like McCain can blame Palin for his loss, Romney will be able to blame Ryan

Now that Ohio has decided that rethuglicans can have early voting and democrats

A Spoiler AND A Shock!!!

Special edition of Tweety starting now on MSNBC

Ayn Rand was a pro-choice atheist.

12 Things You Should Know About Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

Bumper Sticker Idea! "Romney/Ryan 2012! Your team for the Mayan Prophecy!" n/t

Fox News Pundits Wonder If Republicans Can Defend ‘Tax Cuts For The Wealthy’ With Ryan On The Ticket

New website with visualisations of Arctic ice thickness

When VP Picks Matter

Tin Foil Hat moment...

USW labels Romney-Ryan the "anti-senior," "anti-worker" ticket.

Romney/Ryan- Really?

Is grandma killer Ryan speaking live on GEM$NBComcast ? n/t

Found on Facebook, re: Paul Ryan

We need to keep talking about Romney's taxes and Bain

I guess I have to rescind my prediction

Wow, just saw the Book of Mormon. Amazing and clever and funny!

Welcome The Ryan-Romney Ticket To Wisconsin! (with a protest)

Large Batch Of Cincinnati Chili Nearing Completion....

This photo is hilarious

Beware the soft sell to seniors, your SocSec won't be touched just those under x yrs.

Scott lauds Romney VP choice while at Lakeland event

Candid Obama on Ryan Pick

Fashion trends I hate!

San diego back country DU'ers

With the combined last initials, could we call it the "Rolls-Royce ticket"?

It'll buff right out

Judging by the traffic on DU and Twitter...

Romney-Ryan: that lean and hungry look

"Go Tell It On The Mountain" - White Girls On Dope Remix

If this has been posted, earlier, I apologize and promise to NEVER post something like this

Canadian lobster fishermen’s union says agreement has been reached over Maine lobsters


Copy & Forward: October 9, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Louisiana

Senior Survey '88: ''Kids Say the Darnedest Things!'' (about Paul Ryan)

Tax rates and federal debt- anybody notice the inverse correlation?

The Satanic Budget: Death To The Weakling (VIDEO)

Copy & Forward: October 8, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Washington

The "6 minutes of pain" vid is all over there a link to Obama's response?

My local news channel website: Romney Fire big gun with Ryan pick.

Lawn Surfing at my Doggie Day Care today!!! (music video)

FACT: Paul Ryan voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

Franciscan solidarity with LWCR

The President and VP have a message for you, photo included.

Straight Party

Copy & Forward: October 27, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in New Hampshire

VoteVets: Ryan budget "shortchanges veterans horribly"

A message from Rob Zerban, Paul Ryan's opponent in Wisconson District 1

Paul Ryan looks like he forgot to put his dentures in to me.

Ryan not good enough for head Freep.

Copy & Forward: October 17, 2012 is the deadline for voter registration in Mass

One more Day Care video...Molly and the Boyz :-)

Meridian Schools Violated Student Rights In Mississippi, Arrested Students Without Probable Cause...

Redstate's Erick Erickson issues warning to Romney

Awwww....!!! Cute Slow Loris Enjoys A Snack. Awwww....!!!

Take your guesses before peaking: Paul Ryan voted by his HS class the BEST___________

Paul Ryan's Jack Abramoff And Tom DeLay Connections Likely To Draw New Scrutiny

I am relieved it wasn't Marco Rubio [a post I had embargoed until after Romney made his pick]

What are you reading the week of August 12, 2012?

Copy & Forward: In ME, you can register to vote up until, and even on Election Day, but why wait.

Local produce markets and the frugally inclined

Lolita on TCM

CNN: Feds try to rescue 2 children seen in porn videos

Howard Dean: Romney "will be forced to serve as an autopen" for RW policies.

So how is the religious right going to be inspired by a Mormon along with an atheist ('er Catholic)!

Hee hee-- let more lies begin: "FACT CHECK: Questionable claims in veep debut"

Woah. Check out some of these Ayn Rand quotes re faith and religion

Russian air force hopes for revival

Want to see something scary?

PA DU’ers Go to and check that you are registered to vote.The state is

Does anyone know if Rachel is doing a special show tonight? I know Chris Matthews was on.

Women's Right To Control Their Destiny Now In Mortal Danger

Some pics I made today

If owning a gun is a right, should guns be subsidized for the low income?

Are Conservative Republican's Really Pro-Life?

I am already tired of listening to Ryan talk ...

If these asshats win, I will lose my gd mind....

You know who Ryan reminds me of...

I have changed my sig line image till the end of the election

Obama Romney Tax Calculator

JUst Goes To Show You How ##%#$ Up Things Are With The Vote


See how people like Ryans plans at thinkprogress:

The Democratic Party's National Anthem

The Ryan Plan Will Create A $20 Trillion Deficit

Montana Supreme Court allows anti-Citizens United referendum on Nov. ballot

"A Risky Rationale Behind Romney’s Choice of Ryan" By NATE SILVERat the NY Times

a Pro dog video <3

The Democratic Party's National Anthem

What the Internet does really, really well is what it's really good at.

School officials say prayer law won’t change anything


The Democratic Party's National Anthem


Like father like son: Both Huntsmans say Romney should release taxes

Great Googly Moogly! Tom Brokaw is reliving WWII!

The Democratic Party's National Anthem



Here is a link of a letter written to Paul Ryan for his continued misuse of catholic teaching

Syria crisis: Arab League calls emergency talks

At least a good source of protein

So fine! The racist rail passenger and the elderly black conductor who kept his cool

romney's magic underwear is showing.......

Facts about the Obama recovery

Versatile Wise Dan takes the 2012 Fourstardave Handicap

Balloon Launch

Caption Ryan

Just kitties

Hello there

An article about Ryan on

First Lady Michelle Obama meets with first responders to the Aurora theater shooting - pics

Ahh thie name of this Wikipedia article cracked me up...

I did not know this (from my 'friends' on the right)

Democracy Vineyards

H-1B program: U.S. Companies Hiring The World's Geniuses: 24/7 Wall St.

How Ryan makes Romney's Tax problem worse

School vouchers lead to strange bedfellows: Why a hard-core Republican group is backing Democratic c

Sunday Talk Shows

putting the "cry" in "cryosphere" -- thinner than expected

Said it before, say it again...

As of Today, the Stakes of the 2012 Election Are Knowingly Dire

Meanwhile: The First Lady Visits Aurora shooting victims

My own personal rainbow...

Investigation: election day fraud “virtually nonexistent”

PSA: Perseid meteor shower tonight...

The Mittsters!!!!

Mitt Romney Would Pay 0.82 Percent in Taxes Under Paul Ryan's Plan

President Obama in Colorado, August 9th and 10th - pics

Encore: We The People - Dr. Gene Sharp at Zeitgeist Americas 2011

Chicago Union chief: Teachers should prepare for strike

Guitarophiles: Gibson admits to using illegal rainforest woods; settles with gov't.

Is the fix in?

Paul Ryan re: "Our rights come from God and nature, not the government"

Where can I find cute vegan shoes for work that don't look like I strapped a tire onto my feet?

PSA: Perseid meteor shower tonight

A general rule of thumb for selecting a running mate.

Killer Q - How many tax returns did Ryan have to turn over to Romney to get the VP Slot?

Don't worry. We got this covered...

Intrade opens market on whether Romney will release taxes before elections

Ryan may be a self-styled GOP rock star...

Marc Caputo, McClatchy: How Paul Ryan could be a drag on Mitt Romney in Florida

Cross post - Dr. Gene Sharp:

NYPD and Microsoft Team Up to Create 3,000 Camera Surveillance Network

The cutting off of Mitt's balls.

Another fact that history is on our side concerning Ryan pick

Why AsahinaKimi is now and ever shall be a HUGE fan of the Olympics:

From Daily Kos: Mitt Romney's 1980 fantasy.

Well, for doing my first real exercise today, I'm surprised my legs aren't too bad.

The Nuns on the bus go round and round - visit Paul Ryan

WTF is wrong with Democrats that want to cut Social Security and/or Medicare?

By picking Ryan, Romney demonstrates a "Pre-9/11 mindset".

Bill Moyers: Anthony Baxter on Donald Trump’s Callous Capitalism

Note and quote this: "Our rights come from nature and God, not from the government."

Congrats to all finalists


"Paul Ryan Is Not a Vice President. Paul Ryan Is a Fake" by Charles P. Pearce at Esquire

Social Security

Saturday, August 11th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

TV Ad Obama should make now that Ryan is on the Repub Ticket ....

Can someone photoshop Florida being shoved up Romney's posterior?

Paul Begala, The Daily Beast: With Ryan, Romney Has the Plutocrat Ticket

Oh, crikey. Cool night, windows open, pleasant breeze. Who is wearing the Eau de Skunk?

Romney Names Paul Ryan His No. 2

You know the more I'm reading today and seeing Romney Ryan the more nervous I become.

Afghan police and US soldiers killed by attackers in uniform

Investigators ask why Chevron didn't replace pipe

I Love It When People Say I Can't Understand Romney Because I've 'Never Started Or Run A Business'..

If Obama's Campaign is wise they get an Ad Created about the "Norquist Puppet"

Another o'my ignorant opinions: Teach me how wrong I am:: Agatha CHRISTIE sucks.

"We all gotta go sometime"

When Democrats nominated a Christian with an African name,

I haven't posted anything here in a while.

Ayn Rand inspiring Ryan to enter public service is like Ray Kroc inspiring a career in nutrition

The New Christine O’Donnells? Hard-Right Nominees Endanger GOP Senate Hopes

Romney built a golden IRA (up to $100 million shielded from initial taxes) while he was at Bain

High Number Of Swing-State Residents Watching Controversial Obama Super PAC Ad Online

romney and ryan combined have zero foreign policy experience

Paul Ryan gets a 20% investment tax credit for living in his mansion in Janesville, WI...

AJC Luckovich Comments on VEEP

Beam me up, Scotty!!!! This is rational?

Now, wouldn't they be surprised if they found a shopping center and condos just over the hills?

I do not want a President who won't answer questions from the public...

Jolly good time on DU today

From 4/27/12: Ryan re-embraces after rejecting after embracing Ayn Rand.

When you excuse yourself from a jury, what do you usually think?

One day, Paul was riding on the road to Damascus,

Heh! Miami's new receiver busted for head butting his new wife.

New database of US voter fraud finds no evidence that photo ID laws are needed

Democracy, Velvet Revolution, Emancipation, Suffrage - what do these things have in common?

What do Obama and Voltaire have in common?

Just found the logo for my Romney/Ryan for president sign.

Language of support for marriage equality in Democratic platform released

Note to TeaBaggers: Pauline MAIER said their deification of the 18th Century boys is crap

This November every voter has to pull the straight Democratic handle............