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We've not heard the GOP talk a lot about the transfer of wealth debt will be generationally.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 5 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Guest Programmer Spike Lee


I asked my work if I get a health insurance rebate check

Good Opportunity For Dems To Couple The Massive Power Outages With Upgrade To Electrical Grid & Jobs

Is mitt scraping the bottom of the barrel for a running mate?

Nurses plan walkout at 7 Sutter Health hospitals

Performing child-pundit no longer conservative

China Quadruples 2015 Solar Power Target!

Jonathan Davies, of the Australian Lawyers Alliance, loses his fuckin mind

Obamacare Protects the Free Market: Why Repealing It Would Mean a Return to Socialism

Healthcare victory draws a clear line in US politics

Healthcare victory draws a clear line in US politics

Have a happy holiday

Statement by the President on Last Night’s Crash of North Carolina Air National Guard C-130

Apple Loses Bid for Emergency Ban on HTC Phone Imports

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, July 2)

Russian Bill Would Limit Nonprofits’ Foreign Aid

Freepers react to Jonathan Krohn abandoning conservatism with little shock

Rhetoric May Save Clinic (Mississippi)

Nice collection of movie stills that don't stay still.


How Long Before Darrell Issa Starts Subpoenas Regarding Fires ...

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday July 3rd

"No Man's Land"...a movie on Netflix

ACA Refusal Is A Symbolic Act Of Secession

KSFY: Man donates to build Pine Ridge Reservation foster home

Syria state-sanctioned torture 'is crime against humanity' (BBC)

Bethel Patch: Buffalo Bill's Rough Rider Will Be Leaving Danbury, 112 Years Later

American Banker: NCUA Eyes New CU to Serve the Sioux Indian Tribe

Fact-checking Rick Scott on the health care law

Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP FTA)

15 year term for SCOTUS

U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez (CA-47) dances to ''Call Me Maybe''

New member of the household.

Apes With Apps

No, Juror #5, The Alerter is NOT sarcasm impaired

I'm a feminist who was blocked from History of Feminism for complaining about voting procedures

Oh shit, I still have only 3 Ignores

Barclays boss Bob Diamond resigns amid Libor scandal

Romney Invested in Medical-Waste Firm That Disposed of Aborted Fetuses

Another doozy from America, Inc.

Performing child-pundit no longer conservative

How do I nominate someone for a DUzy Award

... An anudder one bite de dus' ... albeit kicking and screaming.

Recall of Limited Range of Pedigree® Brand Wet Dog Food

More double talk from McConnell

Please meet Congressman Stuart Best, please.......

"True Cost of Chevron" Protest at Shareholders Meeting

Fracking waste leads to injection well standoff in Wilson County

Chavez: "If you're not chavista, you're not Venezuelan"

Lawd! A scumbag daddy kidnapped this child and left him in the woods: (still missing 7am)

Just out of curiosity, what happened to the idea that Kagan was supposed to recuse herself from the

Europe Burns Coal Fastest Since 2006 in Boost for U.S.

Legislation Masturbation

How dare you not legislate 0.7%

What are the odds that the Repubs will win the Senate?

Suck it, Brits

Dan Senor agrees with Rmoney that Russia is the #1 geopolitical foe

Bricklayers' Pension Fund Marks 40th Anniversary, Two Billion Dollars in Benefits Paid

Group Business ~ Re: Blocking

This is just my opinion...

Forum on proposed basketball arena 7/10 in Seattle

Gas @ 2.75 in Florence, SC,

If Corporations were actual human "people"

More on the Barclays bank scandal - down goes Diamond

8 Ways America's Headed Back to the Robber-Baron Era

Salvation Army Learns What Oreo Cookies Already Knows: Americans Like Groups That Support Gay Rights

Cleaning up after Republicans, as seen by Non Sequitur

Paterno's family better be careful what they wish for:

The Ten Companies Making The Biggest Political Donations

Fat Cop Says

Tommy Thompson: A Week Late and $350 dollars short!

New Obama TV ad goes after Romney over outsourcing

Do you think SAS shoes are worth what you pay for them? We have a local SAS

This US summer is 'what global warming looks like'

Mexico's leftists again question presidential vote

Courage is the most important of all virtues...

Okay, here is the most HILARIOUS wingnut comment on the ACA ruling

Note to MSNBC: NO, the Romneys on vacation don't look like the KENNEDYS. They look like the ROMNEYS.

Let's begin this meeting with a prayer...

Aussie smackdown of a teabagger over health reform....

Report: Assad regrets shooting down Turkish jet

Truth-O-Meter gives Florida's Gov. Rick Scott 'Pants on Fire' re ACA and small businesses

Market bombs kill 44 before Iraqi Shi'ite ritual

Former Citi VP Sentenced

London 2012: Olympic missiles sites confirmed


What's the best ice cream place/frozen yogurt places here in Denver you guys like to go to?

A Climate Scientist Battles Time and Mortality (NYT)

House to prohibit IRS from implementing healthcare law

Romney-the person says-suggested “falsifying” who they were to get such information-by pretending...

Yes, There Is an Alternative to Capitalism: Mondragon Shows the Way

The Tea Party’s 1776 Shtick: History Mangled

This Is The GOP's America

Richard Trumka: Freedom Isn't Free

FactCheck to Obama Camp: Your Complaint is All Wet

Poor Steve Carell Has to Jump From Movie to Movie Just to Get by

Latest talk on Facebook

Luckovich on Mitt's pledge to repeal health care reform

When was the last time a Republican beat a Democrat in a Presidential debate?

Investigating Romney's Offshore Accounts

If Issa has such a "slam dunk" case against Holder why hasn't he made a Citizens Arrest yet?

Toon: Fine, That's a Tax!

Instructions for working at the GOP convention in Tampa

Consumer Discretionary Spending 'Plummets'

Toon: Yep, Same Guy

anti porn vs 1st amendment feminist. new division created.

Paul Krugman Pours Ice Cold Water on Euro-Meltdown Relief

Ginny Thomas call John Roberts and left this message.

'NAFTA on Steroids': The Trans-Pacific Partnership (Why didn't we know)

Rep. John Lewis: Honor the Civil Rights Act anniversary by protecting the right to vote

Seriously? NOT from The Onion? Check out the image Fox Nation uses for their article on Obama's

"What exactly is ObamaCare and what did it change? 'Explained like you're a 5-year-old.'"

Cher appears to leave Twitter after voicing support for anti-gay pastor

BS article of the day brought to you by Breitbart

The ACA will move the US from 37th in the world in healthcare to in 2 years?

So now we have the exhaustion Tactic in use by the NC GOP - Fracking veto override details

Manufacturing activity shrinks in June, ISM says--first time in three years

Men On The Supreme Court Steps Are Shouting Angrily About THIS?

Construction outlays pick up in May--bigger than projected

Today's Silly Lie From NOM

Fox was for higher taxes for the poor. Now they are against higher taxes for the poor.

Gina Barreca: Women can't win by fighting among themselves

Words DO Matter: In The Life on Homophobia & Transgenderphobia

Caught In A Lie: Romney Invested In Medical Waste Firm That Disposed Of Aborted Fetuses

Slow And Pointless: What Darrell Issa’s Inquisition Won’t Dare To Mention

Mitt isn't a trustworthy person and that makes him unqualified for President of the United States

NEW YORK: State GOP Sen. Marty Golden To Teach Class On Feminine Elegance


Romney Campaign Declaring Cease Fire on Health Care

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- ACA fallout

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- More ACA fallout

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Mittens

Embattled banker drops out of Romney fund-raiser

Radical Feminist Nuns - Simone Campbell - Colbert Report Video

Peak oil review - July 2

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

Peak oil review - July 2

Barclays COO del Missier quits bank after Diamond exit

Romney's trip to Israel.

Former Conservative Darling Jonathan Krohn Talks To Lawrence O'Donnell

Transparency Tuesday: Post your Transparency Page.

More genetic links to osteoarthritis uncovered

R.I.P. Andy Griffith

Chainmaille Bracelet, Heavy Byzantine

Meanwhile, at the north pole

Mitt Romney's Offshore Accounts, Tax Loopholes, and Mysterious I.R.A.

GOP In Disarray: Republican Party Chairman Claims Romney Thinks The Mandate ‘Is A Tax’

RIP Andy Griffith

Oh no. Andy Griffith died.

I'm amazed - the story on Glaxo-Smith Kline broke yesterday -

BREAKING NEWS: Friend Says Andy Griffith Has Died

CNN has Obama up by 3 nationally but Mitt up by 8 in swing states???

I went outside and could faintly hear this in the clouds:

Republicans need to suck it up and start helping (real) PEOPLE!


TPP: Corporate Power Tool of the 1%-- Get informed - Threats Posed by TPP

On my way now to see Roger Water's The Wall in Pittsburgh, Pa. for tonight's show!

"...Romney is effectively giving up on the Latino vote."

France Gives "Fairness Doctrine" Details; Will Tax Millionaires At 75%

Dem memo to GOP women highlights benefits preserved in court ruling

Tea Baggers are celebrating American Exceptionalism in Philly on July 4-

RIP Andy Griffith. I swear, half of what I know in my heart I learned 'in Mayberry.'

These two guys are now reunited at that big fishin' hole in the sky

Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission’s Swivel Chairs

After America Will civil war hit Afghanistan when the U.S. leaves ?

free speech supported for Florida docs - in opposition to NRA desire to gag

Only this forum will appreciate this. "My Date with a Woman."

In addition to being the good sheriff of Mayberry, Andy Griffith was 'Lonesome Rhodes'

The WoW continues: Christie Vetoes Women’s Health Funding

Florida Gov. Scott exaggerates cost of Medicaid expansion, projections show

Think those federal firefighters should have health insurance? Please consider signing the petition

Coffee May Help Protect Against Skin Cancer

While Colorado burns, Washington fiddles

Allen West (R-Crazytown) insanity update: Accuses Pres. Obama of wanting Americans to "be his slave"

North Carolina poll: Romney 50%, Obama 45% (SurveyUSA)

Andy's greatest role was as the ultimate grifter in A Face in the Crowd.

Breaking: There will be an election - by Matt Bors

Government-sponsored study destroys DEA’s classification of marijuana

All that concern over "The Right to Work"; what about "The Right to Buy"?

Big Drop in Texas Portion of Ogallala

Implantable Devices Could Detect and Halt Epileptic Seizures

Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission’s Swivel Chairs

"It Had To Be Scalia's Head!"

Barclays Brawl: 'Elite manipulated market, UK laws only give slap on wrist'

Do Not Play Sports with Mitt Romney

Today's DU Cheese of the Day......Gouda

The west is the best. Please come CAPTION Allen (mouth-on-auto) West!!!

So, there's an Olympics this year?

Israel’s Kadima Says It May Leave Coalition Over Draft Issue

Report: US Military Veterans Failing College Or Are Colleges Failing Vets?

AMBER Alert lifted as boy, 2, and father found

Romney Still Gets Money from Bain Through Offshore Accounts

Vanity Fair Romney $ expose: "Where the Money Lives"

Republicans Expose Themselves as Enemies of Millions of Americans' Health and Well-being

Why GOP governors will cave on Medicaid

Very powerful PSA about Domestic Violence

Washington Animal Rescue League has no power - needs supplies

Arpaio's on the Go-Go!!! Please come CAPTION America's favorite mastiff!!!

Microsoft's Big Wedding Gift to Gays

Washington DC folks - WARL shelter has no power - needs supplies

HBO renews Sorkin's The Newsroom!!!!!!!!

Pic Of The Moment: Romneys Stash Millions (Including Bain Cash) In Offshore Tax Havens

Andy Griffith's last TV performance was promoting The Affordable Health Care Act

Ohio native Mike Hershberger dies

Max Keiser: Big guy 'scandals' vs small fry 'crimes'

Another nice collection from Saveur: most pinned recipes.

NC Democrats Cry Foul After Republicans Override Perdue’s Fracking Veto

Wildfire Tests Police Force in Colorado Anti-Tax Movement’s Home

(F.A.I.R.) Corporate Media Untells the ALEC Story

UN experts call for advancing women’s human rights during political transitions

JFK throwing out first ball of 1961 baseball season

It's Tuesday. You know what that means!

Who's yer cracker? Please come CAPTION Mitt (the last of the Brigham Young hipsters) Romney!!!!

How the Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling Fails Poor Black Women With HIV

how the Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling Fails Poor Black Women With HIV

How the Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling Fails Poor Black Women With HIV

What really makes us fat

8 Ways America's Headed Back to the Robber-Baron Era

The Irish Are Smarter Than Us, E-Vote Edition

Snooper2's thread was locked by a host last night without any consensus while vigorous objections ..

French police search Nicolas Sarkozy home and office

CNN sucks

San Diego Chargers don't plan to apply for L.A. move -- so who's left?

Mississippi's Lone Abortion Clinic Can Stay Open, For Now

Good riddance!

My goldfish died

In Memory of Andy Griffith

Rep. Joe Walsh Blasts Double Amputee's Military service,

Though ALEC claims to be bipartisan, in 2010 all 23 of its legislative board members were Republican

An important reminder from Howard Zinn:

France's bearded feminists 'praise' powerful men

Papantonio: Why Washington Loves Jamie Dimon

(MoJo) The Dog That Voted and Other Election Fraud Yarns

Coalition of Natural Allies

Prison Industrial Complex: Maximum Security Prison for Traffic Fines Costing Taxpayers 65,000 per yr

There's no way that ANY politician is unaware of global warming...

Has anyone gone into the gold buying business?

Telegraph UK:Barclays libor scandal: lock 'em up - it's the only way of dealing with abuse like this

IMF warns on U.S. economy

Local megachurch burns up 3 crosses.

Remembering Brian Jones, February 28, 1942 – July 3, 1969

Government-sponsored study destroys DEA’s classification of marijuana

PRI retakes the Presidency and the House

An "F" for Monsanto from the Union of Concerned Scientists

PRi retakes the Presidency and the House

Videos: Romney Healthcare Hypocrisy

Obama Adm. Set to Legalize Commercial Whaling at IWC!

Fuck you, Rep. Walsh

Joe Walsh (scumbag-IL) criticizes Tammy Duckworth for talking about her military service

Bankers constantly lying, defrauding; most still not in jail

In memory of Andy Griffith

Anger festers in sweltering mid-Atlantic

NEWSFLASH: N.J. Gov. Christie Eliminates Family Planning…Again

Clinton Apologizes to Pakistan for NATO Airstrike That Killed 24 Pakistani Troops

PHOTO: Best mom EVER? Pregnant Snooki uses baby stroller to push home a case of Coors Light

Still-Terrible Virginia Ultrasound Bill Now in Effect

Seriously, why are they already rebooting the Spiderman series

31 Must-Read Articles: Romney/Republican Job-Killers

*** Returns from her mini-vacation and gets out her staple gun - today's lunch special ***

2 Illinois county clerks receive permission to defend state’s gay marriage ban in court

All dinosaurs may have had feathers

(R-MI) Gov. Snyder snubs large portion of GOP election package

Gendered Advertizing Remixer

Here is an observation on my compadres during TTP coverage

Malaysia: Lynas CEO Finds Social Media Hobbles Rare-Earths Plans

Inspired by time for change's post in GD, R. H. Phillips - A Citizens' Audit of an American Election

what's clearest term to distinguish businesses that actually make things and provide services and...

Unsurprisingly, Rasmussen comes up with pro-Romney SCOTUS-bump numbers

Keep your healthcare!

What Bibi Netanyahu *Should* tell Rmoney when Mitt visits Israel....

Who Needs Feminism?

Romney vs Obama ....On Free Trade Policy

Learn how Obamacare benefits you:

Florida Rape Victim Sues County Jail After Being Denied Emergency Contraception

Women from the Renaissance to Enlightenment

BREAKING:Clinton Says Pakistan Is Opening NATO Supply Routes to Afghanistan.

The conference scene

So long, Andy...

North Carolina Defunds Planned Parenthood (Again) In Midnight Vote, Overriding Veto

Barclays blames 'senior Whitehall figures' for Libor scandal as Bob Diamond resigns - live

Massachusetts' Transgender Equal Rights Bill Takes Effect

The heatwave is Obama's fault and he needs to fix it right now!! Post your temperatures

I Pet Goat...... A French Animation that will blow you away...720psi

Pound on solid ground, even if more printed

Scores Arrested Protesting Vermont Nuclear Plant

Syrian regime engages in systematic torture, says report

2nd jury glitch is being fixed...

Another few decades of Clarence F'ing Thomas

Adobe no longer works on firefox?

Bellamy Mansion, Wilmington, NC.

Appeals court upholds off-campus religious classes

Wall Street Gambling Tax: The Remedy to Inequality

Tom Cruise turns 50 today, just heard it on the news.

Catholic bishops veering into right-wing extremism

Sen. Sanders Seeks Gas Price Probe

New Nukes for No Money Down! Why Should Nuclear Loan Guarantees Cost Less Than Student Loans?

2 of the Last 3 GOP Presidents Signed Larger Tax Increases Than Obamacare

Can we call it class war yet? (Corporate profits are at an all-time high; wages are at an all-time )

Conservative cabinet minister Bev Oda resigns as MP amid cabinet shuffle speculation

Pakistan reopens NATO supply routes to Afghanistan

Kathy Griffin: I Would Never Have Dreamed of Outing Anderson Cooper

Please God, Yes! Please make this happen!

Dodgers Grounds Crew Places Tarp Over Unsightly Crowd

Euro Crisis Breakthrough Breakdown - Nigel Farage. Says Euro Crisis insoluble.

Obama For America TV Ad - "Believes"

Hello to all DU members from new member.

Can I survive the next 3 hours and 20 minutes?

Toon: I'm Going to Miss You Too

The First Elite Conservative To Say Enough - Andrew Sullivan

Obama campaign's latest Bain ad makes direct contrast on jobs

Toon: Developing a "humane" response to Sandusky

Growing up poor on the wrong side of town, Andy Griffith was once called 'white trash'.

Three Democratic Governors are considering turning down ACA money?

DU scholars: What were the popular ozone killing hair sprays of the 60s/70s?

Breaking News: Republicans are very Low Creatures

Japan's Nuclear Ambitions Awaken: A seemingly minuscule change in its law may have big implications

Save Our Schools And Our Children!

I like to think that even if Andy Griffith was a conservative...

Dinner vs a dinner invitation

My favorite Andy Griffith parenting moment.

A geyser of hot gas flowing from a star

Red Giant Blows a Bubble

Suze Orman to dedicate an episode to gay marriage equality!!!

1988 was the last time a Republican President was legally elected

Could Kelly Ayotte be Romney's running mate?

Republican Michigan Governor Vetoes GOP Voter Suppression Law

State Sovereignty

Thom Hartmann: Can Republicans now easily repeal Obamacare?

40 dead in Iraq attacks; official indicates security may have taken bribes to let bomber in

Anybody here know about Suze Orman and gay marriage?

FDA approves first rapid, take home HIV test

Silent AMY WINEHOUSE memorial thread. Check in if you miss her.


Thom Hartmann: Climate Scientists Warned Us - Freak Weather & Rising Sea Levels

"A Face in the Crowd" final scene

Seven years after first gay weddings, justices to approve law{spain}

ACA: The way I am beginning to see it

NRA working w/ African-Americans interested in hunting, fishing, personal safety in Buffalo NY

"behavioral health has added cause to rejoice as we look back upon a historic week"

Mitt of the day

Will Implementation of the ACA Mark the Death of COBRAs?

Man kicks 3-year-old in the face while the boy was strapped in his stroller

LatinoJustice PRLDEF Asks DOJ to Investigate NYC Board of Elections

Fayetteville City Attorney Supports Medical Marijuana

Wow...MSNBC is just relentlesly circle-jerking from one Republican worship "news item" to another.

Swiss Think Tank:Dire situation for global environment if #4 fuel pool releases radioactive material

More austerity for Italy

Bryan Fischer: Obama will use 'Medical Nazis' to force doctors to treat people

You know why some think there's little difference between the two parties?

*Caroline Kennedy campaigning for President Obama at 4:05 p.m. on C-SPAN2

Fire chief shoots safety expert in foot with fireworks

North Carolina lawmakers set record overriding government on budget, fracking (and death penalty)

The Last Word - Mitt Romney's abortion problem

Andy Griffith's "A Face In The Crowd" Airs Thursday Night on TCM

Obamacare support grows 9% in a month (CNN poll)

Republican Congressional candidate: Healthcare is costly because "People now don't die from cancer"

DAMN, DAMN, DAMN,...DAMN,......DAMN,........DAMN!

Fold3 Revolutionary War Collection free until July 15

Reince Priebus On Health Care Mandate: ‘Our Position Is The Same As Romney’s: It’s A Tax.’ Huh?!

For your 7/4 pleasure: Another Pic of the Moment: Tax ChurchMart to pay for Civil War II

Rmoney: "I believe in America, but..."

Could you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

Harlem Couple Branded 'Professional Agitators' in NYPD 'Wanted' Poster Read more: http://www.dnain

Epic Smack-down of Christie's hypocrisy

Obama “Saddened” By Andy Griffith’s Passing

U.S. women's soccer player: 'I'm gay'

And this week in Florida weird crimes:

Do our team a favor - stop calling it 'Obamacare'


Arctic Sea Ice 2012 update 6: piggy bank

Cat Litter Parasite May Raise Suicide Risk ~ WebMD Health News

The Real Mitt Romney?

So you think YOU have a cool garden?

The family that PLAYS together...

Clowns. Scary? ... ... ... REALLY?!?!?

Other places where the word "vagina" is not appropriate nor appreciated: College Sex Ed courses...

MFM's latest revelation? His "good friend" Kali -- just when you think you KNOW a person.

Li'l MiddleFingermom was quite the budding and volatile artiste.

The Rude Pundit: Rep. Joe Walsh Is Total Cockhead

Teen dies after game of Russian Roulette

Hahaha, haha. Toure' called S E Cupp, Sarah.

Santorum Claims He Thought Grindr Was a Coffee App

GOP Lawmakers Vow To Repeal Health Care Law, Use It For Own Kids

We Are All ‘Climate Test Dummies’

Prisoner's bike power charges batteries...Brazil

Thom Hartmann: Why the media is not reporting the truth on Fukushima?

Romneys hide millions offshore to evade income taxes - what a patriot!

Chick-Fil-A's Anti-Gay Donations Totaled Nearly $2 Million In 2010: Report

Andy Griffith and Ron Howard Obama endorsement video (2008)

Spider-Man's Less Impressive Superpower

Conservative wonderboy grows up - embraces Obamacare - (conservatives writhe with rage)

It takes one to tango. . . . Please come CAPTION Rush (a quarter ton of real man) Limbaugh!!!!!

Ban food waste from landfill for renewable energy, urges thinktank

US factory orders increase in May

The Last Word - Teenage darling of CPAC now swings left


Jonah Goldberg On Roberts Decision: ‘Consolation Prize,’ Puts Obama In ‘Uncomfortable Position’

USWNT v. Canada...or, Hope Solo is the Shiz-nits

US Army investigates Bradley Manning supporters

Pitching... Quarterbacking... Managing... Coaching... Tennis... Golf... is NOTHING sacred?

Chipper, Darvish holding early leads in Final Vote

Revised Recommendations for Vaccines Are Being Phased In, CDC Report Says

What can you do with an empty pringles can?

What Killed Arafat? Tests Hint At Possible Arafat Poisoning

Thom Hartmann: Why Ireland scrapped their voting machines

TYT Cenk Angry About Money In Politics

I plan to stay home on July 4th and stay cool by th ac, what plans to the rest of y'all have.

Crazy: GOP Senator Will Teach Brooklyn Women to "Walk Like a Model," Use the Stairs "Elegantly"

*Tammy Duckworth coming up on Martin Bashir show!

My pick for today's "Headline of The Day" award

Doctor: George Zimmerman had black eyes, painful broken nose but no head trauma

Gilberto Hinojosa: Texans, take back our state!

Good News, no strike that, GREAT NEWS

David Cameron 'prepared to halt immigration of Greeks into UK'

Who is currently watching "Idiocracy"

It has never been this hot

I was polled last night. They called my cell phone from Texas.

4Chan Poster avoids getting a Darwin Award… But not from lack of trying

When being the wrench that's tossed into the machinery is the height of political aspiration...

AUTOMATED MESSAGE: One of your posts has been hidden by a DU Jury

Animal Lovers--Please Show Support For H.R. 1417 (BEST Practices Act)

Composting gets lift from ancient 'bokashi' ways

Hebron: border police officer kicks a palestinian child, 29/06/2012, raw footage

Great, Now It's Turned Into A Whole Big Thing

Andy Griffith Already Buried at his request.

Report of Plight Of Millions Of Unemployed Americans Results In Round Of High-Fives At Romney's HQ

Has anyone here visited the Eden Project in Cornwall?

Loose on the Fourth of July - let Freedom ring

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Idiot, Fool, Wanna Be Tuff Guy!

Obama takes lead in Gallup polling

Summer School for geeks:

Smerconish - it was Joe Wilson not Joe Walsh who called

Little Relief, Likely No Recovery for Corn

Palmetto trees in non-coastal SC. A global warming thing, or just landscapers

Where can we see how many members DU has now?

Patrick Murphy sounds like he wants to kick Joe Walsh's ass

I'm so angry I'm getting sick to my stomach....

Dick Cheney, Joe Walsh et al

UCI study looks at how coffee shop customers mark their spot

‘Naked Ninja’ tasered, tackled by cops after wreaking havoc in the streets of downtown Indianapolis

Venom From the Right

CONNECTING The DOTS Between Karl Rove and His ALLEGED Bisexual LOVER

Rockinroosters live streaming off air Michael Smerconish expletive laden banter w/ Tweety's crew now

Apple Loses Bid for Emergency Ban on HTC Phone Imports

Have a friend with excellent credit, 20% down payment, 100k+ in the bank, turned down for mortgage

HoF, its SOP, Porn, and Entrapping fellow DUers (in short, where HoF goes wrong)

Where are the TAX RETURNS, Mitt?

Safety Expert Injured During Fireworks Demonstration

The Mystery of Romney's Exit From Bain

Here's your long awaited chance to enter the Photo Conest in the Photo Forum

Salon: Roberts wrote both Obamacare opinions

Loudoun County comes to its senses, votes 'yes' on the Metro Silver Line project

N. Carolina lawmakers reject sea level rise predictions

Parenting level: Advanced

There is a wildfire behind my house...

My kinda liquor store

Great idea: Carry around an extra sticker to add to the collection when they aren't looking

Ever question objectification and get 'that's just the way it is' as an explanation

Social Bats Pay a Price: Fungal Disease, White-Nose Syndrome ... Extinction?

Locked-in: The Financial Risks of New Coal-fired Power Plants in Today's Volatile ... Coal Market

Australia abuzz over robbery by "Buxom Bandit"

Joe Walsh's Facebook page has finally been cleansed.

RW brains will be exploding if they were watching Jonathan Krohn

A WEE Independence Celebration July 4, 2012

Women's Wimbledon Semis are Set


How Do You Spell "Plummet" - Crop Conditions Dive In Past Week; U.S. Corn In Top 2 Grades Drops 8%


French police search Nicolas Sarkozy home and office

Ezra Klein: The Affordable Care Act’s big giveaway to stingy red states

Scratch one off the bucket list...

GOP State Senator Will Teach Brooklyn Women To Act Like Ladies!

Direct primary care model: Cutting out the insurer - ACA may provide a boost to direct care model

Bwahahahahahahawww:::Breathe:::: Bwahahahahahahaw

Foreign Money Is Buying U.S. Politicians. Happy 4th.

"It's OK, baby; if you fall, I will catch you." And a toddler lets go

The High Cost of Walmart's 50th Birthday

One of this year's Decorah eaglets has died :(.....

MEPs get ready to act on ACTA

Two ways to enjoy the best little town in Austria

ABC News is getting really lazy.

Get 'em while they're hot!

Roberts wrote both obamacare opinions

from DCCC:

Joe Walsh attacks Tammy Ducksworth's Military Service.

Rash Limberger "jokes" "It all went downhill when women got the vote."

Trans Pacific photos (That did not go to the paper)

It will always be "Boulder Dam" to Me

Woohoo!!! Joe Walsh endorses Tammy Duckworth!!!

Twitter Transparency Report

I cannot watch any videos on DU. What did I do??? Java is downloaded, watched lots yesterday,

Come help us rebuild Teh Lounge tomorrow! We ordered one of those oldtime Sears kits.

Allen West and his Glock mandate.

Obama's Morning in America ad.

On kits and kit lenses

Swiss institute finds polonium in Arafat's effects

I GOT MINE! Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) says Congress should give up salaries, but won't give up his

A Supreme court ruling against the health care act would have been BRUTAL for Obama

"How many of you have a Swiss bank account?"

Psssssssssssst- Bob Diamond and Rmoney !!!

U.S. Ambassador to Kenya J. Scott Gration resigns over ‘differences’ with Washington

Simple facts for RW debate: If Obama is the worst President ever then why:

Gov. Christie Vetoes Tax Increase On Millionaires For Third Consecutive Year

Seamus - Mitt Romney Ad

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 6 -- What's On Tonight: James Stewart Westerns

GOP councilman charged with sexual offenses

Report from a center-right nation

Had a talk with a Right Wing friend today about Obama Care.....

JetBlue pilot who had midair freak out found not guilty by Texas judge

What it was was football (5:40) - Andy Griffith 1953

I rarely say this but Joe Walsh is a coward

Martin Bashir - Outgoing Barclays CEO Diamond now Romney's ex-fundraiser

Merrybloom, please don't go!

Federal government approves drought disaster for 62 Colorado counties

Hilarious ad featuring a shoutout to Seamus.

Was Justice Thomas Behind The Obamacare Leaks?

Martin Bashir - Lt. Col. Duckworth responds to Rep. Walsh 'true hero' remark

Gone With the Wind is starting TCM.

what happens to the Workers Compensation system?

Government-sponsored study destroys DEA’s classification of marijuana

Obama's Romney Bain Capital Attack Right Or Wrong?

He stands at attention fairly well, too. You know, for a Kenyan!

Damn republicans will continue

The Turbo is spooled up in Freeperville

HYPOCRITIC OATH: Anti-Obamacare Lawmakers Still Use It For Their Kids

NY Post editor must answer Murdoch, chimp queries

Forget Obamacare, Rush Limbaugh Accuses Chief Justice of Child Abuse

Before We Do Something Really Stupid... Regarding Iran... Let's Pre-Think About The Humanity...

PIC: Somebody made a bio flick about Michelle Bachmann

Chris Collins: 'People Now Don't Die From Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer'

Full Tilt poker tycoon arrested by FBI

What are some really over-rated movies, at least to you?

Mother and her 4 girls have 13 boob jobs...

Alright.. who is preemptively

Michigan Republican governor vetoes broader voter ID law

Poll: Strengthened By Immigration Policy, Obama Leads Romney In Ohio, Pennsylvania And Florida

My brother thinks we should be afraid of this. Fear This : Mundo Fox

4th of July Spiral Cut Hot Dogs (yum)

Indigenous whaling bids granted after 'racism' claim

Herman Cain TV channel to feature patriotic dinosaurs and cartoon Reagan

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Tuesday & a new Lion gif

The free trade disasters continue to mount for the American people.

Florida judge tosses birther lawsuit against Obama

Ahem... 'US Sends Ships, Planes To Persian Gulf As Tension Mounts' - NYT

The 11 most pro-gay Senators

McConnell says the American Health Care system it the best in the world.

Matt Taibbi: Why is Nobody Freaking Out About the LIBOR Banking Scandal?

Can You Be Fired for What You Post on Facebook?

Eighth Grader Gets Seventeen To Stop Photoshopping The Girls In Its Magazine

Ashley Greene modeling lingerie for Esquire.

"Low Fat" products = Tools of the Devil

19 Kids found Home Alone in Hot Filthy Kentucky Home

Tammy Duckworth responds.....AWESOME!!!

Gunfire blamed for more wildfires; target shooting limited (AND more!)


Letter to the Citizens of These United States...NOTICE OF REVOCATION OF INDEPENDENCE

How Much Do Red States Hate the Poor? - Kevin Drum/MoJo

Is it beer thirty anywhere else?

Do current forecast models work with climate change?

Romney's "Blind" trust has investments in their son's company... but "shhhh" They don't know

Next week we'll cover Comicon.

Tobin is planning on leaving this part of his life behind... but the sentiment will remain.

CaliforniaPeggy has embraced the Thug Life. Represent, yo!!!

A woman with TWO cameltoes:

Relax. Nobody is gonna be able to see that YOU have the missing zookeeper.

MiddleFingerMom has a VERY strenuous workout regimen.

Sheep, schmeep. MiddleFingerMom finds THIS strangely and irresistibly appeeling.

I'm of 3 minds: Scientology v. Catholicism v. Katie HOLMES. GO holmes!1

Republicans Support Obama’s Health Reforms — As Long As His Name Isn’t On Them - WaPo

Teen Vogue: Give Us Images of Real Girls!

Links added (I just gave to Thanks for Telling Joe Walsh to Respect our Veterans-Tammy Duckworth)

Orchid has fans.

Ben Davidson, face of 1960s Raiders, dead at 72

"Step right up folks and get your ticket to the side show of your choice"

:woohoo: This is my 12,000th post.

Star Wars Tatooine locations today

EXCLUSIVE: Vets condemn Walsh for attacking double amputee’s military service, calls for resignation

The ED Show - American legend Andy Griffith dies

Questions remain in Senate recount.....

The sun sent out a flare powerful enough to disrupt radio communications over Europe today

Republican Governors won't expand Medicaid to cover uninsured poor people.

SNORT!! 16-0 going into the bottom of the 6th...

Presbyterian divestment proposal spurs heated debate

Those of you that were arguing for a complete or partial overturning of the ACA last week...

A Homeless Polar Bear in London - Ft. Jude Law and Radiohead

Ex-Commerce chief Bryson won't face charges over car crashes

Does Ramesh Ponnuru inhale helium?

Watergate... that is a seminal moment in US History

The ED Show - Gas prices drop, Republicans are silent

We don't bitch about Creative Speculation so I think we should all leave HoF alone

Celebrate the Fourth on the Third with a Fifth.

Affordable Care Act benefits,

Why I am a member of Hof:

Healthcare and Our Independence...Day:)

Would you support the use of drones to locate small fires before they turn into huge wildfires?

Want to help defend Israel? Become a virtual soldier

The ED Show - Tea Party Congressman attacks war veteran

"Let's call this right-wing "freedom" catch phrase what it really is...

The grass-roots anti-contraceptive campaign to 'bring sexy back'

CERN Announces Discovery Of NEW PARTICLE In Leaked Video

The ED Show - This is what global warming looks like

Any suggestions for Scandinavian recipes?

Damn... Found It Again... Happy Birthday America... Citizens, Please WatchThis When You Get A Chance

Did L.O. say he's guest hosting morning joe Thursday morning?

Be nice! Even if you're having the most fucked up day ever! Be nice!

**Vibes, if you would**

Hot Dogs

The ED Show - Big Eddie's barbecue and Obamacare tips

George Carlin's Greatest Moment (Nails down the 1 percenters)

Statement by President Obama on the Passing of Andy Griffith

Obama to Sign Transportation & Student Loan Int. Rate Bill at Event w/Construction Workers, Students

Well Matt (Taibi) thank you for putting it in those terms on Current

Romney Campaign Says No Ceasefire On Obamacare, Remains A ‘Central Issue In The Campaign’

Obama to Deliver Remarks at a Naturalization Ceremony for Active Duty Service Members at the WH

"Romney Campaign Declares a Truce on Obamacare" at The Atlantic

A "leaky" Clarence Thomas? Not sure if this has been posted yet, but very interesting...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 4 July 2012 -- Have at it, girls 'n' boys!

LTTE about Obamacare: "I'll take my chances with 'nanny state'"

Obama administration asks Supreme Court to take up federal Defense of Marriage law in new term

I think its a long shot.

Prepare to lose hours of time. The world's hardest Sudoku has been created

Andy Griffith Supports Women's Rights.

Who was here first?

German electricity prices do not reflect the cost of production.

City College of San Francisco on brink of closure

I figured out The GOP Game plan

Ron Howard: What I learned from Andy Griffith

Feds: ICE investigator shot during Texas surveillance

Hey, can you pass the US citizenship test???

Black Friday ruckus, firing changes 73-year-old Walmart greeter's life

A beautiful full rainbow a couple of hours ago...

If there is something like spirits, supernatural, ghosts, any of that crap..