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Movie Fans: What are the most RIDICULOUS action scenes in movie history?

Pres. Could Seize Radio, Internet, under New Exec. Order

Jerry Perenchio, Former Univision TV Chief, Backs Anti-Immigrant Candidates

Record heat leads to major flooding in Greenland

Anyone see cantor's opponent, ? Powell, on Ed show,

Mystery Presidential Candidate


Are we STUPID: Huma Abedin

Reuters TV - Roubini’s devastating diagnosis - Freeland File

need quick help:

I'm so tired. Clinic is killing me.

Lack Of Self-Awareness Explains Actions Of Elites

Gay Family Video-palooza

While you see a chance, take it ....

How A Prosecutor Would Attack Romney's 1999 'Retroactive Retirement'

So, Red Sox fans...what do ya think of this team?

For post 1,000

Zimmerman's not a racist. He just likes to hang out with racists.

How about some Buddy Miller (with Emmylou, Patty G and Shawn Colvin...)

Olympic Meet-Up (Let's Move)

Justice Department Sues Telecom for Challenging National Security Letter

Aid cut to 'Benedict Arnold' Pakistan

So firefox just updated and now my earthlink won't come up.

Happy 90th Birthday to George McGovern!

FLASHBACK: Bobby Jindal's Exorcism Problem

Intermission: A Man's Last Minutes With His Best Friend

George W. Bush's domestic legacy

PBS - Annie Oakley, biathlons, target shooting/marksmanship

Team USA's outsourced uniforms prompt calls for clothing 'Made in America.'

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, July 18)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 19 -- What's On Tonight: The Magic of Movie Making

TCM Schedule for Friday, July 20 -- What's On Tonight: Stanwyck Pre-Codes

What can I say, I got Nasty Habits!

Senator McCain says Sarah Palin was a better pick because

Wanna troll some RW'ers on FB? This gets em:

Toon: Why the US lags in Math Scores

"Everlasting Moments"

What's for Dinner - Thursday July 19th

Its Church Night and Malloy is casting the GOP governors to Hell!!

Baskin-Robbins closing its last manufacturing plant in North America (Bain again)

Do we ever say shit as stupid as Republicans do?

UK and Pakistan PMs hold talks with Afghan president

So do I have this right? Wait. What?

Sinfest is back with the continuing adventures of Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty

The Black Cat Analogy

Corporate Media Is Pushing False Equivalence Hard To Protect Romney

New Batman Trailer Is Liberal Anti-Romney Propaganda! - Conan late night

Melinda Haag's Crusade Against Medical Pot Jeopardizes California's Safety

Bulgaria bombing most likely carried out by suicide attacker

What can I say, I got Nasty Hobbits!

The Christian Troll on Atheist Pig

Regarding the Piers Morgan interview of Justice Scalia ...

Mike Malloy Church Night from April 4, 2012: Keep your religion to YOURSELF!

Justice Antonin Scalia Explains His Legal Philosophy In Wide-Ranging Interview With Piers Morgan

Central bankers eyeing whether Libor needs scrapping

Strange Brew.

China strengthens Africa ties with $20 billion in loans


Egypt’s state news agency: Former spy chief and vice president Omar Suleiman dies in US

What happened at the Limerick nuclear plant?


Are there online lists of Blue companies any more?

Daily Kos Elections 2Q 2012 House fundraising reports roundup

DU Forums that currently have open slots for DU Hosts: LBN, GoodReads, V&M, Politics2012, DU-Lounge

Racism and white privilege are dragging us all down.

Regarding Trayvon on My Facebook

Ramadan Begins Tonight/Tomorrow. I will be fasting.

POLITICO Reporter On MSNBC: Sarah Palin Would Be The ‘Crazy Cousin Eddie’ Of GOP Convention

I can't imagine any scenario where Zimmerman isn't screwing up BADLY by going on Hannity.

Scalia on Bush VS.Gore ruling: GET OVER IT!!!

Four U.S. power reactors shut & NYC sweats during heat wave

The Gates Foundation's Leveraged Philanthropy

IF Romney drops out who will be picked at the Republican Convention?

Joey Scar is unwatchable this morning. "Obama should be worried about his numbers"

Republicans Are Landing Punches Against Each Other

Romney's eyes

Place your bets: Who will give the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention?

Imagine standing in front of people and lying about what

Olympians featured nude in ESPN’s ‘Body Issue’ (warning nudity if naked bodies offend don't look)

Alabama Virgin Mary Shine: Next Catholic Pilgrimage Site?

Kerrey (D-NE) urges Fischer (R-NE) to take stand against super PACs

Wall Street's Biggest Heist Yet? How the High Wizards of Finance Gutted Our Schools and Cities

Noam Chomsky on the Shredding of Our Fundamental Rights and the Common Good

What Are Your Favorite "Made in the U.S.A." Products?

(NE) Prenatal care for illegal immigrants among laws taking effect today

Jon Stewart last night - the best LIPOR take yet


Prostate Cancer Surgery Fails To Cut Death Rate In Study

Lawyers feud over $11.25M in fees

Hey, Joe, you fucking piece of dung: Have fun being on trial.

Talkingpointsmemo: Morgan Freeman Donates $1 Million To Pro-Obama Super PAC

Saw an anti-Obama ad on Fox News...

Chipper and the Braves whine about Melky..

The National Federation of Independent Businesses is ignoring survey results from its own members

Catholic Bishops Promote 'Natural' Family Planning Amid Battle Over Contraception Mandate

Four Spending Myths that Could Wreck Our World

Romney is the Un-American in the Presidential Race!!!!!

The Unhappy Truth About Positive Psychology

How retail politics works in MA.

TSA – Grope & Pillage

Huge spam botnet Grum is taken out by security researchers

Mark Twain - 'Advice To Little Girls' (LOL-subversive)

NPR poll: Obama 47%, Romney 45%

Heard about the new mashed potatoes with gravy vending machine?

Charles Pierce Calls Out S.E. Cupp For Her Colossal Idiocy

2nd dumbest rule in sports

Supplement industry boosts Romney campaign by $4.5M

Is there a list of all of the company's that Bain Destroyed?

Research pours cold water on alleged benefits of sports products

Next up: gold bathtub for arthritis therapy...

Free Healthcare?

Anyone know of a good home remedy for heat rash? nt

Another GREAT OP from Horsey (and a toon) Mitt Romney's secrets are not all in his tax returns

Is Veteran's Today a credible source?

What can I say, I got Nasty Rabbits!

CBS poll - Obama at 36% favorability? WTF?

Two People Hurt Four Dogs Dead In Carmichael Hit And Run

Abbas: Israel’s man in Ramallah (Larry Derfner)

"Romney Claims He Retroactively Won 2008 Election"

The stupidity of the American public never fails to amaze me. The polls are in a dead heat. This

Texas Governor Rick Perry calls for transparency in releasing tax returns

Toon: Obama Hate, Inc.

Toon: Maybe he should be ashamed

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (07/19/2012)

*** Gets her staple gun out and posts today's DU Lunch special ***

College students likely to disagree with religious teachings that homosexuality is a sin

Juan Cole: Top Ten Implications of the Damascus Bombing

Who's Walker's "Best" Boy And Other Walkergate Wonderings

"An Extraordinary Torrent Of Nonsense" On "Effectively Infinite" Oil & Gas

Needlessly shoot and kill an innocent black kid?...get a warm embrace from Faux Noooz

Local woman uses gun to stop worker from installing smart meter

Twitter Flash Mob Today for Bring Jobs Home Act

About those polls (updated)

Iran drought part of 'soft war' by West: VP (xpost)

Iran website: Tehran should make nuclear ship fuel

Strange that we haven't seen or heard from Dave Vitter in a while?

Allan Lictman predicting an Obama win as early as December of 2011

Johnson removed as chairman of the Nuclear Energy Institute

A Friend and I are Starting a New Political Comic - Need Some Feedback

Is it true Jonathan Lavine ,the current director of Bain, is a top Obama bundler?

Thousands Gather in Tokyo to Protest Nuclear Restart

Use of stun guns to commit crimes more prevalent

Weekly Claims Post Rebound; Jobs Market Still in Doldrums

Simple and tasty Gazpacho

So, Israel is blaming Iran for the Bulgarian bombing, eh?

SOS: Need some patented DU good vibes.

"The Others" scared the crap out of me!

Here comes Medicare: President Obama to make Medicare attack against Romney

In which I receive another reminder as to why I don't discuss politics at work.

Drought spreads, boosts corn to record price

Feeding Frenzy Seen If Wall Street Sues Itself Over Libor

Who the hell is Tara Wall

Ann Romney: "We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation."

Drought Monitor Update 7/17; 38% Of All Corn Poor/Very Poor, 30% Of All Soybeans

Bulgaria Bomber Was A Caucasian Dressed Like A Tourist With A Fake Michigan License

Romney advisor Tara Wall is very good

So God's plan is to kill young black boys armed only with canned tea and skittles?

Bain Capital started with help of offshore investors

Texas wants access to database for voter purging

Ann Romney: "You People"

Interesting...despite the hysteria about the corn crop, this:

Berlin May Owe Trillions On A 450-Year-Old Loan

Allan Lichtman:Money(superpacs)isn't going to matter in the Presidential election

Romney Dog Voiced By Lewis Black In 'Dog On The Roof' Trailer (VIDEO)

All I can say is thank god for public radio stations like WXPN of Philly

Ian Tomlinson death: PC not guilty

Japan's women footballers irked by Olympic flight seating

Phoenix TV station asks question on Facebook that, in DU's hands, becomes instant "IBTL" material

Quinnipiac Poll: Obama and Romney tied in Virginia

Our Gullible Media: How the singular pursuit of traffic makes online media suckers for fake news

Morgan Freeman gives $1 million to pro-Obama super PAC Priorities Action USA

The media is spinning to create a horse race-Read the trend lines

Jim Dolan, Cablevision and Knicks owner, incompetent fool.

Am I the only one who thought of the Way-Back Machine

Back to More Pain in Jobless Claims and Employment

moody gardens

I had a thought this morning about R-Money's claim that Pres. Obama is attacking success..

Sick of ExxonMobil's Antigay Policies? Try These Gay-Friendlier Alternatives

Dengyo, Volvo Wirelessly Transmit 10kW of Electricity to Distance of 4m

Sullivan County wheel tax is back on the road again

If Adelman or Foster Frieze asked to see Rmoney's Tax Returns

Mitt’s Other Secret: Time to Disclose Romney’s Campaign Bundlers

Why Widow Edie Windsor's Case Maybe Be Best Chance to Overturn DOMA.

Voter Registration? There’s an App for That

Prostate Cancer Surgery Fails to Cut Death Rate in Study

Felon was a lobbyist for Catholic officials in Nevada

Alzheimer’s: A Ray of Hope? Just Perhaps Maybe

Hasn’t America been Bain Capitalized enough?

Clinton regrets only wasted tomatoes in Egypt protest

Oh, dear God...who let Bay Buchanan out of her cave?

If we have a problem in "Maine" who not to call

Storm Scents: It's True, You Can Smell Oncoming Summer Rain

Voter ID Laws Place Burden on Poor

Mitt Romney Instructed Bain To Keep "ROMNEY SPECIFIC" Info: "Completely Confidential"

Bay Buchanan on MSNBC: "YouDidn'tBuildThis-Gate" words NOT TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT. Surprise!

NRA, gun industry once again mine profit from paranoia

With repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ couple says 'I do' in first gay union on U.S. military base

Was there an assassination attack on Hillary Clinton in Israel?

Anyone have a good cooked salsa recipe?

Romney's Horcruxes


From Stephanie Miller: sung to the Beatles taxman a song for Romney it's his taxes man

Republicon laughing point (s) of the day ....

Undocumented 6-Year-Old Arrested: Where Is the Dream in That Act?

ABC walked away from Zimmerman interview deal, because he wanted a month-long hotel stay in exchange

A Student Debt Strike Force Takes Off

Canadians spend their money taking care of themselves. US spends its money attacking others.

QUICK! AVERT YOUR EYES! Chris Jansing follows up Bay Buchanan spot with S.E. Creepp.

S.E. Creep is on MSNBC this morning.

Guess which city has had the best employment improvement numbers recently? Heh Heh!

Is this now the second time Mitt has hidden behind his wife's skirt?

Pic Of The Moment: Ann Romney: "You Should Really Look At Where Mitt Has Been Financially"

Critics Won't Release Returns

Some Japanese customs that may confuse foreigners

New Polls: Obama leading by 6 in Nevada and 7 in Wisconsin

My Letter To Rep. Tom Rooney

Ann Romney: You can trust Mitt because he gives 10% of his income to church every year

Not all superheroes are good at undercover work

Have you ever seen this type of VW vehicle before?

Jim Greer trial: Will 'defamatory statements' remain secret?

I'm searching in vain for today's "Leave Ann Romney out of this" posts after "YouPeople-Gate."

Republicans have no tax spending limits for WMD's, but resent one tax PENNY spent on the opposite.

Papantonio: US Chamber Faces Heat For Political Spending

Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal

Ann Romney = Animal Abuser

BWHAHA! "Romney carefully vetting VP because he doesn't want anyone hiding anything."

Holy crap - have you read this about the dirty money used to launch Bain?

Israeli Official Criticized for Ripping New Testament Pages From Bible

The GOP RIGHT WING Brings Out the LONG KNIVES …for Mitt Romney

Students' online photos of California tests delay release of scores

Planet UCF 1.01 is introduced to the world of astronomy

Zimmerman: Trayvon’s death was “God’s plan”

BREAKING: Mitt Romney *Still* Has Not Released His Tax Returns

Cheers to Seabeyond, Redqueen, Boston Bean and the rest of you ...

5 Things Tricky Mitt Does Not Want You To Know

Idaho Bar Refuses To Sell Pepsi, MillerCoors Over Gay Support

"Real Democracy" (Mr. Fish)

Chilling video shows Philly child abduction try

Scientologists plan Hollywood TV studio

Why We'll Listen To Comedians Over Fox News Pundits Any Day (And You Should Too)

Israel vows to strike back at Iran

GOP War On Women: House Republicans Revive The Contraception Wars

Bibi lauds "prophet of peace" as Christian Zionists lust for war

Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Fell to Eight-Month Low in June

Ann Romney: YOU PEOPLE

bell hooks, “Feminist Parenting”

Index of U.S. Leading Indicators Falls More Than Forecast

Obama should publicly denounce Fox News

Just taped a vigorous debate on RT's Crosstalk about Bain and Romney's Tax Returns

Netanyahu Says Attack in Bulgaria Carried Out by Hezbollah

Who was the first presidential candidate you voted for in a General Election?

Theta Healing

Russia, China Veto Sanctions On Syria

Screw Chick-Fil-A, Here's How to Make Your Very Own 'Chick-Fil-Gay' Sandwich! — VIDEO

Meet the Super Humans

John Krugman comment about the Wall Street boys

Theta Healing

Did you all know mass. was pimping for Burmese biz when Mitt was Gov?

I know Obama isn't "coming for our guns", but expect to see this video a lot in the near future.

"I don't care what you tell your adopted daughter." ~ Mitt Romney

The top "earners" pay the most in federal taxes because they have all the F$cking money

Thoroughly Appropriate Ass-Kicking of Aaron Sorkin

Zimmerman called in to The View (Barbara Walters declined to speak to him)

Zimmerman has just phoned into The View and wants to talk to Barbara Walters.

The ED Show - Romney's outsourcing problem mounts

Batman Movie: Some See a Bane-Bain Link.

Crude Jumps Above $90/Bbl on Mideast Tensions

Bain Never Left Romney

It's always 4:20 somwhere

Ann's horse is supposed to be off limits and DNC will now back off

Fascist gun control

Is Bigfoot involved in the patriarchy?

Olympic delays feared as border staff confirm strike

Bachmann under fire from more Republicans

For science fiction aficionados, if you want to bend your mind a bit

"We give 10 percent of our income to our church every year."

Rotten Tomatoes suspends comments on 'Dark Knight'

ATF Acting Director threatens ATF whistleblowers

Mitt Romney, the Schrodinger’s Cat of private equity

Actor Fred Willard arrested for lewd conduct in LA

Texas science class?

Rachel Maddow - Republicans manipulate voting law, undermine tenet of democracy

MoD accused of withholding evidence of 'shocking' treatment of Iraqi civilians

The fossil fuel industry "is Public Enemy Number One to the survival of our planetary civilization."

A Love of Good Farmhouse Food

At least one person is questioning Corbett's motives in the Sandusky case

I think the Romneys are too big-headed to be in the White House. That is all.

Rachel Maddow - Is racism a viable political tactic in 2012?

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Rmoney

The collapsing middle class- now they are going after pensions.

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Scouts, the bigots

Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan Reveals His Core Vulnerability

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Repubs

Hey Ann! YOU people need to release those tax returns!

$22 billion in gold, diamonds, jewels found in Indian temple's secret vaults

US condom crackdown impeding efforts to prevent HIV, study finds

Obama Camp Slams ‘Out Of Context’ Romney Web Video

Could someone please comment on their understanding of the "edit history" which often seems

Pelosi: I'll release my tax returns when I run for president

Matt Taibbi: LIBOR Rate-Fixing Scandal "Biggest Insider Trading You Could Ever Imagine"

Being bizarre is, at this point, a requirement for making it to the top tier in the GOP

Do you realize how desperate Mitt has become?

US pushed to reform cotton subsidies in farm bill as Brazil watches

Was Mitt hiding his money from the IRS or from "their people" and his 10% hit.

Assassination Nation:50 Years of US Targeted Kill Lists: From the Phoenix Program to Predator Drones

Burger King Employee Stands on Lettuce: Busted by Internet

Mitt's Kampaign Klown Kar

Exposed: Batman's liberal bias and Mitt Romney's anticapitalism

Boehner Blasts Bachmann, Says Her Unfounded Accusations Are ‘Pretty Dangerous’

Undercover investigation reveals Georgia no-kill shelter killing adoptable pets

Romney as Audit Chair Saw Marriott Son of BOSS Shelter Defy IRS

Undercover investigation reveals Georgia no-kill shelter killing adoptable pets

Rachel Maddow - Romney fails moral test, aims 'foreign' label at Obama

Crying Shame...No Shameless

Obama’s drug czar: White House is ‘interested’ in medical marijuana

Trayvon Martin's parents: Killing our son not 'God's plan'

DU's "RockaFowler" very possibly will be with her TV station when covering POTUS today. Hope

The Titans, Ascendant

DEMS: Don't explain, DOUBLE DOWN!

Suicide Attacker With Fake U.S. ID Blamed in Bus Bomb

White House Honors LGBT Champions of Change

Rachel Maddow - Holy rewrite! Limbaugh tries to deny Batman conspiracy

Marie ANNtoinette deigns

What Makes You One Of Ann Romney's "You People"?

Did Mitt Romney Take the 2009 Swiss Bank Account Amnesty

Mormon's using library computers for church BUSINESS.

self deleting/editing

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Smoke a Bowl While Eating Snails

The Obama Strategy: Bain Softens Up Romney For The Real Blow: the Ryan Budget

Hip Hop Song you DON'T want to miss!

How long do you give Assad?

The McCain dirt on Mitt Romney. Oppo file.

another thought on DTV vs. Viacom

Former Egyptian vice president (Omar Suleiman) dies in U.S. hospital, officials say

Harry Reid: "Over the last decade, U.S. companies outsourced almost 2.5M jobs"

repeat after me....where are the tax returns?

If Michell Obama had said you people during an interview

STFU, Conservatives: A tale of two apologies

No bad blood here......

Project Runway Starts UP again tonight.

Zimmerman demands ONE MONTH paid hotel room in exchange for interview, Barbara Walters says "no"

Families of US Citizens Killed in Drone Strikes Sue US Government for Worngful Death

Paramilitary warlord confirms Colombian ex-general leaked to drug traffickers .

Paramilitary warlord confirms Colombian ex-general leaked to drug traffickers .

Is gone iverglas a new DU meme?

James O'Keefe Fails To Find A Scandal, Union And Public Works Edition

The anomaly has gone below 2 million

Freeport City Council votes to call on Romney to save 170 jobs from being outsourced from Bain-

Walker’s ark tweet: “THIS IS A GOVERNOR”

Dan Rather: Quote approval is 'a jaw-dropping turn in journalism'

So whatever sin you've committed - just chalk it up to 'God's Plan' and you're absolved.

Jokes About Fox News Creep Into Obama’s Comments as the Campaign Heats Up

Memo From Senator Schumer to DOJ: Drop the Apple E-Books Suit

Can Electing Enforcer of Our Plutocracy Stop Wealthy From Getting Richer off Pilfering Middle Class

Poll: Most say Romney should release additional tax returns

Why Ann Romney loves her dancing horse...

Big Ed's wife is undergoing serious medical tests

Gallup poll: majority say Romney should release tax returns, 15% say results will "show he is unfit"

OBAMA - We Ain't Seen NOTHING Yet: BAIN Just PRELUDE To REAL BLOW=The Ryan Budget

Thom Hartmann: The Republican Lie about the Self-Made Myth

actor caught watching adult movie with his pants down

The Last Word - Grover Norquist's worst nightmare

Hip Hop video helping to break down the barrier for equality.

Does this make you think of anyone?

I Fought the Landlord, and the Landlord Won

So who the hell are the other signers of the Bachmann letter re Huma Abedin?

The Future Of The Republican Party (Retroactively from 2010)

Report: Burgas bomber an Algerian-Swedish Islamist (edited to update to current story)

1600 turtles escape from Georgia farm

What Could Mitt Romney's Pre-2010 Filings Tell Us?

Idea for a Stimulus Plan, no congress necessary

This Car Salesman wants to use his hatred of President Obama to sell Cars.

Atheist group offended by Ag secretary's praying for rain

If ReTHUG Presidential Candidate Willard Rmoney

Bain Capital started with help of offshore investors

Latest Rush Limbaugh:Women Voting Ruined America!

"He said 'don't shoot me again,"

Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv dies at 102; ultraorthodox religious arbiter

Midwestern Bank PAC Funds Kochs' Americans for Prosperity

CDC: Whooping cough cases may be most in 5 decades

Hard work and ingenuity: why the Waltons wouldn’t want you to see their tax returns either

Rubio is on NPR, The Diane Rheem (sp?) Show ...

In Christian version of AIPAC conference, CUFI draws 5,600 to Washington for pro-Israel lobbying

Bachmann Claims White House Has Links to Extremist Group Called Democrats

Thom Hartmann: Meet 1 Family w/More Wealth than 40% of America

World's No. 3 spam botnet gasps dying breath after tense takedown (no spam since yesterday for me)

Egypt:'Christian Brotherhood' Announces Registration Within Days

Argentina bets on Bolivian gas as cheaper than LNG imports

Trade Off: Financial system supply-chain cross contagion

I made some minor donations so now I'm on 'the list'.

REICH: The Prosperity Of Big Business Has Disconnected From The Well-Being Of Most Americans

Tony Auth on the Boy Scout leadership...

Breaking, Ann RMoney to write book about Tabby the Tax Return for YOU people.

I Won't Close the Lemonade Stands

Corporations Have Captured 88% Of All Post-Recession Income Growth

Tom Toles on Ben Bernanke and the Fed...

#youpeople is trending on Twitter.

To the manor born! Please come CAPTION Mitt (the discloser) Romney.

Civil trial begins for Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Artist Creates Portraits with Strips of Shredded Money

You can have a healthy fossil-fuel balance sheet, or a relatively healthy planet - NOT BOTH

Super fun-pax comix!

War On All Fronts

For such a "great" businessman Romney sucks with names.

Mitt's Kampaign Klown Kar

lol. Freeperville is down (again) Freeper believes the evil left hacked them

Morgan Freeman donates $1 million to pro-Obama 'super PAC'

Ford wants to force all convicted gun criminals out of Toronto

Anyone know of a good home recipe for beet hash? nt

Sky high success for Raspberry Pi computer (BBC) {Raspberry Pi in the Sky}

"us people" . . .

Muslim Rights Group:Bachmann Playing ‘6 Degrees of Separation Drinking Game’ with National Security

(USA Today/Gallup) Poll: 54 Percent Say Romney Should Release More Tax Returns

What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?

"Whoa, Counselor...Back Up just a minute..."

GOP engineers black lists of Wis progressives while its senators filibuster sunlight law

Breaking! Guy who nominated Sarah Palin says 'our team saw nothing' in Mitt Romney's tax returns

Question about Queries and copyrights.

VIDEO - 4 of Romney's sons didn't want him to run again - "You tried and they didn’t take you."

A Guide To Consumer Brands Helping Bankroll Right-Wing Attack Ads

Half the intertubes seem to be down

Why Democrats have so much trouble with success:

Romney Adviser Stumped On How Romney Would Reduce The Debt

You people

Mitt Romney: Saying Anything to Get Elected

While on NPR, Sen. Rubio Questions Usefulness of NPR

Utah GOP Fundraiser Accused Of Raping Women At Cabin Where He Hosted Political Events

Utah Tea Party activist Greg Peterson accused of multiple rapes

Romney filed a tax extension we won't see a full F2011 return either before the election

TOONS: Romney (Flip-Flops)

Joe Arpaio’s Birther Obsession Just Keeps Getting Stranger

remember how hard they hit Michelle for "for the first time I'm proud of this country"??

Congratulations Glenn Greenwald!

Centrists and the Golden Mean.

The Question that Should be Asked of Willard

(UK PM) Cameron warns of decade of austerity

Mitt Romney Ramps Up Right-leaning Rhetoric

Mexico parties join to demand campaign probe

Mexico parties join to demand campaign probe

Psychologically speaking, is it better for Romney to be ahead or behind in the polls?

Good news: Obama ahead by 2% in OH (Rasmussen)

From Victim to Vicious

Democracy Building in the Middle East

Chick-Fil-A President’s Public Stance Against Gay Marriage Surprises Some Advocates

Utah tea party activist Greg Peterson accused of multiple rapes

C-Span: President Obama to speak soon in Jacksonville, FL. Veteran speaking now to support him.

How fast is your connection?

Mittens is pushing the Ayn Rand philosophy again, live on MSNBC.

Tax returns in the hands of God. Please come CAPTION The Mitt-ster!!!

State of current voter ID laws

romney is lying in roxbury, ma.....'the President attacks success'

Abortion in D.C.

There is no end to these fools

Anyone know what this might be worth?

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

While on NPR, Rubio Questions Usefulness of NPR

MSNBC - Obama in Jacksonville - Live NOW

See, here's an example of "hard" religion versus "soft" religion..

Mr. Fish Toon: Democracy Building

The Politics of Marijuana

Mitt reduced to ribbon cutting at supermarkets and car repair shops

President Obama's rally attendees are engaged.

george zimmerman has no regrets....

TPM: MoveOn.Org Vows To Go Ahead With Rafalca Campaign

George Zimmerman’s Story Continues To Shift (TPMuckraker)

People & Power - Attack of the Drones

Stand by your man. . . Please come CAPTION Ann ("you people") Romney!!!

Mitt Romney Adviser: 'Real Americans' Don't Care About Candidate's Afghanistan Policy

Bain Capital started with help of offshore investors

Obama's pot Colorado

GOP: Obama punching bag is gone (was displayed at the Delaware County Fair)

Occupy vs the Anti-Social Justice Movement

Must watch video: Ann Romney On Tax Returns: ‘We’ve Given All You People Need To Know’

I don't care how high you are, "Touch of Gray" is a terrible song

Retired Team 6 Navy Seal forms a Veteran superpac to go after Obama

Obama punching bag causes stir at Indiana fair

If the god of the bible exists, I guess I'm going to hell, because

Thom Hartmann: How to Marry a Corporation

Draper allows Christian concert to go forward despite atheist's objection

I just heard that some Floridians might need a "Certificate Of Non-Death" to vote.

In defense of our women religious

If Zimmerman believes that night was "God's plan"...

Politicians aim for shooters' votes

Only the fetus is the image of God. Women who carry them? Meh.

Is Romney viewed (essentially) as a "generic Republican right now"?

550 Life-Size David Hasselhoff Ads Pilfered

Meet Mitt's "loyal" inner circle

Nissan Leaf Battery Can't Take Arizona Heat, Dealerships Knocking $5,000 Off Price

Scientists find medicinal plants caught in Neanderthal teeth

MoveOn.Org Vows To Go Ahead With Rafalca Campaign

Minimum wage Rock & Roll--- The Busboys

Romney adviser doesn't know Romney's Afghanistan policy

Tell me how five private school Niedermeyers can sell #youpeople their Dad.

Nuclear Restart Generates Power, Protest in Japan

Democratic Party Primary Runoff Election - Opinions?

Romney spoke at a factory today and mocked the idea that "no one makes it without help".

A.i Romney says:"We’ve given all you people need to know & understand about our financial situation"

While on NPR, Sen. Rubio Questions Usefulness of NPR

Father blocks 4-year-old's Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World-Follow up posted.Donations make her wish

Democrats gather at fair, but Obama punching bag causes GOP disagreement

Koch Bros City 110 Degrees Today - Hows that Global Warmin' Workin out for ya there?

Your're so vain video about Romney

Judge bars UN official as WikiLeaks case witness

Republicans, Democrats Can't Even Agree On Coffee

About Huma Abedin

Dear Rep. Joe Walsh, when your buddies have abandoned you, time to hit the lifeboat

George Zimmerman "All God's Plan..."

The last time "you people" was deployed in a presidential campaign: contempt and class and race

Pelosi: I'll release my tax returns when I run for president.

Lawyers react to George Zimmerman's interview with Hannity

The Absurd Contradictions of Capitalism

Out of work and majorly depressed

Pawlenty says Romney neds a "seasoned, experienced" VP. Got it!

Michele Bachmann Still Pushing Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy

Confess!! What are you thinking about at this exact minute

It looks like Portman is a no VP go ...

Eric Hovde’s Tobacco Road: Subsidies For Me, But Not For Thee

Senate GOP kills measure to curb job 'outsourcing'

Ronald Reagan Is Not George Washington–A Video Every Conservative Must Watch


Mitt Romney Retroactively Opposes Welfare Waivers He Supported As Governor

"Online university for the masses!" by Margaret Wente at The Globe & Mail

Bowling four kids

Yes, I realize my pepper is a bit on the brown side of ripe

Ex-diplomat slams Ottawa for foot-dragging in Omar Khadr transfer

Has Andrea Mitchel lost all ability to reason?

Is it comprable or comparable?? Or are they........

Scott Walker: "Imagine if Noah had needed help from the government to build the ark...."

BREAKING: Top GOP fundraiser arrested for rapes

Utah mom in trouble for allegedly taking nude pics of teen daughter(WTF)

I realize some consider this nasty but some see it's appeal.

Dishonoring the Navy Seals. I always thought they were the best of the best...

Mitt Romney said Henry Ford didn't need the government to build roads !?

Defending champion Nadal pulls out of London Olympics

I expect to be fully ready by the Tour de France next year

VIDEO: MSNBC Host And RNC Spox Spar Over Romney’s Bundlers

A Timeline Of The Boy Scouts’ History Of Discrimination—Plus A Few Items They Forgot

Six Famous Movies As Seen By Rush Limbaugh - see which they are

Honk if you recognize these two

Boy Scouts and Discrimination

Rex Ryan has lost 106 pounds

Syria: Israel considers strike at chemical weapons

They knew early on that something just wasn't quite right with little MFM

The Entertainer (1902)

Romney says he won't cut military

Syrian regime issues 48-hour deadline to Damascus rebels

Santorum announces book deal

Ideology clouds how we perceive the temperatures

Mitt Romney is Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Burger King employee fired after this photo went viral

Jonathan Capehart guest-hosting Martin Bashir's show

Without Government Building Airports, A Company Like Federal Express Would Not Be Feasible

The Romney's just sunk their own battleship!!!

Insiders: Bain Attacks Effective

Beyond Foxconn: More Dirt on the Factories Making Your iPhone

Nobody's got any crazy on me! Please come CAPTION Michelle ("sanity is way overrated") Bachmann!!!

Obama punching bag causes stir at Indiana fair

Isn't "trust me" rich people speak for "fuck you pee-ons"???

President Obama at a campaign event at Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville, FL - pics

Atheist persecuted in Florida

Why The Hell -Is the "So Called Liberal" mainstream media covering for Ann Romney?

Why do Presidents release tax returns? We can thank Richard Nixon.

Romney in 2001 Introduced as the CEO of Bain

Hamas Speaker of Palestinian Parliament Released

Mr. say anything I want and hope it sticks, up for reelection challenge ...

Roommates with 'unusual sexual fetishes' killed Marine's wife, San Diego investigators say

Science journal challenges Canadian PM to defend research cuts

SC Legislators overturn vetoes of funds for teacher pay hike and rape crisis centers Read more

Really, just WHO could have forseen Mitt being pressured to release his tax info?

Ann Romney's Marie Antoinette moment on tax returns

What’s in Romney’s Unreleased Tax Returns: He Overpaid His Taxes by Erick Erickson

Michelle Bachmann not backing down from Muslim accusations

ARG Presidential Ballot,

UK Muslim couple convicted of plotting terror attack on Manchester Jews

Ann Romney, in Effort to Cement America-France Relations, Channels Marie Antoinette

Asian Americans and Religion: Pew Study Highlights Hindu, Buddhist Diversity

Ah yes, the Occupy folks are NOT involved in the process

Attack on Russian Mufti an 'attack on moderate Islam'?

Ok, who poked a hole in the sky?

Pssst, Ann, it's we THE people, and don't you forget it!

A student short film that looks awesome!

IMF tells UK: boost spending to save economy

Why do so many Americans not have a problem with this?

Ending Bush tax cuts for rich would save $28 billion in 2013, analysts say

U.S. wants Detroit-Windsor ferry service

Victim believes mistaken identity spurred first shooting in Ala. rampage

German Parliament Backs Spanish Bank Plan

Tom Davis, Sen. Al Franken's Comedy Partner, Has Died

Jury got it right...

Philander . . . acknowledged fathering 29 children by 16 mothers. . .

I don't known about you, but I want to make one thing perfectly clear....

Iraq Says Rebels in Syria Control Border Posts


Mitt pals around with (accused) rapist


Boneless leg of lamb - ideas?

Who Are The 4 Other Congress-types w/ Michele Bachmann

I think she was a plant.

"Mitt Romney: Obama Does Not Understand What Makes America ‘Unique’" - TPM

Romney in 2002: Opponent can’t claim disclosure until she discloses husband's tax returns

Stop questioning Mitt's offshoring of profits made from offshoring financed by offshoring

Bill Nye's guy: Popular TV show scientist throws support behind President Obama

Romney: "I don't really care what you tell your adopted daughter."

"Press 1 for English"

Austrian farmer fined €100 because his cowbells were too noisy

Is Grover Norquist part of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Romney in 2004: Children must have mother + father. Even if they're dead, they can learn about them.

I'm thinking Chick-Fil-A for dinner tonight....

Rubio tweets that Obama "sounds like a left-wing 3rd world leader."

In the Spirit of Their Nominee, Senate GOP Blocks Law Ending Tax Credits

50 Cent Defends Frank Ocean, Supports Marriage Equality

I bet Romney made a shit load of money since Obama became President

Zimmerman spent $36K in 18 days on phones, Internet, credit cards and bills

So posting that Ann Romney loves horse cock is now acceptable in GD?

Jerome Corsi isn't even trying anymore.

I wish Ann Romney had said 'You people' to


Angry Robots are Scary

are tax returns secret? even to those who work at IRS?

Check out this little salute

The rethugs say THEY built everything

Score card? Hit list?

Microsoft makes its first ever loss

The money hungry ruthless Romnavore!!

US slaps new sanctions on Iran

Jeff Daniels from Newsroom coming up on Tweety

Russia, China veto western-backed Syria resolution at UN Security Council

Russia and China don't want Libya scenario in Syria

I think I have discovered what Queen Romney has been reading:

Emmy Noms...3 glaring, unforgiveable omissions...

This week just reconfirmed what a kick-ass, relevant, amazing place DU is....and its members are!

How This Guy Lied His Way Into MSNBC, ABC News, The New York Times and More

Controversial Spewed Iron Experiment Succeeds as Carbon Sink

If one is audited by the IRS and forced to pay penalties, is that public knwledge??

Wall Street's Biggest Heist Yet? How the High Wizards of Finance Gutted Our Schools and Cities

Cap'n Mitt (Pat Oliphant toon)

I know, I know...for a group of

'It's all about Iran! Don't be duped by US & UK, "the great humanitarians" - remember Iraq'

Emmy nominee: Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in "Game of Thrones"


Where are you today on this map?

Found on a consertivs forum..........

ACLU sues over American Assassinations in Yemen

Do you think adding a few black faces could help Romney with the black vote?

Half Of All American Households Only Hold 1 Percent Of The Wealth

How a movie changed one man’s vision forever (BBC) {stereoblindness cured}

Pole-Dancing Prostitutes Are Destroying New Zealand Traffic Signs

Spanish Olympians mock their own uniforms..

The depravity of Facebook

Elderly South Korean woman unexpectedly sodomized by her calamari dinner.

Ex-Gitmo Prisoner Suspected as Bulgaria Suicide Bomber

Computer Model Predicts Fewer Than 200 Deaths from Fukushima Radiation

You go grandma!

Romney: ‘I am big believer in getting money’ from Washington

Keep doing interviews, Murderer ....

US military heat-ray: Set phasers to… none (BBC)

Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Harry James, Lionel Hampton

Two questions for Romney voter

"You people"

NASA tours resume in Huntsville Friday after 11 years (

Is this the MOST amazing cake you've ever seen?

Put this in your Facebook status to drive your conservative relatives nuts

Seattle woman weds corporation (PHOTOS)

Zimmerman calls ‘The View’ after Barbara Walters walks away from interview meeting

Report: Big Corporations Are Making Huge Profits While Keeping Their Employees Stuck At Minimum Wage

Can you imagine a "circle the wagons"

The Last Word-Button Design contest for "Off the Cliff"

50% Of American Households Hold 1 Percent Of Wealth

Remember when Paul Krugman called for a Housing Bubble in 2002?

Ann Romney: "You People!"

We're not arrogant but we have decided what you people need to know.

The phrase of the day is "pole-dancing prostitutes". Replace a word with "pole-dancing prostitutes".

House Republicans Use Romney to Distract From Their Own Job Killing Record

W. Mitt Romney is electable.

How bad am I, environmentally, if I grilled with these?

Did Ann Romney Really Call Americans 'You People' This Morning?

Breaking News - Obama Caused Global Warming - Killing Corn Crops In Midwest.

Ooops! I posted a video of voter supression in the wrong section.

VP Biden knocks GOP over outsourcing and slams Romney on auto industry

While Romney was "audit chairman" of Marriott, they got into massive trouble with IRS

55 years ago, 6 stood under atomic bomb blast -- on purpose

SHOCKING VIDEO: Cover Blown On Voter Suppression Scheme

Why is it that so many people are touting how Noble and Wonderful Mitt Romney was for

US Military to Launch Hypersonic Rocket Plane by 2016 (

My Fear We Are Becoming More Demented And Berserk And Divorced From Reality As A Nation Every Day.

Protesters gather outside Romney appearance in Roxbury

DNC chair: Marriage equality expected to be part of official party platform

GOP Stops Bill Ending Tax Breaks For Companies Sending Jobs To Places Like Communist China

"...and is the founder and CEO of Bain Capital..." - CSpan is the best

Four Freshmen in Japan 1964

Senate Republicans Block Democrats’ Anti-Outsourcing Plan

Service members to march in a gay pride parade for first time

Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren Being Considered as DNC Keynote Speaker

Is Neumann is trying to tap the ghost of William Proxmire or the anti-science of Sarah Palin?

Pentagon to allow service members to march in uniform in gay pride parade for first time

Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A) LOL

Why John Sununu's comments about Barack Obama are so nasty


GI’s lawyers largely barred from raising at trial any harm done to US interests by WikiLeaks

More than 1000 turtles slowly escape captivity

Fred Willard Loses PBS Job After Arrest (for masturbating in adult theater)

A First: Pentagon Says Troops Can Wear Uniforms in Gay Pride Parade

Obama's words about small businesses have been twisted

Making horses dance is what it is

Hey Ann.. I'm not impressed that you gave 10% of your income to your "church"

The `war on contraception’ is back!

Atheist’s plan to whip the Quran won’t be allowed in the Capitol, official says

KRUGMAN: "Fed is afraid to do its job, for fear of being accused of helping Obama."

USDA Seasonal Drought Outlook Absolutely Stunning; Forecast Says Likely To Intensify Through October

If John McCain and Lindsey Graham were sincere about Bachmann they would leave the GOP

Tenn. mosque unready for Ramadan due to lawsuit delays

Former NOM Chair: How Conservatives Moved The ‘Religious Freedom’ Goalposts On Marriage Equality

The `war on contraception’ is back!

Implications Of An Ann Romney/Refalca Dressage Medal Bid/Win

I think Ann Romney gave us an opening to talk about Mormonism a little bit....

10% + Of Arkansas In Level Four Drought ("Exceptional"); Ranchers Already Selling, Trimming Herds

Kroger Sued By Mother Of Robber Shot, Killed By Store Manager

"Made In China"

Drought-Punched CO Farmers Now Facing Plagues Of Grasshoppers, Mites, Corn Rootworms - Denver Post

Gloating Ahmadinejad hints at Iranian responsibility for Burgas terror attack

This thread in GD really needs more LGBT group love. Romney blows off lesbian couple and tells them

Nancy Pelosi works to get back the gavel, a district at a time

"you people"?

Corn & Soybeans For December Delivery Hit All-Time Record Highs; $8.08 And $17.34, Respectively

Caption this photo of Rick Scott

Bishop Romney question

Hezbollah Is Blamed in Attack on Israeli Tourists in Bulgaria

Thats what its ALL about...

Scranton: When Your City Needs to Go Bankrupt

UPDATE: Florida man who shot suspects during Internet cafe robbery will not face charges

(D-NE) Bob Kerrey: Let immigrants in military be citizens

MUST READ - Bob Diamond and banking's crisis of legitimacy

The 10 Frisk Commandments from Jasiri X

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 20 July 2012

Grayson: I won't fill the sky with black helicopters

Mitt Romney Avoided Major Tax Hit By Shifting Stock Of Offshoring Firm

"Seen On DU": Ed Meese Approves of this thread!

No empathy. I've heard that twice today

Getting what you wish for. . .

Which Democratic Party nominee since 1964 comes the closest to representing your beliefs?

Republicans LINE UP TO RIP Michele Bachmann

How Banks and Politicians Let One Company Come Back from the Dead to Keep Abusing Workers

Mitt Romney's Pants Discovered on Fire

George Zimmerman Relaunches Personal Website

NY Times blows up contract talks with Guild

White Horse Prophecy

Iron Man - Black Sabbath Live at almost 666,666 views

No White House for the White Horse or the Horse's Ass...

Drones That May Fly ‘Indefinitely’ Can Be Recharged By Lasers

Romney new attack:Obama's central message is not a Gaffe


Chick-Fil-Gay Sandwich (Chick-Fil-A Copycat Recipe)

Obamacare is radical? Vermont thinks even bigger, with single-payer plan.

Listen to the Warm - Rod McKuen

When you hear someone say "You people", what first comes to mind?

'you people' Racist?

Charge Your Cellphone Battery With Fire

POTUS Obama In Portland Or July 24th 2012.... Major Speech

Did any of the networks cover "You People" quote on the evening newscasts???

Out on a limb: I predict it'll be Rob Portman as rMoney's running mate

Ohio police union endorses first Democrat for Senate since 1988 (Dem Sen. Sherrod Brown)

Been there, done that?

If Fox News was around August 6, 1965

Anti-Davis-Bacon Amendment Defeated (and 54 Republicans Voted the Workers’ Way!)

One Million Moms Aren't Happy About Urban Outfitters' Lesbian Kiss

Republicans come to the realization that Michele Bachmann is batshit crazy

"Romney video deceptively edits Obama speech to make it sound anti-business"

The Biggest Media Lie

The right: "Obama said exactly what he meant to say." My response: DAMN STRAIGHT!

Video link to today's Reverend Al segment on Zimmerman...MUST-SEE TV

Henry Rollins sends a letter to Ann Coulter...(Probably not safe for most work places)

AFGE Defends Democracy- Know Your Voting Rights

Dear Juror #1 - Allow me to help with your DU experience

President Obama in Florida: Romney's Medicare plan would hurt seniors

Interesting strategy article: Bain Attacks Soften Up Romney For The Real Blow: the Ryan Budget!

California Democrats urge DNC to adopt marriage equality platform

Syria conflict: Rebels seize Turkey, Iraq border posts

"Looking at all the taxes" the Economist (American Tax Code is actually flat on the whole)

GPS Hijacking Catches Feds, Drone Makers Off Guard

Does Obama have evidence that rmoney did not pay taxes?

The Terrifying Background Of The Man Who Ran A CIA Assassination Unit

Republican Lawmakers Seek To Block Funding On Black Lung Regulation

Cuba Caravan crossing from Texas to Mexico

Defense lawyers say Guantanamo court rigged to deliver death sentence

Trooper stops wrong-way driver with skillful chase, last-second crash

Who is this ridiculous d-bag on the Ed Show?

President Obama in FL: "Most kisses I've gotten at any campaign event"

Banks in Libor probe consider group settlement - sources

We Ask America: Obama leads Romney by 6 in Nevada, 7 in Wisconsin

The Internet Defense League launches today...

WSJ: Plotting a Securitization Sequel (Here we go again)

Five Myths about ObamaCare(s)

Joe Lieberman trying to pass Cybersecurity Act of 2012. Please oppose.

Brace yourselves

"Ann the Man" jury result 0-6 to leave it.

Allen Stanford moved to high-security Florida prison

Charles P. Pierce Politics Blog: "Happy Birthday, George McGovern" A wonderful tribute!

Update - Fundies Say The Darnedest Things

I emailed our Senators against the Cybersecurity bill by Joe Lieberman

Iraq gets "positive" Obama response on Exxon concern

Freeper "HiTech RedNeck" thinks that "Zimmerman ought to sue Trayvon’s family for the trauma"

Brian Maloney of "Middlesex Truck & Coach" supports Romney, took government loans.

Mitt's Koch problem

*Lawrence Wilkerson coming up on ED show.

"Boehner: Bachmann ‘pretty dangerous’ but staying on Intelligence Committee" Raw Story

Dear Guy Benson:

Use dichotomy in a sentence.

Clinton: Romney playing by a different set of rules?

Video of Romney bragging about the bailouts he lobbied for and received from "Big Gubment"

Karl Rove criticizes Romney's ‘whiny' response to Bain attacks

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! From Victor Lopez & a new Seal gif

Scandal Snares Rep. "Buck" McKeon, Sheldon Adelson... and Mitt Romney?

I am a real American

Anyone else finding the Rachel Maddow Show tedious these days?


There's no other explanation, Rush is high on dope. Again.

Abnormal thyroid growth diagnosed in 36% of Fukushima children

The current view of the 2012 presidential election, based on HuffPost Pollster charts and analysis.

Why is the FBI spying on Occupy protesters? ACLU/SFB Guardian file FOIA lawsuit against FBI today.

Will Obama Use "Real Americans" Quote and "You People" Clip?

Dogs Married In $158,187.26 Wedding! Why Are You Still Single?

Roseanne on The View: "Zimmerman should have STOOD HIS GROUND in his CAR like the police told him"

Clinton: Romney playing by a different set of rules?

7/18/12 - Spying On Occupy? ACLU files FOIA Lawsuit Against the FBI

I need some context clarification

New Obama Ad: Romney Will Say Anything"

Romney's Obama attack gets sidetracked

The Robot, Asimov And Romney

Bain Capital started with help of offshore investors

Frank Rich wants to know if the money the Rmoneys gave to the Mormon Church

When did Zimmerman get out of prison to do an interview with Hannity?

Embedded Journalist Connie Schultz Weasels Out Of Breitbart Wannabe’s Sneaky Gotcha! Question

Obama needs to give a speech on defense spending

Germany probes 2010 drone strike death in Pakistan

Time to get new HAs. Oh my. $1300 for basic bte

"Mr. Wizard is a Dick"

on Ann Romney's"you people"

Drone strikes & Pakistan

LOL.....Mitt's wife says her husband did not accept his salary as Governor of MASS! So there!!!

Inquiring minds want to know? When will the National Enquirer weigh in on Rmoney's taxes?

So what do you have your A/C set to?

Has anyone else noticed that Romney no longer brags about himself being a successful businessman?

Todays polls?

Can We Wage a Just Drone War?

23 Consumer Brands Helping Bankroll Right-Wing Attack Ads - IMAGE

Well....that's over! Link to the video - Tarheel Traveler

Atheists rally for persecuted unbeliever in Indonesia

Mitt: my family was "helped by the government to get on their feet"

Former Penn State Board of Trustees Head Resigns Amid Sex-Abuse Scandal

Religious Tensions Erupt in Russian Republic

Ann Bluth

Plenty of Bain questions for Mitt.

New Obama Video - Mitt Romney's False Attack

Alan Grayson ... Ya gotta love him - woooo hooo :)

Has Mitt Romney avoided U.S. taxes by investing millions in tax havens and ...

Tax professionals have doubts about Romney's tax returns

I thought I was watching Big Brother.. but it turns out I was watching

List Your Repuke God-Blamers Here!

Here's a cookie recipe you'll treasure!

Lounge Lizards: What do you think of this?

(Toronto) Police board chair apologizes to lawful G20 protesters

Romney is finished

Romney Steals Obama's Idea.

Favorite Elton John Song & (maybe) why?

U.S. Banks Haunted by Mortgage Demons That Won't Go Away.

boston bean is full of gas.

He didn't build that? Hey Mitt, HE DIDN'T SAY THAT!!!!!!

Enough on the Bain and taxes for now

"Wayne Powell is a retired Army Colonel, a small business owner, and a community lawyer".

The Mormon church is outraged with the latest cover of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine

Mitt wants a .. porn filter on every computer in America? Next on Lawrence O'Donnell

Now that Willard has been arrested for public masturbation, is his Presidential campaign over?

Why everyone should vote the old fashion way... pen and paper ballot

Still using the voting machine instead of paper ballots?

Mitt Romney Aide Promises Crackdown On Porn

"Defense Firms Open to Higher Taxes to Avert Cuts" at WSJ

People need to see these U-tube videos on voting machine rigging of elections by venders...

What did you do...?

They're all gone now...

How to make Mochi

Um, what kind of tree is this?

On business in Michigan.

OK, so what do you think of the Lawrence O'Donnell "Off the Cliff" initiative?

Surely somebody has already thought of this nic for Mitt

Good news! The guy in Philadelphia who was on camera grabbing a little girl...

My turn for a jury result disappointment:

A graphic meant to snark Obama, but still too funny not to share:

My car is from Detroit, not Finland

Warren being considered as DNC keynote speaker

Video: What Does "Retroactively Retired" Mean?

Mitt's Millions - Why is Mitt Romney hiding his tax returns? PLEASE SHARE!

BEER THREAD PART DEUX: Post the best beer you've ever tasted.

I have a confession to make...

Romney takes on porn! Radfem Blogger and Webcomic Endorsements to follow, no doubt.

Support House Bill 6134: The Truth in Trials Act

Krugman: Pathos of the Plutocrat

In honor of Bertha Venation, post some Hell songs. We gon' need party tunes!

Is being asked if you've had "work done" a compliment??

Team Romneymobile Tracks TRICKY MITT to Pittsburgh!

Hayes: We Are No Longer Able To Tax The Very Rich In Our Country

Bill Clinton on Obama's Success with Job Creation

DHS Secretary Blasts GOP Rep For Peddling Bachmann's Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theories

6 killed in Yogurt truck crash in New York

Pearl Clutching at Macy's

The Wolf You Feed

Pentagon determined to plug leaks

How This Guy Lied His Way Into MSNBC, ABC News, The New York Times and More

Senior Yemen policeman killed by bomb in car

Authorities remove pipe bomb from vehicle at Mayo

This is how STUPID Michelle Bachmann is: BOEHNER just called her out.....

U.N. impasse leaves U.S. scrambling for Syria options

Mitten's campaign peaked today: It's downhill from now on: My theory

Obama right when he says, no such thing as "self made"

"What voters are really choosing in November" by Fareed Zakaria at WP

I wonder if tomorrow will be another fri the 13, 13K on the dow that is.

Science guy Bill Nye endorses President Obama

Hello DU

"If You've Got an Election, You Didn't Build That. Somebody Else Made That Happen.." Charles Pierce

Today in history: the Great Fire at Rome--Nero blames the Christians:

China to investigate U.S., South Korean solar imports

Mitt Romney: "I don't ever drink wine. But if I did, I'd prefer..."

TPM "Virginia is the pivotal state in this year’s election."

Fox Criticizes Networks For Not Jumping On Its Manufactured Obama Controversy