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Archives: July 18, 2012

White House weakened EPA soot proposal, documents show

Homeowner upset about bus ad

Has anyone heard from JeffR?

Hey RMoney! We wanna know how much you've hauled out of our country that made you rich you fuckwad.

Dick Cheney: Stuff Happens... But Blame Obama

Bain/ you go.

Christie's Brashness Blunts Hope to Join Ticket

When the lier releases his tax returns, how will we know they weren't made up from whole cloth?

STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote Part 1 of 10

New Tv Ad: ''Tricky Mitt''

Let's say you were the in-name-only CEO of a corporation...

2 of the BEST Romney Pics You'll See All Week's New Tv Ad: ''Tricky Mitt''

GOP Spending Bill Aims To Defund Planned Parenthood, Up Abstinence-Only Funds


Study finds costs associated with voter IDs

What An Amazing Day For Rmoney!

Aug. 11-14: Student Power Convergence in Columbus, OH

Dramatic illustration of warming Greenland? Iceberg twice size of Manhattan breaks off Glacier

GOP More Determined Than Ever To End Women's Rights

“You either decide that banks are private businesses, in which they should be allowed to fail, or...

"If wearing a hoodie makes you a thug then wearing a bow tie

What's for Dinner - Wednesday July 18th

videos to share

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio dares George Lopez: Say it to my face

"before his retirement from Bain Capital in late 2001"

Hey MEDIA! ASK R-money about Arpaio's hugh and series!!1! "fraudulent BC" findings

What Obama really said (about small business)

Geoengineering projects around the world - map

2007 Bain Capital agrees to security review (ties to Iraq?)

Led Zeppelin Live at The O2 2007 (Ahmet Ertegün Tribute Concert) - Full LZ show

Romney obviously doesn't believe in full disclosure, based on his refusal to release his tax return.

"The rich people apparently are leaving America"

Jada Pinkett Smith Urges Action Against Human Trafficking, Testifies Before Senate

Question about the movie "Adam"

Penn St. leaders refused to enact reform in 2004

An oldie.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, July 17)

Australians unsure on Assange Govt support

"He wouldn't even win the 'Would you want to have a chocolate milk with him?' contest"- Rich Lowry

Rush's conspiracy theory on the new Batman movie might be on to something.

At hearing in military leak case, lawyers argue over questions to screen jurors

Isn't Romney just the epitome...

He’s not actually human himself.” - Luke Skywalker( Mark Hamill) says about Romney

Sooner or later Rummy will release his tax records. Probably later and that's good.

Subsidized hobbies and chameleon corporations

Why is this country so messed up?

Al Capone had off-shore bank accounts too

Ruben Navarrette absurdly sees racism in Harry Reid DISCLOSE Act speech

Shooting of UN doctor imperils Pakistan's campaign against polio

Schools deny girls cervical cancer jabs on religious grounds (in UK)

Dirt on McKenna

Alaskan Town Has Had Same Feline Mayor for Fifteen Years

Here's a Compilation of recent Anti-Romney ads/VIDEOS for folks that may have missed some of 'em

Jon Stewart Mocks Egypt For Taunts, Tomatoes Pelted At Hillary Clinton. Etc.

Words simply escape me...

To no one's surprise, Alaska's asshole governor says no to state-run health insurance exchange.

Archaeologists uncover largest ancient dam built by Mayans- With Photos

Lackland Rape Scandal Shines Spotlight On Military Failure

Ghirardelli in soft sepia

How I Lost My Fear of Universal Health Care

The Slick “No Labels” Plan to Duck Debate, Cut Social Security and Coddle The 1%

Obama bracing to be outspent by Romney

Indigenous groups deny FARC infiltration .

Zimmerman spent $36K in 18 days on phones, Internet, credit cards and bills

While Republicans Worry about Batman Luke Skywalker Blows Up Romney’s Death Star - video link

Schools deny girls cervical cancer jabs on religious grounds

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill -- a chain of "Mexican" restaurants seemingly stretching from D.C. --

Obama Proposes Elite Corps Of Teachers

OCD rodents keeping forests alive

The lily-pad strategy

Check Mate

This is a real cute story regarding one of our Democratic U.S. Senators :)

Why Obama and Romney Are Going Mano-a-Mano

Clever whale shark sucks fish out of fishing net (video)

Australian woman wins multi-million Thalidomide payout from Diageo

Suicide bombing at Damascus security building - state TV

Juan Cole: Is Michelle Bachmann an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Logging company to pay record $122.5M in damages over 2007 California wildfire

wanna talk about how bad democrats are at getting out their message?

A DUer's workplace may be in the process of shutting down & jobs relocated to China. You can help.

A few more pix from Aix...

Mitt the Mortician

Cheers to Warren

Today's Non Sequitur

Drudge and AP hyping Orly Joe Arpaio's birther B.S.

It feels good, doesn't it?

Obama up by 11% in NJ

Will Romney's tax returns show that he was still at Bain after he "retired" from it?

WATCH: Glee’s Harry Shum Jr. Goes Gay (And Shirtless) In White Frog

"Factcheckers' criticized on their handling of Bain controversy

A very, very strange game.

How America Became a Country That Lets Little Kids Go Homeless

On the front page of one word is missing this morning. Taxes.

Supervalu Shareholder Threatens Class Action

Conservative blogger calls reporter Connie Shultz out for hugging politician Sherrod Brown

13 Heartwarming Reunions Between Animals and People (VIDEOS) (PHOTOS)

We Have Less Maternity Leave Than Pakistan? 5 Things That Would Make Your Job Humane

Woman accused of shooting at intruder

Cheney Joins Lockheed to Fight Defense Cuts

"Mission Accomplished"

Pssssssst! Did you hear Bernstein on Morning Joe Scum?

Luckovich nails Mitt on his tax returns

How the Mormons Make Money

Businessweek: What's Romney Hiding in His Tax Returns?

Getting Desperate: Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

Libya election success for secularist Jibril's bloc

Romney Grabs the Lead Role on As the Stomach Turns!

Happy 94th Birthday Nelson Mandela

I wished Obama knew how to act American?

The Bodhisattva as Compassion Warrior

Obama's "Long Game" Is Making History

Nationals send Ozzie an autographed Harper bat

Mitt Romney:Chairman,CEO & Sole Shareholder But Not Resposible

Post an Obscure Comic Book Hero/Heroine that you may have read once...

Dark side of a Bain success

Anyone who whines about socialism should give up their Medicare.

when the barrage of ads comes out this fall, the idea that the GOP is "tanking" this election...

"John McCain is right. Sarah Palin was a better candidate."

Toledo Blade Editorial: Don't Complain----Explain

Why won't Romney release more tax returns? Swiss Accts, Magic IRA, 13.9% Fed. Tax rate?

Let’s Get Serious About Voter Suppression

Sarah Silverman makes "indecent proposal" to Adelson. NSFW

Flipping through the news channels this morning

Upon Rush's indignation over the villain named Bane...

You know, I'm not going to be satisfied with just his tax returns....

Supplement industry boosts Romney campaign by $4.5M

"Release your returns"

Wisconsin: Eric Hovde spends $4 million of his own money thus far to try and buy U.S. Senate seat

Charlie and Nora crushed Pawlenty this morning

Americans view Romney's campaign more unfavorably than Obama's

The New Yorker acquires The Borowitz Report (really)

To The GOP Everything Is Communist Now

DNC Video: Mitt Dancing Around the Issues

What's happened to Soledad O'Brien?

Conservative Politics Has NOTHING To Offer But Misery And Death For This Country

Indiana's Wabash River reaches all-time low level and flow

Yesterday my neighbor gave me the last 2 books of the 50 Shades of Grey series.

Toon: USA Hiring a President

nytimes: The Rush to Abandon the Poor

TPM: How The ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Canard Went From Right-Wing Blogs To Mitt Romney’s Mouth

What not to do when a wasp flies in your ear.

Seattle ranks high in H-1Bs but gets little training money from visa fees

Luckovich Toon- "Dangerous!"

Senate Republicans Fight to Protect Secret Donors

Can someone running for US President get away with not submitting years of

Are you old enough to remember pre-Interstate roads? If so, I have a question.

Pro Obama Superpac reserves 2.2 million in ad time to go after Romney

What do you find is most lacking in this society?

7-11 Now Serves Mashed Potatoes Like A Slurpee

Let's look at the Libertarian ticket, shall we?

Chris Hedges to Appear on ‘Moyers & Company’

Anatomy Of A Flail: Romney’s Attempts To Change The Subject From Bain

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: Angry Money v. Democracy

Most Americans oppose unlimited corporate campaign spending

Need help please, need perfect nickname for Rmoney

Why both parties should embrace ObamaCare's state exchanges

Papantonio: Rick Scott's Criminal History Will Doom Voter Purge

Dodging Tomatoes and Dissent

Iraq war reconstruction: $6 billion to $8 billion wasted, US official says

Dems finally get a backbone?

Obama superpac is outspending republican superpacs

Ouch...that Youkilis Homer..listen to the crowd

Bavaria Mulls an End to Solidarity

NYT: The Rush to Abandon the Poor

Mitt Dancing Around The Issues Volume I

W Is BACK - The LAST GUY Mitt WANTS In The News

Visiting the Economies of the Future

It's the economy...and nothing else.

Mitt's Latest Story on Tax Returns: 'I Take The Standard Deduction'

It appears Big Mouth Chris Christie will be the GOP Keynote Speaker

Obama video mocks Romney explanation of Bain timeline

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Mitt's running mate

hey john barrasso. we've had the bu$h* tax cuts for 10 years, where are the jobs?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More Taxing times for Mittens

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Assorted Republicants

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Cooking ourselves

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- The Rest

New Romney ad accuses Obama of directing stimulus cash to supporters

Obama Campaign Sues Ohio's Top Election Official Over Early Voting Restrictions

"Arguing with liberals is like playing chess with a pigeon..."

Tea Party appears to have killed Law of the Sea Treaty

New poll: After SB1070 decision Obama widens lead over Romney among Latinos

Inactivity 'may be as deadly as smoking'

Facebook Experiment

Obama opens up big lead in poll of Latino voters-HUGE lead!

Afghanistan: Taliban bomb destroys 22 Nato fuel tankers

Dolphins appear to do nonlinear mathematics

Green streets can cut pollution, says study

Drinking alcohol, even in moderation, 'a dementia risk'

I have a solution for Mitt Romney's tax returns problem.

Russell is a Snitch

Closer to a Cure? Chemists Synthesize Compound That Flushes out Latent HIV

Maureen Dowd hits Mittens pretty good

Last night I bet a dinner to a friend that the GOP Convention will be brokered

'Urabeños commander' captured in Honduras .

President Obama has spent nearly 100 million on TV ads so far

Anyone else relate?

Let's dance! "All These Things That I've Done"

US gives temporary health insurance to seasonal firefighters

I wish Mitt Romney would learn how to be an American.

Buried on the business page today: DirecTV closer to a deal. July 18.

I tried to warn you people back in June: Birtherism Will Never, Ever Die -- Get Used to It

Tear me off some. Please come CAPTION Mitt (more conscious than a coma) Romney!!!

Why Politics Matter

Obama proposes $1B for science, math teachers

A real corporate choice for VP

Romney remains a political hairball that GOP insiders wish they could cough up before Tampa

Anderson Cooper SLAMS Michele Bachmann's MOSLEM WITCH HUNT

Keyboard cat plays Mitt Romney off


Found an interesting discussion of how republicans handled debt limit in 2005

Romney says releasing his tax returns would hurt him politically

Israeli warships to patrol disputed gas fields

Thread etiquette question for you.

Dems. will overreach on the Mitt-tax-Bain issue.

Obama says Romney is hiding something in tax returns

The Paradox of Energy Efficiency

How The Romney Campaign Decided To Take The Gloves Off

Obama opens up big lead in poll of Latino voters

If you're like me, you struggle with how to INTERACT with others who seem so hard-hearted (edited)

How the fuck is Obama's birth certificate part of Sheriff Arpaio's jurisdiction?

Terrorists threaten another insurgency

Who will ask Romney these questions this summer?

Consumer Watchdog Fines Capital One For Deceptive Credit Card Practices

Cartoon: And yet people say the GOP hasn't come up with an alternative to Obamacare

Argentina’s stolen babies seek closure

Argentina’s stolen babies seek closure

Mitt Romney: Meet Mr. 1% [INFOGRAPHICS]

Romney campaign to sink to a new low; chiding Barack Obama for past drug use. It's their funeral.

In 2006, Romney Filled Most Administration Appointments With Donors

Interview - Do corporate programmers understand people from across the tracks?

Anyone planning on doing the Dark Knight Rises midnight opening tomorrow?

Conan’s version of Obama ‘kiss cam’ goes way overboard (This is really good)

question about internet access and political choice

The math on Romney's IRA

Rmoney has released 500 pages of tax returns so why ask for more?

“This is what global warming looks like at the regional or personal level.”

Sewers leased as tax shelters.. How Romney-esque

The pornification of America

President Obama's Disingenuous Attack on Outsourcing

The Rude Pundit: In 1994, Mitt Romney Called for Ted Kennedy to Release All His Tax Returns

Poll: 63 Percent Disagree With Citizens United Ruling

Holy Crap - Mitt runs a death camp for troubled teens!

No surprise but Obama is clobbering Mitt in New York 61-34 (Siena Poll)

The News Cycle and Short Attention Spans: Obama Team Needs More Ammo

Happy 94th Birthday Nelson Mandela!

Luke Skywalker: Romney ‘only imitates human behavior’

Gridlocked Metro Atlanta poised to defeat tax to improve mass transit

Selective color

Charles Pierce: For Romney The Gloves Are OFF,and That's The Problem

Have you noticed how often Mitt Romney's eyes look bloodshot??

Is Romney still playing the ad with Obama's out of context sound bite.....

What if ..

15 Prominent Republicans Who Want Romney To Release More Tax Returns Right Now (UPDATED)

Disclosure Vote Leaves Trail of Broken Republican Vows

Woman cut twice from voter rolls is dead certain she's alive

Catastroika: Privatisation Goes Public

Promise me this DU

Drumbeat: July 18, 2012

Drumbeat: July 18, 2012

Reps. Ron Paul, Barney Frank JOIN FORCES To Back Bipartisan MEDICAL MARIJUANA BILL

Set Romney and the election aside for a moment, forget about the Republican Governors, ignore .....

NPR : 94-year-old woman who first voted for FDR denied right to vote in PA

Has it been mentioned that Romney gave the McCain campaign 23 years...

Even Obama Is A Pirate: BMG Issues New Takedown On Original Obama Singing Al Green Clip

The First Family Shows Love To Nelson Mandela On Madiba Day

Baxter’s Gammagard Shows Alzheimer’s Benefit In Study

Journey of an atheist in Rishikesh

22 NATO Supply Trucks Destroyed in Bombing

Romney's own advisers are arguing privately to release the tax returns

Consumer Watchdog Fines Capital One for Deceptive Credit Card Practices

'Sadistic' Nazi War Criminal Laszlo Csatary, 97, Lived Openly in Budapest

Religious Israeli lawmaker tears up New Testament, drawing official scolding

Hate to say it, but Mitt & Ann are "Don Draper & Betty"

GOP Revives Efforts To Let Employers Deny Birth Control To Women

The new Romney lie today

Romney's got the gloves off and criticizing Obama's drug use. He claims the president is still using

President's with babies...

Why we need a populist message at this time?

Gridlocked Metro Atlanta poised to defeat tax to improve mass transit

The hard bigotry of poverty: Why ignoring it will doom school reform

“attacking capitalism“

Analysis: Philly voters over 80 would be most inconvenienced by new ID law

Afghanistan minerals fully mapped

Sam Claflin is new front runner for Finnick, Hunger Games.

Will Romney Have Edge When Pollsters Move to Likely Voters?

TPM: Obama Camp: Romney’s ‘Crony Capitalism’ Ad Is ‘Flat Out False’

Who stands to lose in the FDA leaks?

Vote: Should Romney release more of his tax returns?

Pennsylvania Voting ID spelled out..

dramatic decoupling between overall economic growth and the fortunes of the typical family

14 saved during Vacation Bible School

A Blogger’s Failed Attempt To Sandbag Connie Schultz

Gap in policy forces woman to deport herself, reluctantly

"The fact that we’ve had a Gordon Gekko economy for 30 years doesn’t make it OK"

"W-T-F? This is insane. Do they even know what they're doing anymore?

No way, no how, no matter what!!! Please come CAPTION Mitt (Dr. No) Romney!!!

WWII Shipwreck Yields $38 Million of Silver From Atlantic

Romney to accuse Obama of putting his re-election above creating new jobs

A Conservative Blogger’s Failed Attempt To Sandbag Connie Schultz


Tennessee Tea Partiers To GOP Gov: Stop Employing Muslims, Gays, Democrats!

Get the facts on Romney. New video from POTUS

Debate brews around espresso machines in new Fiat

Republican laughing point(s) of the day ....

TPM: "A Blogger’s Failed Attempt To Sandbag Connie Schultz"

Paul Krugman Blog: The Feckless Fed

7-Eleven selling mashed potatoes and chicken gravy from Slurpee machines

Presidents at the Beach...

Happy 94th Birthday, Mr. Nelson Mandela! You are an inspiration!

Pic Of The Moment: Guess Who's Demanding To See Romney's Tax Returns Now?

If you're a conservative who hates taxes, please do the following. ...(102 Reasons not to pay taxes)

Which issue is more damaging to Romney:

From CREDO: Thank Sheldon Whitehouse for fighting for the DISCLOSE ACT.

Why Disclosure Matters: Supplement Industry Woos Romney With $4.5 Million

To all the patriotic Republicans out there:

Air Force Sexual Assault Scandal Even Worse Than We Thought

McCain's Entire 200-Page Opposition Research File on W. Mitt Romney

Krugman: Thirty Troubling Years

How and when do you bring up the subject of having an invisible chronic disease?

Computer analysis predicted rises, ebbs in Afghanistan violence

Fortune cookie game: Add "without pants" to the end of any thread title.

Some buildings now have a thin layer of something hard, then there's styrofoam inside.

Josh Marshall: The Full Breitbart

Libya election results put liberal alliance first

We deserve a president we can continue to look up to!


Israeli lawmaker destroys copy of the New Testament

China says Great Wall is longer than previously thought

Discuss: In view of the following fact, corporate school reform is founded on a fallacious premise:

A draft dodger, a tax cheat, and a habitual liar walk into a bar ...

Obama Campaign On Tax Returns - ‘Honesty and Transparency’ Matter

Jeffrey Toobin: Retroactively Retired

McManus: All quiet on the war front

A Coup Over Land: The Resource War Behind Paraguay’s Crisis

Hey lawyers, if someone leaks romney's taxes, can the news report on it? new ad: Tricky Mitt

Workers at Bain-owned plant appeal to Romney to save their jobs

Rational healthcare, not rationing

Obama and the kiss cam.

The Great Suppression

Breaking: Deadly blast hits Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria

Please someone link to new ad.

Dear Obama Campaign --> It’s Clintonomics vs Bush Trickle-Down.

5 Ways People Sabotage Their Own Retirement

A request for help from the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Is Mitt actually an anchor baby?

GOP Senate candidate Heller (R-NV) disavows his own campaign's ads

Death of 8-year-old St. Louis girl investigated (looks like heat)

Some Thoughts on Buying a Kia Soul Yesterday

If a candidate for President can hide his tax returns, what else could he hide?

Ah Ha.....Romney pulled the old consulting trick..

Why George Romney was against a narrow release of tax returns and released 12 years.

El Zotz masks yield insights into Maya beliefs

McConnell Threatens to Kill Obamacare With Simple Majority Vote if Reid Changes Filibuster Rules

Relatives Sue Officials Over U.S. Citizens Killed in Yemen

LBN locking messages "off topic".

Republicans love America like a tick loves a dog

Chart: economic mobility and inequality

Nebraska farms told to halt irrigation as drought drains rivers

Mitch McConnell blows up at Harry Reid over filibuster rules

Is it legal to resell beer?

36 Percent Of Fukushima Children Have Abnormal Growths From Radiation Exposure

Latin America Moves Left and Forward

Rick Perry inadvertently calls on Romney to release tax returns...oops, he wants a do-over

Repub. campaigner stopped by yesterday with election materials.

Chris Christie to deliver keynote speech at GOP National Convention

MSNBC online poll: Should Mitt Romney release more of his past tax returns?

Television show about Mitt Romney and the current leaders of the republican party.

Rush Limbaugh Vs.... The Dark Knight!!

Conan O'Brien: President Barack and 1st lady Michelle Obama were caught off guard during a kiss-cam

Super PACs say Mitt Romney would roll back LGBT protections in new attack

Max Keiser called out the banksters on fraud back in 2008

Joe Arpaio brings home the bacon bits. Please come CAPTION Maricopa's nightmare.

Anyone have a Prius V?

ReTHUGs are LIARS - Jeb Bush is the latest one spinning this shit

'No Evidence' of GOP Connection to Batman Villains, Says Penguin

This Christmas make the Yuletide Gay.

Fox News host Sean Hannity to air George Zimmerman interview tonight

Average PA. PHEAA State Grants Available to College Students

I can't tell is this nutbar's site is real or parody

Tea Party Sounds Off on Story About Allen West’s New Address

Dear Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll: Yes, you do look like a lesbian

Mural being painted outside the GOP convention

Robme surrogate Andrea Saul does not blink

Olympics: Pickpockets show off 'one-second theft'

The Wall Street Journal will print anything.

CFK in Bolivia to discuss gas imports

OK so who killed the Defense Folks in Syria

Sith Romney says...

Dust Bowl: Rare LIFE Photos From Oklahoma, 1942

Presbyterian Church, marriage equality, and a mother’s desires

Learn to be an American fer cryin out loud!

Facebook poster thinks she did it all by herself!

BWAHahahahahahahah. Bane's creator, Chuck Dixon, is a life-long conservative.

About those Republicans who are increasingly disenchanted with R-Money--a bit of deconstruction:

How to bat down RW attempts to take the heat off Romney for outsourcing

Drip drip drip. Intrade reacts to Romney tax stonewalling by selling, down to 39.

Oregon man recovering from rare case of the plague

If you went through this thread "What was your FIRST internet "WTF""

Afghanistan minerals fully mapped

Why Millennial Women Do Not Want To Lead

Indians drag Colombian soldiers off hilltop

Bigoted Boy Scouts, BSA - "Penn and Teller - Boy Scouts (Full Episode)"

Post a PSA.

Gallup showing 7.9 and 7.7 SA, Unemployment as of 7/15

I was talking to a couple of local farmers today about this drought. Old timers

50 Tons of Litter Pulled from Pacific

U.N. Security Council reportedly delays Syria vote after blast

Mittens claims on Obama speech

GOP: Kevin Parsons wins TNGA House District 3 endorsement from current Rep Campbell

Operation "Piss Off Mitt" Seems to be Working

McCain: 'Sinister' attacks on Clinton aide Huma Abedin must stop

ACLU and CCR File Lawsuit Challenging Targeted Killing of Three U.S. Citizens

Who do you believe? Me or every fiber of your being? Please come CAPTION Charles Krauthammer!!!

Dem. Ellison and Rep.McCain denounce Michelle Bachmann's witch-hunt for Muslims in U.S. gov't

Animation: The Scale of the Universe

Poll: Public divides on Obama's campaign, less pleased with Romney's

Scumbaugh says Rmoney is following his strategy to attack Obama

Angry fans post threatening comments over negative Dark Knight Rises reviews

Full Disclosure

Why no returns before 2010? One good guess:

REPORT: Drudge Funneled At Least 30 Million Visitors To Conspiracy Websites In The Last Year

Bulgaria: 3 dead as blast hits bus with Israelis

Schools deny girls cervical cancer jabs on religious grounds (UK)

Well, Now I'm Being Tested Because of Suspected RA

Is Romney still profiting from outsourcing jobs?

Baghdad Blob takes credit for Romney campaign's strategy and Sununu remarks

Mitt Romney’s Taxes & His Tenure at Bain Capital Are Relevant

15-year-old accused of raping his grandmother

McCain Slams Bachmann For ‘Unwarranted And Unfounded Attack’ On Clinton Aide

Occupy Wall Street Finally Clears Out as Last Squatters Leave to Camp Out For 'The Dark Knight Rises

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, etc?

Mitt Romney FAILED To Fully Disclose His 2010 Tax Returns

Future of Liberal Religion: A Counterculture Blooms?

OOPS! Mitt's 2010 Tax Returns NOT Fully Disclosed

Democrats apply legislative pressure on Mitt Romney to release more tax returns

Vandana Shiva on the Problem with Genetically-Modified Seeds

Hmm, looks like Romney didn't release a key document with his 2010 Taxes...

William Asher dies at 90; 'I Love Lucy,' 'Bewitched' director

Bain Film Producer Saw It Coming for Romney

Atheists in the military have alternative to church for the summer

How many here expect Karl Rove to be Mitt's VP choice?

Fox News Calls Young People Dumb for Supporting Obama

Kos: This entrepreneur didn't build what I did single-handedly

Rachel Maddow - New Bush economic advice book not likely to help Romney

100,000% return for Bain employee IRA participation.. calls it a complicated "scheme"

Rachel Maddow - Obama makes sure voters remember last Republican president

Obama, Putin fail to agree on Syria in phone talk: Kremlin

Rachel Maddow - Limbaugh exposes Hollywood time machine conspiracy

Giant Iceberg's Birth Snapped from Space

Rachel Maddow - Conspiracy-minded American right mistaken for credible overseas

How many tax returns did former presidential candidates release?

NSFW..but oh my goodness.. "Mr. Mitt Romney"

Again with the ARpaio's discovery of a fraudulent birth certificate? This is so tiresome

Lurch the Fucking....

How do we nominate for DUzy's?

Analysis: Why won't Romney release more tax returns?

Any tips for suffering fools gladly?

I hate my state...

Record Heat Wave Pushes U.S. Belief in Climate Change to 70%

Do you have a favorite SNL commercial?

Only job I ever had that I considered a good job was flipping burgers at McDonald's

Were the 34,000 names ever released of the US tax evaders who took advantage of

Tampa firm recovers 48 tons of silver from sunken ship

PPP: Obama lead in New Mexico plummets from 14 points to 5

Portugal Decriminalized All Drugs Eleven Years Ago And The Results Are Staggering

Comic Conspiracy Theories With Rush Limbaugh

Plumbing a new depth of absurdity: Savage now demanding to know if Obama ever worked odd jobs

A long time ago and very far away...

IMF calls for 'decisive action' as Spanish bond yields near danger level

Robert Plant's Marriage Comment Was Just a Joke

4 Biggest Government Spending Myths Debunked

Heat Is Source of 'Pioneer Anomaly', NASA Spacecraft Study Finds

Crazy Bigot Bachmann: will not be silent as this administration appeases our enemies......

French nonprofit brings credit card donations back to WikiLeaks

Thanks MIRT. Ya'll move fast!

Egyptian police clash with protesters near Syrian embassy

What The Hell Does The Republican Party Platform Offer The 18 to 30 Year Old?

David Cameron warned over speed of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Who put the zip in zero? Please come CAPTION the original zip: Rush Limbaugh!!!

something the DNC should organize that would be very powerful:

Where were your current cars or vehicles built?

414-2 vote on spending "sequester" bill -- House panicking defense spending might actually be cut

Moshe Silman's Self-Immolation Is A National, Not Just A Personal, Tragedy

In 2005, Romney Supported Waivers He Now Claims Will ‘Undermine’ Welfare Reform

Oopsie! Willard only released partial 2010 tax returns.

Romney: ‘We Are All Catholic’ In Fight To Preserve Religious Freedom

Talk about your Hello Kitty moment...Kitten survives 6,500 mile trip in shipping container

Bernanke: Recession likely if Congress doesn’t act

Fool on the Hill

Police end 'ClimateGate' inquiry (BBC)

Undocumented immigrant mother loses adoption battle

(Daily) Mail and Mirror guilty of contempt in Levi Bellfield case (Milly Dowler's killer)

Second judge rejects state voter ID law (wis)

Olympics boost helps cut UK unemployment to 2.58m

Roubini: Euro crisis a "slow motion train wreck" - Freeland File (4:26)

Quote approval furore forces US news media to rethink 'unacceptable' practice

Get it while it's hot: America is not the greatest country in the world. From Newsroom

4 Pinocchios for an unproven Romney claim of ‘crony capitalism’

Minimum wage .... buys what ?

Are we losing the sequester narrative?

New Democratic Underground URL shortener: DEMU.GR

Harry Reid often doesn't get much credit around here

LynneSin reads Robert Plant got married.......

Viacom restores full Internet episodes of ‘Daily Show,’ ‘Colbert Report’

PZ Myers gets it right: Genetically Modified Women

U.S. May Not Be Able to Stop Syria from Using Chemical Weapons

New inquiry set up into death of UN secretary general Dag Hammarskjöld

xkcd toon: Writing styles

Several Israeli tourists were killed in Bulgaria today

Rachel Maddow - Romney taxing supporters with transparency dodge

Why Visiting the AIDS Memorial Quilt Will Change Your Life.

Lesbian mom ousted as head of son’s Tiger Cubs pack delivers 300K+ petition signatures to Boy Scouts

Those independent minded states and how independent they are from Federal financial help..

Tornado cloud forming in/near Boston now.

Average Chinese person's carbon footprint now equals European's

*Super glues important notice to the DU Lounge Lavatory*

How Democrats Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Fiscal Cliff

Chis Colfer Thinks Bigots Should 'Get a Hobby'

Dumping iron at sea can bury carbon for centuries, study shows

President Obama's "Betting On America" Bus Tour

Andy Griffith night tonight on TCM

New poll: After SB1070 decision Obama widens lead over Romney among Latinos

Authorities released video of a woman trying to ride her scooter up an escalator

I kind of wonder if and when Hillary Clinton get's back from her oversea's trip she going

Ed Helms: Star of The Hangover and The Office Joins Chick-fil-A Boycott

4Chan Hacks To Make Rape Jokes (warning; offensive)

Rafalca Romney, the family's dressage horse, gets star turn in new DNC video

New Campaign: Mitt Gets Worse

President Obama was born in Honolulu, and his birth certificate is valid.

Medieval bras discovered at Austrian castle - 600-year-old garments surprise fashion experts

600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle - rewriting underware history

This is too good to hide in the Education Forum:

I have lost respect for France

Five Men Agree To Stand Directly Under An Exploding Nuclear Bomb (1957)

Robert Reich: Why Taxes Have to Be Raised on the Rich

New York authorities charge 48 in massive Medicaid fraud

You can't board a commercial flight if you're on the no-fly list, but you can learn to fly a plane.

Elizabeth Warren answers Mitt Romney much better than Barack Obama did...

Despite national policy banning gays, the largest Boy Scout group in Minnesota will stay inclusive

CEO of Chick-Fil-A spills the beans...

Man kills poodle of 16 year old

MSNBC's "The Cycle," with S.E. Creepp and Toure, has 551K fewer viewers than Fox, 52K less than CNN

Mitt Romney Never Thought He'd Have To Release Tax Returns: Bain Sources

George Zimmerman to appear on Fox News' Sean Hannity program at 9 p.m. Wednesday

Syria: death in Damascus

Chris Hedges to Appear on ‘Moyers & Company’ this weekend

The Last Word - Calls on Romney to release the tax returns

Chick-fil-A president: Gay marriage is ‘inviting God’s judgment on our nation’

Sources: Romney Wouldn't Have Run If He Had Foreseen Tax Controversy

Sean Hannity to Interview George Zimmerman

Arkansas says Medicaid expansion saves $372 million. Let’s break down those numbers.

Toronto retailers avoid Visa, Mastercard fees by going cash only

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm - Romney and Bain Didn't Become Successful "On Their Own" Either!

Romney Agrees With Obama: Government Does ‘Help You In A Business’

I've now realized the biggest problem with watching little to no TV (for at least 10 yrs...)

The Last Word - More Rush Limbaugh lies

As someone who's big on boxing, I'm loving how Dems are pounding the shit out of Romney

Tonight, on a very special "Hannity," Sean interviews a racist fuck who murdered a kid in cold blood

Site shames, shares hateful gamer messages.

Facts ...

The Last Word - Rush tries to rewrite Romney's past

'You, Robot': Personal Robots for the Masses

Insanity: Woman fined $200 for dry grass in drought

Stupid criminal of the week: Man shoots his own genitals, goes to jail

Handcuffed man shot twice by San Francisco police - witness reports

*Out of context alert* - Romney attack on Obama's business statements.

Democratic Party: Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll has 'embarrassed our state,' insulted gays and lesbians

Now THIS is a Big Fucking Deal, here in Philly and elsewhere:

The ReTHUG response to Release Your Tax Returns

Who is president of the Boy Scouts of America? Brother Perry, LDS, Mormons

Republican: "There are those of us who think that Romney is destined to lose,

Should Joe Pa's Statue stay or should it go?

Would you buy a stock that released only one year of its earnings out of the last ten?

Netanyahu Blames Iran For Deadly Bus Blast In Bulgaria, Which Killed Israeli Tourists

Please come CAPTION Mitt (what the freak am I going to do now?) Romney!!!

Whoa! Hail in Manhattan!

On Senate Floor, John McCain defends Huma Abedin against batshit Bachmann

Bachmann Hunts for Traitorous Muslims; McCain Shames Her

Alaska town elects a cat for mayor

Romney introduced in February 2000:"He is the founder and CEO of Bain Capital."

Why Over 3 Million Baby Boomers Plan On Retiring Abroad

Adelson Threatens To Sue Democrats For Tying Him To Casino Prostitution

Expecting a different result while trying to shame Mitt into doing the right thing has a well known

I have lost much respect for Mormons in getting to know Romney

Obama Campaign Sues Ohio for Cutting Early Voting Days

Another bit of Govey's vanity project goes arse-over-tit

Who is president of the Boy Scouts of America? Brother Perry, LDS, Mormons

Romney Economics: Bankruptcy and Bailouts at GST Steel (Kansas City)

Worst, Most and Record Breaking

House Weighs Millions Military Spends On Sports Sponsorships

How Obama shares at Intrade are tracking stock market

Visiting the Economies of the Future

Romney campaign embraces fantasy need to `vet’ Obama

The Masculinity Police Perpetuates Gender Pay Gap

Consumer watchdog's first fine goes to Capital One for $210M

Holy Moroni ! (Know your Mormon)

So will Repub Tea Partiers abandon Romney as his poll numbers fall?

McCain defends Clinton aide attacked by Bachmann

No reconciliation with the butcher of Damascus

"When he came to the US...."------Sunununnununununun-nu

Mitt Romney: Cayman Islands Accounts Used By Foreign Investors To 'Not Be Subject To' U.S. Taxes

Bumper sticker idea:

Democrats call for law on presidential candidate tax returns

Universal Studios: ‘Walking Dead’ will live at Halloween Horror Nights

Need some recommendations: compact, concealed carry weapon for a petite woman.

Free Legal Assistance for Houston Disabled July 19

I think R-Money is going to get away with not releasing the tax returns.

Lawd have mercy! Look at this pic of thunderstorm over NYC:

Mitt Dancing Around The Issues Volume II: Autos

President Obama meets 11-year-old Haley Klepper - story and pics

Rachel Maddow slaps the shit out of Limbaugh, leaves mark

For anyone in the Houston area - free legal clinic tomorrow for the disabled

"Under the boardwalk with Chris Christie...let's play Hardball." I just threw up a little.

Tweety - Christie joins the tuba section

Crowd waits in line to get tickets to see First Lady Michelle Obama in Fredericksburg, Va - pics

Frank Luntz: Romney ‘Doesn’t Know How To Talk About’ Bain

And An Elehphant Shall Lead Them

AMIA renews claim for justice on 18th anniversary of bombing

The MicroChip Invasion, Spy Chips in your home. Over 30 Billion RFIDs made a Year

Watermelon ?

I was wondering why the rats keep carrying off bigger and bigger shit

Are Far-Right GOP Supporters Fascists (and don't even know it)?

I was just robo-surveyed. I answered honestly, but now regret that.

Caption Mitt

GOP Admits That Climate Change Is Real - Statue Of Liberty Underwater.

Is there a way to adjust the text size in DU?

Pre-landing checklist

Mitt Romney: Okay, businesses do need government, after all

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (from the Mayo Clinic website): Do you know anyone like this?

Michael Dukakis...

Any tweeters here - the #askdavidaxelrod hashtag is freeper heaven...

Ad: 'Stage'

Bain Never Left Romney

Man shoots home invader in 2009, again in May.

Innocent man to sing national anthem at Rays game

Romney and Bain profited from massive Medicare Fraud

A Harlequin novel for modern times:

Romney Embraces Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories During Ohio Town Hall

When Romney steps aside, as he soon will, who will the GOP replace him with?

Romney Says Obama Denigrates Achievement, Demonizes Success

Nestle blames biofuels for high food prices

I gotta say I love the way this campaign is carrying on the 1% versus 99% theme.

I ordered my drink spider-free, dammit.......

Future Members Of The League Of Extraordinary Women? Meet 3 Teenage Techies From The Middle East

Donnie -- anti-Bain ad

This will drive the wingnuts nuttier: DOJ sues to open Tenn. mosque

Our crackerjack media......

Netanyahu: Iran behind terror attack against Israelis in Bulgaria

Pawlenty On Dullness Charge: ‘I’ll Show You My Tats’

Someone please enlighten me..

Look, Romney is the Republican nominee

WATCH: Bush Reflects On ‘Awesome’ Presidency, Being ‘Famous’ And ‘Powerful’

8 of the Top 10 Businesses Approved for H-1B Visa Use Last Year Have Outsourcing Operations

Border Collie gets rescued by Coast Guard

Can you imagine if the democratic nominee refused to release his or her tax returns?

Breaking: UPDATED: Judge says Murfreesboro mosque can open

Vt. city creates abortion protest 'buffer zone'

Romney Says Shareholders Have No Influence Over Corporations. Where Are Our Conservative Economists?

Mass. cop punished for racial slur at Crawford

I need advice

Romney seeks Walesa meeting in Poland

Romney pounces on six-month lapse in Obama job council meetings

President Obama's "Betting on America" Bus Tour Through Ohio and Pennsylvania

Walmart Flash Mob: Police Say 300 Youths Create Havoc at Jacksonville Store (VIDEO)

Funeral: Ms. Hattie Canty, former Culinary president (1990-2002)

Monsanto to get immunity from federal laws?

Clearly the uber-wealthy are less concerned about their money than the power it gives them

Talking Points For TX Democratic Senatorial Candidate

raunchy billboard in Los Angeles

Let's get serious about voter suppression (Leonard Pitts)

Gestation crates -- one more cruelty that must be stopped.

It’s Mitt Romney Who Doesn’t Understand America

TYT: F.D.A. Spying On Employees

"The Bain in Pain: Why Romney’s so afraid of talking about what he did at Bain" - Slate

Bachmann Hunts for Traitorous Muslims; McCain Shames Her

Team Obama keeps tweaking Romney on "retroactively" retiring

Tell us more about Rmoney's GoldenGate insurance problem

Nifty little article on the pains of Bain for Romney.

Our rescue kitty tested positive for feline AIDS

10 Frisk Commandments (Stop and Frisk)

Pawlenty to Obama: Leave Ann Romney’s Dancing Horse Alone

Do you spose McCain kept photocopies of Romney tax filings?

'After 9/11 NSA had secret deal with White House'

Just Passing Time Boss. Hello I just made 5 posts! (I guess it's 10 post)

Team Obama keeps tweaking Romney on "retroactively" retiring

This water is most likely safe

What Does "Retroactively Retired" Mean?

U.S. military sanctions 10 in Colombia prostitution scandal

Romney aide triumphantly tweets link to story about Romney dodging tax issue

Scott Pelley on CBS news

Romney’s London fundraisers will take him to heart of scandal-plagued banking industry

Juror # 2 get's it wrong on Homophobic Troll

Greek leaders identify two-thirds of spending cuts

(Eurozone) Banking union is a priority, says IMF

Women Attend Comic-Con But Don’t Run the Show

I love DU3. Here's one of the reasons why.

Weak data fail to dent US businesses

Limbaugh backs off ‘Dark Knight’ Bane conspiracy, but insists ‘Romney is Batman!’

Over 2 dozen dead, ex-WA ferry Skagit sinking in Tanzania. Bought by them last yr. Weird

US utilities fear approach of fiscal cliff

Judge Says Murfreesboro Mosque Can Open

Rate probe turns to four major banks

Walter Rhett: Sununu’s Gallows of Hate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 19 July 2012

China to buy US assets via GM pension

What if Romney short-changed the Mormon church?

24 killed as former Washington ferry capsizes in Tanzania (update, 63 dead, 80 missing)

Mitt Gets Worse: Jennifer’s Story

Anybody seen 'Body Double'?

What did you do retroactively today? nt

Seen on facebook

CNN has a good story on McCain's refute to Bachmann

Get Your Atheism Out of My Science and Stay Out

Rollins College prepares for Obama's Friday visit

Anybody in Pittsburgh?

Republicans: "Government DOESN'T CREATE JOBS" Mantra, But NOW Government DOES CREATE JOBS!

Officials Turn Blind Eye as Religious Tensions Rise in Indonesia

British Health Workers Feel the Pain

It's A Simple Question

Investing, via a hedge fund does not make you a business man, whatever that means...

Paramilitaries said 1997 massacre was 'well coordinated' with army: US cable . (Colombia)

Paramilitaries said 1997 massacre was 'well coordinated' with army: US cable .

"All shrimps are mine!"

Israel blames Iran for Bulgaria bus bomb that kills six

Mitt Romney tells us how he really feels about things - GIFs

Now They Are Slaughtering Palestinians

I fucking can't stop laughing.

A real corporate choice for VP

Catholic faith moves man to forgiveness after murder of wife and daughter

Four spending myths keeping U.S. from recovery

Absurdist poem

Afghanistan war protested by GOP, Dems to start debate on DOD spending bill


Visualizing a Plenitude Economy

President Obama apologizes to Mitt Rmoney...

Fake spider - 1, News people - 0

I meant to do that.

Photos: Drought Disaster 2012

The ground is lava

I meant to do this too.

Romney: $98,000,000 stake in Mattel in 1999? He Announces Olympic sponsorship as stock crashes

Few pay more taxes under health care law - USA Today

Reid and McConnell are sparring on C-Span2

Senate candidates ripping on each other...

Deep purple

David Gergen, CNN Analyst, Reveals Extent Of Bain Capital Ties While 'Reporting' On Firm

Michigan Jackassery, "The Integrity of Voting". More Proof It's Only If You Might Vote For A Dem

Time for the president to broaden the range of fire

Worldwide Caution

a biography of the day - Shidzue Kato

Obama phones Netanyahu, vows to aid in probe of attack


Why Silk May Be Added To Vaccines Someday

Feel free to use this graphic I made.

Judge: Man who stripped nude at airport NOT GUILTY

Romney gets 4 Pinocchios!

Poll Shows Economic Fears Undercutting Obama Support

Washington Begins to Plan for Collapse of Syrian Government

Viewpoint: Drones, modern war, and the US

Mitt Romney On Tax Return Controversy: 'It's Kind Of Amusing'

CBS/NYT Poll: Romney Leads By 1 Point, Seen As Best To Handle The Economy

Quite possibly the smartest dog in the world

Troy Polamalu admits to lying about concussions to get back into NFL games

Tonight: General Tso's Chicken

Good news for MiddlefingerMom and the Hoopster.

Florida Man, 71, Shoots at Alleged Robbers at Internet Cafe

CFPB Announces Enforcement Action Against Capital One (Benefit for Elizabeth Warren)

Success! Success! Success!

Pirates hit 4 homers in 9-6 win over Rockies

Andy Griffith in A FACE IN THE CROWD on TCM, now!

Wow! Problems in education (hiring division) already starting

Fox Poll: Obama By 4 Points Nationally, But 48 Percent Say They Aren’t Better Off

Fighting back against Gessler

600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle

Of course dems could lose in November

Christie tapped as keynote speaker for Republican convention

Canadian graffiti

Canadian road rage

So I had a post hidden today that was posted on June 30th

Kitchen Dancing, Let's step up edition -

Fighting back against voter suppression efforts

It's getting nasty out there!

euronews cinema : The invisible war - sexual abuse in the US Army

Maine New Balance workers join Susan Collins, Mike Michaud to argue for tariffs in DC

As Senate GOP Blocks DISCLOSE Act, Top Donor Sheldon Adelson Probed for Bribery and Mob Ties

Southeastern Oregon wildfires cause long-lasting damage: cattle deaths, forage loss, endangered wild

Corporate America. Proceed at your own risk has language that many would consider profane

The Real News: The Hunger Games Economy

Okay Christie as keynote for RNC, Who do we want keynote for DNC

Satellite Shows Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Even At High Altitudes; In NW Sector, Ice "Like Sherbet"

The New Lawn: Shaggy, Chic and Easy on the Mower

"This Time ‘Class Warfare’ Cry is True" by Margaret Carlson at Bloomberg

Just spoke to a friend who hasn't voted in years...

Saltwater "Wedge" Advances To Mile 43 Upstream From Mississippi Delta Thanks To Drought & Low Flow

Scotland Misses GHG Emissions Target: Output Up 1.9% YOY In 2010

Get ready. This is what your Fox/Limbaugh types are going to be posting/emailing ad nauseum:

Chris Hedges at Powell's Bookstore

Architecture photos near Dupont Circle (dialup warning)

little ones grow up so fast (sigh)

NOAA - June 2012 Warmest Northern Hemisphere June On Record; 4th-Warmest Globally

Anthony Weiner gets feminized

"Economists Agree Romney’s Plan Would Spark a New Recession"

WaPo editorial: Release the returns, Mr. Romney

Flower pictures near Dupont Circle (dialup warning)

WOW! Ed Schultz just SILENCED right wing mouthpiece Susan Del Percio with "August 6th Briefing."

Big Ed just said that Cheney has been pushing his daughter for VP consideration for Romney.


Re-Posting this very important story-Pay Attention-since its happened in Mi.,it can happen in yours

Two Seattle men held at U.S.-Canada border for 2 hours for illegal chocolate eggs

EPUB woe is me........

Genetic Lottery Winners on Parade: Rich Kids of Instagram

Can Romney ride out the storm over his unreleased tax returns?

All Must Read: The Rise of Esoteric Knowledge, Refeudalization, Crisis and Renewal - Dr. Erik Reiner

three of the hardest to fill positions: engineers, nurses, teachers. WTF?!

MSNBC Guest: Mitt Romney Could End Up Withdrawing From GOP Race Before Convention

"The Ed Show" just had the best commercial break ever!

NC GOP takes legal action against liberal groups

Negative Income Tax. Your thoughts?

Syria bomb: US sees Assad 'losing control'

Man who died after standoff with NM cops had assault rifle, 'homemade bombs'

Mitt Romney: Cayman Islands Accounts Used By Foreign Investors To 'Not Be Subject To' U.S. Taxes

Where are you on the global fat scale?

Wayne Powell - on Ed Shultz

Is Sen. Franken helping out with the political ads?

Ed Rollins RIPS 'EXTREME' Bachmann

Powell could win!!! (against Cantor)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!

MSNBC Guest: Mitt Romney Could End Up Withdrawing From GOP Race Before Convention

Interesting program on the concept of time on Nova tonight. I am waiting for the discussion

I was thinking today, Has Mitt Romney ever released any of his tax returns? so I googled

Piers Morgan is really kissing Scalia's ass

North Korean dictator Kim's girlfriend's 2005 megahit...

The Queen of Versailles Official Trailer [HD]: Riches to Rags With Jackie & David Siegel

A little boy leans over to kiss President Barack Obama - pic

Rupert Murdoch 'truly the most evil character on the planet,' says George Michael

The Cast of all 6 Star Wars sing Call Me Maybe

Fucker, too

Not always a good decision to marry the person you met in rehab ....

Venezuela’s oil company says Chevron Corp. plans to invest $2 billion in Boscan oil field

Venezuela’s oil company says Chevron Corp. plans to invest $2 billion in Boscan oil field

"Obama's lead over Romney among Latinos widening" by Mitchell Landsberg at LA Times

Military sued over al-Awlaki Yemen drone death

*Rachel about to kick limpb ass!!!

What the effing F***!1 effing SCALIA with Piers MORGAN

Texas executes its 1st inmate using single drug

This lady really wanted her parking spot ....

16-Year-Old Lesbian Brutally Beaten By Group of Men in Kentucky

Boxed in on taxes, Romney says Obama dislikes success

Romney will not release his tax returns ...

Romney/Jindal ...

Are you a fluent Lakota speaker in the Rapid City SD area?

James Warren: Romney Attacks on Chicago Misguided

Well, here it is, my 20,000 post. I'm celebrating!!! Thanks DU for this

Judge rejects bid to halt California foie gras ban

I Am LOVING The Obama Attacks on Romney's Record But...

Scranton, Penn workers get full pay, at least this week

Mexico presidential runner-up alleges money laundering in election

Mexico presidential runner-up alleges money laundering in election

Even more signs point to Romney being a Swiss bank tax evader who benefited

Pete Seeger explains fracking to Gov. Cuomo

The road ahead for ObamaCare: A guide

Does anyone have a link to a copy of Romney's tax returns for 2010?

For those who don't read announcements, I applaud the Administrators for this one.

Live one alert - Willard is not the only one who has to go

Turn on TRMS right now.

Oldest Spiral Galaxy in Universe Discovered

There is actually a proper, technical definition for "retroactive retirement."

Thank goodness the authorities have busted these hardened front-yard garden criminals!!!

Just heard something interesting about the French Revolution

The ED Show - The Bush legacy: Not so awesome?

U.S. can defeat any Iranian effort to block oil shipping: Panetta

The ED Show - Tea party bigots attack GOP TN Governor

Cartoon PWNS John Stossel...

LOL...even Santorum attacked Romney on his blind trusts

The ED Show - Massive political upset in Virginia?


US food aid programme criticised as 'corporate welfare' for grain giants

Romney's about to go off the deep end into Wacko-ville

George Zimmerman apologizes in interview with Sean Hannity

O'Keefe is STILL at it...

World Football Challenge Seattle vs Chelsea

This is the GOP's problem in a nutshell.

Romney: Obama "wants Americans to be ashamed of success"-

Patty Griffin Is Really Beautiful

What happened to the dream?

Peter Griffin is really...uh....

George Zimmerman apologizes in interview with Sean Hannity

"Death by Testicular Asphyxiation" is the Lounge phrase for the night. Modify!


How will this saga conclude?

Merv Griffin is really dead

(UK) MPs push for tighter rules on alcohol ads and sponsorship

Lawrence O'Donnell talks about Zimmerman on Hannity's show

Israel Vows To Strike Back At Iran

the chicken master

How would you interpret this reaction to George Carlin's quote on assasinations

The Joe Arpaio Birther Comedy Hour!

Just as I thought, nobody is talking about NFIB v. Sebelius anymore

Love, religion overtake tax for 'hangout' with PM

ROFLOL thread for the day

Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela!

Bay Area home prices hit four-year high in June

Zimmerman tells Sean Hannity Trayvon shooting part of 'God's plan'

I got frisked by the TSA at a Calif. airport today.

GAO investigators: Some student pilots in U.S. illegally

Michael Jackson's siblings attack estate executors

Just watched Face in a Crowd on TCM again. Wow. Just Wow.

"4 Biggest Government Spending Myths Debunked" by Mattea Kramer at Mother Jones

The eurozone's religious faultline

IBM laid off employees required to train their foreign replacements?

"Harry Reid promises filibuster reform if Dems win the election" Posted by Suzy Khimm at WP

As Rachel would say, someone please talk me down! Bain attacks backfiring?

Reuters: "Romney seems stuck in a bind with no real good outcome"

I really hate that ASPCA ad...

Obama's Intrade # is highest its been since the end of May...

36 Percent Of Fukushima Children Have Abnormal Growths From Radiation Exposure (xpost)

Alright, Jason Bourne fans, what do you think of this Aaron Cross storyline?

I want to go #OffTheCliff on Jan 1

We've had a trifecta of RW spewing today

Denied Nickelodeon, DirecTV’s Youngest Clients Find Substitutes

Trayvon's father reacts to Zimmerman's comments to Hannity that shooting 'was all God's plan'

Bain and KB Toys:

Romney, under pressure to release tax returns, turns fire on Obama

3 national non-tracking polls released today

U.S. government issues another worldwide security caution

Chick a Fil president slams gay marriage - hey, its a god run company ...

Governor signs law to make California home to nation's first truly high-speed rail

How the new CEO of Yahoo could destroy the world's largest ad spammer overnight.

“Oopsie!!! ...

Charles Pierce CALLS OUT S.E. Cupp For Her Colossal IDIOCY

President Obama loves fracking

Judge: Naked man at TSA screening protected by free speech

"The Problem Isn't Outsourcing" By Robert Reich

Gingrich deletes excited Snooki/zoo tweet

How Smart Are You?

If anyone plans to watch Saturday, would you mind telling the Religion group what happens?

Zimmerman: It Was GODS Plan To Kill Trayvon, No Regrets


Still life with Spaghetti Squash and Wine.....

Did Anyone Else See Robert Reich...

Voice Actors Read Through "Star Wars: A New Hope."

Bain and Gymboree

Border patrol applicant admits to molestation, bestiality in job interview..(Arizona)

Meghan McCain shares stores of America at appearance in SF's Castro district

Olympics Documents, Intro Described Romney As Bain CEO

I think panic over Romney's pre-2010 tax returns just crashed Free Republic.

Stop Pretending Racism is Over

What could possibly go wrong?..One from the Super-Fail file

For the leaders will lead, evenutlly the leaders will follow

DNC Regrets Offending Ann Romney, No More Horse Videos

Jon Stewart Rips Conservatives For Hypocrisy On Romney Tax Returns, ‘Frivolous Transparency Demands'

Scott Walker tweet: If Noah had help from gov't, ark might never have been built

The Republican Convention will be a lollapalooza...

why we should outright distrust polls, for bad and good.

Actually CBS Poll is better for Obama than their previous poll in May where Mitt led by 3


Shaun of the.... Patriarchy??

Portugal Decriminalized All Drugs 11 Years Ago And The Results Are Staggering