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“I think it’s pretty obvious there is something in the (Romneys) records that is problematic ...."

Obama campaign: Five facts about Romney's secrecy

Paul Krugman: I miss Bush’s ‘honesty’

Romney to fire campaign spokespeople and outsource lying to Chinese firm

What's for Dinner - Friday July 13th

Why I waited in the heat for over 4hrs to get to see The Other Guy...

Just saw God bless America on advice from a review in the New Statesman...

Republicans Were Wrong in 1993 On The Effect Of Upper-Income Tax Increases

Romney gave McCain 23 years of tax returns in '08 bid for VP

The ED Show - The 'shadow years' of Romney's Bain days

Law Review Article Analyzes Jay-Z’s 99 Problems

US tightens sanctions over Iran nuclear programme (BBC)

I earned my money today for sure. Foundation is trying to raise $50K for shelter animals. Foundation is trying to raise $50K for shelter animals. Foundation is trying to raise $50K for shelter animals.

SaturdayJuly 14th, 2012, 10th Annual Peacestock: Great speakers, Farm at Hager, WI (near Redwing, MN

Is it me...?

Willard Milhouse Romney

Romney's multi-million $ profits are nothing compared to what the Clintons raked in with Whitewater

Breaking: Romney was 100% stakeholder in 11 Bain companies later than 1999

Remember the "Numa Numa" song?

Genetic Database of Bacteria Aims to Track Food-Borne Illness

The 2 infuriating things about the Romneys

Neil deGrasse Tyson responds to Mitt Romney

Texas GOP platform would discourage multiculturalism

Is the Obama campaign staff brilliant or just very lucky?

Moderate Alcohol Intake Could Help Prevent Bone Loss

Austerity Reaches the Hollande Government in France

Dr. Drew Cashes In

Check out this great ''He's Not Like Us'' image on the link below

The Republicans’ Crazy Party Platforms

Solar Storm’s Auroras May Dance Above Mid-U.S. This Weekend

Update from Birmingham, MI

What was the last song you listened to?

Autistic man survives 3-week ordeal in Utah desert

Here's a hopeful article

FBI to review thousands of old cases for contaminated evidence

The world desperately wants to loan us money (Ezra Klein)

Explain me this.

So if Rommy wasn't running Bain Capital, who was?

Time For a Positive Post About Detroit and It's Current Revlitalization (pic heavy)

Just saw the 1993 Holyfield/Bowe paraglider fight on ESPN Classic

Kitten buried in cement in polygamous town

Saving the Olympics....

I think Lewis was talking about pro-control politicians:

Romney's Lying is an effective Tactic

Why has the Right gone missing on the surveillance state?

Geithner Pressed British Regulators in 2008 on Libor

Zimmerman purchased "cop-killer" gun after shooting Trayvon Martin

Can You Make Me Love Mitt Romney?

At Fort Point, lookin' up

China’s Economy, Still Strong

Politicians barred from speaking at this year's 9/11 ceremony in New York

Digg sold for just $500,000


Kochroaches are people, my friend...

My old furbaby kitteh is stone deaf.

Nazi war hero. Confederate war hero.

Protesters block Colombian-Venezuelan border .

Protesters block Colombian-Venezuelan border .

Pet Peeves: The "Passing" Lane (Censored)

X-class sun storm on its way Auroras might be seen in DC.

Mitt Romney Bain Mess Shows Stonewalling Consequences

D.C. officer allegedly made threatening comments about first lady

Romney's Name Was on the Bottom Line, and That's What Matters

Metro Detroiters - PLEASE help save the Detroit Institute of Arts on August 7th

How Steam is about to change it's role (PCGamer) [Updated]

Batman could fly, but he'd crash and die

Superabound - Frank Black

Think the Freeh Report is the end of the Sandusky case investigations? Think again:

10 Baffling Romance Tips from the Sociopaths at Fox News

Pre-nup agreement gives Tom Cruise sole custody

Senate committee approves Oklahoman's nomination

Poor people to be allowed access to landfill sites at mealtimes

Former RNC Chairman: Romney should release tax returns

LBJ Was Horrible. Nixon Was Worse.

Mayor and Police Chief of Small LA Town Indicted on Felony Charges

Romney's tax Returns for 2000, 2001, 2002...?

Fifty Shades of Capitalism: Pain and Bondage in the American Workplace

Ayn Randroids and Libertarians Join Forces: Will Her Noxious Philosophy Further Infect America?

Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy) says Trek II footage to hit youtube before the end of Comic-Con

Chuck Norris ad on DU - Incite violence?

China Economic Data Questioned as Electricity Use Slows

Dare Mighty Things

Venerable Rolling Stones (cartoon)

Another character and truth issue

'Daily Show,' 'Colbert Report' Cease Streaming Online Due To Viacom vs. DirecTV Battle

Ballot initiatives often put states ahead of the curve, politically. This year is no exception

Joe Scarborough and Michael Steele agree that the Bain story has political legs...

Has he been telling the truth about Bain?

Tom Cruise lawyer threatens to sue National Enquirer

Juan Cole: Top Five Reasons Israel Is Losing the Public Relations Battle

Parched nation

JP Morgan dumping staff??

5 US Cities Where You Can Celebrate Bastille Day Like The French

Mika Brzezinski renders Karl Rove's dance partner speechless as he attempts to dance for Mitt Romney

Animal rescuers become a sick, abandoned dog's many best friends

How Congressional Republicans and Democrats Pay Women

How Congressional Republicans and Democrats Pay Women

Sarah Palin refuses to rule out presidential run saying 'anything's possible'

New York City shuts down home-brewed community park

Hollande Pledge to Block Firings Defied by Peugeot’s Reality

Big Brother Week 1

Damn. I can't see Jennifer Lopez & Ice Cube on Anaconda now 'cuz I'm boycotting Jon Voight movies.

Three horses die at Calgary Stampede

Will Republicans stick with Rmoney

Howard Dean on Morning Joe

Capitol Hill joins criticism of 'Made in China' U.S. Olympic uniforms

New York Times Editorial: Penn State's Part

JPMorgan profit falls on $4.4 billion trading loss

As I figured, 2 out of 3 M$M morning shows ignoring Bain story

U.S To Build Database Of 100,000 Food Pathogen Genomes

"...he should be prosecuted for insulting our intelligence."

Funny Friday...

Saving the country from that EVIL medical marijuana

Geithner called for six changes that would improve the integrity of Libor in June 2008

Chinese Fishermen Hunt Piranha

Michael Steele: "Are the Bushes closer to an American dynasty than, say, the Kennedys?"

Voter ID: The GOP's Last Gasp

FINALLY! Moving back to Canada

Fair And Living Wages And Workers' Rights Too Socialistic

PHOTO: BEHOLD...the "Faux Poutine Burger"

Wisconsin Organizations Push for Election Transparency

Piranhas Found in Chinese River

"... social justice for all People ...economic fairness for all People..." Mudcat Saunders on Rachel

Sorry Mitt. As CEO you're responsible for ALL decisions in your company.

Deep Thoughts

Study: Amazon Basin Extinctions To Date Only 1/5th Of Likely Total: "Walking Dead" Species Abound

But, but, I didn't mean to go to that website.......

I'll pass on that demo......

Romney's Become A 'Race-Mongering Pyromaniac'

Top Five Reasons Israel Is Losing the Public Relations Battle

Stop and Frisk: It's in Philadelphia, Too!

Josh Marshall: A Losing Battle

Another jewel from this morning's paper; nothing. zilch. NYT, WP? nada.

The person who could have prevented 9-11 as VP? Incredible

NYPD cop, wife charged in murder-for-hire plot

Holyshit! Jennifer Granholm uncovered evidence linking Mitt to Bain in 2003 (updated)

Luke Russert....

Condi is rumored to be a top pick for Romney VP

Mitt Romney has 'taken the day off.'

Obama holds 'significant lead' over Romney in new national poll

Bill Clinton: ‘A Little Odd’ Romney Only Released Tax Returns For One Year

Way to go Big Dog...

Five Major Romney Dodges and Dishonesty

Global fight for natural resources 'has only just begun'

When an opposing campaign says the other candidate may have committed a felony its all over


Solar Flare Knocks out Some GPS service

Romney went out of his way to NOT be photographed with Cheney

Romney endorsed by the "Pet Goat, I'm not concerned about bin Laden" administration

Drumbeat: July 13, 2012

Peak oil notes - July 12

BAINGATE: So I checked the Massachusetts Business Filings on Bain/Romney

Peak oil notes - July 12

Drumbeat: July 13, 2012

Facebook scans chats and posts for criminal activity

Clovis People Were Not Alone During Early Colonization of the Americas

U.N. Blames Syria’s Heavy Weapons in Bloody Clash

Penis Soup

I'm Mitt Romney, Bitches...

Female led single parent families

"Romney Promises NAACP that He'd Never Put Snoop Doggy Dogg on Car Roof"

The testimony Romney prefers to forget

Powerful Toon on Joe Pa

Lemurs sliding towards extinction

Willard the rat don't see any reason why...

Most creative cities in the U.S. (and abroad) on Morning Joe.

Not your father's political millionaire

Mike Luckovich : Told you I 'm a job creator

Fox TV is trying to defend the Bain story by talking about Finland

This is what it must have been like in the days of Jim Crow...WH Cop planned to shoot First Lady

Who among us has not lied on a SEC filing ?

Bill Clinton: Romney investment queries are 'relevant' to election

Stephen Strasburg wants to pitch (beyond team imposed innings limit)

Anyone notice partial airing of Obama spots

Romney's tax returns will come out regardless of whether he releases them or not

Atheist visits Homeless Shelter

No lil entitled prick Luke

Remember "Whitewater?" 7 years and 77 million dollars to investigate a failed real estate deal

What society tells us...

Michele Bernard: "It's almost as if (Romney) is ashamed for being successful", WHAT THE FUCK?

My Opinion | When Stephani Cutter used the word "felony" in talking about Mitt Rmoney . . . .

Simple question...

In Queens, carver tells religious stories through wood

GIMP tutorial recommendations?

Too hot for the Washington Metro?

"When Pigs Fly"

Romney's "Problem" Hits the News

Cartoonists Nail Penn State, part 1

Oakland officials slam U.S. prosecutors over marijuana crackdown

Cartoonists Nail Penn State, part 2

For some true comedy gold, see what the Cave Dwellers are saying about Mitt's felonious SEC filings.

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: How Banksters Rig the System

Chinese Catholics keep faith amid Beijing-Vatican spat

Friday TOON Roundup - Election toons

Tammy Duckworth’s Rival

China says it will "seriously" study UN draft on Syria

British spy chief says Iran is two years from nuclear bomb

Friday TOON Roundup - Health Care Reform toons

WaPo Fact Checkers on Romney/Bain: It Can't Be True Because It Would Be Too Awful To Contemplate

If Romney's Bain Date Is Fuzzy, It May Be Because He Wanted It That Way

Autumn babies more likely to hit 100

Looking into your crystal ball...

SaturdayJuly 14th, 2012, 10th Annual Peacestock: Great speakers, Farm at Hager, WI (near Redwing, MN

Pew Research 48% to 42% in favor of Obama on who would handle the economy better

For Those Of You Who Use Digg: 3 Worse Things You Could Buy Than Digg For $500,000!

CNN: John King: Why is 1999 so important in 2012?

Today is Friday, the 13th. I understand Mr. Romney is taking a "vacation day." Good idea....n/t

Currently, Lincecum is the worst pitcher in baseball history..

Quick question on MIRT flags..

Suggestion re: Good Reads forum

Growing Republican Chorus Pushes Romney To Release Tax Returns

Sorry CONDI, Mitt Already PROMISED To Pick A PRO-LIFE VP

U.S. Corporations, Politics Getting More Corrupt, Surprising Nobody

Citywide tactical alert as Occupy LA protesters skirmish with riot police

Listen DUers - ignore the CondiLIAR story

romney could end the bain speculation in a heartbeat

Friday TOON Roundup - The Rest

Sanctions at the Genius Bar

Mitt Romney Bain Mess Shows Stonewalling Consequences

Jimmy Kimmel Presents ‘Boehner Baby’ – A Baby Doll Inspired By John Boehner’s Tears

How is freeperville taking the news on the Mittster & Bain?

Y U No get broker's license & steal millions?

Welcome to PU - Pet Underground!!!

Are Modern Men Manly Enough?

Dear Republicans,

If a cop threatened to shoot Laura Bush, HE WOULD NOT BE "assigned to administrative duties."

Drudge Report and Matt Rhoades

Will this Romney possible felony matter be discussed on the Sunday Morning chat shows? It

Car bomb kills Afghan women's affairs official

A Time of 'Incredible Violence' Historian Gives Readers Glimpse of Medieval Life

Romney mouthpiece Kerry Healey: Obama Bain ads attempt to distract from his failed jobs record

Karen Healey R spluttering her answers regarding Bain

Help Wanted - By Mike Luckovich

Kerry Healey just made things worse

Cheney calls Romney the ‘only man’ able to lead through a crisis like 9/11

Heh, Google baingate

Corbett Turns Testy When Asked by Reporter About His Sandusky Investigation (Inquirer)

Rachel Maddow - GOP abandons outreach, plays to base

Cheap meals

Why Fast Food Loves Mitt Romney

Gov. Brian Schweitzer (MT) will be the keynote speaker at the OH State Party Dinner pm July 28...

From a black man to Mitt Romney: Fuck you.

Here's a prez poll at a Texas newspaper

Taking in another stray.

Obama Says Appropriate to Focus on Romney’s Bain Experience

"To be fair"

" consecutive years of residency prior to a run for office..."

I really miss OP Ignore.

Romney learned NOTHING from the way Herman Cain handled his adultery / harassment allegations

A smile, a wink, fair hair. Please come CAPTION Bret (the gleaming snake) Baier!!!

OK DUers - here's an exercise for you

Your turn to explain - Organizing for America on Mitt - please share!

*** gets out staple gun and posts and hopes a DUer can help me find this ***

Wisconsin: We're going to verify the Recall Walker vote!!!! You can help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Mitt Romney it's not about serving the people - it's about the prestige of the title

Did Romney's VP Front-Runner - Condi Rice - lie to the 9/11 commission?

Question about traveling in Ireland

New Detroit schools contract allows up to 61 students in grades 6-12

Florida lieutenant governor target of ex-aide’s sex allegations

Hank Williams, Jr.: 'Barack, pack your bags'

Millions & tens of thousands of Bain shares to the LDS chruch..(via foreign stash)

Arlington Diocese parishioners question need for fidelity oath

EXCLUSIVE: NRA Threatens Senators Who Support Campaign Finance Disclosure

Hi all! Thought I'd introduce myself. If you have questions about Nutrisystem...I'm an alum.

George H.W. Bush Challenges GOP On No-Tax Pledge: ‘Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist, Anyway?’

The nine most terrifying words in the english language are...

More Black Men are in Prison Today than Enslaved in 1850

How Soon Will We Begin To See Some Mutiny's In The Rmoney Campaign Staff?......

Daily Show,'Colbert Report' Cease Streaming online Due to Viacom vs Direct TV Battle

GOP attacks Obama over GOP budget cuts

Democatz for America - links and pics

Should Romney be hiding or would it be better to just address Bain and hope to get past it?

A Republican that hates taxes?

LaBolt: We're 'absolutely' after Romney's tax returns


Florida Lieutenant Governor implicated in sex scandal

Pic Of The Moment: Cheney: Romney Only Man Qualified To Lead During Crisis Like 9/11

Keeping score - liberal economist: 18, right wing consensus: 0

Freeper "Cinnamontea" calls VP Condi "a terrible choice...too liberal."

Gov. Nixon Vetoes Contraception Insurance Limits--GOP Override Predicted

NYT: Under Citizens United, Public Employees are compelled to pay for corporate political speech

New law in Florida regarding child abuse.

New ARIS study about Unitarian Universalist demographics.

My recipe for corn salad

Is this "THE" Bain co?

Hackers Publish Over 450,000 Emails and Passwords Stolen From Yahoo

In response to a right-winger on another forum....

Rachel Maddow - Documents challenge Romney's veracity in ducking association with Bain

Newt, santorum and Perry were right

Please consider signing the petition for the Disclose Act.


Romney ally says Bain is off limits

BainGate: Martha Stewart went to prison for lying to SEC

The Last Word - Documents conflict over Romney's exit from Bain

Missouri governor vetoes measure on birth control

Lines Are Drawn Over Opting Out of Medicaid Plan

Once again, Rivera's ego is on display...

"Mr. Romney retired from Bain Capital on February 11, 1999 " Official words

Presenting: The Romney Horse Barn

Syria massacre "an extension" of Syria air force operation: U.N.

American Confidence In Organized Religion At All Time Low

George H W Bush 'Who the Hell is Grover Norquist'

Prediction: This election will to be BainGate vs. LiborGate.....

Is The GOP Going To Turn This Into A National Vote On PPACA?

Greetings from beautiful Victoria, B.C.!

Large bumper sticker on a van at Dell's Children's hospital in Austin:

Facebook 'likes' and adverts' value doubted (BBC)

Who Else Is Under Investigation for Libor Manipulation?

Bloomberg Businessweek's Mormon cover

Romney STILL LYING Testified He Maintained Business Ties During Olympics

"Middle of Nowhere". Really liked this little gem.

Postal Service default appears likely

Kali STILL wonders why she's tired alla time.

Remember the world's greatest toy -- the original photocopying "machine"?

Keep this in mind for your next kitty.

So... ... ... you think you're a beer drinker?

A topless picture of MiddleFingerMom's GF:


MI6 chief Sir John Sawers: 'We foiled Iranian nuclear weapons bid'

Please sign this petition for the Disclose Act. Senate to vote Monday.

The Last Word - Documents raise questions about Romney's truthfulness

Here's What Almost EVERY Congressman Does After His Job Expires

‘Swift and sure justice’ will only apply to non-banking crimes, government reassures bankers

Kucinich Explains the LIBOR Scandal

First major insurance company to say it won't cover damage related to Fracking

The next punch -Personal responsiblity

Rendell is the wuss...

DOWNLOAD the Romney SEC docs (and here's what to look for) (This is EXPLOSIVE evidence)...

Krugman: Business Is Not Economics

The World's Impending $1.2 Trillion Drug Bill, in Two Charts

Russia condemns Syria massacre, seeks inquiry

"AFTER - he claims to have left, Romney "continued to draw a SIX-figure salary from Bain Capital."

Nixon wouldn't need Romney to release his Tax Returns

Mitt Romney's Wealth Costs Him With One in Five Voters (Gallup Poll)

How Pensions Violate Free Speech (makes a damn good point!)

I think Condi Rice would be a great Vice President for Rmoney

The Last Word - Romney profited on US outsourcing

San Onofre nuclear plant problem worse than thought: report

Now is the time to start pushing, again, for taxing companies that outsource...

The Last Word - Romney's lies: A brief history

Josie Robinson’s Story, A Story Applicable To Most - Need For Obamacare Too Real For Many

Do Bain SEC documents suggest Mitt Romney is a criminal?

The Last Word - Final thoughts on Romney's lies

Just when you think you've seen it all . . .

Man falsely accused in Dodger Stadium beating sues LAPD

So the Rmoney campaign has the choice of saying whether

I would be outraged if Laura Bush had been threatened by a DC cop, and I mean that.

Sorry, Mitt Romney, You Can't Be Chairman, CEO, And President Of A Company And Not Be Responsible...

Conservatives are relearning the lesson that they are not playing with little kids here

Where are the Bain secretaries???


QATAR AIRWAYS scores a repeat win being named the World's Best Airline in 2012

Can Obama save manufacturing?

The New BCS Playoff System and Paying Players

Burma 'creating humanitarian crisis' with displacement camps in Arakan

Texas may need $2 billion to fix roads damaged by drilling activity

All those outraged by Made in China Olympic uniforms, where were you in 2002?

Hate Obamacare? Feel free to...

George W. Bush had an SEC problem too

China Cheniere gets $3.4 billion in financing for Sabine Pass terminal

WOW: All Of These People Want @MittRomney To Come Clean On His Taxes

Juror #4 strikes again...but this time, in a good way.

The Inbetweeners. Anyone else watch this?

Men Growing Up to be Boys

Shell touts progress of Ho-Ho pipeline reversal

Question ...

can we have some get well vibes for greatauntoftriplets?

Slumping sales broke Opel chief's neck (General Motors Europe)

Poll: The Rich Deserve Their Wealth

Felon Voting Laws Disenfranchise 5.85 Million Americans With Criminal Records:The Sentencing Project

Gov. Paul LePage apologizes for 'Gestapo' remark


Tiny pundits

President Barack Obama blows a kiss to Oren Baer, son of Ken Baer - pic

Did Republicans forget to vet Romney?

The crowds look happier at the...

How to Handle Republicans

"Turn Off When Done" (diptycs from MSNBC photoblog)

*POTUS speaking in Virginia Beach now,

Andrea Greenspan cuts off Obama IMMEDIATELY after "3-1/2 years of no help from the other side"

President Barack Obama meets with military spouses at Rick's Cafe in Virginia Beach, Virginia - pics



Krugman: "Romney is in very serious trouble"

14 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever

Mitt Romney's Bain Secret Exposed

Mitt Romney and the outsourced US Olympic uniforms

Georgia set to execute mentally disabled inmate despite court ruling

"...when I was governor a couple of years, around 2004..."

You're head of the SEC or the Massachusetts Board of Elections;

Warren Buffett: Raise debt ceiling today

'Not Everyone In Montana Has Their Head In An Outhouse'

Lounge inspirational message of the day

Romney Campaign Songs: Join In!

Little while ago did I hear some Republican call Andrea Mitchell a liar?

I don't care what Hoops says, Mr. Bean is brilliant

Sorting fora by threadstarter doesn't work after page 1.

Steve Kornacki, Salon: Matt Drudge, Romney favor-doer (Condi red herring)

Congress considers ban on U.S. military contracts for companies doing business in Cuba

I just got a new pair of pruning shears

Harry Reid: 'Romney basically paid no taxes for 12 years'

Congress considers ban on U.S. military contracts for companies doing business in Cuba

So, how long before Mittens says his finances are "sacred, not secret"?

I'm thinkin' this might be photoshopped

How you can tell Rmoney is starting to become popular

Something for everyone

Anti-Castro politics attempts to capitalizes on Cuba’s cholera outbreak

You got 99 problems but higher taxes ain't one

How do you get $100,000,000 million in an IRA when its limited to $5,000/year contribution?

The Shrinking Resume of Mitt Romney

LMAO@ Team Romney: Obama campaign is ‘unraveling’

Confirming my opinion that Geithner is Obama's worst decision.

The Romney-Cheney Doctrine

The hatred runs deep and so does the paranoia.

How much money is $250,000,000?

Polls Show Cruz Edging Dewhurst In Republican Primary

Gay Grandpa Recounts Being Confronted By Wife: 'Dean, Your Boys Want to Know If Richard's Your Lover

A funny cartoon from today's LA Times:

How much of Rmoney's $100 million IRA was laundered from his his fetus disposing investments?

How you can tell that the Bain attacks are really working

Man Tips $500 On A Pizza To Fulfill Brother's Last Wish

Vernon County has 2 Democratic write-in candidates, Judy Johnson for Clerk and Celeste Gibson

See? it was just a little mistake, anyone with a lot of different interests could have made.

Brees did it. Record $100 Million.

Phil's news rant ....

Bus Rapid Transit: Easy to Build, Easy to Destroy

Warning: Twisted Testicles alert

omg! ed says rmoney is going on nbc, cbs AND abc tonight. get your dvrs out. eom

Return of the Coups

Drug from weed-like plant now in clinical trials (hopeful results for cancer treatment)

How do you sell $25 million in stock from a blind trust?

Today's Right Wing Word Of The Day: "Doublin' down"

New Obama ad: "Here's the evidence, Mr. Romney. Your turn to explain"

Romney To Sit For Network Interviews Today

Kickoff of annual governors’ meeting sets stage for rancorous Medicaid debate

It's Painfully Obvious: Mitt Romney Is A Replicant, Created by The Tyrell Corp.

News Corp. Said to Be Deciding Fate of The Daily

Science Friday Book Club Talks Silent Spring

For those who think this Bain stuff isn't hurting the Romney campaign...

It's hard to believe Team Romney is really considering Condi for Veep...

Banking laws and making change

new Rmoney Baingate attack ad

Why Mitt Isn't It

Are the fat cats still going to pour $$ in to superpacs for Rmoney?

SciFri Book Club Talks Silent Spring

one more tosh thread to sign a petition, if you have not seen it in the feminist group.

One of the ads our FRiends are using for their latest "Freepathon"...

Crisis Batters Global Faith in Capitalism

Ed Rendell: Obama Team Going ‘Too Far’ On Bain Attacks

Ronmey is giving the Big Three interviews today.

rmoney scandal at the 2002 olympics...

Angela Merkel intervenes over court ban on circumcision of young boys (in Germany)

WTF? "reporting" that Biden's speech was "to empty seats"

Dems unleash research on possible Romney VPs

So Dick "Motherfucker" Cheney rears....

I already figured out Romney's defense for collecting a salary from Bain

Romney Running For Tax-Evader In Chief

Super-PACs use Rick Perry to hit Romney on tax returns

Hey Nikki Haley! Preventing Violence Against Women Helps Everyone

In Latest Data on Economy, Experts See Signs of Pickup.

MI6 chief Sir John Sawers: 'We foiled Iranian nuclear weapons bid' (xpost)

Germany Rejects Greek Plea for More Time

Ethiopia jails blogger, reporters, opposition figures

Did Romney cancel some appearances scheduled for today?

So what date will ROMNEY release ALL his TAX RETURNS?

Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia demanded that President Obama’s campaign end its ads attacking Romney

Hold the phones - Big Mac’s not-so-secret special sauce

Just for the record...

"" is redirecting to "" (their Canadian page...)

leave him alone! he wasn't involved in day-to-day operations when all that outsourcing took place!

The Romney Campaign is on the Brink of a Monumental Implosion

WY last night: "media photos of Cheney and Romney together were not permitted"

Chinese kitten stows away on LA-bound freighter

Dear Greg Sargent, you're compromised

Mittens Bubble man...better than virtual bubble-wrap

My 777th post for good luck!

Can we just take a moment and acknowledge how BOLD the Dems are being this week?

Apple rejoins green registry, admits exit was mistake

I can't believe I heard a conservative say this

I think Codi Rice could cost Obama the African-American vote

Rmoney clan above the law

why is Romney claiming to have left his brain behind in 1991?

President Obama at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach, VA - pics

Lawrence Edmonds Vows To Lick Every Cathedral In United Kingdom Before December

Freedom of religion: The liberty of individual conscience

Michael Clarke Duncan Goes Into Cardiac Arrest

Michael Clarke Duncan is in the intensive care unit at an L.A. hospital

If you're responding you're losing - Willard Rmoney

I've said it before...will say it again, the R's are throwing away 2012-pinning their hopes on 2016

Dear Mitt Romney: What 'Free Stuff' Are We Talking About?

Gandhi's Secret Gay Love Letters

happy birthday, mon capitain

How would I petition to make First Tuesday of November a public holiday?

CNBC Host Joe Kernen: Paul Krugman Owes Us An Apology

Man spending a month in a car: ‘I’m developing road rage’

Peregrine CEO Arrested

International reporters descend on Bermuda looking for Romney files

Romney: Release your Returns! Caribbean island themed protest outside Romney campain offices - pics

I'll see your watermelon and raise you a tree trunk!

Anyone feel like the rMoney campaign is going to try something desperate?

What surprises await in Romney's tax returns.

50 Shades of Bain: Why Attacks Have Only Just Begun

Leno: Is Romney's 'Rooting for Switzerland, Bermuda, Luxembourg, or Cayman Islands' at Olympics

Our TeaBagger can beat up your TeaBagger.

Scary idea - Mitt Romney is just a Trojan Horse

Mitt Romney’s campaign adds staff amid criticism hilarious spin on BainGate

Reading Obamacare In Jerusalem

Thom Hartmann: How The GOP Could Spend $50 Million vs. Repealing Obamacare

In Calif, monies set aside for foreclosure aid and

Thom Hartmann: American Entrepreneurship has Declined 53% Since Reagan!

Presidental Debate Schedule 2012

Since 1928, the Republicans have not won a presidential election...

Of two minds on the wisdom of Condoleezza Rice as Running Mate

Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime

I get the feeling that the GOP isn't worried about the Bain scandal.

Slusho - Making fresh improvements. Just for you.

A glimpse into why Robme does not want to be linked to Bain 1999-2001

Crisis Batters Global Faith in Capitalism

President George H.W. Bush: 'Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist, Anyway?'


DU this poll that has 70% predicting a Romney win (down 17 from weekend)

New Democratic Governor's Ad: ''Pants On Fire''

Legal-eagles, is this anything? Affidavit regarding pump & dump investigation (Bain-Romney)

Lithuanian Olympic Basketball team (1992)

Possible energy trends to 2020

Diane Ravitch will be the keynote speaker at the AFT convention

Seriously? Toure' just plagiarized from The Newsroom!

Animal rights group pushes for Spanish bull run ban

Finally! My God I am really enjoying this!

Cow Appreciation Day Protests Underway In Florida

So Will Mitt Talk His Way Out Of This Bain Thing Tonight?.......

Self delete, event has ended.

Swear to God Karen Finney is lurking..

DU Tweeters, Please check out my #DebunkBreitbart hashtag

Once again: "The Joke" applies:

The efforts by Wisconsin Wave starting to leak out to us....

Ex-NFL Terrell Owens faces jail time over $20K in missed child support payments

Mike Thompson toon on the continuing GOPer efforts to repeal Obamacare

George Zimmerman asks for new judge again

Too hot for the Washington Metro?

THE GOP Candidate Vetting Process is Hopelessly Broken

LOL Obama just called out FOX "news" by name on Bashir show

Bollywood movies kinda suck

For those of you DESCENTING I salute you!

A republican sent me this e-mail

Is it time for a Meta Jury

So Grover Norquist walks into a bar.

Dalai Lama should condemn Tibetan self-immolations [CNN]

So, star studiers....

*POTUS coming up live,

San Francisco: All-door boarding on buses

Will Mitt throw in the towel or announce his VP pick?

so Mittens is rushing to prove his innocence in the Friday Night News Dump

Tatsuya Ishida's "Sinfest" - All Men Are Evil, Male Heterosexuality Is Inherently Oppressive

This is Mitt's problem...

Kudos to the RW site Mediatrackers...

googled romney bain.....

My first visit to this group was last night serving on a jury for a post on a Tosh thread.

Oh yes, let's make the governor's race all about birth control

Interesting snapshot re: USPS being forced to default/bankruptcy

Brad DeLong: Is This the Silliest Thing Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post Has Ever Written?

when did Ed Rendell become such a f-ing concern troll?

The good old days of the Nixon campaign

And So It Begins... 'Baltimore Takes Lead In Suit Against Banks Over Alleged Libor Ma­nipu­la­tion'

"8 out of 10 companies that Bain bought were fine, the other two were so far gone that Romney

what do the blue carats to the left of some of the threads mean? tia eom

Romney says he left Bain in February 1999

Same-sex couple fights to stop deportation, gay marriage ban

Anti-LGBT Group Alters Same-Sex Couple's Photo for Attack Ad


Romney Campaign Hits Panic Button Following Bain Attacks

Step Right Up, Ladies and Gents!

Guardian UK: Felon voting laws to disenfranchise historic number of Americans in 2012

I really f-in' hate my family some days.

Romney is interviewed in the Deseret News in 2001 about retiring from Bain...

Picking Condaliar Rice would only prove how shallow and desperate the rethugs are

Most overrated actor/actress in your opinion?

Banks' Libor Costs Could Reach $22 Billion - Reuters

Social Security's Inspector General: Master death list missing 1.2 million


Gleeful speculation, if Mittens commited a felony?

Detroit class size to increase to 61 in secondary, 41 in elementary

Thom Hartmann: Do We Need the Disclose Act or a Constitutional Amendment?

What if Romney runs off to Mexico to avoid U.S. laws like his grandfather Gaskell Romney did?

Thom Hartmann: How Should Free Markets Deal w/Wealth Inequality?

Mitt Romney's Signature Appears On Bain SEC Filings During Time He Said He Left Bain

A liberal, a moderate and a conservative walk into a bar...

Stranded in Tunisia (This is a weird story)

The Friday Afternoon has returned! This week, as promised: Glam Guys!

Man accused of trying to run over fundamentalist group

Why is the MSM ignoring the Bain story?

Apologies to Mexico

Time Magazine : "Obama campaign says Romney is either a crook or a liar" by Michael Scherer

Preaching From The Bench

14 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever

I found DU in 2008...

Romney & Bain said he remained at company part-time 1999 to 2002 & provided "input" on key decisions

Said it before, say it again...

Alcohol packaging should carry graphic health warnings, urge doctors (in UK)

BBC cuts pay of million-pound stars

... former executive, Mark B. Wolpow, says: ''I reported directly to Mitt Romney ... ''

Romney Lied and American Jobs Died

Condi Rice says she is not interested in the VP spot.. AGAIN

it will be very interesting to see how the media treats mr romney tonight.

"Bain will never go away, never. We may even run ads against Bain after the election."

On Obama's Bain Strategy: Love Seeing A Dem Finally Play Offense

Romney's Bain story unraveling quickly

Nats sign #1 pick Lucas Giolito (Little Gio) for 2.9 million

How long after Rmoney DOESN'T adequtely answer the questions about Bain...

Romney’s Bain Pain: Breaking Down the SEC Laws

DoYou Believe All the Money Is Simply for Some Big, Annoying Ad Buy?

Food crisis fears as US corn soars

There is a lot of smoke being blown on the Bain matter. The focus should be on one issue:

The GOP does have a choice...

IS Smerconish a liberal? nt

I forgot how to do the sarcasm tag!!!

Mitt Romney and the Bain Refrain

How will Willard spend his ten minute interviews with the networks

Outcry Swells Over Made in China U.S. Olympic Uniforms


David Brooks misses Chris Hayes point, offers own, then refutes himself by not committing seppuku...

Mitt is having this short conference with these reporters because...

George H.W. Bush Challenges GOP On No-Tax Pledge: ‘Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist, Anyway?’

President Barack Obama meets members at the VFW Hall 3219 in Hampton, Virginia - pics

CNN is killing the Bain story

IRS Form 1040 instructions : Be sure to date your return and enter your occupation(s).

Ron Reagan says the ReTHUG party has jumped the shark

did they ever find it?

I just sent this LTTE to my local independent rag.

New lightest material ever barely even exists

Great Moments in Health Insurance Industry History

(UK) This government's energy policies are a timebomb

Which is more important? The Obama birth certificate story or the Romney tax returns story?

David Corn boils down Romney's Bain mess

What should Mittens' campaign theme song be?

Banksters Take Us to the Brink

Democracy for America: Political Theater Continues in GOP Controlled House

Penn State and Freeh's report . . . . . on reflection

Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "Millions"?

The Market Has Spoken, and It Is Rigged

Obama To Romney On Bain: ‘The Buck Stops With You’

With Bain and Romney the damage is done. Irreversible

What happened to "Fast and Furious?"

Interview with Romney on CNN now

"On the one hand, it's pretty clear-cut: SEC disclosures are supposed to be accurate."

"This (Bain Story) Isn't Going Away." - Michael Tomasky/DailyBeast - (Plus Bonus Article !!!)

Delicious! Republicans get fined for electoral malfeasance -

Marijuana Reveals Memory Mechanism

CNN hurts neck kissing Romney's ass.

Rasmussen: Romney ahead by 15 in North Dakota

Romney is hiding "the extent to which he and his family have escaped taxation"

heads up...romney's interviews are waste of time.

Arctic Sea Ice Loss For June A New Record For The Month - NSIDC

Limited Mitt options here: ABC? CBS? Or Watch a movie?

HOLY FUCK! If the CNN ass-kissing is representative of the kind of interviews Romney will face ...

Voting abroad?

USDA Drought Disaster Declaration Covers About 1,000 Counties In 26 States - Worst Since 1988

Richard Zanuck, who produced Oscar winner “Driving Miss Daisy, dead at 77

The Other Things the GOP is Obsessed With

well we tried. it isn't working. i guess we might as well give up now. (concern trolling)

Woman fleeing Colorado fire crashes car, starts Idaho fire

George Shultz (Yes, He's Still Alive!) Calls For Carbon Tax - Mongabay

The pain of Bain is straining his campaign

2,000 Protest At Canadian Scientists' Mock Funeral Marking The "Death Of Evidence"

Holy Shite -his voice was shaking on NBC

Lake Michigan Still Dropping - About 1 Foot Above Prior Record Low Of 1964

Award Winning ‘The Help’ Actress Viola Davis’ NAACP Closing Speech In Houston -The Highlight

Romney - Obama "sure as heck ought to say he's sorry", reign in... people who are ..out of control"

Latest 'banning the American flag' story looks suspicious to me

Feds Target Harborside Health Ctr — California’s Largest, Most Prominent Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Mitt Romney Demands President Obama's Apology, Says He's Not Responsible for Post-1999 Bain Activity

Waxman Calls For Energy & Commerce Hearings On Extreme Weather, & Climate - No GOP Response

Romney owes America an apology ....

Between Fires And Drought, Western Ranchers Facing Bleak Season, Tough Decisions

Norman Sas, electric football inventor, dies at 87

Did Mitt Romney make half a million dollars off the 2002 Winter Olympics? $285,000 a year....

Noshing on a white grape popsicle, only 60 calories. Yummy! What are you snacking on tonight?

Snuggled peacefully on its mom's giant chest, this baby gorilla is most certainly in the right hands

Seeing Bill Clinton on tv, questioning why Mitt only released 1 tax return makes me think of

Romney is in hot water

Time/Swampland: Joe Klein: "Bained"

LOL !!!

A pig in a poke...

Dem Governor: McCain Saw Romney's Tax Files – And Chose Palin

Kerry Kennedy Charged With Driving While Impaired by Drugs

ROMNEY IS TALLER THAN OBAMA. "Presidential Height Index" reveals the taller candidate wins 67% of th

david gregory is on nbc saying Obama just wants to control the message..

More details regarding Romney, and documents Romney signed

Ya know, this is the first Friday news dump I've ever seen land right on a repug's head.

Some things that are just delicious.Chocolate. Home made bread.and watching the Mittster dissolve!

Reported on ABC Evening News just now: Obama campaign says it will NOT apologize

I think Obama SHOULD apologize to Romney.

US state faces lawsuit for sub-standard education

Fundamental Rethug proposition: it all boils down to this...

Which, if any, network will nail Mitt in his three network interviews tonight?

Romney: I've Released All The Tax Returns Voters Need

17-year-old NY girl charged with killing father

Romney is NOT going to drop out

Mitt Romney not bothered by outsourcing Olympic outfits to China

Voter ID Requirements Will Disenfranchise More Women Than Men

Nobody asks Rmoney to release his tax returns?

Some Counties In Texas Do Not Have Driver's License Offices

Guess who owns Clear Channel Communications, giant media purveyor of Rush Limbaugh,

Just a reminder: Mitt is doing these network interviews when few people pay attention...

The Pressure Mounts: House GOP Campaign Chief Says Romney's Personal Finances 'Fair Game' - CNN

Is it a mistake to pay 5+ percent of the

Republican Sen. McConnell blocks vote on middle class tax cuts

Visa, MasterCard Settle Merchants’ Swipe-Fee Lawsuit

Did anyone count the blinks

Will someone ask Romney

The photo Mitt Romney does not want us to see

Romeny reminds me of this Seinfeld ep.

Scott Pelley not on tonite. Is he scared of Friday the 13th?

Martin Bashir - Romney's NAACP race-baiting a new political low

Turkey Denies Fighter Shot Down by Syria

Both of the friends who introduced me to DU have now passed.

Billionaire arrested in wife's death in London

Where do I find the smilies?

"Badmouth Habit: Mitt Romney sucks up to his next audience by triangulating against his last one"

NO PHOTOS- Bush/Cheney still so toxic that no photos were allowed at the Romney fundraiser

Romney Interview Directly Contradicts His Previous Statements About Bain Tenure

TN State 3rd House GOP candidate Timothy Hill advocates opting-out of federal highway program

Clearly Romney's handlers handed out a big list of conditions for these interviews.

Romney Interview Directly Contradicts His Previous Statements About Bain Tenure

DU Video: TN State 3rd House GOP candidate Timothy Hill advocates opting-out of federal highway prog

Comment of the Day: Mitt Romney Can ‘Partake in the Finest Selection of Horse Penises’

Mitt Romney: "NO APOLOGY"

Romney's latest Bain diversion: Archie Bunker attacks on 'welfare'

Is This SEC Document The Hardest One For Romney To Explain?

Dem governors: GOP hurting economy to aid Romney

Rmoney's campaign has been reduced to demanding an apology from Obama.

President Obama at Phoebus High School in Hampton, Virginia - pics


Georgia man eats own feces after snorting bath salts

Chicken or egg? The decline of our Media.

" I hope for America’s sake that he knows that a Chief Executive can’t vote “present.” Mitt Romney

New Bain-Related Documents Raise Question Of Whether Romney Committed Felony - CurrentTV

We Need Some Opposition Research on Utah Olympics (2002)

WHAT? Romney was paid a salary as CEO of Bain from 1999-2002

Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?

Could democratic mayors do an end run around voter Id laws

So who is the GOP going to put on the Presidential ballot this November?

"Obama Gains Advantage Over Romney on Economy in Pew Poll"

The US Olympic uniforms - yeh the Berets & the "OneWorld" look but hey there IS a corporate logo!!!!

Martin Bashir - Romney leaves his hole, addresses Bain attacks

All the Interviews So Far.....he failed miserably, even with Softballs.

World outrage at Syria "massacre", but no action

Vote on Mitt Romney Bainpain interview/s - with networks today

So, recently we have had a rash of gun-killings, presumably gang-related in our community.

Wisconsin: Walker henchman Russell, attorney, set up the "incompetent defense" defense

Our exceptional media

Attached is a link to Richard Zanuck's IMDB page...

Albany newspaper settles with Guild following Board decision (NLRB $800,000 in backpay and interest)

Romney says he will release no more than two years of federal tax returns

Obama: Romney "absolutely" should answer whether or not he was responsible for what happend at Bain

Photo gallery of all Olympic uniforms

Right wing site is massively plagiarizing my blog--part 2

2002 Olympic Uniforms Were Manufactured in Burma

Martin Bashir - GOP ignores lessons of Wells Fargo, Barclays, JP Morgan scandals

New Campaign to Refocus National Debate on Economic Opportunity and Middle-Class Rights

Sylvester Stallone's son found dead

Romney Admitted in 2002 He Never Cut Ties to Bain

Boehner tears

The Affordable Care Act has had a massive positive impact on Women's Health and rate of Insurance

xpost from GD, The Affordable Care Act = a massive positive impact on Women's Health and rate of Ins

Mitt Romney Blatantly Contradicted Himself Tonight On When He Actually Left Bain Capital

Leavenworth man sentenced for bizarre crimes

Wow. I expected David Gregory to spin for Romney tonight on NBC...

O'Malley: McCain Saw Romney's Tax Returns And He Chose Palin

What a shame Lawrence O'Donnell isn't on tonight.

Friday Talking Points (218) -- Worst... Congress... Ever!


What a difference 4 years makes.. Beijing's olympic venues now.. :(

This is just from The Onion...but Daniel Tosh DESERVES it.

Sodomy is ok, if you are a suicide bomber.

Boeing worker loses both legs; company is fined $3,600 for negligence

He is not going to release his tax returns.

Why consumers have a right to be angry about Libor and bank business models

"In Latest Data on Economy, Experts See Signs of Pickup" By ANNIE LOWREY at The NY Times

Mitt Romney Blatantly Contradicted Himself Tonight On When He Actually Left Bain Capital - BI

Revealed: Mitt Romney's nightly ritual after a hard day campaigning

Either Mitt Romney is hiding something awful or he's the dumbest fuck this side of Dan Quayle.

State senate candidate drops out, says she’ll be part of alternate government

"Fear of Climate Change May Finally Be Trumping Ideological Denial" by David Ropeik

Mitt Romney is the New Sarah Palin

Trying to convince Mrs. OBD that clicking on the "Exotic Latina Beauties" ad supports DU

“Walking Dead” Season 3 Trailer

Watch this: the interactive story of Ramayana in Google Chrome

The GOP think they are experts at successfully putting lipstick on a pig.

Amazing Northern Lights Pictures: July 2012

Is it too early to start pushing for a Romney candidacy in 2016 ?

Who is in charge of overlooking the electronic vote counting machines? nm

Listening to Every Channel Talk About Bain Is Music To My Ears

Doors were not closed

From the League on Greece.........

Alex Okrent Dead: Obama Campaign Worker Dies After Collapsing At Headquarters

CSX Nearly Halfway to Meeting 2012 Veteran Hiring Pledge

Ann Romney Olympic Horse Is Niche Superstar, Political Liability

The interactive story of Ramayana in Google Chrome

Piercing Mitt Romney's 'Corporate Veil'

450,000 Yahoo passwords leaked — How to check if you are affected

Sage Stallone Dead: Sylvester Stallone's Son Dies At 36

Here's a thought:

I am seeing reports that Syria is beginning to move, maybe disperse its chemical weapons.

Just a hypothetical question, but what if Romney is toast?

WH responds to Armed Forces Radio 'Dump Rush' petition: No

NAACP Shelton Takes Billo the Clown to the Woodshed...

There have to be some Mitten quotes out there about how to be a good CEO...

Explaining the Explanation

Friday the 13th is real y'all


‘Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist, Anyway?’ ... HW asks

My fortune cookie was a word of wisdom, and so true.

Mitt, under oath at a hearing in 2002, said Massachusetts had been his primary residence during

I now am officially in love with Madeleine Stowe

A Bison So Rare It’s Sacred

TYT: Michele Bachmann says the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated America

Pre-Schools Restricted from Using State Money to Teach Religion

“That’s all that’s necessary for people to understand something about my finances”

Omar Khadr: Delayed transfer from Guantanamo Bay to Canada goes to court

Oh, MITT. You KNOW you want to use the "U" word. Just do it and get it over with.

Let me get this straight, Mitt.

Did anyone catch Madeline Stowe on the Ed Show?

Nice speech in Roanoke, VA, Obama

Just wanted to give a shout out to Denver

Is being a Russian spy in college a felony?

Photos: Rare Asiatic lions in India

Doll maker comes back to bite Mitt in the butt.

The Huge Shift in Our Energy System That's Happening Right Now in 1 Chart

I've been away for far too long.

So they found and fired TWO cops for threatening the life of the President and First Lady

Tom Corbett fumes over Jerry Sandusky question!

Turkey still probes jet hit as US, UK pass info

Sylvester Stallone's Son Sage Found Dead

U.S. Ranks Ninth Out of 12 Countries in Energy Efficiency

Does rmoney have a state tax problem?

Did Electronic Voting Machines Keep Scott Walker in Office?

Just saw this cartoon on Reddit

The Other Modernism

In Anchorage, it's the coldest July on record (so far)

More Handfuls and More Handfuls - Voter Fraud in CO

Andrew Sullivan: Romney's Got Nothing

Simple question: Why do you think Romney won't release more of his tax returns?

Williams and Gregory on NBC Nightly News tonight seemed to be channeling Fox & Friends.

why doesn't mitt just introduce the person/persons that ran bain capital from 1999 on?

Harold Meyerson: Why Is San Bernardino Bankrupt?

Fresh From Syria, Rebel Commanders Unite in Frustration

OK...I want to know what companies invested in Olympics 2002,and was Bain involved?

Express-Scripts is Twenty-Sixth Corporation to Dump ALEC

Remember 4 years ago when Dems lamented that Obama wasn't tough enough

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike & a new Kitty gif

The essence of Mitt Romney, 7/13/2012 edition

Did any of the 5 Networks challenge Romney

WikiLeaks Grand Jury Witness David House Releases What He Says is His Grand Jury Transcript

CBS asked Rmoney about the Olympic uniforms

"They Promised This Time it Would be Different!" NUKES

Americans are upset

Alex Okrent Dead: Obama Campaign Worker Dies After Collapsing At Headquarters

Home-made Mango sorbet - and Rachel Maddow tearing Willard a new one

Tune in to the War Room on Current now!

For those interested, the Big Ten Network is devoting this hour to the Penn State horror

Zimmy evidence photos. I don't see the black eyes or any blood on him. How could he have shot

mitt didn't go on national teevee via five networks to inform the people...

If Romney attended board meetings at Bain in 2002....then

Saving the Olympics!

What was your latest buy at a store? I just bought a Chelsea Handler book, a Shirley

Republic for The united States of America Plagued by Criminality (SPLC | Summer 2012)

"I did NOT have financial relations with that company!"

How many Republican politicians have you seen out defending Romney and his Bain shenanigans today?

Did Romney/Bain claim his trips back to Massachusetts as a business expense during the Olympics?

If Romney was the sole stockholder for Baine, does that mean all of Bain's profits went into his

Really? Romney did not make ONE decision for Bain after 1999? Not one phone call? Not....

Maddow says SUNDAY morning 8am ET a Bain partner will be on 'UP' with Chris Hayes

INFOGRAPHIC: The LIBOR Scandal Explained

A fish story about the one that got away

Romney is doing to repugs what John Edwards attempted to do to democrats back in '08

Romney was not paid $100,000/year by Bain in 1999-2002

OK. I'm going out on a limb. What if Jeb jumps in to "Save The Day"?

So, WHY did Mittens choose the Friday News Dump

Officers Fired After Alleged President Obama, First Lady Threats


Since Romney prohibited photos of the Cheney event

One Bain board member from '99-'02 could settle this for Romney with a single press interview.

Juvenile offenders and guns

At Romney headquarters in my city:

Judges ask tough questions about Texas voter ID law at trial

MasterCard and Visa Will Pay Billions to Settle Antitrust Suit

Mitt Romney Says He's Unlikely To Release More Than Two Tax Returns

Does Romney think Friday the 13th is bad luck?

Judge rules Mississippi abortion clinic can stay open for now

Has your opinion about gun-control/right to keep and bear arms changed recently?

Uzbek man gets nearly 16 years in prison for plot to kill Obama

Insurer Won’t Cover Gas Drill Fracking Exposure


Fox News' Crackpot Tips To Spice Up Your Love Life

Republicans Join the War on Poverty!


Jimmy Kimmel Presents ‘Boehner Baby’ – A Baby Doll Inspired By John Boehner’s Tears

A new photography magazine...

A wonderfull bedtime story

I don't see the big deal over Romney making a 100k.....

Romney the plunderer

"Build the dang fence!" hahaha - gopers are so dumb!

Happy Friday 13th Mr. Rmoney.... n/t

Mitt Romney to CNN: I’ve Released All The Tax Returns Voters Need

Clif Bar Gives Every Employee a 20th Anniversary Bike

Nvidia forums have been hacked and encrypted passwords gained, from their newsletter....

Should Government be run like a Business? Or like a family?

Before I leave the airways to work this weekend.....

David Corn -Did Romney Make a False Statement on His Financial Disclosure?

Here comes that Watergate feeling again.

Folks, they ALL have offshore accounts.

Romney: No, The Buck Did Not Stop With Me At Bain

Mitt has released all the forms we, the American People need to see...

Romney: ‘I Don’t Recall’ Coming Back For Mass. Meetings

Nvidia, Phandroid Online Forums Hacked, Passwords Stolen

Ann Coulter: ‘Our blacks are so much better than their blacks’

I'm so tired of stupid, angry white people

Romney Interview Directly Contradicts His Previous Statements About Bain Tenure

Obama Camp ‘Not Satisfied’ With Romney’s Answer On Bain

Any idea why weird apartment/HOA rules like this exist?

Yes, kdmorris, you're right.


Gabriel García Márquez's writing career ended by dementia

President Obama speaks at a campaign event outside Roanoke Fire Station #1 in Roanoke, Va - pics

BREAKING: Romney camp to reanimate Leona Helmsley, name her as running mate

Wow, amazing rainbow picture:

If Mitt Romney was not CEO from 1999-2002, who was? Why can't anyone in the press ask that question?

So shoot me.

Pro tip:

Yea, Romeny saved the Olympics like Donald Trump knows how to run a successful casino!

What's for Dinner - Saturday July 14th

Medical bills drive many U.S. women into debt, report finds

Weekend Economists Waiting for FDR July 13-15, 2012

The ED Show - The Worst Congress Ever?

"14 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever" Posted by Ezra Klein at WP

hey, mitt! would YOU invest in this company?

Move to Amend St Paul chapter meeting 7/22 at 7pm to 9pm

Josh Marshall: The Obama campaign's brutal 'Bitch Slap' Politics and introducing 'Slick Willard'

3 Worse Themes For A Detroit Theme Park Than A Zombie Apocalypse

So the Washington Post is calling the Baingate situation

Romney campaign releases new logo.

Have the Admin said when we can expect this features to be implemented --

The ED Show - Republicans filibuster small business bill, block job creation

U.S. storms show weaknesses of most powerful country on Earth

Foodies mobilize against effort to speed GMO approvals

#ApologiesToMittRomney trending on Twitter

Ongoing saga of the pressure cooker...

Movie Check-in: Amazing Spiderman.

Be honest. Would you vote for a Democrat that outsourced jobs and refused to show his tax returns?

Chalk-protest arrest proves costly for Orlando taxpayers

"You're So Bain" FINAL

Last chance at life as Montana governor meets with Ronald Smith’s family

More evidence on the base motivation of Tea Partiers

Coalition of housing advocates turns against DoJ and Eric Holder

It may all have been legal, but Willard is a thief!

Judge: Mississippi abortion clinic to stay open

Nude Man Crashes Pickup Truck into Mall

Thing is, they really won't even care about Rmoney's finances

The ED Show - Mitt Romney, the 6 billion dollar man?


Eva Longoria quote from appearance in Denver, CO