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Dividing Democrats?

Giants dominate All Star game..

anyone who member for directv

Nuclear corruption 2012 to date

"You've Had 10 Years Of Tax Breaks..."

Billionaire Thomas Siebel drops $500K into Prop 32, anti-union initiative

The Repug Voter Supression Going On Around The Country - Why Don't The Dems......

Picked up a book day before yesterday - "The Republican Brain"

"World Population Day" July 11

Crooks & Liars and CNN: Romney's assets are NOT in a blind trust after all.

Russia Sending Warships on Maneuvers Near Syria

China's Past in Photographs (video)

San Bernardino votes to file for bankruptcy protection

A very odd feline behavior.

LA Times - "Can somebody, please, help George Will understand climate?"

Supporting Resistance, Not Regime in Syria

Did I Miss Some DU Announcement - What Are The Little Blue Triangular Arrows Next To Some Posts.....

Well, it's over. The machines have won.

Bloviating idiot George Will contributes to climate change, spewing hot air out oversized pie hole

Tourism adviser quits over AZ bid to end gay benefits

GOP to the uninsured: Drop dead

130 members of Congress filed a joint amicus brief supportive of a lesbian couple challenging DOMA i

Transferring old computer to new


3.2 million yacht sinks in Lake Tahoe marina

Anyone know of a quick way to make a decision tree?

Rep. John Lewis on the Struggle to Win –and Now Protect– Voting Rights in U.S.

Cuba, US resume baseball series after 16 years

Cuba, US resume baseball series after 16 years

Penney lays off 350 workers at Texas headquarters

Movie scenes that made you cry

India to host Latin American Foreign Ministers meet next month

Western envoys express concern over El Salvador crisis

Look at this brilliant, hep, cutting-edge webcomic artist who bravely challenges The Patriarchy™!

IWC calls for net bans to prevent extinctions

El Salvador aims high, expands solar power

Gilberto Gil, South Africa's "Voice" premiere Viramundo

Advice for dealing with an abrasive/combative new co-worker?

Former Rio de Janeiro archbishop who sheltered thousands fleeing dictatorships dies at age 91

Former Rio de Janeiro archbishop who sheltered thousands fleeing dictatorships dies at age 91

Robot Monster and the Thing that wouldn't die

Papantonio: The Fracking Industry's Dirty Secrets

Fox and CNN screen capture

South Korean president's brother held in bribery case

Homeless couple find Ł6,300 in cash in a rubbish bag... and hand it in to police

Controversial religion from Japan finds success in Uganda, infuriating Christian clerics

Exclusive: Romney to host major fundraiser in Jerusalem

Spain's Rajoy raises VAT by 3 percentage points

Scranton Mayor defies Judge and pays city workers minimum wage

Pastor says 'burn’ sermon on film taken out of context

In historic visit, Clinton reaches out to Laos

Wis. Supreme Court to rule in factory farm case

Sado-Monetarism The Role of the Federal Reserve System in Keeping Wages Low

Studies refute arsenic bug claim

The search for photos of China's past

INFOGRAPHIC: The LIBOR Scandal Explained ..Dialup warning

The 5 Stages of Black Manhood

What feature do you want added to DU next?

Restoring Trust in the American Economy: The Real World v. The Confidence Fairy

The NYPD Boasts They Thwarted 14 Terror Attacks -- Why They Are Full of B.S.

The boehner bunch!

Weimar America: Four Major Ways We're Following In Germany's Fascist Footsteps

Exclusive: Romney to host fundraiser in Jerusalem

Pope Takes German Satire Magazine to Court

E.B.White responds to the ASPCA when he was accused of harboring an unlicensed dog:

The World according to the Tea Party

High-powered lesbians create a PAC of their own

Belfast dog Lennox put to sleep after 2-year fight

Joe Sample - Carmel

Romney's modus operandi...

Tax on trading would limit LIBOR-type scandals

Good News for Baby Sea Turtles

Record number of blue whales feast in Pacific's 'Serengeti'

Examples of Innovative Public Schools in Washington State

Innovative schools in WA State


Stealing Pennsylvania - watch Ed and the ladies destroy a ReTHUG

Calling people you disagree with "stupid" is stupid.

Nathan Englander takes short story prize

Quinnipiac gives Obama 3-point lead on Romney

Peeing Golfers

People who kick threads that are months old.

Why the Islamists Are Not Winning in Libya

Romney to make pitch to black voters at NAACP

Romney Bain Capital Attacks Weaken Him In Swing States, Priorities USA Action Poll Finds

Video Shows Police Beating Pregnant Handcuffed Woman

Ohio freight train derails, causing fiery blast

Anonymous launches #OpPedoChat, targets pedophiles

Rate Scandal Stirs Scramble for Damages

Olympic Opening Ceremonies (cartoon)

Rachel Maddow's Quiet War

Great explanation of LIBOR and its impact on States and Cities.

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Great Public Spaces

Peter Sinclair's Climate Crock of the Week

Toon: Mitt's Secret Stash

Courtesy of TPM - launched their Polltracker today.


WSJ Article: Bain created 1,300 jobs under Romney, not 100,000.

The difference between Old Atheists and New Atheists

Hep on hemp: Why industrial-grade hemp should be a vital part of our economy

"Seven Minutes Of Terror" - Landing a Rover on Mars


In 2009, Americans paid lowest tax rates in 30 years to federal government (best year - Right?!)

Social care cap delayed as cheaper option sought

Willard Romney’s Financial Black Hole

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: Buying What’s Left of Democracy

Mitt Romney: "12 million illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship"

San Bernardino Is The Third California City To Go Bankrupt In Two Weeks

Olympic test-run on London transport leaves commuters grumbling

The Trans Pacific Partnership – A Corporate Fascist Coup

Black Republicans Doubt Mitt Romney’s NAACP Address Will Win Him Any African American Votes

Not sure why I wasted my morning coffee time to read this crap, except to say

Anyone else notice a marked increase of Republicans who seem really panicked?

Mormon question

Rmoney is already altering word recognition patterns.

Luckovich: The GOP: Party of White Guys

Krugman on CNBC . . . ughhhhhh

Repealing, Not Replacing, Health Law Tops Republican Plan

Most Urban Jobs Are Near Transit, but Most Workers Aren’t

Penn State's Hidden Victims

Melinda Gates challenges Vatican by vowing to improve contraception

Got this guy last evening at sunset

Romney Needs This Guy On His Team

Full statement from the family of Joe Paterno (about the Freeh Report)

"TV's Frank" Conniff via Facebook: "GOP believes that a Black President...

Europeans are from nations first

Democrats Fight DOMA In Court — But 60 Stay Home

The GOP is diverse (toon from Mike Luckovich)

Mitt Romney "I like mandates"

Bain & Co.Employed "Director of Outsourcing"

First Lady On The Move in Orlando

When 50% of the country is making $250 grand a year I will consider that middle class

Belfast dog Lennox put to sleep after 2-year fight

Romney on "Romneycare": Massachusetts Democrats made me do it!

New poll swing states--Obama up in CO, FL, OH, PA, VA by 3-9 points

my modest salute to the 112th congress that votes for the 31st time today to repeal ACA.

The Atlantic wonders if transit is failing white people

Luckovich Toon- "The GOP Is Diverse!"

Why isn't Obama agressively promoting Obamacare?

John Cornyn: Romney should respond to demand for tax returns by forcing Obama to defend his record

PHOTO: "When I say "GET DOWN," I don't mean it in a James Brown way. I mean GET THE HELL DOWN..."

Little known fact: Mitt Romney had Michigan's very first "vanity plate".

How to spot a misogynist

Ancient Lives {help transcribe ancient papyrii}

Why it matters when, exactly, Romney left Bain

So this guy I'm talking to is flapping his jaw about "small businesses

***The New Misogyny

Little Time Left for the Tamaraw? Philippine Buffalo Species Down to Last 300 Animals

Appeals Court To Examine California Ballot Numbering

Guiitarmy March

Palin Advises Romney to Set Hair on Fire


Sarah Palin's Fine Whine

David Brooks' Strange Preoccupation With Single Parents

How much involvement should parent have in child's writing assignments?

DNA found at Occupy Wall Street protest linked to unsolved murder

Some thoughts on World Population Day

Mr. Romney’s Financial Black Hole

Romney Changed His Financial Disclosures

Teen comes out to his mom in car

Can President Obama Win The White House If We Dems Don't Get Florida?

The Atlantic wonders if transit is failing white people

When Safety Becomes Voluntary: Workplace Self-Policing Program Under Scrutiny

Drumbeat: July 11, 2012

Obama, Romney deadlocked in U.S. presidential race

Drumbeat: July 11, 2012

Mitt wants to go back to the Clinton years.

HPV vaccine benefits even women who don't get the shots

That witty post about....

Romney To Raise Money From Bankers During London Trip

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Mittens, Super American

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Tax or mandate?

Indonesia gives freedom to atheists, communists: Supreme Court chief

*** Gets her box of letters out and posts the new sale at the DU Car Wash ***

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Banksters, Republicans and other Rich

Official: DNA ties '04 NYC death to Occupy protest (WTF is this article about?)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Dodd-Frank in One Graph

PM backs religious symbols at work

Wow. Yesterday's NYT editorial hit Romney HARD on his tax returns

The LIBOR Mess Could Be the Biggest Financial Fraud in History

"Bushie" Carlos Gutierrez says Romney has "guts and honor" to speak to an audience of Obama voters

The Romney Laugh! ----->

Robert Leone Brutally Beaten By Pennsylvania State Police: Federal Lawsuit (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Gillard faces the public at Ipswich

Joe.My.God: 60 House Democrats Fail To Sign On To Court Challenge To Overturn DOMA

Colonel Angus!

Most of the time, I love DU. Then there are those times...

Obama +7 in PA, +11 in New Mexico (from We Ask America, right wing pollster)

R's: Selling health insurance across state lines is NOT a healthcare plan, NEITHER is tort reform

Pic Of The Moment: Trust-worthy?

For the 0.01%, tax has been halved and income has doubled since 1960, due to policy alone

Obama could lose PA this year.

Epic Battle: Dog Vs. Lemon

$3.2 million yacht sinks in Lake Tahoe marina

Dear American Person:

This OP in GD definitely needs some love from LGBT group members

Kanye West's Monster Misogyny

Gated Community Theory of the Universe

contemplate this...

Borrowing money so that the rich can have more

Tigers kill man who scaled fence at Danish zoo

My next door neighbor with cancer just told me ACA has saved his life

WHOO HOO! Mitt is talking to the negroes!

Rmoney about to address the NAACP

San Bernardino Third California City to Choose Bankruptcy

Whose votes are being suppressed?

R's: Selling health insurance across state lines is NOT a healthcare plan, NEITHER is tort reform

Judge sets arguments on ban on feeding the homeless on Parkway

Famed landmark in Amado is now a victim of foreclosure

Romney: Electing our first black President has made life "worse in every way" for African Americans


Rmoney being booed live on GEM$NBComcast - video added

INTERNET MISOGYNY: How Online Patriarchy operates

New Computer/Win 7 Blue Screen

The NAACP Convention was politely, quietly listening to RMoney until ...

Well, I learned something new today.

Either that NAACP audience is yelling for Springsteen or Willard is getting BOOED. Repeatedly.

No WAY In F__king Hell, Mittens

This speech is a FKN disaster.

Romney trashing teachers and public schools.

Karl Rove's Crossroads blames "War on Women" on President Obama

Roland Martin's real time Facebook updates of Mitt's speech


Mexico must investigate enforced disappearance of three farmers

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette pres to head Novum

Mexico must investigate enforced disappearance of three farmers

My Romney Bumper Sticker

Please join the "Educate on Florida Amendment 8" Facebook group.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver on Romney NAACP speech: "His advisors are not serving him well"

President Obama: "So I was over at Jason and Ali’s … wonderful, wonderful story"

Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 164 Feet Away

PPP: Obama leads 50-44 in Wisconsin--selecting Paul Ryan as VP would help Mittens

Nutter bans Apple purchases over environmental fudging

Deficits are a hammer to pound the public sector

Transsiberian - Streaming and very suspenseful

Mitt to NAACP: If you understood me, you'd support me

County worker breaks into woman's home to yell at her (video!)

romney at the NAACP - must watch!

Trying to bait someone into multiple posts to alert on makes DU suck.

Why GOP So Absolutely Desperate For Power

THE nail?

Walter Rhett: The Cultural Case Against Mitt Romney

In case some of you noticed a disturbance in the force

Why it matters when, exactly, Romney left Bain

Check out this Will Rogers quote:

Teachers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Stop Work to Stop High Stakes Test

Hovde set to buy election?

Protests and Mexico

ACW Responds to Crossroads GPS Ad "Wake Up"

Saints' Brees: seeking average of $20.5 million a year; may skip camp

Exclusive: Romney to host major fundraiser in Jerusalem

Ray Bradbury’s Nightmare Vision

Farmer says Arkansas drought turns cattle ranch into 'desert'

Yes, the Senate will vote on Obama’s tax cut extension

More Than Two Million African-American Households Would Face a Tax Hike Under Romney’s Plan

Mormon discrimination against African Americans lasted until 1978

Controversial Parenting Study Reaches the Courts

San Bernardino Is Third California City to Opt for Bankruptcy

What is with the rise in be nice to "conservatives" posts here?

People don't say, "You can say that again!" anymore, do they?

How would it be possible to extend the Bush* tax cuts minus for those making over $250,000.

Obama 2 to 1 with Single Women - Quinnipiac

Romney at the NAACP convention

The Other Foreclosure Crisis: Losing A Home Over $400 In Back Taxes

Can people really FEEL that they're being watched, or is this a case of the good old

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Doing It Yourself

NAACP Leader Ben Todd Jealous ~ Fired UP!

Hep on hemp: Why industrial-grade hemp should be a vital part of our economy

Oh, dear. I just saw an ad for MundoFox

Dollars to donuts that he found some Turkey to eat...

This should be a 30 second ad in ALL fithty states this is PRICELESS!!!!!

The irony of low/ no tax people! Colorado fires

Little Henry stays Cool in the Pool with his Buddies! (photos)

Leaky Gut? Is this a real problem?

Willard Romney SUPPORTS VOTER ID LAWS That Could Disenfranchise 25% Of African Americans

A fellow ice cream fan in Cedar Rapids

NAACP crowd boos Romney for vowing to repeal health reform

Dick Cheney opens Wyoming home for major Mitt Romney fundraiser

Oh dear. I just saw an ad for MundoFox.

I had an interesting discussion the other day ...

The Spreading Scourge of Corporate Corruption

Smartphone Owners Back Obama by Wide Margin Over Romney

First Lesbian SUPERPAC formed for our side

Not too many people know this, but graywarrior used to "date" Ray Charles.

All of the kids in his neighborhood wanted a piece of Li'l ohiosmith.

Who woulda thunk that people in the future would be so short-sighted about the seatbelt mandate?

Real stay-at-home dads KNOW how to deal with that smoodge on your cheek.

Li'l Tiny MFM was an inspiration to countless others -- everyone from AJ Foyt to OJ Simpson.

Ever since that day, the FIRST question MFM asks when he comes over is, "Do you have a cat?"

When Romney says or does something stupid, we should say, "What did that MITTWIT do this time?"

School as Wonder, or Way Out

Havnt posted on DU in years... But dammit I have an insurance rant...

Obama the Socialist? Not Even Close - Milos Forman

Rielle Hunter's book bombs--just sells 6000 copies.

Firefighters Smack Romney Following Colorado Campaign Swing

Romney's unpleasant visit with the NAACP

Are people ashamed to admit that they are upper class?

Mitt Romney CONTRADICTS HIMSELF In Front Of Marriage Equality-Endorsing NAACP

Thom Hartmann: Would Cutting the Work Week put Everyone Back to Work?

Robert Reich's very clear explanation of LIBOR and what it means to the U.S.--from The Guardian

Due to his mother's nurturing tender attention MFM was an early bloomer.......

Romney addresses the NAACP annual convention in Houston, Texas - pics

Syria’s Ambassador to Iraq Reported to Defect

Yet another study confirms fracking can pollute groundwater. Industry continues to spread lies.

I think a gesture toward PS teachers and our unions would go a long way, right about now.

Obama campaign video: Why Would Mitt Romney Invest Millions in the Cayman Islands?

Police chiefs in California getting huge final paychecks

Maybe half the country is visualizing winning the lottery.

Toon: Opening of this Summer Olympics... Romney LOL.

Religious Right’s plan for beating Obama

Andrea Greenspan: "Sending jobs overseas can make a stronger company and more hiring at home"

“They’re breaking down crying, people say the same thing, ‘I’m one disease away from the end’"

Time to say hello

Texas Charter Schools Allegedly Funneling Religion Into Lessons

Why does the Right talk ceaselessly about cutting taxes?

Down On the Cacao Farm: Sloths Thrive at Chocolate's Source

I have a comment on these temperature record pie charts:

Everything They’re Telling Us About Syria….Is False?


Has anyone ever been called to serve as a jury member on one of their own threads?

For anyone in the QC area who might be interested...

Are Republicans Insane?

Iowa futures broker (Peregrine Financial Group) forged bank records for years....

A horrific example of theocracy at work: Cat Buried Alive In Concrete

Britain's Cameron furious after biggest party revolt

'Godless' billboard reaches out to nonbelievers

Anyone Having Trouble With YOUTUBE?

Is Romney running just to keep his taxes low?

Russia's Chinese Wall to Block the Internet

Papantonio: Republicans Bury Their Heads In The Sand on Climate Change

My lunch.

Teabagger Co. Commissioners Discuss Refusing Federal $ for Wheelchair Ramps and Meals on Wheels

Judging from the posts in GD, it is Straw Man Day here on DU.

W.Va. Man Accused of Enslaving, Torturing Wife

Report: States Enacted 39 Abortion Restrictions So Far In 2012

I won't rant, but I will ask - Re veterans, jobs, discrimination

Thom Hartmann: Can Ron Paul Embarrass the Entire GOP Party in Tampa?

Rick Perry Spends Millions To Fix Mansion As State Cuts Billions Elsewhere

High-powered lesbians launch first-of-its-kind super PAC to champion women’s, gay rights

Happy Science!

Effing hypocrites.

just started reading Chris Hedges, "Death of the Liberal Class"

People do not vote Republican because they believe all that shit

Ouch! Video: Man tells Romney he won't vote for a Mormon

I haven't heard this in a long time, people staying something costs two, four, six, or 8 bits.

Juan Cole: Video on Syrian Government Torture Centers (Human Rights Watch)

x-post from F&D:High-powered lesbians launch first-of-its-kind super PAC to champion women’s, gay...

Think Progress: Growing Number Of Cities Are Fighting Back Against Anti-Immigrant Policies

An entire political party has become beholden to a pledge written by a 12 year old

Mitt Romney, reading off the teleprompter

My favorite part of Mitt's NAACP speech

USDA surprises with deep cut to corn harvest on drought

Hubble telescope spies fifth moon around Pluto

Thom Hartmann: LIBOR - We Don't Call Them Banksters for Nothing

Russia seeks UN extension of Syria mission

Dems: ‘Obamacare’ Will Thrive Like Social Security And Medicare

Reaction Faces From The Crowd At Mitt Romney's NAACP Speech

The Very Definition of Insanity

Rail industry aims to hire 5,000 veterans this year

Good Cop, Bad Cop

(Ben D-NE) Nelson renews push on grazing fees (to attack Republican Senate candidate Deb Fischer)

Romney adviser admits Mitt used NAACP speech as a photo op

EU unveils new strategy to cut car emissions

Gallup Poll Finds Confidence in TV News at New Low

Thought Bubbles needed....(Photo from Romney's NAACP speach)....

Groundwater Decline 3rd Largest In High Plains District's History

NAACP Reacts To Mitt Romney: ‘Patronizing,’ ‘Totally Disconnected,’ ‘A Serious Misjudgment’

Crossing Over - Transgender Documentary

Crossing Over Trailer

Nebraska governor says state cannot afford Medicaid expansion

Fuck the GOP, Tea Party, and everything they stand for

Vanessa Paradis claims it was Amber Heard that broke up her relationship with Johnny Depp

slow news day - Luke Bryan apologizes for All-Star Game National Anthem for no reason

Rachel Maddow - Romney seeks to re-insert wasteful middleman in student loans

Jimmy Kimmel on "statesman" Donald Trump

Romney campaign asks firm to shield ‘Snob’ logo

No foul play in death of Gaddafi oil boss: Austria

Rachel Maddow - Report finds oil company failures enabled disastrous spill

FDIC BoG Member: Glass-Steagall Return Would Boost Banks

Mitt Romney speech at the NAACP wasn't for the people attending

OH BOY!! NJ State Police got another scandle on there hand

SEE 2012 CLEARLY: Robert Reich Puts Things In Perspective In Under 3 Minutes

Guantanamo prisoner back in Sudan after 10 years

FAMU president resigns amid hazing scandal

Barclays chief Bob Diamond could be brought before Congress, sources say

So a Girl Walks into a Comedy Club….

I may be wrong but I think today was the first time Mittens has spoken to a group

NAACP was merely a photo op for Romney

CDC offers 'Wedding Season Survival Guide'

Bad news for Tigers fans: Kate Upton may be dating Justin Verlander

Eliot Spitzer to Mitt Romney: RENOUNCE VOTER ID LAWS

A symptom purely...of what ails us.

Time’s breastfeeding (almost 4 yr old) cover inspires reality TV show—ugh!

Comic Con News.

I just realized that new rules are now in effect in Georgia in order to renew your driver's license

Monsanto suing DuPont over soybean seeds

Romney having trouble defending himself against Bain attacks

Gay Couple Report Verbal Abuse, Physical Threats at Calif. Lowe's

My Definition Of "Blind Trust"......

The Obama Diary

Libya Islamist chief won't concede election defeat

Nancy Pelosi Ballroom Dances to ZZ Top at Gay Wedding

Annan says Syria president discussed transition

Votes In 112th Congress

The possible and impossible of education

AFA Calls for a Google Boycott

Apple Quitting Green Registry Leads to Purchasing Fallout

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday July 11th

why the GOP is frantically trying to smother Obamacare in the crib

New African-American Equality Ad Gets NAACP Support

Well, today I had my day in (kangaroo) court..

Star Spangle (sic) Banner

Romney Opposes Marriage Equality in Speech to NAACP

(Reuters) Rise in sea level can't be stopped: scientists

Report: Americans paid 17 percent less taxes in 2009

60 House Democrats refuse to sign federal court brief against DOMA

Toronto Mourns Suicide of Transgender Leader

Whatever Representative Jackson is suffering from or with, I wish him a speedy recovery.

Songs which have become earworms in your head. I'll start.

Jack Abramoff Gets Radio Show With Clear Channel.

<<<Breaking nooz>>> Groundhog day, REPEAL obamacare 33rd time

Citizens United Reality Check - Corporations are Super People

Why doesn't Kaiser operate nationwide?

Brenham boy’s death impacts legislation

Bwahaha Martin Bashir just laughing at RMoney

Judge Continues to Block Miss. Abortion Law,


In 2009, Americans paid lowest tax rates in 30 years to federal government - WaPo

Pelosi: It would be ‘really important’ to take on medical marijuana in Congress

NSA Won't Read Your Emails... Yeah Right.

Pelosi: It would be ‘really important’ to take on medical marijuana in Congress

If you must eat meat... "Replace Beef with Poultry or Pork"

Interesting poll on state/federal control of immigration, health care, abortion, same-sex marriage.

Kids’ trip on hood nets four felonies

Romney Says He Knew He'd Be Booed at NAACP

TYT: Eric Holder's "Slow & Listless" Program

US training the dictators of tomorrow?

Why do people laugh a lot when they're tired?

A message to US from the Animal Kingdom

boehner's Obamacare repeal...

Tough talk on the boardwalk: Chris Christie's heated exchange...

Happy 18th birthday!

Health Care Repeal Bill Passes GOP-Controlled House, Has No Shot In Senate

Mitt: The People Have Spoken

"I can't believe I'm actually standing on the fucking moon."

House Republicans Spend 89 Hours Trying To Take Away Health Coverage From 30 Million Americans

GOP Tax Logic

Juror: poster "quite correct in stating that the person he or she was addressing was being 'a dick'"

Response To Veteran's Preference Thread

Retention rates on religious (and nonreligious) belief.

Fracking Commission: Former Halliburton exec and someone nicknamed "Tex"

"Senator Kyle Eats Your Brain"

Bill Moyers Essay: The Cowardly Lions of ‘Free Speech’

Some reactions to Romney's speech (video):

Russian religious group threatens Facebook: Stop ‘flirting with sodomites’

Earliest Americans Arrived in Waves, DNA Study Finds

Nuclear Foxes In Charge of the Nuclear Hen Houses

What About the Men? Why Our Gender System Sucks for Men, Too

So, how will the MSM treat the booing incident of MIttster?

Because the first 32 times were too subtle

Hank Jr opens his mouth and shows his idiot self again. The Hubs used to be a fan but didn't even

Mitt Romney Just cannot stop himself from LYING!!!

If I can't see your bumper in my rear view mirror


Why do you think Toyota moved its only US unionized plant in California to Mississippi?

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Offers LGBT Minor

Fighting the Wrong Battle

all this fuss about words reminds me of this spongebob episode

Pretty horse.

Why do Milestone's posts have an arrow?

Political Compass: US Election 2012 Overview

Rashard Lewis signs w/ Heat

Fed Minutes Show Disappointment With Growth

The Monthly Review: An independent Socialist Magazine

Mercury News editorial: California high-speed rail is high-spending folly

'Spain sacrificed to save dying banks'

"Democrats Propose New Jobs Bill – And It’s a Good One" by Beth at Veracity Stew

Domestic abuse situation

After Voting To Repeal Obamacare, Republicans Turn Their Attention To Golf

Max Keiser: Beware of Ponzi-high naked banksters

My Gawd, conservative Republicans are reprehensible assholes

GOP Brags how Voter ID Laws will help Deliver Pennsylvania to Romney (VIDEO)

Bwaaaaaaaaaah hahahahah Utah’s RW goon Mike Lee takes on HBO over ‘Newsroom’ jab

"GOP to the uninsured: Drop dead" by Matt Miller at WP

Bath salts fueling naked zombie crime wave?

Does Romney have a job?

I see LynneSin has posted a new PSA in the Lounge Cafeteria........

It warmed my heart to see Rmoney get booed during his address today to the NAACP's convention.

Oh, come ON!

Said on the TeeVee

Moving to Santa Monica, CA? Better Quit Smoking Now!

European Extremely Large Telescope given go-ahead

Mark Halperin confuses reality for smear campaigns

Damn! I never thought I would miss Tweety much, but

HopeHoops has a new favorite restaurant.....

Misanthropes on steroids

UN prepares for standoff with M23

Mr. Romney’s Neighborhood

Meet the new Labour adviser: Tony Blair

I plan on parking along Holland Rd

The same thing we do everyday Pinky

Graphic: Enough is enough, Congress!

Mitt Romney: 'End of quote'

Leather: Bad for the Environment, Workers, Communities, and Animals

You may not have understood Romney horrible speech, but it's pretty simple what he was doing...

"Former IRS Official Demands Investigation of ALEC" By Janie Lorber Roll Call Staff

Romney's speech before the NAACP was intentionally racist ...

Scott Brown lags behind Elizabeth Warren in fundraising

Nuclear-Armed Iran Would Bring 'Stability' But Risks

So this popped up on my facebook and I was blown away

Limbaugh today - Romney's NAACP speech was "over these people's heads"

A 13 year old discusses slut shaming

Nobody ever told little MFM that fish are evil

Today, an anniversary, OA, ..not doing well.

The politics of materialism as a product of relgion & why Christians are uncomfortable with LDS

Ray Gelato - Pasquale Americano

Proposal on so-called "Multiple Accounts"

Seven billion people and climbing, but not everywhere

Time to demand a nationwide reform of police standards of conduct

Has anyone here ever used any of the novel-writing software out there?

Anti Atheist opinion piece by right wing religious nut ruthy rotten hole!

And here's me thinking, "With Lansley in charge what could possibly go wrong?"

Why would a U.S. Senator check into the hospital using an alias?

Political elitism is eroding democracy: MIT economist -- Freeland File

Eye movement direction not correlated with lying

Mom leaves mentally disabled daughter by side of road, has not committed crime,

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 12 July 2012

About Obamacare... has anyone here ever seen the movie "Amazing Grace?"

Proposed rule on abortion certification causes confusion (Alaska)

Poor woman criticized for buying grapes (.99 per pound) and bottled water

"What Your Social Web Use Says About Your Politics In One Chart" at buzzfeed

The Guardian - Breaking down barriers to birth control (round table discussion in the UK)

Anyone see the "Mitt Romney NAACP speech audience reaction shots" on Reverend Al's show?

Crossing Over - Transgender Documentary

Do you ever find yourself excusing yourself from a jury because you just can't follow the discussion

Top 10 bad weather games in NFL history

Drummers- What's a good metronome?

Against deadly drones

David Corn is devouring Willard on Rev Al

Mitt Romney's DOUBLE SECRET INSIDE INFO from "a number African American leaders after the event"

So in 2009 "teabaggers" disrupted town hall meetings but the NAACP dared to boo Romney?

Graphic: Ignorance is Strength!

Of Human Bondage - Leslie Howard and Bette Davis.

ReTHUGs are trying to steal the November elections

" see before you die"

Please join me in THANKING some very special Dems in Kansas!!!

Directv vs Viacom - who wins? (In other words, DirecTV subscribers, check in here)

Martin Bashir - PSA on Romney's favorite, most inaccurate poll

Priceless headline at TPM - "Romney: Black Leaders Offered Me Secret Support"

Canada’s economy: eight reasons to curb your enthusiasm

What it's costing Ohio to ignore health insurance exchanges

Good things about your chronic disease:

Romney Falls Flat in NAACP Appearance

Martin Bashir - Bush buddy Karl Rove accuses Obama of 'war on women'

House Republicans Say 'Don’t Bring Jobs Home'

Martin Bashir - Romney loses voice at NAACP over voter ID laws

(Perry) Texas Women's Health Program Wants To Stop Doctors From Even Talking About Abortion

"Mitt Romney offered a slightly inaccurate version of his tax return history..."

Popular Oakland pot shop targeted for closure

Obama Administration Takes Immediate Actions to Help Small Businesses

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s condition to be discussed next on Cenk

Great tid bit - Graham cracker, apricot jam & peanut butter cookies.

Is Small Business Dying

"At the end of the day"

Martin Bashir - GOP 'voter ID' efforts threaten to marginalize voters nationwide

What are the dumbest jargon-y phrases and words that annoy you most?

Divide and conquer in action in Akron, Ohio

As an HR Professional ...

a biography of the day -- Sarojini Naidu

I think a gesture toward PS teachers and their unions would go a long way right about now.

Would you vote for Obama or any Democrat

Israel to deploy Iron Dome system on Egyptian border

Boy, Are Americans Not Overtaxed

Real Men Love Cats

Gov. Parnell (R. Alaska) might reject Medicaid expansion

Bashir nearly loses it today on his program

What We Have Is A Failure To Understand That We Are Now In A Combat Zone Nationally.

Deputies looking for church vandals

Dinner music, and then some. A couple of classical pieces -

My 80 year old dad renewed his voter registration today...just so he could vote for Obama.

Three D.C. Council members call on Gray to resign (Mayor Vincent Gray)

When Black Metal's Anti-Religious Message Gets Turned on Islam

FOX's Eric Bolling Can't Figure Out Why Mitt Romney Has A Swiss Bank Account

Army Demonstrates a Weapon That Shoots Laser-Guided Lightning Bolts

MISSOURI: Governor (Democrat) Signs Two NRA-Backed Bills into Law Today

Mitt lied yet again. On Big Ed show just now

Hooray for the 1% (as long as they play for your team). - Peyton buys $4.5 M home.

A little while ago I had one of the saddest phone calls I have ever recieved.

Presbyterians overwhelmingly vote for boycott of settlement produce

Striking farm workers at a Central Valley fresh tomato company win union representation election

MISS KITTY CAME TO THE BALL.. her gown amazed the guests!

If Jim Matheson loses in November, he'll have himself to blame.

Come una Pietra Scalciata (Like a Rolling Stone)

"Toe-besity" Surgery on the Rise

Scientologists plan Hollywood TV studio

Ameren UE is seeking a 14% rate increase

Self delete

UPDATE 2: Texas E-Z-Trip (C-store) Shooting of Violent Drunk

Anti-drug abuse measure drives many addicts to heroin

Sexual Objectification 3: Daily Rituals to Stop

Taxes have NOT risen under Obama for ANYONE......

xkcd- Relativistic Baseball

It's getting harder and harder to tell applegrove and CaliforniaPeggy apart.

If you're both a dog AND a cat person simultaneously... BEWARE: Your dog is in grave danger!!!

It's getting easier and easier to spot the rightwing trolls that slip in amongst us.

Phone genealogy:

Limbaugh: Romney sounded like Snow White with testicles at NAACP..

MiddleFingerMom has finally figured out how to incorporate LOTS of veggies into a well-balanced diet

True confession time!!! MiddleFingerMom has fallen DEEPLY in love with Mitt.

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Accused Burglar Incorporates Self

Taking back the factory (New Era Windows They want to buy the factory)


Start it up: the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones' first gig

HBO's The Newsroom... punch in the gut truth...

CNBC: Wall Streeters Buying Testosterone for an Edge

Mitt Romney Tried to Rig NAACP Crowd by Flying in His Own African Americans

First lady Michelle Obama visits the Blanchard Park YMCA in Orlando, Fla. - pics

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo . . .

Facebook meme: Apparently, I’m supposed to be more outraged . . . . . .

Take One Look At This Quote By Harry Truman And Let Us Know Which Side You're On

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. being treated for "mood disorder"

OSHA Declines to Issue Rule Protecting Workers From Heat

33 reasons why Republicans shouldn’t have voted to repeal Obamacare for the 33rd time

Provocative art put Catholic nun in the middle of 1960s maelstrom

The Line

Imagine if Republicans voted 33 times on a jobs bill...

Can Democrats Seize the Romney Opening, and Not Let Go This Time?

Reading recommendations?

Bernie Sanders On Why Some Billionaires Are Running For The Border

My mom is 88 years old today (everybody calls her Bea)

Police Error May Have Created False DNA Link Between Occupy Wall Street Protest and 2004 Julliard

It used to be that public school teachers were valued by Democratic politicians.

Are Banksters Redeemable? Interview With Former JPMorgan Director John Fullerton

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Taxes in America Are at a 30-Year Low, and More

Here's What The 'American Dream' Means For Guys Like Bush And Romney

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 12 -- What's On Tonight: Bob's Picks

Be sure to catch Rachel's opening about the Romney fundraiser

In case your not aware of this. (UPDATED)

Creating an Unhealthy America is a Pre-existing Condition for the Right Wing

i saw the Obama ad Rachel is showing now on Florida TV

Movies that made you want to gouge your eyes out?

Midwest Drought May Spark Food Inflation

Romney did it on PURPOSE! (re NAACP)

Electric rates not falling along with fuel costs

Study: Sept. 11 most memorable TV moment

New Obama Ad Contrasts Romney's Plan to Raise Middle Class Taxes With Obama Tax Cuts

Maryland voters likely to decide congressional map

Good News for Baby Sea Turtles!

DNA Links Occupy Wall Street to September 14, 1901 Assasination of William McKinley...

When you turn teachers into minimum wage employees, all they can teach is how to make minimum wage

Why is there a naked man in Mary Poppins?

Digsby platform to be open sourced

Democrats vow to block 'immoral' cuts to food stamps for poor Americans

Mitt Romney Admits REAL Reason He Visited NAACP

Romney calls the people who booed him freeloaders

Jeter: Boston is really where they boo

(Brazil) Government $1bn deal to controversial Petrobras deep-sea oil drilling

Update: Pit Bull "Lennox" Was Put to Sleep Today

In essence Romney calls AA leaders cowards.

NY Fed to release Libor documents Friday: official

Did anyone get the full Romney quote...

NY Times reports - Blunt Romney Says He Offers a Better Chance for Blacks

Chris Hedges: " Days of Destruction Days of Revolt" June 29th 2012 Seattle

Rmoney's offshore accounts and the strategy

~~~July Photo Contest Finals~~~

'Easy' parking spots for women introduced by German mayor


Hungary's Thick Red Line

Study finds no long-term negative cognitive effects from marijuana

~~~July Finals are up in GD.~~~

The ED Show - House Republicans vote to repeal health care

The Disgusting and Creepyass Fisher Cat

Rmoney: "I do not have a hidden agenda..."

Still do not understand why politicians think they have the right to say ....

Turn on Lawrence right fuggin' now

Front row at the NAACP Romney speech

COPS: Banksters Gone Wild

Don't honk at old people

Under ACA (aka Obamacare) won't Congress be forced to use

Alan Grayson: Gov. Rick Scott will have blood on his hands (Video)

A scandal over rate-fixing is about to hit the US

Dear Cracker Jack

The ED Show - Will Republicans raise taxes on the middle class?

BREAKING: Romney just said that Blacks just want Free Stuff from the Government!

The ED Show - Romney helps the rich get richer

Inspiring and heart warming

The “Uncertainty” principal – What they really mean

Japan, China in fresh territorial row

Fury grows at Islamabad's NATO u-turn

DU doesn't suck and it can't be made to suck and SoPs don't make it suck. n/t

Obama is going for at least one state that pundits say can't go Republican again.

The ED Show - Debunking the Obama tax myth

So, Florida saved a bundle by drug testing welfare recipients, right?!?!

Police: 17-year-old shot robbing home with two other men.

I don't think there are going to be any debates

"Free stuff"? Maybe Romney is projecting.

Marquete U. poll: Obama's lead in WI goes from 6% to 8%

Tim Tebow and Derek Jeter are in a streetfight in the middle of the road...

Fox and Friends Picks Fight With a Military Hat. (TYT)

DU's MannyGoldstein outed as Huckabee writer

Bet this old but never used political ad will be used a lot

I Think Mitt May be the First Presidential Nominee to Completely Melt Down on Camera.

Security guards indicted in Dante Price death, Dayton Ohio

Will Romney be the Republican candidate for President?

Which DU username would be the most fun if it were a sex position?

25% of Romney bundlers hail from finance sector

ESPY's.....anyone watching....and did Aaron Rodgers win???

Mich. Supreme Court will hear emergency manager repeal case

More fun with mental defectives

My favorite part of Mitt's NAACP speech (No boos, secret black friends, free stuff. Mitt connects?)

Pack of raccoons attack woman leaving her with over a 100 lacerations, sending her to hospital

Cooper the Puppy Maltese visited my Teeny Tiny Group this week! (video)

So is there a UN forum or group? I can't find it & I don't know where to put this.

"The GOP’s crime against voters" By Eugene Robinson at WP

CT Governor Malloy pickets with striking nursing home workers

LPAC, Lesbian Super PAC, Launches With Backing Of Billie Jean King And Jane Lynch

Fire on the Mt. Charleston mountain range.

The Business of War: SOFEX

WebTherapy - funny as HELL

Romney Invested Millions in Chinese Firm That Profited on US Outsourcing

I love my relatives...really I do, but when they try to argue with me politically...

What is the proper punishment in this case?

Romney should've just stuck with the speech he usually gives to black audiences

Well shit! I just found out two of my old girlfriends got together......

Go Away Stalker!

Wayne and Dubya

Health Care Law Repeal Efforts By House GOP Cost Nearly $50 Million: CBS Report

Good grief! To listen to the pukes talk

Mainstream Media Slams GOP For Wasting $50 Million on ACA Repeal Votes

San Bernardino bankrupt: Blame pet projects, not labor, union says

Just got push polled for WA gov & President

Jesus Loves Me, Cyanide & Happiness told me so

Chip-hungry Olympic workers celebrate freedom from McDonald's monopoly