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Rick Scott’s Initial Voter Purge List Shown To Be 98.4% Inaccurate

YItzhak Shamir dies

Maiden gay cruise to Muslim land hits Morocco snag

Illegal gun sale actually prosecuted

Whatcha servin on the 4th?

We're A 60 Seat Dem Senate & Dem Controlled House....

unemployed man missed job interview to save baby on subway platform, gets hired

Naked man goes on wild carjacking spree, injures 7

Unemployed Army vet gets support, criticism for selling war medal on ebay

I just borrowed this from my niece

People mistake Maine Coon cat for a couger, call police

Sex grooming cases spark racial tensions

In the name of transparency, how about.....

Let the violence begin.

'the biggest tax hike in the history of the universe'

An all-time low for heating degree days (Twin Cities, MN)

Who the hell is "Milestone" and...

Obama Expands His Lead With Florida Hispanics After Deportation Shift

"The 1934 Dinner Party That May Have Helped Save Obamacare."

Come on, folks. DUers alerting on "fuck"?

Talk about fiddling while Rome burns!

So conservatives think they can "take back their country" by force?

For republicans who want to move to Canada because of the ACA

Once-Prominent Public Figures Who Have Totally DISAPPEARED

Looking for a graphic someone posted yesterday as a response in a thread about ACA.

Boy that felt good

Matt Taibbi:A Huge Break in the LIBOR Banking Investigation (interest rate bid-rigging by banksters)

Roller woke me up, here it is

Check out this Mitt Romney video on health care from 5 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm gonna turn in. Just a heads-up to all of you...

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, June 30)

An unpleasant thought just occurred to me about Roberts.

Chess (July): Magnus wins Tal Memorial, tops ratings list

Found a nice website at my place tonight

Stupid science joke...

Japan, Nuclear PROTEST!, Nobody is COVERING IT!!

CNBC admits We're all Slaves to Central Bankers

"Here’s your check, go away.’

i can not thank you enough for all you gift us here, Blue_Tires!!!

thank you, PBOGers, for all you have been posting!!! i wish

"PBarack Obama: 99 PROBLEMS" From Iman Crosson/Our Alpha Cat!

Check out Mitt Romney on Fox News 5 years ago after signing the Mass healh care bill

Why is allowing corporations and people giving millions upon millions of dollars...

Will Repub Governors refuse en masse to implement the ACA?

Theresa May 'planning changes to immigrant test'

Mind-boggling time-lapse of the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado

Storms: Mid-Atlantic power outages could last days

Ask Your Local Paper to Cover the Bradley Manning Trial-July 16

TRENDING: Ballot issues arise after Rangel's apparent primary win

David Jones: Joe Paterno fans must accept that he was flawed

Palfrey ends Cuba-Florida swim amid strong current

What Katie Holmes is Saving Suri From: Scientology's Interrogation of Children

Advice On How To Use Caffeine—From A Neuroscientist

Reunited at last

What the zombie apocalypse really looks like...

Mexico could return old ruling party to power

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Disney Spells Edition

Tea Party t-shirt for July 4th:

007 Marathon on Encore Today

Mobile lands contract for $600 million, 1,000-worker plant to build Airbus

Maher: Mandate is like calling a speeding ticket a driving ticket

Good image: Mitt touring a factory

Diane Ravitch on public education, charters and vouchers

Rufus the hawk stolen from Wimbledon

Tennis Grunting: Women's Tennis Association Aims To Eliminate 'Excessive Grunting'

The GOTeaHadists don’t like the ACA Tax for not having Insurance

Has anybody here used "Lumosity"? The

What if nobody changes their mind between now and November?

Toon: The Election-year Migrant Worker

The Revisionaries Trailer

Drone aircraft kills eight suspected militants in Pakistan

How do I get a job on an ObamaCare death panel?

Gas Drilling Moratorium for Bucks, Montgomery Counties

REMINDER: The new "ISP Spy" policies go into effect TODAY, NOT July 12th.

Secular Woman Inc, the first national organization for atheist, humanist, and non-religious women

It’s Official: No Circumcision in Germany – Jewish Hospital Bans the Brit

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 3: Star of the Month: Leslie Howard

Poll: ACA support up to 48 percent, from 43 percent before court decision.

Syrian opposition rejects U.N. transition plan

The Heat-Wave Heaves! Please come CAPTION Sarah (subtle as a fist sandwich) Palin!!!!!

Amy Goodman: The American citizens rebelling against Citizens United

anyone know about this MSF study? Is this legit?

Rmoney fundraiser in...LONDON???

The Friday night storm was a heller, here in Kanawha county.

Palin: 'ObamaCare' a harbinger of things to come, if Obama is re-elected, you will no longer...

Idiocracy, the documentary.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 4: Musical Bios

Dr. Isay, *TITANIC* LGBT rights figure, died yesterday.

No politics zone! I am on the radio at 11 AM EST talking tomatoes....

Lost in Translation

1st Japan reactor goes online since nuclear crisis

Congress: taxpayers to pay insurance companies' costs of BP disaster in Gulf

Do they cover issues like this on Sitcoms of today.

Congress: taxpayers to pay insurance companies' costs of BP disaster in Gulf

Kuwait emir accepts government resignation

The Nation: In the Healthcare Decision, a Hidden Threat?

Vince Cable has called for a criminal investigation into the conduct of the Barclays

Holder refuses to prosecute self.

Affordable Care Act - Preventive Services for Women, Including Pregnant Women

MSNBC should change the name of this show to: Commercials w/Chris Hayes

Oh, gaaack. Teh Stupid. New ad in Iowa by some group demanding that everyone call the President

Con Edison negotiations fail, workers locked out

Faces at Lexington's Pride Fest

How to tell if a download is legit or not? Adobe Acrobat keeps saying it

A Fish Tale

When did so many (not all) "christians" become hateful psychopaths?

Because of global warming, my next car may be a 6 cylinder.

I think I just found the right wing brain trust.

If the Confederate Army had invaded the Union more than in July 1863,

Florida Public land under attack from land grabbers. A little help, please.

How a malnourished girl got help from the system, then vanished

Catholic Sensibility

Turkey scrambles jets on Syria border

Another nice day for the Tiny Dogs! (video)

Palin calls John Roberts a traitor

NYT: Mittens may have raised $100 million in June (will unleash negative ads on Obama)

* * * * * Happy Birthday, one_voice! * * * * *

Afghanistan Election Could Mean 'All Bets Are Off'

Sunday Treat: 1972 NYT book review by Nora Ephron

Fundraiser for CUAPB TODAY

Ryan on This Week is just twisting his undies in knots over healthcare and has introduced

What if everyone who smokes switched over to smokeless tobacco?

I have the most au courant dreams!1 This A.M. it was Alec BALDWIN's wedding!1 A report:

Clinton: World may not succeed in Syria

McConnell Can’t Answer How GOP Will Insure Americans After Repealing ObamaCare

‘Lost Boys’ Peril Returns in Sudan

Tax CUT counter-argument to Rs' lies on ACA "tax increase on the middle class"

The 'Busy' Trap.

A powerful message: A Civilized Society

I just donated to Obama's re-election campaign!

US Carbon Emissions Down 7.7% Since 2006 - Too Bad About the Rest Of The Planet

US senator calls to prosecute Assange

If the government wants to save Billions on health care costs they should

Found this link... may come in handy..

Why Obama: To fight for progressive values

Call2Fall - what the real Christians are up to today.

Roger Ebert's Column on Heath Care Reform

Murdoch Re: Mitt's Chances: "Doubtful"

Hope it's OK to cross-post this...

How are we doing after the storm, Virginians?

McConnell Can’t Answer How GOP Will Insure Americans After Repealing ObamaCare: ‘That Is Not The

Mitt Romney On The Killer Colorado Wildfires

Banking scandal: how document trail reveals global scam

Murdoch Chides Romney on Campaign and Obama Challenge

Schumer: Roberts Broke His Promise On Commerce Clause

The Deadly Addiction to Cheap Meat: How the overuse of antibiotics on livestock is making us sick

McConnell can't say how GOP will insure 30m after repealing ObamaCare

Mitch McConnell: GOP Only Needs 51 Votes to Overturn Mandate

NJ Slaps Gun Owners in Face in Right to Carry Case – Again

Business Insider: Corporate Profits Just Hit An All-Time High, Wages Just Hit An All-Time Low

Researchers use spoofing to 'hack' into a flying drone

HAPPY CANADA DAY !!!!!!!! ............

Gun Owners Victorious in New York (Microstamping mandate blocked)

Filtered soft lens on Norah O'Donnel on FTN

Series of earthquakes shakes California-Mexico border region

Olberman on George Stephanopolis (sp) now,

Boehner vows to take Holder to court

Thousands protest as new Hong Kong leader sworn in

minor league baseball

Kenya church attacks 'kill 15' in Garissa

Europeans, Canadians baffled by U.S. furor on healthcare

So they are pitching my book proposal upstairs next week...

ALERT!, the folks that are supposed to be smiting in McKinney all need to go to Allen

Memo To Supreme Court Conservatives: You SURE Government Never Regulates Inactivity?

A quote by Harry Truman

$806 Billion: The Real Cost of the GOP Failed Medicare Privatization Experiment

Rahm is Doing Some Good Things in Chicago Regarding Gang Violence

Teabaggers won't like Canada, so here's another place they may fit right in at:

Expert: SCOTUS ruling on health reform will have no impact

Robert's "long game" is to dismantle affirmative action

Agency: Iran to hold military maneuvers with surface-to-surface missiles targeting “bases”

So now that I am in Tucson, Arizona, does anyone have some advice for a newbie?

Could Roberts be another Souter after several revealations after sitting on his ass being CJ

Paul Ryan is an asshole. I'm waiting for him to go away on Geo Stephanopoulos

They got ya by the balls....

Can the President still say that the mandate is not a "tax"??

Thomas Jefferson always nailed it, from more than 200 year before

So now that I am in Tucson, Arizona, does anyone have some advice for a newbie?

When It Comes to Corporate Tax Havens, Who Needs the Caymans---To Delaware, With Love

Dish satellite has ditched IFC (& AMC & WE). Consumer is a cog in the corporate wars, get over it!1

S. David Freeman: Time has come for California to embrace a nuclear-free future

McConnell: Ask Romney If Massachusetts Mandate Was A Tax

President Correa on Assange in a recent interview.

Iowans Love VP Biden - pics

Highly recommended article by Dr. Atul Gawande on the political fight over PACA.

Despite Moratorium & Investigation, Peat Fires Rage In "Protected" Sumatran Concession

Rude is rude CNN and you would not have said' known for his candor' if Obama

Two Rangers, Four Others, 13 Endangered Okapi Massacred By Militia At DRC Research Station

Japan protest still going strong; May have forced workers to arrive via ocean after road blocked

Sen. McConnell On Whether The Massachusetts Mandate Is A Tax: Ask Romney

Favorite fictional secretive government agent?

Abortion: The Ultimate Insult to Male Authority

Atlanta 106 (New Record); Knoxville 105 (New Record); YTD 40,113 High Records Set To 5,835 Low

September NO NUKES convergence on Washington D.C.

I think I just lost 1/2 hour.

The Dissenter reports on Greenwald's Surveillance State speech at the Socialism 2012 conference

Assad's forces on offensive; Moscow defends him again

Company dismantling Zion nuclear plant under financial stress

Ruling ups support for Obama healthcare, still unpopular

IMPORTANT! Check your voter registration!!

Japan opens solar energy parks

Be afraid...

Romney Advisers Reveal Strategy: Ignore Journalists, Pander To Right-Wing Conspriacy Websites

Julian Assange vows to ‘stay inside Ecuador embassy’

Ya know, this probably wouldn't have been the worst thing we'd ever seen...

A very young Judeo-Christian tradition

Blodgett makes the case for bottom up

Soyuz spacecraft lands safely in Kazakhstan – video

Lounge Gents: How do you feel about women's facial hair?

South Carolina - no Medicaid expansion or health exchanges..

The Killing

What the hell is patient centers. Ryan eluded to it on Stephie`s show.

Rise in sea level can't be stopped: scientists

Videos: Romney, Job-Killer

Call to Governor Quinn: Issue an Executive Order to Establish the Illinois Health Benefits Exchange!

Scientists: 2009 swine flu was 15 times deadlier than originally reported

Alawite activists flee to Turkey

Nuclear power plant collusion (on station blackout regulations in Japan)

Jesus... 'Paul Ryan: Repeal Health Law Because Rights Come From God' - Rawstory

Cities Balk as Federal Law on Marijuana Is Enforced

It's Sunday. I'm goin' back to bed.

Assasinaton of one of Hamas Leaders 27-6-2012

How Delaware Thrives as a Corporate Tax Haven

Hawaii’s top 10 largest landowners

Al Jazeera interview with Richard Dawkins

In honor of an old girlfriend from Kiev who I called my KGB connection

Campaign 2012: Obama fundraising plea says he will be outspent (LA Times)

Japan opens solar energy parks (xpost from LBN - new laws go into effect)

A blog about Syrian news - created by a Syrian woman

How does one go about finding a criminal attorney in a different state?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday July 1st

MultiAmerican: Posts of the week: Dissecting the SB 1070 decision, more

The Real Truth About GOP Insurance Coverage Or Care For The Uninsured

Well now, that was a bit of a wicked storm. eesh

Western wildfires are getting worse. Why?

On dare from government, researchers successfully hack flying drone

You know, a successful franchise can be taken too far...

Turkey sends jets to Syrian border

Challenging the Surveillance State

Joan Rivers comments on the Gay Pride Oreo controversy: (LOL)

I sat on Dahli today

Ok here is a question (Jindal health care= entitlement)

George W. Bush: Still the worst

Bain attack ads working....

But the ACA ain't really a tax, is it?

Just great. Our local newspaper is *ONLY* available online to subscribers.

Transition Plan for Syria Falters .

Sen. Schumer says Romney "in a pickle" over health care

Some States Reluctant to Expand Medicaid

Romney Advisers Reveal Strategy: Ignore Journalists, Pander To Right-Wing Conspriacy Websites

PSA if you want do follow the returns from Mexican Presidential elections

Toon: Where can we go?

Toon: Melting

Get Yer Top 50 First Term Accomplishment's Here

TCM Schedule for Sunday, April 8, 2012 -- The Essentials, Jr.: Time To Go Home

Three strikes law being looked at as too punitive.....

It's hot outside

Please help me get my website going

Report: Sources say Roberts switched vote in healthcare case

In her written opinion, Justice Ginsburg

Toonmeister Darrin Bell (Candorville) understands modern bankster policies

Romney boosts liberal Mormons

Mitt Romney: A person should “get as much education as they can afford”

National Religious Group Votes to Make Reproductive Justice A Priority for Action

For once, focus your bloodlust on Republicans --instead of the DLC/Firebaggers/ANYONE WITHOUT AN (R)

Best recent John Grisham

5 Day Timelapse - Waldo Canyon Fire - June 23rd-28th

Your E-Book Is Reading You

MDI's compressed air engine technology tested on Tata Motors vehicles

"Early Hypable reader review: ‘Brave’ – a feminist triumph"

ObamNEYcare: how Romney’s and Obama’s health plans match up (basically, the same F*&KING bill)

please give me some ammo

2012 MLB All-Star Game Starting Rosters

Haven't heard from Matt Kibbe on ACA???? I have, read here.....

In other nations "freeloaders" are called citizens

Someone with more savvy than I ...

GOP: Voters will have final say on health care law!

Your All-Star Rosters

Bob Marley - Stir it up

Faux news coverage of "crysis(sic)" in Canada

Watching the 007 marathon. Just saw Mitt Romney!

The New American Declaration of Independence

My dog was diagnosed with Cushing's disease a few years ago ...

New right wing talking point: "Romney Care is a failure"

Health Insurance CEO Exploding Pay As They Promote The Repeal Of Obamacare–Simply Evil

Use this when they speak for the Founding Fathers.

Support for Obama healthcare law rises after ruling

Health-care leaders: Ruling no cure for spiraling costs

"Allow insurance to be sold across state lines." Oops, we did that too.

To my fellow Cars fans (the band) ...

Some advise to our far right friends

Passed, Signed, Upheld


U.S. tells Rwanda to halt support for Congo rebels

Sarah Palin calls President Obama a 'tool'

Big News for Renewable Energy: FERC Rules for Wind, Solar, Storage

Mitch McConnell says 30 million uninsured is not the issue...

F**k!! put that F****r BACK! I wasn't done with him yet! . . . . Please. :-))))

What John Roberts did: "So Shines A Good Deed In A Weary World"

Doubts Cast on Turkey's Story of Jet

Perhaps Michael Weiner-Savage is correct when he says John Roberts having Epilepsy is the reason

Anybody here remember the Twilight Zone episode, 'The Midnight Sun'?

How many "dead tree edition" newspapers do you read a week?

1st: Protect Obama's Health Care Reform. 2nd: Move Toward a Public Option

the retreat

Would you say I have a plethora of piñatas?

Support for Obama healthcare law rises after ruling

Funniest "Freecycle" offering I've seen in a while...

I'm just starting "Canada", by Richard Ford.

Gloat Free Fútbol Score (Sunday, July 1)

Why do people drive SUVs?

Wooo! Severe Thunderstorm warning here with possible 70mph winds. (I'm baaa-aaaaack! 8pm)

You know how we're exhorted here to vote for Obama, even if we have reservations?

Can I use old paint and primer that have been stored in a very hot attic for years?

'Job killing' Obamcare....

So Joe Williams was FIRED by Politico for saying something about Romney

4- nil

Meet The Beaten ----->

Mitt Romney"The Individual Mandate is "Ultimate Conservatism"

Canadians starting to demand the privatized USA Health Care system.......

Islamists vow to smash every mausoleum in Timbuktu (BBC) {World Heritage Site}

A health care 'Judas' recounts his conversion (former Cigna exec)

A REC should also Kick the post! No downside that I see. n-t

Bravo Spain!!

A health care 'Judas' recounts his conversion (former Cigna exec, via CNN)

Up w/ Chris Hayes - Dark money financing political campaign ads

Oh no, the fireworks have started - let the shaking and hiding begin. Heidi hates the 4th of July

Gov. Perdue has vetoed fracking...

How do you feel after reading threads like this here on DU?

Bank of England dragged into rate-rigging row'

Bachmann claws her way back from obscurity to seize the crown of "craziest fuck on the planet"

Hi! May I get some assistance from some of our British DU'ers?

Links to interesting/fun Irish-relevant sites

Corporate party A and Corporate party B

Well on my way to get a few photos for contest

Breaking Bad Season 5 - Speculation and Spoilers

Starting today, MMJ providers are not able to use their VISA/MC credit card system.

Rep. Michael Rogers (R-MI) sponsors SOPA-like "CISPA" Bill, which has already passed the House

Geo. "Debate Books" WILL said nobody is getting that ROBERTS is simply a Libertarian

Bald eagle snatches fisherman's catch at Lake Padden Read more here:

I am trying to find what the copays (coinsurance) for people who pay the Obamacare uninsured "TAX"

Just turned on an Ipad for first time configuration bought in another country...

"I believe that President Obama saved my life" - ACA

Turkey’s EU ties on hold

PPACA allows insurers to charge older customers three times the rate they charge younger people

Tori Amos Fans

The Huge Corporate Tax Loophole Still Exists in PA - the Delaware Loophole

Barclays bank chairman Marcus Agius to resign

Mexican election could return old rulers to power

The Society of Man and Woman


How hot is it? Why it's so hot

Group turns tables on Chicago gun turn-in, uses money for gun camp

Mystical triangulation

Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Nearing Critical ‘Tipping Point’

Have You Seen this (Foodstamps and Animals)

Most useless gadgets you can buy...

(UK business secy) Vince Cable calls for criminal investigation into Barclays bankers

Drudge canned outrage smear of the day: "OMG! Obama is raising funds off the heat wave!"

Rio+20: ‘We Cannot Conflate The Negotiations With What Is Actually Happening On The Ground’

republicans at work: Welfare drug testing among new Tennessee laws effective July 1st

Paul Ryan: Repeal health law because rights come from God

Section 1332 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – the “Waiver for State Innovation”

Burying 26,000 Americans With Plans To Bury More

UK migrants to face 'patriotic' citizenship test

Olbermann NAILS IT on ABC w/George Stephanopoulos this morning:

PM accused of weak stance on Europe referendum

US journalist banned from Britain for investigating Jersey child abuse

ACA Mandate Myths & How the Affordable Care Law Affects You

The Great Ivy League Nude Posture Photo Scandal

Thank God it's Sunday.

The Great Ivy League Nude Posture Photo Scandal

Solar Thermal Scales New Heights in China

The "Real Death Panel"

(NYT stirring up FUD?) Stung by Recession, Many Young Voters Looking Past Obama

Has anyone pointed out to the "wingnuts" that the only thing ruled un-Constitutional

(UK) Reading the Riots study reveals police fears over further unrest

Give Health Care to Firefighters Who Battle Wildfires

Toons, Videos, & Articles: Romney/Job Destroyer --->

If Rupert Murdoch calls you "creepy, maybe even evil," you might have an image problem.

(Louisiana) PSC rules against nuclear plant charges for Entergy customers

Great Obama bumper sticker for sale!

We are all at the mercy of too many people in this country who don't know a damn thing

Art show riot reflects religious divide in new Tunisia

America has a new word to learn: Dilbit.

Post other river shots that you thought about entering but didn't

Mitt Romney: Job Killer

Banksters Win Again

John Roberts Health Care Decision: Supreme Court Chief Justice Switched Sides, Sources Say

Mitch McConnell thinks 30,000,000 people without health insurance aren't very important

Smoke KOOLS! "As KOOL and as Clean as a Breath of Fresh Air"

Stewart's been killin' it lately

Jury fail: Jury votes 3-3 on especially crude joke about Native Americans

Inside the Tokyo Protest: “People are piping mad. they finally got angry” Police barricades collapse

Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia Underway; Expect Waves of Protest

I am now a Grandmother.

Keiser Report: Barclays' Bad Bet (E308)

Philadelphia Mayor Apparently Wants Occupy National Gathering Participants to Go Thirsty in Heat

FB friend posts this Reagan quote

At least it lasted this long....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 2 July 2012

Prison camps in North Korea

77% of JP Morgan’s Net Income Comes from Government Subsidies

Storm damage pics (warning lots of pictures)

Rupert Murdoch: 'Doubtful' That Romney Will Beat Obama In 2012 Election

I guess it's no shock that an industry that produces nothing of any real value......

Storms of June 29, 2012 (warning pics)

Iceland's president wins record fifth term

Has anyone else received this email besides me?

$2540 for 2 Fillings, Poor Hit by High Costs at Dental Chain

Fried rice bleh help!-mix ins for sauce-updated

Great quote from Think on healthcare access and the free market.

Mini-shorts for men? Not in the real world...

OK, I'll be Andy Rooney - Meat thermometers

chris hedges speaks at occupy july 1,2012

WHEN are the ACA Supporters allowed to say, "GET OVER IT"!

Generally speaking, what is your opinion of taxes?

Roberts switched views to uphold health care law

Missy Franklin wins 200 backstroke, may set U.S. Olympic events record

US judge temporarily blocks Mississippi abortion law

Really jurors? Are you fucking kidding me?!!!?!!!????!!1

The remedy for health care system is universal Medicare (by a republican)

Europe's Market Watchdog Probes Rating Agencies: FT

Popping the Right Wing Voter Enthusiasm Balloon with the "Obstructionism Works Both Ways" Argument.

Romney Advisers Reveal Strategy: Ignore Journalists, Pander To Right-Wing Conspriacy Websites

Mexico's Opposition Candidate Pena Nieto Winning Election: Exit Polls

Healthcare law still faces obstacles (if we lose the Senate) - LATimes

Why must all the olympic gymnasts be under the age of 18?

Searching for a microfiber travel towel I found the perfect thing.

Big Membership Losses for NEA

ALEC Alert !!! - 'South Carolina Passes Bill Against Municipal Broadband' - arstechnica

Microfiber towel finds. Bright but affordable.

RNC Sues To Allow Unlimited Anonymous Donations

Rupert Murdoch calls Scientologists 'creepy' and maybe 'evil'

Advise for vacation in Houston

Psst... Please Pass This Along...

Mississippi Abortion Law Temporarily Blocked By Federal Judge

They are now known as "President's Choice" Canada Day Fireworks. That is what happens when you

The "Free Market": Caveat Vendor vs Caveat Emptor

Who will Iran sanctions really cripple?

Chinese 'cannibal' attack

Help needed to refute an anti-Obamacare 'fact'

the fire is 100 percent contained

Is this where I get to say "I can't believe an entire jury.....

Results of my first and most likely last alert..

Anyone giving to the olympics??? and should I put this in the sports forum??

Tonight is Chicken Express Snow Monkey Night at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

GOD Answers to Paul Ryan......

Did you actually hear the 2nd reading this Sunday?

I can't believe I just found this on Craigslist

Geez I go away for 3 days and the whole world falls to shit

How are DUers celebrating Canada Day?

Terrapin Mac: 30 Mil. Uninsured, Not the Issue...

Baked a cake, Kitchen Dancing!

Do you think starting a 'funding thread' is a good idea?

Short version of Mexican elections, it is in LBN

Remember how President Obama confidently and brazenly put the Court in their place

NY Attorney General Probing U.S. Chamber of Commerce for Allegedly Laundering AIG Money for Lobbying

US Female Gymnastics team looks really strong. I predict GOLD for them

WikiLeaks on Scientology

Obama Team had better get on Ellen, Letterman, Leno and FAST

Coburn: ObamaCare will "Sovietize" U.S. health care system

Som Sabadell flashmob ...

Montana’s Governor Schweitzer blasts Supreme Court for overturning Corrupt Practices Act

When will the Food Network stop giving Paula Deen's dip-shit sons programs?

1st: Protect Obama's Health Care Reform. 2nd: Move Toward a Public Option

And with little or no fanfare, Mr. Done For steps ahead of Jack Nicklaus and becomes #2 on the

If You Can Afford Cell Phones, iPads, Video Games, Nike Shoes, Netflix, Then Under The ACA...

Affordable Care Act: “The very thing that I criticized is what is going to save my life.”

Why HAVE Democratic mayors been so hardline towards Occupy?

A young woman made motorsports history today at the O'Reilly Autoparts Route 66 NHRA Nationals

Pre-Existing Bias

Discrimination against armed forces could become illegal (in UK)

So where are we Senate wise?

UK presses US on human rights clause in arms trade treaty

Election Commission Offices Sacked in Libya Before Vote

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, July 1)

Obama campaign call affirms money anxiety

FORBES: Don't Buy The GOP Narrative That Obamacare Is A Tax On Middle Class (Important Distinction)

Roberts To Conservatives: I Am Not YOUR Bitch

Wow, nice Obama pic

Starself astrology newsletter for July - "The Doorman"

A Kansas teen dreams about restoring an amusement park. Pretty cool for a kid to have this dream

I was listening to Rich Lowry today articulate an alternative to Obama-care on Meet The Press

The Bobblespeak Translations

S.F. family's murderer killed before, FBI was told

On raising nice kids

Mother Fucking Rick Scott