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Hymn 43

What's the deal with the Wisconsin State Senate seat 21?

*New Rachel show is on now.

Well now I expect our inboxes will be overflowing with political emails entreating for donations

Ok, so when does the son of a b*tch get indicted?????

What's your favorite Grateful Dead song or performance? Or something like that.

What's the latest on the Kenosha senate seat race?

How can someone be both Pro-Walker and Pro-Obama?

My opinion is that our mistake was timing.

China and Russia lead group talks focused on security

johnny cash hurt

Shorter WI outcome. "Hit me. Hit me again"


The Dumbest People On The American Continent

Money wins. It's just that simple. But, it's not over.

Rachel has Dan Bice on.

New Album from Ultravox

I'm sure this NRA ad falsely claiming Barrett voted to ban deer hunting rifles didn't help him.

Live election blog: As in San Jose, San Diego voters also curbing pensions

Calling Occupy...Calling Occupy...

Ex-pats!!! How can I move out of this country without being wealthy?

Let me guess...this WI result will be spun into a "referendum on Obama"...

Why is Walker's Win So Damaging?

Clinton on Romney: 'Business Experience Does Not Guarantee Success' as President

Has anyone seen Trumad lately?

Tomorrow: Romney and Walker

We lost Kennedy's seat, We lost Feingold's seat, and this. It should be very clear that the country

I you won the lottery, what type of political action would you take? I would start an organization

California cigarette tax narrowly leading.

If we lose, I believe *this* post demonstrates why

Michelle Obama Does Letterman’s Top 10 With ‘Fun Facts About Gardening’ - video link

Please join me in thanking the Democrats of Wisconsin

It's no longer Wisconsin. It's Wi$con$in. So sad.

say FUCK YOU! to Koch Brothers and JOIN A UNION

"Clinton clarifies Bush tax cut remarks" by Byron Tau at Politico

Democrat Barrett concedes Wisconsin recall election defeat

Don't forget everyone...

Nobel laureates highlight violence against women in Mexico, Central America

Are young peope anti-union?

Nobel laureates highlight violence against women in Mexico, Central America

To hell with this state

I bet the Freepers are celebrating...

Graphic that Rachel used tonight...

A lot of incumbents would lose to nobody, but

Protest by Guatemalan Pedagogical Students Crushed

David Shuster:All this so called massive turnout by the Dem's never happened

The Walker Recall: Is the Past Prologue? (Written May 24)

WI. Voting machines and the MN. connection

Serfs & Smurfs: WI Leads the way

What we should learn from Wisconsin.

Union Envy (Photo)

Occupy Economics "Class Warfare" - very apropos for this night

Sadly, exit polls aren't an exact science...

Is anyone else tired of the Pollyanna routine?

June 6th, 79th Anniversary of the Drive-In Theater. Post Your Favorite Drive-in story.

2.4 million votes

Guatemala: Pérez Molina downsizes Peace Archives

DGA Chair: ‘We Fell Just Short Of An Historic Upset’

Caribou Barbie just HAD to open her big yap...

I just put in "Roger and Me." Somehow it seems appropriate.

Personal observations following the Walker win:


Final exit poll from Wisconsin - Obama +12 over Romney

A poster from the Humane society via facebook.

I didn't vote.

Obama campaign running TV ads in fewer states

Guatemala: Pérez Molina downsizes Peace Archives

Jon Stewart Mocks Punditry Surrounding Wisconsin Recall - video link

Toons: Cheeseheads, The Mormon Moment, Takeover and More. - 6/5/12

Ok, a post got hidden for "NIGGARDLY" - is this your DU???

More body parts arrive in the mail in Canada.

KOCH sucks. That is all

And Hey !! - At Least The President Posted A Tweet !!!

Wow. What the fuck happened?

so Walker got 133K more votes this time than in 2010...boggles the mind. Tweet below.

I'm exhausted.....

so wtf did Grey Davis get recalled in Ca?

So... If This Is Effective Now... Why Wouldn't It Be In November ??? - Seriously ???

So who the fuck is Elizabeth Emken?

The Real Clear Politics final polling average was

The people who DO deserve the blame for tonight

Did anybody happen to watch The Daily Show tonight?

If you can't beat him, hang him around the GOP's neck.

Two trips to Wis. cancelled.

We can't beat him because we are no longer relevant

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, June 5)

WI, NC feels your pain

21 has been getting closer (nm)

Might be time for another message from the administrators on no infighting.

Great photos today in Wisconsin

It's time we Democrats get our Billioniares to get in the game

British Guardsman furry hats. Can someone please explain the chinstraps?

I Will Not Aid A Republican

Paper ballots, counted in public. It is the only way to know for sure.

Jill Biden was on Stephen Colbert

Obama leads big in PA, new poll finds

The Second Supreme Court Coup Attempt Has Already Started

Now A Criminal Offense To Be Homeless In Denver - $1000 Fine And 12 Months In Jail.

Failure of Leadership

Don't look now but John Lehman Just Declared Victory In WI State Senate Giving Dems the Majority

Video: Koch Bros Take Their Wisconsin Victory Lap

Obama did put on his comfortable shoes

What Did Nate Silver Predict About The Walker Outcome?

I Don't Buy It.

All is not lost in Wisconsin!

Statement from DLCC Executive Director on New Democratic Majority in the Wisconsin State Senate

In spite of claims to the contrary, Wisconsin is NOT all hand counted paper ballots

Nickel and Dimed from The American Ruling Class

CA primary returns link:

Judge orders FDA to revisit decision not to ban some antibiotics in animal feed

The hijacking of the word "extremists" as it relates to supporters of gun rights.

Fullerton recall on pace to succeed

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday June 6th

CBO: Taxmageddon would bring tax pain but debt relief

Fed faces political heat in weighing more economic stimulus

Greece Warns of Going Broke as Tax Proceeds Dry Up

Pew: Obama leads Romney by 7 nationally.

No Religion? 7 Types of Non-Believers


What *happened* in Wisconsin today?

Leon Panetta holds talks with India defence minister

Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars

John Lehman(D) Has beaten Van Wanggaard(R) in District 21 , so Dems get temp. control of WI Senate

Steve Hansen has won! Sacramento City Council (Victory Fund)

How long before the indictments?

A little worrisone insight from tonight

Police Stop, Handcuff Every Adult at Intersection in Search for Bank Robber

Cheezit Scrabble - - play at home!

Fighting Bob LaFollette condemns corporate interference in government - 1924

Barrett slapped by women for conceding (WISN video)

Money is NOT the only reason Walker won.

Battle of the 20th century titans

EU unveils plan to protect taxpayers from failing banks

Wonder which district will be the last public school in WI ????

To hell with this Walker crap. I'm watching some Ancient Aliens.

Insight: Dengue vaccine in sight, after 70 years

Auserity is why Walker Won

Solly's Nighttime Adventure

There's more than one type of family? Blasphemy!

House Adopts Measure to Halt Light-Bulb Efficiency Law

How the heck to you find a PAC to donate to??

Check out our gay pride!

Hosepipe ban 'to end in time for Olympics': Reservoirs filled by record rainfall in time for Games

Americans Love Class War!

Progressive Movement Rises Up But Can't Oust Walker From Wisconsin Governorship

Paul Krugman destroys fat cat Tory donor and Tory "tea party" MP

Donelan Cartoons - NOT for the humor impaired (and may not be safe for work)

What the Union Fight is Really About: Defunding the Left

Two Quotes from Thomas Frank on this melancholy day

Right-wing Nutjob Miss Pennsylvania Resigns over Transgender Contestants

We cannot let this failed recall be the end of unions.

American bishops are investigating GIRL SCOUTS?!? WTF?

I was rooting for the Spurs, now I'm rooting for OKC

So Dems now control the Wisconsin Senate

Sheriff Weed wins Republican Primary, Taylor Co. Iowa

Unions experienced a stinging rebuke last night

Regarding colonizing Mars

Geoengineering would turn blue skies whiter

World's 'oldest fish trap' found off coast of Sweden

Bush taxcuts major cause of debt and deficits...

Lies and Wisconsin right wing radio kept Walker in...

If I can't have a pension and decent benefits why should they?

Construction company challenges Florida anti-Cuba law

Every Man a King: Henry VIII's Worst Affliction Is on the Rise in America

2 California cities voters embrace pension cuts

Was humanity born in the mother of all plagues?

Prop. 29: Dollar-per-pack cigarette tax passing (SF Chron)

"To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic...

Three Recent Supreme Court Decisions That Reveal Dangerous Intentions

on the (much) lighter side:

Praying at the Church of St Drone

Untreatable gonorrhoea spreading around world: WHO

How Bank of America Execs Hid Losses—In Their Own Words

Why is the Democratic party so slow to evolve?

Romney reminds voters that this is not Bush's economy, this is Obama's economy.

Debbie Wasserman Schulz needs to go.

No end in sight: Occupation marks 45th anniversary

This morning, June 6, 1944

Spain: No request for bailout, says minister

Per request of some Joe

Soldier of Misfortune: Claims of a cover-up in the killing of a metro Detroit man in Iraq

Happy Birthday Ziggy Stardust

Bordering on Revolution

I was just wondering with all this talk about cutting everything

The climate change deniers: influence out of all proportion to science


Finally time to form Consumers United?

Integrators and Specialists

Babies! At the end of the world, By Mark Morford

Let's learn one lesson from our right wing enemies:

I am numb again

Is my cell phone on its deathbed? It is almost 2 years since I bought the phone.

Union-Busting Is As Easy As ABC (the Associated Builders and Contractors)

CNN's home page Scott Walker sieg heil victory shot


On the cable news channel France 24, they are talking about Socialists sweeping elections there.

The Clusterfuck That Is Afghanistan

Tim Harper: Uniting progressives at the grassroots level — is Simcoe North alone?

"Tom Barrett lost last night, but he wasn't the only one."

Let's see if NFL players are "real" union members.....

ABC News: Police Stop, Handcuff Every Adult at Intersection in Search for Bank Robber

Charles Pierce's excellent summary of last night's mess:

At least 22 killed in Kandahar suicide attack

Labor Study Advocates Better Wages, Working Conditions


Russia approves 150-fold rise in fines for illegal protests

McDonald's taste good initially (about the GOP)

"Anyone need a silver lining...?"

Solar energy plane completes maiden intercontinental trip

Another "feminist" who wants to join ranks with the MRA's

NJ's 9th Congressional District Race: Bill Pascrell versus author of "Kosher Sex"/Rabbi

Retail Crime Growing in Severity: NRF

To quote Gen McAuliffe when the Germans ordered him to surrender at the Battle of the Bulge: "Nuts"

Graduation speeches should tell raw truth, says University of Chicago professor Charles Wheelan

Kowalski’s Workers OK Contract

Bomb targets U.S. embassy in Libya

If bin Laden was elected Governor

Accused Tucson shooter loses latest bid to halt forced medication

Frank Zappa from 1984 on yesterdays recall election

Fast forward to 2016 and Obama finishes his second term. Who do you want the next President to be?

Jim Hightower: 'Transglutaminase' and Other Fun New Foods

Netanyahu weathers settlement showdown in parliament

Chuck Todd's show coming up in 10 minutes, Scott Walker is a guest. WHAT will HAPPEN?

Donald Driver rewards victim of softball cleat theft with special gift package

Paycheck Fairness Act is defeated in Senate

Dinosaurs Skinnier Than Previously Thought

Alex Bennett: The Democrats should have listened to me I predicted this recall was a BAD idea

Kharkov Tank Repair Plant

Wisconsin Recall Election: Woman Slaps Tom Barrett After His Concession Speech (VIDEO)

Bipartisanship is not the path for the future.

Why President Obama didn't get involved in Wisconsin: He's smart

Boys' Violence

Dems will control WI state senate. They should play hardball

Sam the cowboy

Creationism does not match reality in any way, yet nearly half the country believes it as fact.

Any of you work in the field of paleontology? If so, what do you do?

Dowd: Is Pleasure a Sin?

Meanwhile, in San Diego...

Today is the 68th anniversary of D-Day.

Another $418 Million Down The Tubes

Judge Says He Was Struck by a Police Officer in Queens

'Am I ugly?'

Capps and Maldonado win in Central Coast House district (LA Times)

do ya think he's an"alecman"

Thinking that the WI election was "rigged" sets the stage for losing.

We are truly screwed, and I don't know what I find more disturbing...

Republican paranoia about voter fraud...

Anyone going to the Desert Rocks Music and Consciousness Festival this weekend?

36% of Gay Americans Support Romney!!

(Wisconsin) Senate power shifts to Dems as Lehman narrowly defeats Wanggaard

The End of Germany's Illusions

why on earth did we schedule the fair pay vote on same day as recall?

So, where do I sit, today?

So the bastards are against equal pay for equal work for women.

No words.

people want to get rid of unions and become right to work states where everyone can make minimum wag

Toles: "The Only Vote That Really Counts"

So evil looking chuckie Todd has some pug on the TV box threating to withhold 2 trillion that

Man allegedly beats mom with her own crutch over $3.50

Gay couple in center of JCP ad smacks down religious right nonsense

If they have been getting away with stealing elections- why would they stop now?

Turn that frown upside down per Dean !

Okay, I log in and hit the My Posts tab and it takes me to a page that says, get this....

Do Americans have more freedoms than any other country in the world?

Romney/Walker 2012. Discuss.

To DU'ers everywhere who have offered support for Wisconsin, THANK YOU !!

Did they hand count paper ballots and post them at the precinct level before the central tabulator?

WISCONSIN-What will be on the welcome sign as you enter the state?

And to all of my Union brothers and sisters who voted for Walker yesterday, shame.

Does Lindsey Graham Think Before He Opens His Mouth?

Which line is longer?

Like XP or Vista: how will businesses treat Windows 8?

Horsey: America's political divide is turning into a chasm

Hate, Anger, Fear and Stupidity won last night

Phil Mickleson withdrew from Memorial because of cellphones

Quit being such pessimists, there is a winning lesson for us from Wisconsin

What does Walker's win mean since he now has a Dem state senate to contend with?

While this is not a "call out", can someone give me info on this?

Meh. Fuck it. I'm going to start calling myself an atheist. Here's why -->

We lost, put it in perspective and let's move on to the bigger issues...

Scott Walker had what? 6 months to define himself? Dems had 2....that's a big difference

Five ways the eurozone could break up

San Diego And San Jose Approve Pension Cuts In A Landslide Vote

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, Author of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles

Five Things to Consider in the Walker Recall Vote

Two New Anti-Corbett Videos

Drumbeat: June 6, 2012

Since Obama didn't show up for unions in WI, will they show up for him in November?

Drumbeat: June 6, 2012

Warren vs. Brown voter guide

How did Scott Walker win Wisconsin? By E.J. Dionne Jr.

US E-Voting System Cracked in Less than 48 Hours

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury, Author of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles

Update: for sale

Outagamie County results by ward.

Harry Reid Accuses Eric Cantor Of Economic Sabotage

A note from a Wisconsin county Democratic Party chair

Warren vs. Brown voter guide

Toon: Mitt, I don't think this is the kind of takeover you're used to

After Wisconsin loss, Barrett supporter slaps him

Are Co-ops the Answer?: Around the world, people are democratizing the workplace

Do you try to negotiate the price when you buy on the Internet? I didn't until now.

Harry Reid says the Sky is Blue - Accuses Eric Cantor Of Economic Sabotage

If an election was stolen and there's no evidence of it

SURVEY: Japanese opposition to nuke power stronger

We Need a New Methodology for Upward Pressure Within Workplaces

Author Ray Bradbury dies at age 91

A wake-up call for Dems, labor, and the left

SURVEY: Japanese opposition to nuke power stronger

'I'm Not Your Wife!' A New Study Points to a Hidden Form of Sexism

Barrett Slapped In Face After Conceding Recall To Walker

Pentagon chief Panetta defends Pakistan drone strikes

The reasons why Americans are politically gullible are many....

A proposed SOP with a discussion about the name of this group

Lounge inspirational message of the day

Dear Bank of America, We’re Not Leaving Our Homes

Interesting for discussion: Religion as a means to assure paternity

"...we cannot afford to lose that leg of our stool..."

Russia, China come out strongly against Syria action

The parable of the Asclepias turberosa (Orange Butterfly Weed)

Paul Krugman re: Wisconsin-"NEVER GIVE UP - It’s never over, for good or bad. Keep on plugging."

Coal Activist Questioned About Child Porn After Showing Innocuous Bathtime Photo at Hearing

Polling places should be closed before the vote count begins

So you can get caught on tape discussing with a billionaire how to take down the working class....

Why do busses have bounce seats?

N.J. Muslim group sues NYPD to stop routine spying

Yesterday’s Papers

In my opinion, Democrats are falling into a deadly trap.

Florida Prepares To Defy Justice Department, Continue Voter Purge

Gov. Scott requests review of 3 justices' actions

NYT best seller 'In the Presence of My Enemies' by Gracia Burnham: Free Kindle download

flutterbies :)

What is needed is a UNION

Gasification may convert mesquite and juniper wood to a usable bioenergy

Gov. Scott requests review of 3 justices' actions

I need a stealth selection for my book club -

Green decline continuing, says UN report


I need a stealth selection for my book club -

BP accused of attack on academic freedoms after scientists subpoenaed

Republicans want to turn every state into South Carolina

The cost of buying a state. We need one more graphic as to tax breaks these "citizens" get

LinkedIn passwords 'leaked by hackers'

Wisconsin shows that democrats need better outreach to men.

We cannot "win" by operating within the system anymore. It's over.

Maybe more people voted for the Repuke?

Walker's win proves austerity will help our nation....

Statistics show voter fraud is a rare occurrence in Florida

The plus side of Walker's win :

Discouraged this morning, and I need some DU reassurance!

Great Sites for Texas Research

Rio+ 20 Earth summit could collapse, WWF warns

Google doodle - drive-ins over D-day? Really?

Wisconsin: Can Playing by the Rules Work in a Rigged Game?

What happens if Walker now gets indicted?

So last night the recall failed

About 447,000 Wisconsin voters stayed home yesterday

There was thought provoking discussion on the Stephanie Miller

Wisconsin Analysis; Youth Vote; Voter Suppression . . .

Report shows food sector workers treated poorly, lack living wages and benefits

California voters reject tobacco tax

Starry Night on acid

Opening of the First Drive-in Theater Celebrated With Google Doodle

The Rude Pundit: A Few Brief Observations on the Wisconsin Recall Failure

Wisconsin Ballots are Tabulated by Computer Optical-Scan Systems

Obama wins in Nov. with a Republican Congress....

*** Gets out her trusty staple gun and posts the DU Cafeteria Lunch Special for the day ***

Live on Minnesota Public Radio

Our secretary had an altercation on the street 2 days ago.

Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day

Has anyone else noticed less money out there on the streets?

Many Didn't Think Recall was Legitimate

Is 'America's Got Talent' Breakout Star Tim Poe a Fraud? (with video)

Philadelphia H.R. Executive anonymously applies for job in his own company, fails screening process

Auto Dealer wants flagpole taller than Statue of Liberty...

Bahbwah WAH-WAH's claim to being a journalist is revealed: Humiliation

Outside the echo chamber, an election went exactly as predicted

Which Mercia does Romney want to be President of?

President Obama's "A New York Night"

Cool to watch: Fiery Demolition of Ohio's Ft Steuben Bridge

Your grandkid asks you, "Grandpa/ma, where do people go when they die?"

Men Don't Recognize 'Benevolent' Sexism: Study

Calif. teen killed in officer-involved shooting

True Blood in just 4 days - I think I know who turned Rev Steve Newlin *** Spoilers ***

Only 57% turnout in Wisconsin meaning we did a horrible job of getting our side out

It's the wealthy old white party...

Anchors Get Giddy Around The Crown

Israel's Netanyahu Announces Construction Of 300 New Settler Homes In West Bank

No surprises in Wisconsin

Ok Wisconsin done, time to focus on the election upcoming in November!

Wisconsin Dems take the Senate

TAKE ACTION!!! Let's not let them bury Democracy. Let's FIGHT!

US Rejected Iran Nuclear Offer in 2005

6.5 million LinkedIn passwords leaked online

Pentagon chief Panetta defends Pakistan drone strikes

At this stage I was hoping I didn't have to break in a new POTUS. But now

Somebody Has to Pay, and the Bankers Got Away

Walker was right. Divide and conquer.

Columbia Journalism Review: The spy who came in from the code

Austerity Does Not Equal Prosperity


Interesting news: Official Wisconsin turnout......57%.

Manchin (D? - WV) Won't Even Say If He Voted For Obama In State's Primary Election

Companies Run By Romney’s Firm Received Millions In State And Local Government Subsidies

Game of Thrones, because politics is too painful right now

Anyone here going to Netroots in Providence RI this week?

Romney Personally Delivered $1.5 Million Loan To MA Solar Company - And Now They're Bankrupt

Kucinich is a moron conspiracy theorist and obvious troll!!!!

Asahi Shinbun - Japan's Nuke Regulators Considered Fukushima Scenario Years Ago, Then Did Nothing

Why do bosses have bounce seats?

Chinese Authorities Will No Longer Count "Blue Sky Days" In Beijing

Dictator Ricky Scott ready to fight the Justice Department over voter purging

Troll tossing times

66-Foot Chunk Of Dock With Japanese Signs Washes Ashore On Oregon Beach

GREAT PHOTOSHOP: Obama is not the foreign born socialist giving away free healthcare...

Another example of hypocrisy in the media..

Humpday Hatemail -- now with voting!

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Website;UCS Lists Top US Companies Funding Climate Denial

Why would any veteran support Romney?

Wisconsin was a referendum on the recall process

Yeah, the WI vote was rigged...

In a post-Citizens United world, every election is rigged.

Pelley Marks 1st Year As 'CBS Evening News' Anchor

The Great Silence - How The Arts Are Ignoring Climate And Environmental Isues

Remington Ammunition Recall

France Gives Syngeta Two Weeks To Disprove Link Between Neonicotinoids & Colony Collapse Disorder

Alan Dershowitz Says Zimmerman Prosecutor Went On '40-Minute Rant,' Threatened To Sue Harvard

In other news, the European Central Bank

Columnist Daniel Bice answers questions on recall election & *John Doe* investigation @2:00pm (C)

World Health Organization warns of gonorrhea strain resistant to antibiotics

Top Ten Silver Linings for Democrats in Wisconsin Outcome - Posted on 06/06/2012 by Juan

Making the 'sabotage' argument more explicit

New Record May High For Greenland 76.6F: 4F+ Over Prior: 2011 Ice Mass Loss Up 70% From 03-09 Avg.

Mexico's president enacts climate change legislation

Todays date. 6/6/12 6+6+12. nt

Romney: “I don’t hate all homosexuals”

Who let the trolls out?

Thanks Skinner.

Obama: Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy Will Not Be Extended, Period

Tahrir Square and Cairo street art, April 2012 - dial up warning!

Summers backs extension of Bush tax cuts

Is Elizabeth Moss done on Mad Men

Wisconsin: Can Playing by the Rules Work in a Rigged Game?

I'll Have Another Draws Post 11 for Belmont

About some of the conventional wisdom about yesterday's voting.

White House calls McCain’s accusations of high-level leaks ‘grossly irresponsible’

There was no rebuke of workers, unions or progressives last night

Why It Matters What One Tennessee County Party Does

PIC: GOP 7 step program of governance

Ray Bradbury

Fox's Palin Claims Gov. Walker's Win Proves "Austerity Measures" Work, Calls Union Leaders "Thugs"

K.O.'s Citizens United rant

John Solomon to help out at Washington Times

Wisconsin: New Year, Same Stench

need advice- sick of eating rice with everything

WWII wife finally learns the fate of her husband

DCCC Chairman On Wisconsin: Dems Need ‘Robust Air Cover’

Ok time for some tough love

Many Didn't Think Recall was Legitimate

Florida's Anti-Cuban Trade Law Is an Insult to Capitalism

Thom Hartmann: Teamster James Hoffa- from the frontline-war on labor

Why didn't CA Dem run 1 or 2 strong candidates for the Sen seat, just to lock in top places

Guardian UK: Wisconsin's recall election: an ominous crucible of US politics

More breasts and nursing. Corporate Rights vs. Human need

Are Doctors Improperly Storing Vaccines? ~ ABC News

One brief moment please....

Manufactured enemies who have much more in common than not

Muslims File Federal Suit To Stop NYPD Spying

Veterans Pension Program Is Being Abused, Report Says

Tick Tock: Robert Reich Schools Us On Taxes In 3 Minutes Or Less

Great book: "Cheryl Strayed: 'Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail'"

Here's How To Explain The War On Terror To An Eight-Year-Old

Scott Walker Spent 88% of the Money to Get 53% of the Vote

Whatever happened to the religious right?

"You'll have to pass it to see what's in it" (clarification?)

Democrats appear to take Senate; Walker plans bipartisan summit

Is that a guitar in your pants or are you just glad to see me?

Want to sound Australian on accident?

Last night was a win as far as I am concerned.

Bush Blocked Iran Nuke Deal

PHOTOSHOP: Abe Lincoln robbed me of my freedom

Al-Qaida advertises for suicide bombers on web

Man assaults Abbotsford barista because Starbucks out of cream

Stay Out of Syria (required reading for John McCain)

Billionaire lists private B.C. island complete with ghost town for $75 million

Teachers should setup a storefront, give it a fancy name and file for charter grants.

Don't rush to judgment, judge ol' Rushment. Please come CAPTION Limbaugh!!!!!

Michael Caine, the actor, shuns luxury items out of respect for poorer families

Opponents block Washington state gay marriage

Luka Magnotta at centre of investigation as Montreal police probe body parts delivery in Vancouver

I hope you all realize that we WON in Wisconsin last night!

"It is worse where I'm at. I see younger people that is turning to be, out to be, homosexuals..."

Teacher offered job, then asked if he was gay, and subsequently fired...

Just heard Ray Bradbury has passed

Wisconsin: Koch brothers send Walker their message of support following his big win

The Dark Money Behind the Wisconsin Recall

Guardian UK: Wisconsin's recall election: an ominous crucible of US politics

My take on June 5

Think of the Children

Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Barack Kardashian’ mockery dismissed by White House

Are Conservatives More Religious and Liberals More Spiritual?

US productivity rate takes largest drop in a year

A Country Run By GOP Is A Country Not Worth Serving

Buying democracy is bad enough, but it's a Leveraged buy-out

If everyone on DU donated $1 or whatever you could afford, once a quarter

According to Faux, President Obama's not commemorating D-Day today because he hates 'Merica

Venezuela 'poll wars' rage as presidential race heats up

SDO's HD View of the 2012 Venus Transit

We Will MOVE!

Just a lttle excuse note to the teacher

Don't rush to judgment, judge ol' Rushment! Please come CAPTION Limbaugh!!!

At the risk of getting too basic...

Thom Hartmann: Democracy...Only Rich White Guys Need Apply

Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown To Participate In 4 Televised Debates

Gray Davis was recalled for fighting Enron, Scott Walker remained governor for fighting unions

So, wait a minute...Obama and the Dems are to blame for Wisconsin. I'm hearing that right?

Dog's best friend

Catholic Bishops Go After Girl Scouts

John McCain says US should be 'ashamed' of inaction over Syria conflict

About the Wisconsin recall election

Is Bill Clinton Deliberately Sabotaging Barack Obama?

Ed Klein tells Fox the real deal about Hillary. Please come CAPTION the maggot!!!

Obama to Feingold last Febuary

Economy Grew At 'Moderate Pace' In April And May, Federal Reserve Says

Before I listen to, or take seriously, any more people here

edit: Problem solved, thanks elad.

Are you done? Think again...

House GOP Seeks To Block FCC On Political Ads

Joseph Stiglitz: The Price of Inequality and the Myth of Opportunity

A grave mistake

Quit Pretending There Isn't A Videogame Rape Culture

The sick fascination with a death video

GOP Ally of Big Coal Smears Environmental Activist With Kiddie Porn Accusation

All precincts counted: San Jose passes pension reform

9 fittest towns of the West

Re: Obama is Making Kids Gay!

"Thunderstruck!" Whee!

So a moose walks onto a playground......

Re the Bill Clinton tax comment - "The Manufactured Story of the Week"

Phoenix homeowner shoots intruder

Tipping Point? Earth Headed for Catastrophic Collapse, Researchers Warn

How much money does it take to get NBC to call an election while people are still voting?

Roosevelt 2012: one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished... and we're glad they are

"Anyone who thinks my farm bill amendment will make insurance companies struggle...


Obama's average lead in RCP's polling average is largest in a month...

Do people who vote for republicans even know what they want?

Brilliant! The nuns are fighting back, on behalf of their work with the poor.

Ford Fund Sends World War II Veterans to Visit World War II Memorial in D.C. on D-Day; Announces $20

The Last Word - How big money won the Wisconsin recall

Hey, Rick Scott, I know of an ineligible Florida voter,

Their goal is to beat us into submission.

Wisconsin Recap: Thanks to Obama, American Left Lies in Smoldering Wreckage

Colombian former official hiding in US: Reports

Colombian former official hiding in US: Reports


Thou shalt not launch IPOs, China tells temples

History buffs, prepare to geek out: Report by first doc to treat assassinated Lincoln discovered

Wisconsin: a victory of Roberts money over Democracy. Barrett outspent 7 to 1.

Russian Malware Hunter Warns Dangerous Cyber Attack Could Be Coming

The day prior to the election, it was reported that Walker is most likely going to be indicted.

Good image for your voting guide in Massachusetts

California's Gay-Supportive Attorney General on What's Next for Prop. 8

Did anyone in Wisconsin ask Obama to come?

Chicago Cops Taser 8-Months-Pregnant Woman During Parking Dispute

Women, children killed in NATO wedding strike - Afghans say

Brand New Alaska Photos

What the Oklahoma City Thunder Really Mean to Oklahomans

Joseph Stiglitz: "The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divide threatens our future Society

'How Many No. 2's Can You Kill?' within Al Qaeda

France cuts pension age for some despite EU unease

LAME computer question

Do you have a cat, kitten or kitty? (Kitteh)

TYT: Our Massively Politicized Justice Department

Tory MP wants Baird to consider yanking Canada out of UN

almost 40% of union households voted for Walker

Soldier, Your Eyes

ACLU: Two Frustrated Federal Judges Show Us How to Have a More Fair and Effective Justice System

60% of WI voters thought the recall was not appropriate

That 60 year reign over there in England, that Jubilee celebration last night with Sir Elton and

Here's the new internet meme: "The people of WI didn't want the recall...

Panetta unapologetic about Pakistan drone strikes

Worldwide Fear of Protest: Target, Russia

Today's Climate More Sensitive to Carbon Dioxide Than in Past 12 Million Years

Can men be feminists?

Drone strikes: playing God in Pakistan

"You are the servants of Jesus. You are the sheep and he is the shepherd."

14-Year-Old Radio Host: Obama And Biden Are ‘Making Kids Gay’

mere weeks before Watergate, Nixon won in a landslide

Q. How do you know who are the libertarians in the break room?

Meet The Walker-Obama Voters

Colombia is the most dangerous country for unionists: ITUC

Romney unmasked: Top adviser undercuts his main argument

Ottawa launches Alberta counter-terrorism unit

Submissive Jesus and the Babes

Got this from our tech people at the college

Ecologists Call for Preservation of Planet's Remaining Biological Diversity

Caught on Camera: Bus driver bounced out of seat during crash

GOP Election Fraud in Wisconsin

1500 AUC members may be released in 2013

Since everyone is talking about Wisconsin:

Drones, Computer Viruses and Blowback

Every election we lose is not because of fraud!

The Half the Oil Plan—A realistic plan to cut the United States' projected oil use in half over 20…

Video Games?

The Rot of Citizens United Is Universal. Get Used to It.

Michigan congressman proposes abortion restrictions in Washington D.C.

The National Memo is promising to have a breaking news story on Romney's past...

Obama SF stop to include sports, political stars

Free Belmont Stakes Ultimate PP's from Doug O'Neill Racing

Afghan officials allege civilian deaths in NATO strike

That's RepubliCorp!

Could I get some fiction suggestions?

PIC: Occupy credit card?

South Colombia pastor 'sexually abused 27 women'

South Colombia pastor 'sexually abused 27 women'

glimpse of a Mitt Romney (GOP) future for America

S.F. conservatory scales new territory with T. rex

Group wants to make 'melting middle class' sculpture during RNC

NewsBeast: Drones Klaidman

Cheating website uses presidential candidate image (Mexico)

Cheating website uses presidential candidate image

Why the Hate for Public Workers? Someone Has to Pay, and the Bankers Got Away

No cell phones at the u.s. open

Legendary Lost City of Ciudad Blanca May Have Been Found With Airborne LiDAR

Legendary Lost City of Ciudad Blanca May Have Been Found With Airborne LiDAR

Revealed: LynneSin's living room wall.

Legendary Lost City of Ciudad Blanca May Have Been Found With Airborne LiDAR

Revealed: Ohiosmith's brain

The best leaked LinkedIn passwords

Does anyone know about working for a candidate...

Barney Frank: Dems, unions made 'big mistake' in pushing for Wisconsin recall

IRS Cautions Churches About Rules On Politics From The Pulpit

Steny Hoyer's daughter comes out as a lesbian

Indoor voice vs outdoor voice. Which do you use primarily?

Can't we start Petitions to

I made the "greatest" page.

All Major Airlines: revoke frequent flier plans, and put members of WBC on no fly status

All Major Airlines: revoke frequent flier plans, and put members of WBC on no fly status

China's Great Wall is 'longer than previously thought' (BBC)

Both my cars broke down 3 hours apart, what are the chances?

Jeb Bush on being VP: "Under no circumstances"

Regarding overpaid union workers...

Does anyone live in Kansas City, MO. Is it at least a little bit more sane than Kansas? n/t

The Puppies at the School of Cool have a Meet & Greet! (video)

Uh Oh... I don't know how Venus will get out of this Jam!

New 'massacre' reported in Syria's Hama province - The Qubair Massacre

Walmart Outsourcing Depresses Wages In U.S. Warehouses

Could a republican blow a goat @ 1/2 time of the Super Bowl and ....

US economy picking up, says Beige Book survey (BBC)

BREAKING: Another Federal Judge Strikes Down DOMA

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 7 -- What's On Tonight: Teen Idols

From The ROMNEY Campaign

Republican Congressman Accuses Attorney General Holder Of ‘Actively Working To Enable Voter Fraud’

some things I don't understand ....

From Obama for America, 1 minute ago:

The popular election of Judges is unconscionable

All empires fall because they rot from within...

I'm taking a deep breath and asking for help to face my fears

"What I do do is systematically weed them out by the length of their toes..."

A message from our new, Democratic, State Senate Majority Leader

Result of driving a truck for 28 years

What's Bradblog saying about the Wisconsin elections?

Millennials Losing Faith In God: Survey

No help needed...just an opinion on the Samsung Note 'phablet' if anyone has one. Thanks!

US healthcare system a haven for many, but sick Americans are often jilted

HEY DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP! I know you troll this place. Listen up.

I want to fist bump a member that frequents this forum ...

And Walker and Pubs shouldn't read too much into this either.

Seriously. How the Hell do we win in November when we saw what we did in the Walker Recall?

Exit polls only started being wrong by

Anyone heard anything about MFM?

Trucker accidently leaves dog at rest stop.

Ok this is THE PHOTO of the night

%&#*(@ fracking approved for a 12-day supply of natural gas nationwide?!

Ronald Reagan Loved Big Government

Into the fun house we go

I'm really sad tonight. I'm going outside to plant things.

Federal Court Declares “Defense of Marriage Act” Unconstitutional

In A First For Developing World, Mexico Enacts Climate Change Law

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Rock for Barack

In A First For Developing World, Mexico Enacts Climate Change Law

In A First For Developing World, Mexico Enacts Climate Change Law

U.S. urges 230 years prison for Allen Stanford

Today marks the 44th Aniversary of the death of Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy

"The GOP's Bizarre, Disturbing Passion for Raising Taxes on the Poor" by James Kwak

Rats! You found me!

Statement by President Obama on the Passing of Ray Bradbury

Statement by the Press Secretary on the President Signing the Border Tunnel Prevention Act of 2012

"The Big Lie Coup d'Etat" by Robert Reich

I don't believe in the wisdom of the American voter in the aggregate

COMING UP on Rev. Al: Mitt Romney's LONGING to serve in Vietnam (and his four deferrals)

'I like Obama'...

CNN bias is so overwhelming as to be unbelievable.

Mitt Romney: Obama Slowed the Recovery On Purpose

two very different notions of society, each flowing from religious roots

I just got skylights put in my place.

And Walker is off and running....

California to investigate anti-gay group over undisclosed donors

Who Remembers The NASL?

London 2012: South Africa receive apology over apartheid anthem gaffe

With the exit polls—as usual— “adjusted,” Walker “wins” Wisconsin! (Who’s surprised?)

Media group: House GOP trying to ‘keep the public in the dark’

Donald Trump says he’ll sue ex-Miss Pennsylvania over (get this): fraud

Shove it Barney Frank

Kerry once again on the right side when it comes to the environment...

The Wisconsin Recall - How to Outslick the Radical Right Slicksters

What if Madison and Milwaukee seceded from Wisconsin?

"Shy Elephant Factor" at Ballot Pedia

Zimmerman bond hearing set for June 29


Chysis bractescens (orchid)

Any bets on when Kleefisch will be sworn in as Governor, once Jondo Walker

Pastor Hagee, I will leave the US since I am an atheist and you don't want me here...

In Place of Unions

Massive fish kill outside Tokyo in Chiba — “The sight is somewhat apocalyptic”

Donald Trump ironically sums up his significance

Apple to abandon Google Maps for their own and suddenly Google Maps is unresponsive on my iPhone.

Borat on "Financial Terrorists and More." FUNNY!

U.S. Army major gets prison time for kickbacks from Iraq

I'm noshing on 'Ranger Mix', a mixture of nuts and cheese sticks in salt. Twilight was trying

U.S. nuclear submarine fire linked to vacuum cleaner

Cave-aged blue cheese and a nice full-bodied Cab...

Larimer County Election, Colorado June 26.... I just saw the ballot...

Orange voters react angrily to request for new signatures (FL)

Feds attack California's medical marijuana trade-again

Orioles sign Jamie Moyer to minor-league deal

Michelle Obama fires up crowd in Philly

So I just finished the whole "Veronica Mars" series, and you know what?

Exclusive: U.S. offers millions in bounty for top Somali militants

Night after night I get angry at having to hear the Big Fucking Lie

Miz t. - The Weather Witch: The Turtle Nest/Hurricane Theory

Jeb Corliss...sometimes the rocks win....ouch

Don't look! Seriously! You'll regret it!

Off year and special elections the pukes usually win because many of us stay home.

Syria accused of new massacre as U.N. meets

68th Anniversary of D-Day (Matthew Halton of the CBC reporting by radio)

"Inspired by God."

Australia has a new rise in the Minmum Wage. $15.51

Robert Reich: We Have To Raise Taxes On The Rich & End The Bush Tax Cuts - & - Bill Clinton Agrees.

Obama: Bush Tax Cuts For Wealthy Will Not Be Extended, Period

Game of Thrones regulars,

No translation required.


Why is Dish Network all screwed up all of a sudden?

FACT SHEET: Helping Americans Manage Student Loan Debt with Improvements to Repayment Options

Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer's Daughter Stephany Comes Out

Governor Walker Courageous? We Beg to Differ

Obama Tweets 68th Anniversary D-Day Tribute

Awe shucks - necessary life skill

Breaking up is hard to do (malted version)

"Dems push for national debate on whether GOP is sabotaging economy" by Greg Sargent at WP

Why are conservatives so defensive about junk food?

Boy Scouts to Consider Allowing Gay Scouts and Leaders

Your favorite children's book is__________?

Firefox question.

4:22 minutes of awesome

My step-sister just died of cancer. If I did not already support single-payer, I would now.

Another Court Challenge, Another Loss for DOMA

I would like to use the Ignore function but find that it blocks

Exceedingly rare political memorabilia

Finnish Leader Says U.S. Worried About Europe Banks

Exclusive: Drones "inhumane", dead al Qaeda man's family says

I cannot watch them gloating

(Howard) Dean: Walker "Beginning Of The Undermining Of American Democracy" - RCP


What is your view to reply ratio?

22,000 applicants for 877 Hyundai jobs - Montgomery Alabama

U.N. reports on Ugandan warlord's crimes against children

Cardiff City's 'whimsical' rebrand gamble on red

I Promised Myself I Would Never Do This, But... Mid-Atlantic Occupy Supporters Wanted

What sick socialist bastard would want to provide free healthcare to the poor!

Romney's illustrious career in private equity - the 'marvelous adventure' of Stage Stores

Strange...I've crossed the last 4 things off my bucket list

Aren't there ANY Dem. billionaires who care enough about our country to give $$$ to OUR side?

Like LinkedIn, eHarmony is hacked; 1.5 million passwords stolen

Papantonio: Mitt Will Get Spanked in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Recall: The Biggest Losers - Politico

Negative 15.8% Tax Rate Not Low Enough for GE: CEO Immelt Calls for Amnestyfor Corporate Tax Dodgers

Orioles select son of Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr. in MLB Draft

Obama can help himself and the national Democrats NOW if only he clamps down on illegal Rove TV ads

The DNC needs to be Destroyed & Replaced They failed WI


On the Anniversary of Bobby's Death, One of his Favorite Poems Comes to Mind.

Japan Nuclear Expert: Almost 8,000 square miles now like a ‘Radiation Control Area’ after Fukushima



Romney Quietly Hires Consulting Firm With Sordid History Of Destroying Dem Voter Registration Forms

If frozen pancakes are meant to come in 3s, why are the packaging linked in indestructible

Destroy the RW in WI

Corporate Vampires Win For Scott Walker!

We have to play dirty

How Trump Sees Women

If your parent/grandparent is is a nursing home

Scott administration refuses to halt voter 'purge'

It's Obama's fault! It's the DNC's fault! It's Koch Bros. fault!

Jeebus. The Willard Mechanism misspelled Saint Ronnie's name?

Game 4 of Stanley Cup Finals are tonight...Kings could sweep and win cup....

Group says Florida faces a 'corruption crisis'

Does everyone just get away with everything?

Why MSM will never investigate election fraud.

Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional: (NY federal) Judge

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Steal This Election

Nickolaus' recall role in question

Please . . .

Makeup wars: Saudi woman lash out at religious police (VIDEO)

"Voting doesn't matter."

"We are Indigenous"

Gay marriage in Washington state blocked by proposed referendum


Bradley Manning defence gets report on WikiLeaks damage to US interests

"Sanctity of marriage", my ass...

Whoa... "... the measures deprive workers of benefits they were counting on when they got hired. "

Okay. Stop and think about this . . . . .

Love Rachel, but don't know if I can hang on,

Bay Area Man Severs His Own Penis With X-Acto Knife

Piers' ratings further into the rathole: His asslicking tonight:: Darth RUMSFELD! That's the ticket!

DC council chairman charged; will resign seat

Should Howard Dean return as Chairman?

Nearly 100 bird species face increased risk of extinction in the Amazon

CIA ‘revives attacks on rescuers’ in Pakistan

First Lady Michelle Obama at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia - pics

Incitement Against Refugees leads to Racist Attacks in Israel

Joseph Stiglitz on Occupy and Why U.S.-Europe Austerity Will Only Weaken Economic Recovery

I'm OUT!!! And feeling good enough to be kicking down the walls of my stall!!!

First Lady Michelle Obama talks to AP about the White House Kitchen Garden - pics

This image is unfair to rats...

Special statement of purpose for Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity (Group)

Dubai: Man jailed for gay relationship after partner dies in window fall

Tunisia rejects UNHRC recommendation to decriminalise gay sex


Are Co-ops the Answer?: Around the world, people are democratizing the workplace

Did you just hear the great news on TRMS?

It appears that the Kung Fu movie genre is really scrapping for ideas

Happy Birthday Beulah Mae!

For how "bad" it's said to be here in WI, it's been worse before.

Toronto bans plastic bags by 2013

U.S. labor board: Some limits on employee social media use are illegal

Public Opinion Strategies, Mitt Romney Pollster, Misspells Ronald Reagan

Hunger Strikers at Virginia Supermax Face Retaliation for Protest Against Torturous Conditions

How are the politics like in your parish

There is both the Big Lie and the Unknown Truth that should be under our political microscope

U.S. Aides in Israel Give Assurances About Iran

Is Global Finance a Ponzi Scheme? Ask a Russian Expert

Afghan nominated as ambassador to Britain was accused in US of fraud

Rachel on the Mitt Romney Vietnam scandle


Amid Reports of New Massacre, Nations Press Syria

Stop-and-frisk app designed to track controversial NYPD policy

A Kaleidoscope!

Isn't It Wonderful To Know... That The Wisconsin Recall Has NO EFFECT On The Fall Election ???

To bluesbassman, EVERY song is "Ball of Confusion":

Geography books have just gone through a little revision.

U STILL MAD?!?!?!?

Jesus Christ -- The Missing Years Chapter 16:

A typical breakfast at Casa de MFM:

MiddleFingermom was actually hospitalized for pootin' too much.

Why would any veteran support Romney? A veteran's response.

Noam Chomsky - When Elites Fail, and What We Should Do About It

Life in pictures

Tax Dollars At War: 53% of federal taxes go to the war machine that's killing America

Vatican: Nun's pro-masturbation book poses grave harm to Catholics

Victory Against Repression: Carlos Montes Court Case Ends in Victory!

NATO Strike Blamed for Wedding Deaths (18 Civilians) in Afghanistan

some good news: Victory Against Repression: Carlos Montes Court Case Ends in Victory!

Play Dead...

Democracy for America: People Power Trumped by 31 Million In Out of State Money

DU's descent into cess-pool free-for-all

White House Veto Threat On Repeal Of Medical Tax

Why Romney's Police Impersonations Could Really Alienate His Base

Excuse me, but what the fock is this?

"Regan's Amercia"

Is Joe Conason sick I almost didn't recognize him

The Price of Inequality and the Myth of Opportunity

It's only June and this 60 Plus Association (Pat F---ing Boone) is running

NASA | SDO's Ultra-high Definition View of 2012 Venus Transit

Say What?! 10 comments about Latinos you won’t believe they said

Previously-Secret 1955 Government Report:Ocean May Not Adequately Dilute Radiation Nuclear Accidents

Update: Florida Governor Rick Scott Officially Defies Justice Department, Vows To Continue

About the word F***. An observation.

Just spent some time going over WI

Will unions back President Obama like they did in 2008?

Obama and D-Day

Majority of New Grads Embrace Vow of Poverty

Chicago Teacher Strike Vote Today

Brown’s Millionaire’s Tax, A Gift to Private Charter Schools

Rachel Maddow - Romney gets pass on Vietnam avoidance

I really want to puke...

You want to be a time traveller?

League of Women Voters to Restart Registration Drive

Fantasy vs Reality MFM Style........

Toons: After Wisconsin, Getting Out The Vote, Moneyheads Beat Cheeseheads and More. - 6/6/12

What recurring stories in the news do you actively work to ignore?

Boy Scouts to keep ban on gay leaders

New Product Review: Rudi's Fiesta Tortillas

Someone, and I will not say who...

The Holocaust means never having to say you're sorry (Bradley Burston)

MSNBSad: Jon Stewart Laughs Through ‘All The Stages Of Grief’ In Wisconsin Coverage

Lawrence O’Donnell Breaks New Mitt Romney Scandal: 'Romney liked to dress up as a police officer,'