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Archives: June 29, 2012

Chief of "We Ask America" poll donated $$$ to "Friends of John Boehner"

My Facebook friends list is probably going to be a little shorter...

Dodgers score (should this be in LBN?)

Amazing - watching the Red Sox on - pro Obama ads every half inning!

Fellow cartophiles rejoice with me!

On Jon Stewart (LOL): 65% of Americans think Obama would be better at fighting aliens.

Dear Christians: Jesus didn't charge a fee for service when he healed the sick.

There were SCOTUS leaks... merely indirect ones

I am amazed at the vehemence of some against greater health insurance coverage

Gotta love all the crazys threatening to move to Canada due to ACA. Canada has "Socialized Medicine"


Rachel Maddow Discovers a Little Willard Romney Portrait Nugget Tonight

I am now looking forward to some polls on ACA now that SCOTUS has spoken.

CNN pundits during SCOTUS HRR hearing: There's no substitute for victory.

Jan Brewer's press conference and the ban of my video on YouTube

DEMS Dominate GOP, 18-5, in Congressional Baseball Game

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, June 28)

Rachel Maddow - A second chance for Democrats to make the case for health care

Exxon Mobil CEO: "Global warming's real but you'll learn to live with it."

Jon Stewart had a blast trampling on CNN tonight.



We still need fix our broken health care system...

Democratic staffers shouted 'Justice Roberts' and 'We got health care' while Republicans were at bat

Can someone explain Reconciliation in terms a 3rd grader will understand.

Colleges move toward absolute bans on smoking

Happy Birthday, Nelson Eddy

Jon Stewart Ridicules CNN, Fox News For Getting Supreme Court Decision Wrong

New Commercial concept against the RW loonies in congress. what do you think?

Heh. Venezuela's Maduro pressured Paraguayan military commanders to stage a coup for Lugo...

Drudge Smears Justice Roberts Over His Seizures

Message from my insurance provider Keiser Permanente regarding ACA.

No Global Warming?

Warning if you're traveling in Europe, especially Belgium

CBS News Special Report - Supreme Court's ruling on Obamacare

Republican Gov. Martinez REFUSES To Endorse Obamacare REPEAL

Funny cat picture I just found...

Boy! the republicans really hate to lose. Is Boner gonna take his ball and go home?

Revolt Inside CNN??

Anyone Catch OutFront w/Erin Burnett Tonight on CNN Regarding the Contempt Vote?

I've been all over the internet this evening and have seen some amazing things :)

What Would Humanity Be Like Without Aging?

Interesting: SCOTUS rules 8-1 the mandate penalty is not a tax

A return of Mexico's 'perfect dictatorship'?

Months After Protest, Russian Rockers Still Jailed

Petition to help limbaugh move to Costa Rica!

ACA Makes Democrats Strong

This must be one of the MOST cruel, heartless, UN-human things that Palin has ever said ...

E-Voting Machines Scrapped... in Ireland

PhotoShop Phun!

A Paradigm Of Leadership: Obama Versus Romney On Health Care Reform

N. Koreans seem to dislike Chinese : British diplomat


Mitt Romney SUPPORTS FOUR PROVISIONS that ARE in ACA/Obamacare, & tells TONS of LIES

Euro area agrees bond support for Italy, Spain

Thumbs Up Mr President

One dead, two missing as Colo. wildfires rage

I can't wait to see Joe Scum's face this morning

So, when you hear the Republicans say that Obama should have focused on the Economy & not Healthcare

People Who Say They're Moving To Canada Because Of ObamaCare

Assad rejects external solution for Syria crisis

Walker Refuses to Implement Health Law

Conservative Southern Values Revived: How a Brutal Strain of American Aristocrats Have Come to Rule

Colorado wildfires: President Obama declares disaster

Charles Blow And Katie Pavlich Trade Barbs In Heated Piers Morgan Debate

Ex-DeLay top aide pleads in campaign finance case

Zimmerman due in court today at bail hearing

Morning Joe after ACA is upheld. Interesting SCOTUS projections!

ACA elimination of Medicare Advantage subsidies is a very good thing

'Paint-on' batteries demonstrated

6 Ways the Big Banks Are Getting Back-Door Bailouts and Making Big Money From Taxpayers

Democracy Now! Special: Supreme Court Upholds Healthcare Overhaul, Individual Mandate

From Bernie Sanders' email on yesterday's historic Supreme ruling on the Affordable Care Act...

Trainer bragged of sex, witnesses say

Chinese astronauts parachute land after mission

Why was a marketplace post deleted as spam?

Husband of RHONJ may just stop offering health insurance to his employees.

I had an advertisement for a mortgage refinancing sent to me by Citigroup via UPS.

Jon Stewart was delish last night

The new "frame" --- The Obama Tax

Sheriff's 17 year old son allowed access to law enforcement database (DuPage)

Rush to report US health ruling trips up CNN, Fox

Still falling off that cliff...

Worst-Week-Evaaaah for the crybaby Goopers

Obamacare will be much more popular after Supreme Court decision.

Confess!!! If your vault was opened on live national television . . .

Homeless Students Top One Million, U.S. Says, Leaving Advocates 'Horrified'

IMHO Ann Curry is too good for NBCnooz or whatever.

Luckovich: Obamacare Upheld

Write in Votes for Jesus Campaign.

What's for Dinner ~ Friday June 29th

Memo to Eric Cantor: Congress can't repeal the full health care law through reconciliation.

Giants establish new S.F. record with 36 scoreless innings..

Besides Mean Jean's little party yesterday, I noted in a video this morning that there were two guys

Republicans keep saying we don't need the government to tell us what to do regarding

Army battalion commander killed by fellow soldier in Fort Bragg

Bryce Harper uses ‘Clown Question Bro’ beer to raise money for fallen policewoman in Denver

Wealthy Women Blurring the Line Between Donors and Activists

Story of the day!

Michael (What's in your hand?") Savage Has Had It!!! . . . Please come CAPTION the little tosser!!!!

FBI says arrests Bernard Madoff's brother

I wake up and my ear is painful.. because of Michelle Bachmann

the supreme court ruled OBAMA CARE LEGAL

Chris Hedges: The Righteous Road to Ruin

Computing Activism

Democratic State REP Tells Kansas Governor Sam Brownback To "GROW UP, YOU'RE ACTING LIKE A CHILD""

How Tomatoes Lost Their Taste

David Sirota: A New Standard for Oxymoronic Newspeak

Cantor: Health care repeal vote coming July 11

States With The Worst Health Insurance Coverage

Funny Friday...

Tribune Co. Moves to Seize Occupied Chicago Tribune’s Website

Scheer: Supreme Court Leaves Romney in the Cold

Bad news for the flat earthers. Pottery in China found to be 20,000 years old

I know people with good health ins who are still bitching about ACA

Homeless Students Top One Million, U.S. Says, Leaving Advocates 'Horrified'

Enjoying the Show?

“I believe that President Obama saved my life.”

US wildfires are what global warming really looks like, scientists warn

Sorry to post and run but, I gotta pea

Morning Scar...did anyone else just see this?

Remember that as Stanley Dunham was dying of breast cancer

What a complete waste of resources

At a sensitive time like this in politics, it's important to reach across the aisle

Dewey Moment

Can IVF Treatments Reverse A Woman's Biological Clock?

Amidst Fire and Drought in Colorado, How Much Water Is Going to Oil and Gas Drilling?

bleedingheartland has a great wrap on Iowa pols response to ACA decision

I started a job this week at a no-kill shelter.

What’s Good for the Goose…

You Can Play: Dustin Brown & Alec Martinez

Is there anything better than having a big old lab lay at your feet as you work?

how can ANYONE take mitt romney seriously when he says the healthcare law is 'bad policy'

CNN Covers "Controversial" Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling

"The Island on Bird Street". Amazing film!

Rare mussels almost 'wiped out'

I have socks in my sock drawer that exhibit greater intelligence than Kay Bailey Hutcheson

Drumbeat: June 29, 2012

Drumbeat: June 29, 2012

Romney raised 4 million dollars yesterday.

I'd like to thank former Fla. Attorney Gen. Bill McCollum for wasting our time YET AGAIN.

"Death On Thursday" (Luckovich)

DERRICK & PATSY Sea wave / Look before you leave SKA

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Super Supreme

FOX "News" Looks Closer (Luckovich)

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - More Super Supreme

the #1 conservative votes FOR Obamacare? Maybe there IS one decent republican in this world afterall

Is the National Catholic Reporter under cyber attack?

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Still More Super Supreme

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - Romney and Repubs

Friday TOON Roundup 5 -The rest

It's an easy thing to know what you're against, quite another to know what you're for.

What Boner is going to say next:

BECKKK discovers "Glee" excellence, plans wingnut/ TeaBagger anti-Glee. For real.

Pottery invented in China to cook food and brew alcohol

It's time to go after Citizens United - and BIG. If the Supreme Court's decisions means nothing

Mitt likes mandates...and tax penalties. Oh, but that was 2008

WikiLeaks says it's releasing a music CD

Pretty funny

I scored a day off today. Anybody want to chat?

WikiLeaks says it's releasing a music CD

Outside the GOP base, the country will move on re: HCR

JPMorgan Cushions Drew’s Retirement With $21.5 Million

And now, right on cue, the media spins.

Jon Stewart video from last night was awesome.

Why Are Believers Willfully Ignorant About Atheists?

Wrong argument, wrong candidate

I went without health insurance until I was 40.

Paulson Forgoes Prognostication As Greatest Trade Sequel Flops

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (cartoon)

Moore and Krugman piss on the ACA decision

Yesterday was the only HAPPY big news event of my life, as seen on t.v.

Ahem. Just want to take a 'lil bow here

Three cheers for Mike Slattery!

Conservative Southern Values Revived: How a Brutal Strain of American Aristocrats Have Come to Rule

*** Gets out her staple gun and posts a sign at the new DU Lounge Golf Course ***

Need help with a facebook discussion.

Justice Ginsburg's stiletto into Fat Tony.

so let's see, rethugs are running against healthcare, more wars, no regulation, and want to put

Does anybody need any "Heftklammerverbot" signs? I got a big stack!

DEA taps Colombian general's phone .

DEA taps Colombian general's phone .

The Tyranny Of Obamacare

Question for any from the right who wandered in here: Why the heck should anyone

Is the healthcare law in danger on 7/11? I am scared stiff that theymight do something bad to it!

The hell with snakes on a plane, how about snake on a motorcycle.

Atheism and the “Shut Up, That’s Why” Arguments

Peek-a-boo!!! Texting your baby:

Though she got it a long, long, LONG time ago... LynneSin now regrets her only tattoo.

Thirsty BFF:

MiddleFingerMom was named Employee-of-the-Month FIVE months, um... running.

Li'l MiddleFingerMom was the EPA's very first ever Superfund Toxic Waste Site.

America Must Declare War on America

Affordable Care Cat is Upheld!

"It's Constitutional. Bitches." - Patrick Gaspard, the Executive Director of the DNC

Website offers to delete its information about your arrest — if you pay about $200

Common-law marriage now!

So that's where the Kreme in Krispy Kremes comes from...

Obama Wins, and CNN and Fox Lose

Colombia court approves decriminalization of small amounts of drugs .

Colombia court approves decriminalization of small amounts of drugs .

Issa has a problem.

Celebs react to health care ruling...

Finally MSNBC is discussing the Fortune Magazine article

Whistleblowers: Merck hid declining efficacy of MMR shot

Egyptians pack Tahrir on eve of Mursi inauguration

Good News at the Polls

can anyone recommend a good progressive radio station that i can get on my computer (at work)?

Pope puts U.S. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen on the road to sainthood

Debby "You Light Up My Life" Boone's Husband Performs Gay Marriages

Michael Savage blames mind altering drugs on Roberts' decision

Health-Insurance Rebates Seen Totaling $1.1 Billion

How about we give people...

International Whaling Commission Meeting In Progress in Panama

the moron right wing have been using a lot of mental gymnastics over the ACA ruling...

Conservatives Find A Way To Blame Obama For Monster Colorado Wildfire

Does Michael Steele look batshit crazy

In an ACA Decision "Reaction" story ...

If you like 1940s Big Band and Swing radio . . . .

Rus Limbaugh, traitor to human consciousness. Please come CAPTION!!!!

Dems: Only those who can afford to buy insurance, and yet choose not to, would pay a tax penalty!

interesting poll from

The ACA is not a win for insurers. The ACA is not devastating to insurers.

Obamacare costs 1/3 as much as the tax cuts proposed by Romney

Fernando Lugo's exit after Paraguay 'coup' a setback for development

Democrats who voted to hold AG Holder in contempt. Shame on them, shame on their NRA fear, shame

Where are the good Christians?

So this is the GOP in a nutshell - mainly the governors, representatives, senators and prez cands.

What was the final vote count..........

Daily Kos: Thank You, Mitt Romney. Really.

Pregnant Inmate Sues After Being Forced to Wear Shackles During Labor

Greenland Ice Sheet Albedo Dropping Rapidly, Well Below Last Three Record Lows Of 6/11, 7/10, 7/9

George Zimmerman Bullied Former Colleague, Complaint Says

Best song featuring the guiro?

Why Did Roberts Do It? To save the court.

The TX GOP opposes teaching critical thinking skills in schools.

I almost feel sorry for Mitt.

CNN News Staffers Revolt Over Blown Coverage

Pic Of The Moment: Must Have Been A Good Week For America

Porn & Pop Culture: A deadly Combination

NFL to delay late game doubleheaders by 10 minutes

A new troll technique - VERY nasty!

A new troll technique - VERY nasty!

Why repubs. should be happy we now cover pre-existing conditions:

What was your first "feminist moment"?

High court agrees no indecency fine for CBS "wardrobe malfunction"

Charlie Theron in a buzz cut.

What are y'all doing for July 4th? Any fun trips this week? nt

Assad forces bombard northern towns as 170 tanks mass near major city, Syrian rebels say

Danish Farmer Reverses Illnesses in pigs by reverting to a GM-free diet

In b4 Dave Lindorff...nt

Those little immediate care clinics can be great

Colbert to CNN and Fox News.."You Suck at News"

Five More States Get NCLB Waivers

Romney op-ed in USA Today 2009 claiming he imposed tax penalty for not buying insurance in MA

O’Malley: GOP Likes Mandates When They’re ‘Transvaginal Probes For Women’

Former GOP Spokesman: 'Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?'

When Mitt Romney was Governor...

Heat wave: 1,000+ records fall in US in a week

A dictionary is a terrible thing to waste. Please come CAPTION Bill (straight arrow) O'Reilly!!!!

Effects Of Wildfires Obama's Fault Now

Michael Moore: Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling a Victory on the Path to Single Payer

Toon: Mike Luckovich on SCOTUS's ruling for ACA

The Rude Pundit says....

Flashback: Romney admitted his mandate was a tax

Cities grow more than suburbs, first time in 100 years

Susan Neiman: Why the Enlightenment refused to abandon religion

Ex-Marxist guerrilla to run for El Salvador presidency

Ex-Marxist guerrilla to run for El Salvador presidency

Damn what's up with Big Ed on radio

Is there anyone here who actually LIKES their healthcare coverage

Latin America: how the US has allied with the forces of reaction

Michael Moore: "More Than a Victory, the Decision Today Was a Mandate for Us to Act"

Despite the Repub. claims, Romney DID say Romneycare would be a good model for nation

Latin America: how the US has allied with the forces of reaction

Who here is currently uninsured?

The Rude Pundit: Sad Mitt Romney Looks Sad (and Other Funny Moments from Yesterday)

Anyone from District 02? Please check in...

Latin America: how the US has allied with the forces of reaction

Diva of Disdain: Justice Scalia in Three Parts

The mandate lives and conservatives weep...

What about the ACA waivers that have been issued?

Disease chic

Private health insurance, the real death panels

UPDATE 1-WTO rules against U.S. in meat labelling case

Perhaps Justice Scalia is reading the wrong Constitution?

Christians plan to pray Gaga away

Daddy Zimmerman finally shows his face (testified at today's bond hearing)

Why do employers continue to pay for health insurance?

Mexican election raises fears in Washington

Sarah Palin feeling ‘optimistic’ after ruling

Romney: My mandate was a tax increase, too!

Mexican election raises fears in Washington

Guild Wars 2 is coming out.

My Facebook post today. Wonder who will respond?

Are conservatives nuts?

MD Gov-re GOP: “The only health care mandate they can embrace are transvaginal probes for women”

In Pa., Roberts dodges query on health care ruling, jokes about trip to ‘impregnable fortress’

Congressional Black Caucus Forces Vote On Darrell Issa's Treatment Of Eric Holder

What does it mean?

How Much Is the ACA ‘Tax’?


Former Playboy Playmate Granted "Genius" Visa into USA!

The REAL ?: "How's It Taste MotherF&*kers?

Yesterday the United States joined the rest of developed 'civilized' nations.

Can you honestly say we're the greatest country in the world after reading this?

TPM: The Best Right-Wing Reactions To John Roberts’ Swing Vote

Republicans, Leukemia Team Up To Repeal Health Care Law

Shocking New Revelations About a Darrell Issa Conspiracy

Full Confession: There *Is* One Thing I Love About Mitt Romney

Libya: Carter Center Launches Limited Election Observation Mission

The Last Word - How the Supreme Court rewrote 'Obamacare'

Scalia: His Indian Name is “Writes With Idiots” (Juanita Jean)

Grassley plan for tougher H-1B enforcement revealed

National Occupy Gathering Set For July 4 In Philly

Ya Think Maybe You’re Paying the Wrong Preacher?

Young women in Minnesota being pressured to buy guns for criminals

Indian outsourcing of IT jobs gets massive backlash in UK

Mike Papantonio - amazing, righteous rant on the Ed Schultz show just now....

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

Revisiting "The 100 Recovery Act Projects That Are Changing America"

It is amazing to me that so many of my Facebook "friends" are constitutional lawyers!

GAB investigating recall petition signature fraud involving Recall Dave Hansen

Bill Owens didn't tell Charles Heston"s NRA to stay home following Columbine.

Clinton, Lavrov Set For Showdown Over Syria Ahead Of International Conference On Transition

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal refuses to implement Obamacare despite Supreme Court ruling

U.S. officials arrive for deserter who hid in Sweden

This way, Mr. Munro. No, over here Mr. Munro! - pics

Tea party's Gohmert: Investigate Kagan's role in health ruling

Notes from a wildfire refugee - John Calderazzo

'Birther' lawyer wins San Diego judgeship

States Seize Bogus GI Bill Website

Philadelphia officials should identify rogue gun sellers

Does the Supreme Court Health Care victory offset the Wisconsin loss?

US Coast Guard Creates 'Protest-Free Zone' in Alaska Oil Drilling Zone

Kelsey Grammer, Overrated Actor, (R), Roped People Into Ponzi Scheme Using Teabagger Rhetoric

US Coast Guard Creates 'Protest-Free Zone' in Alaska Oil Drilling Zone

Will the ACA building boom accelerate now?

Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be

Obama price jumps on Iowa Electronic Markets after health care ruling

Watergate: The Hidden History and the 2012 Elections

What exactly is ObamaCare and what did it change? Great DETAILS.

Obama surging in Gallup daily tracking poll 48-43

"Enlightened Sexism: The Seductive Message that Feminism's Work is Done" by Susan J. Douglas.

I must be naive

Kali always takes one of her "pets" with her on vacation...

Revealed: Kali's passion for fast food is more than a little disturbing........

Funniest Protest Signs Ever

ACA long term effect, beyond healthcare.

Gay Couple's Wedding Photo Turned into Attack Ad

Brazil/Uruguay overrule Argentina: no Mercosur economic sanctions on Paraguay

can someone from UK answer a Healthcare question?

Grad student gets too close to chimp fence at Goodall Sanctuary, chimps drag him in and attack

"Roberts Upheld Obamacare Because Of ‘Cognitive Problems’ Due To Epilepsy Medication"

Tea Party Quiet... Too Quiet

AG wants ex-NARAL NY leader to repay thousands

Note to media... It's a LAW (upheld by SCOTUS) not a BILL

Dr. Strange thoroughly enjoyed his first pet........

Michael Marin, ex-Wall Street banker, may have swallowed poison pill during courtroom conviction for

More deceptive reporting

Starbucks CEO Issues Open Letter, Calls For Job Creation

Will More Amercans Support The Affordable Care Act Now That It Has Passed Constitutional Muster?

Julian Assange 'declines' police order

Found it: By 2014, more people will be eligible for Medicaid

UGA’S Crowell busted on felony gun charges, likely done as a Dawg

What counts as 'insurance' under the new law?

2 plead guilty in Pa.-to-NYC gun-trafficking case

President Obama met with Boehner yesterday after the SCOTUS ruling. Let's watch.

Let's see......a couple of anonymous DU'ers---- or...............

Messing with people on facebook is fun.

How much will Americans save due to the Affordable Care Act?

Google bans gun sales on US shopping center

Glenn Beck Sells Tee Shirts Calling John Roberts A ‘Coward’

well, the bad news is that it is 103. The good news - it only feels like 103!

Crime Report: Gun Fired During Hartland Road Rage Incident (CCW non-abider)

Tebow vs. Manning debate in Colorado split along party lines

Glen Beck Sells Tee Shirts CALLING John Roberts A 'COWARD'

My Congressman, Robert Dold

How the War on Drugs gutted African-American families

Have you seen this video of "Obama" celebrating the SCOTUS's ruling?

Op-Ed Cartoon, today's LA Times:

Hmm. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorcing.

Gallup Poll: Confidence in television news falls to 21%, congress at 13% and other findings.

David Axelrod: Health Care Penalty Was Fine with Romney in Massachusetts

Exclusive: Lifetime Bumps "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp" to Late Night

So, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting a divorce

Having health insurance doesn't necessarily mean that you are covered

Since it is all about the framing, why didn't they frame it as a tax break?

Obama's average lead over Romney best it's been since April (long, wonky post warning)

Thom Hartmann: Does Obamacare Lead to Single Payer Eventually?

Judge: Wrongful death lawsuit can move forward in case alleging abuse by priest

10,000 Maine families will receive ~$500 OBAMACARE refunds this summer

Balls of the Republican Party

Thom Hartmann: Does Roberts calling the mandate a tax give the right a political weapon?

Asking advice on how to trick a homophobic friend in to watching Magic Mike..

RomneyCare Upheld!

Somewhere in a parallel universe - Romney is president, and conservatives are hailing the ACA

If the right wants to lay blame for AHA being upheld, they should look at Scalia, not Roberts.

House passes deal on highways, student loans in 373-52 vote

*WATCH* Up to 200,000 reported lining streets of Tokyo for protest (PHOTOS & VIDEOS) — Armored vehic

Andy Borowitz reveals: John Roberts' birth certificate is a fake

Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara: "Trayvon Martin was shot and killed BECAUSE OF HIS OWN DOING"

"I just have lupus!"

Check in with the temp.

I'm happy to be back after a nightmare of a medical week.

House and Senate pass highway and student loan bill (updated)

Excellent graphic, Obama and Hillary :)

Bobby Jindal refuses to implement "Obamacare"

The Republican Party's war on Democracy, the voter suppression campaign

Colorado fires

Win The Damn Election

The President is going by my house right now...

Danziger TOON: A Letter to Justice Roberts

My kitten story for today

Kickstarter - "Be Here Now" – The Andy Whitfield Story

Anyone else planning on retiring early due to the availability of health insurance

Have you seen this video of "Obama" celebrating the SCOTUS's ruling?

If I was King....Medicare would start at 20 and end at 65.

Anyone else here get the feeling that

John Cole Cartoon: We laugh, but it's a nighmare for Mitt Rmoney

Five Health Care Mandates Republicans Support

New York Times: Conservatives See Silver Lining in Health Ruling

Donald Trump Slams ‘Bullshit’ From Chief Justice Roberts

US Supreme court ruling moves California forward with health care reform

Congress sends student loan and transportation package to Obama

George W. Bush - Still the Worst

Bad Religion - Out Of Hand

Governor Corbett abruptly ends press conference when asked about teacher layoffs and property taxes.

Roberts can't pass up the opportunity to make a political point in his finding....

Oi Polloi - Bash The Fash

The Mitt Romney Find ONE Person of Color Challenge! Prizes Galore!

Issa: Holder like a Menedez brother, killing his parents and then claiming he was an orphan

Update on the tree story here...

Thom Hartmann: The conspiracy theory - 2 black guys in the WH trying to take away white people's gun

So two separate people asked me if I had cerebral palsy.

Can we find some Common Ground here?

End of the week LOL's (June 29th) - pics

Dear FTC, how is 503-563-0339 permitted to call my parents every hour and hang up?

Ok, I have given it a try but I hate it!

Colbert broken up about man crush for Chief Justice Roberts

Joe Olivo - fake "random-small-biz-owner" for hire

Check out the LAPD's Gay Pride website banner:

Not just chess: Atheists are organizing high school clubs, too

2006 Flashback: Romneycare Is Not A Tax, It's A Fee Or Assessment

Clooney to raise money for Obama in Geneva in Aug

Did you fall into your job/career or did you study/prepare for it?

A cute parody of Adele's Rolling In the Deep

When a judge doesn't vote the way the Right wants them to they're activist biased liberal bad

URGENT: Patriot, Turn Your ObamaCare Anger into Action!

Morsi Promises to Work for Release of Imprisoned Sheik

Congress passes student loan-rate extension The measure passed 373 to 52

Romney: Students Should Get ‘As Much Education As They Can Afford’


Air quality degrades as heat spreads east

Congress passes student loan-rate extension

So you're moving to Canada if Obama gets re-elected?

Justice won't prosecute Holder for contempt

Affordable Care Act ruling promises religious fights for the forseeable future

Breaking - DOJ told Congress that they will not prosecute Eric Holder

Weird, windows shook, yup, like they do with a quake

(Aside) Pet peeve: Headline editors vs. author's article and the gist of the issue -

Hibiscus....both "wild" varieties

The Rise of the Praetorian Class

Oh Shit! The secret of ACA has finally gotten found out!

World's oldest impact crater discovered in Greenland

Just a Humble Tradesman, Trapped in a World He Never Made

I once heard of a math trick used in accounting. Do you know of it?

Have little baking skill, but want to give it a try. Any "beginner's" resources, tips, etc?

First CNN iReport Debate on Supreme Court Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Decision

Money: His and Hers

The Justices and members of congress probably need security. These RW lunatics are coming unhinged

UNESCO designates Church of the Nativity as endangered site

President Obama meets with firefighters in Colorado Springs, Colorado - pics

Palestinians Hail UN Nod For Nativity Church As Victory In Bid For Global Recognition

The end of Monsanto crops? rootworms are outpacing their top scientists

Anti-Doping Panel Recommends Charges Against Lance Armstrong

Obama sees Ky. mom who lost legs in March twister

What is the most difficult thing for the right-wing echo chamber now?

The Surprising Truth about Income Inequality in America

Toronto council votes for plastic bag ban

caption time!

So Now The Law And Order Crowd Refuses To Follow The Law

President Obama welcomes Stephanie Decker to the Oval Office - pic

Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror

Thom Hartmann: China's middle class grows while America's disappears

China’s first female astronaut returns from space

Arnie Gundersen: State Dept told by the U.S. government to downplay the health effects of radiation

Donald Trump Stares Forlornly At Tiny, Aged Penis In Mirror Before Putting On Clothes, Beginning Day

Obamacare (ACA) Must Be Defended And Promoted Now As First Step To Middle Class Rebirth

until the aca vote, EVERY 5-4 vote in which roberts was in the majority was against the usual left.

Darrell Issa Puts Details of Secret Wiretap Applications in Congressional Record

Florida judge defers ruling on bond for Trayvon Martin killer

Rain!! Rain!! Glory Hallelujah!!

Video: Can Religion Justify Bullying (Sean Faircloth)?

We pay twice as much for health care than other countries

A most difficult photo . . .

Eugene Robinson: Obama's Great Achievement

Zimmerman’s attorney: Trayvon Martin killed 'because of his own doing'

Bankruptcy judge curbs Alabama county's cash use

How often do you fall down?

It Is Frighteningly Clear

Latin America: how the US has allied with the forces of reaction

Romney Courts Hispanic Vote With Animated Sombrero-Wearing Parrot

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes gettin' divorced...

Despite efforts for change, Bangladeshi women prefer to use pollution-causing cookstoves

HEY SAN FRANCISCO: Try These 10 Mouthwatering Foie Gras Dishes Before The Delicacy Is Banned Forever

Conservative Super Pacs turn to social media and internet to expand reach

The 15 Most Disliked Companies in America (Current)

I have a question for dissenters who wanted the whole healthcare law overturned

SCOTUS Obamacare ruling media #fail bigtime

Bodemeister to stand at WinStar

All this RW bashing of John Roberts is coming close to making me a defender of his

Congress passes highway funds, extends lower student loan rate

The oldest Neolithic Bow discovered in Europe

Mitt Romney: Students Should Get ‘As Much Education As They Can Afford’

Tweety on who has divided this country - the lunatic right

Bobby Jindal’s big blow for states’ rights

Funny how these same issues - health care, Medicare - keep coming up

Funniest Reactions to the Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling

What's the temperature where you are?

Dems Paint Romney as “Outsourcer-In-Chief,” But Will Obama’s Trade Deal Blow It?

On this day in 1956, Dwight D. Eisenhower signs the Interstate Highway Act.

Three Ways Obamacare Could Change Retail Forever

The NRA has a new "Trigger The Vote" campaign...

Perfect Atheism

Thank You, O!

When do you prefer to go grocery shopping

I will happily eat a few extra Oreos in the near future to support Kraft's support of Pride month

Papantonio: Corporate Rats Are Gobbling Up American Resources

DU3 Wish list: I wish there was a way to embed BookTv videos in the Media forum.

John Stewart has fun with CNN's/FOX's premature news ejaculation

Not saying that it's too dayum hot too dayum soon, but DAYUM... it's too dayum hot too dayum soon!!!

101 easy steps to having it all, Mark Morford

UNESCO lists Church of Nativity as heritage site

Another Wisconsin recount, another set of open ballot bags.

Mary Sanchez: Issa's pointless inquisition

Chris Hedges: The Righteous Road to Ruin (review of Haidt's book)

Wow! About 15, of my county's 200 000 registered voters, early voted yesterday

Rob Portman (Ohio) as Romney VP Pick?

Why The Obamacare Decision Is Very Good News For Women

Snow Snooki

Clever, on the mark comment by a poster on a


Britain’s urban rivers bounce back

Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) says he will have Eric Holder arrested

A Massive Victory for Liberalism

"Your Uterus is Sharon"s Lemonade" Oh My..LOL!

GOP's biggest donor approved "prostitution strategy" in China

Who's running against Issa this fall? Is there a chance of beating this schmuck?

FYI fire in Anza Borrego in California, does not sound too baad

Texas GOP opposes teaching critical thinking skills (toon)

**Quick, Help.

This is really clever if you like the movie, BLAZING SADDLES! IT'S BLAZING POTUS!

Help with funeral planning.

The liberal jewel in the ACA crown: Medicaid

The democrats should make a ad with this fool celebrating the what she though was A DEFEAT

Could Romney Be Diagnosed As Sociopathic? Just asking...

Marc Rubio parrots the RNC sound bite - "It's a middle class tax increase." Why? "SCOTUS said so."

Study on Fungi Evolution Answers Questions About Ancient Coal Formation and May Help Advance Future

Five Health Care Mandates Republicans Support

Van Hollen says Walker must comply with health care law

Japanese protesters fill streets as nuclear re-start looms

The enemy of my enemy...maybe an unseen blessing?

Dems are fighting back. Yahoo!!!! I love these headlines.

Be Prepared (Michele Bachmann edition)

Should I thin the buds on a sunflower?

Obama meets Stephanie Decker

LA Times: DWP lawsuits over water rights may put squeeze on Mammoth Lakes

**Wanna have some fun: Found on Craigslist Conservative Animator Needed (Anywhere)**

All the Obama campaign has to do is play that video clip from 4/12/2006

another interesting poll from

Bo Obama hanging out with his Dad

Japan finds major rare earth deposits: researcher

Mad, Bad, Sad What’s Really Happened to America’s Soldiers

Is the WikiLeaks 'Beat the Blockade' CD available at Pirate Bay yet?

My Two Cents - If Obama wants the ACA to help him win in November -

Campaign video goes on offense: Obamacare is about helping real people

Martin Bashir - Fact-checking Romney, 'Chamber of Commerce' on health care

Chris Mathews made an interesting and relevant point

I think I know the real reason they're squawking about Obamacare,

Another update on the trees here, pictures of all the damage. (Picture heavy.)

White House to Dems: Don't back down on tax debate

Donald Trump is not Happy with the Supreme Court's decision

Students Suspended in NY Bus Monitor Bullying

From good stable job to living in cars - The sharp, sudden decline of American Middle Class

President Obama Threatens To Veto Bill That Defunds Wall Street Reform

Normally sedate Canadians up in arms/close to rioting about potential Teabagger "immigrants".

global coal consumption has advanced by over 50% in the past decade

Why should I care about Growl?

They're Mad Because "Change Has Come to America"

Derecho: proof of global climate change

Martin Bashir - Cantor's meaningless health care vote

It's Friday evening - DIVINE COMEDY, anyone?

"IRS Takes a Closer Look at Rove's Dark-Money Group" By Gavin Aronsen at Mother Jones

Going out to a steak house for a friend's birthday tonight. What type of steak should I order? What

Just a view from the attic re the mandate/tax and compulsory purchase of medical insurance.

Funny Pictures Mocking Mitt Romney

Air Force Investigates Widespread Drill-Sergeant-On-Recruit Sex Abuse Scandal

I Hope They Turn Roberts With Their Hatred And Vitriol

Gorilla Warfare

Wildfire crews fight for health coverage in online campaign

Thom Hartmann: 9 Unelected Kings & Queens is our Biggest Challenge

On Health Care Policy, Romney Favors G.O.P. Consensus.

Boner on CBS News - ACA must be "ripped out from it's roots"

Please Note: Iron Lady is NOT the 3rd installment in the Iron Man trilogy

Researchers Use Spoofing To 'Hack' Into A Flying Drone

You didn't get a public option or you didn't get single payer and now your pissed.

Cruel female objectification in the check-out line

There's no proof Darrell Issa contracted syphilis from goats

Republicans are a different breed aren't they?

Personal experience can mean a great deal in how you look at policy.

Amendment vs Repeal? Educate me, someone, please.

Please help with this poll!

Where's the Friday 'Art Challenge' ? I can't find it :(

Vt. gov. hails health ruling, pushes bigger plan

At Syria's border, after months of waiting, the weapons arrive

Judge bars Kansas from cutting family planning funds

SE Cupp blows it on her MSNBC program...

Romney is more like a bratty child

A Republican wanted me and Dems to thank Republicans for giving us Roberts.

You have to wonder if just hanging around Scalia has taught Roberts to be a little less

Spoof: Reaction of President Obama over Victory on ObamaCare

hey bobby jindal, if you don't build the exchanges, President Obama will build them for your people.

I got so angry today.

Poor Substitute Friday Art Challenge: Studies

Weekend Economists Review When Harry Whacked Sally June 29-July 1, 2012

Man, convicted of arson, commits suicide while in court being pronounced guilty.

Science: It's a Girl Thing !

So, how hot or cold is it inside your house or apartment.

I just checked the Forbes 400 list. Not a single union boss on there.

NC Murder Convict Ordered Freed on New Evidence

Bachman's Facebook friends on the health care ruling:

As I drive around, I've noticed that very few cars around here have bumper stickers...

Endurance athlete Palfrey tries Cuba-Florida swim

Statement Summarizing Assange's Position

Nap attack in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

Got roboed by Americans For Prosperity today over ObamaCare ruling. Libs/Dems better get ads up NOW.

Dangerous Heat Smothers Third of U.S., Suspected in Deaths

When is it too hot for your dog?

Squealapova and Azashrieka to be silenced? ... WTA to target grunting.

rare glimpse at alternate reality

When many employers stop offering health insurance to their employees...

Fair House Districts

Friday Talking Points (216) -- Obama Cares

Listen DUers - let the fugging ReTHUGs expose themselves

About 7.3 million (2% of population) must obtain coverage w/o subsidy or be subject to penalties

My response to my fundie cousin's fb petition to repeal ACA:

Phil Rockstroh: Footlong Hot Dogs of the Apocalypse

From friend of friend on FB:

So the guy that authored RomneyCare is going to run against ObamaCare?

Renewables Make German Power Market Design Defunct, Utility Says

ROFLMAO....Ed Schulz played an audio clip of Jindahl referring to "Obamney care" in an

Smoke from the Waldo Canyon Fire creates an unusually vivid sunrise in Colorado Springs - pics

Got any RIM stock? Might want to call your broker.

Every Poll has Obama Ahead Yesterday (6/29) and Today (6/30)

Bill Maher is a hoot :)

Chicago Supt Brizard Admits Failure

I am watching the swimming meets in the Olympic Trials, there are more mature male swimmers.

Johnny Walker Orange vs. The Weeping Boner

"When we fight, we win." Van Jones

Did the Chief Justice hand the Catholic Church a victory?

Best weather report..... ever!

OOOHHH, NOW I see why she's divorcing him.

A Stronger Obama Emerges From a Few Consequential Weeks

Mike Pence: Fearmongering lying asshat

Tom Cruise on religion

Why Roberts Jumped

This month Obama did a watcha call a One-Two (or it was inferred to him).

Environmentalism and anti-science, how GMOs prove any ideological extremity leads to anti-science

Last Radio Call For Sheriff Neil J. Perry

Stupid question on the ACA ...

Naked carjacker arrested in Arizona

This graphic should give the five conservative Supreme Court Justices something to think about.

Colorado fire statistics through the decades ( CO is becoming CA)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! DOA & a new Kitty gif

So how exactly would Romney repeal ACA without 60 votes?

Fine Piece On The Importance Of Ensuring The Imperfect ACA Moves Forward

Rachel is having fun tonight ... giggling over obamneycare

Charles Pierce: Free to Be, You and JC

Is ACA serious about controlling insurance premiums?

Chalk talk

The Hannity/Palin hour is on. Just flipping channels and stopped but could only last about 3 second

There are times when I just...

Should Ginsburg be asked to retire from the SCOTUS?

Paraguay suspended from Mercosur, no sanctions

Affordable Care Cat (Inspired by a typo)

Teabaggers Gets Lied To, Happy then Mad...

Japan finds 6.8 million tonnes of rare minerals used in electric cars, iPods and lasers

(Viewer warning!) A picture of a degenerate shriveled-up evil bastard:

Great news!1 SCotUS has issued a recall on Lounge staple guns!1 n/t

Hey ..I just noticed .. over 1000 posts ...

2009 DU flashback: (on the partial origins of the Health Care Deal) Obama on Drugs: 98% Cheney?

Finished my class "A" truck driving school, and phase 1 'Over the Highway' training (22k miles).

So I went to the Washington Post website, calculating costs for ACA in 2014...

Probably just "lost" a "friend" ...

Ammo against Romney .... from the mouths of Republicans

Catholic, Orthodox leaders to issue statement urging reconciliation

Speak for yourself, Lady Blah Blah!

Hardball - Conservatives react to health care ruling

Neat trick: Superintendent removes election opponent, his pregnant wife from their jobs

"It's a tax It's a tax" They use tax dollars for Wars and Big Government that we do not believe in

A bicycle and a few friends lead a big man into an even bigger world

chickens are getting big.

Is there another multi-alert thing going on?

Breaking from Jamaica track and field trials - Bolt beaten by Blake in 100m

Battening down the hatches in the DC area weatherwise now.

so if a lot of states opt out, can the federal gov set up its own exchanges

Catholics rally at Kansas statehouse against birth control mandate

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 30 -- The Essentials: Preston Sturges

Stay safe chicago DUers!

Seriously, are people stigmatized about going on Medicaid?

Wal-Mart Suspends Seafood Supplier Over Work Conditions

So Did President Obama Play Three Dimensional Chess With ACA?....

Iowa GOP House Candidate Sued over party incident

Bus monitor Karen Klein's tormentors suspended for year, donations on her behalf = $670,000

Obamacare is tax cut, NOT a tax increase!

Saw what is likely to be a "collectible" car today ... at least, here in NE Ohio.

Panetta downplays military buildup on Turkey-Syria border

Iran's U.N. Envoy, Denouncing Sanctions, Says Nuclear Talks Are at 'Critical Point'

Hardball: Hilarious Clips Obama's Victory.....

Two wins in a row AND tacos! And stupid fireworks in Colorado,

How quickly can Highway Bill dollars be turned into jobs?

Is this Supreme Court ruling good for Americans, am just asking!

Help....we're being eat'n alive by nats!!!

Bill Maher thinks Romney should pick George Zimmerman as his VP

Serious fucking storms here in MD.

Hardball - Obama visits Colorado to assess wildfire damage

Is Alex McNeil the greatest DJ ever?

Percentage of Americans who will face fine for not having health insurance

Will there be accountabilty for Jeffrey "Train Wreck/Plane Wreck" Toobin?

Message to the Republicans

The ED Show - GOP Govs say 'what?' on Obamacare


Ever been so obsessed with a movie that you had to watch it over and over again?

The word Helvetia has a few different meanings...

Law Prof Wants Chief Justice Roberts To Resign Over Health Care Ruling

McKenna needs to say whether he'll implement the HCRA

Wow. I guess for at least a night The Lumber Company is back. The...

You guys fucking rock.

Two Minnesota Dems Vote for the Holder Contempt Citation

The ED Show - Debunking the myths about the Supreme Court decision

Pelosi renews call for constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

How the "liberally-biased media" forgets history ...

Morsi Says He Will Work for Release of Sheik Jailed in U.S.

Arsonist swallows poison after being convicted...

The ED Show - The right-wing meltdown over health care

How Bad Did MoveOn Members Want To Help Pass Health Care Reforms? This Bad.

Lowell George 4/13/1945 - 6/29/1979

Miami-Dade property values rise for first time in four years

Stories from the Heartland: Human Nature

A positive way to fight end of year deficit hysteria

So you will move to Canada if...

Newt Gingrich 'endorses' Mitt Romney. (Please distribute widely)

My Obamacare-related Facebook status

Mercosur welcomes Venezuela, suspends Paraguay

Mercosur welcomes Venezuela, suspends Paraguay

Trouble with Netflix