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Argentine ex-dictator denies Dirty War baby thefts and accuses mothers held in captivity

Argentine ex-dictator denies Dirty War baby thefts and accuses mothers held in captivity

Maddow Mocks Karl Rove for Bizarre Non-Sequitur About Obama's Lawyer

Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs -- Fire

NY Times’ Charles Blow: 'Election Is Very Close To Being Stolen Before The Votes Are Actually Cast'

Just great, Phelps' brood is coming to Milwaukee.

Neo-liberalism has failed but we still don’t get it

Playing with my new gun

Taitz Compares Self To Nelson Mandela & Thurgood Marshall, Accuses Obama's Mother Of Fraud - LOL!!!

Nigerian immigrant studies Neuroscience and earns top academic honor at John Hopkins University

McCaskill won’t be the only convention no-show, just one of the more conspicuous

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, June 26)

Who Owns Solar?

European Union Prods Germany With Fiscal Plan

The light bulb over my head just came on as to why the Republicans are against women's birth control

Calif. budget measure makes November ballot

I guess that would be a "no"...

Rangel Fends Off Challengers to Win Difficult Primary

Lawrence O'Donnell: The ACA/Obamacare mandate is a 'mirage' & liberals did NOT ever want the mandate


Della Reese - It Was a Very Good Year

Favorite funny Twitter accounts?

The Perverted Preacher (ID Channel, "Blood Lies & Alibis")

PG&E says 1956 pipe test led to San Bruno disaster

Rasmussen: Romney ahead by 3 in North Carolina

The Julian Assange Show: Noam Chomsky & Tariq Ali

Charles Barron won't accept landslide loss (NY-8)

Adelson is willing to pay 400 million to oust Obama. Would his tax bill be that high?

TYT: White Student Returns $1,000 Scholarship Meant For Black Student

Romney's Flip Flops Are Well Known. Why no books?

Why do fundamentalist Christians support the Loch Ness Monster?

OECD: US economy is improving but recovery is far from complete

my poor state

Demonstration if SOTUS overturns health care reform?

R.I.P. Nora Ephron - we will miss you!

(Wendy) Long wins NY Senate GOP primary to face Gillibrand

Small world! I found a standard, obnoxious hit piece on Fernando Lugo, looked for the author.....

FBI hauls in 24 credit card hackers in online sting

Any other Salvia fans?

Panguite: Earth’s newest and one of solar system’s oldest minerals

Jon Stewart Can't Believe Romney, Obama Fundraising Strategies

Please ask your Congressperson to support this resolution honoring Catholic sisters.

Okay, the film 'John Q' is fiction - but if America doesn't get better health care ...

New lawsuit against Second Mile claims Sandusky abuse started in 1970s

Are any Dems not up for reelection skipping the convention?

avocado veggie burger rush

Paraguay Seeks to Stop Itaipu Power Sales to Brazil -Report

A Chapter 9 bankruptcy by the city of nearly 300,000 (Stockton, CA)

Trust bids to secure white cliffs of Dover

Two more Lackland trainers charged in scandal

Chilean Scientist Discovers Fossil Antarctic Bird Prints

Photo of fire almost on top of the Air Force Academy. So this is what Armageddon looks like:

No wonder the fundies are up in arms over the Pride cookie by Oreo...

As Labor Struggles, Have the Big Rights and Liberties Groups Like the ACLU Deserted Unions?

What’s Needed for Change at This Political Moment? 5 Well-Known Progressives, 5 Strong Opinions

West Bank Jewish settlers leave Ulpana outpost

Assailants attack Microsoft HQ in Athens

3 New Quinnipiac battleground polls... good news for Obama!

Stick with those Bain ads Obama

The Army Made A $5 Billion Mistake Choosing Its Uniforms

The Liuyang Space show the Chinese martial arts (Tai Chi in Space)

Great Moments in Bush Foreign Policy

Are you Republican and hate teh gays...?

How am I doing as a Host?

Dachshund puppy meets Nikki Haley's doppelganger on a SC beach:

Texas, feds rarely take on anti-gay crimes by name as killers continue leaning on 'gay panic' defens

As Labor Struggles, Have the Big Rights and Liberties Groups Like the ACLU Deserted Unions?

Blue Dog, Yellow Dog, New Dog Democrats?

Low-Fat Diet After Weight Loss May Raise Risk Of Gain

Roche closing Nutley facility by 2013, cutting 1,000 jobs

For all the spelling and grammar nazis.

Obama Leads in Three Key Battlegrounds

State (FL) moves to block voter-registration group

Scouts find bag of guns while cleaning up

Some Dems may vote to hold Holder in contempt????

Rio Summit (cartoon)'re eating...WALMART steak.

Jan Brewer accuses Obama of trying to drive up illegal immigration to boost his election chances

Gunmen 'kill seven' at Syrian pro-Assad Ikhbariya TV

Texas GOP Platform Calls For Repealing Voting Rights Act Of 1965

UN experts say Rwanda backing DRC rebels

Toronto floats dramatic $30-billion transit plan

Stockton, Calif. to become largest city to declare bankruptcy

2009 swine flu outbreak was 15 times deadlier: study

Romney campaign Über-Douche Eric Fehrnstrom: Outsourcing are people too, my friends!

Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier hits a new low: Age of Autism rallies to defend him

Excluding Outsiders or Coming Together for the Common Good: What's the True Meaning of Patriotism?

In Iowa, Paying Your Debt to Society Isn't Quite Enough

The abject hypocrisy of Antonin Scalia ...

Iraq backs off on forcing 44 media outlets closed

DINO BLUEDOG Rep. Jim Matheson: Holder Should Be Held In CONTEMPT

Scalia and Limbaugh trash Supreme Court immigration ruling (LA Times|Top of the Ticket)

And the reason is simply because we don't make (manufacture) things (goods in the U.S.) anymore.

(Another) Romney backer supports Obama agenda

Any word on private prison stocks since the Arizona ruling

ACLU Challenge to Voter ID Law in PA

Small world, I found a comparison of the Lugo and Zelaya removal

Syria walks out of UN Human Rights Council debate

Same-sex teen couple shot in South Texas park

Toronto floats dramatic $30-billion transit plan

President Obama to launch bus tour

Jim Matheson becomes first Democrat to back placing Eric Holder in contempt

Thousands Occupy Tel Aviv, Police Respond With Brutal Force

Poll: Strengthened By Immigration Policy, Obama Leads Romney In Ohio, Pennsylvania And Florida

New law could close Mississippi's sole abortion clinic

ALEC - Hidden Memberships EXPOSED!

Arnie Gundersen, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, and the Heritage Foundation on Al Jazeera TV

Queen and Martin McGuinness shake hands

"But all four of us are fuck-face ass-clowns."

The Five Craziest Policies in Texas Republicans’ 2012 Platform

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Argentine Bishop Bargallo quits over 'amorous ties' row

Yep! This says it all

Geeks, you have a problem

Rape Victim Can Sue for Denied Contraception

DNA clues to Queen of Sheba tale

Romney Fails to Mention Inspiring 'Truck Driver' Is Billionaire Super PAC Donor

luke russert--- because of NRA scoring, 30 to 35 democrats could vote for holder contempt

Oklahoma chooses another Tea bagger favorite over Rep. John Sullivan

200+ Naked Germans and Danes grocery shopping

Old Dominion University/Virginia Pilot Poll: Obama leads by 7 in Virginia

Are the admins of this board going to weigh in on the gungeon?

Barclays fined by FSA for manipulating key bank rates

NY PROBES Chamber of Commerce Political FUNDING

Obama to make bus tour thru PA & OH next week

Roman and Celtic coin hoard worth up to £10m found in Jersey

Zimmerman gets 1,000th career hit

Exclusive: Northrop Awards Lobbyist $500K Bonus Wks Before Becoming Low-Paid Congressional Staffer


EEG brain trace 'can detect autism'

Barclays to pay $400M-plus to settle LIBOR charges

Ralfee Finn Weekly Frequency (Manifestor of Light -- more on your question posted below)

from NAACP

Role of stress in dementia investigated

I'm getting mailbombed by Arabic spammers.

I have an MPEG file that needs to be edited.

Massive Response at NJ Port After Stowaways Suspected in Cargo Container

### Change of SoP request for GC&RKBA ###

NBC/WSJ Poll: Romney getting hammered in the Swing States

Am I a bad person for laughing my ass off at this?

Black bean burritos & Spanish rice recipes

Gay Pride Oreos cause Fundies to lose their cookies

Crosspost: SoP discussion thread in M-D (updated 4:20pm)

The truth about illegal aliens and the Republican business sector.

Pere Lachaise cemetery

Lead detective in George Zimmerman case asks to be reassigned

Freezing beans question

Tom Toles on the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling

Prussian Blue Teen Band 'Marijuana changed us from Nazis to peace-loving hippies'

More photo examples of the massive crowds that came out for Romney on his bus tour

Backed by NATO, Turkey Steps Up Warning to Syria

XKCD: Moon Landing

What Do DUers Think About James Patterson's Alex Cross Books

The Truth About "Fast and Furious"

Colorado DUers

How does the NRA become more important than your own Party

Some offshore Arctic waters to be leased for energy drilling, US says

Narrow lead? In 12 battleground states, Pres. Obama has an 8 point advantage in WSJ/NBC poll

Nora Ephron Remembered By Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman

Thousands Occupy Tel Aviv, Police Respond With Brutal Force

Law enforcement officials back closing the 'gun-show loophole'

If you want to laugh your ass off: Nora Ephron honoring Meryl Streep AFI Awards

Also not a Pulitzer Prize nominee: Charles Gasparino of Fox Business

Florida's Scott still defiant and determined to purge voting rolls SECRETLY.

When did it become newsworthy to list people not attending a party convention?

We're taking care of a relative who just had major surgery and I'm wondering.

A good rule to live by

"Dont Let The Republicans Steal The Election For Mitt Romney." - From Credo Action.

Republican Policies

Please don't boink the gators.....

My biggest fear for the election this year is a reprise of the 2004 Election...

A suggestion for the 30-35 possible turncoat Dems in the house

From Congressman John Lewis, Georgia's 5th District

These quesadillas were so incredibly good that I have to share the recipe.

People found in shipping containers?!!??!

New Poll: Poll shows tie race in Michigan: Obama's base more excited


From the Candidate Who Brought You 'Corporations are People' (Good for a Laugh)

Public learns how Phoenix police officers decide to shoot, or not shoot

Caption the Romney's

There's censorship, and then there's censorship...

Colorado Springs on fire

Has LynneSin ever lived in Russia? Did she own a Beauty Salon? Is her real name Olga?

Whistling past the graveyard on climate change and sea level rise

Five questions that no one ever asks Republicans:

Now that rug has a photobucket account...

Another day, another abyss. Please come CAPTION Orly (bed talk) Taitz!!!

Egypt 'to sue' Iran's Fars news agency over Mursi report

a sitting President, George W. Bush, did not attend his party's convention in '08

Heat Wave Wilts Corn as Supplies Diminish Most Since 1996

Tony Auth: Reaffirmed by the Court: Corporate Money Equals Free Speech

Hell no, we won't go to Afghanistan! Vets & active duty military - new campaign (pic heavy)

Why You Should Love Grasshopper Tacos and Kelp Pasta

Fast and Furious...

Massive blaze jumps fire line in Colorado

Drumbeat: June 27, 2012

Calling elephant lovers!

96,000 here...150,000 there.. Here a blocked vote, there a blocked vote

Drumbeat: June 27, 2012

The FDA bill that's on its way for Obama's signature

Texas bomb plot defense presents no evidence

This Week in True Blood - lots of good stuff and yes *SPOILERS* and a poll!

NY probes Chamber of Commerce political funding

I was eating a WalMart steak today

Murdoch’s Humble Day Reaps $5 Billion for His Shareholders

*** gets her box of letters out and posts the sign for the new DU Dry Cleaners ***

H1N1 Swine Flu May Have Killed 15 Times More Than First Said

I've come to the conclusion that DIII isn't as good as DII, by a long shot

Christian School Suspends Gay Student, Fires Mother

The Real News: "The Sugar Mama of Anti-Muslim Hate"

NSIDC - June Melt Rate For Arctic Sea Ice Fastest Ever Recorded - 318K Miles2 Below Same Week 6/07

"...gradual erosion of [Darryl C's] basic liberty..."

"The planet does not need more successful people"

Bolivia Police Strike Ends, Other Protest Hits

British man appeals conviction over Twitter joke

Pending Sales of U.S. Homes Climbed More Than Forecast

Some interesting interactive charts & information on polarization - PEW surveys

Teen Fights for Benefits as Medicaid Contractor Says No

And You Thought It Would Be Easy?

Real Affordable Care Act Battle: Constitutionalists vs. Confederates

Geek Squad

Live Now: Sen. Sanders on the Senate floor now talking about the Koch brothers

Christie May Trim N.J. Budget Amid Spat With 'Arrogant S.O.B' Democrat

Medics tortured, killed in Syria: Amnesty International

Colorado Springs under threat as 32,000 flee Waldo fire

Obama Tops Romney in Poll of Three Swing-State Vote (Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida)

Keep looking. You'll find it.

Need to vent (re: persistence of right-wing lies)

BPA Linked to Brain Tumors for the First Time

Four trillion degrees: U.S. lab hits record temp.

The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal

Pic Of The Moment: New Poll Shows Mitt Romney Less Popular Than George W. Bush

some women have "scolded" me for using girl when talking about women

There's a right way and a wrong way to use expanding foam

Euro 2012 Semi-Finals

Spanish Officials Hailed Banks as Crisis Built

State alleges more Medicaid fraud by troubled Dallas dentist

Budget Matters Blog - Where Are We Now – Budget Prospects Look Dim

zimmerman bullied former colleague....I tell you shades of BTK

Stockton, California to file for bankruptcy

Who's Bankrolling the Fight Against Obamacare? (usual suspects, Rove, Koch, etc.)

If not for "Obamacare", my son would have died even sooner.

Venezuela seizes 20 tons of liquid cocaine

Venezuela seizes 20 tons of liquid cocaine

Hey PS3 users!...

Caterpillar Pulled From Social Indexes

Judge denies request to stop voter purge

Health Care Reform SC Decision rally in KC

Best Political Cartoons of 2012 (So Far)

At long last, there is a male bathing suit equivalent to the thong bikini

Health Care Reform SC Decision rally in KC

Colombia signs FTA with EU

Despite GOP & DINO out crys: Obama's attacks on Bain are working

Knee jerk responses. Are you guilty?

Giant birds attack city. News at 11

Online testing debacle in Wyoming provides a warning to other states

They have discovered unobtainium

Study of the Day: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Don't Attract Crime

Honduras - three years after the coup

A Message of Hope From the Great Bay Area

Iran VP blames the Talmud for international drug trade

It's time to get to work.

Russia "outraged" over Senate approval of Magnitsky bill

Walter Rhett: Justice Scalia, No Fear of His Own Horror

Justice Scalia must resign - E.J Dionne

Judge bars sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in US

I Saw This "Interesting" Sign Near My House

"Consuming" Health Care and "Skin in the Game": Rep. (R-Kan.) Pompeo's Witless Choice of Words

Guardian: Mexican media scandal: secretive Televisa unit promoted PRI candidate

C-130 aircraft and the CO wildfires

Mexican media scandal: secretive Televisa unit promoted PRI candidate

Some Solutions To The Wildfires And Such

Hoyer: Some Dems Will Vote To Hold Holder In Contempt For Fast And Furious

Karl Rove's Bisexual Affair Might Have Sparked His Bizarre Rant on Fox News

NREL report on cutting solar costs by recognizing that PV is a permanent fixture on a property

If SCOTUS declares people cannot constitutionally be forced to buy insurance,

New gender and land profiles shed light on women’s rights in Central Asia

Retired Brazilian colonel ordered to pay damages for the torture and death of a journalist

Retired Brazilian colonel ordered to pay damages for the torture and death of a journalist

Want to share this w/ my GLBT friends: on resolving my mid-life crisis.

"BLIND ALLEYS:" Chairman Issa on the Contempt of Attorney General Eric Holder

65% of Americans say Obama better suited to handle alien invasion than Romney

More thoughts on the CO wildfires

Post your pics from the recent graduation ceremony for the Lounge's GED class

The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal

White House Meets with Seniors about SS, Healthcare and Medicaid


Utah study: Expanded definition finds more disabled kids with autism (i.e. no Autism "Epidemic")

Nuns On the Bus - "Investigated But Irrepressible"

Due to an increase in porn threads, DU has created Lounges for those who do and those who don't....

PIC: Obama survey leaves out traditional Democratic ally--teachers

Florida man freed under stand-your- ground defence shot dead in Miami

Metal thief released, to S.F. neighbors' dismay

Court: Voter purge can move forward, but with different list

Stephen Colbert: The worse things are going for us, the better Mitt Romney feels

Impress the beach bunnies?! Damn right I do!

Keystone Pipeline: Transportation Bill Leaves Out Contentious Proposal, Aide Says

LOL Really? GOP: Obama Planning to 'Steal' the Election

Should Not Disclosing Your HIV Status Be a Crime?

Nora Ephron: In celebration of a life well lived, always breaking new ground.

Crackdown Coming in the Capitol in Madison?

This Land Is Your Land

Inside Syria's civil war

Uninsured & fighting blazes: Firefighters trying to save Colorado homes don't have health insurance

The Rude Pundit: Dickish Statements You Might Not Have Heard ...

All Politics Is National: Why an Anti-Israel Candidate Lost in Brooklyn

Free Association Pic Thread........

What goes down, will come back up

"THE CHAIRMAN SHOULD BE ASHAMED"-On the front page of the National Review-Criticism of Darrell Issa!

Call for predicitons - SCOTUS healthcare vote

Is Sarah Palin to Blame

Clerk loses job over stand

Nearly half of Canadians disapprove of federal Tories, dislike Stephen Harper: Poll

The last 40 years of conservative growth in power is a reaction to the 10 years called the "60's"

Where are we channeling our efforts?

For Nora Ephron fans

Ex-Foreign Ministry director backs cultural boycott of Israel

Boehner confirms Holder contempt vote over 'Fast and Furious'

Dying trees in Southwest set stage for erosion, water loss in Colorado River

Would you rather have the NRA or labor unions deciding how politicians vote?

WTF??? Did anyone else notice on Mrs Greenspan's show?

Gad Beck, 88, last known gay Jewish Holocaust survivor, dies

Mother left her children on the side of the road while she went to "look for God."

Microsoft stuck with $1 billion fine in European antitrust case

“Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.” Google releases Nexus Q, made entirely in America

Did the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Health Care Act leak?

Thom Hartmann:'s about de-legitimizing the President

Thom Hartmann: Could a giant tidal wave wipe out the East Coast?

With Respect To The Constitutionality Of The Mandate.

Women (Should Be a Priority)

To all Wisconsin pyros...

Attacks on women's health are a figment of your imagination

Ok; what's up with this Zombie stuff.......

PPP: Obama beating Romney 55-39 in MA

Pennsylvania's Mortgage Assistance Program has money once again

Syrian soldiers targeting fleeing civilians: rights group

Playing wiffle-ball in the major leagues. Come CAPTION Mitt ("On the other hand . . .") Romney!!!!

Five Things To Know About The Romney Advisor Responsible For Arizona’s Illegal Attack On Immigrants

Waldo fire, Co. Springs is out of control & law requires private companies only fight it

Rachel Maddow - Rove hides behind non sequitur on disclosure question

UN tribunal finds ethics office failed to protect whistleblower

The profitable occupation, and why it is never discussed

romney is running as the dumber george w. bu$h*

Poverty has a new address: Suburbia

Save the Euro - who for?

Danziger Toon- Scalia Acts Out

A question from Colorado

Rachel Maddow - Channeling Harry Reid's rage

Clinton: US pleased so far by new Egypt president

FUX Biz Reporter Falsely Claims Pulitzer Prize Nomination

111 degrees by Friday here in some parts of Tennessee.

So much for the Paleo diet...

What time will the SCOTUS ruling be handed down?

Iran, Saudi Arabia not invited to UN summit of world powers on Syria

Biden Blasts Romney’s Outsourcing Explanation...Calls It A "Cruel Joke"

How bad is bad?

I Don't Care if Karl Rove is Gay

Estonia — subsidised austerity {krugman/estonia dust up}

Yikes, ton's O' people added to "The Good Wife"

live cam - puffin burrow

Judge stops U.S. sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Clerk loses job for refusing to let customer use welfare money to pay for cigarettes

"Antonin Scalia" is an anagram for "Anal Stain Icon". Can Rick Santorum sue him for identity theft?

Forture Magazine: No Intentional Gunwalking in Fast and Furious

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Court part 1

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Court, part 2

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- 2012 race

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Repubs

Texas Rangers investigate shooting of teen lesbian couple

Multiple bills to reform school discipline laws get hearing in California

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- the rest

I just donated to Elizabeth Warren for Senate.

Youth hockey coach arrested for tripping 13-year-old opponent

More info: Judge refuses to block Florida voter purge.

Catholic teacher fired for same-sex marriage views prays for dialogue

Happy Future Day!

Has Ohiosmith's nasty rash ever cleared up?

one union throwing another under the bus... nice...

The shameful campaign to prevent the referendum on MI's EM law from hitting the ballot

Inquiry Looks Into a Shield for Donors in Elections

Romney to give his biggest fan a new truck

Posting link to niece's magazine

Kansas Doctor May Lose License For Refusing To Force 10 Year-Old To Birth

Dallas Deputy Freaks over bikers Helmet Cam, footage catches him in arrest lie

PA School Board propose that kids wear lab coats when they disobey school dress code.

Sen. Ben Nelson says striking down HCR could lead to single-payer system...

DU Hemp - (as seen on facebook)

Top 10 Reasons Republicans Want To Impeach President Obama

Obama is coming Friday to Colorado.

Chuck Norris blasts Obama over 'pro-gay Boy Scouts' stance

President Obama more likely to quell an alien invasion than Rmoney

They're finally noticing...

WashPost will not retract 'outsourcing' story

I finally found out how Krispy Kreme makes their glaze

The Bain attacks must really have Romney worried: "Romney to seek Washington Post retraction"

Sen. Sanders: The American People Are Angry

Romney campaign seeks retraction of Washington Post outsourcing story that it originally stonewalled

Anyone watch MSNBC's latest show 'The Cycle' yet?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being negotiated in secret

I finally got my ride to the Wash-n-Wax!

Mum urges parents to consider MMR jab against measles

Thomas: How do you think he'll vote on 'Obamacare'?

How about a Constitutional amendment making some requirements for SC Justices

A proposal to help promote school equality and solve a shit-load of other issues


I shouldn't be forced to buy for-profit health ins.

Martin Bashir reporting on Fortune's Fast and Furious article

Interactive Map of Colorado Springs fire (Waldo Canyon Fire)

Thom Hartmann: Revealed...FL Officials Misleading Public about Voter Purge

MSNBC Martin Bashir Show "Bombshell" from Fortune mag

LynneSin has been caught labeling the Lounge trash cans

360lbs father 'loses custody of two sons because judge rules he's too fat

Antonin Scalia Belongs on Reality TV, Not the Supreme Court Bench

Thom Hartmann: The most important question is not being asked in this election...


*Discussion Thread- July Photo Contest- "Down By The River"

I have seen more naked dudes in the Lounge today than I have seen in my whole life.

Quote from Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Same-sex teen couple shot in South Texas park

A photo of the damage from last night's fire...

One more time: The GOP wouldn’t replace Obamacare with anything

What could be better than a single baby platypus? Well, I'll tell you:

Every single Democratic Party member must walk out of the House of Representatives

Scott Walker Wants National Political Role? Good Luck With That, Mr. John Doe

Ray Bradbury

Papantonio: The Decline of the American City

Anyone seen Doc Brown?

Gandhi on the "truth"..

How to help the fire victims and firefighters in CO:

Sen. Sanders:America for Sale

Democrats already fundraising off Supreme Court ruling

The Truth about Fast & Furious

So I am watching Sixteen and Pregnant, I wonder why do these kids keep the babies.

102 year-old Joaquin Arciago Guzman & 7000 others representing 120 countries become US citizens-pics

Obama Administration’s Plan For Arctic Offshore Drilling Safety: ‘I Believe There’s Not Going To Be

Any pathetic Democrat that is threatened by the NRA

Contracorriente (Undertow)

ACW Responds to Crossroads GPS Ad "Equity"

In a little while I'm going to go outside and dig a grave

What I “learned” from Cable Newz today

Thank you Jury.

Just ordered my new turntable. AT LP 120.

Personal questions for RWers about health care?

Zimmerman doesn't want to wear prison uniform in court, wants to appear W/O handcuffs or restraints

Life is like a box of chocolates..

VP Joe Biden speaks to a crowd of over 500 people at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa - pics

A Top Progressive On The Correct Response If SCOTUS Nixes ‘Obamacare’,expanding Medicare

115 F in at this hour in Kansas! Over 100 in Omaha...

Dana Milbank misses the point by a country mile

refinancing... the president's Plan

My fantasy for the next Supreme Court meeting...

Prescription Drug to Aid Weight Loss Wins F.D.A. Backing

Why aren't there mass protests over the NDAA bill?

Chicago decriminalizes possession of small amounts of pot

Fortune: ATF Never Purposefully Let Guns Walk During Fast And Furious

Parents of Rutgers student who committed suicide say "Sin needs to be taken out of homosexuality"

Keeping His Word: Equality for LGBT Americans BarackObamadotcom

Do you ever get tired of complaining?

m$nbc reporting tentative deal struck on transportation bill...

Obsolete laws let Washington run the Web

DU This Poll Please!!!

"Gun walking," Mexican drug gangs, and the Dead Border patrol agent

Tool Time: DOD Wastes Wastes Wastes Money

How dare our cats look down on us!

Mitt Romney: I believe marriage is between one man and one woman...(great ad you should see)

Lindsay Lohan? Seems to be doing OK. (WARNING: GRAPHIC photos, disturbing and / or offensive)

Tweety is discussing the Fortune Magazine blockbuster now

So much for "bipartisanship"...

'US should be excluded from talks over Syria just like Iran'

Is anybody here going to be extremely upset if the SCOTUS axes the mandate and only the mandate?

Nanoscale Transmitters Will Transform Your Phone

Boehner: House will go ahead with contempt vote

Breaking With Democrats, Some Activists Target Obama's Kill List

Do you think the NY Times knew this Fast and Furious story was BS all along?

Uninsured and fighting blazes: Welcome to the life of a federal firefighter

Analysis: Britain outside the EU - Switzerland with nukes?

Marriage amendment group says Facebook account hacked

Are US Drone Strikes in South Asia, Middle East Ethical?

Anti-gay crimes rarely prosecuted in Texas by name

Chuck Norris OP/ED via ""..."Is Obama Creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America?"

Did anybody catch teh 2nd hour of Roger Waters on SiriusXM?

New View of Exoplanets Will Aid Search for E.T.

Texas man gets 40 years in stand-your-ground case

Is the mandate a violation of the First Amendment?

Human Rights Council: Houla and other human rights in Syria

"Naked dudes" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "naked dudes".

When the ACLU hired Bob Barr did you suspect something was very wrong with America?

Obama Administration OKs Portion of TransCanada's Tar Sands Pipeline

Why Romney Couldn’t Convince The Washington Post To Retract Its Story About Bain Offshoring Jobs

New Poll: Cantor Appears Vulnerable; Women In His District Aren't Very Happy With Him

Mitt makes it easy to remember the difference between ‘outsourcing’ and ‘offshoring’!

Wiki: Italian Court Rules the Sun Orbits the Earth

So George Zimmerman Had Two Opportunities To Identify Himself To Trayvon Martin But Didn't.

D-Day by Linda Greenhouse (re: Arizona decision)

PSA: The NEW CPR. No mouth-to-mouth.

Agent who started ‘Fast and Furious’ defends gunrunning operation

Here's What Some In Congress Were Doing While Ignoring Our Pleas For Jobs

Propaganda - lying ads - bottomless pit of money - every ad on during news

Small-Town Cops Pile Up on Useless Military Gear

Hansen adds color to Saturday's Iowa Derby...

Moneyval expected to give Vatican Bank a passing grade:

Someone needs to explain to me why the Head of the Federal Government would be

In a state of gay-hate,Arlington PD charges vandals with a hate crime

Just like yesterday, the wind has come in strong...

If You Loved 'The West Wing', Watch This. Now.

Fortune's breaking story re Fast & Furious a 'fantasy'

Britain's Queen (Elizabeth) shakes hands with ex-IRA chief

Half of Inhaled Soot Particles from Diesel Exhaust, Fires Gets Stuck in the Lungs

down by the Snake River...

The Expert Agrees With Me–The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) With Mandate Will Be Upheld

As Congress looks away, U.S. tiptoes toward exporting a gas bounty

Lighten up for the bird brain and the singing finches

Bloated Payrolls And Land Grabs Are Pushing College Costs Through The Roof

Republican Admits In Closed Meeting VoterID Laws Intended To Give Pennsylvania To Mitt Romney-VIDEO

Zoo Miami yesterday

Scalia Skewered & Left On The Hanger To Dry - By Conservative Icon Richard Posner

Bernard Madoff's brother to plead guilty, U.S. says

Joke #24.. "The Store that Sells Husbands"

Tweety choked up when he saluted Nora Ephron...

Limp Balls: "Mitt Romney blew it"

¡Viva la furia roja!

American Families Are Now Packing Up And Moving To China So Their Kids Can Learn To Speak Mandarin

"The Husband Store" Joke #15

Do "taxpayers" have greater rights than citizens?

Maloney to face Hayworth in November

Sharpton has the author of the Fortune magazine article on right now

Q&A: Matt Taibbi on the 40th Anniversary of Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, H. Thompson

PSA: The NEW CPR. No mouth-to-mouth.

Do Liberals Actually Want To Win Elections?

I know there are many on this board that belong to the NRA

Garbage Warrior (87+minutes)

Now a Joke about Men.....just to be fair..was posted before..

"Romney: White House ‘Not Sleeping Real Well’ Tonight" (TPM)

Israel sees Palestinian children as 'potential terrorists', panel finds

From the FB of Elizabeth Warren...

House GOP Health Care Prescription: All Repeal, No Replace

Videogamers: Why are XBox 360 games $10 or more than Wii games?

What benefits do McCaskil and other candidates in tight races get by going to the convention?

postcard from over the edge -DeMint wants 'creationism' to be taught in schools

Bradley Manning defense claims victory on due process motion

Martin Bashir - 'Fast and Furious' bombshell a day ahead of Holder contempt charge

'I believe the mandate will not be invalidated tomorrow' - so says SCOTUSblog.

I Just Watched The First 8 Minutes Of HBO's Newsroom - And I Cried.........nt

Minimum Rage: College Grads in the Service Industry

Rev. Al is really ripping John Mica a new one!

Congressional Republicans' 27-page plan to (not) reform health care

Black Lawmakers Plan Walkout During Holder Contempt Vote

S.F. Giants set new mark against L.A. Dodgers ...

Uptick just posted on Nate's site: 293 - 244

Martin Bashir - GOP suddenly quiet on falling gas prices

Summer's Shadow

Dems voting with 'Pukes on Fast and Furious - MUST BE STOPPED

Three shutouts in a row! NL West tied

Would social equity hurt the rich?

Oliphant Toon on Scalia

Robert Reich: Supreme Court will Uphold Affordable HealthCare Act

Bob Kingsbury, New Hampshire Republican, Says Kindergarten Leads To Higher Crime

The Reason(s) I Was So Mad About The 'Dems Skipping The Convention' Stories...

Rahall (D-W.Va.) to vote to hold Holder in contempt

U.S. Postal Workers On Hunger Strike June 27, 2012

Starting next month, my house payment is going up 80 bucks but we haven't had a raise in 4 years

FOX News: Obama leads Romney 45-40 (both were tied 43-43 in their last poll)

What People Really Do When They're 'Working From Home'

"Why the court will uphold Obamacare" - Robert Reich in Salon

CA bill would allow school districts to cut three additional weeks of class.

FR is ecstatic over Dems voting with Pubs on the Holder contempt vote. They think this is wonderful

What I would say as a Democratic member of the House...

You've Gotta Be Desperate If You're Asking the Loch Ness Monster for Help

Nate Silver at;

Austrian Family Lives a Life without Plastic

PHOTO: President Obama at The Varsity yesterday in Atlanta

Saudi student in Texas convicted of terrorism, Bush a target

Has the NRA purchased the contempt vote of 30 Democrats? This is what the allegation

Is there a good reason to know how many star members are ignoring you?

CEO Pay Transparency Would Make CEO Pay Too Transparent, Companies Say - HuffPo

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 28 June 2012

Happy Birthday, Helen Keller

I am not big on conspiracy theories. In fact I don't know if I believe any of the

... House Progressives Will Seek Single-Payer Plan If Mandate Goes Down.

APNewsBreak: Judge says US wrongly held Idaho man

A Con Man Who Lives Between Truth and Fiction

I hope the Supreme Court kills the Affordable Health Care Act. ALL of it.

Poll: Americans pick Obama over Romney to handle an alien invasion

Those 30 cowards that are voting with Issa tomorrow should be thrown out of the Democratic Caucus

Chuck Norris attacked over anti-gay scouts article

Rudy Eugene -- AKA the "Miami Zombie" -- Was Not High on Bath Salts, Toxicology Report Shows

Can someone point me to a link about where the ACA says...

DC Circuit Court rejects Greg Abbott's attempt to argue climategate and science

In Case You Missed This... (Scalia) LOL !!!

"Prolonged And Historic" Heat Wave Bakes West, Heads East - Climate Central

Court - EPA "Unambiguously Correct" In Assertion Of Authority To Regulate GHGs Cars, Industry

Voter Riots 2012

Ash Borer Moving Rapidly Across Wisconsin, But Don't Expect Any Funding To Fight The Problem

Unlucky number 13? New Firefox browser version exposes private data

Egyptian diplomat suggests gays are ‘not real people’

Has anyone dealt with Credo Mobile, the self proclaimed progessive phone company?

Do you suppose that Scalia and Thomas have been

Republican duplicity (cartoon)

Ben Nelson: Activist Supreme Court will pave the way for single payer

Death Threats, Hate Mail, Frivolous Lawsuits Now Routine For Climate Scientists

Scientists - As Colorado Burns, Expect "Consistent Disruption Of Fire Patterns For Half The Planet"

We have a new scheme for saving money when hiring Rent-A-Cops!

No matter what the SCOTUS decides tomorrow, it's LOSE/LOSE for the GOPigs

Monbiot - After Rio, Now We Know - Governments Have Given Up On The Planet

Swiss long required to buy health insurance -- without the furor

Election disaster

Burning Indonesian Rainforests Cover Cities Of SE Asia With Haze - NYT

The highest level of radiation to date found at Fukushima No.1 reactor

Sometimes folk are too eager to show off their skills

Sorry, wrong forum.

Texas ‘stand your ground’ shooter headed to prison

Brave’s Merida, and Why We Need to Stop Equating Gender Performance and Sexual Orientation

CUÉNTAME Presents New York City’s Outernational video for “Todos Somos Ilegales/We Are All Illegals.

Question - Anyone, besides me, ever quit being a fan of some team?

Denver, Colorado Springs, McCook, Dodge City Hit New Record Highs Surpassing Dust Bowl Records

Exxon's CEO: Climate, energy fears overblown

The Republicans believe that you can quantify a person's worth

Obama Bain Attacks On Mitt Romney Leave Swooning Democrats In Love Again

I only have this thought about today's NRA

Unprecedented. Raleigh, NC - forecast highs - our weather is about to jump the shark...

uh oh, ru$h unhappy with mitt

In Case You Missed This... Nora Ephron... From 1972... Esquire Magazine...

Elizabeth Warren can't shake Scott Brown race remains deadlocked

This is a witch hunt of the first order

Chinese Government Divided on Long-Term Future of Nuclear Power

"Ten Questions for Republicans Only"

Congressional Black Caucus May Walk Off The House Floor Tomorrow.

How Scary is the US “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme?

Real quick since someone's sexual orientation is being discussed. It's not about what you do in bed

A Wednesday morning Kayak with my wife - Falls Lake, Raleigh NC

Fox News Justice

Could Issa be charge with a crime for trying to get the AG to release documents...

Who are the 30 Dem. House members supporting Holder Contempt?

Confirmed.Obama coming to Colorado Springs Friday? My Daughter works at

THIS... Is How It's Done...

Should charges be levied against Issa for KNOWINGLY deceiving congress and public for political gain

GOP Plan To Replace Obama Care:

"I think man is the most interesting insect on earth, don't you?"

Obama up by 5 in new FOX News poll

Michael Tomasky: My Supreme Court-Health Care Prediction

George Clinton live RIGHT NOW

Forget all the other bad stuff (and good stuff, if there is any) about Rmoney & just consider this:

Dear Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, for you to be so dismissive

Two-Thirds of Americans Think Barack Obama Is Better Suited to Handle an Alien Invasion Than Mitt

Study: ‘Stand your ground’ laws result in an additional 4 to 7 killings per month

Black caucus to stage walkout during Holder contempt vote in House

Can hummus be frozen?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!

Google unveils small tablet, challenges Kindle Fire!

Folks it's about not cooperating with the system any more............

I made the entire universe for the sake of one subset of one species on one planet on one of

Thoughts on the Democratic Senate Debate

Facebook Just Secretly Changed Your Email Address! But Could It Be Worse?

pop quiz! no cheating!

Cleveland Wants Goats To Mow City Lawns, But Will This Solve Goat Unemployment?

The firefighters trying to save Colorado homes don't have health insurance

Fast And Furious Probe Slammed For Ignoring Key Witnesses On Contempt Vote Eve

The President & First Lady arrive for the annual picnic held for members of Congress - pics

Boy, does DU feel like home to me. It's been quite a journey....

Hardball - Fast and Furious...and false?

London hosts conference touting Israeli innovation

Israel accuses Iran of anti-Semitism after drug speech

Prosecutors: Madoff brother to plead guilty in NY

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 28 -- What's On Tonight: Teen Idols

Limbaugh ties Hillary Clinton to Muslim Sisterhood

Venezuela poll shows tight race for Chavez

HOUSE DEMS Breaking Lines Against Holder Could WEAKEN PARTY

prostitute review site sues blogger!!??!

ROFLMAO !!! (Scott Brown)

"It's a beautiful night for a concert- there's not a cloud in the ceiling!"

*ELIZABETH WARREN about to appear on Rachel show!

Elizabeth Warren coming right up on TRMS!

Even RW National Review Calls Out Issa's Conspiracy Mongering On Fast and Furious!

The Daily Beast: Who's Screwed If Obamacare Gets the Axe

I was wondering if it would be ok to post a link

Latest polls show bad, bad news for Senate candidate Josh Mandel - June 27, 2012

Thank Kraft For Their Rainbow Oreo! (boycott has started)

0-6 Jurors? REALLY?

Elizabeth Warren on Rachel! How in the hell can this race be even close?

Airbus plans factory in Alabama!

So, give it to me straight (re: Fast & Furious)

The Truth - "Mexicans Protest Media Bias in Presidential Election" - Any Different From Fox News?

My first post in this group,

Lichen Can Survive in Space: Space Station Research Sheds Light On Origin of Life

17 Animals That Became Extinct In Our Lifetime

Caroline Kennedy campaigns for President Obama in Nashua, N.H. - pics

Toronto floats dramatic $30-billion transit plan

U.S. defense cut could cost billions to implement

Chickpea Vegan Quarterly

Mass evacuations ordered as wildfires rage in Colorado

Don Grady, One of TV's 'My Three Sons,' Dies at 68

Fast And Furious: Issa No Longer Suspicious Holder Knew Of Gunwalking

why are old threads appearing on the "latest threads" page?

Did I mention that I'm the host for Columbia Drinking Liberally? Y'all come!

MST3K FANS: EVERY episode of "Cinematic Titanic" can now be viewed on Hulu

just a reminder

"So, John, did you get offshored or outsourced?"

Cactus fruit.

"Pick out the Immigrant" speech by Rep. Luis Gutierrez on House floor

My friend who still pines for Bush blames Obama for taking away his beer money

A dedication to Tuesday Afternoon: Sarah BRIGHTMAN singing "An Unexpected Song"

Today, I wished I did believe...

You're so stupid you don't even know the difference between a Motoryacht and a Sailboat!

Does anyone know what time the contempt vote

Who saw Rev. Al Sharpton today?

4 police among dozens of arrested ‘Rastrojos members' .

Karl Marx - don't leave home without him.

There's a first time for everything.

Has anyone else ever heard a conspiracy theory about. . .

200-300 homes lost in Waldo Canyon fire... President to visit tomorrow.

We'd better get a lawyer .........

OAS to investigate Colombia's role in 1998 massacre .

"New Poll Find That Just a Third of Voters View Romney Favorably" by Jon Ponder

OAS to investigate Colombia's role in 1998 massacre .

Michael Moore will be on "The Last Word" tomorrow night!

We're Doomed... 'Axelrod: Obama Win Will 'Liberate' Republicans To Work With President' - TheHill

Romney Vows To 'Offshore' The Washington Post

"Now we know why he's called "Turd Blossom"

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 29 -- What's On Tonight: How To Murder Your Wife

CREDO To Join Medicare-For-All Push If SCOTUS Guts ‘Obamacare’

How to fight one Fast & Furious conspiracy theory with another. (Sorry, but this is war.)

Hi my Democratic friends!

It struck me again tonight: two-thirds of Americans want Medicare for all. Jeez.

Gloat Free Football Scores (Wednesday, June 27)

U.S. beaches laden with sewage, bacteria: study

Why is Exxxxxxon Mobile running teevee ads in support of teachers?

It's time to post this again. "Why Socialism" by Albert Einstein.

A Dissent by Scalia Is Criticized as Political

Rasmussen: Romney ahead by 13 in Arizona

2700 bucks for a beach bike?

"Scarborough: Romney doesn't want people to know what he believes" (video)

I am hearing about some Democratic members of the House will vote yes on contempt

Can you just FEEL the clarity that is coming through the next few days?

Update on UN report into Houla massacre in Syria

Breaking: NRA's LaPierre Gave Guns To Mexico...

Republican Hypocrisy (Mitch Daniels edition)

Dusty And Annie... He's 86, She's 88...

Newest Obama commercial suggestion

Focus on the family HQ threatened by wildfires...

I'll miss you very much laconicsax.

OMG the wildfires are in Kansas now.

*VP Biden rally in Waterloo, Iowa, Tuesday, on C-SPAN NOW.

Mitt Romney shifts focus from Post article on Bain to health-care law

Tennessee man returns $13,000 in cash he found on trash can

can you have Single Payer and keep insurance companies?

If 80 million mericans believe in UFO's, are they all pigliCONs that believe in aliens and do not

a maybe dumb question about DU's rules

New Season of Weeds: Sunday July 1 10 pm Showtime.

I asked a question in GD about the new Go Google, about it being better then the Kindle Fire....

The ED Show - New report blows the lid off Fast and Furious case

You know the joke about buttered toast on a cat?

The ED Show - NRA will track tomorrow's contempt vote

CNN: Romney once touted mandate he now deems unconstitutional

"Who's Paying for $6 Million of New Anti-Obamacare Ads?" Mother Jones

They don't want us to be educated. They don't want us to think.

LA council votes to strictly enforce Clean Air Act

"Son of Democratic Party royalty creates a" By STEVE FRIESS at Politico

Stupid question, I know: could Obama order that Medicare be opened to insure those who pay for it?

The Italian court that linked MMR with autism used Wakefield's BS from the Lancet as its "proof"

The TWO Democrats that are going to vote with GOP: @RepJimMatheson @RepJohnBarrow