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Archives: June 26, 2012

Breast feeding with the President

Has anyone noticed the difference between the Romney and Obama ads?

The Loch Ness Monster Is Real, And Five Other Insane Lies Taught By Louisiana Textbooks

The Newsroom Season 1: Episode 1 - Full Episode

The Lounge Safety Committee is launching a new campaign!

Women aren’t principal news sources on women’s issues, 4th Estate analysis finds

Every now and then, someone tweets something that makes you stop and think...


A-a-a-a-nd...We're BACK! Aaron Sorkin is BACK!

State won't release larger list of possible noncitizen voters

I posted my thought on the first episode of Aaron Sorkin's "The News Room" in GD.

E. coli found in several rural Alberta areas

Media executive George Hearst Jr. dies at 84 (William Randolph's grandson)

Plan would freeze UC, CSU fees if voters pass tax

Chemists have recently invented a safe way to dispose of stale donut holes

Rep. Cummings becoming voice for distressed homeowners

How could/would the Contempt holding get into Court?

How Republicans made it possible for the Supreme Court to rule against the mandate

Remember the Pearland, Texas Go-Cart incident?

Mitt Romney’s Fancy Horse Is Worth More Than Your Entire Family. Seriously.

No MrScorpio rant this week...

looking for a fruit pizza recipie. Not wanting to use one with sugar

Republicans make it about Terry with David Gilmour Song

Who is buried in Nicolas Cage's tomb?

Thursday Could Be A Banner Day For The Repugs....

Feds: For-profits could lose federal student aid

Homeland Security revokes 287(g) agreements in Arizona

S.F. schools face big cuts, furloughs under budget

Statement by Secretary Napolitano on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Arizona v. the United States

Statement by President Obama on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Arizona v. the United States

Choose One

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, June 25)

Since SCOTUS is waiting till later this week to announce ACA...

Obama Administration Awards ''Vets to Cops'' Hiring Grants

What's the philosophical difference between Medicare Part D and the individual mandate?

The American Dream Is Now a Myth: Joseph Stiglitz

Honduras: woman dies in airport after US deportation flight

Teacher who gave zeros threatened with termination

Jimmy Carter Accuses U.S. of 'Widespread Abuse of Human Rights'

Murdoch considers splitting up News Corporation

I'm not entirely sure what's going on here

Los Panderos: Jon Stewart Chronicles Both Candidates’ Pandering To Latinos

Because After 64 Years Together, Louis Halsey and John Spofford Morgan Finally Got Hitched.

Grijalva Statement on ... Homeland Security Decision to End 287(g) Enforcement Agreement w/ Arizona

Are Assange's fears justified?

Journalist told Slipper staffer 'we will get him'

Some pics of my flower gardens

Obama Trade Deal To Put Corporations Above The Law

Jun 26, 1956: Congress approves Federal Highway Act

Save Mart Demotes Senior Clerks

Leftist candidate gains among Mexico's well-off

DNC priorities survey

Egypt election turns US policy on its head

Heavy fighting around Syrian capital

Our coverage of the Arab Spring was over-excited, admits BBC

Religious circumcisions are crimes says court

Israel Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial attack: Three held

Consol invests in Epiphany's water treatment technology

If you are a business-owner and your clientele base ages and dies off, who will buy your product?

20 inches of rain in two days

Is this fair?

AT&T U-Verse dropped Fox from U100(Basic cable package)

Facebook's email switch prompts criticism by users

NEw york State Museum launches new WAR of 1812 website.

NEw york State Museum launches new WAR of 1812 website. X-post

Why do ReTHUGs repeat the lie that Obama could have passed

TODAY is Primary Day in NY for congressional elections, etc. GO VOTE

why are the little people expected to pay in full, and the bankers are allowed

What Happened to All Those Green Weatherization Jobs?

Exclusive: The Untold Drama of the Jerry Sandusky Trial

Anne Ortelee Weekly Weather 6/25 (Manifestor of Light -- she answers your question below :)

Koch brothers' effort to take over Cato Institute appears over (LA Times)

Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith: How the Wall Street Mafia Holds America -- and the World -- Hostage

Sandusky insists he is innocent of child sex abuse. Wants out of isolation.

News Corp.’s Murdoch Said to Consider Splitting Company

Breaking: 60 million euros stolen from bank accounts in organised cyber bank raid

After winning right to spend, political groups fight for secrecy (LA Times)

National education reform group's spending shown

Kris Kobach - In High Court's Immigration Decision, an Ideologue is Repudiated

Lysenko Economics (naming the mess Krugman describes)

Chris Hedges Is L.A. Press Club’s Journalist of the Year

This election should be a referendum on the Tea Party, not Obama

Eurozone austerity hits world's poor as Europe's aid falls by €700m

Dana Jacobson, formerly of ESPN, recounts her abuse when she was a child:

Big asshole Mark McKinnon said Obama had a Dem congress for 2 years and didn't get nothing done

"The R Word" (about rape and video games)

Manic Nation: Why Americans Are Anxious, Stressed, Depressed and Fat (And What We Can Do About It)

Mark Weisbrot at Brandeis last March: Latin American Spring

Aaaw, Zach Wamp's sonny-boy, Weston is following Dad into politics (he's 25)

Olympic Effort to Make London’s Underground Ready for the Games

Loser in Egypt presidential vote leaves country

Republicans are the biggest bunch of hypocrites to ever walk this earth...

Turkey threatens Syria with retaliation for downed jet

ProPublica: Drone Documents: Why The Government Won’t Release Them

You Couldn't Make It Up #3461: "Failing" Heads employed as Ofsted Inspectors

Porsche Plaintiffs Seek $5 Billion With Limited Tools

If the USSC declares the ACA mandate unconstitutional, what will happen in MA?

2009 swine flu outbreak was 15 times deadlier: study

FDA: Stem cell lab used by Perry has problems

I'd always heard that the center of a continent has extremes of heat and cold, now I know the extent

How the Miami Herald Helped Legitimize the Florida 2000 Selection of George W. Bush as President

Kansas Board of Health Revokes License Of Doctor For Not Forcing 10 Year Olds To Give Birth

Pete Hoekstra: Intelligence leak watchdog or serial secret sharer?

So who were the other ReTHUGs who predicted $6.00 gas

Lonesome George Dead: Last-Of-His-Kind Galapagos Tortoise Dies At 100

A few years back I belonged to a forum that had two sides of the political aisle

Please Share Your Experiences in Selling Your Products

Matthews: Current Supreme Court Would Not Have Backed Desegregation, Civil Rights Bill

State Senate Democratic Committee: Wanggaard attempts to disenfranchise voters in the 21st Senate Di

Eugene Robinson: The Court's Stand for Federalism

Turzai's voter ID remark draws criticism

AP sources: UN envoy wants Iran at Syria meeting

Arizona police see immigration law as enforcement headache

Greenland ice may exaggerate magnitude of 13,000-year-old deep freeze

*** gets out her staple gun and posts today DU Cafeteria Lunch Special ***

Euro Crisis Threatens European Way of Life

To the MHP, Corey Booker, Ed Rendell wing of the Democratic Party

Peak oil review - June 25

Peak oil review - June 25

We Are Living in a ‘Modern-Day Depression’:

Watching Colbert Show from yesterday...

[DIABLO 3] I'm trying to figure out how to value rares..

I Recently Bought a Retractable Clothesline

Mike Tyson is so funny these days

Concern about public media after President Lugo’s controversial ouster

Salon sez - Earth Still Doomed

With Health Care On The Line Again, Morality Matters Most

NTU’s new loo turns poo into power

Uncovered Charles Dickens article champions working class rights.

AIDS in the pews: Son's secret divides Southern Baptist minister and his church

Atlantic heat constrains Arctic sea ice extent

Article from Keep Food Legal - a DC nonprofit advocating food freedom

Are there any superstitions you still 'believe' in?

Tom Toles on the Republicans' immigration problem

Quote of the Day-Sen Dole: "Well, I'll say this: Romney looks like a president."

PURE COMEDY GOLD: Stephanie Miller to have Orly Taitz as a guest this morning.

Justice Scalia Cites Pro-Slavery Laws Excluding ‘Freed Blacks’ To Justify His Anti-Immigrant Opinion

I'm so glad I never joined Facebook - email addresses changed without warning

Study Slashes Deforestation Carbon Emission Estimate

Play USAToday's Candidate Match Game II

Pastor Maldonado penalised for collision with Lewis Hamilton in European Grand Prix

Obama Campaign Attacks Romney’s Bain Outsourcing, but Support for Outsourcing is Bipartisan

Are our children 41% lazier than they were 10 years ago?

Our Lady of Contraception~ Sandra Fluke’s Rocky Path to Feminist Superstardom


"I never knew a conspiracy I didn't believe." Please come CAPTION Andrew (fecal stew) McCarthy!!!!

OBAMA OR ROMNEY POLL 221 votes to date - Please vote

Immigration Ruling

Human Anatomy Rewired

Euro Crisis Threatens European Way of Life

Romney & The Fire-Breathing Dinosaurs

Hey Condoleezza Rice - you think Obama's foreign policy is lacking


Mike Luckovich: They're not warming to you, Mitt

Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali on RT's "Julian Assange Show"

10 yr old girl locked in closet ...

It's Miller Crime. Please come CAPTION Dennis (Ted Nugent is my favorite philosopher) Miller!!!!!

have dinner with Garrison Keillor AND help defeat Bachmann

How Natural is Too Natural?

A cold day in hell...

Film “Soul Food Junkies” Examines African American Cuisine and Culture

Gantt Center exhibit celebrates African-American contributions to U.S.

High court affirms Maryland's redistricting map

what do you suggest: side-dish(es) for lobster stew for elderly?

Did y'all know that Birmingham Alabama made it to the top 25 list of most Liberal cities?

George Lucas Does Something Likeable For a Change: Revenge on Rich Neighbors

(openly Nazi Golden Dawn party) Greece's far right rears its head

Richard O'Dwyer and the new internet war

Class nature of marriage equality

The BRW Show - Joe Lieberman - Kiss My A _ _

Greenland serving whale meat dishes to tourists

Paula Hays Harper, Art Historian, Is Dead at 81

Scarborough: “Romney — first of all, they don’t understand they’re losing by 3 or 4 points"

The (comic) book of Mitt

See The Gay-Pride Oreo That Overwhelmed Kraft's Facebook Page With Hate-Filled Comments

U.S. consumer confidence still on the wane: June's 62 reading is lowest since January

CNBC Admits: World Govt Is Here And Central Banks Rule The World

Egypt’s army, Islamists 'working on compromise' over president’s powers

yahoo is still reporting the myth that the Az supreme court ruling was a victory for the Az gov

Larry Bird is leaving Indiana Pacers

This was completely accidental, of course.

San Francisco: Missing man returns a week after social networking app meeting

Scalia Cites Slavery-Era Laws in Immigration Dissent

The back of Gideon's fag packet must be pretty illegible these days

What law(s) of science would you change? I'd make gravity optional.

OBAMA: "I will be the first president in modern history to be outspent...."

On Orbitz, Mac Users Steered to Pricier Hotels

On Orbitz, Mac Users Steered to Pricier Hotels

Oreo unveils rainbow cookie image for Pride

Trayvon Martin--A young black male engaged in some teenage mischief destined for a life of crime.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Warren!

Romney's amazing hypocrisy

Post against Romney only helps Romney

I worry about NewsThump giving the ConDems too many ideas ....

Yesterday's direct action by the Lounge's Anarchist Club

Obama Slams GOP For Opposing DISCLOSE Act Meant to Expose "Shadow Groups" Behind Ads

Want to engage in psychobabble without dealing with woo? Wisdom of Chopra might be for you!

Supreme Court ruling will affect N.C. teens sentenced to life in prison

Hello again. What have I missed on DU since 2007? How do I hedge against a crash?

Help With Censorship At Youtube!

Chess algorithm written by Alan Turing goes up against Kasparov

"Sea Mushroom"? What is in the Baltic?

The only item upheld by SCOTUS in the SB 1070 law was already law.

Off to Santa Monica Pier today

When MFM did some work as a biologist, he made a hugely important discovery.

Does Manosphere Blogger Vox Day Really Support the Murder and Mutilation of Women?


Farewell to Chocolate City

Once again Rolling Stone magazine shows their lack of musical taste

LGBT's worst foe: The Closet Monster

Shopping for produce? Here's a chart with some important info!

Where is My Black Radio?

MO traffic fatalities increase 20% - swerving off road is common theme

Poll: Obama's support of gay marriage opposed by independents; voters back protections for gays

Exxon Mobil leaks more Benzene in Baton Rouge, a human rights abuse

*** Gets out her staple gun and posts the DU Lounge Nuclear Bombing safety tips ***

TYT: Supreme Court Reverses Anti-Citizens United Ruling In Montana

Veterans Rebuild the World Trade Center with Union Training

Real Talk: 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Are These Women Too Far Gone?

“Having it All?”—The Wrong Question for Most Women

For those of you trying to steal my staple gun - RENT YOUR OWN DAMN STAPLE GUN

BET Networks Joins Campaign Urging Advertisers to Focus on Black Media

Anyone else kind of baffled

Oregon Fish & Wildlife first black commissioner Greg Wolley wants to change stereotypes

Diversity important to ChiSox GM

BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill exacerbated existing environmental problems in Louisiana marshes

African American museum project nets $1M from P.G. council

African-American exhibit to go on the road

PPP: Obama lead in Ohio down to 3

Dispatches From The War On Women: Tide Turns On Immigration, Even At SCOTUS

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards Split Up

Life in "Little Liberia", Staten Island

Women aren’t principal news sources on women’s issues, 4th Estate analysis finds

'(Prez) caught me off guard because he started asking me about being a firefighter!'

Meet Gilbert Baker, the Man Who Invented the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag

Customer in the NH ice cream shop the President visited today: “I didn’t think I’d get to see you!"

It's not a race for sixth-grade class president

War on drugs making HIV epidemic worse, group says

a corporation owner speak out

Cote d'Ivoire: Girl Power, With a Paintbrush in Hand

Low-Flow Toilets

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday June 26th

Be The Match Kicks off Nationwide Effort to Increase African American Bone Marrow Donors

African-American media companies unite to illuminate black buying power with #INTHEBLACK campaign

The reich wing just gets dumber and dumber.

The TSA's Dumb Air-Security Rules Are Not Based on Science

Gloomy BoE sees outlook darken


House GOP Majority Leader Admits: Voter ID Will Allow Mitt Romney To Win The Election

Oregon Black Affairs commission emails, letters point to meltdown

Big jump seen in Oregon parents delaying vaccines

African-American settlers of Rutherford

'Papers Please’ Arizona Clause Alarms Advocates

American named nation’s top black newspaper, website

Southern Baptists elect a black president

Post-seizure prisoner left in his urine-soaked cell to die after nurse turns away ambulance

How to Celebrate Black Music Month?

Girl who was banned for being black finally fulfills her wish to eat in train dining car

Watching Tennis (A Short Essay on Religious Conversion)

American Black Film Festival: Winning the Battle to Give Black Filmmakers Tools for Success

'Supermoms' Should Tell the Truth About Their Perfect Lives

Black Pastors Endorse I-502 Despite Controversy in African American Community

Mike Love Books Beach Boys Shows Without Brian Wilson, 'That's news to me' Brian tells Rolling Stone

Beating Citizens United

Congressional groups join for ''Invisible Lives'' forum on black LGBT experience

Charts: The Supreme Court's Rightward Shift

Democrats Cancel Speedway Event at Charlotte Convention

Congress Said to Delay Automatic Budget Cuts Until March

"count me among those who find all of this rather creepy"

Egypt court says military cannot arrest civilians

3 reasons why "We Ask America" polling firm is a pro-Republican joke

My fridge is working...I got a screwdriver ...when do I start

Wanna be an extra on Portlandia ?

I just returned from Haiti, I have some words for morans who want to slash taxes and gov't programs

Okay, Folks, Let's Put Aside Politics And Look At The Facts... [CHARTS]

Abraham Lincoln,Vampire Hunter pic from facebook

Kamikaze crows disrupting mail delivery in Winnipeg

Putin: Don't Rush To Strike Iran

Falling in Love May Take a Lifetime of Research

Jon Kyl Blames Obama For Failure Of Immigration Reform Under Bush

Public Option Advocates To Push Medicare For All If Supreme Court Strikes ‘Obamacare’

Sinfest Mad Libs comic - funny!

Oreo Supports Gay Rights on Facebook, Dividing Fans

Palestinians Hail ‘Great Guest’ Putin, Rename A Bethlehem Road In His Honor

Watch live @ 1:00pm Department of Defense LGBT PRIDE event.

I've been reading Matt Taibbi. I can't wrap my brain around municipal bonds and bid rigging. Help?

is goodwill lgbt friendly?

Heat Wave Sweeps Texas Threatening To Push Electric Grid Near Capacity

And You Thought It Would Be Easy?: Graduating the Class of 2012 Onto Our Overheated Planet

Check out this great Oreo pic that was posted on FB:

Elizabeth Warren Rips Into Romney at Obama Fund-Raiser in Boston

Walter Mondale, Arne Carlson are among co-chairs of drive against photo ID

The Last of Us, and other video games that leave nothing to the imagination...

Police 'Facewatch' app targets London riot suspects

"Dems Play with Private Insurance Industry, Get Burnt"

If Issa wants to "investigate", here's a goodie for him

EPA wins big in court challenge on greenhouse gases

Is dressage a form of animal cruelty?

When Romney Attacks Unions He's Attacking Military Veterans Rebuilding the WTC

'PROVE you're disabled': What council told wheelchair-bound spina bifida sufferer when she tried to

CDC wants to know whether people would take an AIDS test at their local drugstore

ERCOT Calls for Conservation Tuesday

Finally ! Some good (and interesting) news from Greece.. enjoy

When it comes to baseball, Obama doesn't pander. >>

Florida braced for new Tropical Storm Debby rain

calling out Caiden Cowger

We are a really big comet

Home prices rise for first time in 7 months

I think anti-vax nonsense should be considered Crazy Talk...

Texas A&M Buys A Law School (DFW area)

What stressful things do DU Moms have to deal with?

President Obama orders a meal and greets patrons at Varsity restaurant in Atlanta - pics

Children Become Risky Assets as Business Practices Come to Education

Edison battery staging a comeback?

Bhutan grieves for destroyed historic site

Where's the Lounge July 4th picnic this year? And why don't any of our hosts ever invite us back?

A geochemist's Periodic Table of Elements

Rachel Maddow - Michigan board member resigns, lashes out at Maddow viewers

Rachel Maddow - Republicans press 'secret gun-ban plot' theory

Papantonio: Fighting The Right Wing Voter Suppression Tricks

PPP: Warren and Brown tied in MA Senate Race

Turzai: Voter ID Will Allow Romney to Win Pa.

Anti-Israel Aid Billboards Are Taken Down (Los Angeles area)

Obama At The Varsity

Pic Of The Moment: Rice: Obama Foreign Policy "Lacking"

Archeologists find ivory sundial at Jamestown excavation site....

An Old DU Thread About Bi-Partisanship

So when are going to get together again?

Sherrod Brown: Trust Me, Bain Capital Attacks Work In Ohio

With Gas Prices Expected To Drop Below $3, Republicans Suddenly Silent On Obama’s Role

Who won the Senate debate?

Court upholds EPA's global warming rules

Federal court upholds EPA's greenhouse gas rules

Confrontation With TSA Agent Leaves Grandpa's Ashes On Floor

I can watch these videos for hours

The modern day Seabiscuit

Sharpton: Holder Contempt Vote About Slowing Down Voting Protections

FBI/John Doe Investigation Update: Prosecution reveals press leaks from defense lawyers and other

Reaching Across the Aisle

It's over.

Arizona Ruling Deepens Romney’s Immigration Muddle

Is there a conspiracy theory forum here?

We will see a health insurance mandate in our lifetime

The Rude Pundit: David Brooks Should Not Be Allowed to Listen to Bruce Springsteen

"Christine Quinn: Praying While Running"

Rachel Maddow - SCOTUS spares minors 'cruel' life terms, secures corporate speech

Examples of misogyny on DU

The Last Word - Scalia's unusual Obama attack

Families fear calling 911 for help with mentally ill relatives (because police kill them sometimes)

Sharpton: Holder Contempt Vote About Slowing Down Voting

Richard Carmona and Arizona After S.B. 1070

Divorce vs Murder

So, you think necrophiliacs are looking forward to the zombie apocalypse?

America's favorite mastiff. Come CAPTION Joe ("Keep your hands where I can see 'em") Arpaio!!!

Paraguayan president's ouster not a coup: US

Mexican media scandal: secretive Televisa unit promoted PRI candidate

NBC: Matt Sandusky describes father's alleged abuse on tape

Jon "Not intended to be a factual statement" Kyl strikes again!

Why I'd Hire an Illegal Immigrant Again (A Father's Angels)

"CAPITALISM" (warning, art)

Using the TPP to Renegotiate and Expand NAFTA

What can I sub for Pecorino Fresco?


Why am I always drawn to a lounge post that has the words........

A National Right to Vote

Have you ever been pulled over by the police while you were riding in a police car?

Norman Solomon has conceded. His campaign is over.

Kerrey (D-NE) backs Romney's citizenship plan; Fischer (R-NE) doesn't (candidates for US Senate)

Why can't Sheriff Joe Arpaio be arrested?

Right-wing blog HotAir defends President Obama, slams Jimmy Carter, on human rights

Ripped Off By A Mac? Why Apple Users May Pay More For Booking Hotels With Orbitz

The Last Word - Gov. Brewer's headspinning spin on SCOTUS Loss

Fraud Ring In Hacking Attack On 60 Banks

Man accused of killing and eating a dog during a drug-fueled rampage

MMMORPG (Mormon Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game)

Superbug vs. Monsanto: Nature rebels against biotech titan

FBI Nabs 37 in International Cyber Sting Called 'Card Shop'

Gay Computer Geeks Unite!

Thom Hartmann: Congressman Alan Grayson - Citizens United Part Deux & SCOTUS

Thom Hartmann: Outsourcing - Bipartisan Corruption!

Oh boy - "Claire McCaskill Will Not Attend Democratic National Convention"

A 'toon

An Oxy Orgy! Please come CAPTION Rush (Defender of the Stoogie) Limbaugh!!!

Paraguay's Lugo changes tack ahead of summit

Do you think public television should give free airtime to anti-gay Religious Right propaganda?

Officials: US Drone Strike Kills 6 Suspected Militants in Pakistan

Police say Zimmerman had chances to defuse situation before shooting Martin

Sex scandal rocks Texas Air Force base; allegations lead to charges against 4 instructors

Washington State Patrol says man accused of throwing wife from moving car on interstate

I think I found a stone tool on Sunday

Pentagon Observes LGBT Pride Month

Reid to GOP: Keep your Right to Life Paws off Flood Insurance Bill

Two Pillars of Religious-Atheist Dialogue

Waco, Texas man faces animal cruelty charges for eating dog

Romney Smacks (Supercut)

dog saves toddler from drowning in pool

Caption this Romney pic

Gas Prices in Saudi Arabia

Dana Milbank explains why the media isn't interested in Issa and his political fishing expedition

Oreo Pride: Rainbow-Stuffed Cookie Sparks Boycott

Sinfest Mad Libs

Canadians - they are everywhere!!

A great yard sign.

Jets, Giants sue to block NJ megamall (haha fuck you Governor Christie, in your face)

Nude Grocery Shopping Spree Turns Heads

Top GOP senator floats idea of impeaching Obama

Between the GOP and Hispanic voters, bad gets worse

The rabble won at UVA. Sullivan reinstated as President of the University of Virgina

The Man From Econ 101

Survey: The country's favorite pizza topping is...

Despite GOP governor’s request, Romney camp hypes bad news in Iowa

For the hell of it, let's speculate 2016

Texas teen lesbians thought to be targeted in fatal park shooting

UVa. President Teresa Sullivan reinstated

How Obama Lost Canada

Chuck Norris: Allowing Gay People Into The Boy Scouts Is Un-American

ACLU: The Government’s Pseudo-Secrecy Snow Job on Targeted Killing

Bernie Sanders: Of the Rich, By the Rich, For the Rich

GOP still trying hard to make voting harder

Germany risks being centre of empire that caused eurozone collapse (Soros)

Our weenie Billionaires

Religious leaders attack Pell on climate (Oz)

Syrian Free Army capture army base near Aleppo

Amare Stoudemire fined $50K

Regarding St. Augustine's 450 anniversary, Mayor Boles addresses Seminole Tribe concerns

Question - fans of non-local teams?

Thom Hartmann: Christian Textbooks Reveal The Loch Ness Monster Real

Is the deportation of any illegal immigrants constitutional?

Anybody actually watch Ann S.E. Coulter-Cupp's new MSRNC show?

Syria crisis: Fierce fighting erupts near Damascus

TYT: Tax Dollars Wasted to Encourage Marriage of Poor People

Thom Hartmann: Will a broke U.S. Sell Ad Space on Dollar Bill?

SCOTUS Signals To GOP: Don’t Bother Suing Obama On Immigration

Rmoney wants to be head of the Federal Government

Arizona GOP delegate pulled gun on repo man

"America is not the greatest country in the world."

Big Babies

Domestic drones 101

Economic War Against Iran Continues; Still No Evidence of a Weapons Program

PPP: Obama leads by 8 in Oregon

Sandusky scandal had one perpetrator, and many accomplices

The Last Mazda Wankel Engine Has Been Built

Honduran Scholars Call on US to Cease Support for Military and Police

***LynneSin gets out her staple gun and... who am I kidding, she just humps random...

Baby Bump 1.0 and Baby Bump 2.0

Drugs. They're GOOD for you. No shit. Wait. What?

Hedgehogs -- just near-sighted or have they all watched those MFM Sex Ed films?

Before MFM learned that, when hitchhiking, his "thumb" had to be big enough to be SEEN by drivers:

Anybody up for a game of "MFM Twister"?

Drone Oversight in Name Only

30 LGBT and Immigration Groups Call for Reform After Supreme Court Ruling

WCYB TV Poll: "If the presidential election was today, who would you vote for?" 06/26

NYC Council Saves HIV/AIDS, Homeless LGBT Services

Supreme Court now stomping on the rights of the Catholic Church?

the recession is over - I got a job in my trade.

Health Care Reform and the Supreme Court: Politics Over Constitutionality

I Hate The Drug War So Much I Wrote a Song About It

NOM Is Too Scared To Boycott All These Homo-Loving Companies

Seismologists warn Japan against nuclear restart

Joe Biden-'Give Mitt Romney credit'...

Some health department guys are spending a lot of time at the Lounge's lunch counter

Fuckin cops are accusing me of causing a traffic jam again

Sanford police: Zimmerman passed up two chances to talk to Trayvon

Stanford scientists spark new interest in the century-old Edison battery

Seismologists warn Japan against nuclear restart

Day 45

Assad says Syria in a 'real state of war'

Robert Mundell, evil genius of the euro | Greg Palast | Comment is free |

Asthma Linked to Congested Highways: Those Living Near Heavily Traveled Interstate Have Higher Rate…

People Are Lapping Up This Yucky 'Garbage Soup' To Save Money

A minor change request / suggestion

Turn on Tweety right fugging now - he just played the video

I figured out why Willard has all these costumes

F–k Anti-Science

If looks could kill

Exposure to Environmental Chemicals In the Womb Reprograms the Rodent Brain To Disrupt Reproduction

Every DUer must watch this and send it to friends and family

Why I hate my job...

A German Court Has Ruled That Circumcising An Infant Is A Physical Assault

MFM knew there was a reason why he always had more fun around the artsy types

Why America is Severely Broken

Obamacare forces everyone to have RFID implants!!!!1!!!

Deal reached in Senate to extend student loan interest rate

Tweet I just sent to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN - all tweeters - send it too!

Questions about health care law and the SCOTUS ruling

Drones can be used to transport illegal drugs (Drone blowback)

Guy argues Obamacare = Socialism, gets dominated

Fight continues to remove Tennessee senator's photo from Vestal wall

What a choice: Ahmed Shafiq leaves Egypt after presidential election loss

Remember when Bush sent the starving North Koreans their first food shipment?

I am in Austin now at the old farm, the weather channel says it is like 107.

So here it is - 51 days from transplant - the first REAL tomato!

If ACA is overturned, I will begin referring to the SCOTUS as

And further off the deep end...

Paraguayan President Ousted: Another Right-Wing Coup in Latin America

My second knee replacement is July 25!

I saw gas for $2.99 today -- I guest that means Obama's gonna win.

Coup of the Elites: A Free Pass for Financial Predators

Nobody living in this country should be considered illegal

Paul Robeson, Ballad for Americans

NBC/WSJ poll: Six in 10 say Obama inherited current economy

The Secret Life of Willard Mitty

This resonates.

No link: Tweety said NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed 1% think President Obama is a Mormon

Supreme Political FUBAR

Talk of the Nation: Researchers Observe Climate Change, First-Hand


Geoffrey Fieger Calls Obama Critics Racists In New Ad; Refers To His 'White Brethren' Being Bothered

Religious Leaders Support President Obama’s Stance on Immigration Reform

Liz SMITH seems to think Nora EPHRON has died. Gawker, not so much.

Good News! I got video of my camouflaged gopher turtle. Bad News:

Bethlehem to Name Street in Honor of Putin

"Do you think it's a marker of America's greatness that . . .

Have you noticed?

Today in history: death of Julian called 'the Apostate'

The SECOND single most important reason for Obama to be reelected:

NBC/WSJ poll showed that everywhere the Romney/Bain/Offshoring ads are running they are effective

Republicans Have Been Emboldened by a Lazy Media that Won’t Call Out Their Lies

Can someone explain to me what happens when you walk away from a house in MN?

A FFRF sign, seen on WFAA-TV's facebook page.

End the Big oil bonanza (Rainforest Action Network)

No tears to cry, no feelings left. This species has amused itself to death

Cooking with Medical Marijuana

Bah humbug!

College Football Play-off to Start in 2014

Waldo Canyon fire breaks out. 346 houses lost, some can return home @ 8PM (El Paso, Colorado).

An Open Letter to Every Occupy Supporter

We are pleased to announce the opening of Teh Lounge Chapel

The Daily Caller Digs Up More Mitt Romney Dress-Up Stories

Israel subjecting Palestinian children to 'spiral of injustice'

Supreme Court: Enemy of Democracy

How many floggings does it take to expect the Spanish Inquisition?

Southern Louisiana/New Orleans

Claire McCaskill to skip Democratic National Convention

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Romney in 2007: Protect executive privilege

Rebuilding the World Trade Center the Union Way (updated links)

Affordable Dental Care Unavailable To One-Third Of Americans: Report

Wisconsin Solidarity Singers Sing for Vaginas Down at the Sing Along

True Blood Season 5: So far, not bad.

VP Biden hammers Romney on outsourcing, wealth

Presidents approve college football playoff

The Power To Fight The Koch Brothers Is Sitting Next To Your Toilet

There is a missing detail in the Fast and Furious story

Is it ok to post sunflower pictures here?

My 30,000th post is from Drinking Liberally Philadelphia.

AZ Decision what will really happen

Syria: Orders To Kill 'From Highest Levels'

Putin lauds Abbas for 'responsibility' in talks with Israel

Russian Orthodox official seeking alliances with China's excommunicated Catholic bishops?

GOOD SHIT (Please read!)

If you're inclined to help keep this kicked...

Sandusky replaced in mural. Joe Paterno remains with halo over his head

New York City terrorism suspect faces trial over synagogue bomb plot

Fake Jerry Jones on the offseason >>

Sandra Fluke: Life After Limbaugh

Proof that your 22-year old kid doesn't need to phone in to be safe.

Lead detective in Trayvon Martin case reassigned

Gallup Poll: Obama more likable than Romney

Robot Never Loses at Rock, Paper, Scissors Because It’s a Damn Cheater

Martin Bashir - Does Romney believe Americans will accept a vacuous candidate?

George Zimmerman Evidence Shows Extent To Which Police Doubted Self-Defense Claim

Kuwaitis protest after elected parliament thrown out

Proposal for the SOP change

I want to thank "The Doctor"

New Comedy Web Series Gets To The F**king Essence Of Chris F**king Christie (NSFW)

Obama pledges to return jobs to the US as he and Biden ding Romney for sending jobs overseas

Zimmerman's WIFE!!!! treated his injuries the night he murdered Trayvon Martin. Apparently, she's

Sources tell NBC News Speaker Boehner rejects a WH/DOJ offer to avoid contempt vote facing AG Holder

British Queen, ex-IRA chief to seal end to conflict

Colorado Wildfires: Evacuations near Boulder

To All the Tea Baggers Posting Here at DU...

Hardball - GOP rep. reveals state voter ID law is about stopping Obama

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards.

BCTGM members reject Crystal Sugar's demands for a third time

corruption in congress

Any watching the Olympic Trials, I am watching the swimming meets on the dvr.

Catholic Spirit workers, supporters protest outside cathedral (story & video)

Poll: Mitt Romney less popular than George Bush (and Barack Obama)

Prosecutors says attorney for Doe defendant leaked information

When Is Enough, Enough America? - Comic That Explains Just How Screwed America Is...

Norquist quits interview when asked about his Fannie Mae lobbying

David Frum on How We Need to Learn to Say No to the Elderly

"The 10 Pro-vaccine Commandments According to Anti-vaccinationists"

Another, woo crime story...

I think we need a consensus before implementing this.

TSA agent spills grandpa's ashes, then laughs at his son.

Texas GOP Platform Calls For Repealing Voting Rights Act Of 1965

Know your Right-wing PAC: Concerned Women for America

Biden: "So Give Romney Credit..."

Tell Congress to support The United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Bill

Anyone catch Orly Taitz on Stephanie Miller's show, today?

Can anyone answer this question?

Dear GOP:

Nora Ephron Dead at 71

After you have been on 200 DU juries, you have special privlidges.

Huff Post: AFL-CIO To Highlight Outsourcing Of Jobs, Pressure Candidates In Coming Weeks

New Democratic Ad: Mitt Romney had me build my own coffin

David Brooks on Springsteen: The Power of the Particular

White House dismisses Issa's seven-page letter on executive privilege in 'Fast and Furious'

2014: The reason why the USSC is not afraid to kill Health care

Why can't women find a "power suit"?

OSHA Acts to Protect Fracking Workers from Silica Exposure

I aced my microeconomics class...95.3% for the course without a grading curve

6 strange reasons crime is decreasing...

Blaming Teachers for Our Low Test Scores Is Like Blaming Doctors for Our National Obesity Epidemic

x-post from LBN- Nora Ephron Dead at 71

Recent LTTE by Rep. Critz, defending the frackers and the DEP:

Anybody else obsessed with insane headlins on Woman's World Magazine?

Military veterans to get priority for police jobs under COPS grants

Nora Ephron, writer of Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally, has passed away at 71.

State moves to block voter-registration group

Recent Business Toons...

What are the blue arrows on the left

Did anybody see Jon Stewart's interview with Marco Rubio?

AFSCME Members Stand Together, Fight Back (THANK YOU ED SCHULTZ)

Vice President Biden to AFSCME Delegates: ‘We Owe You’

"Yes We Can"

Japan police probe man who cooked own genitals

North Florida DUers please check in

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! If It’s Tuesday . . . & a new Kitty gif

White House, DOJ make last-ditch effort to avoid Holder contempt vote (Rejected)

Enjoy - Get Your Popcorn! RedState explains Mitt Romney's problems

Whoop, There It Is... Partying Like It's 1999... 'Sen. Kyl: ‘Impeachment Is Always A Possibility'

Remembering Laurie Merta

Civilian Drones Vulnerable to Hackers, Can Be Hijacked, Used as Missiles

Has VPOTUS sounded hoarse

Tell us something about your ancestors that forms a repeating pattern in your family? When I do

UnionActive Union Website System! (100% union made websites)

So, maybe a Democrat will take Eric Cantor's seat away from him (?)

What is your favourite Nora Ephron film or book? I love Heartburn. Never read the book but

Rand Paul Fetal Personhood Amendment Stalls Flood Insurance Bill

Seven Things Holder Can Do to Save Our Democracy (Because the Corporate Media Sure as Hell Won’t)

Why Iran should get the bomb

House Investigator Issa Has Faced Allegations As Well (NPR)

Sen. Sanders: The Supreme Court and Citizens United

The POC - Party Of Cowards... 'Claire McCaskill To Skip Democratic National Convention'

Just for clarity, what is the correct order to list a jury vote?

So, did I miss LynneSin's wrap up of the last TrueBlood show?

Democratic campaign chair tells candidates to avoid convention

Confession time... while not a Grammar Nazi, I AM a word geek. I present to you -- the octothorpe.

Democratic Presidents Are Better for the Economy

Obama prepping thousands of lawyers for election

Circus Smirkus is 25!

This alone, should be enough to to demolish the entire foundation of economic conservatism

This was in the Omaha "Weird" Herald -- "Labor Unions Deserve Appreciation"

The 5 Craziest Policies In Texas Republicans’ 2012 Platform

Sinkholes in Florida after Debby

Oak Park, Chicago, must pay NRA’s attorney fees

Art Exhibitions Depict Fall of Chinese Regime

"Supply-side guru: Wrong again" By Andrew Leonard at Salon

"There are still Dreams that are not legal to fulfill here. How much longer will we dream?"

"The TSA's mission creep is making the US a police state"

Or else what?

"...a pompous celebrant of his own virtue and rectitude..." -- SCOTUS has become our own Politburo.

Nixon speaks out against Obama’s health care law

I see the GOP rolled out McCain and a few other old time GOP senators with at least some gravitas

VP Joe Biden in Iowa June 26th - pics

RUFingKM ??? - Well... At Least The Mayan Democrats Were Right About 2012... COWARDS !!!

The Good Old Days.

Democratic power couple donates $5,000 to Wash. governor candidate McKenna (R)

Elizabeth Warren will appear on TRMS tomorrow night!

"Dollars and Dentists" on PBS Frontline now.

I'm not big on so-called "tribute threads", but a big round of applause is due for Malaise...

The point of the RW attempt to tie F&F to the 2nd amendment

OMG! Circus, clown, and everything!

I have a 'snack' waiting for me in the fridge and I have no desire to eat it! I think this slowing

Did anyone watch tweety today?

Record-High Profits, A Sign The US Is "Going To Ruin"

Foster kids would leave for school, detour to brothel

How Soon We Forget: The Economy Under Reagan vs. Obama

"Sociopaths Prey on Conservative’s Fears — Tea Party for the Crazy!" At Democracy Tree

The ED Show - Republican voter ID plot exposed

How many computers to identify a Cat? 16.000!

Judge upholds Montana law forbidding political endorsement of judicial candidates

"Health Care As a Privilege: What the GOP Won’t Admit" By Jonathan Chait

Jan Brewer: Obama wants undocumented votes

Obama rakes in campaign cash at Miami Beach fundraiser with Marc Anthony

Rockies' 10 year pitching coach just up and quits.

"Romney's amazing hypocrisy" by Donna Brazile at CNN

Confrontation With TSA Agent Leaves Grandpa's Ashes On Floor

Is Inslee's campaign struggling?

Bob Burns shows off the original bazooka

Opponents of Health Care Law Won 'Messaging War' in News Coverage

WTF is with the slinky on Last Word with O'Donnell?

I really need to learn how to get a photobucket account.

From President Obama:

New road signs are going up...

Question about Federal Retirement and SSI

What's for Dinner? ~ Wednesday June 27th

Talking Union (1947)

Some offshore Arctic waters to be leased for energy drilling, US says


WTF?? Larry Brinkin arrested for child porn ...

You're Right... Attend/Don't Attend The 2012 DNC !!! - Probably Sorkin's Fault For My Hope Anyway..

"Romney’s Unlikely Trouble with Details" By Jon Meacham at Time Ideas

RIP Nora Ephron - a stalwart

Something important to do, if you think you might get Tombstoned

Amnesty International: Syria: Detained medics tortured and killed amid Aleppo crackdown

Once again, Jon Stewart's fake news show is better than MSM

Israeli musician performs at Obama fundraiser

Someone has a lot of time on his hands.

My Neighbor, A Nice Elderly Lady, Had Her Little Dog Stolen on Sunday

Wisc. Justice Prosser put a fellow justice in chokehold, wants judges/witness to recuse themselves

New York Mag: Yes, Bush v. Gore Did Steal the Election

Stockton, California Is About To Declare Bankruptcy

Interesting cloud formation my nephew posted on facebook.

Just found out that NJ no longer is eligible for long-term unemployment.

Jon Stewart Rips Fox News’ Hypocritical Outrage Over Fast And Furious

The ED Show - Romney's energy advisor takes advantage of Citizens United

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch turns back primary challenge from Dan Liljenquist

John King Pops Jan Brewer's "Win" Balloon To her Lying Face....

"Jon Kyl Blames Obama For Failure Of Immigration Reform Under Bush" by Sahil Kapur at TPM

Funniest Geico gecko ad I've seen so far!

FBI suspends hate crime investigation of burn attack on boy

New York Attorney General Enters Campaign Finance Fray