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Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, June 24)

BREAKTHROUGH on DailyKos: "It's the Voting Machines, Not the Voters"!

what is the most boring book you have ever read?

Randy Hopper is back!!!

Daryl Issas's challenger in CA's 49th District

Rubio refuses to answer a question about the Norquist tax pledge

Lawmakers reworked financial portfolios after talks with Fed, Treasury officials

If two (or more) MFM's had sex...

David Cameron to urge debate on welfare pay-outs

House Interior Department appropriations bill takes an axe to conservation programs

Rmoney horse gets $77,000 tax deduction; more $ on horse upkeep than US family spends on basics

Kenny Chesney look-a-like kicked out of concert.

Turkish rescue plane also attacked by Syria

If (when) Obama is reelected, I don't expect Holder to return...

Ugh. The petro industry is going with natural gas to make plastics.

A call to action for ALL students

18 Reasons the Affordable Care Act Was the Greatest Achievement for the Middle Class Since Medicare

San Francisco (Video tour)

I was very impressed with the new HBO series "The Newsroom", and since a lot of media outlets are

4 Dead - 27 Wounded - Iraq? No. Afghanistan? No............

The Newsroom - observations

The Main Street Moment - Struggle in the Heartland

Follow the Nuns of a Bus tour

The Cheney Effect (in the Obama Administration)

Neighboring Countries Have Poor View of Syria, Poll Finds

08' Obama Win, O'Reilly: We Will Not Demonize him..

Lugo's fate highlights Paraguay land issue

Santa Barbara Video Tour

Interior Dept report slams BLm for poor monitoring, lack of accountability at wind & wolar projects

No Evidence White House Covered Up Guns Case.

WHEN the ACA is ruled 'unconstitutional', just remember Scalia didn't ever bother reading it.

Late night/early morning CBS News discussing health care decision,

Romney to Jewish donors: ‘I get Israeli briefings’

My message to those who get their news from the fox

Kids are so pushy these days


Le Monde on Morsi -- new president of Egypt

Bill would shield churches from performing same-sex marriages

Insight: Can "Chavismo" outlast Venezuela's Chavez?

Longest US trail seeks link to Appalachian Trail

A Georgia Town Takes the People’s Business Private

Russia's Vladimir Putin visits Israel

Hollande's plans for France per Le Monde

Benin’s Voodoo heartland (slideshow)

Anglican parish in Towson switches to Catholicism

Biden, in leaked memo, told Obama war plan flawed

Syria general and two colonels 'defect to Turkey'

Things I didn't know about Eleanor Roosevelt.

Lawsuit alleges GOP chairman on the hook for $30 million -- Harris County

Chris Hedges: Why We Fight

Guardian UK: Allowing media to be concentrated in the hands of a few will impoverish society

Is Your Couch Trying to Kill You?

Silly Poor People (Toon)

Joseph Stiglitz Sees Terrifying Future for America If We Don't Reverse Inequality

Toll from Colorado wildfire raised to 248 homes

Egypt's Morsi 'to rethink Israel pact, build Iran ties'

What War on Women? (cartoon)

Science or Sex: Which Does the Right Hate More?

'Shock Doctrine' in Action: Vital Freshwater Resources Under Attack by Privatization Capitalists

Oil near $79 as Europe woes offset supply threat

Romney's campaign runs an ad on DU to join their campaign?

Link to Live Blog of Today's SCOTUS Rulings

Samsung: Galaxy S III sales to hit 10 mln in July

Commitment to Tramways Makes France a World Model for New Urban Rail

Debby's slow march through Gulf drenches Florida

I Guess I Am A Communist But I Am Proud Of It

What's that east of Florida this morning with a little eye

Toon: What's Wrong With This Picture?

Poll: Election winner won't impact economy much

I Don't Care If GOP Trolls Drop Dead. They Feel The Same Way About Us.

Vicious wildfires spread to Colo. tourist centers

the Obama campaign has to emphasize the fact that almost no one is showing up at Romney events.

There's No Global Warming, There's No Global Warming, There's No Global Warming

Chris Hedges: Why We Fight

A stupid cell phone service question:

North America Is Poised For Huge Natural Gas Shock

My experience with whistling past the graveyard

Republicans embrace hypocrisy

'Mary Jane: The Musical' examines Humboldt County's pot industry

Question on plagiarism from a rightwing blog

Debt-ridden ICEF spent nearly $1.4 million on harassment claims

California GOP sinking into third-party status

Today, Monday June 25 - an important day in Wisconsin's Capitol

California sea levels to rise 5-plus feet this century, study says

Insight: In hours, caustic vapours wreaked quiet ruin on biggest U.S. refinery

Russian President Putin to visit Israel, West Bank and Jordan

The Tiny Tax that Terrifies Wall Street

Obama’s immigration maneuver could box in Romney, GOP

In reversal, Turkey now says plane Syria shot down was over international waters

Commentary: Citizens United and the return of the 'copper kings'

The Plight of Pagans in the Military

Commitment to Tramways Makes France a World Model for New Urban Rail

HB-1659 the EZ-Frack Bill!!!

5 Signs of a Radical Change in U.S. Politics - by JAMES FALLOWS

Ethics hearing for S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley to begin Thursday

HEADS UP PENNSYLVANIANS: EZ-Frack coming to Pennsylvania

You Can't Blame Your Brother...Why Not? Isn't That Exactly What Issa Has Always Done?

"Fortnight For Freedom"

Some disturbing stuff I have been following-the bus monitor and the threats to the little tormentors

What's less informed than a Fox News watcher?

For-Profit Prison denies healthcare based on "protocols", prisoner dies.

I love me some ‘Jeopardy!’ ...

My amazing wife turns sixty today!

SCOTUS live blog

Clinton Math

My co-worker got shafted by my workplace and I unwillingly helped them to do it.

marsha blackburn....


Poisoning Workers at the Bottom of the Food Chain

Dear Dems: GET REAL ANGRY if ObamaCare Goes DOWN

Marsha Blackburn (R - Obama Hater) can't describe GOP health care plan on MSNBC

Anyone notice the swing to Physician's Assistants?

How the economic rewards of our current system are distributed. Image

Joe Biden: "Who We Are"

White House preparing Executive Orders if HCR is struck down by Supreme Court

The DUzy Awards for Friday, June 22, 2012

I learned from GMA this morning that it's every woman's dream to have

Time to really expose the activist judges

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

'SC a cog in a right-wing project to make progressive political & legislative victories impossible'

Assange's Ecuador bid sparks wacky escape ideas

Pricilla Ahn. What a beautiful voice!

Sweden 'can't offer Assange guarantees'

Pro-business super PAC to support "Center-Right" -- Dems AND Repukes

"This doesn’t make you a man – it makes you a coward. A flat-out coward."

Assange wants guarantees he will not be sent to the US

For $2.70, you can get $10.00 back this week if SC

Tom Tomorrow: Unspeakable

Please come CAPTION Lonesome George, the 100-year old tortoise!!!

The World Economy Needs More Borrowing—Not Less

Bird bombs and red cars

Obama Bets Big on Ground Game

Congress should focus on firearms flow to Mexico

"This smear campaign against teachers is freakish. It’s a new low."

Don't waste June's last Monday. Please come CAPTION Bill (I don't care what anyone says) O'Reilly!!

Supreme Court strikes down Montana limits on corporate campaign spending

Just got an e-mail saying SC refused to hear Citizens United case from Montana.

What's for Dinner ~ Monday June 25th

MT campaign finance decision overturned (Citizens United reaffirmed)

I'd like folks opinion of the phrase "white girls problem." How do you view it?

Supreme Court: Juveniles sentenced to life have right to seek parole

Supreme Court invalidates Sections 3, 5, and 6 of SB1070 (Arizona anti-immigration law)

Downloaded weather apps to my electronics in prep for vacation

Mules VS. Horses.

It doesn't look like there will be a ruling on health care today...

Men Will Never Truly Understand A Day In The Life of Women. But Shouldn’t We Try?

I hate it when the bus is late and I have to walk to Mass......

High court strikes down key parts of Arizona immigration law(victory for Pres.)

David Shuster: No Health Care Ruling Today

Mount a Monday; make yourself known. Come CAPTION your favorite fair-and-balanced fecal clown!!!

After watching The Newsroom - I realize just how MAD I have been at the Press!

Justice for Sweden (Mårten Schultz)

Do you know what a "Couple of sticks.", are in the construction industry?

Tortoise Lonesome George is dead

Decision on extradition treaties is overdue

Scotus blog: CJ Roberts almost certain to be author of health care decision, now coming Thursday

For the love of SW19 .......

Question: How can deposing Holder hold up the voting rights

Question on Intrade

SCOTUS points finger in Gov Brewer's face...

Why is the Supreme Court dragging out the health care decision

Papantonio: How Wall Street Drives Gas Prices Upwards

How Obama and the Democrats got played by the insurance industry on the mandate

I found this broadcast last night, the broadcast from June 6th, D Day.

*** gets out her staple gun and posts a sign above the new Microwave in the DU Break Room ***

'Pistol whip' the bus nuns 'jokes' RW Radio Host and GOP Rep.


Would Finding Aliens Shatter Religious Beliefs?

Not red states, nor blue states, but the United States of America.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange 'buoyed by support'

Nano-Sandwich Technique Slims Down Solar Cells, Improves Efficiency

Scots laughing at Louisiana Creationism curriculum - all the way to the bank?

Encouragement from unexpected places

Comment to Post on Facebook

When you see these fucktards screaming they want mandatory drug testing for welfare,

Supreme Court Decision On Arizona’s Immigration Law Provides Strong Support For Obama’s Immigration

U.N. rights investigator in Syria for first talks: sources

Lords reform: Elected peers to have pay slashed

Japan sells first Fukushima seafood since nuclear crisis

How do I propose a thread to a jury...

Archbishop John Nienstedt crusades against gay marriage

Chuck Schumer: SCOTUS Decision ‘As Strong A Repudiation Of The Arizona Law’ As Possible

Only 29% of people polled support the President's Executive Privilege claim.

Anyone seen Debby this morning?????

Insight: Baltic countries' austerity lesson for Europe - Just Do it

Loch Ness monster cited by US schools as evidence that evolution is myth

Pic Of The Moment: Thousands Flock To Get Glimpse Of Mitt Romney On Campaign Trail

How to use Romney is a one liner...

SinFest generally kicks ass, but this strip is even kickasser than usual.

Here is where the Presidential election will be stolen

Latest "unauthorized" (yeah right) nude pictures...

More paternalism from our daddies in Washington...

Greece launches drive to win over sceptical lenders

Is it Time to Occupy the TV Stations Yet?

A graphic I put together.

Amnesty International Responds to Supreme Court’s Decision on Arizona Law on Immigration Enforcement

Europe rules out military action in Syria after Turkish jet shot down

Romney's statement doesn't say if he disagrees with SCOTUS decision on AZ immigration law

Germany tells Greece to stop asking for help and start cutting budgets

Supreme Court rejects Montana campaign money limits

court over rules states on immigration laws

So the SCOTUS upheld the show me your papers please

Battle Over Taxing the Rich Goes Global

A Weapon We Can’t Control

Faster, cheaper gas and liquid separation using custom designed and built mesoscopic structures

Jimmy Carter Is Spot on: "The USA is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights".

Chicago Democrats and Wall Street at War with CTU

Koch Brothers Introduced Oil Speculation and are now using these massive profits to steal elections

Was the Emmancipation Proclamation an executive order?

Cool interactive map to show simulations of elections based on Latino electorate

As usual, semantics is overlooked by most media-types.

Obama For America-Romney For Amercia-Mapping Mitt's overseas job creation

Where tectonic plates meet (quietly)

Gas is $3.23 in Northern NJ today and expected to drop another dime by July 4th

Who is Responsible for Food Prices?

Chris Hayes will be at a Meetup in Santa Monica tonight

Listeria prompts recall of 1,000 cases of Dole bagged salads

From the Denver Post: Doug Lamborn's Greatest misses.

Thom Hartmann: How Dick Morris is Toe Sucking the Economy...

Supreme Court Declines to Revisit Citizens United

New Poll: Obama has a solid lead in New Hampshire (8-points)

Do you have a job with no insurance, but requires a doctor's note if you call in sick?

Please come write a MOTTO for Fox's new logo!!!

CO fires and the Ponderosa Pine tree (from the Denver Post)

Fox News Reporter Hired as Vatican Media Adviser

New York: Rent Increases Approved On Rent-Stabilized Apartments

White Working Chaos

Justice Breyer: Montana Case Shows Citizens United Was Wrong

"The World’s Last Worm: A Dreaded Disease Nears Eradication"

Attorney: Sandusky to appeal child sex abuse convictions

North America Is Poised For Huge Natural Gas Shock

President Obama ‘Pleased’ But ‘Concerned’ With Arizona Immigration Ruling


Condi Rice possibly in the running for VP...

Other than lying & murdering Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman "poses no threat, should be freed" (Attorney)

Arpaio: Court upheld 'a good section'

Now's your chance to sign up for MIRT

Criminalize Conservatism With the RICO Act.

I Give Dick Cheney - No Credit, None.

A Child Killed & 5 Others Wounded due to the Accidental Landing of Home-Made Rockets on their Houses

A month later - who is still playing Diablo 3?

We Knew Mitt Likes To Fire Firemen - But Did You Know He Likes To Dress Like One Too?

Wimbledon 2012

CHICAGO: Homeowner shoots burglar, no jail time for burglar, homeowner charged.

Insanity: 16 fires overnight and Detroit Mayor announces layoff of 164 firefighters

I don't know, the SCOTUS surprised me today with their immigration ruling...

Supreme Court to States, Screw Off.....

Weyants World: Scotus & Health Care

WATCH: Trans Kid Seeks Help With School

When you picture the Supreme Court in the next few days, this is the image you need to remember

Ask Mitt Anything...

Assange should seek political asylum in Sweden

Gay WWII Hero Death Not Suicide (Turing)

Cyprus to ask for bailout from eurozone partners

Will MLB's 2013 switch to a full schedule of interleague play doom the pitcher's at-bat?

TYT: Best And Worst Countries For Women

Wages at all time low...

Error 451: This Page Has Been Burned

Couple ‘bullied’ after posing for anti-gay marriage petition in wedding clothes (ugh)

Should Israel Exist? A Sovereign Nation under Attack by the International Community

My friend Andrew on the Today show

Obama ‘Pleased’ But ‘Concerned’ With Arizona Immigration Ruling (updated w/full statement)

Supreme Court rules sensibly on Mt. Soledad cross

Holder ‘Concerned About Impact’ Of Upheld Part Of Arizona Law

Facebook Changed Everyone’s Email to; Here’s How to Fix It

Women imprisoned for killing their rapists.

Guns and Americans' right to commit violence

NALEO statement on SCOTUS ruling on Arizona immigration law

Judicially Authorized Rape: The Newest Weapon in the Prohibitionist Arsenal

Over the last 30 years, CEO pay has increased 127 times faster than worker pay.

The poor have to help the poor because the ones who make the money are helping the people with money

New home sales jump 7.6% in May

To all DUers who don't watch TV, how do you do it?

Justice Scalia Rages Against Obama On Immigration

Democracy for America: The Copper Kings Return to Montana

Syrian army is 'destroyed physically and mentally', says defected Syrian General

Supreme Court upholds Citizen United 5-4- .... breaking

Judge orders Utah mom to chop off daughter’s ponytail in courtroom

mom angry after kids badly sunburned during field trip (school ban on sunscreen)

No, the ACA doesn't "force" you to buy an insurance product from a private corporation.

history from my 1891 encyclopedia britannica-i hit quotes from the past for today.

New Homes Sales versus Existing Home Sales

California begins mapping future without nuclear power (xpost)

Syria shot at second plane, Turkey says

New "Milestones" feature on the Latest Threads page

The Rude Pundit - Depressingly Hypocritical Quotes from One of Today's Supreme Court Decisions

On Immigration, Antonin Scalia Challenges Barack Obama

image: health insurance CEO compensation

#OccupyTheCiti with us from 8am to 8pm on J27! (CitiGroup protest this Wed.)

Is this the place for gun porn?

Targeting Eric Holder, Darrell Issa buys into gun nut delusions

40 years ago!

Alito on Citizens United

Hey Skinner! I think you broke the "Last Replied" page.

Today is Lounge Pot Luck Day! Post a Pic of Your Contribution. Mine:

Zero-tolerance for cheer-leading rape (and other extrajudical violence)

Olive Garden, Red Lobster Struggle To Revive Sales (O.G. "didn't emphasize value enough")

Supreme Court rules sensibly on Mt. Soledad cross

Dems in Congress should immediately introduce a provision allowing 18 SCOTUS

Fundraising on DU?

Brewer, Arpaio Declare Victory After SCOTUS Defeat

Washington Post fact-checker under fire

The Times they are a changin' Some observations today getting oil changed

Alistair Darling launches coalition against Scottish independence

Michigan residents save millions in Medicare prescription drug costs under Affordable Care Act, repo

Julian Assange's internet dating adventures to be made into a film

Parthenia Comics seeks funding

LeBron jumps into wedding photo for couple in Miami

Scalia dissents

Republicans support Obama’s health reforms — as long as his name isn’t on them

Overheard today at the Hospital

Capitalist are Labor Usurers

What's up with Fox News? 80 percent of the following clip

Looks like Rick Scott is ready for some of that, um good, federal assistance.

Need help with a refutation

Youth in Asia will KILL your Grandma!

Nosing around

What is with the wait on the HCR ruling from SCOTUS?


Public stations may get OK for political ads

Justice Breyer: Montana Case Shows Citizens United Was Wrong

REN21 and UNEP Renewables Reports available

Pentagon Gay Pride Event Scheduled For Tuesday

Obamacare Ruling Put Off Until Thursday

Jimmy Carter: A Cruel and Unusual Record (America's shameful human rights record)

‘They Knew They Messed With the Wrong Girl’: Female Jogger and Kung Fu Expert Takes on Two Teens...

does anybody know of a good CURRENT website for wildfires?

Pentagon Gay Pride Event Scheduled For Tuesday

good news lost in the scotus ruling....New home sales jump 7.6% in May

Time passes

A small question/suggestion about the video&multi-media forum.

New US home sales hit two-year high

Recommendations for the New York Democratic Primaries

Confidence in the Church/Organized Religion Declining

So, we're still one Supreme Court justice away from reversing Citizen's United

I do not watch "Family Guy" but this amused me....

Women News Network: Syria woman-only ‘battalion’ aims to train women to use weapons for protection

Interleague play: AL dominant for ninth straight season

Report: Submarine hazing centered on homosexuality

Voice algorithms spot Parkinson's disease (BBC)

Remember this one? 4/24/2010


Its about "hope" important issue, but the title is "Where is Matt...2012"..nice tune, nice visuals.

Artwork at the Del Mar Fair

10 Straight People That Gay People Can Be Proud Of (well, most of them...)

competitive pups

Bad as things are now, just remember that in the not too distant past, Jerry Sandusky

This is about" Hope" Thousands participate in this video.

Wow, it was 3 years ago today that Michael Jackson passed away

Willard Romney And The JUNK BOND KING Michael Milken

There will be change

Well this was strange....

the fire got my friend's parent's house

Prohibition is a failed public polcy...again

EXCLUSIVE: Docs Reveal FL Officials Misleading Public About Federal Database Sought for Voter Purge

Ed Viesturs: The Will to Climb | National Geographic Live!

HBO's The Newsroom. Excellent and truthful rant

VIDEO: Obama Lampoons Romney Camp On Outsourcing/Offshoring

Dana Perino tweets her glee over sick kids with pre-existing conditions getting FUCKED by the SCOTUS

Leveson inquiry: Jon Snow attacks 'pernicious' Daily Mail publisher

False Equivalence in Action - "No, Both Sides Don't Do It"

Has the scotus

Bill O'Reilly: Public Schools Are Ignoring God!

The first word I'm teaching my 1 year old is "brains"

Rush Limbaugh - OFF THE AIR - In Philly!!!

The self-deportive soul of Mitt ("If it fits, you must equivocate") Romney!!!!

What are with the blue arrowheads?

Arab Women and Men See Eye to Eye on Religion's Role in Law

Royal Bank of Scotland collapse details revealed: Arrow points to defective part

Bill-O the Fecal Clown is at it again. Please come CAPTION our hero-sandwich!!!

Max Keiser: Down-the-drain trading: Self-destroying cyber-sewer economy

Paraguay Coup: Will Obama Join Latin America and Condemn Ouster of President Fernando Lugo?

US deploys 4 minesweepers to Iranian Hormuz oil shipping lane

TSA trained to touch your genitals?

Smart Kitty

My Indiegogo campaign

So what does everyone predict: SCOTUS ACA (Healthcare) decision

DERFCITY TOON: update on healthcare battle

President Obama at a campaign event at Oyster River High School in Durham, NH - pics

Swedish Skier Anja Paerson Comes Out

There will be change (reposted in the correct place?)

Abused child in the closet showed great courage

How we can change the world -- or at least a little corner of it.

U.S. keeps Cubans from accessing online apps

The Misruling Class: Meritocracy worship bedevils America

Should we push to get Texas?

Just made fresh horseradish

Potato Pancakes

President Obama stops for ice cream at UNH Dairy Bar on the University of New Hampshire campus -pics

It's downright awful out there

Pennsylvania GOP Leader: Voter ID Will Help Romney Win State

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Susan Jacoby - A Christian Nation? P1

Thom Hartmann: Conversations w/Great Minds - Susan Jacoby - A Christian Nation? P2

Testing the boundaries: Nude chicks with guns. Flame at will!

Cyprus Becomes 5th E.U. Member to Seek Rescue

The Lounge ought to invest in some electronics to save LynneSin money on staples and paper

Middle Finger Mom is now handling the Lounge's Lost-n-Found!

Last Gay Jewish Holocaust Survivor Dies

Due to recent cash flow problems, we must economize on some Lounge services

Coup in Paraguay: Will US join LA in comdemning ouster?

Has Scalia forshadowed Health Care Outcome..??

VIDEO: This Japanese Drone Is The Most Versatile One We've Seen Yet.

SF Man Missing After Grindr Hook-Up

WOW! Geoffrey Fieger's new TV ad calling out the RW crazies - See it here...

Some basic facts about state and local Government workers

Not all students at the Lounge's recent Protest School graduated with honors

Coup in Paraguay: Will US Join Latin America in condemning ouster of President?

With Gas Prices Expected To Drop Below $3, Republicans Suddenly Silent On Obama’s Role

My agnostic AA

Right-wing PA legislator admits VoterID law is about politics, will help get Romney elected

Graduates Of These Law Schools Might Have Gone Into A Lot Of Debt For No Good Reason

Which side are you on? ani difranco's new CD -

Sections of the Lounge's Civility Committee first report have been leaked to the press

Does anybody have any advice for 'hot spots'?

Senator Assails Court’s Decision on Montana Campaign Contributions

10 postal workers launch hunger strike

401K Thieving

SCOTUS shoots down Montana bribery law....

Computer Question about Voter Suppression

I think the Supreme Court will uphold the individual mandate but strike down the Medicaid expansion

Obama Slams Romney's Jobs Record on Campaign Trail.

Dirty Projectors - Gun Has No Trigger

Greece economic woes deepen as tax receipts nosedive

"Women: Sort Yourselves Out. Men: Shave and Get Drunk--You're Already Brilliant."

Our new advertising campaign has really boosted sales at the Lounge's coffee bar

David Suzuki: Why Planet’s Survival Requires Undoing Its Economic Model

"Obama’s four biggest failures"

South London Healthcare faces being dissolved

I can't believe some Libs/Progressives here would rather see the ACA struck down

LynneSin was here! Who, I wonder, is no longer with us?

Each member of Mitten's short list for VP has problems...

Globe's Electric Blue Heaven

Raising the minimum wage -

Scalia articulates the "We don't allow your kind around here boy" argument

What's at the heart of health care reform?

Researchers develop a promising new technology for grid-scale energy storage

Romney demands leadership on immigration to lead (TPM headline is more charitable)

Bulldog Adopts Litter of Orphaned Kittens

I'm not friendless anymore!

Fire on the Mountain

An HONEST Republican! The truth (at last) about Voter ID laws

Morsi Adviser: Female and Christian VPs in Egypt

The reason enacting health care reform is difficult

States Lacking Income Tax Get No Boost in Growth

"Anti-Semitic Elmo" Handcuffed, Removed By Ambulance From New York's Central Park

what are the little blue triangles on the left of thread titles on the Latest page?

Would you like to see the Supreme Court strike down the individual mandate?

Bank for International Settlement 82nd Annual Report

Papantonio: Issa is the Loser in Contempt Hearings

We Know Why We're F**king Heah!!!

I mkstakenly clicked on a button which indicates I am not willing to serve on a jury.

The Lounge's Public Safety Committee has a new plan for dealing with the soccer gangs here

Hilarious British animal voiceovers

US Supreme Court upholds Florida ban on funding for research in Cuba

Unanswered Question Remains about Sandusky Case

Legal Aid Society Sues New York City over Bogus Pot Arrests

Kansas Doctor Loses License For Protecting Privacy Of Abortion Patients

I Wish I Could Tell You This Is Parody... I Really Do...

I just noticed the blue arrows on the 'Latest Threads' page, a couple of questions...

Pennsylvania Republican: Voter ID Laws Are ‘Gonna Allow Governor Romney To Win’

Ronald Reagan on Medicare circa 1960

I got my walking papers today.

I have a felling this idiot is no friend of the President

Favorite colognes?

French photojournalist covers the horrors of Homs Syria (GRAPHIC)

from past experience, does anyone think republicans will cheat when it comes to citizens united...

The single most important reason for Obama to be reelected

Louisiana Private Schools Teach Loch Ness Monster Is Real In Effort To Disprove Evolution Theory

Congressman Denied the Right to Vote

If the Individual Mandate is Overturned...

Mexico laments part of US immigration ruling

Apple Yanks Mac Virus Immunity Claims From Website: Removing 'Reality Distortion' A Good PR Move?

Artist creates photo-like portraits with a single thread

The media’s despicable silence on Israel

dock gives way

Thank You Justice Breyer... I Sincerely Wish It Were Up To You...

In N Korea, learning to hate U.S., Japan starts early

On Thursday the great chess match will see....

Any Recommendations for something other than Vanity Fair Napkins?

President Obama greets crowd at Logan International Airport (take a look at those eyes) - pics

So what does the SCOTUS immigration ruling really mean?

A dream comes true 1,553 meters below sea level

Van Jones: Protecting Society from Corporate 'Tyranny'

Shep Smith Slams Jan Brewers Victory Losing 3 of 4.

Muslim Woman Sues Religious-Freedom Commission For Discrimination

HP Support Con\way, AR Phone Number?

Andrea Pirlo's sick penalty

Documentary shows wartime plight of Japanese-Hawaiians

Good news for Hamas, bad news for Fatah

long article on JK in Boston globe

Bus Monitor Karen Klein is coming up on Rev Al

If the Individual Mandate is Upheld.....

Mitt's "disappointed" (SCOTUS Arizona ruling)

Condor lead poisoning persists, impeding recovery, says CU-UCSC study

Now that we have Citizens United, how can prostitution be illegal?

To all DUers who don't watch Porn, how do you do it?

Ecuadorian Government discusses criteria for extending legal and diplomatic asylum to Julian Assange

Morsi resigned from Muslim Brotherhood.

Is anyone else pissed off at those Exxon Mobil "Let's Solve This" ads?

Syria shot at second plane, Turkey says

'ey . . . . . . . . Nino . . . . . .

Lulzsec: UK men plead guilty to hacking charges

If well-endowed women work at Hooters, where do One-Legged women work?

I highly recommend watching the last 5 or 10 minutes of Hardball tonight

Republican Legislator Admits Restrictive Voter ID Laws Are To Help Republicans Win

The enduring popularity of Obamacare (at least what's in it)

Whoa... 'The Great Abdication' - Paul Krugman/NYT

Cenk Uygur: Private Insurance Mandate Is Perfect Symbol of Obama's Central Mistake

Romney campaign on back foot over Arizona immigration law

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Martin Bashir - Romney's disappearing act on Bain criticism

Reddit Will Destroy Islam With Dumb Memes

Mitt Romney linked to Michael Milken..

BBC: Hamas Admits Gaza Child’s Death Was Caused by Palestinian Rocket

Feline niece at play

"...the Jury voted 1-5 to LEAVE IT."

Martin Bashir - Romney quiet on Supreme Court ruling on Ariz. immigration law

Jets of the Health Insurance Industry (FAA Verifiable)

Another photo of a thug!

Syria general deserts senior command in Damascus

Pothia Shoes.

Fighting The Fires On $14 An Hour And NO HEALTH INSURANCE

Help Wisconsin Democrat Rob Zerban defeat Paul Ryan

WikiLeaks Suspect Wins Battle Over US Documents

I reached my WW goal today.

So who were the four scumbag Supremes who felt it was OK

Just gotta love completely incompetent phone Customer Service Reps (Cox Communications)

Mitt Romney is so slick, he will go down without a flush!

Beatles - 'All You Need is Love" - 45 years ago today

Live Now: President Obama fundraiser in Boston NOW

Thirteen Words Every Elected Official Needs To Live By

Brett Favre in Dubuque

Romney's "bus"

I would just like to make an observation on the upcoming new MIR Team.

Okay, Lounge. I did it. I finished my first draft.

Radio host: ‘Pistol whip’ the nuns who are protesting Paul Ryan

Hardball - Romney suffers negative attacks over Bain record

Wisconsin fights back with delight

Eric Holder ‘Fast and Furious’ contempt vote to be held Thursday

Is it too early for Walking Dead stuff yet?

Romney will avoid saying or doing much of anything of note before November if he can.

WATCH CHRIS MATTHEWS NOW!!!! His "let me finish" is POWERFUL.

Teen lesbian couple found shot in Texas park (Update)

National education reform group's spending shown

They're Trying to Steal the Election…Again

Joe Klein—the ultimate smug moron

It is damn near impossible to get a cab in this town.....

You would have to be a ghoul to vote

Elmo imposter carted off in ambulance after making obscene rants...

Just saw an ad against the health care act.....some women's group....

This is why you should wear your seatbelt.

In celebration of Title IX, who are your favorite female athletes?

Failed war on drugs feeding HIV/AIDs, former leaders say

Citizens United vs. FEC: How did it happen?

What do those little arrows on the left of a thread title mean? They are new.

Mitt Romney, Job Killer

Arizona police sound alarm after court justices uphold immigration checks

Have you ever supported an issue that doesn't directly help you but helps many others before?

Why do bags get to appear on CNN, a national program and get to leave out over 1/2 the story w/o

House Republicans: keep Keystone in transport bill

Judge delays Bulger trial to March 2013

How to walk your human

Interesting thing about the Bloomberg "Outlier" poll


Crazy weather here in Ottawa. 54 degrees and it is almost July. When will we ever learn to stop

Mexico City airport shooting kills 3 police officers

You can't afford not to grab a few at these prices

PS3 firmware 4.20 update due tomorrow - 6/26/2012

The BIGGEST Missed Opportunity for Obama to date...

#Debby news from Florida.. don't eat items from the floodwater. Really.

Debby is stationary again

Sea Levels Rising Fast on U.S. East Coast - NationalGeographic

The Individual Mandate albatross: Whole packages only as popular as their least popular provision

I saw a brand new word is the link..the word is "breastaurants"

Across the street from me, Muscle Cars! (Picture heavy)

Flashback: Cenk on why he leans toward Obama over Hillary and Edwards

Obama: What Gov. Romney & His Advisers Don't Seem To Understand Is This:

How FOX News resolves contradictions.

Lawn Waterbed?

Cute guy sitting in for Elliot Spitzer on Viewpoint on Current.

Plane tows swastika banner in New Jersey...

AP Exclusive: Al-Qaida trains Norwegian to attack

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Monday & a new Kitty gif

Reporters to Romney "You're not answering-You're refusing to give us an answer."

The ACA ruling is personal for me and a lot of people. Lives hang in the balance

Redding City Council Votes to Expand Ice Energy's Thermal Storage Program

Hot Fudge Monday

Arizona ruling to impact Fremont immigration case

House Majority Leader Turzai Reveals House Plan To Pass Voter ID Laws For 'ROMNEY TO WIN PA'

Fast and Furious = the government sacrificed the lives of American citizens for politics

My fridge stopped working...I got a screwdriver ...where do I start

Would we be better off right now with Harriet Meirs on the Court and not John Roberts?

Rachel is depressing the hell out of me...

A Victory, Of Sorts, For Bradley Manning !!!

If unions had the membership to pour unlimited funds into elections wouldn't be any Citizens United

Light ( kind of) healthy summer dip when you don't feel like cooking


Went down to my local nearby brook to try a new shot for "down by the river"

Who is running Romney's campaign? Is there a name?

Focus on the solution

"Why It's Unlikely That a Big GOP Win Will Lead to Deficit Reduction in One Chart" at Slate

Is MPLS importing Philly cops?

"Medicare: Seniors saved $3.7 billion on medicine"By Parija Kavilanz at CNN

Mitt Romney Plans to End Medicare

Teen Lesbian Couple Found Shot in Park

"It's always fun to be on your show!"

Sometimes... You HAVE To Look Backward... To See The Bullshit You've Stepped Through...

A Modest Proposal for DU re: TOS

Police beat black man for carrying a gun

Taking a step from Generation-X into Generation-X-Ray...

The Strange Career of Juan Crow

Woman hit by ball sues Little Leaguer

Bodies of indigenous leader and two sons found in northern Colombia .

Bodies of indigenous leader and two sons found in northern Colombia .

Interrupting You with a Fuck Neil Munro Status Update

I just found a treasure at the used book store

Posted in The Week magazine on April 27,2012

New name for SCOTUS--GOP RATS- R-Roberts, A-Alito, T-Thomas, S-Scalia

"Should Economists Reveal Who Pays Them?" by Kirk Siegler at NPR

We can compel military service (the draft), but we can't compel health insurance?

Hey Rethugs, your hero Ronnie Reagan AGREES with President Obama!

Thousands of Israelis Join 'Citizen's Mutiny' After Violent Arrest of Protest Leader

U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. takes leave of absence

Watched a baggers head explode today when I told him this story about Romney

The ED Show - Rep. Issa contradicts Speaker Boehner

Jimmy Carter: A Cruel and Unusual Record (America's shameful human rights record)

The Nats need to trade Strasburg to the AL.

Billy Joel - The Downeaster "Alexa"

Public Universities See Familiar Fight at Virginia.

OK DUers how dumb are Jan Brewer

Righthaven receiver moves to fire CEO Steven Gibson

All you need to know about the candidates

The ED Show - Corrupt Conservative Justice Scalia Gets Political With Dissent

Here's Why I Stand With A.C.A.

Two actors. You name the classic film.

Somebody forgot to pay the Lounge utility bill, so the bar's not serving tap water this month

If Hitler had died of the flu in 1936...

Jimmy Carter savages US foreign policy over drone strikes

'Astonishing' Cyber Espionage Threat from Foreign Governments: British Spy Chief

Be sure to check out our grocery section!

US will help Turkey hold Syria ‘accountable’ for jet shoot-down, says Obama spokesman

Calif. used 9/11 scholarship funds to close budget gap

I'm not going to directly link it, but.............

Teen lesbian couple found shot in Texas park

After Rio, we know. Governments have given up on the planet

The ED Show - Citizens United, the sequel

Federal hotline set up on Arizona immigration

Keep an eye on this: Lawsuit to attempt to take Fl Dem supremes off the ballot.

It's hot, our AC isn't working - so it's time for some nostalgia (no AC for us back then either!)...

Question: will today's immigration ruling

Rank exaggeration helps nobody

Name Your Top 5 (Or Whatever Number You Want) Honorable People In The Political Media

Children's books have changed......

Is Scalia's Extremism Holding Up Health Care Ruling?

Lost in Translation

Prominent Americans urge Ecuador to accept Julian Assange's asylum request

Something to keep in mind about immigration and immigration "reform".

"Despite Obama’s Policies, The Rust Belt’s Revival Could Save His Campaign" by Joel Kotkin

Guatemala says arbitration panel with U.S. on hold

It's all fun and games until somebody loses a nostril.

President Obama has chosen Kali's ranch as the location of our latest Federal Bureau.

I didn't know LynneSin was religious or a (snicker, mm-hmm) you know... hobo, or a writer...

R.I. Gov. Chafee signs first-in-nation 'homeless bill of rights'

CaliforniaPeggy is EXHAUSTED!!! She spent the weekend interviewing/auditioning new poolboys.

(vs. Jim Matheson) Mia Love of Utah hopes to become the first black Republican woman in Congress

I know many of you ask yourselves, "What kind of bar ambience would attract MiddleFingerMom?

MiddleFingerMom loves nothing more than to go to marathons and inspire/motivate the runners.

Peres: Israeli patience with rockets wearing thin

Do I work only 45 hours a week to try to force the company to hire enough workers for the work?

SCOTUS: Total Betrayal of Democracy

My diet is a succcess. My stomach has shrunk. Even when I cheat I don't cheat much. Lost 5 pounds.

Ok can't think where else, is DU lagy for anybody else?

Warren blasts Mitt at Obama fundraiser (“No, Mitt, corporations are not people”)

You can watch episode 1 of The Newsroom online

Ever see how bare bones The Social Security Act (Act of August 14, 1935) {H. R. 7260} was?

Wow.. Bob from Sesame Street Turned 80 on the 13th....

A New Drug Resistant Form Of Tuberculosis Is Spreading In India

On the radio this morning, I thought they said they'd declared MORRISSEY President of Egypt!

Lugo's missteps eroded fragile support in Paraguay

so now I have a new ride

Happy Birthday George Orwell!

Yeah Cats!

President Obama sings high praises for Warren in Massachusetts

Fox News is psychotic!

Peace without justice is tyranny.

U of AZ Wildcats College World Series Champions!

Why oh why did I do tequila shots in the parking lot before Iron Maiden's show Saturday?

Ani DiFranco - Which Side Are You On?

Biden Warned Afghan Buildup Was Hollow

Having Your Coffee and Enjoying It Too

New book: Biden warned Afghan buildup was hollow

Colombian Air Force aided 2001 massacre: AUC leader .

Robert Reich - ...."What's the true meaning of Patriotism?

How does one put a link in a statement?

The Independent: Italian court rules MMR vaccine did trigger autism

last gay jewish holocaust survivor dies

US to indict 3 more Colombian police officials: Report .

Poll: Will Scalia's political hackery crack the Court's authority with the American people?