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Fake bounce emails, everyone getting them ?

Mexico: 'Mistaken identity' over Guzman drug arrest

Iowa Radio Host Says Nuns Should Be “Pistol Whipped”; GOP Congressman Laughs!

Sunday Talk Shows


Tin-100, a doubly magic nucleus

Jackie Chiles to represent Soup Nazi in legal fight?

Stakes Races 6/23/2012

*174 Times*

Cameron suggests cutting housing benefit

CBS News: GM grass linked to Texas cattle deaths

U.N. Report from Rio on Environment a ‘Suicide Note’

Violent protests in Tel Aviv; banks vandalized

County yanks $30m in tax funds from 49ers' new stadium; will fund teachers instead

Chris Hayes Has Arrived With ‘Up’

Peekaboo, Koch Brothers...we've found you!!

Anyone have any good resources about the Scottish covenanters or Calvin's Geneva?

Anyone have any good books about the Puritans?

JPMorgan’s Connections to the House Finance Committee

BDS Victory: Retirement giant drops $73 million in Caterpillar stocks

Using a statin to battle high cholesterol or to prevent heart disease?

Members of Congress trade in companies while making laws that affect those same firms

Just got one of "those" phone calls. My wife's aunt passed away.

Moonlight Kingdom!

Anyone know of good books about Calvin's Geneva, Scotland, or the Puritans?

Inequality greater in USA than any other advanced country in the World....

The Earth Cannot Be Saved by Hope and Billionaires

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.....

Upton homered for the D'Backs tonight. Tell us about it, champ

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, June 23)

China astronauts mark first manual space docking

The Story of "Fired up! Ready to go!"

A horrific anniversary that we must remember-39 years ago in New Orleans on June 24th....

June 24th, 1973, one of the greatest tragedies in gay American history....

Shake it.

"Hands Off My Clam" (Message to RWNJ in song)

Don't forget to check in on APoD regularly

If Dr Seuss Wrote Star Wars

Obama has ‘genuine love for black community,’ senior adviser says

S.F. declines to take lead on curbing soda sales

Richard Dawkins in furious row with EO Wilson over theory of evolution

Bullying of teachers more damaging in online era. Kids post astonishingly false info about teachers.

Cameron proposes scrapping youth housing subsidies

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Good Time Goldie Edition

I've found a mother lode of guitar gold!!! Eleven 15-min episodes of radio's "The Les Paul Show"...

"War on Women" Takes Its Toll: Mississippi's Last Abortion Clinic Under Threat


Good letter to the editor in the Tulsa World today

How well do you remember Joe McCarthy?

Most Americans oppose health law but like provisions

Vinegar in my pancakes.

Mendacious Mitt: Romney's bid to become liar-in-chief

Laura Bush to Receive Alice Paul Award??

Scott Walker: Only 282,148 jobs short of creating 250,000

2 Wisconsin billionaires pay no state income tax in 2010 (guess who)

Adam Davidson Strikes Again, Tells Us to Ignore Downer Data and Trust the Confidence Fairy

It took a while to figure out: Uranus and Pluto

Must-see Bill Moyers program on the corrupt finance-government nexus

Keiser Report: Feta Cheese Trap

“up popped the devil.”

Question - Is ReTHUG scumbag Rick Scott in Florida or at

Man I love the way my wife shops...

Poll: 1-in-4 uncommitted now in White House race

Egypt braces for announcement of president

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Sweden could be safest option for paranoid Assange

Turkey calls for NATO meeting over Syria

Joan Walsh: It’s not Mitt’s party

Nightlife Suffers as Gay Men Move Online

Greek PM cannot attend EU summit due to surgery

Hypothetical situation:

Poll: 1-in-4 uncommitted now in White House race

Aung San Suu Kyi's idea of freedom offers a radical message for the west | Madeleine Bunting

it was like building my own coffin...

La Raza Endorses Gay Marriage, Joining the NAACP, President Obama, a Majority of Americans, and Even

Court keeps upcoming health care decision secret

Ecuador envoy to Sweden briefed on Assange (AFP via Emirates 247)

Are DUers watching Chris Hayes with coverage from Tahrir Square

Pres. Obama On Title IX: I’ve said that women will shape the destiny of this country, and I mean it

In Sweden, Man Claims to Be AWOL Since 1984 (NYT | 17 June)

Was this Judge out of line on this one?

Health Care Industry Doesn't Want Repeal

Repeal the hughes amendment

More Bain, More Bain, more Pain

Rowan Williams pours scorn on David Cameron's 'big society'

David Laws, due for a comeback, thinks that the Tories are too soft on public funding.

How Top Law Professors Are Working To Expand Corporations’ Constitutional 'Rights'

"The private sector is doing fine"

Partisan Republicans Aggressively Seeking To Become Election Officials In Florida

50th anniversary of Engel v. Vitale tomorrow.

Romney stops for a quick lunch on the road…(Pics may be offensive)

Reagan, The GOP, And American Business Have Awaken "The Sleeping Dragon"

Troubled Ecuador a dubious choice for Assange

Where Are All The Stupid People From? And How'd They Get To Be So Dumb?

Why Is the Government Collecting Your Biometric Data?

What is Romney expecting to happen if he wins?

The trash this forum or group option

Romney wants to increase the defense budget by more than 50 percent over current levels

Art from Duct Tape and other Colored Tapes...

Matt taibbi Notes on Wall Street's Bid-Rigging Scandal

Live Link to Egyptian election results..

"Gotta seal the borders"--Hey, waittaminnit here.

Legalizing Watergate - Gary Hart

13-year-old among 2 dead, 13 wounded overnight (Gun free Chicago)

Mitt Romney, are you now saying that Romneycare was a mistake?

GOP Oversight Chair Admits There Is No Evidence Of White House Involvement In Fast And Furious

Dick Cheney’s Daughter Marries Longtime Partner

My take on Oil, Coal, NG and Nuclear as sources of energy

And now comes the reckoning for Penn State itself:

GOP Oversight Chair Admits There Is No Evidence Of White House Involvement In Fast And Furious

Best Jesus Pranks - Best of Just For Laughs Gags

30 Willard Romney Lies in a Single Week

Assange seeking US legal guarantee

I feel sorry for people that have to get a new mortgage.

Take a look at this pretty chart Think Progress put together to explain how awesome Obamacare really

(Nigerian) Govt Writes US Over Possible (Drone) Strikes On Nigerian Soil

CNN: Mohammed Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood) declared Egyptian Presidential winner

Morsi wins in Egypt

BLOCKBUSTER piece in Boston Globe details Romney's association with Michael Milken

Pharyngula: The Blaze has a poll on voting for atheist - let's hijack it.

Ryan meets with Romney at weekend retreat

If Republicans think the media is liberal, why do they believe everything they say?

Sunday's Doonesbury - The Difference between running Government and Running Bain

So we've gone from "never again" to this in two months -



Goodhair says, "I don't know," to SHIEFFER. Why was he there?!1 He needs to read COLLINS' book on TX

Something to pull on your heart on a slow Sunday morning

Ga., SC mountains mark 'Deliverance' anniversary

America Doesn't Need an Outsourcing Pioneer in the Oval Office

UVA Is Sold Out To The Vampire Squid, Just Like Most Major Universities

Wait a minute ...

Chávez refuses to debate with Capriles Radonski

Ed Gillespie Hits Back On Bain Offshoring: Obama Is ‘Outsourcing’ Jobs To Nebraska!

Romney Adviser Hits Back On Bain Offshoring: Obama Is ‘Outsourcing’ Jobs To Nebraska!

Couple of pics of my garden

NYT Op-Ed: "The Generation Gap Is Back"

its just another pleasant valley Sunday

oh no!

"It's the kooks and the boobs and the dumbwads." Please come CAPTION Dr. Monica (snit-fit) Crowley!!!

Who are the Super PACs’ Biggest Donors? (Great Interactice Graphic)

A Cure for What Ails the Great Lakes

FYI a good tutorial on Black and White photography.

Lets hope for the best for the Egyptian people


The Patriarchy Hurts Us All

WARNING: This product (vacuum cleaner) contains chemicals known to cause cancer,

A chicken’s death leads to criminal charges

Sweden cannot extradite Assange to the US. So I agree with Greenwald.

NY Times: Relief in Every Window, but Global Worry Too (AGW and air conditioning)

Michelle Rhee's Group Asks Teachers Unions To Promote Reform Policies At State Level

Russian helicopter shipment heading back to Syria: ifax

On Women’s Rights: Yeah, Yeah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Whatever.

Do you support the mandate?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday June 24th

Bloomberg News: Obama Campaign Asks Unions to Help Cover Convention Costs

Letter To Hitler: A German Woman's Haunting Correspondence (sound familiar?)

The Anti-Obama Court

Huff Post must know SCOTUS has a decision against Affordable Health Care

A Reminder For Your Wingnut Relatives: 10 Years Ago-After 8 Years Of Dem Rule-WE HAD TOO MUCH $$$!

Race, the right, and Eric Holder

Nance Greggs: The Path of No Resistance

Mursi in power: a time-line of diminishing presidential prerogatives

Am I wrong to think that we've lost, and Rove/Kochs et al have won?

Found on Facebook...

Hi. I've never posted in this group, but...

Alabama defeats communism with anti-sustainability law

In Appalachia ,Sunday is fer Relaxin'

PDVSA turns to traders to sustain Ecuador oil deal

The Unwitting Beneficiaries of Obamacare

Judge: 13-year-old girl gets lighter sentence if her ponytail gets cut off

Washington and the Cuban Revolution Today - The myth of the "Miami Lobby"

If you got to have dinner with Willard Romney,

50 genuinely creepy horror movies

Call It OutSourcing Or OffShoring-Mitt's Bain Created Jobs Overseas-THAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE IN USA

Pope Benedict picks Fox News reporter to burnish Vatican's image

Chronicling Mitt's Mendacity, Vol. XXIII

UK: Hundreds of thousands of young people could be stripped of housing benefit

Generous murderers

Romney "Sick at Heart" Over Bain Job Losses

NY Times: Old vs. Young

W Speaking - Bill Cope

Attn Republican Lurkers: 102 Things NOT To Do If You Hate Taxes

Thom Hartmann: Geeky Science! Scared Grasshoppers Transform the Entire Ecosystem!

Thom Hartmann: The Defenders of Patriarchy at it again...

Five myths about the Dream generation

Cool thing my kid's dad did for his birthday

Israeli Protesters Fight Cops Over Alleged Police Brutality

Issa: No evidence White House covered up 'Fast and Furious' fallout

'We're getting outspent.' OFA

Plane dumb swastika boost

Maher: Conservatism is not an ideology, ‘It’s just about being a dick’

Multiple deferment Mitt Romney would make citizenship available ONLY to those who join the military

If this cartoon has already been posted (re: fast&furious) - it needs to be posted again...

Heritage wheat could let gluten-sensitive people eat bread again

By their names ye shall know them. Let create "essence-names" for the wackiest conservatives!

Say WHAT?!?!? Obama up 5 to 51% approval in today's Gallup Tracking poll!

Wow, I didn't realize you Nebraskans were so scary and foreign!

Kenya protests ‘economic sabotage’ by USA

Survey (with link): Should Gov. Scott Walker push for a right-to-work law in Wisconsin?

Here's what the inmates did for Sandusky on his first night in jail:

Pride Attendees Attacked By Crowd

Denver Police Announces Nation's Most Progressive Trans Policies

The Bruce Willis movie "Last Man Standing"

Former Prop 8 Backer Takes Hits From Both Sides

All Work and No Pay: The Great Speedup

Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.

Salvation Army Apologizes After Australian Official Says LGBT People Should Die

Revealed: CaliforniaPeggy has done it 174 times!

London 2012 Olympics: Saudis allow women to compete

Best Tweet Ever: A New Slogan for Gay Marriage

The New American Aristocracy

Greatest slogan to use on anti-gay marriage homophobes:

Prop. 8's chief witness changes mind, now supports same-sex marriage.

Woman Murdered By Ex Over Custody Issues

Beyonce buys Jay-Z a $40 million plane for Father’s Day

Failure In Rio, Women, Farmers, Indigenous peoples protest green capitalism, privatisation of nature

Downing of Turkish jet reveals Syria’s lethality

What About Some Corporate Patriotism!

Romney Camp Won’t Rule Out Repealing Obama’s Immigration Move

DEA agent kills suspected trafficker in Honduras

DEA agent kills suspected trafficker in Honduras

Obama Camp Hits Romney Over Outsourcing In New Video

Madam C.J.Walker The first self made female American Millionaire

From April 4, 2011: 'Did Wall Street Violate The Racketeering Act? (RICO)' - BusinessInsider

Romney Adviser Faults Obama For Failing To Pass DREAM Act, Which Romney Pledged To Veto

Cat Alarm Clock

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Thousands protest against Lugo coup

Atheists have chance of becoming president

Must read comment on NYT Letter to Editor from wise man in SCarolina who FRAMES the GOP perfectly.

Iraq PM must go for reforms to happen: Sadr

Heads up: Lady and the Tramp at 4 p.m. EDT

BWAHAHA! F.U.M.R - "Marco Rubio Criticizes Obama Policy Similar To His Own"

Yet another top 100 list

Why Women Aren’t Crazy

Yet another top 100 list

A Major Charter School Scandal (American Indian Public Charter Schools)

VALVe Economics: A brand new blog on Digital Economic Theory by Yanis Varoufakis

father brutally spanks guy for sleeping with his underage daughter

Muscle recovery suggestions?

Future of Retail: Companies That Profit By Investing in Employees

Rasmussen's at it again...

Look At This Crazy Chart, Gasp, And Then Never Watch Cable News Ever, Ever Again

Wayne LaPierre, fearmonger

father of bus bully hugs bullied grandmother

L.A. Mayor: Romney's business record no qualification for president

Derivatives at Morgan Stanley get moved to banking subsidiary

Website development pricing -- what's the norm these days?

Principal is fired for being cited for grabbing his genitals in public.

Japan to make illegal downloading of music, videos punishable with jail terms

Gazans celebrate Muslim Brotherhood victory in Egypt with gunfire and candy

Romney "Sick at Heart" Over Bain Job Losses

Google sets out to save dying languages

Liberating Iraq's agriculture for multinational corporations

Corporate priority is not creating jobs. Corporate priority is creating profits.

The "What About the Mens?" Fallacy

Mario Rubio + David Gregory= Insipidness Squared

Funny Gay Marriage Signs (In Celebration of Pride Day)

Whoa on Faux' Chris WALLACE Elijah CUMMINGS demolishes ISSA & Tbone PICKENS vs the KOCHs

Dealing with isolation and exclusion in Japan

Debbie Smacking Florida Around... Tornado Watches And Warnings Issued Through This Evening...

CAIR: Interfaith Coalition Decries Hate Group Leader's Appearance at L.A. Jewish Federation

Did I hear that right? Morrissey is the new president of Egypt?

Gay activitism will help the President to get re-elected.

The Arabist: President Morsi (for sure this time.)

Now That's Rich: GOP says Air Force is 'hostile to religion'

Marc Anthony Joins Obama Efforts With Concert Fund-Raiser, Video

ANIME NEWS: Odaiba to host science manga exhibition

Is The US Finally Ready For Revolution?

Truman grandson to visit A-bomb sites

Join the War for Women: Online Training Seminar

Is The US Finally Ready For Revolution?

FAQ: What is male privilege?

What Sheldon Adelson Wants

T-Paw says "HELL NO" knows 2012 is lost and probably doesn't want to ruin his chances for 2016

The First Couple on their First Meal Together: Dinner with Barack and Michelle

Bradley Manning lawyers accuse prosecutors of misleading judge

Explosives prompt Sweden nuclear plant probe

Julian Assange asylum bid: Ecuador's ambassador flies to Quito for talks

Mulcair says Tories damaging Canada's reputation (Tories=Conservatives)

Wikipedia's founder calls for Richard O'Dwyer extradition to be stopped

Microsoft sharpens it's Aim

Gay Coach Fired Over Two Goofy Photos

Stockton faces end of mediation, weighs bankruptcy

What I learned on DU

Move to limit federal fingerprint program in Calif (Secure Communities)

Annoying E-reader paragraph spacing.

Border Patrol agents set for corruption trial

Iraqi authorities order closure of 44 news organisations

Tunisia extradites Gaddafi's prime minister to Libya for trial

Why there's only one honest objection to wind farms

Members of Congress trade in companies while making laws that affect those same firms

MiddleFingerMom's clearance sales always draw huge crowds. "By Grabthar's hammer what a savings"!

Accounting change bloats US pension gap

AIDS Group Gets Ditched at Pride Parade

Analysis: Be afraid: Some in U.S. see shades of 2008 in euro crisis

Study: Warmer seas are rising faster and more along US East Coast than rest of the globe

A little off topic here, but what the hell.

NBA hoping to generate more revenue with World Cup of Basketball proposal

Senate committee must subpoena Michael Mukasey, request every paper on gunwalking

Another fire! I don't remember a year this bad.

How many people have you told to move to Somalia?

10 Things You Would Miss About Obamacare

Non-Sex with Republicans - personal stories!

It boils down to...

IF Romney were to win - Would you like to see President Obama run again in 2016?

I attended a Dance Recital last night ...

Photographing the Past

Endorsements for New York primaries?

Irritating, authoritarian people whom you love

Romney horse abuse! Didn't see this posted here anywhere.

Meet the ‘worst’ 8th grade math teacher in NYC

New Paraguay leaders mount international defense

"Swastika Rehabilitation Day" Went About As Well As You'd Expect

TOON (May be Offensive to some)

Missouri's swing-state luster dims

Republicans Go From Fast and Furious to Slow and Stupid

Obama being blamed for the gulf hurricane.

Silvio Berlusconi hints at comeback bid

Survey: US gas prices drop 15 cents over 2 weeks

Drinking Liberally Tucson, Wednsday at the Shanty. 06/27

So Daryl Issa has admitted there is no evidence

Boeing's 747-400, a Faded Queen of the Skies

Doggie Talent (Cute Alert)

Report: Youkilis going to White Sox

Did you know that "Barak" was an "It"? ***UPDATE***

Anonymous donor offers to foot bill for President Obama visit

Gloat Free Football Scores (Sunday, June 24)

My sister and I turn 60 in a month. We're planning a family & friends picnic.

Cheap Coal Is Dead. Long Live Renewable Age (Part 1)

Jonathan Turley: Supreme Court Should Have 19 Members

Defense Secretary wants to break new ground understanding the human mind

Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

City of London creates a 'good behaviour zone'

My Apologies...

Which way will El Supremo be flipflopping tonight??

I'm putting ohiosmith & elleng on ignore for a day to teach them a lesson

Council Bluffs nursing home to pay $675,000 penalty

Economics for the 99%

I was googling on the reasons that led to Germany's slide into facisim.

Since El Supremo has become very concerned about the Beltway Series...

Fad diet spammer in LBN thread on obesity and food security

Please check out the GD DU Poll on the link below, I meant to put it in 'this' forum :(

Alex Trebek is not in Jeopardy now

LOL, a Paleo Diet spammer in LBN accused me of being a paid Big Pharma shill!

Ecologist Cites Optimistic U.S. Study of Solar Power

BMW M5 - "Bullet" - High Performance Art

What happens if we wake up with a Mormon president?

Last Pinta giant tortoise Lonesome George dies

An amber alert went out for a Florida pre-teen today

haha! Only 400 turned out to meet Romney bus in Michigan stop

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Latinos strongly backing Obama

Mayor Villaraigosa accuses Romney of immigration 'amnesia'

Debby's course changed..coming right up thru Ala/Ga/No.Fla

London 2012 Olympics: Saudis allow women to compete

Members of Congress trade in companies while making laws that affect those same firms

It's 110 degrees in western Kansas

Unite union says more strikes 'inevitable'

How To Walk A Human, By Kodi The Kitty

Cold blooded murder of Trayvon a "culmination" of Zimmerman's "mounting concern and frustration"

The Tiny Tax that Terrifies Wall Street

NO ROOM AT THE INN? Former VP Wet Dream Pawlenty Throws Gordon Gecko Under The Bus

Novak Djokovic is on 60 minutes now!

Cue the spooky music.

283 Paragraphs Of Fluff - Guardian

Toronto Star: A good day in Haiti as Lovely graduates from kindergarten

Who's Responsible for Gas Prices?

Proud to be part Irish? Damn right I am!

Fuct Snooze attempts to assist Mitt with the reality of Bain as King of the Fucking OUTSOURCERS

Colorado wildfire out of control, residents evacuated

Name five favorite feminist/women-oriented movies

Parts Of Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Cumbria Receive Month's Rain In 24 Hours Over Weekend

Anyone see made for TV docudrama Tall Hot Blonde on Lifetime?

1-in-4 uncommitted now in White House race

Hedge fund manager to pay $405M to Madoff victims

I think it's important that everyone in our group knows what we are up against.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Seen on Twitter: Of all the elected officials involved in 'Fast and Furious' probe,

So what day does the court announce their decision?

Missing Plano, TX (Dallas suburb) woman

Please think about it before trashing forums or groups.

The Bobblespeak Translations

The Kardashians have bought a Mexican plantation.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 25 June 2012

Wisconsin Lehman recount update

The Chicago Cubs are so bad......

Free Syria!

Fictitious villains we love to hate?

BRICs Biggest Currency Depreciation Since 1998 to Worsen

London Olympics to Be Most Over-Budget Games Since Atlanta 1996

Artur Davis: Voter ID Laws Don't Disenfranchise Anybody

LA Times poll about closing San Onofre nuclear plant desperately needs DU love!

Just heard a good one about marriage...

Host Hiatus...

Missing Plano, TX (Dallas suburb) woman

Where is the post about the toss up states for the House and Senate seats?

Sea Level Rise Accelerating in U.S. Atlantic Coast

Fox News Reporter Hired as Vatican Media Adviser

"Dead Man" runs for India's Presidency.

Everybody The Beatles on their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964

Listening to the scanner and right now a call going on

How did Tracey Morgan get where he is?

Simon Johnson: U.S. Banks Aren’t Nearly Ready for Coming European Crisis

Welsh Baseball?

If two (or more) M&Ms had sex...

Colorado Springs Wildfire Grows To More Than 2,000 Acres (PHOTOS)

Free Speculative Fiction Online

Damn, you know I would gave gotten sick on the weekend.

Bank For International Settlements Report: Big Banks Take Risks Expecting Taxpayers To Cover Losses

Two boys suspected of vandalizing Iowa cemetery

Debbie Downer

L.A. Times: 'California GOP sinking into third-party status'

Issa: TRANSCRIPT of his Holder anti-gun conspiracy theory, from ABC's 'This Wk with Steph' Sunday June 24th

Shirley MacLaine: yeas & nays. She's a great Dem. Yet I've felt a coldness.

Take this seriously

The Endgame: Assange running low on support - and options

Manitou Residents Can Return.

South Carolina Government growth bucks national trend

paul ryan is apparently being seriously vetted as vp.

Amy Winehouse.

Opening scene of HBO's "Newsroom" kicked ass!

Missouri slips from political bellwether status this fall

Accelerated Christian Education's top 5 lies about Evolution

The Obamas Recall Their First Date

This may look like a row of skeletons to you...

Bringing down the cost of (microbial) fuel cells

Hey, on my way home this afternoon 105 or 107, I found a little black doggie running down the hot

So there's this comic on CMT right now, and . . .

Significant sea-level rise in a 2-degree warming world

Need help converting from MPEG 4 to MPG 3

South American summit bars new Paraguay leader after ‘parliamentary coup’

South American summit bars new Paraguay leader after ‘parliamentary coup’

Why is Lonesome George considered the last of his kind when there are 20,000 more like him?

Ok, who put legs on the fuzzball?

5 Signs the United States Is Undergoing a Coup - James Fallows

Calif. teacher, 4 students arrested in hazing case

British MP George Galloway: Syrian Rebels Are Servants of the Crusaders

You're nobody... ... ... 'til somebunnies love you.

Be careful when it comes to prolonged exposure to the summer sun.

IS there a band worse than Nickelback? Oh, yes... yes, there is.

As we here in Arizona (and Gollum/Smiguel) all know... one does not simply walk into Mexico.

MiddleFingerMom has finally been inspired to have a child of his very own.

Anyone who has EVER seen MFM naked remembers it. Oh yes... they do INDEED remember it!!!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 26: Gregory Peck Goes to War

I accomplished my every planned objective for this weekend; which makes me realize:

Lipstick Liberal speaks out about a chronic illness Within the GOP

Empire State Building goes rainbow for Gay Pride Day - pic

Jail is pretty fucking humiliating and crazy, huh Jerry?

Gay rights group forming in Danville

Bill Maher Slams GOP: 'You Act Exactly Like 14-Year-Old Boys'

The "Simplicity" Of Romney's Economic Plan Revealed

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 27: The Immigrant Experience

Gov. Jerry Brown drops four-day workweek plan for state workers

- Reagan’s gone. You’re old. Get over it. -

i just stood out in the MUTHAFUCKIN RAIN!

Whoopsies - Faux News shows Mitch Daniels face on a Jerry Sandusky piece

Aaron Sorkin's delicious dialogue back on TV.

UK soldiers beat innocent Iraqi men in black ops jails but their torture will be hidden forever

MFM does not avoid women, he does deny them his essence......

From Golden Corral, first the Chocolate Fountain

Another idiotic school policy that hurts children.

When it comes to energy and the environment

So I saw "Rock of Ages" today - my review *** spoilers ***

The Difference Between Obama's First Term And Bush's First Term In One Devastating Chart