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Bridge to Nowhere

I would like to see what the jury said when it hid Time For Change's essay.

Alec Baldwin & David Letterman just took their pants off on camera.

Kitteh wants a hug...

Ah the joys of the anti tax folks

I am without a doubt, unequivocably, unapologetically, and enthusiastically voting for Obama in Nov!

Time to tussle...

Joseph E. Stiglitz | The Price of Inequality

Something about programs such as Fast and Furious

Russian gymnasts - how can humans do this?

My new trees: The Final Chapter

Apparently, LeRoy Neiman has died.

Baker: The Story of the Housing Crash Recession That Politicians Don’t Want to Tell

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday June 21st

Rachel Maddow - Gun rights fanatics invent violence conspiracy, ignore actual gun violence

Only the liberals can fix America.

Witch hunt: Alan Grayson says attacks on Holder are GOP posturing

I have a fruit buzz right now.

Joe the Plumber: Bible More Accurate Than Science Books Because It’s Never Been Revised

The List!!! Obama 2012

House Republicans Set Holder Contempt Vote for Next Week

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, June 20)

Hockey Players react to LeInjury

Senate Rejects Clean Air Rollback; But House Continues Assault on Environment

This May Be The RON PAUL GAMBIT We've Been Waiting For.

Rachel did the best job of explaining Fast and Furious tonight

Einstein's Theory

Need Help With A Song...

Bumper sticker we saw

Pennybacker bridge at dusk

Perhaps the greatest fantasy short story ever!

What are some small, vibrant US towns?

Wisconsin's faith-based voting machines attract more notice

TX Democratic Party calls for legalizing Marijuana

What the heck is going on? Is DU broken?

Question on the chance of serving on a jury

Poll: Most Florida voters support purge, but not Scott

Iowa GOP Targets Abortions For Low-Income Rape, Incest Victims

Democratic Women Governors May Disappear After 2012 Elections

Anyone read the book "American Psycho"

CO2 sequestration...

Rielle Hunter

Clash between farmers and indigenous group injures 14 (US. ally, Colombia)

Clash between farmers and indigenous group injures 14 .

William Lynch Allegedly Beat Priest He Claims Raped, Molested Him In 1975 ~ Huffpo

Big bird in foggy weather

'Joe the Plumber' under fire after tying the Holocaust to gun control

PETITION - end fossil fuel subsidies at the Rio Earth Summit,

The Republican Party wants to cannibalize our babies...

Julian Assange: Ecuador set to make decision on asylum application

Air Force base commander removed amid sex scandal

Queen gets bumper pay rise

Perrys prepare to move back into renovated mansion

Assad may be offered clemency by Britain and US if he joins peace talks

Abortions Have Made Life Better for Millions Of Men: It's About Time to Speak Up in Support


Good Morning DU! Some Steve Goodman for you.

Protest Greets Neighborhood Market Debut in Colo.

Colbert weighs in on gun control. Very funny.

Lakoff: Why Conservatives Sell Their Wildly Destructive Ideology Better Than Democrats

Thursday morning 'toon by Plante

Sanford police chief fired in wake of Trayvon Martin case (FINALLY!)

Big Brother is watching Facebook and Twitter

U.S. Seeks to Reject ACLU’s Request for Information on Drone Strikes

Gun Dealer Linked to 3 Mass Murders Closes Up Shop

Uh-oh. The NY Times calls out 'Fox & Friends' as a Republican Show on its home page.

Today's Non Sequitur

Democratic Women Governors May Disappear After 2012 Elections

Allergic to Meat: Lone Star Tick May Make Vegetarians of Some

Rachel with Chris Hayes Wednesday night

So. Baptist Con - Two steps forward... trip, fall flat on stoopid face.

U.S. women in 20s less likely to get pregnant or have abortion

Evgeny Morozov ('The Net Delusion') curbs Web enthusiasm

Romney asked Scott (FL) to downplay job gains

Murder of environmentalists appears on the rise

Wow..just as we predicted, they are running with "The Private Sector is doing Fine" comment in NC;

Luckovich Toon- Mitt's Hispanic Outreach

All right you people. I can't carry the whole DU folding@home team load by myself

Tom Toles: The sound of one billfold clapping

WOW! A Starbucks Product Placement Joe© infomercial for Michael Steele & Lanny Davis consulting firm

Obama up by 4% in FL (Quinnipiac)

By the Numbers: The Growing For-Profit Detention Industry

Political Wire: Most Don't Want Health Care Law Repealed

Lukovich Today

What your uncle who watches FOX News all day is all worked up about (Fast and Furious)

Michigan Rep. Wayne Schmidt (R) On SILENCING Female Colleague: "IT'S LIKE GIVING A KID A TIMEOUT"

Unplugging the Patriarchy...Lucia Rene

Robert Scheer: Health Care: Give the People What They Want

Does Romney believe the Constitution is a divinely inspired document?

3 Companies, 1 PO Box, and a $1 Million Super-PAC Gift

Jay Smooth Calls On Men To Challenge Anti-Feminist Internet Trolls

Joe Conason: How Soon Republicans Forget Ken Starr

Happy, happy, HAPPY baby!!!

Hamburger Helpers:


Sometimes, we make bad choices. Sometimes, we make VERY bad choices. Bad. BAD.

MiddleFingerMom DO love his napses.


55 today - can I yell at clouds now?

Poll: Americans Want Health-Law Revisions Rather Than Repeal

Last ever UK death sentence conviction quashed

Romney Campaign Said to Ask Rick Scott to Downplay Job Gains

Florida man flies, rescues, his 1,000th animal

Museum of Biblical Art raises its profile amid array of challenges

huff and puffs legacy

Boeing CEO whines about Too Much Regulation, says companies "guilty until proven innocent"

Dont think I've ever read an AP story that wasn't filled with

Why Our Brains Are Prone to Addiction -- A Neuroscientist Explains

Syrian fighter pilot defects to Jordan

South Africa couple freed from Somali pirates

RW memes and trends on DU

View from the cabin

Celebrities, activists risk losing Assange bail money

Egypt officers get life sentences in torture case

Romney Campaign Said to Ask Scott to Downplay Job Gains

Court issues arrest warrant for Pakistani prime minister nominee

U.S. jobless claims barely changed in latest week

Sexual Healing: Evangelicals Update Their Message to Gays

Nevada inmate shackled before giving birth sues

Catholic Group Targeting Obama

Life During Rahm Time: Is Emanuel’s Chicago the future of Democratic urban politics?

Sweden on alert, explosives found near nuke plant

Boat carrying 200 capsizes between Indonesia and Australia

Julian Assange's drama: in the third act, we still don't know what the story is

OKAY really dumb question by old person!

Why do we buy into this one-man psychodrama? (Joan Smith | The Independent | 20 June 2012)

American Health Care Kills More People

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (06/21/2012)

Rolling Stone: What Part of 'Austerity Isn't Working' Don't People Get?

NRA blackmailed Republican lawmakers into voting to hold Eric Holder in contempt...(updated)

Cloris Leachman Comes Out (As Atheist)

Just wondering how people are feeling these days about life

Unbelievable stupidity - Bush and Romney

Quinnipiac Poll Florida: Obama leading Romney

Romney’s Super Fan Loses His Truck in a Fire

Bwahahahahaha. KKKarl calls Rep. Pelosi "the mad red queen" and "dead wrong" about frog marching

Romney Campaign Begs Florida Governor To Downplay State's Job Growth

Is anyone else worried that birth control will soon become illegal again

Cool blog: Cooking for Assholes

GMO foods don't need special label, American Medical Assn. says

Iraq's parliament demands to question PM

Porn is and porn will be

everyone is missing the big picture on the Holder thing

Killings of environmentalists appear to be on rise

Libya dashes hopes of early release for Australian ICC official

UN report on Rwanda fuelling Congo conflict 'blocked by US'

Nuns On The Overpass: Question Austerity

A Night Inside South Florida’s Gang Wars

A suggestion on hidden posts...

NRA blackmailed Republican lawmakers into voting to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress

Look at This: Side-by-Side Comparison of Humanity’s Notable Spaceships

for perspective....The Bush administration invoked executive privilege on six occasions.

Worsening wealth inequality by race

George Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin threatened my life

Rove: Pelosi 'sounds like Mad Red Queen' with arrest threat

Help please. How do I make my sig line blue? :(

Right Wing Billionaires Push Israel Agenda in Democratic Party

Never say Vagina in a crowded chamber

Thousands in New York March Silently Against Racial Profiling

John Boehner Is Deliberately Killing 3 Million Construction Jobs

New national poll: Obama up by 3

WTF???? Oracle CEO to Buy Most of Hawaiian Island Lanai

Drones... the future of journalism?!?!

Massive moon crater might contain ice

Assange has betrayed Wikileaks and its principles

A 150-Year Experiment: Colleges That Serve Everyone

David Mas Masumoto named to National Council on the Arts

*** Gets out her staple gun and hangs a warning sign by the DU Toxic Waste Dump ***

Why Assange's bid for Ecuador asylum may dismay supporters

'We Might Need To Fine-Tune Our Message'

Why rapists in military get away with it--by U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA)

Julian Assange will be arrested regardless of Ecuador asylum decision

Assange's appeal to Ecuador is no surprise

Yet another poll shows a very tight race for Michigan

DNC: Romney’s Alleged ‘Gag Order’ For Rick Scott Shows He’s ‘Rooting For Failure’ (updated)

Reason as a Part of Organized Religion

Woke up this morning to the sounds of people walking around downstairs.

Busted: Mitt Romney’s Campaign Caught Collaborating With Karl Rove's American Crossroad

The ACTUAL big picture behind the "Holder Thing"

Drone Strikes Threaten 50 Years of International Law, Says UN Rapporteur (Possible War Crimes)

Assange's asylum bid blasted by lawyer of sex accusers

Zimmerman recounts shooting Martin: "He told me, 'Shut the fuck up.' I kept yelling for help."

It's time for Holder to wreak havoc on the voting rights act violations.

Leading Climate Denier Marc Morano interviewed at Heartland Denia-Palooza

King James Vs Joe the Plumber

What hurt the Bus Monitor Ms. Klein the most...

The awesome potential of solar

Nate Silver's take on the Bloomberg Poll

More Than 26,000 Uninsured Americans Die Each Year ...(for lack of insurance)

Manufacturing in Philadelphia Region Shrinks at Faster Pace


Romney campaign had meeting at racy nightclub

Supreme Court overturns Second Court re: FCC v. Fox

A rough guide to refuge in Ecuador

George Zimmerman Interrogation (full 72 minutes)

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Rmoney

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Immigration

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- DOJ, Banksters and V...

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

I Was Wondering If People Here On DU Think That The Majority Of Americans Know That......

Lutherans Vote to Oppose Marriage Amendment (Minnesota)

Dem lawmaker: 'I think the people have gotten dumber'

UPDATE! Middle schoolers bully bus monitor, 68, with stream of profanity, jeers

So yeah... hi everybody

Sandusky, Ohio: a pinch of pain, a pound of pride as city fights off an adverse double meaning

Supreme Court health care and immigration decisions deferred until next week.

Great Recession Doubled Wealth Gap Between Whites And African-Americans

2008: Darrell Issa Voted "YES" to Fund Project Gunrunner & Merida Initiative

Amid ATF Fast And Furious Scandal, House Democrats Point To Weak Gun Laws

The Actual Inspiration for Jeremy Scott’s Not-’Racist’ Adidas Sneakers?

Number Of Days In Los Angeles Above 95 Degrees Could Triple By Mid-Century

Furious Greeks lampoon German 'overlords' as Nazis with picture of Merkel dressed as an SS guard

Romney 2012 - "The Sound Of One Billfold Clapping. -

EU court: Workers sick on leave can get extra time off

Country Entertainers Who Publicly Support LGBT Equality

Bruce Gagnon interviewed by David Swanson on the Talk Nation Radio show

Scott Walker: Swing-State Job Growth Is A Real Problem For Romney

"'Out of touch' like Hell!!!" Please come CAPTION Mitt (each man is an island) Romney!!!!

I love coming by to see you peeps every once in a while


Did you hear the one where the Chinese confused a rubber vagina for a mushroom?

The GOP's High-tech Lynching of Atty Gen. Eric Holder

Pic Of The Moment: Romney To GOP Governors: Stop Talking About Improving Job Numbers

Toronto man raises over $175,000 for bullied elderly bus monitor

Syrian pilot defects after landing in Jordan


Oracle boss buys Hawaiian island

Our Athletes Are Not Meant to Fit Our Ideologies

This is why Sandusky may not have taken the stand:

Commerce secretary has resigned after seizure. Source: CSPAN nt

Why do so many still 100% believe in "water witching"

What would the world look like with no religion or no belief in any gods?

U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson Resigns After Medical Leave

Assange's asylum bid and Washington's WikiLeaks response: matching hysteria

Rudimentary Liver Grown in the Lab

"Yes It Can...Get Worse"

Ecuador president vows to take time on Assange decision

Everybody do the Cantina Band Shuffle!

MSNBC: "Only TWO 'eyewitnesses' to the shooting...George Zimmerman, and Trayvon Martin, who is dead"

Polywell update from May - sounds like things are going really well!

Lawyers for NATO Protesters Charged with Terrorism Obtain Copy of Indictments

Wait! Whut?! Judge's instructions to Sandusky jury (unbelieveable)


Contempt, indeed

Get On The Bus

Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Fall to 4.55 Million Rate in Uneven Recovery

Did Johnny Carson talk to the audience or straight into the camera?

Who are these Mercedes driving food stamp recipients people keep seeing?

Occupy - West Side Story Style

WOW! Dreamy Hunky GOP Rockstar MARCO RUBIO on Ms. Greenspan's show. WILL SHE GRILL HIM?

Index of U.S. Leading Economic Indicators Rises 0.3%

Romney Campaign Said to Ask Scott to Downplay Job Gains

"You need to lay off my Pastor".

Jury Gets One Right, Ladies And Gentlemen

Zoo animals among those escaping Duluth flooding (Record-breaking flooding)

Man With 100-Pound Scrotum, Turns Down Free Surgery Offer

Egypt Delays Poll Results, Mubarak Still In Coma

Today is my 4th (legal) anniversary.

Introduction to Porn Part 10: The Rutting Dogs of Capitalism

Court’s decision on healthcare law could put progressives back at ‘square one’

Palestinian village faces demolition by Israel

Job opportunity in Denver for those with waitering skills....

U.S. Military Sacks Instructor Over Anti-Islamic Class

Really??? Medical people sometimes make me want to slap them

Robert Scheer: Health Care: Give the People What They Want

High court throws out FCC fines vs. broadcasters

Bali bomb-maker Umar Patek jailed for 20 years

Nearly 114K Michigan families to get health insurance rebate

Nate Silver;

Remember this? It's Jan 2011 & the House read the Constitution out loud. Why did they do this???

Romney Campaign Billed Meeting Expense At Nightclub - with champagne bar in the bathroom.

For LeRoy Neiman fans

Sexual Healing: Evangelicals Update Their Message to Gays

New short film "THE KOCH BROTHERS: Godfathers of Greed"

Breaking Now-Romney STILL A Coward: "President Obama has failed to address immigration reform"

Yet another Taser death... How many more will die? (supposedly non-lethal)

‘Something Wonderful Out of Almost Nothing’

Twitter down : Total worldwide blackout

STIGLITZ: The World's 99% Knows Capitalism Is Failing and Believes That Change Is Possible

Rmoney just said that Obama's economy policy is a moral failure

rude Dressage

Russia Slams Britain Over Syria-Bound Ship

Meet the Former Militiaman Behind the Fast and Furious Scandal

So, Romney Viciously Bullied His Sons, Too

Gay activists plan protest during Pride Parade

'Giant wombat' grave found in Queensland, Australia (BBC)

Bottom line: laziness, greed, and unreasonable expectations.

Enter the Senate Republicans, who said to the victims, "F*ck your pain."

Bingo! We Have a Winner! - Pelosi: Contempt Vote PAYBACK For Holder’s Voter Protection Efforts

Gigapixel camera offers super sharp shots (BBC)

Museum of Biblical Art raises profile amid challenges

LynneSin is an avid "herb" gardener.

Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen Have a ‘Good Time’

Zimmerman update - video - Appears to be the next day. He is at the scene telling his story

Paraguay's President Fernando Lugo faces impeachment

geardaddy will never again be late for work......

Meeting Larry Flint next month!!

If you are a Law & Order: SVU fan, you need to see this

Video of bus monitor Karen Klein being bullied goes viral, raises thousands of dollars

OAP told: Take down atheist poster or you'll be arrested

Supreme Court says union must give notice to nonmembers before collecting dues increase

Bullied Bus Monitor -- one of the earlier videos surfaces

Supreme Court Extends More Lenient Penalties in Crack Cocaine Case.

7 Days And Counting: Romney Refuses To Say If He’d Undo Obama’s Immigration Directive

Monsanto is now hiring.

How is it that ReTHUGs are allowed to make pledges to Grover Norquist;

A nice list of Southern California hikes

OK, this global warming is out of control

MI Lawmaker: Silencing Brown like "giving a kid a timeout"

U.S. weighs plan to send military aircraft to aid Yemen

Genius Thai Anti-Smoking PSA

The Rude Pundit - Your Daily Example of Republican Fuckery

Alice Walker rejects Hebrew edition of ‘The Color Purple’

Emanuel's marijuana ticketing plan revised to exclude violators under 17

GOP Plan Your Police Force Complements Of Blackwater or Xe

Hell hath no fury like a pissed-off nun

WH statement on student interest rates: CPAN-3 at 140pm Eastern Thursday

Shared households increase 11.4% in U.S.: Census

The Endangered Languages Project: Supporting language preservation through technology & collaboratio

Sharing a Wishadoo post. Gentleman looking for lodging...

The Romney's Appalling Record of Animal Abuse

From ActBlue:

Wells Fargo looking to move some jobs to India, Philippines

Robin Sax "blows it" on Fox! Claims Sandusky "shot his wad."

Warning: Mchigan pollster is a Republican front

Ladies Get Their Froo-Froos In A Twist

Obama Campaign: Romney Will Veto The DREAM Act, Full Stop

Hilariously righteous rant on feminine products (warning: They Say

I have a major dilemma in my marriage...and I don't know what to do.

Manufacturing, Jobs Reports Add Up to More Bad News

Assange not worried about bail

Charlie Hales announces he'll limit campaign contributions in Portland mayoral race

An Elite Like Any Other? Meritocracy in America

VP Biden and President Obama in 1 is 2 Many PSA (violence against women is unacceptable!)

1:00- Sandusky case in the hands of the jury.

LeRoy Neiman dead at 91. Post a pic of a Neiman pic.

Euro Crisis Reaches German Industry

TURD Blossom Karl Rove MOCKS Leader Pelosi's JAIL Fantasies

Asilo de Assange 'es cosa de Ecuador, Suecia y Reino Unido' dice gobierno de EE.UU.

Haven't seen any Romney bumperstickers...

C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition

All That "Tinkle (Trickle) Down Economics" Has Produced Is Billionaires And Millionaires.

MoveOn Endorses President Obama

I will not be voting for Obama in November. There I said it.

Are artichoke plants thorny enough for the horses to leave them alone?

Margaret and Helen- Vagina is a 6 Letter Word

The More Presidents Change...

My nomination for Worst of Rubio. CPAC 2010 Speech

Violence against migrants in Greece intensifies

Twilight of the idols - Rise of Golden Dawn an outgrowth of Greece's crumbling establishment

Rachel Maddow - Goofy gun conspiracy surfaces in Congressional action

Squeeze Greece or find funds yourselves, euro chief warns

Need info concerning "Dotnetnuke" use w/ home computers

Margaret & Helen: Vagina is a 6 Letter Word

Anyone here "attracted to" inanimate objects???

Thursday is flaming past. CAPTION Mitt (I never knew an immigrant I knew how to think about) Romney!

Video: George Zimmerman's Reenactment of Trayvon Martin Shooting

Wow! A Bev Harris thread--- and guess what---click the provided link and it goes to a donate page.

Davey Johnson and Joe Maddon on pinetargate

Richard Branson Wages War on CO2 Amid Government Sluggishness

One of my posts hidden

Did Issa's committee ever even discuss the expiration of the Assault Weapons Ban

One Shade of Grey... A Feminist Fantasy. edited another in.

Romney's idea of poverty is... (play along)

Bankster muse Alan Greenspan sticks up for Bankster Jamie Dimon

Anyone watching the new "Dallas"?

Can it properly be illegal to DEPICT something you are allowed to DO?

Gym Bans Skinny People

Latest U.S.-Swiss Deal Makes Clear: No Hiding Cash In Big Swiss Banks

Hope Dies at Guantánamo

Is "Anybody But Obama" going to be enough for Romney to win in November?

Karl Rove Blasts Nancy Pelosi For Saying She Could Have Arrested Rove 'Any Given Day'

LGBTQ speculative fiction - an interesting column on Alice Sheldon

An Overheard Conversation at the MSP Airport ...

Zimmerman: "It felt like my head was going to explode"

Thom Hartmann: The Outrageous Conspiracy Theory about Guns Behind Fast & Furious

Senate approves sweeping five-year farm bill

that bus monitor lady who was so visciously bullied - donations over $200K, support

anyone with experience with abilify?

Old Newgate Prison

I'm back at work - so I should be posting more

Thom Hartmann: Republicans Stick the Knife in the Backs of American Workers Again

‘Operation Wide Receiver’: The Bush Administration Had Its Very Own ATF ‘Gun Walking’ Scandal

The continuing Castro conspiracy ... it's EVERYWHERE in Miami

rMoney asked Florida Gov to downplay job gains

Celebrate Gay Pride Month with a Parade of Sundance-supported LGBT films

New Kind of Birtherism: Obama's mom was born male

NFL refs file (labor practice) charge with NLRB

Peter's Pence? Nonsense!

Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

Fast & Furious proves it's treason to sell weapons to bad guys, unless...

May I have your attention please?! The Lounge Deli has a limited supply of today's takeout special!

Some Shots from Paris

Anyone here "attracted to" animated objects???

LOL he he (oops this is a response to Mika's radio program audio)

George Zimmerman's Reenactment of Trayvon Martin Shooting

The Scam Wall Street learned from the mob.

Kneejerk reactions against Yougov

One thing said to that poor bus monitor that was worse than thought:

Papantonio: Darrel Issa’s Contempt for Democracy

Filed happily under 'ABOUT FUCKING TIME'

GAME OVER! Fukushima's parting gift isn't Turtle Wax: Absurdity Today with Julianna Forlano

Henri 3, Le Vet

What does a bus monitor do? I rode buses as a child, but we never had anyone but the driver.

Mary Hartman! Mary Hartman!

What I think will happen with the SCOTUS Health Care ruling.

Norway prosecutors want mental institution for Breivik

White House to air Obama/Lin TV spots to help women

When will the Democratic Party and its supporters realize that ReTHUGs view then

Seven Kittens! Time suck!

America going to war against soda?

FRIDAY: Two great book events at the AFL-CIO

Economy Fears Slam Stocks

Is somebody’s house falls into a sinkhole, does their insurance pay anything on it,

Heads Up! Dangerous Drones Above

Scott Brown’s private meetings with kings and queens

Teddy Roosevelt was right.

White House Stands By Holder On Fast And Furious

Bernanke begs Congress to accept Keynesian Economics

She’s 350 Pounds and Olympics-Bound

Thom Hartmann: MItt Romney Wants a 12.5% Tax Break that you Pay For

So my ex secret boyfriend is doing a competitive cooking show

Assange Will Likely Lose Asylum Bid, Go to Jail, Lawyers Say

From OFA, Introducing Dashboard

I hate these fascist Republicans but this is what....

Rep. Jared Polis Questions DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart On Marijuana Policy

Bolivian police attack and take over a police station (Spanish)

A message from Martin Sheen re: Sherrod Brown

Shakira at 13

3 Products With “Smart” In Their Names That May Make You Feel Less Smart Than Your Smart Phone

Why rapists in military get away with it--by U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA)

Vilified Assange may not get fair hearing, says friend

Obama's policies serve the long-term interests of the 1%.

Well, probably the best way to die....

Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo Leads To Positive Marijuana Tests In Newborns

Gloat Free Football Scores (Thursday, June 21)

Republican kids

Rockefeller: Speech not a sign I'll retire

Issa voted for the 2008 program he's tormenting Holder for.

'Bristol Palin: Life's A Tripp' Ratings: Lifetime Reality Series Bombs

Mobile app for 25th anniversary of the AIDS Memorial Quilt

Will Rogers on Trickle Down Economics

It's official: Budget deal announced by Gov. Jerry Brown, lawmakers (LA Times)

Sandusky's adopted son, Matt, says he is a victim and would have testified, lawyer says

Say you wanna get into politics....

Australia Betrays Its Own Citizen Journalist

Bolivia mine nationalised

Do yourself a favor, if you don't do this otherwise,

Bolivia mine nationalised

this is post 1000

Earthquake..15 seconds ago...Santa Cruz County..will give update in a second

So this is what we are up against re: Republicans -

Report? what report? Media DEAF to Experts Who Blame GOP For Political Gridlock

Mobile app for 25th anniversary of the AIDS Memorial Quilt

Mourdock Accidentally Releases Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Reaction To ‘Obamacare’ (VIDEO)

U.S. Stocks Tumble as Commodities Enter Bear Market

Latest Republican poll shows a refusal to acknowledge facts...

Army appeals court denies petition seeking public access to WikiLeaks court-martial file

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. But I repeat myself.” ~Harry Truman..

Air France Plans to Cut 10 Percent of Its Work Force

Prep the weekend. Please come CAPTION Joe (never a sane moment) the Plumber!!!

I Just Heard A Repug Talking Head On Cable News Say Small Business Has Suffered Under Obamacare.....

Remote Siberian Lake Holds Clues to Arctic—and Antarctic—Climate Change—(Fates…appear to be linked)

EXCLUSIVE video released by Zimmerman family captures "You GOT me" moment...he wasn't lying!

AP IMPACT: AP trip finds Syria rebels without leader, disorganized

Fill in the blanks: Old ______ never die, they just ______ .

Sandusky accused by adopted son

Let me get this right,

American Austerity: Why the States Cutting Spending Are Doing Worse

Grayson fundraising letter: Contribute, or Romney's Dog Will Suffer

Moody’s could downgrade the debt ratings of as many as 15 global investment banks after the closing

Religious People Celebrate LGBT Pride

Joe the "Plumber": Bible truer than Science because it has never been revised. (I KID YOU NOT.)

Impostor crashes Braves alumni celebration…a second time.

Drones 'threaten international law'

Top predators key to extinctions as planet warms

IDair's new fingerprint reader captures prints from 6 meters away (

Focusing on Water for Central Everglades Essential to Reversing Whole Ecosystem's Continuing Decline

Anthony Weiner to Faux .... ?

Atheists, Muslims See Most Bias as Presidential Candidates

Mugshot of the day!

Will Mainstream Media Call Out The Big Lie In Mitt Romney’s Immigration Speech?

Unfair Campaign PSA

Credit rating agency Moody's downgrades 15 major global banks, including Bank of America and JPMorga

Bird flu 'could mutate to cause deadly human pandemic'

How Can Religious Cultures Become Less Fundamentalist?

CWS; Arizona bats around in the first inning.

World Markets fall on US gloom and global slowdown

Trouble on the Horizon for GM Crops?

Rockets land in Israel after cease-fire announced

Problems with the "Voters/the people are stupid" line of reasoning

Mubarak Dead-ish and Michigan Vaginas

41 Incredibly Powerful Hugs Get the tissues ready…

Mercury rising: Greater L.A. to heat up an average 4 to 5 degrees (F) by mid-century

Now I know why none of Sandusky's children came forward

My Kitty keeps trying to type and post to DU

Why rapists in military get away with it--by U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA)

Attorney General says contempt citation unwarranted

Elephant seals help uncover slower-than-expected Antarctic melting

15 Major Investment Banks See Ratings Cut by Moody's - CNBC

Supreme Court Imposes New Political Dues Requirement on Unions

Savage: Pro-Romney gays are ‘house f*****s’

Take Five (Summer of Shove edition)

Alice Walker’s bigotry

Joe the Plumber and Bristol Palen gone for good. Both within 48 hours of each other..

Hell yea! I can fend for myself when my wife is away.....

The ruling against SEIU today probably means that the court will rule against Obamacare.

Angie's List Advertises on Rush Limbaugh

4 to 1 edge in spending by ANTI-groups -----Distaste for Health Care Law Reflects Spending on Ads -

what makes mosquitoes like certain people?

David Clark: It is inexcusable that mental health treatments are still underfunded

Quinn signs bill requiring retirees to pay part of health insurance

Indiana Republican Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock Has All The Bases Covered

Money Wins Elections

Rev Al is asking the same question I asked during that Rmoney etch a sketch speech today

House panel warns FDA off regulating ‘premium cigars’

Do American's even know what is in the ACA?

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your pastel colored chalk -- this is war

An awesome film: Bian Lian / The King of Masks

Baby pool, check. Cold beer, check. Redneck Holiday in 3, 2, 1

Mitt what happened to self-deportation?

Someone need to tell Axelrod to turn on Rev. Al

Rio Fail: Youth Lead Walkout of UN Summit

The Gun Group Cordially Invites You To It's Annual Bar-B-Q........

Democratic Congressman Schools DEA Agent Over Marijuana During Congressional Hearing -video link

So if the RW meme is Angry Kenyan Marxist Socialist

Is there a MOLE in the GOP?

Channel 10: Syrian diplomat passing intelligence to Israel

Brown campaign calls royal meetings a misstatement

"inappropriate language for children"

If Super-Pacs existed in Westeros. (MotherJones)

Lavrov Says Russia Will Not Admit Replay Of Libyan Scenario For Syria

West Bank Mosque Torched, Pro-Settlement Graffiti Sprayed On Wall

I predict a dramatic helicopter rescue for Assange.

Members Who Supported Massive Giveaway To Big Oil Have Received $38.6 Million From The Industry

You know, issues like immigration are just there so the GOP can use them to win elections

Great new Matt Taibbi article

Due To The Affordable Care Act, Insurance Companies Must Reimburse $1.1 Billion

Kerry wins some love from the Boston Globe (shoking, I know)

Can I call this woman a "bleached blonde bimbo?"

Henri, the existential cat, has a new video

"Romney's Cold War Strategy To Defeat Obama" (BuzzFeed)

Leading Syrians prepare to defect

An excellent image

North Carolina Invalidates Landmark Racial Justice Act

Lounge, I have a problem. I don't know what to do about it.

Colbert Nation Fast and Furious

The best advice I've seen in ages

Martin Bashir - Romney, Super PAC all-stars retreating to hot tub cash machine

"Big Energy's New Bugaboo" By David Sirota at Salon

Did you know there are vanilla Oreo?


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 22 June 2012

"Obama Versus Romney" By Mark Halperin at Time (election breakdown by factor)

Mitt Romney Declares Himself A Self-Employed Author In Campaign Filing Report

"In this lunatic worldview, bid­ rigging was a system that created fair returns for everyone"

Romney to Latinos: Pay No Attention to That Man From the GOP Primary

"what taxpayers didn't know couldn't hurt them"

Martin Bashir - How far will Holder contempt charge go?

$5 gas - where'd it go?

Too hot for you? Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park open

I didn't get here until 2005, but I can't remember a time with so many trolls

Jeffs bans sex for all in sect but 15 men & the women they choose (out of 10,000)

We won!

Obamacare results in insurance rebates to 1.25 million Floridians

The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia

Bullying of a senior citizen

Martin Bashir - GOP 'fast and furious' on Holder contempt charge, not student loan debate

The GOP's argument against The White House's invoking of Executive Privilege...

Matt Sandusky says he was abused by father, Jerry Sandusky

'Brave' targets audiences' ears in Dolby Atmos (NEW 3D sound)

Taliban Attack Hotel in Kabul

Alan Grayson coming up on Ed Shultz to discuss

Wealth Gap

Former Black Panther Charles Barron endorsed by David Duke

How about this as a solution to the Issa Holder problem?

Fox News Vice President says that "Fox and Friends" is NOT NEWS - it is "entertainment"

Where can I get...

NY Governor Cuomo: I Won’t ''Tolerate A Party That Caters'' To The ''Extreme'' Far-Right

Why In THE HELL Did President Obama Keep This Bush FOOL/TOOL Onboard ???

Assange admits there is no US indictment

"Middle class could face higher taxes under Republican plan, analysis finds" (WP)

According to Nancy Pelosi, Republicans gunning for person charged with enforcing the voter's rights

is there a link to the health care topic that Lawerence talked about last night

Seven: The Deadly Sins of Romney Super Pac Supporters

Mitt and his Hispanic ties

Rocky Super-Earth and Gas Giant Are Latest Superstar Couple

"Once" - HIGHLY recommended!

Assange to Ecuador: three questions nobody (on the left) is asking (Weinberg @ WW4Report)

No money for sterilization victims in North Carolina budget

In first, U.S. adds Boko Haram members to "terrorist" list

When watchdog journalism attacks (downward spiral of Milw. Urinal/sentinal)

Data Never Sleeps (cool infographic)

Look Familiar?

Advanced Search Post Type Default

DOJ files bias suit against towns home to polygamist sect

"Once I saw the legs, I started screaming, throwing up..."

a dream

Afghan Taliban gunmen attack popular Kabul lakeside hotel

Suspicious object at Missouri Walmart was part of geocaching game

Shocking Christian school textbooks

Drug Kingpin’s Son Arrested in Mexico

Co-chair of Bipartisan Policy Center to Congress: Israel needs bombs, refueling tankers for strike..

Today is my 33rd Birthday, and I made a 12 year old cry...

"My name is Zachary King Sr "

Come and get it!

Democrats pounce on Norquist visit to Capitol Hill

Is he serious?

President of Colombia's mining union dies in car crash .

MFM does not need a bigger boat.

The last bubble

Neat Nature Facts

Julia Dales. 10 yr old with a big voice. national anthem

Is 'Conservative Democrat' An OxyMoron ???

President Obama and Bo, in the Oval Office - pic

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! It’s No Fun Being An Illegal Alien

Science vs. The Humanities...

The Drone Meme (On DU and elsewhere)

Charlie Rangel Robo Call telling me not to support Obama

Camel Toe! Not for the easily offended!

The Dems have only themselves to blame for the proliferation of Republicanoid zombies

Hello! Found another home

Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement (2012-06-16)

Could very well be worst than NAFTA

Barber to hold weekend gathering at a Tucson Safeway

YOU LOSE: Understand Romney/Ryan’s Budget Plan Impact On Working Middle Class

CHICAGO: Mayor determined to preserve city gun law despite judge’s ruling

If the Obama Administration was going to use an incident to push for gun control, wouldn't it make

Assault at 25,500 feet:Mount Everest climber allegedly attacked by authorities for not having permit

Krugman's Harshest Post Yet

What do you think of the new web design?

Move to Amend Salt Lake City Exposing The Evils Of “Corporations Are People” Doctrine

"Romney Waffles On Immigration Again" By Alex Seitz-Wald at Salon

Barber to hold weekend gathering at a Tucson Safeway ***Rescheduled for 1pm ***

Fire Threat Up as Vintage Air Arsenal Shrinks

Air Conditioning: A Luxury the World Can’t Afford

Ok, I got an e-mail from "Vimeo."

This is why I fucking love the internet.

Gave up my bike, helmit, globes, lock, biking bag to someone who will use it. I can't bike anymore.

I've noticed something very heart related..


Thomas Edison's first invention

Catholics Protest Launch of the Bishops' "Fortnight for Freedom" Campaign

Rio Fail: Youth Lead Walkout of UN Summit

Fess up you who took me off ignore.

I finally found a good recipe for S'mores on the internet.

Obama's Top Campaign Lawyer, DEMANDS Retraction From KARL ROVE

MIT's new all-carbon solar cell harnesses infrared light

Why defend Holder? Is this guy worth the effort?

Did your parents, grandparents, etc have any weird expressions?

On The Thick-Skinnedness Of DU... (Not Whining Here)

***WaPo*** Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas

"Explosives found at Sweden nuclear plant; Nation raises security alert at all 10 reactors"

As churches get political, IRS stays quiet

Cream - White Room

Assange didn't ask for consul meeting - PM

The ED Show - Romney roots for America to fail?

Smarter lighting would save $110 billion, summit told

UK gov't report backs open-access science publishing.

Another Florida leftover - I wish in this heat wave I could jump in

The ED Show - Democrats fire back at Republicans for contempt vote

Abercrombie to close 180 US stores

"If attending church makes you a good person, standing in a garage makes you an automobile."

Ten Brands That Will Disappear In 2013 (per 24/7 Wall St)

I don't text, nothing wrong with it I just don't do it.

Couple Told Changing Their Last Names Not OK If They're Gay-Married

Lawsuit filed against federal government alleging illegal approval of wind project

Robert Weissman Speaks at CROSSROADS GPS RALLY

Search for missing in Christmas Island sinking

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 22 -- What's On Tonight: Summertime

I've got this friend, see...

Nance Greggs: Running on Empty…

Scott Mckenzie - San Francisco

Randi Rhodes: We've swapped places with China and India.

Note: The DUzies will not appear until Saturday sometime

Media Ignore Rep. Issa's Alleged Criminal Past. Media Matters posted this

Obama: Republicans ‘playing chicken’ on student loans

"4 reasons nobody wants to read about Mitt Romney" The Week

IMF unveils its blueprint to salvage the stricken euro

Eric Holder's wife's sister - Vivian Malone Jones

The Invisible War - Official Trailer

More cases in Florida of people eating the flesh of other people

Oh Hell... Pillimina Has Gone Viral... And Photoshopped... And Bollywood !!!

Supreme Court pushes health care ruling to next week

Politicians are pissing on our boots...

Simon and Garfunkel - The Sounds of Silence

Texans decry Keystone XL pipeline path

Hundreds of homeless Gulf War area vets in every big city and yet....

Strawberry Fields, back in the old days. Get off my garden!

"My name is Zachary King Sr "

Now I understand the joke - after 40 years LOL!

So I got a call to work this weekend....hold your applause

I alerted on some obvious spam and one juror voted to leave it alone.

Knock Knock

Scuba....where are you??

Help me I can't stop watching Dog the Bounty Hunter, it is on tv right now.

Pasadena CA Chalk Festival, June 16-17 2012...

Cops Tase Jesus Christ on I-5 in Oregon

Near Dragoon.

Big News: Miami Heat Win the NBA Title

Oklahoma City Blunder loses! Hey Bennett, bite me!

Matt Sandusky, Jerry Sandusky's Adopted Son, Says Through Lawyer His Father Sexually Abused Him

If you guys get the chance to go to

Silver Spotted Skipper

End of the affair