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Archives: June 12, 2012

US urges end to violence in Burma's Rakhine state

Tony Perkins slams LGBT Pride by proposing ‘Adultery Pride Month’

The beckmeister just signed $100 million, 5-year radio deal !!!!

Sink Kitties

Does anyone here have experience with Narcissistic ppl?

US families lost 40% of net worth from 2007-2010

Disastrous 'Boehner economy' avoidable with new public sector jobs

Remember this one???

Peace activist Kathy Kelly just back from Afghanistan will speak in MInneapolis 6/12-6/15

Peace activist Kathy Kelly just back from Afghanistan will speak in MInneapolis 6/12-6/15

Kali has asked MFM not to hang around the ranch anymore. He's scaring the bulls.

Joy Behar Previews New Current TV Show, Reveals Dream Guests

True Blood Fans ?

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday June 12th

some people should not be allowed to buy nice things

Since Nixon said "We're all Keynesians now," you might wanna see a quote from John Maynard Keynes...

How come www never gives you an automatic link by itself?

I Would Just Let Limbaugh Die

Romney Energy Plan Includes Drilling ‘Virtually Every Part’ Of U.S. No Protections For National Park

Ladybug (iPhone photo)

In the name of vengeful gods.

Dingo took Azaria Chamberlain, coroner finds

KKK group applies to adopt a stretch of Georgia highway

UAW steps up organizing effort at Nissan - Union raises issue of racial bias in pay rates

ROBERT F KENNEDY JR: The 2004 Presidential election was stolen via institutional fraud

Dingo Took Azaria Chamberlain, Coroner Finds

Commerce Secretary Bryson to Take Medical Leave.

Milwaukee TV reporter has trouble holding a kitten...

Stephen Colbert wants YOUR Congress person to get better known

Note to self: Don't try to teabag a cat

We're rich! Average American household net worth is $______

It's not LMAO, but L'Mao

Accidental toon porn

Mysterious Yellow/Green Haze Swallows Chinese City

Am I wearing orange colored glasses or did John Boehner just pretend to care about women?

noticing a worrisome trend...

Kansas has four seats in the US House

"Gun-toting advocates" make the headlines

Radio Free Europe....

A little something I made this afternoon

Florida aims to repeat the election of 2000 and sues to make it possible...

Chavez rallies thousands launching re-election bid

Chavez rallies thousands launching re-election bid

Mark Twain

Where are all these &%$#@!!! spammers coming from?

"Imagine there's no heaven..."

‘Dirty War’ Tactic of Disappearances Reappears in Mexico

Toons: Stomach-Turning Organisms, Build-A-Recovery, June Gloom and More. - 6/11/12

IMF calls on Japan to raise consumption tax

‘Dirty War’ Tactic of Disappearances Reappears in Mexico

Institute’s Gas Drilling Report Leads to Claims of Bias and Concern for a University’s Image

Panama: indigenous Wounaan finally get land title

Mari Carmen Aponte nomination to resurface in the Senate?

Victim 4’ testifies as Sandusky’s sex-abuse trial opens (abuse, love letters, contracts...)

Internet trolls targeted in new bill to tackle defamation online (UK)

New Wyoming supercomputer expected to boost atmospheric science

$257 billion invested in renewable energy in 2011 (some good and bad news inside)

What's up with all these Hidden Object games?

'Oldest galaxy' discovered using Hawaii telescope

Syrian forces killing and sexually abusing children, says UN

Board games that will make your friends hate you.

How's this for a poster?

A very nasty political environment.

MT ES&S failures cast further doubt on 100% unverifiable WI recall results

Mars calling

Obama leads Romney by 6% in Pennsylvania

the fire has slowed some but we are no where near the end of this

I love it! Creatures from MYTHOLOGY. (My money is on the Yeti being the only real one.)

Manila Police Block Protesters Near US Embassy

Houston Texan Connor Barwin on marriage equality, his gay brother and NFL culture

Politician John Sununu thinks there's are too many teachers but silent on number of political hacks

Japanese city balks at US aircraft deployment

Josh Dixon selected to National Team, will compete at U.S. Gymnastics Olympic Trials

Life has been great for high school volleyball player Galen Dodd after coming out

Catching the sun in East Tennessee...

UK Economy 'Moving In Wrong Direction' Say Nearly Three-Quarters Of British Voters

Ian McKellen signs nude print of diver Matthew Mitcham for fundraiser (Pic may be NSFW)

The 10 Richest -- and Poorest -- School Districts in America

Joseph Stiglitz: The Price of Inequality

24-Year-Old Gets 3 Life Terms in Prison for Witnessing a Drug Deal: The Ugly Truth of Mandatory Drug

The PC on a memory stick that doesn't leave a trace of your browsing history or documents

If Whining Joe is broadcasting from Chicago, he has to be up to no good. nt

Happy Anniversary, California Peggy! * * * * * * * * * *

Chad Ochocinco joins Dolphins

Wind turbines are such a blight on the landscape

My god, NPR sucks this morning.

Some good news !

Extended Forecast: Northern Hemisphere Could Be in for Extreme Winters

Carrie Underwood Speaks Out For Gay Marriage, Cites Christian Faith As Influencing Her Liberal Views

Hitchhiker writing a memoir called “The Kindness of America” shot in Montana

The Numbers

Number of instructors ousted at Lackland is 'extraordinary'

Cleaning up an old laptop

Woman set on fire was denied restraining order against ex-lover

Batgirl 1960s Equal Pay PSA

We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.

Jeb: Neither Reagan or George H. W. Bush Could Be Nominated by Republicans Today

It's Marine Week in Cleveland!

RFK: 2004 election stolen (reprint of 2006 article)

New Obama ad goes after Romney's economic record (Not SuperPac ad)

Family Net Worth Drops to Level of Early ’90s, Fed Says

Recession crushed middle-class wealth: Fed survey

If Charles Dickens lived in Pennsylvania

Carney Lectures Press On "Doing Fine" Comment: "Do Your Jobs And Report On Context"

Paul B. Farrell: Myth of Perpetual Growth is killing America

Out of Touch (cartoon)

Africa land deals lead to water giveaway

Alcatraz escape still surprises, 50 years on

Plant Giveaway

Don Siegelman is a political prisoner in one of the most backward countries in the world.

Anyone familiar with Pageplus, nationwide prepair cellular? I got an ad in the mail from them,

Politicians of the ‘centre ground’ have led us to the brink of catastrophe

Mr. Magic Pants - referring to Mittens Romney by a Cleveland DJ this AM.

Rivers Will Generate a Quarter of GDP by 2050

States with the fastest growing economies

"The Uppity Negress & the O.G.s"

Wisconsin Public Radio this morning...

TPM: Poll: 49 Percent Believe GOP Stalling Economic Recovery In Order To Beat Obama

Why Obama Caved in on National Security

I can't stand pricing such as 29.99, 199.99, these people think we're

I have always had a deep affection for those that understate their argument.

What killed our economy was moving to a leveraged

schmoozed with Republican political elite all the way up to former President George W. Bush

Out Of Control and Fact-Free, Rove Gang Snarls Over Bryson Accident

Add folding algorithms to curricula of applied math majors!

Betty and Bo - Betty and BO

Great bee story in the lounge

"Union-worker heroes" letter by Richard A. Kosinski in the "Chicago Tribune"

To Truly Fix Food System, the Farm Bill Should Restore Fair Markets

Church of England accused of scaremongering over gay marriage

Montana Op-Scan Failures Underscore Concerns About Wisconsin's 100% Unverified Recall Results

The Patriot Act...

New holey material soaks up CO2

so mitt the shit is blaming the credit downgrade on President Obama?

Saving all beings

With no offense intended or implied towards any DUer, I don't understand


work made me smile

Massachusetts town orders $20 fines for the minimum of cuss

DoJ to FL: "Please immediately cease this unlawful conduct."

Falkland Islands to hold referendum on sovereignty

Vatican, US nuns meet after Rome's crackdown

The First Lady is doing a book signing right next to my office today.

Assange applies to re-open extradition appeal: court

GOP Elec Supervisor Blasts Florida’s Lawsuit Against Feds-Won’t Restart Purge Regardless Of Outcome

Brazil's blueprint for reforestation

Romney’s Massachusetts plan to cut jobs for firefighters, teachers, and cops

Sen. Bernie Sanders - The Wall Street Casino

Max Keiser: Hot Potato Counterfeit Cash

BREAKING: Department Of Justice Sues Florida Over Voter Purge

Rupert Murdoch pressured me over Europe, says John Major

Jeb Bush Excommunicated From Republican Party

what does it mean that potatoes are blooming?

Unexpected contamination problem pops up for Curiosity

White House Official Says Drug Addiction Is A Public Health Issue, Not A Crime

So the question is - if Murdoch threatened Major and the Conservatives re Europe

"You move that camera two inches to the left, you'll catch at least one brother in a hairnet!"

Paul B. Farrell: Myth of Perpetual Growth is killing America

I wish all races looked like this

Are boarding houses an idea whose time has come back? I think they are.

Kid, you are not special

No slack for serfs! Retirement age must rise - OECD

Iran 'designing nuclear submarine'

Obama up 6% in Pa Gov Corbett-R only has a 36% approval rating

Tech world preps to honor 'Father of Computer Science' Alan Turing, as centenary nears

Crosspost from GD.

"Driver? Tell The Little Man That I Think Obama Is Out Of Touch"

Kenya's Raila Odinga wants EU to attack Somalia's al-Shabab Islamists

Geno Auriemma facing lawsuit

Feminism: what went wrong?

Obama's Terrible Month

Three-person IVF 'is ethical' to treat mitochondrial disease

Falklands to hold referendum on political status in 2013

Top conservative says read my lips: Don’t sign ‘no new tax’ pledge

Gorilla communication: mums use 'baby talk' gestures

Larry "Wide Stance" Craig is back in the news.


CSI: Dog Crap

New brain research challenges the myth that men are more visual than women.

'It's Not A Gaffe If You Really Mean It'

KRUGMAN: More Firemen, More Policemen, More Teachers

Democratic groups join forces to fight right

Union, board settle beef over eats

Mitt Romney's Blueprint for Privatizing American Education by Diane Ravitch

How Romney is going to win in Florida

A Memo to the Tea Partiers:

** Gets out her DU Staple Gun and hangs the new DU Lounge Fire Safety guidelines **

It's a Lazy Day at Puppy School but someone forgot to tell Little Cooper

Noah's Ark. Your Thoughts

Parents protest surge in standardized testing

Ok, wow!

Great Non-Medical Reasons To Legalize Weed

Baby Boxes - UN Criticism

Charles P. Pierce: The United States of America is now nothing more than a place where you gamble.

A crate load of Viagra has been stolen from a distribution depot -

From Sitting In to Taking Over: A Worker-Owned Cooperative at Republic Windows and Doors

Any DUers watching Holder at the Senate Judiciary Oversight Hearings

In Which Republicans Argue For Upholding The Affordable Care Act

"It's a given that the upcoming election will be screwed up" by Derf

Tampa Airport (cartoon)

Bristol Palin Reality Show. Who is to blame?

Yemen army, in major victory, retakes two cities

Climate change will boost number of U.S. West's wildfires

Someone is going to take the blame for this

What is the political climate like where you live?

Coroner rules that dingo killed baby 32 years ago

Seeing Jesus in a cheese sandwich


Vatican: Nuns must promote medieval doctr...., err, church teachings

Colorado: Lawmaker ‘disappointed’ after her own campaign email outs son

How innocent people land in prison

Which part of coal is the GOP ‘pro’?

Roubini Tells Europe to Stop 'the Savings Madness'

NYPD Officer Indicted in Shooting of Ramarley Graham, Unarmed Bronx Man

So, The GOP is threatening Investigation-Gate Again? Do They Not Remember Clinton?

KKK applies for Adopt-A-Highway program in Georgia

Happily Abused: How to Use a Woman's Faith & Trust to Make Her a Willing Accomplice to Her Own Abuse


Reach out and touch somebody's hand......

Romney Confirms He Will Deny Insurance To Millions With Pre-Existing Conditions If Obamacare Is Stru

I finally saw the romney response ad ...

I finally got a wireless usb modem! 2 questions

Phone App games.

Repukes "FIRED UP"

What's the Russian for Caesar?

Western Hebrides and the Shetland Isles

This is not photoshopped.

Be my research subjects, Lounge!


"The Damage Done" - George W. Bush's Tab

As Gov, Romney Blocked Guide Over Term "Bisexual"

Romney Should Explain to Colorado and New Mexico Why They Need Fewer Firefighters

Woo Hoo!

Zimmerman 'does not properly respect the law,' judge says in order revoking bond

Hours to Hours women STILL make LESS than men

Pat Boone attacking Sherrod Brown? Really?

Orlando Sanford International Airport trying to boot TSA in favor of private security company

The Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ (Daniel Boyarin | New Press 2012)

A catch straight out of the deep blue sea - a bright blue lobster

Oh No! Hootersville's store keeper Mr. Drucker dead at 96

Find out where things come from .. fascinating

Romney did not know what a chocolate donut was

UK’s John Major: Rupert Murdoch tried to change policy

Canada dismisses U.S. concern over fake Chinese military parts

Canada dismisses U.S. concern over fake Chinese military parts

None of the ventriloquists I've met actually suffer from multiple personality disorder

Feds Sue Larry Craig Over Bathroom Sex Sting Defense Cash

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- 'One of Us'

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

This is gonna backfire.

Land grabs leave Africa facing ‘hydrological suicide’ - report

Who's That Guy On The Left?

Interesting words from other languages:

Have you ever flown First Class?

the more you steal

Rubber ankles?

Caption this pic of Mitt

The Bronx Is America

"Welcome to Washington"

Israel ‘To Evacuate Tel Aviv’ In Event Of Missile Attack


Obama’s ‘kill list’ is unchecked presidential power

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Reveals Increase in U.S. Employers' Hiring Plans for 3rd Quarter

which country is the dumbest?

Doomsday Slackers

Rooster Raises Heaven Again. Please come CAPTION Ann (burning with fake rage) Coulter:

IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns world risks triple crisis

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Reacts As Western States Burn

"Are you suffering from... election fatigue?"

Colorado State Rep's Gay son her own Campaign prove she's anti-Gay.

Does anyone here seriously think that crossed fingers would repel a vampire?

Krugman's 13 best GOP zingers

What is an internet troll?

For those who were born yesterday

Advice on GPS devices?

The Mother of All Girls' Books: The secret subversiveness of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women

Republicans Actively Sabotaging US Economy to Win Election

Aqua America hires private security firm to evict residents

Woolly mammoth extinction has lessons for modern climate change

Just got back from voting for Ron Barber

Romneynomics TV Ad

Spain borrowing costs hit euro-era record high

LynneSin does not take lightly parking on her privates.......

HEY CORNYN!!! I got two words for you:

EU discuss 'limiting ATM withdrawals'

Retirement Choices

NYC Pride week begins in 4 days.

Olympic opening ceremony will recreate countryside with real animals,

My first thread.

Thom Hartmann: Republicans have Plotted Treason Now

Papantonio: The Student Loan Scam Industry

You know we have an infrastructure problem when...

Campaign Urges Americans In Israel To Vote In U.S. Election

Seeing Jesus in a cheese sandwich

On the Eve of the Six-Day War

Filthy, depraved necropheliac, rapist....

Show More Religion on TV to Bridge the Cultural Divide

The penalty for the disenfranchisement of a legal voter should be banishment from politics.

PPP: Romney grabs lead in North Carolina (but a big Caveat)

Learn to Be a Conspiracy Theorist at the 'Patriot' Movement's Online University (BYOT)

Jerry Sandusky Penn State Abuse Secret File Points To Institutional Cover-up (updated)

Conservatives Repealing the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act (Canada)

Longtime political activist Jim Goodnow has died.

Syria conflict now a civil war, UN peacekeeping chief says

'Communist Manifesto' a hit in Madrid

Denver PrideFest 2012 - Some of the goings on

An Amazing Student Was Caught with a 35-Foot Long Cheat Sheet Filled with 25,000 Answers

Now, You See My Fists?

It seems to be HUGELY important to CorpoMedia

Change we can believe in (if you consider yourself a thinking person anyway)

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you just like the IDEA of something, but not the REALITY.

PPP/Daily Kos national poll--Obama 50% Rmoney 42%

George W. Bush's Tab

Diesel Engine Exhaust Causes Lung Cancer, WHO Agency Says

" I Read Some Marx and I Liked it" Catchy tune.

Weekend violence in Chicago makes national news.

Debate on a new study of gay vs. straight parents

US: Russia Sending Syria Attack Helicopters

Ken Jeong AHA Hands-Only CPR video


Obama Will Lose Unless He Shifts the Narrative - James Carville and Stan Greenberg sound the alarm

Man with no hands forbidden to ride rollercoasters

Global warming threat seen in fertile soil of northeastern US forests

"Romney Advisor" Bay Buchanan emerges from tomb, sips tana leaves, blames Obama, returns to tomb

Carville & Greenberg: Obama will lose unless he shifts narrative

Share Of US Power Made From Coal At 60-Year Low As Use Of Cleaner Natural Gas Grows

Hospital denies woman’s kidney transplant due to medical marijuana use

Could getting single payer be this simple?

ADL Applauds FBI For Arrest Of Alleged White Supremacist Douglas Story

I'm pissed off at people who pass up chances to share honest opinions.

Betty White meets with the President.

Airline Offers Wealthy Passengers Luxury Suites Complete with Double Beds and Armchairs

Sandusky's attorney is going to use the 'histrionic personality disorder' as a defense:

Well, you can add Moby to your list of "fucking sellouts" ("New Dawn Fades" in Beemer commercial)

Take the hurt out of a Tuesday. Come CAPTION the Mitt-ster!!!

5000 Russian soccer fans march in Warsaw for Russia Day before Poland-Russia Euro2012

Column: Gov. Corbett Meets the Ghosts of Budgets Past

With Senate Hearing, Hope for a Jumpstart on ENDA

California Democrats show their unwillingness to cut programs for the poor

GOP OBSTRUCTIONISM FUELS CO FLAMES: Senate Republicans Blocked Pine Beetle Hearings in 2010

Lehman Takes 21st Senate District; Wanggaard Recount Decision Friday

A reason to keep your cats' claws clipped

A different take on the Olympics

(Egyptian) Electoral crossroads

The child within.

Defense Attorney: Sandusky affected by "personality disorder"

a question about journals

Joy BEHAR getting another show, this time on Current TV

just sayin'...

NY MTA Upping Service On L Train To Reduce “Sardine Crush” Of Riders

(Another Study Shows again) San Francisco's Marijuana Dispensaries Still Don't Cause Crimes

The rethugs act like they smell blood in the water and are piranhas in a feeding

Faux News Erodes Brain-Cells

Reminder - disctrict 8 - go vote for Ron Barber!

Ku Klux Klan wants to Adopt-a-Highway in Georgia

Nate Silver for President;

Thom Hartmann: Mayor Verg Bernero's Stim Plan - Buy Local & Buy American

'Last Moments Robot' Comforts You To Death

Accused U.S. mobster's girlfriend gets 8-year sentence

UK can't make nuclear work without "special arrangements"

MMM...Black Forest Ham, Roast Turkey, Swiss, Grey Poupon on a fresh baked roll.

Walker, Inc. re-framed the recall debate as anti-recall, not anti-Walker

Second Accuser Testifies in Sandusky Trial

Pakistan panel says ex-envoy sought U.S. help against military

England band banned.

Attack by zombie fails to keep Heat fan down.

Israeli minister calls to recognize Armenian genocide

"...They Deserve Our Support."

What did you people do this time?

IMF chief Christine Lagarde warns world risks triple crisis

Multiple Fires in Colorado and New Mexico - NASA Goddard Photo and Video

More than seven in 10 US teens jobless in summer

WWDC 2012 = “Fuck you, Google”

Dead obese woman's excess body fat sets crematorium on fire

Panel to postmenopausal women: Don't take Vitamin D, calcium

Defense lawyer testy as Philly priest-abuse jury seeks help with testimony, law on 7th day

Anti-Piracy Patent Stops Students From Sharing Textbooks

firefighter takes off his own oxygen mask to save dogs

Good without God? It's more likely than you think!

Medicare for All California bus tour starts June 19

GOPers still not giving up on the ONE recall election that they didn't win.

Violence Against Women Disguised as ‘Fashion’

Dems Block McCain Resolution On Special Counsel For Leaks

Dumb question: is it illegal to grow gardens in N. Korea?

Sen. Sanders:My Medicaid Matters

Indiana Legalizes Shooting Cops

Scott Claims to have found 50 non-citizens voting in elections -- SHOW US THER PROOF!

FBI: Malware Installed on Travelers' Laptops Through Software Updates on Hotel Internet Connections

Big Paychecks, Tiny Tax Burdens: How 21,000 Wealthy Americans Avoided Paying Income Tax


Cats can't vote!

The Reward for Donating a Kidney: No Insurance

Catholics unite with Protestants for historic celebration

First lady continues battleground state campaign swing

Senators Scramble To Save Farm Bill

Netanyahu Uses Illegal Settlement Affair To Teach Leftists A Lesson

I just found a baby mouse in my half bath!

When the young women of Egypt need answers, they turn to Tom Friedman

Athens might have to temporarily stop paying for salaries and pensions, along with imports of fuel

I just found a half baby in my mouse bath!

Medication Use: A Horse Racing Fan’s Need to Know

GOP Front Group Suing States To Force Voter Purges

Doctors: Face-chewing victim 'awake and alert'

The Reward for Donating a Kidney: No Insurance

Good stuff - 'Comfort Bath' personal washcloths

For the love of God, Barack...

Dear The Internet, This Is Why You Can't Have Anything Nice

Thom Hartmann: Move over Pink Slime - Meat Glue is now being Served!

90 percent of Chicago teachers authorize strike

Scam phishing messages about Facebook in your email

Spring 2012: most extreme season in U.S. history

"You can pretty much put their campaign on a tweet and have some characters to spare."

U.S. heat over the past 12 months: a one in half-a-million event

Bill Nelson's prepared statement regarding voter purge lawsuit.

Has a privately owned business ever turned into a co-op?

You missed a spot!


(Japan) Prime Minister's flawed arguments for Oi reactor restarts play on fear, hobble reform

Navy drone crashes in Maryland

First (and only) woman to win Nobel Economics Prize Dies

Around my yard

A fascinating picture.

My post about torn-out trees and our new tree.

Gitmo detainees stay imprisoned years after being cleared

Was benefiber pulled off the market? nt

Jeb Bush is Out of the Closet

A Tea Party Constitution: Blueprint for a Dominionist Corporate State

Tool Time: Peter King Declares Drones Righteous & Good

President Obama sums up Mitt Romney's campaign: 'A tweet with characters to spare'

Out of the mouths - and crayons - of babes...

Holder questioned about leaks

Now who hasn't done this?

PPP poll shows Romney ahead in North Carolina

The Full Story Behind the Arrest of ICC Team & ICC team visit detained colleagues

Mammoths Wiped Out By Multiple Killers

In the UK: "Gay marriage gets ministerial approval"

Women, music banned from Saudi talent show

George Zimmerman's wife arrested for perjury

Glenn Beck is headed for an even more spectacular fall

School Hangs Up Student’s Drawing of Jesus Saying ‘I Want You to Kill All Infidels’

Anybody having bogus Amazon Kindle orders?

U.S. Military Wants Drones in South America, But Why?

MSNBC squelched Donahue, Press and Buchanan to make way for Iraq war cheerleaders

Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC - Your Thoughts

Manpower survey: US employers to add jobs in Q3

Smoke from wildfire 60 miles away blankets Denver

How does someone go from racking balls in a pool hall to being a U.S. Senator?

Hatred: What drones sow

See the Facebook Photo That Has People Talking

Caught on camera: MFM's long lost twin sister.....

Citypaper - it is amazing how many bad things PA. Republicans can propose in one week

Google faces new investigation over privacy claims

"We're not racists. We just want to be with white people. If that's a crime, then I don't know."

The Pentagon has a green program to use alt energy: Congress moves to block it

My son just called me

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Hears ‘Birthers’ Case

Rainy Day, Dream Away

Texas Democrats Make Fun of Republicans with Weird Animated Video, Santorum Jokes

In Emergency Session, U.N. Declares Florida a Rogue State reported by Andy Borowitz

Freepers, like seagulls surrounding the carcass of a beached whale, peck the fuck out of Jebby

EU plans for Greek exit could include ATM withdrawal limits, capital controls

Why does Real Clear Politics put a (D) behind PPP but not a (R) behind Ras?

"My Little Pony" and the Tea Party...

New law requires state agencies to utilize prison labor whenever possible for goods and services

Kansas City takes on Citizens United

Anyone else's airwaves being bombarded with these "New Majority Agenda" ads?

Just follow the signs.......

Tweety has Ron Reagan on discussing Jeb

(UK) More jobseekers told to do unpaid work or face possible loss of benefits

Gotta love this LTE (Pittsburgh P-G)

Dimon Says JPMorgan ‘Let People Down’ on Faulty Credit Trades

Come on Kentucky...

EU discuss 'limiting ATM withdrawals'

Donate to candidates through !

Spread of 'baby boxes' in Europe alarms United Nations

Thom Hartmann: Warning...End of the World as you Know it

The Oatmeal Raises $100K for Charity in Response to FunnyJunk Lawsuit

Cop dies during 3-way sex; widow wins $3M lawsuit

Kansas City takes on Citizens United

Walker’s “Beer and Brat Summit” – just a state-sanctioned campaign event for Wisconsin Grocers

Former Rep. Pete McCloskey gives one of his Purple Hearts to

Jesse Ventura both sides take money from the same people

Afternoon musical sunshine

Grover Norquist losing his mojo...

Senate Democrat Urges GOP To Consider Raising Taxes To Spare Military From Automatic Cuts

The only thing that keeps you hanging on

Why the Heat won't win

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 14 -- What's On Tonight: Teen Idols

Anyone vote today?

How to sell liberal Christianity?

Cats make it look SO easy...

Russia sending attack helicopter shipment to Syria says Hillary Clinton.

UnitedHealth to keep ObamaCare provisions, regardless of Court ruling

Evangelicals push Congress for immigration changes

I want to tell you a story

sharpton giving Newty a chance to blow hot piles of steaming crap

Johnson & Johnson becomes first N.J. company to part ways with ALEC

Just Stumbled Across This... A Warning From 2004... And 1944...

Say what you like Al Sharpton is sharp as a tack

Obama: Debt, deficits were 'baked into the cake'

AZ Candidate, Removed from Ballot Due to Language Skills, Runs for VP

Speaking of Robb's 30,000(ish) new houseguests... check out 'The Beauty of Pollination' 4min video:

And so the ads begin. Just saw my first anti-Nelson ad

Gov. Rick Scott purged from Florida voter list (if only)

George Zimmerman's wife arrested, charged with perjury

ugh. Why hasn't the Democratic-led Senate submitted/passed a budget in 3 years?

Classic - Rep. Louis Gohmert still trying super hard for Stupidest Member of Congress Award

..."people have to get out and vote. This thing is not a lock." -Spike Lee on Obama

HopeHoops considers a career change.......

Berkeley eyes ban on sitting on sidewalks

Ann Mcfall-- Republican ..County Election Supervisor, Will Not Resume Voter Purge No Matter What..

Do you know how to deal with an irrational or illogical person?

I have been talking about the possibility of being homeless. Today I am homeless. I do not a shared

40 politicians investigated for political alliance with paramilitary group (Colombia death squad)

40 politicians investigated for political alliance with paramilitary group .

Secretariat's Preakness Time Under Review...

Blast from the Past - (remember) Dave Clark Five:

The Debt Is Not a Measure of Generational Burdens...

Romney's top energy adviser: subsidize Big Oil

"dog chew toy"

Older dads may pass along a longer lifespan to their child

What is an internet troll?

PHOTO: Remember recently, when MFM wasn't around for a few days?

Win or lose, Obamacare has changed the game

Oh, POPSICLE COMPANY. You've delivered the product we've all WANTED.

Taliban-funding Afghan drug lord jailed for life in US

Etch a Sketch at it again....

ING to pay $619 million over Cuba, Iran sanctions

Stop Big Oil ...Tar Sands

Murdoch confidante in court over hacking scandal

My Congress Critter responded regarding Rush on AFN

Think about it:

A Must Read: The Zims 999(9) Plan!!!

Boycott Citizens United and Dark Money?

At my wits end with telemarketers, I finally came up with a plan.

Don't know if this is the right place to post this, but it needs to be seen and shared!

Best Tweet Ever: What You Shouldn’t Use to Stuff Your Pants at Pride

If there is truly justice in this world, Jerry Sandusky should never leave prison. I'm shook to the

In Texas trial of "I'm standing my ground" shooter, the defense rests without calling witnesses.

After all that hype surrounding "The Avengers," I was surprised at what a low-budget film it was.

Religion Journal: What do India’s Atheists Think?

What's The Opposite of a Zombie Lie?

Tell the DNC to oppose Simpson-Bowles austerity bullshit

Shouldn't raising the minimum wage be the "fiscally conservative" thing to do?

Brownback associate stalks, attacks Senate candidate's daughter on Twitter

BRUCE BARTLETT: The Fiscal Legacy of George W. Bush

The future. I wish it would hurry up and GET here. By tomorrow morning. At breakfast time.

I Post This Every Year Around This Time... I Hope You Will Indulge Me Once More...

African Union seeks mandate to send troops to Mali

Death by puppies. There are worse ways to go.

The Fight of the Century: T-REX vs BABY!!!!!

Joe Walsh endorses Joe Walsh's Opponent

Like Steve Martin in

MiddleFingerMom does NOT wanna know!!! I repeat, MIDDLEFINGERMOM DOES NOT WANNA KNOW!!!

MiddleFingerMom is not like other men. When HE tugs it... he really, REALLY tugs it!!!

Fourteen bodies dumped by highway in eastern Mexico

First peach harvest today

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Is there plenty rain falling in Eastern Texas? n/t

11th Hour Victory!:Citibank Cancels Foreclosure Auction of Minneapolis Mom’s Home

How Urban Design Affects Ethnic or Religious Tensions

Estimating the Potential Impact of Failure of the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool

Wal-Mart bribery probe includes 5 countries

"I'm not religious' vs. 'I am an atheist'

Both sides rest in Houston stand your ground trial

Snapple Cap Trivia for Today

Vandals attack 1600 year old synagogue mosaic:

Pocket-knife stabbing brings charges for Omaha man (mom was human shield 4 her small boys)

Allen Wins Virginia GOP Senate Primary

Hemp industry thrives amid boom in natural foods

Judge sides with Cleveland in its trans fat ban

TYT: Why Romney Wants Fewer Firefighters, Police, and Teachers

Photo of gay soldiers on IDF Facebook page causes stir

Colombia’s police chief declares war on urban crime .

Anyone Else Getting Ready for the NBA Finals Tonight?

This Chart Should Tell You Why The Rich Are Trying To Kill Off Unions

Graham, Hatch and Other Republican Senators Defend DOMA

New charges against "NATO 3" won't be unveiled until July

Bill Maher Shows Us The Shocking Consequence Of Dismantling America's Labor Unions

Are Unions Necessary?

Sides gear up for battle as Michigan lawmakers weigh abortion changes

Colombian army commits 'extrajudicial execution': Indigenous community .

In Case You Missed This... How to Act Human: Advice for Mitt Romney From Inside the Actors Studio

Colombian army commits 'extrajudicial execution': Indigenous community .

What to do when you see a (child) rape in progress

Senator urges Congress to block new defense cuts

TYT:Obama Private Sector 'Gaffe' - The Real Story

AFL-CIO and Partners Announce Far-Reaching Voter Rights Campaign

I went down by the shore of gull bay

Some incredible photos of the fire in Colorado

Provider of premium "Northern White" frac sand, - Smart Sand -, makes major investment in Oakdale Wi

WHO's cancer agency: Diesel fumes cause cancer

Best retort (against a ridiculous quack treatment) ever?

Broke my diet by 300 calories today. That mango smoothie did me in. Oh well. One day is not the end

*WARNING Language* -- Kendall On Sharecropping Field Trip (2:32)

A little tough-love in a survey I just filled out for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Pawlenty joins board of Smart Sand, which owns a Wisconsin frac sand facility

Why I voted for Ron Paul By: Joe Scarborough

Look what Timmy "The Tool" Pawlenty has gotten up to

The Who - Love Reign O'er Me 1973

Does anyone else HATE, simply HATE, to stop for gas?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike & a new Maru Kitty gif

Lakoff on messaging failure in Wisconsin

Leaks could sink Obama Whitehouse

What war on women?

Mitt Romney's Mars Vacation Home and the Penis Economy

UnitedHealthcare extends the CHEAP protections in health care reform

Three possible outcomes for health care from the SCOTUS--PNHP has briefs for all

Canada best G20 country to be a woman, India worst

Thank You For Your Service (A Moment of Truth)

Why the best syrup comes from Vermont! (Not for the humor impaired.)

Poll Roundup For June 12, 2012, Romney Is Leading

Joseph Farah, head of WND says atheists are not "real Americans."

Papantonio: Rick Scott and the Pathology of Lying

Karl Rove still at it, accusing opponents of what HE'S doing.

Rick Scott says they found 50 non-citizen voters, so "debate is over"

Man Tries to Cook His Own Meal at Denny's

Trayvon's parents press for probe of Sanford police at town hall

Allen wallops 3 conservative GOP rivals to win Va primary, take aim at Senate seat lost in ‘06

Nicholas Katzenbach

I Attended The First Obama For America Local Meeting Tonight...

Here's a LINK to all tonight's primary results (including special election for Gabby's Arizona seat)

Does anyone here know what up with Rachael and Ed...they have

JPMorgan Chief Expected to Play Down Trade Risks at Hearing

Glass House -- Avatar based reality show?

Mariela Castro on Ending the Embargo & Swapping Cuban Five for Jailed U.S. Contractor Alan Gross

Georgia rejects Ku Klux Klan bid to "adopt" highway

Suicide terrorists are "greatest role models," says EU-funded NGO for youth on PA TV

Martin Bashir - Romney fast and furiously loose with facts on housing and health care

Pittsburgh City Council honors drag queen with Sharon Needles Day!

This isn't a Good Read. It's a Bad Read - but worth reading - David Brooks latest (NYT)

The Colonel and the Governor

Romney Explains Why Colorado, N. Mexico Need Fewer Firefighters

Luckovich Toon- Sitting Elephants

This Sunday will be the 15th Father's Day I have spent without my daddy

Residents of Mobile Home Park Evicted by Fracking Withdrawal Facility

"The 7 Most Misleading Things Romney Has Said About The Economy" by Hunter Stuart at Huffington Post

Sony Develops Movie About TONKA Trucks

Meanwhile in Cosmo...

"Obama’s business record, cont’d " Ezra Klein at WP (the myth that Obama is anti-business)

Verizon to phase out most existing phone plans (most profound change to pricing in 20 years)

The "Etch-A-Sketch Express":

A123 Systems stock soars on advance in battery technology

Photo of gay soldiers on IDF Facebook page causes stir

RIP Middle Class: Americans' Wealth Plummeted 40% from 2007 to 2010

I had a crush in high school. She made my heart jump into my throat every time I saw her.

Galileo. Galileo. Galileo? Figaro!

"How Obama’s ‘Doing Fine’ Gaffe May Help Him" by Jonathan Chait at NY Magazine

Don't Be Fooled By Obama's Faux-Righteous Indignation About Leaks

Posting and communicating online.

Why Is Pension Envy OK But "Class Warefare" Isn't? - Digby/Hullaballoo

So Carlos Slim today pushed for privatizing everything

Netroots Nation: From the Eyes of Susie Sampson!

"Bush still boosts Obama" by Steve Kornacki at Salon

It ain't the crime, it is the cover up that gets them every time.

Why are there no results in the AZ08 seat?

If Romney (as a mormon) can't salute

NJ yacht hoax response cost more than $300,000

North Dakota Rejects Property-Tax Elimination

To The Democratic Party Of Florida: "Well If There Is One Thing Rick Scott Knows About, It's FRAUD !

Poll: Obama and Democrats' Health Care Plan - Check this out!

Gloat Free Football Scores (Tuesday, June 12)

You Maniacs! You blew up DU! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

High Blood Pressure Med May Help Cocaine Dependence

Toons: Disaster Relief, Supply-Side Economics, Latter-Day Republicans and More. - 6/12/12

"What Land of Opportunity?"By Joseph E. Stiglitz at Slate

The ED Show - Poll: Americans Believe GOP sabotaging economy to hurt Obama

World Health Organization Declares Diesel Fumes Cause Lung Cancer

AUTOMATED MESSAGE: One of your posts has been hidden by a DU Jury

Fox Noise Lies, Romney Replies.....

Check out Colbert tonight

Madison Bumgarner homers for Giants

Oh My God... This Shit Writes Itself... In So Many Ways...

Gloat Free NBA Championship Score (Tuesday, June 12)

Jon Stewart Tears Apart FL Gov. Rick Scott’s Curiously Targeted ‘Voter Purge’

Daily Show segment on Rick Scott and Florida anti-voter

The ED Show - Romney defends his comments on teachers, firefighters and police

What a crazy liberal idea !

A cat; a pot - I am easily amused

I will need to update the cost of volunteer firefighting

I may be in a bubble