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Deep South continued - a few more bits of color

Fishing for the first time of the year tomorrow. Boat has been detailed, got my license...

The Greatest Twitter Response Ever

Gary Johnson - Libertarian nominee - what do you know about him?

Flower and other stuff

Ah what work!

Any people of faith around here?

GASP -- I'm about to say something NICE about Microsoft!

Bloody Brilliant!

Is abortion ever the MORE ethical choice over giving birth?

Will these RW groups survive their leaders' demise?

Coldplay pays tribute to Adam 'MCA' Yauch at their 5/4/12 concert

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (El sábado, 5 de mayo)

Heartland Justice

Livan Hernandez gets his first career save tonight against, guess who,

We Already Grow Enough Food For 10 Billion People -- and Still Can't End Hunger

Former GOP Gubernatorial Candidate 'Obsessed' With Sperm Donation

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (El sábado, 5 de Mayo)

American Atheist Magazine Now Available at Barnes & Noble!

U.S. government’s Radio and TV Marti call Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega a lackey

U.S. government’s Radio and TV Marti call Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega a lackey

A few of my critter photos

FLASH: Ludwig Wittgenstein quoted on LIVE national TV!!!!

I'm going to bed. I had 2 OPs concerning the libertarian nominee

Ronnie Reagan Song

"The West Wing" reunites and a shout out to Mrs. Landingham

SNL: ‘Fox & Friends’ Indulges In Some Good, Old-Fashioned White House Bashing On SNL

5 May 2012 OBAMA RALLY - The Supporters - Romney Campaign LIE EXPOSED

"Last night I dreamt I went to Manderly again..."

LIE Of The Day By Drudge & Breitbart

Lessons of Iraq Help U.S. Fight a Drug War in Honduras

Bee rescue, or bee slaughter..? Dial up warning!

BWHAHAHAHA - How Can Romney Stand Up To North Korea If He 'Can Be PUSHED AROUND By A YOKEL LIKE ME'?

What the ...??? A tornado in Japan!

"Obama is powerless" is not a right wing meme.. But it's not a left wing meme either..

Olympia Snowe interested in veep with Romney?

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Too late to deal with the sociopathology of the Republican party?

Attempts to ban talk of birth control, homosexuality reveal conservatives' deepest sexual fears

Another lost decade for housing?

Would you check the TOS box alert for a member who has multiple hidden posts?

"Corporations aren't people. People are people."

Five Tax Fallacies Invented by the 1%

Today is the 75th Anniversary of the Hindenburg Disaster

Hey Romney, when you draw a crowd like this...

Republicans Swift Boat President Obama -- Are We Surprised?

Solution to gun violence

How did you first become an Obama supporter?

Is this a valid gun death statistic?

DemRapidResponse: "If Mitt Romney's an economic heavyweight, we're in trouble."

Needed: constituents in the 1st and 10th CDs to meet with candidates

Lessons of Iraq Help U.S. Fight a Drug War in Honduras

IoS exclusive: Revealed - [UK Prime Minister] Cameron's secret summit with News Corp

Just saw the Helmut Newton exhibit in Paris.

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday May 6th

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fluffy Noogums Edition

Monroeville's CSE Corp. rebounds after turning back to domestic suppliers

U.S. Financed Military Crushes Sit-in

Russia's "Jurassic Capitalism"

Bye Bye Sarkozy - Live Coverage of Hollande's speech here

African farmers grow trees as a natural crop fertilizer

Trying youths as adults hurts families and taxpayers, but not crime

Mitt Romney's Problem...

Endorsements of Mitt (Liar) Romney remain tepid

"...strive to make a better world..."

Paul Krugman: Economist and sci-fi buff

Fracking drives pronghorn herds out of Wyoming habitat

Swarm of pebbles could safely deflect asteroids


9/11 Judge: "Why Is This So Hard?"

Sibels Back!

Alabama (Republican) Politician Obsessed with Donating Sperm

Independent UK: Forced labour claims dent image of London 2012

"...There are no more Blue Dogs, they're called Republicans."

GACK! Liz Cheney Eyeing Bid?

Banksters worried that Greek voters will elect leaders who'll reject the bailout

Ron Paul Supporters Invade LA Times Festival of Books, Make Asses of Themselves

Obama Kicks Off Campaign With a Roar

A Complete Streets Policy for Saratoga Springs

Supermoon Over Southern California

A good all-purpose response to your GOPer Facebook friends...

Krugman: "in 2008 the Wall Street Journal ... knew – knew – that there was no housing bubble...

London's Olympic transport crunch

The High Cost of Germany's Economic Success

Rising electricity prices have little to do with renewable energy (Ontario)

The end of the line for Minnesota's coal plants?

Salute to the May Day Occupiers

A New Student Left?

I found this. I refer to it quite a bit because I am relatively new to feminism...

NZ Windfarms triples third-quarter revenue


Renewables Driving Electricity Prices below $0 Some Afternoons & Cutting into Baseload Power Plants

It’s the Heat, Not the Humidity

US claims 'unprecedented' success in test for new fuel source

Wind a Winner in Developing Nations

UPDATE: Wish me luck, I'm about to head to the hospital.

Unearthed: The Fracking Facade

Georgia County Sheriff Evicts Four-Generation Family In Raid Resembling 'Drug Bust'

Wind energy blowing away nuclear power

'I already knew you had Barack’s back'


UK, Denmark study power cable to swap wind energy

So what's the first thing David Gregory asks Axe this morning?

What is your home defense firearm?

Sweet Briar College (Virginia, independent, women's college) cutting its German program.

GLOW and Amendment One

Lilly Ledbetter: 'Silence isn't golden with equal pay law'

They came. They saw. They marched......Some of them even lit up a fat one.......

HA > H at any time (t)

In Love And Loss (short video clip about coping with Alzheimers)

Wisconsin: Can you help beat Glenn Grothman? Calumet/New Holstein/Mt Calvary/St. Cloud areas esp.

The Lies of Handsome Men, sung by Margaret Whiting

On Warren Buffett and Stephen King

Mitt Romney Commits Huge Gaffe on The Kentucky Derby

The cynical hypocrisy of the Koch brothers

Anyone notice that Ron Paul supporters are eerily similar to the Lyndon Larouche supporters?

Sad But True

I told a joke on the elevator.

Shatel: Gentler tone would benefit Ron Brown (national media as a bigot on homosexuality)

George Takei linked this on facebook

Toon: The Evolution of Transportation

Encouraging, I think.

Toles Toon- Be quiet and count your tax cuts

BREAKING: Joe Biden Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

Why are we still in 'Vietghanistan?'

Needs more exposure: Transgender Housing Network

AT&T to pay Muslim woman $5M in harassment case

Sibel Edmond's memoir is out in paperback. If you don't know this story..

Biden says that he is comfortable with gay marriage...

Folks having fun defending Krugman

Glen Greenwald: Surveillance State democracy

Just a funny thing...

With a new heart, is Cheney ready for another round as VP? I wonder

I just lost my breakfast - Gingrichgh and Batshit Bachmann on Face the Nation

SPLC sees decline of hate groups but "credits" AZ type laws. Murder/suicide of JT Ready

Testing out m y new SmugMug site

Comparison of Obama rallies vs. Romney rallies (TPM)

Will Obama do for Gay Rights what Johnson did for Civil Rights.

Evil comes in both black AND white...

One true badass old man

John Lennon snorting coke

Israeli occupation cost to Palestine economy amounts to $ 7bn a year

- Clarifying Recent Changes To Our Electoral System -

Romney's overseas accounts

After dire war injury, all vet can do is laugh

Two American hikers jailed in Iran wed in California

Expanding Urban Ag in San Francisco

Moyers and company - Between Two Worlds — Life on the Border

State Legislature endorses Arizona as dumping ground for nuclear waste: Safford area one ...

Vice President Biden Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

Going to the 'Stros game today. They are a lot more exciting than they were supposed to be.

Biden Spokesperson: Vice President’s Position On Gay Marriage Same As President’s

A life spent with nature ends - 'Spaceman Bruce' took final kayak trip to Monterey

Discouraging, I know

SNiL's Fox and Friends you know who wouldn't have gone after bin laden: Barack Obama

Chicago: Bus-only lanes for CTA soon

Hilarious climate-change LTTE in Cleveland Plain Dealer

Obama has become more hostile to medical marijuana patients than any president in U.S. history

Facebook Bans Paul Cezanne painting of breastfeeding.

Probably the DUMBEST question on here in ages -- could I turn an old septic tank into a fish pond?

The Book of Mitt

Reich To Rom, Get Real

Hundreds of pelicans die; stay away from beaches, Peru urges

Syrian opposition urges election boycott

Axelrod:‘Extensive’ Ad Campaign Hits This Week

Some weird and funny wedding photos

Occupy wins a trophy!

There is a fake Democrat on my ballot.

Cross post: Half of Idaho's wolves are gone.

did anyone say anything worth a damn on any of the Sunday shows?

Hagelstein: Public Invited to See Cold Fusion Demo at MIT

French election: François Hollande favourite as voters go to the polls

How did Kelly Ayotte get elected in NH? She sounds like a Tea Party candidate

Science headline FAIL "Fossils of ancient 'super-koala' found"

The Republican talking points on Sunday morning TV...

My Faith: Returning to church, despite my doubts

More crookedness and cronyism at Scott Walker's DNR

Why Are We In Afghanistan?

AT&T to pay Muslim woman $5M in harassment case

Every Republican I have known during my entire lifetime had the exact same flaw

Holy Crap! I just got the 12 step book.

What Everyone Should Know About The Secretive Group Trying To Swift Boat Barack Obama

What are you folks doing here on a Sunday?

"Corporations aren't people, people are people"

More fun with George Takei's Facebook page

Improv toilet

I finally found one! Mitt *did* have a rally! It was on Friday. Here is the link!

For Vietnam veterans at DU:

Tornado near Tokyo kills 1 and injures dozens

We're #1!! Kansas lawmakers rank farthest to right in study of U.S. House votes

I hate the Knicks so much

Greeks maul pro-bailout parties: exit polls

Will Sen Kelly Ayotte (R - New Hampshire) become Rmoney's Palin?

Socialist candidate Hollande defeats Sarkozy in French presidential race

"Mitt Romney, America Parasite"

"Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

To The GOP...Seriously?

Goober died...

Schwarzenegger: GOP, take down that small tent

McCain: Palin VP choice based on qualifications

When American narratives collide

Diamond Pet Foods Expands Voluntary Recall of Dry Pet Food Due to Potential Salmonella Contamination

Paul Krugman compares GOP economic policy to medieval bloodletting

Free Syria Protest Against Assad Regime

Ron Paul Fans and civics education

Rubio says Obama has lost himself and has lost what makes him different....I say Rubio is pathetic

A Putsch Against War

Is there any data on which states have fired the most government workers

Quick! Guess How Many Jobs Were Created Per Month During The Bush Administration...

In final speech, Snowe urges party to defeat Obama

VP Joe Biden's interview on Meet The Press

The most important thing to know about Koch Bros' new front group "Veterans for a Strong America"

George 'Goober' Lindsey of 'Andy Griffith Show' and 'Hee Haw' fame dead at 76

Woman slams driver by hanging ‘Tony Q69’ fliers along his Queens bus route

Obiwan Kenobi arrested

It's weird how things work out sometimes.

Murdoch scandal follows classic media baron script

It's weird how things work out sometimes.

Archive Footage of the NYC Press Conference May 4th 2012 with Hiroaki Koide and others

President Obama - 2012-05-05 Rally in Ohio

Exit polls appear to show Socialist victory in France's Presidential election

Will Gary Johnson 'Nader' Mitt Romney?

Could use some help with beef short ribs

President Obama - 2012-05-05 Rally in Ohio

How Did Mitt Romney Get So Obscenely Rich? Robert Reich Explains

Stand Your Ground or Duty to Retreat

Help with iPhoto?

Many G.O.P. Freshmen Who Stormed the House Find It Harder to Stay Seated.

Pro-austerity blow in Greek vote, neo-Nazis gain seats

Howard Dean: Women, Latinos "terrified" of GOP

Goober has died . 'Andy Griffith Show' Actor Goober Pyle Dies At 83

Is it possible that a lot of people think legalized gay marriage means forcing all churches

How to End This Depression - Paul Krugman

Damn the *! #! lawnmower. When will they make one that starts?

Diageo to end funding of Heartland Institute after climate change outburst

If you can't say something bad about Obama, don't say anything at all.

Civil Beat Poll - Does the Government Treat Native Hawaiians Fairly?

Chris Paul's son imitates Blake Griffin's game face [Video]

Annals of the Security State: China vs. America Department

Why are Americans in the dark about the benefits of food stamps to the society as a whole?

Aerostich AD-1 Pants

Bank of America’s Protection Detail - FDL

I Want a FORWARD OBAMA Bumper Sticker

Veteran spending missing from Paul Ryan’s budget

My wife's cousin and his partner would like to get married.

Krugman: Romney Would Govern Like Paul Ryan

ROFLMAO !!! - Found At DailyKos

Sarkozy: "Francois Hollande is the president of France and he must be respected." - BBC

"I'm sure a Mormon corporate raider will be an improvement."

Sometimes a Republican says something very, very true...

Romney celebrates Cinco de Mayo

George Lindsey, known as Goober Pyle, dies

Can someone explain the primary senatorial ballot to me?

Mitt Romney will challenge Maine GOP results

So France bounces Sarkozy and Greece bounces them all. A morality play for US austerity proponents.

A bookstore gets it right.

Two words that are like the punchline to a bad joke:

Max Payne 3

A Fake Romney Ad We Might Actually See

How I Joined Teach for America—and Got Sued for $20 Million

Fighting Eighth endorsed Rick Nolan yesterday.

Daily Kos: Police Union May Expel Capt. Ray Lewis for Wearing Uniform at Occupy While Backing Crimin

Biden "absolutely comfortable" with same sex marriage

Cute picture from President Obama's rally in Richmond, VA yesterday

Joe Biden stirs the pot on same-sex marriage

Toon- The most astounding fact

Ron Paul supporters capture majority of Nevada’s national delegates

Can't wait for Romney's response to the Hollande victory

Amazing Atheist. CISPA & the MACHINE.

Holy Shite - traditional parties in Greece wiped out

Overseas elections. SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS. Please.

Today is a big day for Mitt's people

Georgia to keep ‘Stand Your Ground’ law?

Look at this huge freakin' kitty !

NY Post Writer: Brooklyn Nets Should Be Called 'New York N-----s' Because Of Jay-Z Ownership

bushCLAN's CIA rodriquez&OTHER hawks on hannity this weekend on FIXEDnewsCORP trying to justify

Afghan museum highlights country's Buddhist heritage

Vive la France. Liberté, fraternité, égalité! La démocratie, oui--l'austérité, non

I think Mitt is going to pick Santorum for VP.

Austerity no longer needs to be our fate - President Francois Hollande

Airstrike kills senior al-Qaida militant wanted in 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen

Pentagon: Wars Used To Train Global NATO Expeditionary Force

So I was scrolling through the channels on my DirectTV box...

5 Sectors Slowing Job Growth

Cat owners: How do you know when it's "Shedding Season".

ABC's "This Week"-are you kidding me with your round-table???

Riot police break up anti-Putin protests in Russia

Who really is forcing the change in France

TYT: Not As Rich As Romney? Loser! - Boehner's Defense Of Mitt

George Lindsey played "Goober Pyle" for 29 continous years

$100 a pair underwear for men flying off the shelves

Coca Cola apologises to China over excessive chlorine content

Hollande pushes downbutton on Sarkozy's elevator shoes... nt

Virginia man accused of threatening to kill President Obama

Lol Obama pic posted on facebook....

America's Forgotten Terror Victims

None of the Poor Children Matter

derby's Guide on How to Audition for THE BAD GIRLS CLUB on Oxygen

Estimated cost of Florida's Levy County Nuclear project now $19-24 billion

Who will you be voting for this year?

The Romney campaign used pre-rally pic to show empty arena...

Afghan women’s freedom from the clutch of fundamentalism, occupation and patriarchy is only possible

Rents soar as foreclosure victims with tarnished credit, young workers seek housing

New Police Strategy in New York - Sexual Assault Against Peaceful Protesters

Barry Goldwater was right.

The People Behind the Lawmakers Out to Destroy Public Education: A Primer

Roanoke Colony Revealed? Prof Finds The Mysterious Colony's Capital.

We were there, we remember . . .

Voting - Why can't we do it on the week-end?

Cypress Trees Saw Rupturing of Earth's Supercontinents

London Review of Books: 'Debt: The First 5000 Years' and 'Paper Promises'

Man's death at Ky. Derby track called a homicide

'GOP, take down that small tent,' by Arnold Schwarzenegger

When Your 401(k) Provider Doesn't Vote Your Interests

At Guantanamo, a Dubious Start to a Doubtful Trial

The global fight to end capital punishment

The End of Austerity in Europe?

Ask the Religion Experts: What does your faith say about atheists?

Why Johnny Can’t Pay His Student Loans

Dancing in the Streets! Victorious French Left Reclaims The Bastille!

Exuberant, diverse crowds filled the Place de la Bastille, the iconic plaza of the French Revolution

I have high hopes for this flea treatment -- cedar oil based

What should be the purpose of this group?

May You Live In Interesting Times... 'Extreme Right Leader, Warns Greek 'Traitors' - HuffPo

Why are we in Afghanistan for the long haul?

Could Your Student Loans Make You Unemployable?

Texas Insurance Department has made disciplinary information harder to find

Angela Merkel could probably use a big 'ole stein of Berliner Weisse

Anyone else watching the motor bikes escorting Hollande

Americans are Safer and Beter off with Democrats

ExxonMobil Ads for Corporate Education Reform

Gay Marriage Prospects Brighten In France With Francois Hollande Nod

Crap! The A/V cable on my XBox broke.

Waitress left 2 pennies and note by customer

Here comes the wave. Here we go

Knicks edge Heat 89 - 87.

Au revoir, Nicolas Sarkozy! I'll never forget your phone call to Sarah Palin!

RWers think Ronald Reagan was like Forrest Gump - and that's a good thing to them


What is your favorite icecream or yogurt topping?

Obama congratulates Hollande and invites him to the White House later this month

George Murdock (Actor) has passed away.

an anecdotal observation of how the world is changing, and how quickly:

California's Long-Term Unemployed Brace For Sudden End Of Benefits - AP/HuffPo

Guardian UK: The global fight to end capital punishment

Ed Head Mothers Day Gift Box

Bob Dylan- Idiot Wind

Egypt's chef leading a 'kitchen uprising'

A sweet lesson on patience. . .

9/11 Defendants’ Hearing Was Rigged, Lawyers Say

what cherry/pear tomato will grow best in a hanging pot?

French, Greek voters send message to Germany

San Francisco needs a closer

So, how are the Freepers handling the Socialist victory in France...

Great Gifts on Sale for Mother's Day at All USA Clothing

Greece conservatives win as voters favor protest parties

The ghost houses of Ireland: Foreclosure and eviction

All-American store creates American jobs

Turn on 60 Minutes right fugging now - pilots in uniform blowing the whistle

"Hey Bro your going down in November" your going to get beat like a drum"

Solar-powered catamaran completes record-setting circumnavigation

Just got a tornado warning.

When you're free to be who you are, you're also free to be who you want to be...

The people have actually spoken (France and Greece) - the market no likey

I got a voice mail from my supervising physician, telling me "some changes are going to be made".

"Obama visits Richmond" -coverage from the Richmond paper of record (Times-Dispatch)

Japan without nuclear power, first time since 1970

Running to Win the Agenda

Robert Fisk: "to Arab readers of this column: you may not like this week's rant from yours truly"

"We are tired of the politics of meanness"

Have you ever competed against prison labor wages on your own job? I have

AFL-CIO report reveals Latino immigrant workers are highest group to die on the job

11,000 transit, ground-passenger transportation jobs lost in April

States to watch: Arizona and the nine swing states

Elizabeth Warren: Can a liberal champion win over the center in Massachusetts?

President Obama...listen to Greece and France...stand up to the austerity thugs!

Union protests AT&T labor action

Thank Nixon and Reagan for the war on drugs

GOP State Chair: Romney Doesn’t Think He Can Win Pennsylvania

Origin of Republicans explained.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Why can't restaurants just pay waiters/delivery guys a fair wage?

Netanyahu Calls for Early Elections in Israel

Republicans, Get In My Vagina!

Christie Reaches Agreement With Largest Public Workers Union

Workers expose Verizon’s corporate greed

What if everyone had to do service jobs for a couple of years?

Unions give bonding, stadium bills one last push before Monday's votes

End of Merkozy

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition 5-6-12

Thoughts on advertisement and reality: looking for DU's take

Lloyds owns stake in US firm accused over CIA torture flights

Snarkozy is toast...

Labor video for the week of April 30, 2012 (Watch a warehouseman use his forklift)

Can someone tell me when the Census Bureau began counting undocumented immigrants?

UC Berkeley, Albany Occupy group reach impasse

Asia Falls Sharply on EU Worries, US Jobs - Reuters/CNBC

The tide is turning -Diageo to end funding of Heartland Institute after climate change outburst

What comes after zero?

Attacker in an Afghan Uniform Kills a NATO Soldier

OT: 200 million for one weekend.

Clarifying recent changes to our electoral system

Bryce Harper gets plunked in the back by Cole Hamels--->

I happened upon Mike Huckabee's show this evening and he showed two clips: one of Bush being

Now this is cool

CNN Correspondent Baby Shower Used to Solicit Bribes

5-6-12: Wild day in MLB

Last of 11 charged with felony hazing in FAMU case turns herself in

OK, does golf go here??? Outdoors I mean??

Fox News Reports: France Joins America in Electing Socialist President

Steven Tyler shares his thoughts on "the joys of womanhood." Grab the popcorn, this should be good.

YouTubes you may have missed

Panetta Says Drone Attacks Protect U.S. from Terrorists

Socialist Francois Hollande wins as Casablanca celebrates

RT on Hollande's victory in France

Chavez reelection bid in doubt

A new folk singer to keep an eye on; John Fullbright

James O'Keefe subpoenaed by NH attorney general for criminal grand jury. Says he's skyping...

Republican National Committee Attacks Obama on Jobs ~~~ from Overseas Call Center!!

How do YOU think Hillary will react to the Greek election results?

Who is running a better campaign as of right now? Obama or Romney?

s'Plain to me, Lucy, is France SOCIALIST now?!1 I like it better than Hugo!1 n/t

Lynne Sin, white courtesy phone: Foo Fighters @ Wembley with Jimmy Page & J.P.J., on now...

François Hollande's victory ...... in pictures

Game of Thrones SPOILERs Sunday May 6th.

What Today's Euro Elections Mean for Energy (Forbes)

suggestions requested.

Lehman E-Mails Show Wall Street Arrogance Led to the Fall - by William D Cohan

Could Industrial Wind Ruin Vermont?

Mali Islamist militants 'destroy' Timbuktu saint's tomb

Feinstein, Rogers say Taliban ‘stronger’ since surge

In Case You Missed This... 'JPMorgan Chief Jamie Dimon Asks For Simpson-Bowles Now' - Forbes

Obama and allies take out another terrorist, another victory...

Planet of the Apes

In honor of Johnny Depp playing "Tonto," I present to you...

Israel's leadership: Messianic and then some

Max Keiser: The Need For Mass Arrests - 99% vs Criminal Elite

Soaring costs threaten Britain’s nuclear plans

The power of story, abortion, and the Paulists

Don't Let It Die

Get the popcorn: The Ethicist Contest Winner: Give Thanks for Meat

Costco dog food under "precautionary" recall.

Any good politics chat rooms out there?

“If they overdose and kill themselves, it just removes them from the gene pool." -Republican MO Rep

Statement by the Press Secretary on the President’s Call to President-elect Hollande of France

Li'l Skittles found her life's purpose when she realized that she LOVED kicking dessert's ass.

Relative mud puddle joy levels child v. adult:

Nice Dick:

If MiddleFingerMom EVER gets propositioned again, this will be his response:

Cat attempts to put its pet human down.

The Satanic Budget: Death To The Weakling

I'm wondering if anyone here would consider "liking" my photography Facebook page.

Please rec to show your support for the people of France, England and Greece in

Dedicated to all the Texas haters

On Facebook

I had no clue about the history of the Bush family

Those Europeans are revolting, and it's about time.

Manchin apologizes for comments about not supporting Obama

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, May 6)

Obama invites Hollande to White House

Do you raise your hands in church?

Since I got "Slammed" for suggesting China's 1 Child Policy was Socially Responsible

End of Merkozy Leaves Franco-German Gulf as Greek Voters Rebel

New spray makes you ‘instantly drunk,’ and only lasts a few seconds

Heard on eleven o'clock news: Biden endorses same sex marriage (Kicked from Sunday)

Krugman: Those Revolting Europeans

The first victims of the elections (Greek)

So Apple stock holders. Sell or hold?

About that phrase "Bully Pulpit"

So Apple stock holders. Sell or hold?

Asian markets, euro dive on Europe election results

This week may show us how connected the world really is. Possible collapse of

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 7 May 2012

How MFM and skittles spent the day

Has anyone had to rent a storage unit before?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 8th: The Art of Collaboration

This is what we are up against OK I'm not religious. But I love to sing, as religion does

A BIG election year worldwide