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UBS loses bid to dismiss FHFA mortgage debt case

Just trashed my first thread ever in GD.

Enraged Ted Nugent threatens to ‘f*ck’ female CBS producer

I want to cry...Queen selling potato chips.

Have You Guys Seen The Commercials On Soul Travel ??? - I've Got Some Soul Travel For Ya...

If ENDA were law, could Grennell have sued Romney?

Cooking most of the night.

Reminder---Things Happen---Connect the Dots Tomorrow

Don't mess with me.

Officials: American drone strike kills 8 in Pakistan

Occupy - Still Free (Take a Chance on Me)

Story about "Karen Sullivan" (agent infiltrator to AWC in 2008), and "Anna" (Green Scare):

CNN Is Terrible. Here's Why.

Polygamous family deemed unworthy of special tax status

Sometimes Civil Disobedience is the Only Way to be Heard

Federal probe into SF fire deaths cites problems

Michael Moore - The Times They Are A-Changin' - Occupy This Album by Occupy This Album

Brig. Gen. Mark Martins, lead prosecutor in 9/11 case, in fight of his career (KSM military trial)


Sandusky Case: Court Filing Mentions at Least 17 Accusers...

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Friday, May 4)

Arizona bans funding to Planned Parenthood in abortion fight

Wisconsin Democratic debate focuses on attacking governor

A person biking across the US to raise attention to CMT

thank you all for being here and supporting me when things are going down the road feeling bad

The Boticelli Venus Rising, updated.

The Atlanta Braves. 9-8.

Great article about the new Vashon Credit Union and Move Your Money

Bogota gun ban results in homicide drop .

WHAT do you do when you get to the BOTTOM of the slide?

Toons: The Scream, The Oppressive Shackles of China, Leaving from Afghanistan and More. - 5/4/12

Meet Richard Carmona - Democrat in AZ! Running for Jon Kyl's Senate Seat...

The New Yorker: Tagg Romney and his Father's Money

i am worried and heartsick for our guy

Gunshots Fired at Huntsville's Saturn V

Amazon road could cut uncontacted tribes’ land in half

Update on SpaceX COTS 2 Launch

That POS Jan Brewer just signed a law to defund Planned Parenthood....

Bill Maher Tears Into Romney For Giving Money To Mormon Church Instead Of Directly To Charity

NOTHING says "Happy Birthday MiddleFingerMom" like a 21 BALUT SALUTE! Dig in, kids!

OCCUPY Foreclosure Panel Part I

OCCUPY Forclosure Panel Part II

i am starting a yelling party thread

West Wing Week: 5/4/12 or ''Out of Many, We are One.''

Bill Maher: If First Black President Only Has One Term, People Would See It As A ‘Failure’

It IS beautiful here in Arizona and there are a LOT of very nice progressives here, too...

Check out this cool PEACE picture from a Phx group on facebook

"Nugent’s temper rose and he began to yell at the reporter..."

Thanks for the good vibes, everyone.

Number of people who have me on ignore has gone from 6 to 9 in a matter of days. How many people

Oh, you KNOW you want those three little words whispered in your ear..."Snooki's Baby Bump."

Highly religious not as compassionate as non-believers, says study

Somalia: New gaming rage keeps teens off the street

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, May 4)

Check out informative site about Fukishima 'no exaggeration fate of world depends on No. 4 reactor’

Poll: Who do you think is the WORST governor currently in office in America?

This is awful: Rare white buffalo calf killed in North Texas

Been having technical difficulties...

Drone strike in Pakistan kills up to nine

One more...

Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch's Buddhist Spirituality Permeated His Life And Music

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: former military prosecutor denounces trial

Hurry, hurry! They are going fast! Get your very own Hitler medical record!

What is Rick Scott doing? Whatever it is, there are devious intentions.

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday May 5th

Best wishes for Vesakh ~ the commemoration of The Buddha's birth, enlightenment & passing.

Romney says he wanted gay spokesman to stay on job.

It is Free Comic Book Day

Romney is a coward...

Beastie Boys at CSU 11/3/2008 for Rock the Vote (Adam 'MCA' Yauch speaking)

Eliécer Ávila and Ricardo Alarcón Face Off (en Inglés!)

Noam Chomsky on America's Economic Suicide

The Real Job Creators: Everyday Americans, Not the 1%

Who are you voting for on Tuesday?

Karl Marx: 10 great quotes on his birthday

Ice age study delivers blow to global-warming skeptics

ACLU Asks Guantánamo Tribunal Not to Censor 9/11 Defendants’ Accounts of Torture

Bill Maher Gut Punches the Right by Exposing Their Racial Anti-Obama Motivation

AFP via Yahoo: UN expert calls for US return of native lands

The Unkindest Cut

Weekly Address: A New Chapter in Afghanistan

President Obama: War savings should be devoted to middle class, debt

New Product Review: Macro Vegetarian Products

Best article CNN has ever written....

Bad News for Obama: Democrats Have a Registration Problem

The Worst Yet to Come? Why Nuclear Experts Are Calling Fukushima a Ticking Time-Bomb

"Just to be fair."

Good Riddance to Feminism!

AZ Cuts Planned Parenthood Funds

Meet the Planet's Current Biggest Asshole Next To His Former Boss Romney: Edward Conard.

Krugman is correct but he's not right! He is brilliant on economics, naive on GOVERNANCE!

Conservatives and their Liberal Dem lapdogs get creamed in British elections



Greece's Dilemma: When the Only Real Choice Is Protest

Please Sign Petition Insisting Obama Protect Rights Of Citizens To Record Police In Public

My poor BC is going nuts!

Important Guardian UK piece about why Argentina's economy has boomed (free traders won't like it)

Personally I think China's 1 Child Policy to be socially responsible policy

We're off to see Obama @ OSU!

Let's tie Obama's hands behind his back, then bludgeon him on "weak" job numbers

Rev Al on James Brown. Worth watching just to see Rev Al dance!!!!

Help for those blinded by retinitis pigmentosa?

I am cooking Spaghetti Bolognese today

James Fallows: A Glimpse at the Divisions Within China Over the Chen Guangcheng Case

Disabled Vet Uses Yoga To Totally Transform

Family Battle Offers Look Inside Lavish TV Ministry

Global Cannabis March TODAY ....... Events in more than 300 cities worldwide

Kent State, 40 years on: the shredding of constitutional liberty still goes on

From Robert Reich: "Violence may put you on the front page but will not capture ...


Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash- Girl From the North Country


The World According to Monsanto (Link to free documentary)

Swiftboating Obama: How Should Democrats respond? Mike Huckabee is taking the lead

The Obama Cinco De Mayo Rally Thread (Columbus, Va Liveblog)

Toward a People's Budget: Vermont Adopts New Vision for State Spending and Revenue Policies

THE TRUTH ABOUT TAXES: History Suggests High Tax Rates On Rich People Do Not Hurt The Economy

I believe Sen Lugar will survive his primary fight against the Teabagger. The backlash

Steve Benen: Chronicling Mitt's Mendacity, Vol. XVI

Krugman: The argument from personal incredulity

British Columbia Rethinks Its Pioneering Carbon Tax

Chile's Mega-Quake Restored Beaches and Biodiversity

Obama's Job Growth Graph, -what a difference 3 years and Democratic economic principles make-

Wisconsin: Justice Prosser says investigation of him violates his rights

Another lost GOP issue: Domestic Terrorism

Task force wants changes in Stand Your Ground

Robert Reich: The Stall Has Arrived

"Obama shouldn't be using the killing of bin Laden for political purposes."

The Sarah Palin Defense Strategy

Come on MSNBC enough with the

Geithner's world part 1: 3 years of Immunity for Bad Bankers

Whooping cough epidemic WA state

Americans favor limited U.S. role in Afghanistan

Links to use when Scott Brown supporters attack Elizabeth Warren.

Whoop-de-do! 130 jobs for $600 million subsidy.

I feel personally violated

How to get body odor out of an old plastic sewing machine cover?

They Made Us a Nation of Bedwetters

So...who is looking forward to the Obama/Rmoney Debates?

Need advice on replacing carpet

Falkland Islands claimed as 'Argentine soil' in secretly filmed Olympic advert

Weak job growth feeds concerns of slowdown

I'm conflicted about the Jury system

How I would solve the job problem. I would introduce a totally new program

They only call it Class Warfare- Happy Birthday Karl Marx

Facebook "Like" doesn't show the Post button. Only half of the message shows...

Should We Ship American Coal to China?

Governor Romney's Job Growth Record -- Worse than Obama and Carter's

Feature request for jury system

I just Tweeted Debbie Wasserman Schultz on what is going on with the DNC with voter ID registration

"Pastor" Sean Harris says gays choose to be gay, and "punch" means "teach"

On the way to San Fran for the weekend!

Trickledown - Have you received your trickle?

Happy 100th Birthday Virgil Fox!

Turd Nugent is a legend in his own tiny mind.

Ron Paul...

Republican foreign policy strategy failing miserably...

A homophobic post almost remained unhidden because two jurors voted to leave it alone.

Rep. Pete Stark Issues National Day of Reason Proclamation

High school principal resigns amid Facebook mystery

Dewhurst is a ___ (use your favorite words of opprobrium), but this is good too

Welcome to the Economy Group! Please read if you are new here.

Happy Birthday Karl Marx! May 5, 1818

What The GOP Won't Tell You - Their New Order Version

Please check out this post in H & M about a homophobic juror.

Enthusiastic welcome for WWII vets

Obamas On the Way to Ohio

The Number One Goal for the Democratic Party right now is to

Study Says DNA’s Power to Predict Illness Is Limited

Ron Paul...

Just got an email from President Obama. He'll be on stage at 12:45 eastern. Link.

The evolution of the American worker...

Today's NY Times has a front-page expose on the Trinity Broadcasting Network...

Jim Klahr For Rep Dist 1 Oregon

Explanation for Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin and George W. Bush's opinions of themselves? Dunning-Kruger

Rand v. Christ cartoon

2 yr old running in middle of road at 2:30 am is hit and killed

IPPNW at the NPT PrepCom: Risks and consequences of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy

The Avenges is awesome! (And Shia Labeouf is a cannibal.)

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

MSNBC hurts the liberal/progressive cause

Now we know why Obama's trade rep, Ron Kirk, has ensured that the TPP talks are secret

Speedway Effect

Lost tribe of Frenchmen discovered living in cave near Puebla, MX

Tempering the Rise of the Machines

Pictures of food on facebook

Petition - FCC Chairman: Revoke the 27 Fox broadcast licenses News Corp. holds in the United States

Amazon supports the American Legislative Exchange Council

Wish the pro Amendment 1 ads here in NC would be considered hate speech and banned

Clinton Labor Secretary Schools Romney: 4% Unemployment Came After...Investments, Tax Hikes On Rich

For anyone who wants to watch Obama's first campaign rally in OH at 12:45pmET, here's the stream:

New Mitt Romney Video on Bill Maher's Show Last Night

Connecticut..Senate OKs medical pot bill; Malloy to sign it

Super moon to shine bright on Saturday night

Check these young ladies out!

Republicans, Get In My Vagina!

Guest Lineups For The Sunday TV News Shows

The Byrds: The Chimes of Freedom Flashing in many lessons and World songs

Freedom of Religion no longer a right in Pennsylvania

Wow, I made the DUzy Awards twice this week.

Pocket neighborhoods - I think this could change the U.S.

Federal report on last years massive Southwestern blackout released

In Case You Missed This... 'Capitalism Hits The Fan' - Richard Wolff

President Obama and the First Lady depart to officially kick off 2012 re-election campaign - pics

Powerful photo of a young widow's grief. Everyone who voted for the war should be forced to see it.

Aubrey Huff opens up about his anxiety attacks

Buffett Says Berkshire May Buy More Newspapers.

'Miners will battle resource grabs'

Japanese cheer unplugging of last nuclear plant

Even the right-wingers start seeing it: Romney would be a weak president

Feminism in the Ancient World

Ohio - Fired up and Ready to Go! - pics

Where Is Ron Paul..... Libretarian Convention Going On in Viva Las Vegas

Michelle Obama doing great in Columbus

Still On Shelves: Some Dog Owners Say Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Poisoned Their Pets

Still On Shelves: Some Dog Owners Say Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Poisoned Their Pets

1st private cargo run to space station now May 19

Perhaps Ted is suffering from some onset of a brain disease?

U.S. Border Guard Vows To Survive After Jason Todd 'JT' Ready's Death

TCM Schedule for Monday May 7 - TCM Spotlight: Mean Streets

I've been freaking OUT!!! My Photobucket account (with THOUSANDS of images) is GONE!!!

How did Mormons grow so fast? They changed how they counted

Why don't they show the crowds for Rethugs?

Are Americans in Rome behind the nuns crackdown?

Wow, what a great speech to kick off the campaign. Nailing Romney directly and indirectly!!

After 126 Years, Have We Forgotten? - FDL

No President has aggressively implemented pro-immigrant policies during their 1st term as President

Saturday afternoon yardsale check in for 5/5/12


"Look at the mess you've made!"

Republicans Remind Me of the Egypt Air Co-pilot

Five Myths About Crime in Black America—and the Statistical Truths - COLORLINES


Being *throttled* by Verizon.

BREAKING: Human Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab Arrested Ahead of Tuesday Interview with Assange

Saturday, May 5th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

92 year old bootlegs movies, sends them to troops overseas...

Hawaii State Legislature Passes Spaceport, Lunar Research and Development Bills


An 8-point Manifesto on the Collapse of Global Industrial Civilization

Humanitarian Travel - A good thing or a scam?

Is there an actual bug in the jury system?

Advice on making Empenadas


Republicans Remind Me of the Edward G. Robinson Character in The Ten Commandments

OFA responds to Veterans for a Strong America anti-Obama ad

Enough with the "doesn't make DU a better place" shit.

Teaching Me About Teaching (Charles Blow/NYTimes)

Still the plan

President Obama & Michelle Obama at a campaign rally at Ohio State University May 5th (updated) pics

How to see the supermoon — and shooting stars, too (

I didn't say this but I wish I had..

Don’t Believe China’s Promises

"I had sex with teenaged and younger girls; I disrespected the troops publicly;

Do Republicans Hate Science(?), Creationism In Schools, & More (The Point)

Next level moon shooting (and could this be Moonhattanhenge?) (Maddowblog)

A Little Trouble in Big China

George Carlin: 'Pro-life' is anti-women

Wouldn't it be great if the usual suspects who use

Cayetano stands by remarks about Sen. Inouye

car-top kennels for everyone!

Connecticut Senate passes medical marijuana bill

Obama outlines case for re-election at first official campaign rally

APNewsBreak: Former President Clinton opposes NC amendment that would ban gay marriage

My show's about to start

Consider the privilege and excess on MAD MEN...

Republican States Cut Most Public Sector Jobs In 2011 (March)

If you're not doing anything Sunday evening, I suggest you watch 60 Minutes.

If you're not doing anything Sunday evening, I suggest you watch 60 Minutes. (xpost from Veterans)

Leading Iraqi lawmakers threaten vote of no confidence

Half of Idaho's wolves gone in a year, thanks to Obama's Sect'y of the Interior

Hollowed Out

Papantonio: Republicans Are A Threat To National Security

Obama to speak at rally in VA shortly

Lets play the "Shut Up and Sing" Game!

Afghanistan’s mineral resources laid bare

Obama knocks Romney's CEO past in first 2012 campaign rally

Obama is the first president to pay for re-election travel under updated rules

Difference between insanity and religion

Catherine Austin Fitts on the Aristocracy of Stock Profits (long)

Cinco curiosities for Cinco de Mayo

Is Exxon a nation?

USA Today grossly misstates attendance at Columbus Obama rally.

weird day

These kids are awesome!

Bed Cartography

Painting plastic (resin) garden gnomes -

Yesterday was my birthday AND Star Wars Day. I got a bottle of wine to celebrate and this morning...

Joe Conason: What The China Crisis (And His Gay Crisis) Revealed About Mitt

Good history books on the Byzantine Empire? History of the Middle East/N.Africa?

I had to show a photo ID to buy a lighter today

Cinco de Mayo: Official Patron Saint of the Librotraficantes

I shall call her "Minnie-Me".

Cat-dunking (possibly not for the faint-of-heart): (dial-up alert)

Ah, the beach!!! MiddleFingerMom just LOVES it!!!

7 compulsive shopping traps

Some small-house love:

...but stupid is forever.

Ummmm.... I don't know what to say anymore. This country is soooo weird...

MN Billionaires say: "For $600 million, we get to keep 130 Vikings jobs in MN!"

Looks like there is much work to do in some of the mainlines...

Everything you've learned about cooperative behavior in the workplace is WRONG!!!!

The ED Show - Romney's lack of leadership

I don't think LynneSin is doing ENOUGH to help her animals that are being mercilessly bullied!!!!!

Krugman: Mitt Romney Promises to Create Eleventeen Million Jobs

Cinco de Mayo top picks (caution: food talk ahead).

President Obama's First Official Campaign Rally - full speech video

75-Year-Old Man Bitten, Dragged by Alligator at a Golf Course Pond

ALEC Corporations/Money in Politics

Whats the best racehorce name you've ever heard?

All private sector jobs lost during O's presidency have been replaced!

Voted today here in Michigan!


The Lewis Powell Memo - Corporate Blueprint to Dominate Democracy

For $600 million, we get to keep 130 Vikings jobs in MN!

The cold truth about Obama and FDR

VIDEO: OFA Responds to Veterans for a Strong America's Anti-Obama Ad

Is Mitt Romney waiting on the recall election in Wisconsin...?

You know what we need?

VIDEO: ACW Responds to Crossroads GPS Ad "Gas Prices"

Occupy For Accountability

CBS intentionally violated posted gun show rules in phony undercover stunt

Tourist mauled by 'tame' cheetah (graphic photo)

Mitt Ramney has no courage and would be too cowardly to defend America

I would like to thank the people of Wisconsin for my Badgercare health insurance

Kitchen dancing, laid back - Ella, et al -

There's a reason why Kali's tired alla time. It has NOTHING to do with all that alleged ranch work.

"I'm not following this story because I think it's a freaking Barack Obama reality show..."

President Obama's Record


C-Span: President Obama Campaign Rally in Ohio (w/intro by Michelle Obama) - full speeches

Wondering why I even talk to my father

Not sure what group to put this in

Uber Alles, Arizona

Gary Johnson Wins 2012 Libertarian Nomination

Guardian: 2012 Olympics: Kabul. Baghdad. London. Three to avoid this summer.

President Obama signs a book about him for a cub scout upon his arrival in Richmond, VA - pics

Why are we in Afghanistan for the long haul?

Longtime Senator Lugar trails Tea Party rival in poll

If I may have a moment of paternal pride...

The doctors were wrong (inspirational yoga story)

What did Edison think about the way we should get our electricity?

It just feels right to post this now

Hey older Lounge Lizards, I could use some help.

The Orioles!

FDR HAD a 70% average PROGRESSIVE dem congress for 12 YEARS!!!!

TCM Schedule for Sunday, May 6, 2012 -- What's On Tonight: Picture Purrfect

What Timothy McVeigh can teach us about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's trial

Norm Ornstein and Thomas Mann "the Republican party has become "an insurgent outlier"

(Class forced to crawl on track) Junction investigates 'uncalled for' school punishment

State of the States (and DC): medical marijuana laws (May 2012)

This Looks Very Bad For People Who Work At Car Dealerships

Are you in California? Do you want to help promote home solar?

A haiku: MiddleFingerMom getting out of Bed

Budward the lab crossed over this morning. Thanks, DU...

"'s still about hope. It's still about change."

Do you want to see more rooftop solar?

Biden: This is not your father's GOP

My day in Milwaukee: How a street level rock dealer convinced an apathetic voter to stand up

Help! Must choose new internet provider today.

Heh! I guess we should give him a uniform...

Hypothetical situation to share with with pro-lifers.

This is your applegrove.

New Avengers trailer!

I just got home from President Obama's Campaign Rally in Richmond!

What an incredibly awesome day!

Mitt(Liar) Romney Won't Abandon 'Severely Conservative' Record To Win Independents In 2012 Race

Cross posting from computer help and support group for visibility.

Romney's criticism on handling of Chinese dissident: Foolish or Very Foolish?

Fucking cat barfed on my briefcase.

Utility Workers votes to authorize strike at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in MA.

AT&T to pay Muslim woman $5M in harassment case

I wonder if Romney's "very foolish" comments about the China situation will be discussed on any of

Romney just announced to a crowd of rich, white, Kentuckians, that his first act as President ...

Rachel Maddow - Wealthy Romney fundraiser apologizes for gay reporter's 'personal pain'

Falklands Olympic ad not a provocation: Argentina

How the Battle of Puebla (Cinco de Mayo) changed the American Civil War

Photos from today's Global Cannabis March......around the world

High school senior finds way to get nearly 200 mpg in vehicle

Max Keiser: Unemployment numbers are 'propaganda' + 2.2 Million Go On Disability Since Mid-2010

Sorry Honey--- No Olive Garden tonight.

Awesome Video of May Day NYC

Went outside this morning and someone put a Lloyd Doggett sign in my yard.

My band's website

9/11 defendants ignore judge at Guantanamo hearing


An early parallel between republicanland 2012 and 2008. It is NOT flattering to bain romney!

“Corporations aren’t people,” Obama said, slamming Romney’s previous comments. “People are people.”

President Obama and the First Lady at a campaign event in Richmond, VA. May 5th - pics

Video Shows Black Teen Brutally Beaten by NYPD Officers Was Not Holding Drugs, Did Not Punch Officer

Iran Elections 2012: Ahmadinejad Routed By Rivals

Gators and golf: A deadly mix unless you’re very, very lucky

Can Going Without Money Hurt the Economy? One Man's Quest to be Penniless

US should return stolen land to Indian tribes, says United Nations

Worldwatch Institute: Economic Recovery Brings Return to Growth of CO2 Emissions

I'm going to an Obama event in Seattle next week. I'm wondering

Ron Paul supporters take over GOP convention

Private Water Industry Defends ALEC Membership

Re: Supermoon: Where is it NOT overcast???

Those who liked or loved..Lillie and Dutchess of Duke Street might like "The Pallisers"

Global Nuclear Capacity Factor Continues Decline - now 76%

Family feud reveals luxuries at largest Christian TV network (TBN - Trinity Broadcast Network)

No Woman’s Land: a new book recalls the frontline experiences of female reporters

Toon: Austerity Fever!

AA Genealogy Oral History

Rachel Maddow: The Interview

question about donating to Veterans

Changes in climate will alter Maine, speaker says

cross posted from the Pets group....east texas: brother and sister cats need a home

A daily glass of pomegranate juice increases testosterone levels

Lake's freezing and thawing shows warming trend

So today's rightwing lie is to claim no one attended Obama's campaign kickoff

World's smallest running V-8 engine

Question: Too big is bad??

If you lost your SO, would you be able to pay off all expenses and still be able to live as you are

Has Islam and Christianity become dangerously politicized and extremist?

"The Real Job Creators" by Joan Walsh at Salon

Will Murdochgate take out UK (Conservapig) PM David Cameron?

Lots of people can't be bothered to vote, but there's this one group....

First campaign rally: Obama's 14,000 vs. Bush's 10,000

Harlem Renaissance dancer Edna Guy letter.

Ticking down. Anybody want to strategize me for eBay? I absolutely HATE games

Germany maps biggest breasts in the world

nytimes op ed: Murdoch’s Pride Is America’s Poison

Are Americans in Rome behind the nuns crackdown?

This Republican Party really doesn't give a shit about you...

The President and First Lady return to the White House after a busy day - pics

A pet product that really works!

Robert Reich tells Romney how to get to 4% unemployment...

Job creation: What can $100 billion per year do?

The ED Show - Republican hypocrites call Obama 'Divider in Chief'

"If by a 'Liberal' they mean...

Judge: Texas can't cut funds to Planned Parenthood

Bill Johnson Sperm Scandal: Former Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate 'Obsessed' With Sperm Donation

Free Republic gets some media attention, in all the wrong way.

Geisel Library, UCSD

What are you reading the week of May 6, 2012?

Connecticut Senate passes medical marijuana bill

Wanted. Medical ethics opinions please...Re: Medical trainees/interns

A right wing mailbox

"Sperm scandal" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sperm scandal".

The gloves are off

There's a moon in the sky

Apparently... 'Stand Your Ground' Only Applies To White Males... Or At Least Half-White...

AZ review shows private prisons cost more. So legislature ends the study.

Arizona neo-nazi was under FBI investigation for domestic terrorism...


CDC: Fewer Teens Having Sex, More Using Contraception

What would you say?

The SINGLE WORST BOSS of my ENTIRE CAREER died of pancreatic cancer on November 8, 2011.

Defense contractors donate to ‘obscure’ CA Assembly race

Blending WWII Pictures Into Today

Right-wing city council ends transit program for poor and disabled purely on ideological grounds

How far do folks here think R-Money will go to stop Paul?

Today was Free Comic Book Day

Marijuana market takes a hit in California’s Emerald Triangle

From Mike Klinger-Empathy business

Shaq Earns Doctorate in Education at Barry in Fla.

Taking the high road

Today I found out my best friend...

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012...Anybody else just jamming!

Just curious here, what do people here think of George Orwell?

What's the value of a college degree?

Holy Zeus!1 What a wondrous human was whassername Vivien LEIGH!1

Found on Facebook...

Notice something unusual about Obama's list of accomplishments?

A Battle With the Brewers

A major thank you to babylonsister!

"live" (90 minute tape delay) stream of Tucson Folk Festival

Proof the Right Used Pre-Rally Picture To Claim Obama Arena Was Empty

U.S. abandons consulate site in Afghanistan, citing security risks

Anti-war speakers speaking in Va. Beach tomorrow

Chen Guangcheng case: Republican senators urge asylum despite deal

Alan Gross interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN

Funny or Die Where should the government be? Up my vagina.

Obama: use half the "money we’re no longer spending at war" to "rebuild America."

FBI frames Carlos Montes, long-time Chicano & peace activist, Trial set for 5/15th in L.A.

Mission Accomplished - Exxon to Drill 20 Oil Wells in Iraq

Pentagon report says Defense Department whistleblowers have been left vulnerable to reprisals

Weight loss is SO MUCH DAMN FUN.

An outsider's view of the Maine state republican convention.