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Archives: May 30, 2012

Artur Davis switches from Democratic to Republican party

Most students eagerly count the days until summer vacation, but homeless children will lose safe hav

Does anybody know what happens if you drink Kona Nigara straight?

5.26th. Occupy MN deliver broken door from foreclosed raided home to Sheriff

I just started reading "World War Z".

Juror #1 - Really?

I'm totally in favor of letting Mitt Romney rule "Amercia" as long as he leaves "America" to us

"History's 'Hatfields amd McCoys' a bleak depiction of famous feud"

Look Now for Venus to Cross the Sun, or Wait Another Century

14 Month of Being Unemployed is About To End.

Sigh...I hate that my cat loves me!

I guess he didn't have enough faith... Snake-handling preacher dead of rattlesnake bite.

Study: One in 10 US Veterans Has No Health Insurance (and doesn't use VA health care)

Kansas Pastor Wants Government To Kill All The Gays (AUDIO)

5/29 Minneapolis PD violently raid foreclosed home, activists march to the precinct and jail

Just saw this on Facebook

Grover Fuckwit...

5/30 1pm Mpls City Hall, Press conference in response to Mpls PD violent raid on foreclosed home.

Quake los angeles just now, not big

The ED Show - Voter suppression in Florida could swing presidential election

Trump @ Romney fundraiser: 'We have wars; we get nothing from them'

Ok, I get it

The presidential Debates: Community Organizer, Editor, Professor, Cons. lawyer vs. Corporate Raider

Kapiolani Hospital. Seriously, CONS haveN'T figured out how to use Google yet?

Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

Romney campaign quietly scrubs all mentions of anti-labor adviser Peter Schaumber

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, May 29)

Juror #5, if you want to send it to MIRT, vote to hide it, not to leave it

Tuatara reptile slices food with 'steak-knife teeth' (BBC) {living fossil}

Sí, se puede, Dolores Huerta

Do as I say, not as I do....

Juanita Jean fires back at an idiot who comments on the Diane Tran jail sentence:

Spin's 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time.

Toons: The Devil Dance, Rearrange Your Priorities, A Motivated Voter and More. - 5/29/12

Ottawa pols sure get interesting mail.

The Course & Future of Islamic Feminism

As the GOP readies a 2000 sequel, the entire nation sleeps . . .

...and that's after only ONE bite!

Arabs search for stable political systems

Why You Should Be Optimistic After Amendment One: A North Carolinian's Perspective

Do you have any unusual reading or watching rituals?

Brown Vs Savage: Duel Accepted

Opinion poll shows majority of Chileans want to change the electoral system

I'm hungry. Someone bring me food.

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday May 30th

ICC urged to probe Colombia killings

ICC urged to probe Colombia killings

First Lady Michelle Obama on ''The View'' (Full interview)

Australia proposes changing slavery laws to include bans on organ trafficking, forced marriage

FDR American Badass Official Redband Trailer - Barry Bostwick Movie (2012) HD

Why don't we try peace?

William K. Black: Why I Won’t be Briefing Congress about Derivatives

Britain's Supreme Court to Rule on WikiLeaks Chief (Wednesday)

New product from Vegan Essentials

America's murderous drone campaign is fuelling terror

Who's still eat'n seafood?

Supreme Court rules Julian Assange should be extradited to Sweden.

Florida voter purge is in full swing

Green party leader May threatens budget delay

Fisheries Act changes questioned by former ministe

UK court backs Assange extradition to Sweden

Why Mitt Romney Keeps Donald Trump Around

From the thirties and today look who's coming to Washington

Radioactive DA defeated in Texas primaries

Planned Parenthood Ads to Target Romney

Charles Ferguson's 'Predator Nation: Corporate Criminals, Political Corruption, and the Hijacking ..

Here we go...Dan Senor is on MJ, He and Joe are peddling talking points on invading Syria.

Good Rachel Maddow Show: You can either get more votes or stop people from voting: Florida style

Andy Coulson detained by police for suspected perjury

Andy Coulson charged in Tommy Sheridan trial perjury inquiry

All the dead people say yes, By Mark Morford

Protests Against Brutal Repression and Draconian Law in Quebec

State reviews U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter's petitions for criminal fraud

Liberia ex-President Charles Taylor get 50 years in prison

Mitt Romney’s Stockholm Syndrome Behavior

Quebec Student Movement Grows with Popular Support

PRI The World: Why Texas May Become a Blue State

Not The Party Of Lincoln

comparing flood levels

Meet the Little Girl Killed by a US Missile: Tracing One Tragic Story in Our Horrific Drone War

Morning news media avoiding Romney/Trump get together?

Feminist group protest at Cannes premiere

Creating Change Is the People's Job

Just finished reading "Breakfast of Champions" again

The AOTD damn well better be Will the Circle Be Unbroken

UN observers discover 13 bodies in eastern Syria

IKEA under fire for ancient tree logging

Planned Parenthood:"Mitt Romney: Out of Touch and Harmful for Women's Health"

Gas rebranded as green energy by EU

Russia, China Oppose Syria Intervention

Construction of Tennessee Mosque Halted

The Catholic church versus the Catholic premier

Confronting Tradition: Weddings and Feminism

It's the ReTea Party

Artur Davis switches from Democratic to Republican party

Madison: Jackson Browne & Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello Headlining FREE GOTV Concert!

What's on the bottom of your shoe? (cartoon)

Wisconsin: Walker's budget is already working, Part CIX

On Pregnancy and Privacy and Fear

Wisconsin: Walker pads those job numbers again.

Romney app misspells ‘Amercia’

Now that was basketball

The Stunning Truth About Health Care Pricing

Wisconsin: Conservatives ramp up dirty tricks leading up to June 5 recall election

Melky sets Giants record for hits in May...

House to vote on bill banning abortions based on sex of child

Thanks to Wisconsin's Scott Walker for Helping to Put Talk Radio on Trial at the - PLS SIGN PETITION

If you don't have anything good to say about Mitt...

ADP Employment Report for May 2012

This has got to be my favorite discussion/rip of Donald Trump Ever...

Weekly Frequency: Uranus/Pluto Square: Part Two (Ralfee Finn)

m$nbc lets you know that democrats are 'birthers' too

Prayers, Light, Healing Requests Thread for June 2012

How nanotechnology is shaping stem cell research

If you are a vulnerable democrat in a republican-ruled state & you like to vote

I have a new blog post up!

I have a new blog post up!

Mars transiting my first house planets

Kansas pastor (not named Phelps): Government should kill gays

Bomb squad called in to OR to remove unexploded firework from man's chest

Christine Lagarde, who recently took Greeks to

A man walks into a bar, and orders a beer...

Archaeologists and pagans alike glory in the Brodgar complex

Cleveland priest on "What the Nuns’ Story is Really About"

well, well, two reasons to watch Morning Joe today

Fugitive Venezuela judge helps elite U.S. anti-drugs unit

A new kind of gun-toting American

After Jail, Cunningham to Fight Wild Animals

Fugitive Venezuela judge helps elite U.S. anti-drugs unit

Oops! David Cameron's former director of communications Andy Coulson detained by police

I think Mitt should come clean about how many wives and kids he really has.

Bill Maher <-----> Barack Obama

GOP Groups Plan $1 Billion Push for Romney

"AMERCIA" --- OOPS! Romney Campaign MISSPELLS AMERICA" In iPhone App

Mercury Retrograde Election

You want a peace of me?

Julian Assange given 14 days to challenge extradition ruling

Q-Poll: Cuomo gets an 71-16 approval rating from New Yorkers

Kansas Pastor Wants Gov't to Kill All The Gays

My wife will be resigning today as my DU Advisor

A sane Dem (Silvestre REYES) ousted by RICKETTS pac that tried to use WRIGHT against OBAMA

"One Town's War on Gay Teens" (Michele Bachmann's district)

Margaret & Helen: In the Republican Party the American Dream is Just an Oxycontin Hallucination

If Obama's mom was so ingenious

We're all living in an America at a crossroads...

Like Rabbits

In Florida, Scott Administration Vows To Accelerate Voter Purge: ‘There Will Be More Names’

Jim Hightower: Bust 'Em Up: Who Needs Wall Street Giants?

Political joke

Ohiosmith has always been a major advocate for peace.....

One more bar joke....

Any Questions?

Gabriel Joseph III, president of FreeEats = spam text message sent out to thousands of Wisconsin

Thread titles in LBN

Spain Ejects Clean-Power Industry With Europe Precedent: Energy

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Mitt N Trump

New lab turns SD gold town into scientific hub

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Syria

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Economy

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- Rights

Shouldn't I be spewing by now? A psychological question.

Canada's 'casseroles protests' grow

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- The Rest


California voters still support Jerry Brown's call for tax hikes

Vatican leaks: Pope denounces "gratuitous" coverage

Jim Cramer is so right on about one thing

Russia 'categorically against' Syria intervention

Romney misspells 'America' on iPhone app

Romney's Former Classmate: "When they debate, Barack will smoke Romney"

why Social Security is such a good thing

thought this would make you laugh

The problem with Mitt, as they say, is obvious:

Request: start banning trolls again for posting obviously rightwing points of view

Bristol Drug Seen Helping Body Attack Lung Cancer: Health

Devastating disease found in endangered Tennessee bats

iPhone manufacturer Foxconn to double worker salaries by 2013

Russia 'categorically against' Syria intervention

Walker transfers $100,000 to legal defense fund from campaign acct.

Trump overshadows Romney with 'birther' talk

Post your own "I'm With Mitt!" Amercia Pics!

“Sex Positive Feminism” - A Term That Needs Retiring

Anti-bailout SYRIZA party in the lead: Greek poll

Whole slew on new characters to be added for A Game of Thrones, Season 3

Dissecting the Da Vinci codices

What’s That Smell? - By Mike Luckovich

Drumbeat: May 30, 2012

Drumbeat: May 30, 2012

Dog causes explosion in home

Energy Management Systems for Buildings are Booming

If you have to sabotage the economy to win, your ideas suck

The Swim Club is open at my house! Watch out for Pool Sharks!

WTF? Murdoch hacked the Untouchable James 'fugging' Bond 10 times

DU Album of the Day: "Old-Timey Concert" Doc Watson

Great Pic Of OUR President

Drug Cartel Barbecues U.S.-Owned Potato Chip Company

Lawsuit seems to have stopped Franklin County board's prayers

Mitt Romney has a bad boyfriend that he's afraid to break up with.

(Jay) Nixon may be casting a glance at the future

(Jay) Nixon may be casting a glance at the future

It’s all Greek to me! Has the Royal Mint picked the ‘wrong’ gods for its Olympic coins?

Conservatives campaign against insurance exchanges

A few things about the group hosting issues

Tomatoes: What Varieties Are You Growing This Year?

Community in shock after dog skinned alive

True Blood Fans Question of the Day: What's gonna happen with Tara

Poland beekeepers kick Monsanto out of the hive, successfully ban bee-killing GM corn

Gay Gilbert Couple terrorized, Police says it is their fault for being gay

Any person removed from voter rolls incorrectly

When asked if she could be anyone in the world, the first lady said, "Beyonce"

BIB - just for fun...

"Polish death camps"

What happened to all of the polls in Wisconsin


Oklahoma Senator has flag burned outside home

Kansas pastor calls on U.S. government to kill LGBT people

Four Year-Old Church Singer Performs "Ain't No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven" as crowd cheers

The Red, White, And Blue Truth About Job Creation

Will 'birther' Orly Taitz be GOP Senate nominee?

Snake-handling nincompoop comes to predictable end

Pete Hoekstra: Establish national ‘birther’ office for presidential candidates

Birthers Also Want Obama's School Grades to Prove Something or Other

A Dumb Question Repugs Spending $1 Billion - Are They Actually Paying People To Vote Repug ........

For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee You, Too, Can Sponsor A Uterus

Romney gets Trumped by birther talk

Willard is absolutely terrified of his own base - New Obama Ad Hits Mitt Romney for Embracing Trump

Ron Paul Fest 2012 and Birther-ish Romney

Recall absentee ballots issued remains strong all across WI

Click for a good laugh

Oh No, Romney’s Birth Certificate Says ‘Certificate Of Live Birth’ — Just Like Obama’s!

LynneSin has always been a Size Queen......

Obama campaign to hit Mitt Romney's abysmal jobs record in Massachusetts

Same-sex marriage supporters take their fight to Illinois courts

Announcing DOOM 3 BFG Edition! - Xbox/PS3

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker transfers $100,000 from recall campaign to legal defense fund

What is it with all the shopping carts? You do NOT need a shopping cart at Marshall's.

El Paso Elects Openly LGBT State Lawmaker

'Birthers' claim Obama applied to college as a foreigner

I Am A Job Creator........

$300 Million of PA. Taxes Used for Private School "Scholarships" without check on needs of students

Romney Mentions US Birth Requirement Amid Fresh Birther Controversy

"Ain't No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven" sung by a four-year-old

Pending Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Decline by Most in a Year

Oil Tumbles to Seven-Month Low on U.S. Supply Glut

California Senate Primary: Welcome to Crazytown

The Rude Pundit - Of Kill Lists, Drones, and Presidents

the con-job on gasoline

Illinois lawmaker loses it

I'm prowd to be a Amercian, wear at least I no I'm free

Latinas At The Intersections: Immigration, Health Care, And The Supreme Court

Corbett wants to PERMANENTLY end state funding for parks, open space, trails & farmland preservation

Massachusetts was 47th among states in job creation under mitt romney

Flows in the Poudre River — S. Platte’s largest tributary — at all-time low, farmers’ outlook bleak

Greece to Leave Euro Zone on June 18: Wealth Manager

Weird News? There's a DU Group for that.

the funniest "a guy walk into a bar joke" I've ever heard

I'll have it be known that Amercia is a Christina Nation!

Colombia investigates retired military commanders over alleged coup plan .

Colombia investigates retired military commanders over alleged coup plan .

Awful Things Women Have To Deal With That Men Don’t

I read the comic strip Frank and Ernest this morning and had a good laugh. A cable company

Sports forum related.

Republican Senate Candidate Says Voters Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Elect Their Senators

If Mitt Wins I'm Moving To Amercia...

Today is bad pun day!

Mother Jones: California Senate Primary: Welcome to Crazytown

Jon Stewart Slams Roger Ailes And Fox News, Rips Republicans For Demonizing Socialism

Switzerland draws up eurozone collapse action plan

The 10 Commandments - Revised

Israel to indict reporter over state secrets

Even in Coal Country, the Fight for an Industry

Denver Post article on Bain Capital's activities in CO

A guy walks into a bar...

California tuna connoisseurs shy away from sushi over Japan radiation fears

Groups To Hold Pre-Democratic Convention Protest

Tell us a memory

Boy wins trip to Disney, gives it to fallen soldier’s family

Adding to Unease of a Drug War Alliance

Thom Hartmann: Get out your tin foil hat for the new GOP platform

Sophie passed away last night

Mitt Romney: Little to Like

Sophie passed away last night

The last time we had a bidnessman...

Scarlett Johansson for the win!

Does anyone know of any other state making current public retirees do a "give back?"

Sherlock Holmes novel "A Study in Scarlet" by Arthur Conan Doyle

NASA TV will cover Dragon return Thursday morning

Forbes: Facebook Fed The 'Ignorant' Masses An IPO Lite

The Politics of Religion (NYT Editorial)

Europeans' economic future has been hijacked by dangerous ideologues

I am told that I will not get to spend eternity with these bigots

"Ain't no Homos Gonna Make It to Heaven"

For anyone near Philadelphia: Trans-Health Conference this week

‘Ten Commandments’ Judge Roy Moore: Secularism leads to Sharia law

Mexican Cartel Declares War on Cheetos

I have never used the full ignore feature on DU3 until today.

Does Analytic Thinking Erode Religious Belief?

Behind the Recall: The Rise and Fall of Scott Walker

Flows in the Poudre River - S. Platte's largest tributary - at all time low...

Alert & Jury systems both being abused

Wisconsin NEW poll 49 vs. 49 per John Nichols

Images of A Better Amercia

Romney can't quit Trump proves to me he is a coward!!!

i'm fizzgig and promise i don't bite

Check out the motivation!

The Truth About Bottled Water That You're Not Supposed To Know

Donald Trump Just Went "There" on Twitter a few moments ago

Romney's Mexico-Born Father Faced Own 'Birther' Attacks - GG'Dad Fled U.S. To Mexico Over Polygamy

It's Now or Never in Wisconsin Recall

Thom Hartmann: The Florida election fix is in for 2012

New Romney Poster--

Birthers and citizenship

Texas Legislature to get more bat shit crazy next year

Amercia! Amercia! Mitt shed overhead on thee!

More Occupy Wall Street Cases Dismissed (Largest Group to Come to Trial Today)

Selling out public schools--David Sirota

Selling out public schools

What Believers and Atheists Can Learn From Each Other

‘I Want To Live In A Democracy, Not A Religious State’

Colombia Farc rebels set to hand over French reporter

Ana Marie Cox needs our help:Trump asks What could be better than dinner with @MittRomney and me?

Colombia Farc rebels set to hand over French reporter

Netflix, Comcast execs named to FCC net-neutrality panel

So has anyone started a petition for Donald Trump as keynote speaker at the GOP convention?

This is how stupid Rick Scott is: He created this media frenzy

He arrived in Mondragon to discover his homeland desperate for social justice and economic security.

Seems I just didnt listen months ago when many of you were

The great Verizon FiOS ripoff

Where the Arab Spring Began

Price tag placement is important.

Miami Face-Eating Attack Lasted 18 Agonizing Minutes

I sent SOP alert on may 28th.

From an attempted conversation with a birther --

Walker leads Barrett 52% to 45% in new Marquette Law School poll calls Omaha the best U.S. city to raise kids

President Obama calls Romney, wishes him well for campaign

IA Public Radio saying that Walker is "poised to win recall" election.

The European far right: actually right? Or left? Or something altogether different?

AT&T CEO fills GOP coffers after Dems diss T-Mobile merger

Catholics rally around nuns amid Vatican crackdown

New WI Recall Poll has Walker & Barrett tied at 49%

Razistan: Photos From Afghanistan Show Unseen Sides Of The War

ACLU Lawsuit Challenges Illinois Gay Marriage Ban

What are the rules on quoting books? I'd like to serialize some, not all, of a book that I'm reading

Transparency is a good thing, so here's Yet Another Jury Result

More Genes Than Humans: The Tomato Decoded

6 Days To Wisconsin Recall: How You Can Help

Officer's instinct kept him from using deadly force

Herman cartoonist Jim Unger dies

m$nbc just reported the koch brothers are giving FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to romney.

Faux News latest attack ad...

Drug-Legalization Democrat Beats Rep. Silvestre Reyes in Texas Primary

Mitt Romney chases SWEET Meg Whitman money, talking JOBS and the ECONOMY while HP lays off 25000

I'm volunteering for Kathleen Kane's AG race - the best bet to stop Tom Corbett

Okay, now I'm offended. It's not even our fault this time.

Another "walk into the bar" joke.

Hello, I'm Woodsprite

Report: Chavez's cancer has 'entered the end stage'

Obama congratulates Romney on GOP primary win

GOP Super PACS Plan To Spend $1 Billion On Election ($400 million from Koch brothers)

Should People Convicted of a Gun Crime Be Required to Register With Police?

Jacqueline Woodhouse - Jailed for racist rants (ITV1 London coverage)

Overnight Shift from Drought to Flooding in Central Cuba

GOP groups plan to spend a record $1 billion dollars on November’s elections

With Plan X, Pentagon seeks to spread U.S. military might to cyberspace

Kathie Lee Gifford asks Martin Short how long he's been married (his wife died in 2010)

Check out this billboard, about to go up on Billy Graham Highway

Robert Mugabe made a ‘leader for tourism’ by UN agency (Hateful, Spiteful "man")

Here we go again...

Billboard to be erected on Billy Graham Highway in North Carolina

American heads are getting larger

Job creators? Really!!?!?

Pakistani doctor's conviction not linked to bin Laden, court says

Romney getting more popular among woman voters per ABC POLL

Common ownership: does it mean anything at all? ||| MSNBC <> CNBC

The Only Graphic That Matters. Please distribute widely.

2 killed, 3 injured in North Seattle shooting; gunman at large

Twitter hashtag #Amercia: Comic Relief!

Wednesday wishes it were elsewhere if not otherwise. Please come CAPTION Bill-O the Fecal Clown!!!

Bill Clinton 'sorting out his schedule' to come to WI before Tuesday--per DNC Chair

'Bin Laden doctor' jailed for militant link, says court

Bernie Sanders Has An Amazingly Simple Idea To Fix Social Security For The Next 75 Years

What if the Obama campaign ran an ad that

Protest Brownback's tax plan on Friday, June 1st

What will you do when the eventual Zombie Apocalypse comes?

Tony Perkins’ FRC tells Obama: ‘Wages of sin is death’ (TEH GAY is a sin, an abomination, harmful)

Testing for new E. coli strains in beef finally to begin

Central Florida's State Attorney's Offices need a redo.

Terrell Owens: Released by Indoor Football League team

I'm confused about my error in understanding DU Community Standards

Would this country be better or worse off without the GOP?

Could These 4 Kickass Young Women Change the Face of Congress?

Could These 4 Kickass Young Women Change the Face of Congress?

A little history lesson.

Have you ever seen the real corporate headquarters?

Whistleblower fights Bank of America and wins--$14.5 mil!

Scott Brown's campaign manager was so hated in VT that both repubs

Gun nut kills five in Seattle shooting spree...he collected guns AND had a concealed carry permit.

What does "disruptive" mean to you?

Occupy Cal Protesters Sue for $15 Million

Report: Chavez's cancer has 'entered the end stage'

Oscar is 8 years old today!

Nick Hanauer on His Banned TED Talk & Why the Middle Class are the Job Creators

My book club reading came today! Wahoo!

"I inherited a mixed animal from Uncle living in woods." - a DU Legend!!!!

Pastor gets 2 years for instructing parents to hit their children with wooden rods

Just think...

Taxpayers Want Diddy's Son to Fork Over His $54,000 UCLA Scholarship...

Amercia is With Mitt! Now on Tumblr - pics and link to many more


Best defense when confronted by riot police


Best flames paint job evah!

What a great road trip!

Those Who Don't Stand Up to Bullies Become Their Next Victims

FARC releases French journalist .

41.16 tons of HCL, 12.87 tons of tetramethyl ammonium chloride, 5.5 tons of potassium hydroxide

FARC releases French journalist .

Romney’s student debt chutzpah

Man Exonerated of Rape Contacted by Six NFL Teams in Two Days

All of you were lost souls. That's why I brought you to this island.

E.U. Cautions France and Warns of Challenges in Spain

Apple's efforts fail to end gruelling conditions at Foxconn factories

Four-Year-Old Sings ‘Ain’t No Homos Going To Make It To Heaven’ – Receives Standing Ovation (VIDEO)

Four-Year-Old Sings ‘Ain’t No Homos Going To Make It To Heaven’ – Receives Standing Ovation (VIDEO)

Affirmed's Owner: Ready to Pass the TC Torch

Freepers discuss Mitt's birth certificate, hilarity ensues.

Woman shot in carjacking dies, police scour West Seattle for suspect

Zach Wahls delivers 275,000 signatures to Boy Scouts calling for end to anti-gay policies

US Senate candidate "Leaky Pete" Hoekstra (NUTS-MI) wants CIA and FBI to create new birther dept

Where can you still find bohemia in America?

New Report Examines Effects of Trees Killed by Bark Beetles on Wildfire

Obama and Drone Warfare: Will Americans Speak Out?

Bill Maher once said that

Herb Smoked Pork Chops recipe on my blog

CrossTalk: War Unlimited

Let's Elect Someone Who Knows Something

Porn actor named as suspect in case of severed foot sent to Tory HQ

800 Municipalities in 41 Wisconsin Counties offer hand-counted paper ballot option -- USE IT!!

Another reason to never ever borrow someone's cell phone........

Magazine insert prompts courthouse bomb scare in Idaho

Obama's kill list revealed

Caught on camera: CaliforniaPeggy at Farmers' Market......

Republicans despise intellectualism. They scorn public education. They hate government.

Where to visit in NYC?


Piyush the douch

Fukushima quake/tsunami disturbed upper atmosphere - NASA

John Edwards committed no crime

Fukushima quake/tsunami disturbed upper atmosphere - NASA

Hangover: Obama's Kill List

Read Every Politician’s Deleted Tweets

Glenn Greenwald: Obama's Secret Kill List "The Most Radical Power a Government Can Seize"

Signs of Shift Among African-Americans on Same-Sex Marriage

Ah there are times that writing is fun

British Ship in Cuba to Mark Battle Anniversary

British Ship in Cuba to Mark Battle Anniversary

Dad blogger shares photo of teen’s ‘inappropriate’ outfit

Calgary backbencher quits Harper’s team to work for Redford

Dan Savage On 4-Year Old Singing ‘Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven’

Otter & Dog

The petition to have Donald Trump as keynote speaker for the 2012 GOP convention. Enjoy.

4-Year Old Sings ‘Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make It To Heaven’ In Church

VPOTUS appearing!

Show Us The Wives!

Pa. Supreme Court Justice Charged With Felonies Should Resign Now - Editorial

Please come CAPTION The Donald, our greatest argument against evolution!!!!!!

Republican candidate accuses Democratic opponent when GOP legislature draws him out of district

Job in Menlo Park, CA - Graphics / Data Visualization Senior Editor

LOL... a little insight into Texas Republicans

Germany's renewable energy revolution leaves UK in the shade

I cannot in good conscience vote for Tom Barrett on Tuesday.

Obama leads Romney by 1 in Missouri

What does GOP stand for?

Artur Davis is making me sick. He is on Faux News right now just totally bashing Pres. Obama.

Wow! New Poll seems to indicate Missouri is in play (Obama up by a point)

Poll: Stabenow grows lead against potential Republican Senate opponents

CONgress needs to raise or ELIMINATE the S.S. Income CAP to PROTECT it for our children in 20 YEARS!

Report: US Has One Of The Highest Child Poverty Rates In The Developed World

Some humor, to end your day.

Thom Hartmann: Intrade has Walker above 90% - if he wins, what happens next?

Romney camp fixes "Amercia" iPhone app gaffe

Can GMO Mosquitoes Save You From Dengue?

Elections would less contentious without voters. Please come CAPTION Florida's Rick Scott!!

Once Again Marquette Poll's (WI) Sample Grossly Oversamples Conservatives, Undersamples Moderates

‘Fracking’ bosses would choke if tables turned

Mitt's vision: Pure as snow...

Papantonio: Illegal Voter Purges Will Get Romney Elected

Never buy plastic garbage bags again

Government (U.K.) close to deal on new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point

Guitar Pee urinal: Be a bathroom rock god

The U.S. Housing Crisis: Where are home loans underwater?

Romney Advisor Eric Fehrnstrom Recalls How Mitt Romney Joked About Firing a Maid

Kenya’s Forever War

Little Boots is to the Repig party what John XXIII is to the Catholic Church.

Mitt Romney has a very good chance of winning........

Question: could anyone explain to me why Obama and

God, John the Baptist, Lucifer and Joseph Smith discuss the Latter Days

Rick Scott redux! Please come CAPTION the champion of patient rights!!!!

True love knows no bounds

Dave Thomas: “Harper is probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to Canada.”

Calif. 9/11 fund raided for deficits

Has anyone made quark?

Pacific Island Could Be Spared From Becoming Tsunami Dump Site

Frank Rich on the National Circus: Mitt’s Bleach-Bottle Bimbo

Text, Don't Call When Natural Disaster Strikes

Mobile phone problem.

Scott Walker Campaign Resorting to Sleazy Tricks in Wisconsin

JC Penney Launches Father's Day Ad Featuring Gay Dads And Their Kids

Found this on facebook.

Rick is gonna roll you

Secular Coalition will bring lobbyists to Virginia Capitol by 2013 to advance atheist views

Ya know, owning a knife block doesn't mean you're a Hipster. **Graphic Warning**

I guess Wisconsin likes incumbents (as both Walker & Obama lead)

Legal pact permits NYC transit workers to don religious head wear

"Minutes from 2003 confirm: Dolan discussed paying $20,000 each to child molesters to quietly leave

Tory minister decries ‘competing agendas’ in defence procurement

This is not a campaign ad...

Snake handling pastor dies of snake bite during service

Illinois state republican lawmaker has meltdown on House floor: ‘Let my people go!’

Alberto Gonzales: Rubio lacks the "wisdom" to be VP

Rev Al is going all birther on Rmoney

OK, who started the "is Mitt Rmoney a unicorn" meme?

Any good recipes for pumpkin butter.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 31 May 2012

Satellite image clues to Houla massacre in Syria

Sign the petition to stop

Study Suggests Yemen Strikes Are Radicalizing Population

5 Questions Before You Leave the Catholic Church


Poll: Study suggests continued population drop in Kansas

State Senate OKs bill banning 'conversion therapy' for gay youths

Seen on Twitter...

Air Force's Secretive X-37B Space Plane Will Land Soon

Drivers punished for going green

Little Help Please...

Astrologers say celestial charts favor Obama over Romney...Who Needs Polls?

The Media Map: Who's Reading What And Where

Syria: West may be forced to seize Bashar al-Assad's toxic gas stockpile

Vanity Fair: "Young Barack Obama in Love: A Girlfriend's Secret Diary (Facinating)

Massive manhunts in Seattle after 3 die in separate shootings

Spain faces 'total emergency' as fear grips markets

NC Considers Making Sea Level Rise Illegal

NC Considers Making Sea Level Rise Illegal

Software Screening Raises Bar for Hiring

Maintaining a garden is difficult, back-breaking work. Is the First Lady making it look too easy?

Mysterious cameras mounted along St. Lawrence County highways;

'nuff said

Ann Romney: I support 90% of where Mitt is....

Texas Billionaire Harold Simmons turning the Ogallala Aquifer into a Nuclear Dump

If 'Corporations Are People,' Why Don't We See Any Of Them Under These American Flags?

Does it bother you that ...

Thailand: Trans woman becomes the first to win elections to public office

You know, the villian in the new Batman movie is called ...

FDA Nixes 'Corn Sugar' Label for Sweetening Syrup.

For how many companies and jobs was Bain a bane?

Greenwald: How extremism is normalized: Obama's Radical Interpretation of The Bill of Rights

The many uses of police drones

Virtual Blackout From National Media On Voter Suppression In Florida

Bring it on little sister

North Carolina outlaws rising ocean levels ###(NOT "The Onion")###

Nobel Laureate says Greek Euro exit would benefit the rich at the expense of the poor....

Report Claims Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Secretly Indicted In U.S.

California Moves Closer to Outlawing 'Reparative Therapy'

Nearly a half-million WI voters can opt for hand-counted paper ballots but not enough know it....

"16 Corporations or We the People?" (updated)

Supervolcanoes 'can grow in just hundreds of years'

Energy Companies Say One Thing, Do the Opposite on Climate Change

Indiana prosecuting Chinese woman for suicide attempt that killed her foetus

Soaked With Oil Cash, Republicans Block Military’s Push To Use Clean Energy

What ever happened to all of those Marlins threads that we saw multiple times a day???

Good link how we've held off depression suburban houses and filling them with things

Attorneys want some Sandusky sex-abuse charges dropped

Remind me again...why WAS John Edwards put on trial?

Famed Scientist Predicts: Evolution Will Soon Be Accepted By Everyone

Suspect shoots himself; was wanted in U District cafe shooting

NFL Pro Bowl will be back to haunt us in 2013

ProPublica's PAC track page - good place for info on PAC funders

Is Obama's drone doctrine counter-productive?

After a harrowing day, kudos to the Seattle police, for a job well done.

America's 10 Most Expensive Restaurants

Wisconsin reaches for the last resort - E.J. Dionne

An Open Letter To Those Who Would Steal The 2012 Election

Police identify body-parts suspect; severed hand bound for Liberals

Breaking: Bill Clinton is finding his "comfortable shoes" to come to Wisconsin

Need Help! I Want To Alert the Media and ANYONE Else about Voter Suppression.

Need Help! I Want To Alert the Media and ANYONE Else about Voter Suppression.


Statewide nuclear summit gains energy in the fight for nuclear sanity

Statewide nuclear summit gains energy in the fight for nuclear sanity (California)

Double Standards on Civilian Deaths

New York Times: "Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will"

Rick Scotts voter suppression purge lacks originality.

Florida Concocts Signature Test to Purge Democratic Voters

Political the libertarian world.

David Cameron’s former media adviser charged with perjury

Almost had a rainout a Marlins Park today.

BHP Billiton hints at Jansen potash mine delay

Anyone seen the new BBC series "Sherlock"? Is it any good?

House debates abortion ban for sex of fetus

Anyone see BIG ED segment on getting in the Obama teams ass for not coming to Wisconsin

Hornets win lottery for NBA's No. 1 draft pick. Breaking on CNN/SI. nt

Military Moms Breastfeeding in Uniform Stir Controversy

What are Romney's views on stem cells? Seriously we need to ask him all sorts of questions on

Reaching for the cleanest jockeys in the dirty clothes pile....

Ignorant & Unafraid

U.S. military trainers trickle back into Pakistan

Is sexual attraction racist?

Facebook campaign "Justice for Cisco" puts pressure on Austin police over dog shooting

Well, well, well, WELL. Another fukken Bush Administration criminal steps up to kiss Romney's ring.

'Fox And Friends' Anti-Obama Video Could Double As GOP Ad (Fed Elec Commission Should Be Notified!!)

USA - Brazil

Wisconsin residents weigh in on Obama's timidity in visiting WI to campaign for Barrett:

As a Wisconsinite I will feel President Obama has let us down...

Syria rebels give government 48-hour ceasefire deadline

Isn't economic 'growth' created by what Romney wants - just a bubble?

Damnit, how long till Winter?

CNN in the DUMP on ratings in May

Can I grow potatoes in straight compost?

If You See Something, Film Something (Recording The Police is Dangerous, but Necessary!)

DU3 ignore presents a genuine problem

Bruce Springsteen lashes out at bankers in Berlin show

Nuns' fight with Vatican highlights Catholicism's global struggle

(DGA Pres. and MD Gov) O’Malley to stump in Wisconsin, touch down in three other states

Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III speaks out about Marriage Equality

U.S. Catholic nuns go about work after rebuke

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Church Night

Council members call for San Jose mayor (D) to back gay marriage

More sense...

Storage Wars. Can't believe what I just saw.

June's Starself Astrology Newsletter - Astrology and Predictions

Seattle shooting suspect reported to be alive

Rachel begins with Thaddeus McCotter's fraud investigation

Former justice Stevens predicts cracks in Citizens United decision

Fending off cabbage moths?

North Carolina considers outlawing accurate predictions of sea level rise

Wisconsin goes from tied to Obama +8 in two weeks

Are Soldiers Heroes?

GOP Totalitarian State

The Mitt "Amercia"'s a good question:

11-year-old played dead to survive Syria massacre

Saudi female entrepreneurs exploit changing attitudes

Chamber says it will evade disclosure ruling by tweaking ads

My Poor State of Michigan

Anyone listen to MJ this a.m.?

Memorial Day, 2030

Three Years of Business Experience Before Running for President

I've decided to come and foment discord in this group

I can use some good health vibes.

Let me vent here, it's friendlier than in GD (my opinion).............

Never Again ??? - 'Krugman: This May Be When It All Falls Apart' - RawStory

The Bettencourt disaster. Is the loonislature unravelling?

Students Press for Action on Immigration

Radfem Sheila Jeffreys, transphobe, barred from speaking at the RadFem 2012 venue!

German Plan to Abandon Its Nuclear Energy Lags

UPDATE to Radfem Sheila Jeffreys, transphobe, barred from speaking at RadFem 2012 by venue

Europe’s Economic Troubles Push Investors Toward 10-Year Note

5 Unexpected Downsides of High Intelligence

calling another user moronic is now OK?

(CA) Lawmakers pass bills on pipeline safety

Dylan and the "medal of freedom" award

So... Last Week... Wisconsin Was A "Toss-Up"... Now It's A "Leans Obama"... This Is Good News, But..

More info on contacting the DOJ about what's going on in Florida

Hey there: the WI recall is basically tied. If you care, do something about it.

"Drowning in a sea of GOP campaign cash" By Steve Benen at Maddow Blog

Could Super-Pacs be used to launder money?

Video - Hamster plays dead

Jeremy Bird's Dashboard thing -

good evening

BREAKING: MAJOR REVELATIONS IN JOHN DOE PROBE - Scott Walker Mistakenly Admits He is Under Investiga


Incumbent Democratic Congressman Silvestre Reyes Defeated by Marijuana Legalization Candidate

Choice of valedictorian sparks complaints about dual enrollment

Now that Condi Rice has endorsed Romney, what should her NEXT move be?

BREAKING: New Poll shows Wisconsin campaign for governor TIED

Anyone going to Comic-Con this year? Look who is going to be for sale there!

Bolton: Bush Left Obama ‘a Mess’

I am "Shaving the Way to Conquer Kids’ Cancer!”

OK, what's this Brownback asshole up to now? (Updated to answer my own question!)

A Resounding No: ExxonMobil Votes Against Its LGBT Employees

New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks

Who is watching The Hatfields and The McCoy's Part 3? I didn't realize how violent it was. Being I

Veteran shoots home invader in 2009, then again in 2011

Texas Legislature: Overturn the anti-communist law

"As governor, Romney picked winners and losers of his own" by Andy Sullivan at Reuters

Rachel Maddow: Mitt Romney's birth certificate release feeds birther extremism against the President

When republiCONs say "Walker asked for the John Doe investigation" send them this

When President Obama went to George Clooney's house, do you think he brought up that Batman movie?

Oxycontin and Coffee Cake....Margaret and Helen...

Fundy's teaching schoolkids genocide...

So I just served on a jury about a post in a safe haven group. I did the best I could . . . but . .


Rachel Maddow - Florida governor pushes dubious voter purge ahead of election

DVD not available

Romney is MUCH WORSE! That is all the motivation you need for 2012!

It’s in the stars! Astrologists predict President Barack Obama will win the 2012 election

Fun with Romney Anagrams

How the ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ Feud Ruined the Image of Rural America

A League of their Own on AMC;

Deval Patrick endorses Elizabeth Warren for US Senate

Brookings Study Indicates Public Education Not So Bad After All

KINGS BABY!!!! Winnin' on the ROAD!!!

55% of Oakland’s African American Males At Risk of Not Graduating

Tax Dollars at Work: CSU Spent $2 Million on Presidential Homes

My FB post, the battle begins.

Circus Contraption. RIP

The good news is that he lost, in rather embarrassing fashion

And After Reading Krugman...I Can't Help But Go Here... Sex, Power, Consumerism, And Loss...

Obama's favorability in Wisconsin is +14% today

Prove Mitt's not a unicorn, group says in satirizing 'birthers'

US SENATE dreamer "Leaky Pete" Hoekstra (NUTS-MI) Doubles Down On Federal Birther Office Idea on CNN

Hamster...shot...dead....with a finger!

New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks

Jon Stewart Begs Donald Trump To Jump Back Into The Presidential Race

If we lost Missouri, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Oregon, and Colorado

Perfectly said by Bruce Lipton

Seattle's shooter of six people was mentally ill, according to his family. Not surprising.

defense of marriage...what a joke


Shibari anyone?

Joe Walsh: Democrats Want Hispanics, African Americans 'Dependent On Government'

Mucho excited. Just ordered one of the brand new Series 5 550 Samsung Chromebooks

Performance Improvement Plans...