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Archives: May 3, 2012

New record for world's fastest toilet on wheels (BBC)

(Chen Guangcheng) Chinese dissident’s fate in limbo as diplomatic deal appears to fray

(Oakland, CA) OPD shifts to 'smaller scale' tactics for Occupy

Labor Matters–How the 12th District Was a Sign of Things to Come

Unclear on the concept. Ramsey County Human Services "upgrading."

Survivor: Most satisfying blind-side ever? Spoilers for folks in AK and HI

Inspire, al-Qaeda’s English-language magazine, returns without editor Awlaki

Obama plan would ease weapons export rules

Dave Horsey on John Edwards' trial

Why is everyone with a low post count considered a troll?

R.I.P. the administration's purported commitmet to "evidence-based" sex ed curricula

Someday, I will explain to her how much she meant to me

How the jewelry has industry changed

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom's fellow subway riders often describe him as "cheeky."

Venezuela’s new labor law “first in transition to socialism”

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Wednesday, May 2)

Feds hope to speed tracking of tainted meat, poultry

PHOTO: Excuse me...could you be a DEAR and go out and get the mail for me? Thank you SO much!

Sen. Hutchison: Oil and gas aren't negative

Ok Someone needs to tell this woman to step away from the tanning bed

Good places to donate $ to help Occupy ?

Greenwald on humanitarian interventions.

NC Pastor Sean Harris issues Non-Apology for telling Congregation to beat Kids who seem Gay

Hillary Clinton love I can certainly relate to

Jered Weaver (Angels) no-hits Minnesota in DH League

Poverty out of sight: Philippines erects wall to hide slums from anti-poverty conference

Plants flower faster than climate change models predict (BBC)

Oetzi the Iceman's blood is world's oldest (BBC)

wouldnt it be easier to just have

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, May 2)

Anyone have Netflix thru their xBox?

Okay, I really, verily dislike the commercials with the creepy little singing doubles

i have yet to be called a "troll" on du

Op-Ed: "The Real Me"

William's thread got me thinking...who are the most important people in your Gay life?

CENK BLASTS RUMSFELD For Claiming Obama’s Decision To Kill Bin Laden Was EASY

Romney Pays Surprise Visit to ........LOL.... Borowitz does it again.

John Edwards' betrayed wife 'tore off bra'

UK voters heading to council and mayoral polls

News Orgs Balk At Romney Campaign Deciding Press Pool Membership

It would be nice to have a "like" button on answers to post. I think it would be used a lot. n/t

Obama's Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy

Bolivia Boosts Incentives for Foreign Oil Companies

Drug czar flunks history and economics

Dean Baker: The United Kingdom Does Austerity So We Don’t Have To

Trayvon Martin Cartoon I Think Most Can Understand...

Fugg you Joe Scum

UK to make all public funded academic research publications Open Access

Attack on Syria university protest kills four: group

In Praise of a Reasonable Progressivism

Pinole council adopts ban on home gun sales

Report: Wal-Mart hushed up bribery campaign to build stores across Mexico

The GOP’s Impending Electoral College Meltdown

Hillary Clinton: All-Women's College

Ailing Chavez activates Venezuela political council

Ailing Chavez activates Venezuela political council

Bachmann save the day!!!1!

Hatred of women exists in the West as well as the Arab world

Romney bumper sticker contest at Landover Baptist

How the President Can Reconcile Anger With Hopefulness

How Wall Street Drives Up Gas Prices -- Ripping Us Off and Killing Jobs

The Right-Wing's 20 Biggest Sex Hypocrites

Student left in cell for 4 days files $20M claim against DEA

When Mom and Pop Own a Mom-and-Pop

Denmark: Gay bar bans straight couples from kissing

Drone attacks and the Brennan doctrine

Syrian students 'killed at Aleppo protest'

ALEC's Top Five Anti-Environment 'Model' Laws

India: Rare Buddhist manuscript Lotus Sutra to be released

It's fall down funny listening to the hacks for the 1% condeming

Canada's (better-regulated) banks dominate the list of the world's strongest banks

Is this a problem with or something worse? What to do?

Robert Scheer: Imitation Outrage: Faking Concern for the Chinese Masses

Bank America is no. 1 foreclosure of homes in America.

The Rhymes-with-Vagina Project - Katie Goodman and Guests


How the Amendment to End Slavery Was Damaged by Racism

Just a reminder - Guns kill 31,000 Americans each year

BMW Motorcycle Caused 20-Month Erection, Man's Lawsuit Claims

The world's largest rubbish dump

Young Woman with a Horn

Brown Attacks Warren’s ‘Elitist Attitude’

Mika vs. Jose Gonzolas, Joe Scum, & the rest of the boys. REALLY?..

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (05/03/2012)

Europe takes hard look at nations that allowed U.S. interrogations

13-Year-Old West Hartford Student Tells Metropolitan: 'Your Map Is Wrong'

GM post $1 billion Q1 profit, dragged down by Europe

United Airlines: Another corporate crybaby that loves the free market -- until competition emerges

AP survey: Steady job gains to sustain US recovery (Unemployment <8% by election day)

London is swimming in illiterates. Yes, THAT London

Wind power fuels renewable-energy revolution in rural Alaska

The 56 Best Things About Michelle Bachmann

Isn't there some law in linguistics that says words tend to evolve toward whatever is

Financialization and gas prices

House Republicans back Homeland Security powers in border parks

Press Freedom Day: The most dangerous place in the world to try and report the truth

Wind’s $168 Billion North Sea Boom Lures Oil Industry

Radar-evading Navy ship for sale in public auction

Phallic party favors upset iParty shopper

Thursday TOON Roundup 1- That's a wash...

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Republicans (several different kinds)

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Afghanistan and drugs

From the files of: "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??"

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

Phallic party favors upset iParty shopper (Quincy, Mass.)

I'm nervous and freaking out (slightly)

Levon Helm among stars to celebrate Amnesty International in song

China, Inc. Locked In on World Solar, Wind Manufacturing Domination

Dixon official did NOT steal $30 million dollars

Mitt Romney: At Least He Doesn't Totally Suck.

US solar subsidies consistent with coal, oil: report

Indonesia's atheists face battle for religious freedom

uhhh repeat trolls...

U.S. CEO's pay 231 times higher than that of average workers

Jobless claims show sharp improvement

China Reduces Solar Subsidy on Declining Costs of Components

The Most Eagerly Awaited Rhino Porn of All Time

The Rebirth of May Day’s Message

What Does the Religious Right Want From Romney?

'There's Nothing We Can't Do'

Surviror Sucks!

WTFF? Dept. of HHS backs an abstinence-only sex ed program in S. Carolina

California Utilities Balk as Home Solar Producers Near 5 Percent Limit

Just announced- Aisha Tyler joins Sexy Liberal in Boston on 6/9!

1859's "Great Auroral Storm"—the week the Sun touched the earth

Hot Springs, Mont., town council passes resolution against corporate personhood

Permitless gun carries shot down (NH)

Quantum physics mimics spooky action into the past Author: University of Vienna

FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Banning Vicodin and Percocet

Hollande seen winning parliament while UMP (Sarkozy's party) could implode

What If A Collapse Happened And Nobody Noticed?

Aspirin is as 'good as warfarin' for most heart failure patients

Where IS Romney's $$$ You Ask?

5 things you had as a kid, but your kids did not have

3 more Chrysler plants cancel summer shutdowns

Carbon storage capacity: there's plenty, but fracking may be wrecking some

Kyle Scott: Is the Tea Party finally over

Some pilots refuse to fly F-22 Raptor amid jet's oxygen problems

Russia warns on missile defence deal with

Free KY Derby and Oaks Ultimate PP's...

Polls have Obama and Romney in a photo finish in Florida. I don't believe it.

People of All Ages and Backgrounds Turned Out for May Day Yesterday

Xpost from GD: What If A Collapse Happened And Nobody Noticed?

Quebec’s Maple Spring: Many outsiders don’t get that the free tuition idea has deep roots here

question a/b koshrut

Terrell Suggs tears achilles.

"This isn't safe or fun!"

Metroplex Atheists Challenge The Power Of Prayer

Aljazeera: Egypt's military renews pledge to step down

Greeks to vent rage in weekend election

Romney Wouldn’t ‘Confront The Religious Right’ Over Grenell

Clarifying recent changes to our electoral system...

Pick one:

First Lady Says, 'Yes We Did' In Nevada

Nicholas Spark movies in one easy photos **spoilers** for those who watch these things

Toronto's Mayor chases a reporter

Shep Smith...

Japan to close last nuclear reactor (nuclear once supplied a third of Japan's electricity)

PHOTO: Video killed the radio star. These days, he just hangs out at Fresh Choice.

Employers asking job seekers for W-2 or tax return

It looks like the community is going to hide call out posts here

I'm glad to see MFM, Ohiosmith, HopeHoops and Madinmaryland found a new club to occupy their time...

Jimmy Carter did not run off to France for 30 months..He served in the military

Food-safety rules in limbo at Office of Management and Budget

Militia leader among dead in Arizona murder suicide

CBC: Canadian Mint's last penny produced tomorrow

Special Report: U.S. documents allege HSBC money-laundering lapses

Funny, but I DO NOT RECALL MSNBC's Chris Jansing discussing the bullshit behind the BUSH job numbers

Accident-Zone: Poorer Neighborhoods Have Less-Safe Road Designs

Pre-Term Births on the Rise


Watching Maddow last night.... I was LMAO at how much I love her.

letter shows monsanto planted GMOs before USDA approval

Republican policies in the Laboratory

OWS marks May Day with a beatific vision and a big march

Very important question about sexual abuse...

This Saturday, march to end the insane War on Weed (300+ cities worldwide)

If you plan to protest in Tampa, please be aware

The Bushies are back: "Team Romney" lists 37 holdovers from the George W. Bush administration

"a sweet Lesson On "Patience"

Civil Rights Movement 2.0 — The Rich

Just saw The Avengers

The greatest ad for a used car ever:

The Corporate Hijacking of America’s Land-Grant Universities

Why Is the Conservative Brain More Fearful? The Alternate Reality Right-Wingers Inhabit Is Terrifyin

everyone agrees the decline in private sector pay has been understated

WSJ: Is Wall Street Meeting God's Expectations?

REPORT: US Spends More, Gets Less, On Health Care Than Other Industrialized Nations

"20-month erection" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "20-month erection".

Just so you know

FCC Chairman: Revoke the 27 Fox broadcast licenses News Corp. holds in the United States (pls sign)

Scott Brown Brushes Off Charges Of Hypocrisy By Misrepresenting His Health Care Plan

Koch Brothers launch $6.1 million attack ad against Obama, Obama campaign responds, calling it “BS”

There is no requirement that anti-social behavior be allowed in the Help & Meta-discussion forum.

The Catholic vote is the 2012 bellwether

OWS takes over New York for May Day

Osama Bin Ladin thought FOX new lacked shit.

REMEMBER & REPEAT: America doesn’t have a right-wing domestic terrorist problem.

LynneSin is a one woman protest movement.

I didn't know we have to pay taxes on

Pic Of The Moment: Donald Rumsfeld Explains That Whole Getting Bin Laden Thing

Hateful Pastor Sean Harris Thinks Effeminate Children Are Ungodly

Battle of the bumper stickers

Host calls Anti-Gay "Beat Your Kids" Pastor Live on Air, Goes Viral


The real costs of owning a car

Lion tries to eat little boy

Anxious Japan prepares for life without nuclear power

The 86 million invisible unemployed

Bowl for Health Care for All!

MSNBC: Mittens will receive a BATSHIT CRAZY TEABAGGING later today...CHEESY GRITS FOR ALL!

I really really don't want to go on a cruise....what am I missing???

Bill McKibben thinks Americans are starting to connect the dots

"TV's Frank" Conniff: "To save his reputation, John Edwards must...

it feels like when you were a kid and it was Christmas Eve.

Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN): "He cannot beat Obama. It's not going to happen."

New PA. Legislative Redistricting Maps Released - Still Unconstitutional, Still Incumbent protection

Planned job cuts up 7% in April

House GOP to distribute draft contempt citation against Eric Holder over "gunwalking"

Who's Killing Philadelphia Public Schools? City Paper Cover Story

ISM Services Economy Shows Slowest Growth This Year

Americans Elect cancels virtual caucus

On the day Pearce's racist pal kills 4, the AZ legislature votes to give him $261K

Norwegians reported greater support for immigration than before Breivik attacks (from 72 % to 82%).

Pet Insurance?

Romney-The Cowardly --- Silenced Gay Spokesman To Avoid Confronting Hate Groups, Misled Reporters

to SalmonChantedEvening... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE cat PICTURES????????????

I got thrown out of the YMCA pool for peeing in it

Russia's Military Threatens Preemptive Strike If NATO Goes Ahead With Missile Plan

Well, here's an interesting chart showing who's really living off Federal subsidies!

Employers asking job seekers for W-2 or tax return

Marginal oil production costs are heading towards $100/barrel

Interesting and very ironic post on my rignt-wing brother's Facebook page.

1st Openly Gay Republican State Legislator In Country: Rep. Zachary Wyatt: "I am a proud gay man"

Marginal oil production costs are heading towards $100/barrel

If how H&M looks to outsiders is a concern...


America Does NOT Torture - EXCEPT - When It Does...

The Life of Julia

Heads Up for the Perigee "Super Moon" On May 5-6

Just became Democratic Committee person - DU Dem Committee people represent!

What is this with "sea salt" nowadays? You buy peanuts or cashews with "sea salt"

I really like Gary Johnson's positions on social issues...

"Non-violence means avoiding not only external, physical violence...

The logical conclusion of GOP ideas


I Think Come Election Time Republicans Will Have To

San Diego student left in DEA cell for 5 days without food; survived by drinking urine

the diary of Obama's lover from Australia

Conflict in Cyberspace: How to Resolve Conflict Online

Well why not?

New Republican slogan, translated: 'Please forget about Bush'

Cialis HQ building

Do SSRI's ( Prosac, Paxil, Celexa, Lexapro, and others) make you hot natured?

I went to a Republican-dominated meeting last week. I didn't really fit in, but I played it cool.

I figured I'd see this sooner or later. High-tech gravestones.

So I just declined to enroll my son in a daycare due to non vaccinated children

A billion LOLs - New GOP Bumper Sticker!

Which writing app do you like best for the iPad?

Why Religious People Should Support the Rights of Women in Reproductive Decisions

The Last Word - Does NC pastor know how 'sick' he sounds?

Abusive ecclesial authority puts our bishops on the spot

In Florida, Aging Population Struggles to Get Around

Electric-car sales fall in April

The Shock Doctrine movie on Sundance Channel now, 12:30 pm, May 4th. nt

Terrell Suggs Tears ACL, to miss at least half the 2012 season

New "W" hotel planned for Philadelphia

The Woonsocket Cross (from Humanists of Rhode Island webpage)

CNN, FOX, NBC et al, where are those tapes? Inquiring minds want to know.

Seriously? They're building a new hospital and calling it Princeton Plainsboro?

They reveal soooo MUCH about their "respect for the office" each time they lambast Carter

Shows that ended before their time?

Ex-DC councilman sentenced to more than 3 years

Venezuela’s new labor law “first in transition to socialism” (crosspost from Socialist Progessives)

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll has Obama's approval at 51%!

"Ferrari Train" debuts in Italy

German Court Orders Artist Not To Kill Puppies Onstage

Spectrum of eating disorders and society (Warning a couple possibly graphic photos)

Republican National Committee used Philippines firm to set up call blasting Obama on unemployment

Romney "has a record of laying off firefighters"

Why Lilly Ledbetter is a Democrat

Economic Development Official Urges PA. to Not continue to cut public university funding

IMO, Chen Guangcheng punked us right from the beginning. I don't believe

ROVE: 'Republicans Never Engage In Politicizing Matters Of National Security'

Miami Marlins you are my darlin's!

Fracking Fluids May Migrate to Aquifers, Researcher Says

Mitt Romney Commissioned Pro-America Pins --- Made Them In China

How does one view a jury decision?

The Week: WTF?!?!

Chicago Bowls for Single Payer!

For more than four hours, a confederacy of Republicans assembled in the Caucus Room...plotting

LynneSin's "taste" for felines developed at an early age.

Governor Pat Quinn: Don't cut Illinois' Medicaid budget!

Gov. Quinn: Don't cut Illinois' Medicaid budget! Medicare for All instead!

The Fed Works for the Very Rich: Why Paul Krugman is Full of Shit + Steve Keen vs Krugman vs MMT

Look Who’s Running the Show

Lounge vibes please. Submitted my application to Food Network Star, including me in kitchen pic.

daily gallup Obama approval/disapproval = 51/43

US Army Re-education camps

ACW Responds to Crossroads GPS Ad "Too Much" (anti-Obama gas prices ad)

One of my cats has gone missing and I'm just sick about it.

Catholic Protection

Employers asking job seekers for W-2 or tax return - new trend

Why are you here? (again)

To anyone reading this who is anti-gay - stop blaming the bible for your homophobic hate

I need Lounge vibes - one of my kitties has gone missing!

Turkey Burgers

BP Oil Spill Criminal Investigation May Ensnare Executives In Cover-Up

Obama approval among liberal Dems, week ending April 29: 88%.

Virginia Voters overwhelmingly reject Eric Cantor

Obama at 51%

Why am I apparently the only one not asked to serve on a jury?

So, I picked out my color theme for the front of the house this year.

Sam Harris, Will You Visit A Mosque With Me?

"Go ye forth..."

President Describes The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden As The 'Most Important' Day Of His Presidency

Your Pets

Irish Deputy Prime Minister calls on Cardinal Sean Brady to resign over pedophile cover-up

TOONS: Rick Santorum

Occupy Minnesota:WTF? Cops picking up sober Occupiers and Drugging them for "Training"???

Cops Cleared On Corruption Charges After Implicating Decorated Police Dog

Romney Hits Obama Administration On Chinese Dissident

Contraception use on the rise as more teens delay sex: Study

Water Bottle Leads to Suspect in Biggest Drug Heist in History

Scott Brown: Trying to Have It Both Ways

U.S. Media Giants Reel as FCC Orders Disclosure of Rates for Billion-Dollar TV Campaign Advertising

Rodriguez & His Bushco Masters Torture America To Save Their Necks

Prosecutors Focus on Pimps and Clients, Instead of Prostitutes

If YOU were the Green Manalishi, how many prongs would you have in your crown?

Wal-Mart paying $4.8M for overtime violations

Romney: If Chen reports true, 'it's a day of shame for the Obama administration'

NYPD using "sexual humiliation as a tool of control.”

The future's so bright I gotta wear shades.....

Despite Millions of Dollars in ads Scott Walker can't move the dial

Mitt Romney would have gone into Pakistan and got Bin Laden just like President Obama did...

Medicare Disruptions Seen If Health Law Is Struck Down By Supreme Court

Which was the superesest supergroup of all time?

Lion tries to eat baby at zoo.

Are all these blue advertising links that now appear in various posts something that DU is doing?

New trouble for ex-Romney aide

Robert Pattinson cast as Saddam Hussein capturer

The tyranny of the corporation: City Official Got TIME To Yank Photo of Councilmemeber's OWS Arrest

Slain ICE agent's 14-year-old son arrested on suspicion of murder

Mitt Romney is type of person LEAST likely to stand up to China

President Obama talks with advisors aboard Marine One - White House Photo of the day May 2, 2012

and the donkey loses his glasses....

Romney, Bachmann, and Governor Ultrasound - pics

Jobless claims fall

google now has walking directions to Mordor

Democratic challenger beating Republican Governor Scott Walker 47-46!

"Making Democracy Safe for Business"

TIME Magazine: What Is President Obama’s Problem With Medical Marijuana?

Act like a girl, walk like a girl, smell like a girl?

Who is Senator Dan Hall?

It's all over for Obama now: Michelle Bachman just endorsed Romney!

So if they knew where Bin Laden was because of torture,

Wisconsin - Crime and Courts: Legal scholar unimpressed with Prosser defense

FAMU Hazing Death Included Cover Up Conspiracy, Parents Claim

Remembering Barack in the Virginia Rain: "There's Nothing We Can't Do"

Mensa welcomes two-year-old into its ranks, second toddler this year

Major GOP Donor Scammed Millions With Phony Veterans Group, Authorities Say

Sorry, Mitt, but Saturday Night Live just can't find a way to make time for you

Women Build seeks volunteers for National Women Build Week, May 5-13

Is there an epidemic of narcissism today?

Notre Dame QB Rees jailed in police confrontation

Lion tries to get baby

Celebrities with Democratic presidents and candidates

The adaptation of World War Z

Pablo Sandoval to have hand surgery

Friends Of Nazi Behind Arizona Massacre Try To Blame Murders On Mexicans

Rising Sea Levels: The View from a Canoe

Bush Adviser Hits Romney Camp For Ousting Gay Spokesman

"Austrian parish listens to priest, none receive the host"

'US to continue surrounding Russia & China claiming it's for Iran'

EPA orders Utah to cut haze across national parks

Obama 2012 running ahead of Obama 2008 National/Ohio/Virginia/Florida

Guns kill less people every year than the number of unique spider species known to man!

Was Junior Seau's apparent suicide brain-injury related?

Study Finds Concerns on Readiness for Cyberattacks

TYT: Afghanistan Withdrawal: 2014 or 2024?

YEA!! "Supernatural" has been renewed for season 8!

Any experience with Passion Flower tea?

Bette Davis, Myrna Loy and Lucille Ball on Ronald Reagan

I nominate Eric Cantor for the next official title holder of...

A week ago Sean InsHannity was threatening to release something that would "change everything".

a graphic that I made to sum up my thoughts about the way thing are going for me lately...

Elizabeth Warren getting grief for listing herself as Native American before getting hired @ Harvard

NFL faces new lawsuit by more than 100 ex-players

Thom Hartmann: Is Libertarianism Dead?

Christian Right Demands Romney Fire Aides Producing Musical Ads

Chris Huhne: It's green growth or nothing

Thom Hartmann: Is there a role for Anarchists in the OWS movement?

Thom Hartmann: Does Paul Ryan think everyone is a producer or a looter?

Obama Deputy Campaign Manager: 'We’re going to call their BS when we see it and we need your help..'

Criticism of free trade and china right now

Church’s sexism is a scandal

Time again for 10 Musical Questions

You know what I would love to see right now? Someone from this administration publicly tell Romney

Is it improper/impolite to post a link to a right wing forum if they.........

Mitt Romney objects to 'Forward' because of course he does

I'm not doing very well

Colin Powell Says Iraq ‘Blot’ Teaches Need for Skepticism

T. Boone Pickens: Biggest Deterrent To U.S. Energy Plan Is Koch Industries

Fake Jerry Jones on the Draft - video >>

Republican lobbyist to lead atheist group

Papantonio: JOBS Act Paves Way For Massive Corporate Fraud

Feeding time as the herd gathers around the alpha male.....

Would Mitt Romney revoke Obama’s executive order banning torture?

Sullivan jail inmates allege violation of religious freedom

Supermoon on May 5.

"In which Wind-Up Willard Romney charms the base"

Pelosi condemns Obama’s continued raids on marijuana dispensaries

The Young Turks On Occupy Movement and income divide

Questions raised over Virginia newspaper's delay in report of attack on reporters (by 30 teens)

The For Profit Repuke Society

Romney said if he were president, bin Laden would have died a slow and painful death.

America's long-term unemployed: 'For those looking for work, it's very bleak'

Looks like Amy Senser's top 10% get-out-of-jail free card was invalid.

This is without a doubt one of the stronger displays of christian privilage I've ever seen on DU.

Wisconsin: Imperial Walker Voids Local Control (voids Milwaukee's paid sick leave ordinance)

Would you say food prices have doubled since 2000

People Pleaser versus "Bite Me"

Mitt Romney, Richard Grenell and Republican homophobia

Am I the only DUer who just can't warm up to Dylan Ratigan?

How conservatives decide which policies to support.

This Mother's Day, remember all your mammas!

Why CEO Pay Matters

Republicans on the beach?

Salon's Steve Kornacki: Ron Paul's takeover plot

Violence, USA: The Warfare State and the Brutalizing of Everyday Life

Want to boggle at Freeper insanity without going to the cesspool? Try the site Freeper Madness

ELAD: Strange alert and jury result. Could use your attention...

Must be concert week for me

11 Dem State Party Chairs Push Gay Marriage In National Platform

North Carolina, British researchers find clue to location of Lost Colony.

Please say a prayer to Saint Anthony for me

Jason Todd Ready, an Arizona White Supremacist, Kills Four, Then Himself

Washington Post poll: Obama leads Romney in VA by 7%

Another Genetic Quirk of the Solomon Islands: Blond Hair

My wife posted this on facebook

Bionic eye gives sight to the blind in medical breakthrough!

Trust your enemies

Really Faux News? Politicizing events and the "war on terror"?

Greeks say austerity is making things worse

Two Missouri players accompany a girl with cerebral palsy to prom

At first, MFM's diabolical plan seemed like it could not fail

WaPo Poll: Obama Leads [Romney in] Virginia By 7

United Methodist Church strikes a strong blow in support of bigotry:

Snakes in the 'Glades

Mitt Romney Commissioned Pro-America Pins, Made Them In China

This Saturday is Derby Day, Cinco de Mayo, a Full Moon AND a "Supermoon"

Masterpiece Mystery SHERLOCK Season 2 premieres Sun. May 6th on...

This is humorous.

Anti-Tank Grenades Found At Ariz. Neo-Nazi Massacre Site

Junior Seau joins eerie death list of 1994 Chargers Super Bowl squad

The newest member of the Avengers (pic)

Mitt Romney, who thinks government workers are unfairly overpaid, meets firemen who work two jobs

Japan's Nightmare Fight Against Radiation: lots of good info. about extent of problem

Jonathan Capeheart: Romney fights for Chen Guangcheng but not Richard Grenell

Rupert watch - the Kiss of Death

Lady Gaga is apparently "available."


Here I am now. Entertain me!

You Can Be Fired for a Facebook “Like”

The Who's Who of Top Political Donors

George R.R. Martin just made me cry like a baby

A GSD - from puppy to first birthday.

Why is Roger Clements on trial for lying to Congress about taking steroids and HGH when

Seeing Molly Shannon on those Expedia commercials reminds me of how glad I am she's no longer on SNL

Anti-abortion group says it has patient records

RNC Attacks Obama on Unemployment from an Overseas Verizon Call Center

OFA's flash animation: The Life of Julia

Want to see some RWNJ's heads explode?

Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order, but he never would have strapped his dog to the roof

How to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet!

If Rove could claim credit for killing BIn Laden he would - General Wesley Clark

Mobile missionary facing charges in Honduras may also face federal charges

Prices slashed on Righthaven copyrights up for auction; trademark sells for $1,025

Vatican Issues New Guidelines For Caritas Internationalis

Fire Hensley Meulens. Right Now.

Ted Nugent: Romney Camp ‘Expressed Support’ After Anti-Obama Screed

Ok... for baking, the brand of flour may really matter....

Mitt brings the gas to a fire of a diplomatic problem between us and China

Whhhaaaa...I can't have my pot so I won't vote for Obama.

Ex wife might be taking me back. That's what I heard.

Former 'Guns and Ammo' editor charged in northern Arizona slaying

Men not doing anything helpful until they get equal rights

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 4 May 2012

"It's Okay to be Gay" high school yearbook article sparks furor...

Bigotry: A Huge Win For The GOP

The "unfortunate" photo shots

Coverage of the protest at San Onofre on Sunday

San Onofre on Sunday

Major inconsistencies turning up in Zimmerman's testimony.

The one thing I learned from NBC's show in the bin Laden killing...

Who taught you to drive? Grampaw taught me.

'Ex-terrorist' tells police terrorists have $25M bounty on him, police shut his event down, he sues

Obama administration hits back on notion that it abandoned Chen

A link to a link to a link...

RT, MSNBC and Progressive Ideas

Wow, check out these numbers from WaPo's VA poll

Stephen Colbert on Letterman tonight..n/t

Tennesee yearbook's profile of gay student brings calls for investigation

When I first heard the news that the GOOPers were going to try to hold Holder in contempt . . . .

The Small Business Tax Break That Favors the Rich - Bruce Bartlett (formerly a Reagan Advisor)

k/r if you think Obama / Biden has this one in the bag all in all

Operation Rescue raids abortion clinic's trashcan

IPv6: Europe 'ahead' in new net address scheme (BBC)

Whoa. "Colin Powell's Blot"

Competition for "unskilled" entry-level jobs: how fierce is it ?

Brazil launches Amazon anti-crime operation (BBC)

Tweety tore Willard Rmoney a new one re President Jimmy Carter

Today in Stupid

Heads up for those who missed NBC's The Situation Room special

We're Rubber, You're Glue

Blind pooch gets his own service dog!

Dumb as a Foxx

Tim Tebow impresses Tony Sparano

Anderson Cooper is most definitely in the bag for the Republicans,

"Ferrari Train" debuts in Italy

Never trouble trouble

Confused dog watches family cat on the laptop:

Righties and racists believe JT Ready's last minute Facebook post that cartel killed him

Occupy San Francisco supporting the Inlandboatmen's Union with a kayak armada

Advocating for 3rd party candidates

Star reporter denies peering into Rob Ford's yard

Bedard, Pirates set team mark with 17 Ks vs Cards

Duke Energy Rigs Rates against Small Businesses and Families (re: Apple, Google server farms)

Romney is going to etch a sketch all the wedge issues, his base is already sold on those issues.

Edvard Munch's "The Scream" — sold Wednesday for a record $119,922,500 at auction in New York City.

Here's Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years

Has anyone seen 'Oldboy'?

Romney said he'd do ''the opposite'' of what President Obama has done for our economy - image

Go Cenk Go !!! - 'Cenk's Friendly Advice for CNN - Change Everything!'

My dog is an idiot.

Sometimes you just have to say fuck the rules

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Radioactive & a new Kitty gif

Rachel starts in Arizona with the neo-Nazi J.T. Ready slaughter

Thoughts on the Evolution of Our Species.

New York Post Covers Obama Spikes vs TOP GUN Bush

Yahoo confirms misleading info on new CEO's resume

Democrats want NC ethics probes after resignations

The MO House passed a nasty teacher accountability bill today

Can you be banned for having a post locked?

Relgious Sites Are Greater Security Risk Than Porn Destinations

Mariano Riveira injured during BP

(stepping into it) Let's discuss "Hotel CA" as A (not THE) greatest song ever

Pelosi Condemns Obama’s Continued Raids on Marijuana Dispensaries

Say theology is stupid, get called a bigot.

NC Amendment 1: "white people had founded this country"

Yes, the Health-Care Mandate Is About Liberty

More Democrats stand up to threats & intimidation from Obama Adm. and condemn medical pot attacks

They Just Can't Stand It

Bumper Sticker - "Don't Be A Mitt-Wit"

How to irritate...


50 shades of grey by E.L. James....

When Herman Cain Came to Town

(Montana) Medical marijuana advocate pleads guilty to federal drug charge

Woman Shoots Abusive Estranged Husband Who Assaulted Daughter

Ron Paul to continue Nevada delegate strategy despite RNC threat

Hardball - Blame the Republicans?

Your best boobie tunes here:

Water Guns Banned, Handguns Allowed at GOP Convention

Wow... We're Really Gonna Go Beaten Step Child Here ???

Does Michelle Malkin ever walk away from her computer?

Washington is awesome!

Has the announcement been made, no advocating for 3rd parties?

What are you reading tonight Lounge? I'm just about to start "The Green Collar Economy" by Van

Mitt Romney Grabs 9/11's Rudy Giuliani For Terrorism Help

With the help of our daughters we just put together our A frame.

Radical Missouri bill would supersede federal law...

Plutocracy, Paralysis, Perplexity

creative pet grooming.. .how it's done.

Infusion day (chemical therapy) tomorrow. I really hate going

Yay, I got my first republican assignment tomorrow

Latest Campaign Ad

Avengers Assemble!

Ok, everytime I see a headline about the "tanning mom," the mother gets darker.

When is the media going to address the RightWing's 'terrorist wing'?

Where was the outrage when Bush used the word "FORWARD"

The Hate Amendment/NC - Far more than marriage : by Chris Fitzsimon

Backup PC now dead too

So proud of my Prez...

what the hell is the matter with SC2 players these days

Newbie to BC: recommendations for ISP's

Local paper article on Brooke Douglass

Michigan House passes bills to change medical pot law

The City of Raleigh offers domestic partner benefits. Will it be required to stop

Patrick Lanzo, Georgia Bar Owner, Calls Obama 'N*****' On Road Sign Again

“God bless you, J.T. You will be fiercely missed”

San Diego mayoral candidate: Newspaper won't endorse me because I'm not a Republican

Researchers say they have new clue to Lost Colony

Excellent image of Walker running from Recall

Ron Paul Racks Up Delegates, Putting GOP Establishment On Edge

Missouri Republican announces he’s gay in response to ‘don’t say gay’ bill

DEP Fines RW Products More than $21,000 for Illegally Dumping Drilling Mud in Bradford County (PA)

Federal report on last years massive Southwestern blackout released

Is it cool to kill someone that is a detested enemy of our country?

Koch gives Smithsonian $35M for new dinosaur hall

Tom the Dancing Bug offers "Inner Hive" subscriptions

Anybody watching on msnbc

Remember "Things Happen" - Connect the Dots on 5/5/12

Ronnie Dugger Endorses Rachel for State Party Chair

Missouri House Passes "Ag Gag" Bill Designed to Stop Factory-Farm Investigations

I'd love to see many more of these blown up near Donald Trump's head.

A Hitchhopper's Guide to the Galaxy:

MiddleFingerMom is a man's man AND a snugglebunny rolled into one.

I'm new here

This cartoon says it all

Update on killing of elderly black ex-Marine by police: no charges will be filed

Minneapolis May Day March Energized And Disciplined and Solidarity with Immigrants

Cyclists accuse Toronto mayor Ford of 'war on bikes' (BBC)

Thank you all for your kind wishes.

MN Tax bill deserves 'smoking' hot veto pen' says DFL (GOP passes more cuts for business)

Book suggestions (women and science): Rosalind Franklin and Henrietta Lacks.

Why Fukushima Is a Greater Disaster than Chernobyl and a Warning Sign for the US